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    Share your experience with filing your Maryland Tax Return and tax refund progress with others. If you have state information this is a great place to post.

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    Filed 1/31 Accepted 2/1…still absolutely nothing just processing! I will be calling again today.

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    No change here…. 16 days in :-(

    Hope my guy wasn’t expecting anything other than Ramen for V-Day!

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    MD filed and accepted Thursday 2/8 Approved and released just now!

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    negasonic teenage warhead

    Good Afternoon,

    The Identification card is not sufficient. They are requesting some kind of documentation that proves you are residing in OH. A copy of a lease agreement would be your best bet at this point unless you can provide any more documentation from the list on the letter enclosed.

    Why in the world would this even matter???? If anything I could see then requestung proof I lived in MD but this us like wtf???

    If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.


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    negasonic teenage warhead

    One day Im told amend my return, then delete the amended return, then amend it agaun then submit this and that Im so irrate.

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    negasonic teenage warhead


    I got them to pull my amended return and start processing it. And blam selected for review for the dumbest reason. They want proof of my residence from the state I live in now… I submitted my lease now lets see what the new issue is. Smh

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    Got this email earlier:

    Good Morning,

    Your 2017 Maryland tax return has been received. The return is being reviewed at this time. If any additional information is needed, we will notify you by mail. Please allow additional time for your return to be completed.

    Your patience in this matter is greatly appreciated.


    Taxpayer Service

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    @timothy yes indeed. Lets hope tomorrow. If not, I’m going to be calling. Smh. I have never been thru this at all. Here’s hoping

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    @kara man if we don’t have a DD tomorrow I’m burning the lines down too!! I agree with @TF I think they those are good days for some updates. I need MD to show me some love on V-DAY please! I pay all year they can give me this one day lol

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    Lol @tf. I swear you make my day.. I’m praying for y’all and myself. I hope we have dates tomorrow. They said mine was approved Friday evening😒😒. If no date tomorrow.. Ill be beating the phone lines down.. Its disgusting. Smh. Where is my buddy @timothy? How’s it coming along. Hopefully you get a date tomorrow too.

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    I just called and spoke to Kala, she said that everything was approved today and they are just waiting on the release…LOL

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    I hope we all wake up to deposits in the AM. Wednesdays seems like it’s the DD days…After reading through all of the replies, the pattern for DD is Wednesdays and Saturdays.

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    Because they are lying! They are telling you anything, just to get you off of the phone and to stop calling them. The website do not update daily.

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    so I called this morning and was told that my refund has been approved but yet online it still says it’s processing. So if it’s been approved why hasn’t it been updated? they said give it a couple more days. What do I need to give it a couple more days for if it’s been approved what is the hold up

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    No update for me…they don’t want to give us our $$$$ They are going to take their sweet precious time. “GIVE IT ANOTHER WEEK”..SMH

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    So nobody got any updates today huh? smh

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    I received an email from the Ombudsman yesterday:

    “I have looked at your account again today and I am trying to get your return expedited. It is still going through processing as planned. I appreciate your patience as we work towards processing your refund accurately. I estimate you receiving your refund hopefully before the end of the week.”

    Idk if this means that they believe there’s an error or what. His first email to me last week stated that the delay was to “confirm the integrity of the returns we have received and to protect the security of Maryland taxpayers.” Now it’s to ensure that my return is accurate.

    Seems we get the runaround from all levels. And the “by the end of the week” line is getting old.

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    I called in today and was told its being forwarded to the supervisor because its been 2 weeks and to check for a change in staus later this week.

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    They wanted a copy of my 1099-misc I sent it to them the same day I received my letter idk how long this is going to take wish they would hurry up

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    @mrsz if you don’t mind me asking what info did you have to provide? I’m under review as well but the letter I got stated that I didn’t need to provide any additional information at this time. I haven’t sent in anything but they haven’t asked for any so I’m a little confused. I talked to someone yesterday who just told me it was still processing

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    Just got an email stating that I’m under review have already sent in the info they wanted a week ago.dose anyone know how long this review will take?

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    I called today. Told rep it’s been 2 weeks and he stated he was going to forward it for a faster process.

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    Hey Everyone,

    Just an update I called this am after seeing I did not update. I spoke with a female rep that told me my return was in the last stages of review before being approved. I told her I spoke to a male rep last Friday and was told the samething as well. I also told her that the rep stated it can only be in processing for no more than 2 weeks, then she stated she was forwarding it to someone so that can it be released.

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    @TF Thank you

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    Yeah this is a mess honestly if it wasn’t for you guys I’d be losing my mind. It’s nice to know I’m not alone but this is a mess.

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    @ Teresa # 410-260-7980

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    I called again this am as well and I was told that it was still processing and to give it another WEEK…..LOL! she also said that she was going to print it out….Print what out???To do what with it???? I filed and was accepted 1/31 thru TT. I think that they’re just giving everyone the run around because they’re behind. LOL…SMH

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    Can someone please give me the number you’re calling to get through to a live person? My husband and I filed jointly on 1/29 and we were accepted the same day. We still have no refund date and our status is “processing” under my social and “not processed” under my husbands??? I can not get through to anyone at the comptrollers office, this is so frustrating!!! Any help is much appreciated

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    Im grateful for this forum…. at least I k ow I’m not alone!

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    Im grateful for this forum…. at least I k ow I’m not alone!

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    Mine also switched (again) from “not processed” to “being processed”. I called (again) and was given the standard “processing” b.s. and told that returns are taking longer than usual.

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    good morning all so I called the Comptroller’s office this morning, because the status to check the refund stated well it went from your return has not been processed to your return is being processed so I called to see what was going on. And was told that it was approved Friday evening into Saturday and that it should update by tomorrow but they don’t have my banking information she said I get a check and I’m like how when I gave you my banking information when I filed. So she said call back tomorrow and see. At this point I don’t care check or direct deposit just give me my money lol. Still praying for you Timothy

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    FILED 01/29
    ACCEPTED 01/30


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    Hey Guys I wanted to give an update,

    Again Filed 1/31 and accepted 2/1. Received a letter this weekend dated 2/2 that my return needed further review and no action required at this time.

    I called this morning pretending not to have gotten a letter. a rep simply told me that it hasn’t been processed yet but that he also had a different address on file for me (which was weird because they mailed the letter to the new address)(anyway). He update the address for me and told me to give it a few more days.

    I don’t know hopefully they just wanted to confirm my new address and now the ball can keep rolling. If I don’t have an update by Wednesday I’m going to call again. I shouldn’t have to wait 2 weeks for my refund. That’s crazy.

    Anybody else going through what I am?

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    Thanks everybody the letter was dated 2/2 so it’s a week old. I feel like they just want to hear from me to make sure it’s me or something. I’ll play dumb when I call. I filed 1/31 and was accepted 2/2. Nothing should be wrong in particular to my knowledge. I think if it was bad or they needed something they would have said so by now ya know.

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    @timothy see my previous post below. Received the same response in response to my email enquiry. 2 days later was approved and given a DD date. Monies should hit my account tomorrow. I would wait 2 days to see if anything changes. Sometimes it’s best not to call after you have gotten an initial response.

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    @timothy I would. Just see what they say. Me personally I will act like I never got the letter or I didn’t know anything about it and just inquire about my return to see what they say. Then you will know for sure if when you called they’re giving you the runaround and b******* info or are they really being truthful because they would bring the notice up. You may like up and get somebody really nice. Every time I call and on Friday I spoke with two very nice ladies, they said I had no error codes or they didn’t see any issues and that Monday it should be approved. But we shall see. I never received a letter or anything. I’ll say a prayer for you. I hope it all works out. Keep us posted, as well as I will keep you posted.

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    So I got a letter today that my return is in the process of a thorough review. The review is part of our normal process to ensure accuracy of the information on the return. It is says I’m not required to do anything. Does anyone know how long this takes? Should I just call on Monday?

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    @Cody I am praying. Smh. Thanks for the hope

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    @kara It took my refund 7 business days to be approved this year. I was accepted 1/29 and wasn’t approved till 2/7. Not counting 1/29, 2/7 was the 7th business day. Counting 1/29, 2/7 would of been the 8th business day so I bet you see an approval on Monday.

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    @saa I guess lol. I’m furious. And disgusted.. I don’t even know What to do

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    Give it til Monday and then what? Call again to get the same reply? They told me last Friday to give it til Monday. Then Wednesday. Then today….

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    I just got,off the phone with someone. She stated that it takes 5 to 8 business days to process and I told her people have filed on Tuesday have been approved. She seemed shocked. She told me I had no error codes. Which is good. She did say that they were backed up and that they were pretty much running on schedule now. She said give it till Monday😒. Monday will be my 8th business day. So we are going to see. This is utterly ridiculous……

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    @Kara I’m in the same situation as you. I filed thru TT on 1/31 and was accepted on 1/31. It went from being processing, to have not been processed. I called yesterday to speak to someone and I was told to leave my info and someone will call me back before 7pm and of course that never happened. I get a missed call and a voice mail from them saying “If you have anymore problems call us back”…..I thought that meant that they updated my status or sent my $$$….LOL. I checked the site and it’s the same oh sorry message. I just sent a email and I hope someone reply soon.

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    Excuse my typos***

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    Spoje to a rep 5 mins ago, I was told they are still processing my return. The normal processing time is 4-5 days. They guve the review department at least 2 weeks to complete processing and if its not done within the 2 weeks from the dat the return is accepted they have to request the retuen and expedite the process. I also asked if they updated on weekends he said they updated anytime of the day including weekends but the online systems uodates once daily. The rep told me if I dont see a change by Tuesday because that will be my weeks to give them a call back.

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    ***meant accepted 1/30.

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    Wanted to share this with you guys! filed on 1/29 approved on 1/30. stayed in processing the whole time. Finally bite the bullet and emailed them Wednesday morning around 11 am. By that afternoon got a response to my email stating that;

    Thank you for your email.

    We received your return and are in the process of conducting a thorough review of your return information. This review is part of our normal process to ensure the accuracy of the information on the return. You are not required to do anything at this time unless you did not file a tax return.

    Then this morning got this good news update!

    Your refund has been adjusted and was approved on 2/9/2018. If you requested a direct deposit of your refund, it was released to your account on the approved date. According to Federal Reserve Guidelines, the funds should be available within 48 hours. You will receive a letter explaining the changes.

    I expected a small offset for past due unemployment so that was no surprise. All is well that ends well!

    To be honest, i think there are just working through the backlog. So if you dont receive an and you filed around 1/29, go ahead and email them, at least it will get your return pulled to the front of the line. Good luck everyone!

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    Email Franchot. It will be forwarded to.someone below him but the more people that speak up, the more likely they are to do something.

    [email protected].

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    Just checked the site and I am still processing. Filed 1/29 State Accepted 1/31 still no movement.

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