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    Share your experience with filing your Massachusetts Tax Return and tax refund progress with others. If you have state information this is a great place to post.

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    Does anyone have emerald card and if so my dad is 23 will I have cash in hand tomorrow or what ?

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    I filed 2/03 – last Friday it updated to a DD of 2/21 – actually didn’t get it until today. As far as my federal, still nothing. I went from 1 bar to no bars and a message that it’s being processed. I did order my transcripts today, so maybe that will be a push or even give me a code that I may be under review. Also, couldn’t do the on-line transcripts – has to be by mail – because when I filled out the questions, they claim the cell # isn’t associated with my name, although I’ve had the same cell # and account in my name for close to 20 years!

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    State finally updated for a ddd of 2/24

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    Finally got an update on MassTaxConnect, I filed 1/20 got accepted 1/23 now got a date of 02/24 and my federal refund a ddd for tomorrow ๐Ÿ™‹๐Ÿป

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    Sarai B

    Filed and accepted on 1/27. Finally, the mass refund website updated my status today and I am scheduled to receive DD on 2/24. THANK GOD!!! I have never, ever waited this long for my state return!

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    Got federal today. And an update for state says it was sent 2/24 (not that it will send. doh!.) So both in the same week. Strange happenings.

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    Federal came this morning. Still no state.

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    Everyone I know who has gotten their state got it a week after their federal. My federal hit this morning so I assume those who got their federal back today will see some movement by the end of the week.

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    Filed and excepted on 1/25. Nothing doing yet. =(
    Federal due to show up tomorrow. Never seen this before, federal before state.

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    Filed and accepted 1/30, still no update here. Its taking even longer than last year, boooo

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    Hoping for the best tomorrow. Says it’ll be released to my bank tomorrow. But then my bank has til the 27th. Was talking to a coworker who filed on Jan 16. Was accepted on the 27th and got her state 2 weeks ago. Which makes no sense to me because her state is much larger than mine, and I was under the impression the larger ones would take longer. Ugh. It’s like every single case is different no matter how similar they look on paper.

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    Great question to answer for me and who ever stumbles upon it h and r block emerald card how long does it take for money to be cleared so u can use it say direct deposited 23 would I get it the 24th ? Any answers help

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    Like I said when I called Friday they told me the smaller returns were getting pushed out fast and the larger returns they were looking over them closer…my state was over $2 grand.. I dunno if the people that already received their refunds are a lot lower than that…I dunno what they classify is smaller or larger return

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    So I called on Friday afternoon and found out some interesting tidbits.

    I filed and was accepted on 1/27.

    The guy I spoke with was trying to rush me off the phone at first but I was firm with him and made him look into the issue

    I have student loan interest and apparently their system had a glitch in it that tagged my return with a red flag saying I was missing a schedule Z but that I had a Y or something like that.

    I told him that I never got any letter with the error so he admitted that my return would have sat there unless I called them. Why am I not surprised.

    He went into my return and went through it page by page and determined that I had all of the right documents and my forms were filled out correctly (I used Turbo Tax).

    He moved my account along and said I should have an update this week.

    He also said that if you have a Tax Connect account that once the green number disappears, that’s when you’ll know that your deposit or check is on its way.

    I strongly recommend that when you call you are firm with the representative and ask that they look into your return as you know there were glitches in their system.

    I hope this helps some of you :)

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    I honestly cannot believe this. This is the worst tax season I have ever encountered. I was literally Liberty Tax first customer this year. I filed with Liberty Tax January 19. I understand that the IRS didn’t open until January 23rd but why can’t they atleast let you know what’s going on? And what’s worse is the Liberty Tax people allegedly have no idea what’s going on either, like what am I paying you for again? I hate to be like that but how do you not know anything that’s going on with the IRS? I finally got the “refund approved” bar on the federal IRS website but says “refund direct deposit date February 22” so that’s in 2 days…I know it takes an extra day or 2 for the refund to physically be in your account so why doesn’t it say “refund sent” yet? Ugh, so annoying. Hopefully other people have had better experiences this year than I. I also have the EITC which for some reason is causing enormously long waits this year.
    Hurry up & wait I guess :)

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    Fed updated but mass same bull fed says 23rd state doesn’t even have an update for letters or nothing going on 1 month one week and still absolutely no update I am getting my federal return first which is the first time is 6 years

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    Federal went through today. Says its being sent to bank by feb 23. However state is being a pain asking for verifications- photocopies of all 3 social security cards, 2016 tax form, and EIC sched. I don’t have all ss cards so this will suck because they gave a deadline to send it by march 10 or they will disallow pretty much 80% of my state. I claim my 2 daughters. Doesn’t make sense that they accept ss for fed but need proof for state. Ugh

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    After checking my account and nothing new I log out and do the basic where’s my refund link. That tells me the sent out a letter on the 16th of February and to call them when I receive it. It’s complete bull after almost 4 weeks and agents telling me everything is fine now I have to wait even longer.

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    I got the ddd 2/23 for my federal and Rhode Island is in my account but Ma this year is really getting on my nerves no update still green and i was accepted 1/27 ugh I can’t believe this year with Ma is taking so long last year I got it within a week

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    Updated overnight – changed my DD from 2/22 to 2/21. Also, my daughter’s updated from processing to DD of 2/21

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    I called today after no update I filed 1/25…they told what they’re is pushing the smaller returns out quick and holding the bigger ones I guess to take a closer look at them…which is weak cuz I made the same $ as last year same dependents for last 6 years…they just trying to hold are money probably too make a couple bucks off the interest…but anyway she said it could be up 2 weeks before I get my money…smdh

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    I was panicking reading all the messages of people that have been waiting since January… I e-filed mine on February 3rd and it was accepted the same day. I kept checking and it kept saying still processing… I called yesterday and asked what the delay was. I also asked if anything was wrong with my return. I was told they have a new system and it now takes 4 to 6 weeks for the return to get processed. I said I had never waited this long and I usually get my check within days or on the same week I e-filed. I was told there is nothing wrong with my refund, no red flags and I should get it within 4 to 6 weeks… Then this morning I checked and it said it was still processing…. I might have a little ocd lol but I checked again this afternoon and voila! Big surprise! It says the direct deposit is set for the 21st, which is next Tuesday… thank God! This year is not much… way less than prior years because I made too much but it is always nice to get a check on the mail! lol And now I can relax and don’t have to worry about something going wrong with my return or wonder when the check would come :) Good luck to everyone. Hope you get yours soon!

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    I finally updated to DD of 2/22! My daughter, on the other hand, who filed same day (2/03) still says processing. Another daughter filed same day got hers last Friday.

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    Well the IRS always have big updates on sat morning so my guess is The state will too

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    @waitingmass dude I filed 19th accepted 23rd and same thing still processing the person on phone said no red flags and it’s being finalized yesterday so my guess is they will send it my way Wednesday Thursday anyone know if they update on weekends for mass state

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    I am so over MA…I was accepted the 24th and all I keep getting is it is processing.

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    Still no update for me..I called and of course he just said it can take 4 to 6 weeks and told me it’s been 3 weeks. He said I don’t see any letters so it’ll be coming..I just want an update!

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    I finally got a DD for 2/21!!

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    Just checked my status and I now have a DDD for 2/21 for my mass state taxes!

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    I filed with Free tax usa on 2/2 and was accepted the same day. I Hoh and Eic, and dor finally updated this morning. Stating my DD is scheduled for the 2/21. Nice to finally see progress.

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    Sarai B

    I filed and was accepted on 1/27/17. I received my federal return about a wk after I filed but I have yet to receive my state refund. I have friends who filed after me and they have received their state return. When I went on the website this morning, it states that it is still processing and I must allow 4-6 weeks to receive my return. When I logged into my account, all I see is the amount in green with a negative sign. This is the first time I have ever waited so long for a state return. I have always typically received it within days of when it was filed. This waiting game is soooo annoying especially since my financial situation and dependent status is the still same as last year!

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    @dewy..I have an account, when I checked this morning it still had the amount in green with the negative. I don’t know what is going on

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    With MA you can also set up an account and check your progress that way. It provides much more information than just the WMR app.

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    @samantha… how frustrating. It’s just all over the place this year. Hopefully something happens soon. Crazy how they make you wait for your own money like this.

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    @kionna..I just called the hotline and still saying processing..I don’t have the app..I did go on the mass connect to “where’s my refund” at like 6:00AM but that still said processing too

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    Samantha, are you checking the refund hotline or irs2go app for your updates? The hotline hasn’t changed for me, still just saying they received it and allow 4 to 6 weeks, but the app updated a few hours ago and had a DDD.

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    I’m so mad! Still nothing! Was accepted 1/27 and no update or refund and of course nothing for federal either! Both my sister’s got there state refund and filed after me

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    Finally, got a DDD of Feb 22. Filed with taxact and accepted 1/28.

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    filed 1/23 and nothing yet. spoke with one person kept saying its entered into the computer here is nothing more i can tell you and transferred me back to the main number. i finally spoke with a nice lady who said i had no red flags & it should be coming soon, but MA is being effected by the IRS path act & since I’m going on 4 weeks I should get it soon.

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    Still processing

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    Does anyone know how long until they finalize my return they lady said it was processed and is being finalized anyone get the same and if so how long

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    I filed 2 returns because taxact was having problems at first with my federal. I filed federal on jan 20 but it wasnt accepted for 5 days so i refiled both state and federal with freetaxusa. The result was that one of federal returns was rejected but the state took both returns. So as of Monday my status with MA was when i pulled up my account it showed one return processed and the other processing. Now after calling them Monday it shows 1 return and processed. However no movement since with a ddd. I just have a green negative number and I am waiting for something to happen.

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    Hopefully we see some movement this friday. Meanwhile Im getting all my paperwork ready just in case I get a letter in the mail.

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    I called today also and the nice lady said that everything was fine no red flags should be issued soon she said I don’t know when but since I filed the 23 rd and got no letter it should be soon by the way everyone just in case I had my girlfriend sign the form where she is in agreement letting me claim my son it makes it so there are no red flags when claiming your kids h and r block gave me the idea to do it that’s why I like dealing with humans so just so everyone knows I filed 23rd and accepted I have the green negative amount and I’m still getting the run around

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    Filed Jan 30th and accepted same day still nothing ma called and was told 4 to six weeks and to call back after march and the IRS won’t even display the status still getting the same message about path act

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    When I checked my refund status on the DOR site it told me I had a letter coming. I had everything together beforehand just Incase something like this happened. I wasn’t expecting it from state though.

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    @Czarface that is did you find out you had to verify?

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    radshackgirl77 (aka: Erika K)

    I finally got my deposit date today. Supposed to get it tomorrow

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    I think ours are waiting to get looked at by a human being, so hopefully by next week we’ll have some movement

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    Thoroughly frustrated. Filed with taxact. Paid fees up front. Accepted 1/28. EIC. HOH. Still getting message that says they can not send anything out before today, Feb 15 due to PATH act. Never had a DDD. Hoping at some point today I’ll get a deposit. (Fingers crossed)

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