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    Wheres My Refund Massachusetts- Share your experience with filing your Massachusetts Tax Return and tax refund progress with others. If you have state information this is a great place to post. To check Massachusetts Wheres My Refund? go to Massachusetts Department Of Revenue

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    I think a lot of people will update Monday

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    @Sunnydai617 same here

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    J B

    @kionna …nothing for me yet. You?
    Looking like it’s Monday 😣

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    Had a DDD of yesterday and received it in my TD Bank account today.

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    My MTC shows my refund amount as a credit in black and the the amount underneath in green as a balance…anybody else have this?

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    Just kidding I was look at Jan not feb…I got it on a Thur but think my ddd was for that Friday…think I updated beginning that week mon the 21st or maybe tue 22nd

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    Me and my boyfriends federal updated to the path message this morning! At least some movement..hoping the state does some type of movement, I know last year I recieved it on Mon the 23rd but don’t remember if I had a update or what my ddd was

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    Dee Massachusetts

    Well, I doubt MTC will update on a weekend. I’ll be back Monday morning ,hopefully with good news.

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    …Saturday deposits.

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    Ok J B. I’ll let ya know. Not sure they do Satu

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    It was accepted on the 26th. Any idea how long it should take to process? We have EITC and the child credit.

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    J B

    @kionna…Same bank for me too.
    Last 2 years, the money was there the day after DDD.
    But the DDD was a Monday last year and funds were available on Tuesday. Hoping it hits tomorrow morning.
    Keep me posted on yours.

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    Also have DDD of Feb 9. Filed taxact Jan 26, accepted the 29th. Santander. Nothing hit account yet. Filed HH, and child credit.

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    I had a DD of today 2/9/18 and have it going to a Turbo Card via Tirbo Tax. I have not seen it hit my account yet. Just wondering if anyone else is in the same situation or knows when Massachusetts DD actually hit you account?

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    Filed with H&R Block. Was accepted 1/27 and is showing in green but no DDD still.

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    I filed through TT and was accepted 2/2 and still nothing…I have the amount in green but besides that nothing has changed

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    I submitted my MA tax form 2/5 and it was accepted 2/6. Today (2/9) when I checked around noon it changed status to: “Your refund was issued by direct deposit on 13-Feb-2018. Please allow 3-5 business days for the refund to be deposited, and check with your bank to confirm.” Really fast turn around!

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    I was in green since Monday and I got a DDD this morning. I filed with TurboTax and it’s going to my bank account.

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    Jackie E.

    Are transcripts only for federal return or can u get transcripts for state also?

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    Jackie E.

    @Sara. When did urs update with a ddd? And who did u file ur taxes thru? Turbo tax, Jacksonville Hewitt, etc. And is urs going into ur bank account or prepaid card thing? Filed mine with Jacksonville Hewitt Jan 20, state accepted Jan 22.

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    @Sara .. when did you get your ddd ?

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    My wife and I filed with turbo tax and both were accepted on 1/28. We have simple returns with no credits and have been sitting in the green for a week.

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    Filed and accepted 1-29 got a DDD of 2/13

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    Jackie E.

    Did anyone file with Jacksonville Hewitt and get the American express serve card, and have u gotten a ddd or even a deposit yet?

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    If anyone gets a ddd please post obviously I know ppl got one today I was not one of the lucky ones but I’m hoping I’m in round 2 lol I usually only wait a week and I guess this year they decided to make me wait

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    Got my MA DDD today in the bank!
    Also-They take about $300 away from me because I liive in NH but work in Mass. I get it-Sort of, but when I lived in MASS but tax refund was much larger.

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    @ Jackie E, well that is good to know, much easier then mine. No im having it put in my checking account.

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    Jackie E.

    @Rosa. Dor said the letter I got was normal, that they send u that when u first register and make an account with MTc. she said everything looks good for my return. Hope I see refund soon. Plz post when u get a ddd or ur refund. And r u getting it back on American express serve card?

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    @Jackie E wow that is very weird let me know how that goes.

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    Jackie E.

    @rosa. I pulled up the letter on my PDF viewer, all it says is that they created a master administrator account for me. It doesn’t say anything about going on the website and verifying anything. I’m gonna call the number on the letter and ask what it is about. Type for ur help.

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    @Jackie E I called DOR the letter sent is to verify your identity once you get the letter is gives you steps to do on MTC to verify your identity and then they release your refund. Hope this helps.

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    Jackie E.

    @Rosa. Keep me posted plz. Also opted to have ddd on American express serve card. This is the longest I’ve waited for state refund. Ugh!

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    Jackie E.

    Stupid auto correct. no ddd yet. Wth

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    @Jackie thanks but mine says there is no alerts and mine is still green. I also got accepted on 1/22/18 with Jackson Hewitt. I am going to call DOR and see if they can give me any info. I will keep you updated.

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    Jackie E.

    @Rosa… I seen it under alerts on mtc.
    @Tiffany… Ty, it’s exactly what it was.
    BTW still green and no daddy yet.Accepted Jan 22 filed with Jackson Hewitt.

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    Jackie E.

    @Rosa… I seen it under al

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    I definitely should have had mine yesterday but due to incompetence at h&r block my money is going to there bank first for fees. I specifically asked them to take it from my federal and they didn’t do what I asked. It was my first and last time using them.

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    My ddd is fo today 2/9, but my bank shows a pending deposit for 2/12, Monday.

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    Anyone has a ddd for today and still not there ??
    I requested for my return to be deposited into my citizens bank !

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    Green means that it’s processing and that is the amount due to you According to your filed return. When it is processed, it turns to a black zero and at that point you should have a DDD

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    J B

    Where is everyone seeing their refund amount in green? I have an MTC account and it was never green. Already received DDD for today, but does the color even mean anything?

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    Mine is still green since Monday, too. Going to Florida in a week. Would like to have at least my state by then. Smh

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    Ugh mine did still green and has been since Monday … IDK what green means but I wish they would just do mine already !

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    As far as everyone with a DDD of 2/9 MA sent out refunds to banks yesterday (thats why i received the pending deposit notification). I have not received my deposit yet but Its only 755am. Im thinking it will be tonight sometime like they do with my paycheck

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    @kerry check your status. If its still green they are still processing. Once they set a ddd the number will go back to $0

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    Hey guys. I had DDD of today, 2/9 and got mine on the H&R Block Emerald Card this morning at like 4am. Now waitint on fed return like everyone else..ATCC on PATH.
    Also, i still owe them for the advance I got in November. They didnt take it from the state return like everyone had said they’d do.

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    J B

    Every bank is different in regards to processing times. Worst case scenario…everyone is happy (with MA State) by Tuesday. For me, if the DDD is 2/9, the actual money will be there the next business day. Whereas Fed…is there by 2am on the DDD.
    Good luck everyone!

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    Dee Massachusetts

    Still green here. :(

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    Had a DDD for 2/9/18 and checked my bank account but it’s still not there…went on the website and it said it was deposited but to allow 3-5 business days, I’ve never had this problem before and I know a few people who also had a DDD for today and received theirs

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    Anyone had TD Bank? DDD for today and still haven’t received it.

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