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    Wheres My Refund Massachusetts- Share your experience with filing your Massachusetts Tax Return and tax refund progress with others. If you have state information this is a great place to post. To check Massachusetts Wheres My Refund? go to Massachusetts Department Of Revenue

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    Update I filed 1/22/18 and accepted same day. I had my mass refund in green for almost 2 weeks and then I received a letter with a code to verify my identity on monday 2/12/18, i did that online same day and today my amount finally went black and I have a DDD of 2/16/18, no change on the federal but I am hearing they are gonna start processing all of those eic and child credits tomorrow so hopefully we see changes tomorrow.

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    Still no update for me also

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    No change here still green.

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    @Terri, when did you file, Thanks

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    No change here. Still green.

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    Still in green and no update here either.

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    Seems to be less people commenting. Perhaps that means they are received theirs, which is a good thing. If I get any change or receive mine I will post it so other know.

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    No updates still green. Accepted 1/28. Next year I will wait to file until after February 2nd. Seems they did those first. I think if there are problems with your return you would see Alerts or correspondence, I have none.

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    No updates here, still in green

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    No updates here, still in green

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    The “wheres my refund” page says my state refund was issued this past Friday, and to give it 3-5 business days to be deposited. But no definitive deposit date… Anybody experience this?

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    My friend efiled the 2/1 and got her DDD on the 9th I filed the 9th and still says processing. Last year it took exactly 60 days for me to receive my refund due to documents they wanted from that new security measure they’re taking so let’s see if anything changes in the morning.

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    Jackie E.

    I hope we all have updates tmrw. And hopefully Thursday us eic and actc filers get an update. Does anybody know if we will or should update Thurs the 15th for our federal? I hope so! Good night Mass filers. Let’s all hope for an update in am, for our state . Plz post if you get an update, hopefully with a DDD!

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    Multiple people on here including myself were told that it’s automated and luck of the draw. Maybe they should all be on the same page when speaking to people to avoid this

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    How do you know that DOR is pulling random names out of the hat to do refunds?

    More than likely, there are a lot of unique situations that can cause a delay in a refund. On top of that, the crush of “opening day” for filing causes a backlog that will take time to work through.

    For the ones that are free and clear and are straight forward with no issues that need to be rechecked, they may very well have an algorithm they use to determine where in line a refund will fall.

    I want mine as soon as the next person, but DOR says 4-6 weeks to get your refund, that’s all we really know. And in my case, it hasn’t been 4 weeks yet; I’m on coming up on week 3.

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    Dee Massachusetts

    My refund amount is in green but in parenthesis like (number) …..No – sign

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    Wonder if this has something to do with slow refunds. By Joshua Miller GLOBE STAFF FEBRUARY 13, 2018
    A data snafu on a state tax portal allowed some companies to view other business’ names, federal employer identification numbers, and how much they paid in taxes, according to an email sent out by a payroll, benefits and HR company and forwarded to the Globe.

    The email from Gusto said the Massachusetts Department of Revenue recently made changes to its business taxpayer portal, which is called MassTaxConnect. Those shifts, the email said, “erroneously permitted business taxpayers to view files containing company names, federal employer identification numbers (FEINs), and tax payment amounts for companies like yours. As a result, people outside your company could see your company data.”

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    What’s upsetting is the incompetence at the DOR. Why draw numbers out of a hat. That’s literally what they are doing unless it’s more nefarious than that and they are giving preferential treatment to certain individuals. I mean its not like it happened at the IRS…..oh wait, it did

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    It’s hard to upset with the state when it clearly says the turn around time is 4-6 weeks for e-filed returns.

    It is frustrating when other people get it before us when they filed later, but they are outliers.

    Most everyone is still probably less than 4 weeks since it was accepted by the state.

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    Also, I had someone at the DOR tell me that I should be happy that I am getting a refund and to give it time with the new system
    Actually it’s my money that I overpaid so be more transparent and just give me an answer

    Elon Musk is flying cars and shit in space and Mass DOR can’t even refund properly

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    I got my federal 8 days ago. I have been in green with the state since 1/28. All they say is it’s random when you will get your direct deposit but give it 4-6 weeks maybe 60 days or maybe we don’t even know. This system is a disaster. It should be like federal (refunds process in order of accept date).

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    Seriously frusterated! Going on almost 3 weeks since return was accepted and nothing. I thought maybe it was the EIC thing but there are others not claiming it who still have yet to get there refund. This will be the first time ever I will most likely get my federal before my state. Great job MA.

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    Anyone get any DDD update today?
    Mine was green a week ago, still green and still nothing.

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    This process is so annoying!!!!!!!!!!!! Just give me MY money!!!!

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    Just called the DOR, alls they could say is its processing. When I asked why other people have already gotten theirs, I was told, “That’s irrelevant”.

    Thanks for the info….nott

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    I filed in whole dollars. It was a whole dollar return until this morning when it changed to xxx.60

    All I could figure is that I owed a few dollars from last year and they tacked on some interest over night.

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    @katie. Congrats. I filed earlier was accepted by the 26th and still waiting. It’s been in the green for 4 business days. I hope tomorrow I get an update.

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    Jackie, I was told whichever is deposited first it will come out of, but I did H&R. However, someone did comment on here saying they received their state and there was no advance taken out yet. Also, H&R initially told me it comes from federal, then when I called they said whichever comes first. It would be nice to know definitively.

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    Jackie E.

    Does anybody know if Jackson Hewitt fees are taken out of state or federal refund? Also what about the cash advance I got?

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    @Kev. No cents on returns all whole dollar amounts. Did you file with dollars and cents? That would hold up your return.

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    Yikes! My green refund got changed by like 40 cents. I wonder why and I wonder if that means that they are closer to getting it back to me.

    Another day of stalking my returns……

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    I just call MA Revenue, stated it’s luck of the draw as to who gets their refund next. Pretty ignorant answer. Are they throwing darts to see who gets’ their refund next. Not fair to early filers.

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    Dee Massachusetts

    The twitter handle is @MassRevenue :)

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    Last year I received mine 2 day before at 12:30 in the after noon so with that being said i think they updated throughout the day .. that would be nice if thats the case and also didnt see the update until after I already had my refund… DOR workers dont even know whats going on its sad 😭

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    Jackie E.

    Is there a possibility that we may update tmrw and possibly have a ddd for Friday?

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    No update for me, last year my ddd was on a Friday and think I updated on wed and got it on a Thur cause card released it early. So hoping to get updates for both Fed and state tomorrow…I’m hoping lol…I think they are making me crazy and I’m trying to make sense of it and rationalize lol

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    OMG Dee, do they have a twitter?!

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    Yah, I got mine Feb 10th last year. I just dont think its right that we have been waiting all this time, and people who just filed last week are getting their money. Ass backwards if you ask me.

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    Dee Massachusetts

    Still nothing here either. Filed1/18 Kinda fricken BS. Going to start trolling DOR on twitter…..

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    Well I am glad I found this site, at least I am not the only person going through this frustration. Filed & received by MA 1/26 accepted 2/2 been sitting green since 2/5. Sent a msg through MTC, not even a response. I give up! Last year I was one of the lucky ones, filed & accepted 1/27 had my refund in my account 1/31… must be karma since everyone else was waiting months last year!

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    I think they update over night, someone posted a message from the MTC site saying that.

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    No updates here, this is ridiculous!! Probably gonna have my federal before state!

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    Jackie E.

    Still no update for me either. Accepted Jan 22. I don’t get it. U would think think they would go by date accepted, but obviously not. This frickin sux. Need my refund bad! Think if we call and say we’re in a financial hardship that they’d move things along? Lol Prolly not! And does anybody know if they update thru out the day?

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    What a system they have here. Filed a simple return with no credits which was accepted in Jan and still nothing.

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    Finally a ddd of 2/15

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    Checked mtc and where’s my refund. Ddd for 2/15. Thank god!

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    I just checked my mtc account and it went from green balance to black zero balance..checked my refunds tab and I have a dd for Feb 15th. I’m also eic and act. I was accepted on 2-1 so after a long wait it’s finally on it’s way!

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    Still green talk to someone at the DOR said everything is randomly and automatically done they have no control over the time frame people get their refund …. last year didn’t receive my refund until may for a id verification. Smh was hoping this year would be different and quicker

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    No updates this morning…sent an e message asking why via mass tax connect

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    Still no update this at this time this evening. But wow I’m very shocked that someone has already received their return via check!

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