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    Share your experience with filing your Michigan Tax Return and tax refund progress with others. If you have state information this is a great place to post.

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    No, it says right on the WMR that it updates once a day. But, like I said, it had never updated for me and my money just showed up in my account. So I don’t really pay attention to it. Mine was accepted but the WMR says they are still waiting for info.

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    Yeah hopefully

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    I don’t remember if it was last tax season or the one before that but my account wasn’t updating so I decided to call and see what was going on & the person told me everything is updated on their end and gave me my DDD… So maybe its the same this year accounts just not updating I have a hard time believing they don’t have my return after 8 days especially a efiled return

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    I heard they start updating daily at 9am and they update throughout the day. So start checking at 9am I guess.

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    Same here @Britt

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    I checked my Michigan account earlier this morning and I’m still getting the we have no record of your return message

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    @samantha when was u accepted

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    At some point since yesterday mine changed from nothing to it shows the year & completed? But it still doesn’t have a date! Anybody have this?

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    Just checked mine, big fat nothing. But like I said earlier, last year it showed up without ever updating in the MI WMR. My guess, based on past years, is that we see a lot of 2/14 DDDs. Tomorrow would be even nicer, but I didn’t see anything pending in my account either.

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    @birtt I was wondering the same thing? Like do they update once per day at a certain time or all day as they are working? Anyone know?

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    I think a lot of us will see a update tomorrow atleast I hope ….:) its has always been about a week or so after i file when my state account updates .. Today makes 7 days since my state has been accepted so I’m hoping for a DDD tomorrow ….. Also does anyone know if the treasury site updates as accounts are worked on or does it wait to update over night

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    Glad to hear a few people are seeing movement it gives me hope im next haha

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    Just checked the michigan wheres my refund and finally shows my return is complete with a DDD of 2/14 filed on 1/29 accepted 1/31 and just now showed as completed

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    @ndixson I filled on 1/27 and was accepted on 2/1

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    @audrey when did you file? When were you accepted?

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    I filed 1/29 and accepted 1/31. The website still has not updated for me … its still saying we have not received your return junk.

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    I filed 1/31 got a text that Michigan accepted my return on 2/1

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    Same here nothing for me filled 29th accept on 31st . Audrey where did you get accepted

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    checked my refund and actually received a ddd of 2/14

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    Still nothing for me either I’m still getting the we have no record of your return message

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    Filed 2/2 accepted 2/3 – Michigan WMR website still has no record. Typical for Michigan’s Treasury

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    Anybody received they refund or website update for them

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    I filed Jan 27 was accepted on 29th Michigan war says pending review completion date March 5 2018 grrrr

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    Nothing here, yet. Last year they made me ID Verify and I didn’t see anything after that until Mid March. 😩😩😩

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    Have Any called

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    I filed on 2/4 and was accepted on 2/6. Hopefully I will see something soon.

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    Nothing yet for me either. I know last year it was 2 weeks to the day, from accepted to deposit. And the MI WMR never updated last year either, it just showed up. I’m really hoping for this Friday, I got accepted on the 31st too.

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    I hope we all see something next week… I always get my michigan return 10-14 days from the day i filed

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    No @Britt I filled on the 29th nothing yet for me

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    Good morning anyone get a Michigan return yet or at least get a DDD ?Filed 1/31 accepted 2/1

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    Same here @michigaingirl

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    I was accepted on 1/31 and nothing yet I cannot even login , it gives me the when did you fill stuff

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    Nothing for me filled accept 31st

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    Anyone got a DD date this week?? I got accepted Jan31

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    For Michigan state taxes the website is t updating it’s just popping on in your account. If you filed with tax act republic bank is showing refunds of today

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    Brittany Porter

    I just look it on now but it wasn’t Friday

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    @brittany porter
    Did your information even show up on the online Michigan WMR? I was accepted 1/31 but the website doesn’t even show that they got my refund and processing it. Nothing at all comes up.

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    Brittany Porter

    Mine hit my card Friday I was accepted 23rd it didn’t update online

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    Any michigander refunds drop yet?

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    Filed 1/22 accepted 1/23 wmr says the generic wait 14 days message. With Federal waiting til mid-February i could really use the 💰 yesterday!

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    Filed Jan 26th, also accepted Jan 31. I can’t remember last year’s dates, but I remember the Michigan WMR not even updating and the $ just showing up in my account. Fingers crossed!

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    wines was accepted today filed 1/26

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    Michigan just accepted my return filed Jan 23

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    Mi just accepted my return too ✊🏼

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    Michigan has finally accepted my tax return

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    Michigan is one of the sloooowwwessst states. Js. 🤷🏻‍♀️

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    I filed yesterday on turbo tax and still not accepted yet as of this morning.

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    Michigan starts accepting returns today

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    want money

    Filed the 31 accepted the 31 when I try to access on the mi website it says it cant match my information, I checked everything is accurate with what it shows on my return. Seems like they are having issues they need to fix it so people can actually get access to their information.

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    I filed 2/8. Accepted same day
    The mi tefund tracking says .. “please allow 14 days before checking the status of your return”

    I’ve almost always gotten it back within 10 days in the past.
    But have received nothing and the tracking won’t tell me anything, not even if it’s being processed.

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