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    I am

    Irs website bk up and running has anyone got a DDD yet??

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    Here’s my experience:

    Filed and accepted 1/24 at 6:34 pm

    Ordered both transcripts on 1/29

    1/30 WMR at 2 bars with a DDD of 2/3



    I filed TT on 1/18
    Accepted 1/19
    Able to order transcripts (BOTH) for first time yesterday 1/30
    Woke up to a DDD of 2/3

    I have had nothing change since last year, no offset, literally NOTHING different except a few dollars on my return.

    The process has taken me about 3 days longer than it did last year, and I have read/heard it is because of the additional identity checks but I am not an expert, who knows!

    I know this: I will not file early ever again. I took the advice of a ‘tax expert’ that this year was the year to file early because there were no problems reported and it would go quickly. Last year I filed the day AFTER tax season opened and it was faster. Good luck early filers!!! I hope everyone had a DDD this morning



    I had NO bars after I got accepted back on the 11th. I had bars for a few days and then they disappeared and did not come back until last night.
    I filed on 1/7. Got accepted on the 11th. On the 29th which was my mom’s bday–I was able to order my return and account transcripts and did not have any bars. But when I woke up this morning around 5am, I saw that I had two bars and a DDD of 2/3



    Filed with TT on Jan 27
    Accepted Jan 27
    Approved Jan 30
    DDD Feb 3
    Direct deposit Bank Acct
    Fees taken out TT



    Here’s more info in case it helps anyone. I filed through TT and fees were taken out, and DD with my Bank Acct.



    Filed Wed. Jan 27
    Accepted Jan 27
    APPROVED Jan 30
    DDD Feb 3



    How long does it take after you receive your account transcript to receive your return transcript



    Filed thru Turbo tax 1/27
    Accepte 1/28
    Received an email feom Turbo tax saying I should receive between 1/28-2/17 but im stikl at 1 bar on WMR… Anyone else have this problem… I chose the option to receive my refubd on a prepaid visa card, because I do not have a bank account… So maybe will receive it via mail next week?? Any advice is greatly appreciated thank you and have a blessed day.



    Heads up & progress report to everyone!

    Filed 1/18 with TT
    Accepted 1/19
    Able to order account & return transcripts 1/29
    Received DDD of 2/3 on 1/30

    Patience everyone!

    Happy Tax Season!!



    TT: Filed: 1/10/16 Accepted: 1/12/16 2nd bar: 1/30/16 DDD: 2/3/16



    Filed and accepted on 1/24
    Showed 1 bar for 1 day then topic 152.
    1/29 I was able to order both transcripts.
    1/30 (today) I show a DDD of 2/3.



    @nikki if you can’t order transcripts with either address it means it processing next business day you will be able to order with new address then next day you will have a direct deposit date



    I woke up this morning to see that glorious second bar!

    Filed through TT 1/11
    Accepted 1/12
    Approved 1/30
    DDD 2/3

    For those that haven’t received a DDD- Hang in there! Supposedly next week is a big week for approvals and DD!



    Filed 1/13, accepted 1/19 and still at one bar…getting impatient :( Was able to order my account transcript using my old address. Now I can’t order either one, says my old and current addresses are incorrect. Worried and annoyed!



    I filed and was accepted on the 22nd. I was able to order both my transcripts last night and woke up to a DDD of 2/3.



    Filed 1/11 was able to order all transcripts yesterday woke up to a DDD of 2/3 previous years I got my refund on 2/1 2/2 and now 2/3 Good luck to all those still waiting if you have no bars from my experience and it stays that way means review if it happened a in the middle of the night when you wake up you will have aDDD hope this info helps….



    Woke up to 2nd bar and DDD of 2/3! Filed federal thru TT on 1/25, accepted same day.

    Married filing joint.
    Child tax credit.
    Child care credit.
    Had health insurance all year.

    IRS is FINALLY moving along!



    Filed accepted 1/22 still just one bar! Ugh :(



    I still have 1 bar.!!!! No update. No DDD.



    Filed 1/11/2016 accepted 1-13-2016 approved 1-30-2016 ddd feb,3 2016



    Recieved mine as well man they’re working fast this year….. FTU.. accepted 1/19….. DDD ….. 2/3, Philly baby :)



    Filed and accepted 1-14-16 with taxactne

    Finally a 2nd bar with a ddd of 2-3-16

    hoping for the 2days early with amex serve card.

    You are next



    2nd Bar! DDD 2/3
    Here’s my timeline:

    My bar disappeared too tonight (at midnight). But got a DDD through the offset hotline since I have an offset.

    1/7 Filed
    1/11 TT says accepted
    1/13 WMR first bar
    During this week, unable to order either transcripts; offset hotline provides info on agency doing the offset (but nothing more).
    Able to order both transcripts (efund and account) early this afternoon.
    And when I called the IRS offset hotline this evening (as I have am offset), recording gave me my offset amount and also DDD of 2/3 (no update on WMR, still one bar).
    After midnight, my one bar disappeared and instead have message “We are still processing your return”.
    But with the IRS offset hotline, got my DDD of 2/3 like I mentioned above (WMR may update at 3-6am?) Thanks Elisa for the offset tip.
    Just now, 2ND BAR DDD 2/3.

    This forum/site has been very helpful!. Hope my posts also helped.
    And DFTT! (Don’t feed the trolls).
    Good lick everyone. Mia


    June Bug

    Filed 1/20 with Tax Act
    Accepted 1/20
    Was able to order both transcripts yesterday.
    Today woke up to two bars and DDD of 1/3
    Deposit to go to my Netspend card… hoping for an early deposit!



    Do anyone know the next time irs will update??
    Do irs update Saturday night?



    Filed: 1/19
    Accepted: 1/19
    Approved: 1/30
    DDD: 2/3
    Transcripts: Ordered both @ 10 am EST on 1/29
    WMR: 2 bars
    State: FL



    Wheres my refund updated last night for me, filed and was accepted on 1/22/2016. Now I’m at the 2nd bar on WMR, with a Scheduled release date of 2/3/2016. It seems like the IRS is on track so far. I had a simple tax return with 2 defendants. I filed every year so that could of helped process mines so quick. I hope this little bit of info helps and guide everyone on this frustrating issue.


    Diana Rangel

    Just got ddd of 2/3 !!



    Filed with TT 1/21 accepted 1/21

    Saturday 1/29 after midnight changed two 2 bars approved DDD is – Wednesday, 2/3



    Just checked and DDD 2/3
    Filed 1/22
    Accepted 1/22
    Approved 1/30 3:50a.m est
    Ordered transcripts both 1/29 by noon
    Moved to new address figured that was the hold up. Transcripts only took old address with no ordering til 1/29 then took new address and could order. Now just to wait on money. Good luck all.



    This afternoon I was finally able to order my return transcripts, just checked WMR and now showing DDD 2/3! I was at 1 bar as of an hour ago, so others may get an update as well.



    Filed 1/15/16
    Accepted 1/19/2016
    HR Block
    Bars never disappeared
    Able to order both transcripts 1/29/16 am
    weekly cyclist
    Just got DDD for 2/3/16
    I am now hoping all the rest get their updates soon!!
    I will post again when my DD hits my Netspend card. I’m assuming it will be early as HRBlock and Netspend are both with BOFI.
    Good night all….Sending positive intentions your way!


    Patiently waiting

    I got my ddd of 2/3 just now
    Filed 1/15
    Accepted 1/20
    Hr block



    Wmr down? Just tried to check status.. Said it’s currently unavailable


    tracy draa

    If I remember correctly…last year my bar never moved and I still got my refund. I filed and was accepted on 1/19 with h and r block…


    Michele Ramirez

    I got the same DDD for 2/3 but when do you think they will send it to the bank. I know some prepaid cards are saying get it up to 2 days earlier. So I am hoping to get it sooner than the 3rd. Let me know when you think we will get it for sure



    My bar disappeared too (at midnight). But got a DDD through the offset hotline since I have an offset.
    1/7 Filed
    1/11 TT says accepted
    1/13 WMR first bar
    During this week, unable to order either transcripts; offset hotline provides info on agency doing the offset (but nothing more).
    Able to order both transcripts (efund and account) early this afternoon.
    And when I called the IRS offset hotline this evening (as I have am offset), recording gave me my offset amount and also DDD of 2/3 (no update on WMR, still one bar).
    After midnight, my one bar disappeared and instead have message “We are still processing your return”.
    But with the IRS offset hotline, got my DDD of 2/3 like I mentioned above (WMR may update at 3-6am?) Thanks Elisa for the offset tip.

    P.S. I’m up this late because baby keeps me up w fierce, fierce kicks at 34 wks, lol. So I’ll post any updates :)



    @DJ My Bars Disappeared to and somebody else tax I Know disappeared Too. I’m hoping it’s a good thing as well


    Sarah Voss


    I got accepted already for early filers.
    January 11, 2016 at 6:26 pm

    I filed my taxes with TT on 1/7/2016 and got an email from TT today that the IRS accepted my return 1/11/2016 at 3:30 p.m. Now I just pray lol
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    January 30, 2016 at 12:36 am

    @sarah Voss: I hope so mine is now doing the samething :)

    January 30, 2016 at 12:35 am

    my question is has anyone that has been rejected by the IRS and told that your efile was not approved been able to order their new transcripts for this year?

    January 30, 2016 at 12:34 am

    UPDATE: was able to order 2015 return transcript this morning one bar is gone and 21 day message..now saying your refund is being processed a deposit date will be provided when available…

    January 30, 2016 at 12:29 am

    Sarah Voss
    So I just checked the Irs app to see if there was any change. My bars have disappeared and I just have a message saying I’ll receive a date when available and I’m able to order both transcripts. In several post from Tuesday night/Wednesday morning ppl were saying they were finally able to order transcripts and around this time their bars disappeared. Well the next day those ppl were posting that they got their ddd for 1/29. So I believe it’s actually a good sign and should see a ddd at 6am in the morning for Monday or Tuesday.



    my question is has anyone that has been rejected by the IRS and told that your efile was not approved been able to order their new transcripts for this year?



    I got NO BARS NOW! Hope it’s a good thing!!!!



    Filed 1/23/16 and accepted 1/24/16 got a ddd of 2/1/16 used turbo tax.



    i was able to finally order my transcripts today around noon est time. it updated after 4am last night. filed 1/17 accepted 1/19 TT.



    They did take a couple hundred for the offset but not the whole return. But it also told me when my return was scheduled. So if someone knows they have an offset, they can call the offset number and it will tell them if it has been satisfied and how. That’s how I learned my ddd.



    i have netspend but still no DDD for me nothing since the 12th when I was accepted



    Filed and accepted around midnight 1/23 crossing into 1/24,

    Cannot order 2015 return transcript yet

    No movement on my bar yet

    Hoping the IRS computers keep working on saturday

    2/12 will be 3 weeks for me



    I was finally able to order my 2015 return and account so I’m so happy I’m hopefully gonna get my money soon I pray we all do

    Does anyone with netspend get there money yet?



    sorry typo 1/15/16



    question please: I was accepted from irs on 1/15/15. has anyone who filed after that date able to get a ddd or refund transcript?




    That almost sounds like they took your return for something



    Anyone here file early and had their returns accepted btwn January 11th-13th and still no approval or wmr bar movement?



    I did not get a ddd yet but when I called the offset line, it said my tax return of 2/3 had been applied to my offset. I was able to order both transcripts today. Filed and accepted 1/26. Still 1 bar wmr



    I havent recieved a ddd yet but i was able to ordet my return transcript this afternoon.

    I dont know about the rest of you but its a huge relief to me knowing that im processesed and approved with a ddd coming soon.

    I wouldnt even be upset at the irs if i get a deposit before the wmr updates.

    Just a matter of time now.


    Texas Mommy

    @Dara .. No I have not done any type of transcript pulls



    TT said 3% receive their refund



    TT say (blank)% of people that were accepted on (blank date) have received money. I for instance was accepted on the 19th so TT for me states:

    1% of TurboTax customers whose returns were also accepted on January 19 have received their money.

    So it will differ based on your acceptance date. Please people stop attacking one another and read messages properly.



    have received their money already



    Well when I log onto TT it’s still at 0% not trying to be funny but 1% sounds weird. Is there such a thing as 1% of people that got a return. that does not even sound correct , just my opinion.



    Ummm why is @mrsearley on a where is my ddd forum if youre an auditor? I mean, you literat have to google the question to get to this website, which means, @mrsearley is looking for a refund too….smdh, ppl have no reason to lie but do.

    Anyway, has anyone from Ohio gotten a ddd?? I filed 1099 on 1/19 accepted same day, so far 1 bar. My bday was yesterday, Im used to getting it on or b4 my.bday :/



    I see a lot of ppl talking about transcripts. I’ve never requested them. I do see I can get my 2015 transcripts. Is that for the ones I just filed or last year’s?



    I filed with TT on 1/20 same day accepted. Still at 1 bar, but on the TT it has gone from 0% to 1% with some of those claiming to be the week before the 20th so… I’m hoping next week! Was told by Feb 5!

    And PS I have been with TT for a decade, no problems ever. always received my refund within 2 weeks. HrB is a different story.. never a good service, tried them 2 times, both times I demanded my money back.


    The Answer

    Just posted on other forum…….Quick Update, people go check your SBBT account. I see my deposit pending and fees taking out……oh yes! Accepted 1/11, Transcripts this morning, Only 1 bar, but deposit is here…..Good luck to all 1/11er’s. Great forum by the way.



    For a Tax ” Audiper” Miss Early sure has a lot of free time during the opening of tax season



    Mrs Early,

    If you are a tax preparer then I would not want to use your service.

    To everyone else, I really do not think that early filer cause delays, I file early and I usually get the refund early as well (not this time unfortunately though). I use TT and according to TT, only 3% of the people that were accepted on the 11th got their refunds already. The rest of us will just have to wait.



    @ MsEarly,

    You are getting inaccurate information, my brother in law received his return DD in woodforest bank yesterday morning 1/28/2016. Please gather facts instead of providing inaccurate information.



    I filed on the 18th was accepted on the 19th still at one bar. Last year I filed was accepted on the 3rd of February and got my DD on the 11th. Let’s hope it’s the same this year……


    Bilbowl Dabbins

    Filed: 1/13/2016
    Accepted: 1/14/2016
    Tax Service: Turbo Tax Online.

    Bar on WMR has not moved side the 14th accepted date. Filed a 1040EZ so not to complex plus wasn’t a very big return this year. So very frustrating watching those get refunds and DDD’s who filed week or so after me. I thought it was a first come first serve situation. I think I will be waiting for the IRS to open next year before I file. .. any ideas?



    @nikki Most of us 1/22 1/23 filers haven’t seen any movement yet, so you aren’t alone! also, look at it this way the stores, malls and restaurants will be a little less packed when we finally get ours!



    Internal means “mine”
    Revenue means “your money”
    Service means “for me”

    Omg it’s an acronym AND a haiku!



    I filed on 1/20 got accepted on 1/22. WMR still on first bar. I see people who filed the same time or after getting their refunds or at least a ddd. I filed with h&r block.



    Round 3.

    It’s accepted!
    So that means nothing?

    Really upsets…
    Still doesn’t care.

    In truth,
    Revenue means
    Stole your money.

    Instead of

    Refund time,


    jeff butler

    I filed on the 20th got accepted on the 21st. Still at 1 bar. I was however able to go online and order both transcripts for 2015. I hadn’t tried before today.
    From what I’ve read here through all the comments I should be seeing my refund get approved soon? Is that correct ?



    I could finally order my transcripts for this year still sitting on one bar for a refund status so hopefully now that I can get a transcript that the refund will soon follow. Here’s to hoping we all get an update soon



    Round 2…

    I got your

    Sour stomach…

    I know you’re
    Really upset,
    Still don’t care.

    Instead of

    If you’re
    Reading this,
    Still have your money.

    Same shit different day.

    Sorry (not)



    did you pull your transcripts? If so when? if you dont mind answering. Thanks..>Congrats



    @john love these!!! ?? and @ texasmommy don’t worry about Mrs. Early ? people are clearly getting money today that filed early, that filed the other day… Etc… People are getting refunds back! Enjoy your refund don’t feed the trolls!!!! Just because you work for the irs doesn’t mean you are THE IRS….



    Got accepted 1/14 still at one bar. I could order a transcript. I really hope I get approved soon!


    Texas Mommy


    Lady ..Get over yourself

    do you honestly think I would allow anyone to see the last 4 digits of My SS# or the actual amount of MY refund?? Its X’d out by my choice …..Its my Info not yours.

    To say its “FAKE” is actually insulting

    I could really care less if your an “auditor”

    You come across as a troll and bitter person ..



    Might as well pass the time with a few IRS acronyms. Feel free to join in.





    So not this year

    Suck machine.



    Filed my taxes on 01/6 not sure when irs accepted but I do know it was before the 19th as of yesterday I had one bar and was unable to request my transcript. I Checked wmr this morning no bars but still says it’s processing, I went to order transcript and it allowed me to do so…checked my bank no dd yet. Has this happened to anyone? ?



    QueenB you are blessed I Filed on the
    01/19/2016 and accepted on 01/19/2016 and still one bar today
    Filed with free tax usa



    People have received refunds by the way … All you have to do is log into turbo tax click on track my refund and it will tell you the percent of people who have filed that received their refund already it went from 0 to 1% … Have a great day!



    Filed 1/4/16 accepted 1/11/16 still on 1 bar this is ridiculous why would they have a website for us to check if it doesn’t even update?? And why are people who filed 1/15/16+ getting their DDD and already received refund today???’ This is disrespect on the highest level you don’t say first come first serve then not own up to your word



    Anyone get approved today that filed on 01/19/2016 I Didn’t!!!!



    I filed 01/19/2016
    Accepted on 01/19/2016 still on one bar today!!



    FYI; To answer a few questions on here; 1. When it gets in the approved bar, it will show the DDD, this is why not many have one yet. 2. Yes, it can take 21 days, business days; I have even seen it take way longer. The IRS can take as long as they like, no reasons needed. It may depend on whether you owe back taxes, child support or student loans. They do have to check your information for accuracy. When they “accept” it, it does not mean they agree with it. It mean all the SSN, DOB, names match what is on file, and the EIN’s for the employers, etc. Therefore, they may take longer to process return. Note, I have worked for Block now for 13 yrs.



    Hey everyone… I filed on 1/19 and was accepted the same day with Tax Act and on the 27th got a DDD of 1/29. Last night at I received my refund at 11:35pm. Already been able to withdrawal money!!!! I don’t think filing early does anything except for delaying the refunds. Good luck guys!!



    Still at one bar. Filed on 1/11/16 through tax act accepted on 1/12/16. I am happy for the people who are getting theirs back bit wish I was to. Hoping next week I move off one bar. I am sure irs don’t work weekends. I will not be using tax act next year as my refund took forever last year with them to. And I paid all fees up front both times.


    Erin Clifton

    I filed 1/16/16 accepted 1/19. I efiled through TT, still on first bar…also tried to order my transcripts, it claims my info is incorrect I triple checked it to make sure…does this mean mine aren’t available or something is wrong?


    Mrs. Earley

    Just an FYI….For the person that posted the “fake” screenshot….the IRS always always list the last 4 of your social security number on any correspondence….including where’s my refund. If you’re going to be deceptive…be correct in your deceptions. If anyone doubts it….go to wheres my refund and check the accuracy for yourself. Great day.


    Mrs. Earley

    Being that I am a tax auditpr…I am pretty accurate. Lots of audits were done in the months of September and October for the previous tax year. Due to these audits and those refunds being released, no refunds have been released for the 2015 tax year. These forums go up every year with ppl claiming things untrue. Expect updates on 2/1. Have a great day.


    Texas Mommy


    The Topic is clearly posted


    YES! Stop side stepping and crawfishing
    Now ..your injecting RELEASED into your soapbox??

    I have posted my DDD which is 2/1/16


    Texas Mommy

    @Vinny ..THANK YOU … Nailed it


    Mrs. Earley

    With all due respect,I assure you I know what I’m talking about. Again,no refunds have been released. Not a single one. There is possible updates coming Monday.



    Mrs. Earley I know you wish it wasn’t true, or you’re just trolling, but in any case let me assure you that I have received my money. If you don’t believe me I could care less. But YOU’RE the one providing completely inaccurate information, so don’t accuse others of it.



    @Mat I am from OHIO and I just check everyone in my house and one says that they have been processed and 7 days. Mine says that it is still processing. And my son’s says that it will be mailed out soon.

    Now the federal is 21 days period but even if you filed early, they did not begin processing until the 19th so it would be 21 days from that date, 1/19.



    On the #Wheresmyrefund and others from FB have screen shots of 2/1 and 2/2 and also able to now pull both transcripts… yet I am not….. Please stop accusing people of lying. Use discernment…. Even the trolls out there are wanting get theres now….




    You are the only early filer I have seen with a DDD thanx for the hope you are giving the rest of us early filers


    Texas Mommy

    Your Personal
    Tax Data
    Social Security Number

    or IRS Individual Taxpayer
    Identification Number:
    Filing Status:
    Head of Household
    Tax Period Ending:
    December 31, 2015
    Your Refund Amount:
    Deposit Date:
    February 1, 2016
    Refund Status Results
    Print. Take the survey.

    Return Received
    Refund Approved
    Refund Sent

    Your return has been processed and refund amount approved. Your return has been processed and refund amount approved.

    Your tax refund is scheduled to be sent to your bank by February 1, 2016.

    If your refund is not credited to your account by February 6, 2016, check with your bank to see if it has been received.

    Please Note:

    For refund information, please continue to check here, or use our free mobile app, IRS2Go. Updates to refund status are made no more than once a day.



    Filed 1/21 (FREETAXUSA)
    Accepted 1/21
    No DDD

    One bar.

    In Ohio. State processed but claims 7 business days until credit. Anyone else from Ohio? Also, the recommended 21 days by IRS, is that business or all days?


    Texas Mommy


    If your referring to my post … You Mam are coming off pretty condescending and accusatory of Deception… RUDE .
    Bless your Heart for acting as some Authority ..your NOT

    Im telling you and every one else..Accept it wish I could post the screen shot for all
    YES I have a DDD for 2/1/16


    Mrs. Earley

    I am not sure why ppl feel it necessary to lie. No refunds have been released. Not a single one. IRS also did not begin processing tax returns UNTIL 1/19. Your ss# is what is accepted…nothing more. Everyone wants their refunds now but reality is patience is a virtue. 21 days or less in most cases…from 1/19….not 1/12…For the people who are lying about ddd…and dd’s…just stop.



    I guess we can all thank the criminals that file fake tax returns for this delay. I was accepted the 12th and still nothing.



    filed 01/19/2016
    Accepted 01/19/2016 @ 5:40 pm
    Still 1 bar No DDD yet
    Waiting patiently !! Thanks to whom ever started this feed it’s nice knowing I’m not the only one still waiting for a DDD. I’ve been checking here every morning for updates from you all and it give me hope :)


    Texas Mommy

    Filed 1/25
    Accepted 1/25
    Tax Act
    Prepaid fees
    DDD Approved showing 2/1/16



    No, I wouldn’t panic just yet according to TT only 1% of people who filed around that date have gotten their money back. I think the rest of us will see more refunds mid week. Next week. I’m a 1/22 filer and got accepted with really no wait one bar for over a week. Also consider that all refunds are sent out to several hubs depending on your location. ( some hubs are faster than others, we also can’t forget about the storms that affected a lot of the US.) I wouldn’t panic until after the 9/10th of feb??



    @money I responded to your question in the 1/22 filers post.



    Ok so if im able to order my 2015 account transcript do that mean that ill have a ddd soon? or is the refund transcript the one i need beacause i was only able to order my 2015 account transcript not my refund transcript please someone tell me the difference and also i filed on 1/9/16 and was accepted on 1/11/16



    I filed the 19th thru h&r block was accepted the 21st and still once bar since I see other people say the filed and got accepted the same day but they have a ddd and I still don’t haven’t even been approved should I be worrying?



    @minnie Well I checked again and no update so I decided not to check again until next friday 2/5. I really don’t like being disappointed every morning its kind of depressing so I decided to just leave it alone I wish they had like some kind of text or email alert for when wmr updates your status that would be helpful, but i guess thats too much like right..smh



    filed 01/07

    accepted 01/11

    ddd: 01/29

    just received my dd at 2am



    maybe still an update. .irs says their system updates between 3:30am-6am..im on east coast its 3:13 here.so alittle more time…I got my ddd around 4:30 am last year..I hope some update for me..I’m still 1 bar.can’t order transcripts, no info on sbbank filed 1/17 accepted 1/19 through tt. netspend card,hope that helps speed the process for me this year



    @jenell well I seen where someone just said on here that they have a ddd now so maybe an update for some ppl..can you order your 2015 transcripts yet?



    Got an email from Wells Fargo… Just my DD from my employer… I guess no luck tonight… Hope someone else gets some luck!



    Well just checked and still no DDD…I want to cry



    yes an update would be nice! I call the refund hotline alot so I don’t get kicked out of the website, it seems to be just as or more accurate



    Well I just tried to check wmr and the site is down, I’m hoping and praying that means an update and all of us get some DDD’s



    I’m wondering if turbo tax is the reason why I’m always late getting my direct deposit every year…..I’m Going to try to use a different tax service next year…I filed 1/17 & accepted 1/19,no transcripts, one bar & no update on sbbank.anyone else think this is a problem too?



    I filed on 1/4 accepted on the 12th. I still only have 1 bar so stop complain g



    I have a DDD of today Jan 29th,
    Filed 1.19, accepted 1.21
    H&R Block


    Maya Smith

    This is CRAZY! I filed on the 15th and got accepted THE SAME DAY, and I still only have ONE freaking bar! It’s quite annoying seeing people who got accepted way after my already have a DDD! They are taking much longer this year because last year I saw the second bar TWO days after I got accepted! No one is alone though we are all still playing the waiting game so fingers cross we all see the second bar soon! and They update WMR at 10:00 pm so if you get locked out then wait until 10:00 pm and you will be able to log in again! This just happened to me today and I was able to log in at 10. And I still see no update just one bar!



    Filed 1/15 and accepted for 1/19. My other same day filing brethren have a DDD. Sadly I do not. This sucks :s


    Sarah Voss

    @chris l
    There are 5 processing centers and none of them are on the east coast. There’s one in tx,CA,Ut, ky, and ar.


    b man

    filed 8th accepted 13 still only one stupid bar dont see how this works always a mystery


    chris l

    I wonder if the recent blizzard contributed to delays in processing since the IRS is based in the east coast….



    filed & accepted 1/19 via TT still 1 bar on WMR. No offsets and provided DL for verification. Hope to get updated status soon.



    I filed on 1/19/16 and received a email about two hours later that said the IRS accepted them and I was done filing my taxes. I’ve used TT since 2009, still only one bar on wmr and processing….WTH IRS??? It makes me feel better knowing I’m not the only one going through this torture of waking up to that one orange bar every morning… Good luck guys and girls hope it changes for us all VERY soon.



    I have yet to be able to log in on the where’s my refund site. Any answer as to why? Already filed and accepted but still can’t log in



    I got my state refund this morning , it was authorized on Jan 22. I still have not gotten DDD for federal refund yet and I am still at 1 bar. All I have from TT is that it was accepted and that my federal refund was deposited to my bank account, but I don’t see anything. Maybe tomorrow? I’m in California.


    Casey Crabtree

    Filed with TT on 1/10 accepted 1/12 no changes on WMR however checked SBPTG this morning around 8am said they had not received my refund but expected 2/2 and now it has no date. I am guessing they are doing away with dates at this point so people aren’t mad when that date comes and goes, and still no DD.



    @Dea – See the below excerpt from the Turbo Tax Website. This may help. I am an early bird as well (Accepted 1/12).

    You may be anxious to receive your refund, but sometimes being an early filer works against you. Changes to the tax code or procedures often happen at the last minute, and refunds can be delayed while the IRS updates tax software. These delays are usually minimal, but can be avoided by waiting until the second or third week of the year. In 2012, recalls Holland, returns filed prior to January 26 were delayed more than a week, because the IRS added new anti-fraud measures on their computer systems.

    Filing at the last minute can also delay your return, especially if you file on paper, due to the sheer volume of people filing at that time. Later filing also increases the possibility that you’ll fall victim to identity theft, where someone uses your Social Security number to file a fake return and claim a refund.

    The IRS delays processing returns bearing a Social Security number that has already been filed, so if you file first, the thief will be out of luck. If the thief files first, your refund can be delayed for several months while the IRS verifies your information and tracks down the fraudulent return.

    Source: https://turbotax.intuit.com/tax-tools/tax-tips/General-Tax-Tips/Top-Reasons-Your-Tax-Refund-Could-Be-Delayed/INF22698.html



    I meant APPROVED*




    I don’t think there is anything “wrong” with our returns, there is to many people that filed 1/20 and before, that HAVENT got a DDD or update, for there to be something wrong with ALL of ours.

    **IRS reading all of these comments, on this site, and currently pushing the returns of people complaining about their refund to the back of the que**




    I filed 1/12 and got accepted on 1/14 I don’t understand, how everyone filed after me and got accepted after me got their DDD and got a 2nd bar already ?!! I live in Texas. WTH! Anyone think people like me can get it tomorrow or soon???



    Update: SBTPG is working fine now. Don’t know what happened, but all info (for me) is the same.



    I also filed with TT on the 19th, am still sitting with one bar and tax topic 152. No update on WMR since the 20th, no update on TT and no update on SBBT.
    In other words you’re not alone. It’s all a waiting process. As I see it, we didn’t have the money before now and survived, waiting a few more days or a week won’t make a difference.

    We’ll all get info eventually weather it be on WMR, DD without any update or a letter in the mail from the IRS.

    Hang in there ;)



    I filed through TaxACT on January 11thI. I got accepted on January 12th. And I am still sitting on one bar as of this morning and still cannot order a transcript. This is so frustrating the same thing happened last year and took forever to get the return. I don’t get how the IRS does not do returns in order most companies due thing in order. For the person who was asking if you have a problem with the tax return how will you be notified they will notify you through the mail.



    taxes accepted on the 11th and still at 1 bar???? Worried there is something wrong with my taxes due to the fact many of you have rec 3 bars and just recently filed?? anyone know how and when your notified of a problem on your taxes?



    taxes accepted on the 11th and still at 1 bar???? Worried there is something wrong woth my taxes due to the fact many of you have rec 3 bars and recently filed?? anyone know how and when your notified of a problem on your taxes?



    Anyone know how long an NJ state tax refund usually takes after being accepted?



    This is so fustrating. I filed and got accepted on the 19th. Through TT. And my stuff still has one bar wth.



    Accepted 1/23/16
    Approved Today (1/28) with a DDD of 2/1/16




    I filed on 1/18/16 – received on 1/19/16. Got my DD date yesterday morning for this Friday and my return is well over $5k so I don’t think that the amount one is getting matters at all.

    I filed with Turbo Tax and I did do all of their “safety” features which included the drivers license info as well as a special pin, not sure if that makes a different to the IRS or not.

    Now to see if my bank actually really releases it tomorrow as they are such a stickler about only releasing money on the date it is listed to release. Credit Union for my state. :/

    Your money is coming! Maybe next week. :)



    I meant accepted on 1/19.. ^^^^



    I Filed And Was Accepted 1/19/2016 this is my first time filing taxes so i really dont know what to expect the waiting procces is so annoying i still havent been approved 1/28/2016 i just want to know that there wasnt any problems i wouldn’t say im relying on this money but is definitely needed i have to buy a car and go back to school i need a job and transportation and this money is the start of my future i guess im just impatient but if something is wrong will they let me know? And how long does it take the irs to inform you if something is wrong ? Any advice from you guys thats dealt with the process before?



    Filed on 1-21.
    Accepted on 1-22.

    Still on 2 bar with WMR.
    H&R block, says expected DDD is 2/12?
    I’m so confused with this stuff! Lol.



    Filed 1/16
    Received an email from TT saying it was accepted 1/29
    Still only one bar on WMR..
    No money in account..
    Freaking out..



    For those wondering if there will be an update today or tomorrow, the IRS processes returns every day. So yes, you may see an updating tomorrow morning or Friday. If you’re on a weekly cycle, you will start seeing updates on WMR Friday morning since weekly accounts are processed Thursday evenings.



    Any one that has gotten a DDD, is your tax refund under 1k or over. I’m thinking all the small refunds are being sent now.

    I used H&R Block filed 1/16
    Accepted 1/20
    WMR 1 Bar
    No DDD

    H&R Block says expected day 2/10.


    Sarah Voss

    I filed on 1/5/16 with free tax USA. Accepted on 1/12/16. Still at one bar today and unable to order transcripts. Hoping to move to second bar tonight/early am.



    So i filed w/TT on 1/18, accepted 1/19, 1 bar no DDD and can’t order transcript.

    Last year I filed 1/21 accepted 1/22 and had transcript ordered and approved 1/27 recd DD on 1/30.

    NOTHING has changed from last year. Same info all the way across the board, same dependents, everything.

    Just frustrated I guess because I don’t understand how the IRS system works. I work in insurance and believe you me our claims are processed in order of aged received date. Very few exceptions to that rule, if you file your claim before somebody else it gets processed before somebody else. The only way that is different is if your claim is an appeal I see people who filed after the 19th getting DDDs, and I am glad for them but frustrated for those of us that filed before opening day. *shrugs* Wish I understood the process. It shouldn’t be a mystery. Shouldn’t the IRS be subject to transparency in their practices?



    I always file early but this year I waited. The past 2 year my refund was delayed and I was penalized for filing early. Last year I filed more than a week before the IRS opened, and didn’t get my refund until 3 weeks after everyone started getting theirs. So this year, I filed on 1/25/16 and was accepted 23 minutes later. The next morning I had 1 bar on WMR and my anticipated refund amount shows on SBBT’s website. I didn’t expect much since its only been 2 days but can’t order transcripts yet. I can’t even pull up the old ones under my previous address from 2014 tax year’s tracker (when I could yesterday morning). It says I entered the wrong address. And it’s saying no information is found when I put in my new address I filed with this year. Maybe that means something is progressing. Heres to hoping.



    Have anyone got their dad in texas



    Is your refunds small is that why people are getting a ddd



    I got approved on 1/12 and still only have one bar. Last year it took forever. I can’t order a transcript yet. Here’s to hoping it doesn’t take as long as it did last year.



    Just received a thank you email from TT… has that meant anything for anyone in the past?



    Let me add that my DDD is 1/29



    Yup, got approved this morning. Your returns ARE COMING the approvals are on their way. I got mine and I was accepted 1/11


    Patiently Waiting

    I got the Good News your refund is here email from Netspend today too. Only my state came last night at 10:30 p.m.




    Thanks for the info!!



    Filed 01/18/16
    Accepted: 01/20/16
    DDD: Notta yet

    Well, All the lil tricks we had previously to check status they have tried to take away from us, no really sure why the IRS likes to keep things a secret. Can only hope something plays out before i actually reach that 21 day mark… as do we all im sure



    I received an email from Netspend saying Good news! Your refund is here. Did anyone receive this and when should I expect it.


    Moises T

    @DJ Thank you DJ for the info! I am glad I am able to order my account, so hopefully I will get a DDD soon. I filed on the 9th and accepted on the 11th. So maybe we may get an update tonight.



    Not sure if it matters, but I saw a bunch of people posting yesterday that they got an email from TT thanking them for thier business. I didn’t get an email yesterday, but I did get it today. Still at 1 bar. Still can’t order transcripts for this year. Filed 1/11 accepted 1/12. Did anyone who got those emails yesterday from TT get a DDD today for the 29th?



    I filed mine on 01/18/2016 was accepted on 01/19/2016 still at one bar I just tried to order my transcript but it wouldn’t let saying its not avaible.. I filed mine through TT



    @kathryn – I believe it will still come the 29th if it happens within the next 24 hours. Some banks will deposit on Saturdays/Sundays with proper notification from the sender.

    Source: I’m was a banker at WF.



    Is it possible that people will get an update tonight or tomorrow with a direct deposit date of the 29th? or will it be next week?



    I filed the 22nd through H&R block and still have no DDD But I opted out on giving a DL number… I wonder if that might slow my refund? Anyone who didn’t give a DL or ID number get a DDD yet?



    So I am assuming the IRS is processing returns randomly this year I am seeing early filers and those after the 19th being approved I have yet to be able to order transcripts and still remain at 1 bar filed TT 1/14/16 accepted minutes later my bf filed with TT also on 1/19/16 and no movement either way also! This sucks this year

    Congrats to all the woke up with DDD this morning



    Filed (with TaxAct) and accepted 1/19, just got second bar, refund approved and check will be mailed by February 2nd.



    @Moises – No one is for certain, as you may get your DD before you are able to get transcripts, and vice versa. But one good thing to know is, if you can, you certainly are a step closer! Congrats!



    My return was accepted on the 12th of Jan, on the IRS website I have only one bar. I used HR Block as I have been for the past five years to prepare my own return. HR Block states my expected date is 2/2/2016. I was hoping to get it on the 29th since I filed early LOL….shrugs… Its better late than NEVER…Keep Hope alive and God Bless. Perhaps one should use some of that money to invest in something you NEED of course things you want and something you may NEED for the future.


    Moises T

    As I was able to order my account transcript this morning. Does that mean I may receive a DDD soon?



    I filed on 1/192016. I checked this morning and it said DDD of 1/29/2016.



    Well I checked my dates for last year and I got my state on the 26th of Jan last year and I got it on the same Monday this year sept it was the 25th. And I got my federal on the 30th last year which was a Friday so hoping I’ll get it on the same day again, but the 29th this year. Crossing my fingers. And oh no update for wmr for me either still on one bar and was accepted on the 19th



    Filed with TT on 1/7
    Accepted 1/11
    Still one bar on WMR
    No DDD
    I figured I would be first in line, what gives? Why do others who filed later have a DDD? This stinks, so tired of waiting.



    I filed on 1/21, got accepted the same day. I used Turbo Tax. My status updated last night and shows a DDD of 1/29.



    I filed 1/21 @ 2:00 pm (Federal and State) with TaxHawk (sister company to FreeTaxUSA).

    Accepted: 1/21 Federal, and 1/22 State (Michigan)

    I am a Non-Early Filer this year.

    I woke up this morning, feeling hopeful, (though I knew better…..(I thought that I would expect my earliest update……at the earliest to be 2/1) and found a DDD of 1/29.

    It seems that they are processing returns in random, or by how they choose to grab them.



    @cliff sbbt is the Santa Barbara Bank a trust.. If you paid to file and chose for the money to be deducted from your refund.. It would be funneled through this bank and then sent to your account.. You can check if they have received your money if so it only takes a day or so to get to you..



    What is SBBT? Also, how and//or where do you check transcripts? Thanks.



    @Kmill I’m a fellow TT filer also. Filed 1/11 accepted 1/12. No update to WMR. No email from TT. But I couldn’t order transcripts yesterday. I know because I had to keep putting in my old address (moved middle of last year) now it won’t accept my old address but I don’t know how they have my new one formatted as I have an apartment number. But SBBT will have your info because TT uses that bank to collect their fees. So once you filed, your info was transferred from TT to SBBT to await the refund for fee collection. Hope that helps!! Good luck everyone!!



    Exceeded my daily IRS Refund Checks….before noon…man I’m pathetic….signing off till tomorrow. Goodbye cruel IRS



    I filed on 1/23 in the afternoon, was accepted less than 15 minutes later, WMR updated last night with DDD of 1/29. I filed through H&R Block, did the PIN and DL #.



    No :( filed on the 9th. Accepted on the 11th with taxslayer. Still one bar. No transcripts avbl. No offsets. Tax code 152



    I’m annoyed I’m aware I owed NYS money which my refund this year would cover way more than that. Just was notified they are taking it from my federal and it’s pending out of my state. They said I will get the extra balance in 90 days…




    FILED 1/14/16

    ACCEPTED 1/19/16





    Filled 1/9; accepted 1/12. TT. Using netspend. Fees taken out of refund. No DDD. But SBBT shows they have received my refund information (haven’t received my refund yet) last year I was approved on Wednesday and received in Friday.

    Weird that SBBT knows my refund information but WMR just shows one bar



    Filed on 01/19/2016 still on one Bar
    Accepted On 01/19/2016



    I filed/accepted with TT on 1/19 and I woke up to a DD of 1/29 this morning.



    I got accepted 1/19 still no DDD
    my bfs got accepted 1/22 and he has a DDD of 1/29
    yay for him…… -_- lol



    Filed 1/7 through Turbo Tax. Accepted 1/11 today it updated as processed with DDD of 1/29. YAAAyyy………….it will happen everyone. Just keep checking



    Filed 1/14
    Accepted 1/14
    -Turbo Tax w/ fees deducted from return
    -As of 1/27 still at one bar

    Feeling impatient!!




    Thank you! I got my transcripts last year as well, and I seem to remember I was an 05 too….but not positive. I got my return last year on 2/9 (Monday)—I have filed early the past couple years but I never end up in that first batch of refunds. I guess I should calm down and be patient!

    Thanks for your help!



    Filed, 1/4; Accepted on 1/11

    No transcript avail, WMR 1 bar, SBT saying 2/1… Basically NOTHING.








    Accepted 1/14, got a dd date today on WMR. Deposit scheduled for 1/29. Yay!



    I filed on 1/15 and got accepted same day and still nothing, only 1 bar. im starting to get nervous.




    Thanks to identity stealery, we cannot order online transcripts this year. However thanks to this lovely group, last year I was able to order mine online and see the ‘cycle code’. This is an 8 digit code on your transcript that gives the tax year, processing week, and day of the week you are processed. Mine ended in 05, which is the final day of the processing week which generally denotes a ‘weekly’ update.

    From what I understand, most folks who are ‘weekly’ before, tend to be ‘weekly’ throughout though perhaps someone can correct me if this assumption is wrong.

    Some update ‘daily’ on cycles, and their codes could end in anything from 01(Friday) to 04(Wednesday). Us ‘weekly’ cyclers have those that end in (05)Thursday. My past 3 years of transcripts ended in 05.

    I asked a local tax preparer about this and he had no idea about it (and was upset I refused to pay the company $300+ to file my taxes when I could easily do them myself for a small fraction of that). However he said if I was right about getting processed on Thursday, that should mean an update by this weekend. Fingers crossed!



    I just spoke to the irs after 20 times of trying to get through. They will not advise on ANYTHING until 21 days after our taxes were received. I was an early filer as well and I’m still at one bar and can’t get a transcript its hard to tell who has really talked to the irs and who hasn’t and the lady I spoke to was very generic and just repeated herself that she can’t look at any returns and I would have to call back in a few weeks. Let’s cross our fingers.



    I filed in got accepted on 1/15/16 in still 1 bar on wmr

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