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    Share your experience with filing your Kentucky Tax Return and tax refund progress with others. If you have state information this is a great place to post.

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    Generic message, i typed in the wrong refund amount to see, same message. Not even accessing your info.

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    I just got in and got a new message that says they began processing returns on 2/20 and to allow 2-3 weeks for electronic returns, 10-12 for mailed. We are FINALLY making some progress.

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    Kentucky Department of Revenue site down again! Hopefully means they are processing in overdrive lol

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    When I put my info in it doesn’t even give me a message now! Lol before it was saying no info available

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    The site was down earlier for me but now it’s up again. I’m still getting the same message that they have no info about my return but glad to hear the news says they are starting to process earlier

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    Its down for me also, however it was on the news that Ky is processing the refunds earlier than they had said.

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    is the ky state refund tracker site down for anyone else?

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    @katey Nothing here either….still waiting

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    @katey: not that I have seen so far! Sucks lol hopefully this week or next

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    Anyone saw any movement on state refunds

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    You are probably right that we won’t see any refunds becore 2/26 but I know in the past KY DOR has said refunds would be delayed and then they ended up not being delayed or they started processing returns sooner than anticipated. But this year the closer we get to 2/26 with no updates or progress I guess they really are going to make us wait that long. It sucks but what can you do.

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    Anyone saw any progress on their ky state refund ?

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    They said it was going to take longer to issue refunds and website says not processing until 26th so I say it will be closer to that date before we see any Refunds come from Kentucky

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    I filed on 1/22, KY wasn’t accepted until 2/2 and still no information on a DDD for refund. I did change to a new checking account so the account for DD from last year is different than this year. Wondering if that could be holding things up. Like maybe are they sending a letter to confirm identity??? Last year I already had state by now, sigh…..

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    They might have started processing returns, I checked yesterday and it would say a refund has not been authorized but now it’s saying no info found for that information electronically filed returns take 2-3 weeks

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    The website is down for me. Anyone else tried to check it today?

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    Waiting for $$ Honey

    I just filled KY state yesterday (on a Sunday) and got acceptance email this evening. The website says they don’t process until the 26th, but seems to be moving along to me. Any insight?
    I think this is the first in at least 10 years I’ve actually gotten a refund from KY. Does anybody know how long it has taken them to get it DD in the last few years?

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    That’s good @katey. I figure you would have it accepted this week.

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    @Katey: That’s great news! Now let’s hope they start processing them before the 26th

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    Ky finally accepted my return today !

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    @Katey IDK what’s going, I figured they would accepted just like they would with the fed.. And just wait till the 26th and start processing.. I hope they don’t make you and other wait till then to get accepted.. I got a feeling yours will be accepted this week sometime. Hope so.

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    My state was just accepted 2/10/18

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    @bh my state has not been accepted yet filed 1/29 federal was accepted but state has NOT

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    My KY State Refund is STILL PENDING on TT

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    I filed 2/5/18
    Accepted 2/5/18
    Ordered transcripts 2/6/18
    Claimed EIC
    Every since then I’m still on 1 bar as of now

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    Filed 1/29 ky has still not even accepted my return , anyone else waiting ??

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    @th0020 Thats insane, last year I had to fax in a copy of my I.D. and W2 and social security card and It only took 10 days from the day I first filed. Thought I would see this before I seen my federal but I guess not.

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    @tiff: yes you would think but on the website they talk about doing identity quizzes this year and sending them out to people that they think need to verify. If they were planning on that they should have started on the 29th to get a head start but I guess they don’t care how long it takes lol

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    Well, sitting on their hands this year. Filed 1/23 and they wont even confirm they have gotten my return.

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    @th0020 I sure hope they release them before the Feb 26th date. You would think If they accept them this early they will start processing them ……. WHO KNOW THOUGH lol

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    I had a friend that filed a week after I did and their my state was accepted 2/6 , mine still has not been accepted , anyone else out there still waiting for acceptance

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    @katey: it’s taking them forever to accept I file the 24th and was just accepted last night! But more are being accepted now so you will probably be accepted soon

    @tiff: It says they aren’t processing till Feb 26th But I hope they are actually processing now

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    I filed 1/30 this year
    accepted on 2/6 KY state
    wonder how long it will take to process the returns this year :*0

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    Anyone still waiting for ky to accept ? Federal was accepted 1/29 , my has not been accepted yet

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    Just adding to the chain that I filed on 2/1 and was just accepted this morning. We shall see if they begin approving before the 26th.

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    Does anyone know how to determine if a Kentucky state tax refund is offset?

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    I filed 1/29 federal accepted 1/29, state accepted 2/6. Yay

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    State finally accepted my return just now! Lol took forever

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    I filed on Jan 25th accepted by IRS 1/29 accepted by KY today 2/6

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    @tiff & @bubbles: when did you file your state return?

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    Mine was accepted today. Last year got mine on the 16. Seems to be on track for the same this year unless they really arent processing until 26th. I understand it as not processing refund until then, but so says the IRS.

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    MIne was finally accepted today, however the site says they will not accept till Feb. 26th. I got mine 10 days after acceptance last year and I.d. verify. Hoping it doesnt follow what their site says.

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    I called the Kentucky Department of Revenue today and she said they wouldn’t start accepting until closer to the 26th of February or on the 26th

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    My ky state has not been accepted yet either. Those of you saying yours was please tell me how you knew it was. I put my info in on ky state where my refund and it gave me a generic message so then I typed in a random ss number and amount and got the same message so I am sure mine hasn’t. The message said a refund hasn’t been authorized etc. why would our taxes not even be accepted. Ky always drops the ball and screws me over in some manner every year.

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    State return still hasn’t been accepted! Turbo Tax still says state is pending. Filed the 24th anyone else still awaiting acceptance for state?

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    State has yet to be accepted

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    My KY return was finally accepted today.
    Filed 1/4/18

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    Ky will not begin processing returns until February 26th, info listed on state refund site.

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    Filed mine on 01/20/2018, still pending.

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    Its actually 8-12 weeks on paper checks sorry!

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