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    Share your experience with filing your Kentucky Tax Return and tax refund progress with others. If you have state information this is a great place to post.

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    My ky was accepted on 1/19. If you try the wmr for ky it still gives you 2014 info. They have not updated to 2015 yet

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    Still nothing for me. It will be 14 days for me tomorrow and the site still says they have no information on me. My federal was approved this past Saturday.

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    Nothing for my Ky state taxes yet.
    Last year I got my federal in a week and state after that

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    Same here. Accepted on the 19th, still only one bar and able to order just accouny transcripts. Kinda hoping for a DDD sometime towards the end of the week. I’ll update here if I hear anything different.

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    Udgh! Thanks for replying. If they are waiting for my federal good luck! Cause so am I. Have been at one bar since the 19th. Account transcript ordered but no return. I give up. Lol

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    From what I understand, Kentucky didn’t even start processing returns until Friday the 29th. And from experience, I also echo what Jill said.

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    No. Mine was accepted on the 19th and it has the same message. I read that they didn’t start processing until the 29th but I don’t know.

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    I don’t think Kentucky even looks at state until after federal has been approved. That’s always wnat I’ve been told by Kentucky when I’ve called to check status.

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    Filed stated and federal on 1/17 state accepted 1/20 fed 1/19. My state website says still says it hasn’t received my information… It’s been 11 days. Any one from ky that can provide insight?

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    Still nothing, but my federal is on the way. This is my first year checking on my KY after e-file. I guess it doesn’t update often, but it was accepted.

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    Accepted 1/16… I Have never had any luck with the ky dor wheres my refund site it has never pulled up my info not in years

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    I just called the revenue dept this morning. The website and hotline will say 2014 return as they have not updated for 2015 yet. They began accepting returns on 1/19 and will not begin processing them until 1/29. I would hopefully expect refunds between 2/5 – 2/16.

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    Accepted on 20th but still nothing on their website. I called yesterday and it isnt wven showing in their system yet. She said not to worry, it will show in the system monday.

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    Oh I forgot to say through Tax Act! I got it back pretty quickly last year.

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    Filed on 1/19, accepted on 1/20 and nothing yet, as expected.

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    The ky website finally started working & update. Said deposit has been authorized for the next 10 days. :)

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    Well that figures. Thanks for the info!

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    I talked to a lady at the kentucky revenue yesterday, 2-2-15 and she said no refunds have been issued as of yesterday

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    Anyone have any info about KY returns? Website hasn’t worked since I filed on 1/20 and the phone number loops you in circles

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