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    Share your experience with filing your Massachusetts Tax Return and tax refund progress with others. If you have state information this is a great place to post.

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    Something tells me we will all see some movement after the 15th…I know some people said they received there refund and they have eic but I think the state is following the IRS.. MA used to have the quickest turn around and for them the blame it on a new system just doesn’t seem right.

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    I had my account go from the negative green to 0 on February 8th and when I log on it
    still is showing as processed and no DD as of yet. I was hoping that there would be some
    update today. Mine was accepted on the 27th. :(

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    Just checked my netspend card and my refund is now available with a ddd of tomorrow good luck everyone see you next year

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    George I filed 1/27 although people say they update overnight but when I checked at 8 am it wasn’t changed checked back at 10 ish and it changed so I think they update all the time

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    Once u have negative green amnt how long tell it hits zero?

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    Joslyn when did u file I have same stuff as you I filed the 23rd

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    My amount just changed from the negative green number to a 0 and I got a ddd date of tomorrow I have both child credits and eic so there is hope. Good luck everyone

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    Hello I see you guys mention a – green amount where does it shoes I got accepted on 1/30 but still shows processing doesn’t show a amount or anything. Can someone please tell me if I’m going to the right page to check. Thank you

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    @justin you want there to be 0.00 where your -green amount is…that’s when they have released your funds for dd…the -green amount means that they still owe you that amount

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    Mine is negative green what does that mean mine says it was processed but still date for DD ?

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    I filed the 19th of January accepted 23rd still haven’t got my state no change in anything I got an account and saw the amount in green negative no messages no mail no letters last name starts with J any ideas when I all get return

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    Not to get religous but man I’m praying!!! Ill send good vibes for you all and check in in the am!! Thank you all

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    @jessica I’m hoping it does I was accepted 1/25…still says being processed on the wmr and processed on the acct page with the green minus amount… I have eic…everything is the same as last 3yrs…let me know if you get update tomorrow and I’ll do the same

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    Filed state return on 1/27. Refund scheduled for dd tomorrow (2/13).

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    @jessica…I would say you might get one in the morning when you check but now with the snowstorm I don’t what Mizz Chipmunk said, we’ll prolly get our federal before our state at this point

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    My mom claims one of my kids has a DDD of tomorrow filed after me. I claimed another one of my kids filed 1/27 approved that night. Website (not account) says processing. Anyone think I’ll get a DD tonight?

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    Mizz Chipmunk

    @samantha thanks for replying! I am hoping I get an update Monday Tuesday. At this rate we might get our federal return before the State. 😕

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    @Mizz Chipmunk..I filed and was accepted 1/27 and my account hasn’t changed yet either. I’m thinking tomorrow might have an update/deposit. Last year I got it on a Monday at 4:30PM. I have netspend so usually get it before the DDD.

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    @Talsr..sometimes the tracking is a couple days behind, so even though it’s been issued it’ll say processing still for a couple days. When I got accepted it didn’t update until like 3 days later saying it was accepted..and it says 0.00 because they did issue it, your bank probably just didn’t release it yet. You can probably call your bank and they’ll be able to tell you if you have anything pending

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    Mizz Chipmunk

    I filed and was accepted on 1/30 and still no change on MassTax Connect. The refund amount is still in the negative and says Processed. What is the date everyone filed?

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    Green negative changed to 0.00. Where’s my refund still says processing. No deposit date or other info in tax connect. Called when this happened Friday, was told that refund was issued but I wouldn’t see it for a few days. Quite confused. Why would it say still processing if it was issued? Why would it change to 0.00 if it wasn’t issued? NOT liking this new system.

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    I got that message to it’s for the new law the path act for people who have EIC and/or ACTC they are holding the refunds until the 15th to try to prevent fraud

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    @samantha I really hope so to buddy of mine claims 2 kids got state at 4am this morning and does anyone know why the status bar on IRS disappeared and got message saying check back after Feb 15 I filed Jan 26th

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    They update it overnight..I’m not sure if they do on the weekends, I really hope so cause I want my money! Lol

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    Anyone know how often dor updates where’s my refund 12 days and still no change says receive and being processed

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    I got hit with the verification as well even though I have zero changes in anything. I got a letter stating I have to send them all of my w2, tax papers, social security cards, everything. So looks like I’ll see my refund right around Christmas time! There are at least 5 other people I saw this morning also hit with the letter so looks like a huge percentage of returns were pulled for verification. I’m really hoping it doesn’t affect my federal timing cause I was hoping for some money anyday. I had just talked to them on wednesday by the way and they told me nothing was wrong with my return and I was waiting for a refund so i wouldn’t count on that for those who were told that.

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    @Czarface…I don’t think it’ll be effected, there two separate things…I had to ID verify for my state last year and federal was fine

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    Does anyone know if my federal return will be affected by my state wanting verifications?

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    Nothing new huh? change in mine, I called and all they said was it’s still processing, I said there’s nothing wrong and she said no you’re just waiting for your refund, it’s like no shi* can ya give it to me lol

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    Well this now sucks. What happened to the 3-4 day turnaround on Mass State Income Taxes they had previously? Now 4-6 weeks. Nice.

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    So yesterday I logged on to see my status and of course nothing changed but as I logged off a verification notice popped up with no name or anything so of course I couldn’t call yesterday they were close I call today and the lady tells me everything is fine and I should get my return no later than next week. This year Tax Season is crazy

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    My last name starts with B in I am I. Western MA. I have no clue what is going this year.

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    A few years ago we had gotten a letter but it was to verify that my son was actually my son I had to send in birth certificate, social security card, and marriage certificate.

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    My husband is military so we haven’t lived in MA for almost 2 years. But since that’s his home of record (we’re from western MA) he continues to pay MA state taxes our last name starts with an R so hoping they don’t do it like that lol

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    I just got notice that I’m receiving a letter. My return is being reviewed for whatever reason. Unbelievable.

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    I’m in south/e mass….. right before the cape and my last name starts with a B.

    My deposit date was today but still have no money.

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    I was thinking the same thing that maybe their going by last name or county because I seen people who were accepted 1/24, 1/27, and 1/30 get their refunds. I haven’t got mine, my last name starts with L and live in central ma

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    I do have EIC and I don’t know in what order they are releasing them. I did however call yesterday and reiterate to the agent I’ve had the same address, same dependents, same job and same checking account information every year. Then this morning wah lah.

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    I hope I get an update tomorrow! I filed 1/24 plus I moved out of state. Ugh. :( Congrats to everyone at least there is progress for some.

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    Did you have EIC? And do you know if they go by first come first served basis or maybe last name?

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    I still had a negative sign with the refund amount yesterday. This morning it said 0.00 refund issues 1/10/17 and this afternoon around 4 I noticed in my account a pending deposit scheduled to clear Monday.

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    @WaitinginMA…mine still says processed :/ and I was accepted 1/27…I’ll see if anything changes tomorrow, if not I might call..if anything changes for you let me know…mine still has the amount in green

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    Mass Tax Connect updated to $0.00 balance instead of green amount in the negative. Filed and accepted 1/30

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    @samantha…mine is the same still to. Did your acct update to processed to In process?

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    @SingleMomInMA..did your status change on your account or when you tracked it? I have netspend but haven’t got mine yet and my status hasn’t changed

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    I filed and was accepted the 27th. EIC and ACTC and my credit union shows deposit for Monday 2/13

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    @CynthlaLee…I filed and got accepted 1/27 through TT and I’m still waiting too…but they started refunds so maybe we’ll update tomorrow! If not by Mon the latest I think

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    When did you file and get accepted
    I filed 1/20 got accepted 1/23 and still nothing

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    Just checked netspend acct recieved refund today a 1:48 p.m

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    @WaitinginMA…I’m still waiting too, and of course their closed today! I’m glad their starting to release funds, just wish I was one of them lol..but should be any day now

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