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    I am

    Irs website bk up and running has anyone got a DDD yet??

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    Accepted 1/14
    Lost single bar 1/30
    Able to order return transcript 2/5
    Ddd 2/6 for 2/10

    See yall next year.



    Yay DDD for 2/10 congrats everyone this forum and venting with you guys for the last almost 2 weeks helped me through this..enjoy your money everyone talk to ya next tax season



    Field 1-18
    Accepted 1-19
    Transcripts 2-5
    WMR updated this morning to 2nd bar for 2-10

    Thank you to everyone that posted there situations and experiences



    Thought all hope was lost couldn’t order any transcripts or nothing..
    Filed 1/16/16
    Accepted 1/19/16

    Woke up to DDD 2/10/16

    KEEP in mind I wasn’t able to order any transcripts so it is possible to get ddd without transcripts be unavailable.

    Thanks for all the support guys so you next year maybe ?



    Yay I also work up with an update. Filed 1/19, accepted 1/22, transcripts ordered 2/5 and woke up to DDD and two bars on wmr on 2/6. Says I’ll be given my money on 2/10.

    @nope protip: learn to read. I said I always had my refund by the first week not within a week. Gotta love when someone shows up trying to be a jerk. Reading, its truly a dying art. And I’ll complain about whatever I want. Lots of people I know that filed with TT got refunded faster. A friend of mine filed 1/26 and was already refunded as were others.



    (Good News) Didnt no what all the talk was about the transcripts but Yayy I did it and today I have a DDD of 2/10 I tried last week it said my address on file didn’t match this time it worked with out a problem Filed HRB 1/20 accepted 1/22 finally updated to 2nd bar this morning


    VeNisha J.

    Filed 2/2
    Ordered scripts 2/5
    DDD of 2/10
    Guess I got pretty lucky this year!!
    Blessings everyone!!


    Kim sleger


    4:30 (cst) this morning woke to find wmr updated to 2 bars and ddd of 2/10. Filed with h&r block on 1/20, accepted 1/21. Fees to be paid with refund. I never bothered to order transcripts of any kind. Yeeeeesh, longest wait ever!!!!!



    I got a date 2/10 thank you Jesus



    Yes ! Finally got a DDD of 2/10 after being able to order transcripts yesterday.
    Filed 1/11
    Accepted 1/14
    Ordered account transcript 1/29
    Lost bar 1/30 didn’t come back until 2/6
    Ordered return transcript 2/5
    Got DDD 2/6
    Good luck everyone !!



    Filed and 1/19
    Return transcript 2/5
    Woke up with DDD for 2/10



    Filed and accepted 1/22 hrblock
    Able to request transcript returns 2/5
    Wmr updated today 2/6 with a Ddd 2/10
    I do have it going directly into a personal bank account
    *please everyone don’t get discouraged… You will receive your money, just give it time! Aslong as it don’t go over 21 days from the processing time. To me it seem like today was a major update, a lot of ppl who have been waiting forever finally got a Ddd of 2/10! Good luck everyone!!!



    Filed and accepted: 1/26
    Software: TT
    Account trans: 1/29
    Return Trans: 2/5
    WMR updated for me tonight…
    Ddd: 2/10



    Filed 1/27 via Tax Act
    Accepted 1/27
    WMR DDD 2/10



    Just checked wmr and it’s updated pheww Feel better expected date is 2/10/2016 ! Everyone hang tight it will get here.



    I was accepted on 1/22, yesterday I was finally able to order my return transcripts. And like so many people said is often the case, today my WMR updated with a DDD of 2/10!!

    Thank goodness!

    Thanks all for the discussion, comparing, and question answering!! I hope everyone gets their money soon!!



    Filed 1/27, accepted that evening Woke up this morning to a. DDD for 2/10 posting to my “Greendot” debit card. I got a Netspend debit card come in the mail 2 days ago that I never ordered. I cut it up. Sure hope that’s not where my moneys going. I didn’t order it. One debit card is enough for me.



    Just checked wmr and have a DDD of 2/10. So excited! The return transcript thingy worked.
    Filed & Accepted 1/22
    Return transcript ordered 2/5
    2/6 DDD of 2/10
    Hopefully it hits my account sooner!



    Finally! DDD 2/10/16. I was able to orde my account transcript 1/29 and return transcript 2/5/16.

    WMR bars disappeared 2/1/16
    2/6/16 2 bars

    Filed 1/14/16 accepted same day!

    Good luck everyone!



    Filed: 1/16/16
    Approved: 2/6/16
    Ddd: 2/10/16



    FINALLY woke up to a DDD!!

    Filed and Accepted 1/22
    Able to order return transcripts yesterday
    Got a DDD today for 2/10!




    Just check wmr @ 1:13am Pacific Time.
    Filed & Accepted 1/19
    DDD: 2/10/2016.




    Filed 1/7
    Accepted 1/12
    Lost Bars 1/29
    Able to get return transcript 2/5
    DDD IS 2/10




    Bank I hope so !! I’m sill nervous to check for status. Don’t want to get locked out.



    So where is everyone having there refund deposited?
    Personal bank
    Net spend
    …….please post so the rest of us know what to took for



    Probably I used new address also mine didn’t match. I called on phone and I was able to order with new address



    I used a new address this year so and can finally order my 2015 transcript return. Yesterday it said the info didnt match what they had in their system. Does that mean my stuff is processed?



    Does anyone know if the ID verification line is opened on weeekends?



    I just checked my bank account and it is showing my federal tax return funds are available already as of 12:30 am.
    WMR is still at 2nd bar.

    Filed 01/24/2016
    Accepted 01/24/2016
    Approved 02/04/16
    DDD scheduled for 02/08/16
    Used HRB

    Still no movement on my state. Good luck everybody!



    Accepted 1/19
    No bars or topic 152 anymore, been that way for about a week. No DDD. Not worried about it. It will come when it comes.

    I am curious how the people who are freaking the eff out survive the entire year with no expected tax refund each month.



    finally able to order refund transcripts today! I don’t know what that means but it feels like I’m getting closer.

    Filed 1/20
    recieved 1/20

    no movement on anything else other than finally able to order refund transcript. I hate being broke :(



    DDD of 2/5

    Was deposited into bank at 2:26am on 2/5.

    IRS problems had no effect or delay.



    I have a 2/8 ddd

    Return Received-1/24

    Refund Approved-2/3

    Refund Sent

    Your return has been processed and refund amount approved. Your return has been processed and refund amount approved.

    Your tax refund is scheduled to be sent to your bank by February 8, 2016.
    If your refund is not credited to your account by February 13, 2016, check with your bank to see if it has been received.



    Does the IRS send the money out immediately after your refund is approved? How does that work exactly?



    Filed HR Block 1/21
    Accepted 1/22
    No DDD as of yet, finally able to order transcripts today.
    Hopefully will see some movement soon! Fingers crossed.



    Thanks genie for the answer



    I’m in awe of all the people raging and frothing at HRB and TT etc. Why? They are tax preparation companies. They did their job. It is not their fault that the IRS has dropped the ball. We are all frustrated.



    oh and no DDD yet



    Filed on 01/22 with turbo tax
    accepted on 01/25
    still one bar, no offsets



    I filed on 1/21, accepted 1/22 through Jackson Hewitt and have heard nothing about them. They are usually very fast! There doesn’t seem to be any clear order to this but agree with you about TT!

    Thank you for the info, makes me feel a little better about this “organized chaos” and that’s being polite!



    @Elizabeth you and about 1000 other people here have this senseless line of reasoning.

    Firstly, TT and HR have nothing to do with the process. Second, they process most returns within three weeks, and if you’ve always had your within one week then you are lucky, but now you think you’re entitled to it? Do you not see almost EVERYONE else here saying they are experiencing delays this year too?

    Protip: TT shows the % of people who filed the same day as you who have received their refund. For me, the 20th, it’s been 26% for a while. So if you did use TT, there’s a 74% you’d be in the same boat.

    Nobody promised you you’d get your refund within a week. You’re not entitled to that.



    Offset # 1-800-304-3107



    I used TT, like I do every year… I filed on 1/23/2016 accepted the same day. As of now, still no DDD!! It has never taken this long… Will call on Monday if no update before then.



    Wat is the offset number



    Ok i filed 1/19 wmr nor tt has updated for me.today i was able to order return transcripts.my return is touching 10,000.i have an offset less than 500.00.i just called the offset hotline and it stated your offset will be deducted from your irs payment scheduled for 2/10.so if u have an offset call it will most likely give you your ddd.im about 99% sure us 1/19ers will all have 2/10 ddd.



    I have been reading this forum for a week or so now, I have seen several people thinking that TT was faster.. I filed on 1/25 accepted the same day, still at one bar, no ddd, no deposit. Refund is less than last years and no EIC.. Was just able to order return transcript today.



    I’m never using HR block again. Ive always used Turbo Tax and always had a speedy refund. Like an idiot this year I used HR Block. I’ve never ever not had my DD in my bank by the first week of February. I filed on the 19th was accepted on the 22nd and I’ve had one bar on WMR since. I owe about $800 to IRS so I expected that would be deducted but like I said I’ve never waited this long.



    Filed: 1/29
    Accepted: 1/29
    WMR: Still on one bar
    DDD According to Dates: 2/5
    Did That Occur: No
    How soon is refund needed: ASAP
    My Reaction To All This Mess: Beyond Pissed.



    @Nichole I filed with HR block as well 1/20 accepted 1/22 no updates on WMR still on first bar i called the number on my emerald card customer service advised I should have my refund by 2/12.

    Also a friend of mine filed hers 1/25 got accepted same day DDD 2/3 they took it for health insurance student loans n child support i guess there looking into people that owe on accounts I could be wrong thats just what i heard everyone is different



    To Gm:

    Re: “… what does it mean when you can order your transcript? …”

    It doesn’t look like your question was ever answered.

    See this link for the details:

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