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    Wheres My Refund Massachusetts- Share your experience with filing your Massachusetts Tax Return and tax refund progress with others. If you have state information this is a great place to post. To check Massachusetts Wheres My Refund? go to Massachusetts Department Of Revenue

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    Accepted the 22nd and haven’t seen any movement at all. Amount still in green. Beyond frustrated but this happened to me last year too. Didn’t end up getting it till after my federal on the 28th if February. Yet like some have said I know people who filed just w week ago with almost identical returns to mine and they’ve gotten their money already.

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    Jackie E.

    Lol Adam, super annoyed is putting it lightly. I filed Jan 20, accepted Jan22, and still sitting with green amount on mtc. Sooo supposedly it’s stilllllll processing. My neighbor filed a week after me and already got her return. Our returns are identical, HoH and 1 dependant, same employer. Both of us, same return for years now. Except I went to JH this year instead of our own tax lady. What the heck!

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    Thank you Natalie

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    I just saw this on MTC. When will changes to my account take effect?
    MassTaxConnect is available 365 days a year, 24 hours a day. Your account is updated each night to include mailing address changes, and the processing of returns and payments. A payment may take several days to process.

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    Ok, so do we know if Mass only updates in the AM? and where is the DDD located? Has anyone received their refund without a DDD?

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    I wish you didn’t post that. I’m supper annoyed now haha. I mean one would think that it should go by acceptance date unless you have some unusual return. My wife and I have been waiting for weeks and ours are simple

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    Well my dad did his state two days ago. He has a direct deposit date for tomorrow. This is so not right…going on 3 weeks for me

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    Is there a certain time they uodate? Is it only in the am?

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    I know, I am scratching my head since I filed hers three days after mine. They always say direct deposit is quicker. She got an update on 2/8 saying her check was issued and it came in the mail today. Yet mine shows filed and accepted on 1/26 and I’ve been sitting on green for 2 weeks now. Beyond frusterated

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    Jackie E.

    Lucky person to already have gotten a paper check! Kudos to them. But what about us e-filers, wth! Mine still says processing. Also getting frustrated here! Lol Mass has no problem taking their money, but darn, when they need to pay out they take their sweet a** time!

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    I am highly frustrated, as this is my forst time doing a state return.. It says online I was accepted 1/30, but TT says 2/02 and MA just says wait 4-6 weeks… Like, how long does this ish takes!?

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    Getting kinda frustrated. Accepted 1/24 by H and R block, just a green balance on my account still. How does someone already have a paper check?! Thats insane!

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    So filed my mass return on 1/26 with TT have DD. My daughter filed 1/29 with TT and getting paper check. Mine is still saying processing with balance in green. My daughter got her paper check today. Seriously, not sure what is going on this year.

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    Filed 1/29 TT
    Accepted 2/2
    Amount green on mass tax connect for the past week . They are slower than ever. They never were this slow before.

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    I wonder what is taking MA so long to process this year’s returns. It always took a week for me to receive it. I hope they can do a surprise deposit for me on Wed, Thurs, or Fri as I’m going on a mini vacation with my boys before their Feb vaca starts.

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    my refund is black and I have no DDD. i was accepted on 2/2.. :-(

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    J B

    I wouldnt worry too much about being green on MTC. Mine never turned green and I received my DD this am.
    I just checked using the MA Where’s my refund tool.

    Hope this helps…

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    @K I don’t know, I wish I knew. I’ve been sitting on a green refund since early last week :/ My refund amount already shows my offset for my tax due from last year. They just need to start the process of giving it to me :)

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    If it turns to black then your return has been processed and you should have a ddd or information. If you read through the comments, many of us are sitting green for a while and some for a day or two. There is no timeframe

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    When does it go from green to black? IE how long does it take to go from green to black. It’s been green since last thursday for me.

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    Yes Jackie on mtc this morning. Around 10am. I cant remember how to check ddd day.

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    Jackie E.

    ?…when a ddd is available will it say on the mtc website where u sign in with username and password?

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    Jackie E.

    @Georgia. Sorry, I just realized u said updated to green so I’m assuming on mtc is where u updated.

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    Jackie E.

    @Georgia. Did u update this am? On mtc or the page where u enter ur s.s # and refund amount?

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    No I did not have either.

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    @kyle for your federal did you file the etc and child credits

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    I finally updated to green! Now more freaking waiting! No DDD.

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    Ya I filed early last year and thought that’s why it took so long, I didn’t file until February 1st this year though and I’m still waiting, hopefully it’ll change and I won’t be waiting until the 23rd again but idk…wish there was some type of pattern but you just never know

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    Just to update everyone. I was accepted by Mass on the feb 5th had a DD of the 9th and got it this morning. My federal I was accepted on 1/24 and just got a DD of 2/14. I will never file early again it seems like they throw you to the back of the line. Good luck everyone.

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    Jackie E.

    No update yet here either. Filed Jan 20, accepted Jan 22, amount still green.

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    Ya I got mine on the 23rd last year, was hoping to get it sooner but it’s not looking good

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    Still no update for me also. I believe last year I got it after my federal so sometime after the 23rd. Was hoping to get it sooner this year. Hopefully we all update soon!

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    Dee Massachusetts

    Was able to get on using a different browser. Still sitting green. Will check again at 10.

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    Dee Massachusetts

    I cannot get onto MTC. Im getting this message..
    The requested URL was rejected. Please consult with your administrator.

    Your support ID is: 768267124434641991.

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    Hopefully for us in green we can see some updates. I could use my refund asap

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    JB received his this am. I filed & MA received 1/29, been green all last week, no DDD yet. I believe they update all day, You can also check on the phone which I believes updates before the on line. 800-392-6089 – follow the prompts.

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    Anybody get an update yet?

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    J B

    @kionna….we are all set today!

    To recap for state: filed and accepted 1/24. Received DDD of 2/9. My bank took a little longer to process but all was cleared and available this morning 2/12.

    Fed…also e filed and accepted 1/24. Still waiting for the PATH message to go away. I’m hoping over the next 2 weeks I see some movement. Last year filed around the same time, and went through the same delay. Received a DDD of 2/23.

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    just for reference for others

    Filed via TT on 1/29
    received and processed 1/29 according to Mass
    Refund amount has been green all last week.
    My green refund amount shows the correct offset from taxes due from last year

    No DDD yet
    and no deposit yet

    Hopefully early this week. I don’t normally get money back from the state but it sounds like MA processes refunds pretty quick.

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    Jackie E.

    I hope tmrw we will all have an update. Will it update on a Monday tho? Hope we all see our refunds soon! Plz post an update if anybody gets one, I will too. Thanks

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    Jackie E.

    Tmrw will be 3 weeks since state accepted my refund, filed with JH on Jan20, state says accepted Jan22.

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    I don’t think it’s just Jackson Hewitt, I filed with turbo tax and I’m still waiting…I think they’ll be an update tomorrow…last year I waited just about a month too, don’t know why some get it faster than others

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    It is the state not who you filed with. Once the state accepts it, its on them. A lot of us have been waiting for 2 weeks

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    Jackie E.

    I will never file with Jackson Hewitt again, this is the longest I’ve waited for state refund. Accepted Jan.22. Still processing. Think we will get an update tmrw, on a Monday? Anyone else file with Jackson Hewitt and get or not get their refund yet, or even a ddd?

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    Nothing today JB. Fingers crossed for Monday.

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    Jackie E.

    There are like 5 states that do recognize lincolns birthday as a state holiday, not Massachusetts though.

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    Jackie E.

    Lincolns birthday is not a Mass state holiday, neither a federal holiday. However Presidents day is both state and federal. BTW refund still showing green with no ddd, hoping Monday for an update for those with no ddd like me

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    Don’t think they consider the 12th a holiday…the 19th president day believe they do tho

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    Had a DDD for 2/9…still nothing in my bank yet. Hoping for Monday.

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    Still in the green. Question, but is DOR open the 12th? We’re out of state now but the new state we’re in considers Lincoln’s Birthday a holiday.

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