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    Wheres My Refund Massachusetts- Share your experience with filing your Massachusetts Tax Return and tax refund progress with others. If you have state information this is a great place to post. To check Massachusetts Wheres My Refund? go to Massachusetts Department Of Revenue

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    Woohoo finally got a DDD of March 13.
    Filed Jan. 26 was accepted 2/2
    I am beyond shocked that it took this long. Just thankful that it’s done with, till next year lol

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    Never mind it just hit my bank till next year everyone good luck

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    Does n e be know if the state will come to my bank before the 12th or does it come that day I use the serve card from jackson hewitt

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    Jackie E.

    @lance I’m trying to find out the same thing. I uploaded my son’s and my SS cards today. Ridiculous cuz my returns have been the same for 13 years. I’m gonna call tmrw to find out how long it will take,and I will post the info I get. I tried calling today but the call centers were closed becuz of the storm.

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    Hey guys, update, my funds have been deposited. I have DCU. Thank God. Finally! This has been the most ridiculous tax season! I’m still waiting for my FED! I pray you guys get yours way faster than it took to get mine. Good luck, see you guys next year.

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    Anybody have any idea how long after uploading your stupid social security cards does it take. Which is silly like i didnt claim my kid years past and didnt have this issue

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    Jackie E.

    @adam Kudos to you for sending them a not so nice letter! Lol. I hope we get our refunds soon. And hope they DD mine like I’ve always done, and not send me a check, that will mean an even longer wait! Lol i hope u put in ur letter about where’s the security and protection about sending people checks who have asked for DD into their account, who filed a week or 2 ago, I would think that they would want to make sure they’re sending the check to the actual correct person!

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    Jackie E.

    @adam well that’s a bummer! Just send in ur documents ASAP. I feel like they could have sent us these letters way earlier than now. Smh, most of us filed end of January. It’s ridiculous. But unfortunately nutin we can do but sit and wait. I will post when I get an update. Ofcourse the call center is closed today cuz of the storm. I wanted to call and see how long it will take now for them to release my refund. Hopefully sooner than later!

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    I don’t know why that posted so many times lol. I uploaded what I had online. It wasn’t everything but I also included a not so nice letter. Let’s see what happens lol

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    And of course they want a million documents from me. Congrats everyone else

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    Unfortunately, mine wasn’t just an ID verify. They want all my documents

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    Jackie E.

    Does anyone know how long it will take for them to release my refund now that I sent in the verification over the MTC website?

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    Jackie E.

    @adam omg r u serious. Is it paperwork u need to mail in or can just do it online? This is ridiculous. Mine was that they wanted a copy of my son’s and my s.s card. I uploaded it and sent it in over the website. I hope they release it soon.

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    Obv they updated to wanting a bunch of paperwork and it couldn’t just be an Id check..unreal

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    Just checked MTC and went black 00’s- no DD- so then I went to the generic where’s my refund page and it shows DD 3/12. Hope this hells for anyone. Filed 1/29.

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    Gim Micks

    I filed on the 29th of January. state turned green in mtc on the 2nd of feb. Last week they fixed my state. Was exactly 7 days ago. And today at 7am balance turned black. And have a DDD for March 12. Been green since the 2nd of February. I’m going to assume everyone else will get there’s very soon as well. Good luck guys.

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    Gim Micks

    I filed and accepted on January 29

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    I finally have a change. The amount went to 0.00. But no ddd, does anyone know if I will get a ddd another day or will not show at all. How long does it usually take to be sent. It gives minimal information.

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    Finally got a DD date of 3/12. Accepted 1/26

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    I checked the other thing mine is dd

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    I think if it turns black with no DDD, it means they issued it by check. I called the automated service and found out mine is being mailed despite asking for DD.

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    Hello All
    Finally a DD date of 3/12. Accepted 1/26 and green until today.

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    Got updated to a ddd of 3/12 yeayy finally. This will be the last year I file early. I got accepted 1/28

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    My amount turned to black 0.00 with no did. Can someone please tell me what this means

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    Jackie E.

    I got an update! I have to id verify. Yay!

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    Annnnnd then I see a few people were also updated this morning…. Maybe today was the day!

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    Finally black 0.00 and a DDD of 03/12… This is what I think happened. My FED REFUND has been held up because of a health connector forms. I faxed the forms to the IRS 3 weeks ago with still no updates. So, I called the IRS yesterday and the lady put me on hold to do something. When she came back on line she said that “now” I should see an update to the where’s my refund thing AND she said that “now” I should use the new amount. I wake up this morning and check both State and Fed because I SWEAR they are connected and boom, update on state!

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    Yay finally i just checked the other page and it says the 12th finally omg I was going crazy

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    Omg I just checked mine and now its 0.0 in black but don’t say n e thing else what does that mean

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    Gim micks when did you file

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    Gim Micks

    Ddd for the 12th of March. Finallyyyyyyy dammnn Sonnnn.

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    Gim Micks

    Been green for 39 days in MTC still no updates since they they deducted money off my state 7 days ago. I hope i get an update this morning. They updated my state amount last week at 9:00 oclock in the morning. I will keep an eye on It and I will keep everyone posted if I get a DDdate I

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    Jackie E.

    @adam I hope it’s just sutin simple. Like having to go online and id verify urself. Then hopefully ur refund will be released. Let us know how it goes for u. I’m praying tmrw I and all of us get updates or DDD. I will check here in the am and update if I get an update.

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    1/26 and I was 1/28

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    Adam when did your wife file

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    Yup, it is ridiculous. It took me multiple reply’s to get told I will see a letter tomorrow. I wonder what it is.

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    Jackie E.

    @adam. I filed Jan 20, accepted Jan 22. Still green, no letters. It’s frickin ridiculous.

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    My wifes (filed separate) updated this am with a deposit date of 3/9. Mine is still green since Jan and I finally wouldn’t take the standard answer so I continued to reply to the MTC email asking for a specific look to make sure no letters were issued. I am glad I pushed it because they just told me that a letter asking for additional information will be issued to me tomorrow. They said I should be able to see it on MTC. Like really, hold me up for six weeks and then tell me that. I hope it is just something easy

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    Still nothing smh

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    Updating you guys on the number that I gave out earlier I guess you have to leave a message and they’ll get back to you within 24 hours just left a message going to see what [email protected] okay thanks for letting me know how it went with that number I didn’t know what to expect it was given to me to try by a friend. Also I filed on the 29th accepted on the 29th it’s been processing since the 30th

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    Just got a call back from dor and said my return was in processing and give it another week. She also said that the ones that are in processing will released soon. Lol

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    Still NO UPDATE! accepted 1-27

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    No update

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    @tae I just called no help same old line telling me to wait smh I filed the 1/26 accepted 1/28 smh

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    I’m in the same boat I’ve been following you guys for the past 2 weeks and never comment I just read The Helpful information that you guys put out but I just received a text from a friend of mine and said try calling this number it might help I’m at work at the moment and I don’t go on break until 1:30 so I won’t be able to call until then but I’ll give you guys a number so whoever else wants to call not sure if it’s going to help but it doesn’t hurt to try the number is 617 626 3833 and I was told that it is the tax problem and resolution phone number can’t wait till 1:30 to see what they say and if they can really solve the problem if anyone else does call and gets some information please post

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    Nothing here yet. WTF is taking so long.

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    Jackie E.

    This is the stupidest flippin’ tax year I’ve seen since I started filing taxes 15 years ago. I’ve always had mine within 2 weeks. Getting super pissed. Filed Jan 20, accepted Jan 22. On the website it says accepted Jan 22, please wait 4-6 weeks. Well it’s been over 6 weeks! I’m so over this bullshit. They say fraud protection?? Yet they are sending checks thru the mail for people who have opted for DD, where the hell is the protection there?? Like for real Mass!!

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    Accepted 1/28 and nothing yet this is so aggravating

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    @Mo-Nope I got my date on Thursday last week. And it was supposedly sent out Friday. Not sure why I haven’t gotten it yet. Its coming from Springfield and I am in Worcester. Whatever, I am so over this tax season. I will never file early again!! Its complete BS

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