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    I am

    Irs website bk up and running has anyone got a DDD yet??

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    I was wondering the same thing about the transcripts updating. I can still only get my account transcript not the return. Wondering how often it updates also. Anyone know?

    I am in TN and filed on 1/26/2016.



    I see no one has said they have a DDD for 2/5 yet so that is a good sign I guess. Hoping we all see that date on the WMR in the morning. Keep the faith….


    T Cox

    oK PEOPLE SOME INFO FOR THOSE WHO ARE SO IRRITATED. first THE 21 DAY PERIOD STARTED on Feb 19th, not the day you were accepted. So no one is already over the 21 period day. Next you will get your money so just sit back and let them do their job. You guys act as if you are going to starve or something. Be glad your getting a refund and when you get it you get it. YOU CANT do anything more then file a return. So tired of all the whiners!!



    Can anyone help? I filed my taxes on 2-2-16 was accepted on 2-2-16. I checked my bank and my return has not been deposited yet. What is going on I am so frustrated. The IRS is very slow this year. Please help. Bahhahahaha!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



    Does anyone know how often the transcript page is updated? I wonder if it is only once a day like WMR is? I filed and accepted 1/19 through TT. Still sitting on 1 bar with tax topic 152. I am able to order my account transcripts but not my return transcripts.




    I have had them taken it out every year and it NEVER has taken longer than anybody else. That is a myth.



    Ugh!! 2/2 and still nothing! I don’t know what to think at this point. I have one bar, TT152, and haven’t received a letter or ANY correspondence from the IRS. Like, if there was something wrong at least then I could explain all of this and why it is taking this long? But it appears there isn’t.. I mean my return is pretty much the exact same a last years though, so there shouldn’t be, but last year it didn’t take NEARLY this long. So much for their “first in, first out” sh** and whenever you try to even get a hint of an answer you just get the: “You have to wait 21 days before I can look up your account” F*** you and have a nice day!

    I am hoping, praying, that I get a DDD tonight during their major Wednesday update for 2/5. If I don’t, then I am going to be VERY IRRITATED, because that means that I won’t get it until Wed. 2/10 at the EARLIEST and that is PAST my 21 days! Unless there is something wrong, or delays they haven’t told us about (which they should if there is one), then there is no reason it should take longer than 21 days! Unless the IRS is JF with all of us, reading all of us on here going crazy like “Not yet… Wait for it… Let’s see what happens if we take away some of their bars, give some of them random codes and just do nothing to some of them… Oh man, they are losing their minds! HAHAHAHAHAHA”…
    But seriously, I mean I need my money, but I don’t NEED MY MONEY. However, it would be nice and it would help out A LOT. I hope this starts moving a long for early filers and us 1/19ers…

    Me and my Fiancee both filed (separately):
    Both Filed F&S 1/19
    Both Accepted F&S 1/19
    Both used T.T.
    Both H.O.H., Ch.Tax Credit, Ch.Care Credit
    Both had healthcare all year (not marketplace)
    Both DD with fees taken
    Both can order Acct but not Return Trans.
    Both got our State Refunds already
    Both STUCK at one bar and TT 152 on WMR



    Woke up yet again to still one bar. Filed at h&r block on 1/20. Irs accepted return on 1/22.
    Last year my refund was approved on a Wednesday so I’m hoping this year follows suit and I wake up tomorrow to a ddd. I have two friends that were accepted on 1/19 and they both got their refund deposited to their accounts yesterday. Their original ddd was 2/3 but received it 2 days earlier.
    I’d like to just at least see that my return is processing



    Well I filed 1/27 through liberty tax and still on 1 bar don’t know if it’s to soon to get a ddd?




    Yeah I’m sure you already have your return. Good for you I’m so proud of you. I think Mabey you need two drinks!!!!!!!



    Filed 1/21, accepted 1/21. One bar. Cannot order 2015 transcripts with new or old address. Stressed beyond belief. In Indiana. Don’t know what the hold up could be. Still hoping for ddd of 2/5.



    As of this morning I am still getting the generic message of 152. REALLY trying to stay positive that I will get a DDD of 2/5



    @Donjmjr Seeing people who filed and were accepted on that same / close date as you- and hearing that they TOO have not moved from one bar etc makes people feel better. It alleviates some concern when several people are in the same boat- so how about people continue to post whatever they want- and if you don’t want to read it you can log off this site? Great idea! :)



    My DDD date 2/3/16 when will I see it my Regions account.



    Nicole NC

    I filed 1/18/16 accepted 1/19/16 still only one bar but I am able to order my return transcript as of this morning. I hope that this means that I will get a DDD soon!



    Hey everyone how about we all quit posting that we still have nothing. No bars No ddd. And once your status changes let the world know. All I’m reading is I don’t got nothing yet. If you get your money let everyone know that’s what helps the rest of us. I am not even going to post when I got accepted I just want to here stories of good news so keep them coming. Thanks And I’m buying everyone on this website a drink when my money arrives !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



    So where do you find your cycle date?



    this has been my process just to give you guy’s an idea how the progress
    is working I filed with turbo tax 1-7-16 got accepted by IRS 1-11-16 got
    a DDD for 2-3-16 and santa Barbra bank got my DD 2-2-16 now just waiting on santa
    Barbra bank to release my deposit to netspend



    Filed through TT 1/27
    Accepted 1/27
    One bar
    Able to order return transcript as of this morning.



    I have tried ordering a transcript with every address I have ever used to file and it keeps telling me that the address does not match the one on file… Any ideas? Going by a cycle chart I have seen, I should be getting a DD on Sunday, but its still saying processing. Maybe they are having trouble with their wmr app and wmr page on the irs website??



    Got approved on the 30th with a DDD of 2/3. Originally filed on the 15th..



    Filed 1/22 accepted 1/22. Still no change just the first bar. I heard they don’t update until after 10 so I’ll hope for a DDD today!



    Breakdown to my last post copied from the IRS site:

    IMF Daily Processing

    IMF processing will be daily except on weekends. Some transactions post to IMF on a daily basis as opposed to during the weekly cycle.

    IMF Cycle Date is a daily cycle designated by an eight digit number indicating the year, the two digit cycle number and the two digit number indicating the day of the week (YYYYWWDD). The following values for DD are defined:

    01 = Friday

    02 = Monday

    03 = Tuesday

    04 = Wednesday

    05 = Thursday


    This date is the equivalent of the Cycle Date in IDRS and reflects the date the transaction is posted by IMF. See Exhibit 3.30.123-2, Enterprise Computing Center – MTB Posting Cycle Calendar.


    IMF daily transactions balanced and released by the campus on Monday, August 8, 2016 will have a posting cycle of 20163203.



    Read this and try to read as if you are decoding what the IRS is saying but its a manual that they must have to post somewhere on their site to explain how they have to process returns….remember they dont use simplified terms so you have to figure out what things like: Receipts= Payment, Receiving Campus = processing center, Good Tape = “good or approved tax return” etc…it also explains the cycle that they use which everyone sees on their transcripts…this is coming from the IRS site as their manual on how they handle processing of our returns….and it is LENGTHY but helpful!




    Called irs about my refund yesterday they said even tho it said my return was accepted on the 12th they dont start the processing till the 19th so i still had another week before the 21days was over and to call bk then i still have no bars and no ddd ugh same message with topix code 152…



    I have responses for a few topics bought up….

    AMEX BLUEBIRD – I had my DD sent to Bluebird last year, and got accepted and money in 5 days. Wicked fast. This year, the IRS and most states are looking harder at DD going to prepaid cards because of the huge TT fraud last year. With State, there’s a good chance you’ll have to confirm your identity by mail.

    As far as me, I was accepted thru TT on 1/19 and still at 1 bar. Nothing on sbtpg.com, no updates, no nothing. I’ve filed the same way for years now. It’s a considerable amount because I claim the kids, but come on already.




    Nothing has changed since yesterday. Accepted 1/12, can only request account transcript not return and no bars with 152 code.

    Oh well!



    filed 1/22 accepted 1/22 this morning i can order my return transcript!!



    typo: 1/15



    @justme same thing just happened to me and I to was accepted on 1/115/16 woke up this morning to ZERO bars!



    I filed and got accepted on 1/22 still one bar…..



    Filed 1/21
    Accepted 1/22
    Still one as of 2/2




    Filled 1/18 accepted 1/19. Still only able to order account transcript not return. Checked WMR this morning and still only 1 bar saying it’s being processed. According to turbo tax should receive refund between 1/20 and 2/9 which is next Tuesday. Hoping for a DDD tomorrow for Friday or even hopefully Tuesday morning. Myself, my sister, and mother all did are taxes the same time and all accepted the same day and we all are having the same problem and same status updated. Hopefully getting approved tomorrow for a deposit Friday and Tuesday morning. Keeping fingers crossed



    Did of 2/3 according to wmr but, TT or Sbbt have not updated. Received ddd on 1/30



    No update.. Still 1 bar ???


    just me

    This morning all bars are gone and it just says your refund is still being processed. A refund date will be provided when available. I filed 1-14 accepted 1-15. When others bars went away did u have the same message?



    WMR is updated nightly(no weekends) between 3-6am. That would be 9am east coast time, so check it after 10am daily. There’s 3 time zones remember..It never states 3-6 est, so I’m going by California (west coast) time zone..makes sense to me.



    I have been reading that a lot of ppl are waiting days for movement and I was curious as to what daily vs weekly cycles were and where I stood in the process since I have seen no change for awhile. I found in searching cycle dates a processing manual on the irs site that seems to strictly state how they are to handle returns and payments. https://www.irs.gov/irm/part3/irm_03-030-123r.html
    Go to this site, take your time and read it has if you are trying to decide some of the words….they don’t use simplified words to describe us, the taxpayer, payment or tax returns so take your time. It may help some of us understand. There also was a post from someone earlier that explained the process in more detail.



    Filed: 1/21
    Accepted: 1/21
    As of 2/2: 1 bar

    I have a large refund and am from Ohio. Was hoping DDD for 2/5 would go out today. Anyone else have status change?



    Me and my wife use amex bluebird. Im the main acct holdr, she with a card in her name. We had no problm getting a 6k return dd on it from irs in 2014. We also have her weekly paycheck dd on it. Never had a issue with a dd being denied.



    @lauren: Thanks for the response. I was told that if a bank holds the amount THEN rejects it and sends it back that’s when it becomes up to a 5 day process in order for the IRS to receive it. From what I was told by multiple reps, my bank swears up and down the block that they do not hold it, but rather it moves through an automated system that blocks it completely, thus the funds aren’t there in order to be returned. I appreciate you trying to offer some consolation in an expectancy, I was just hoping for some good news from someone else with Bluebird who is experiencing this. :)



    @sarah Voss Just want to say Thank you for taking the time to research and find such informative information and then writing it all out and sharing. Thank you!



    When an item Is rejected it usually takes 5 days for the irs to open it and reprocess



    Thought I’d share my experience this far in.
    Filed: 01/06/16
    Accepted: 01/12/16
    Approved: 01/30/16
    DDD: 02/03/16

    They attempted to deposit the money into my account as of 02/01, but it failed due to AmEx Bluebird needing me as the head of household in order to match SSNs (long story). Anyone know off-hand how long it takes the IRS to receive it once it’s been rejected? Keep in mind Bluebird didn’t even accept it to hold it, it bounced straight back to the IRS. I also am well aware of how long it can take to process and send out a check, I’m mainly looking to see if anyone else has experience with AmEx Bluebird and tax refunds. Thanks. :)



    Filed 1/25 , accepted 1/26, ddd 2/3 ………see what happens by 2/3 still nothing as of yet


    Sarah Voss

    I hope this helps.

    I found this on another site

    Sara WyrickWe are the original TAX FAMILY!!
    9 mins ·
    Good Morning!!!! I am going to explain somethings here so everyone please read this very carefully!!
    1. Transcripts will begin back processing this evening into tomorrow morning fro the daily returns.. this is cycle 02… around 6am we will start seeing people with access to both transcripts… this is a good thing.. meaning your return is finsihed processing.,,, Wednesday morning, WMR will update for a deposit day of 2/5!!! If you are a 02 cycle (daily cycle) and lost bars etc, last week,,, this is your chance to resquence and process….. if the batch is not full they may process other post hold returns.
    2. Post hold returns are returns that posted but did not process yet… example… you can order account transcripts but no return transcripts… you are considered in a post hold which is also called system idle. what does this mean? This means that your return was indeed posted but has not been worked and is now sitting there waiting for your next cycle process to repost and process….Thes reason you lose your bars, tax topic, 21 day message, etc…. is because you are sitting in the post hold (idle) waiting for your next cycle… Now… today is an elongated day… meaning a day for long processing due to the deferred day Friday which is a non posting day for daily retuns and yes they have to post as many as these returns as they system allows…. so some of these returns will begin to process tonight into tomorrow morning… the system will shut down between 330 and 6am to download the return transcripts etc, so after 6am we will start seeing this updates.
    3.Address Issues: Now if you can order your account transcripts with your old address then this means your return is posted but has not been worked… the new address will not update until your return has been processed and indeed posted… this is when you will be able to access transcripts with your new address and your return will be finished processing. It will only change when your return transcript has been processed and updated.
    4. Resequencing: This is due to the returns posting but not being able to process… reasons for resequencing… early filing, full cycle which causes post hold, error on return, etc…. each return that is resequenced goes to the next date for that cycle to process and waits for its turn… now returns can be resequenced over and over due to amount of returns already being processed.. They do have a daily processing limit.
    5. Weekly returns post on Thursday for processing on Friday… Wmr on Saturday for ddd of Wednesday… Weekly returns will not process until Friday….
    6. Daily vs Weekly… Cycles 01 02 03 04 are daily cycles. 05 is the only weekly cycle!
    7. The word cycle has 2 different meanings when it comes to the IRS manual. Cycle is used for days and weeks… so example 20150304 the 03 is your weekly cycle number to where 04 is your daily cycle and so on….
    Now I know this is alot to read and concept….. and I know I have left tons of things out but this is were we are gonna start today…. so ya’ll work with me and we will make it throw this!!



    I was just able to order my 2015 return transcript.
    File through TT 1/16/15
    Accepted 1/19/195
    Ordered account transcript 1/26/15
    Ordered return transcript 2/1/15 9:49pm



    does anyone know when irs will update transcripts next also wmr update next



    @ milka zera

    Hahaha I was thinking the same thing. People get on here to vent/ask questions and I guess some just get on to be rude and know it alls.



    Has anyone with a dd date or 2/3 got there money yet?


    Malika Zera


    You sound mean and troubled. What up with you?



    @ 2016 tax payer

    The IRS website says most people get their refunds in that timeframe.

    Nowhere is it stated that they have to complete it in 21 days……. They certainly do not.



    @ okie

    Their website says 21 days and so does tax professionals. So idk where youre getting your info from… But here is texas they go by the 21 days. Thanks



    Filed on 01/18, accepted on 01/19, approved on 01/30 with a DDD of 02/03.. Filed through TT and deposited on my NetSpend card… Usually receive 2days early but as of right now 8pm eastern time, still nothing and Santa Barbara still says have not received my refund yet! So maybe tomorrow they will have it and then come to the card!


    2016 Tax payer

    @ Okie
    Considering their own website says 21 days and tax professionals say 21 days. I have to believe the person who said that about the 21 days.



    Hopefully all of us who filed two weeks ago or prior have a ddd in the morning. Good luck and good night


    Concerned taxpayer

    I used TT for the last 6 years and it has never taken me this long to get a ddd. Filed federal and state on 1/19/16 fed was accepted 3 hours later but state wasn’t accepted until the next day. I was able to order account transcripts on the 1/29 but still can’t order the return one. Still at 1 bar and topic 152 I’m in Ga. I’d feel so much better of I had a dad even if it was in March. Fingers ctossed we will all have good news in the am.



    Please don’t believe the person talking about 21 days. The IRS is under no obligation to process your return and provide your refund.


    Kim M

    I filed on 1-25 and accepted same day. Still on 1 bar….

    HOWEVER…. I signed up for DD to my bank and my return even shows my routing/account numbers. BUT, I received a netspend card in the mail a few days ago… Anyone else have that happen?



    I just called my tax services which I did my taxes with on 1/22/2016 also got accepted on 1/22/2016 I am in Miami Fl . They just told me that on the New york times there was news about the IRS being behind and something about ddd being for March 1 2016. I am not sure if this is true but thought I would pass along what I heard. I hope that everyone gets it soon.. Goodluck to everyone…



    I am getting the same thing. I was able to order my acct transcript on Friday last week and still nothing on the return transcript. I also noticed zero update posts from yesterday to today. if they truly are not working on Sunday, no OT then we prob wouldnt see any updates today so praying for tomorrow to be the day they start updating again.


    just me

    @ BG
    That’s what their website says… It seems they are slow this year. I would call to make sure. I cant order a transcript. It keeps saying the address does not match, but idk how that’s possible.



    I have been able to order my account transcript for a few days now but not my return transcript. Anyone else having this problem? Anyone know what it means if you can order the account transcript but not the return transcript?



    @ Just Me
    I hope they stick to having to issue it within the 221 days. My 21st day is next Tuesday on the 9th



    @ stephen

    Thank you :)


    just me

    They have to give you your refund within 21 days after they recevied it. So they have 21 days to process accept and deposit refunds.




    I used tt too, i filed on the 21st. They sent me a netspend card and already got the card. Also recieved another before i even filed so im using that one. No ddd yet but im sure its coming soon. Got my card in about 7 days if that helps



    Also called the offset number and it has been saying I don’t have any non tax debts for my social security number. Don’t know what could be holding it up. Had s simple return with only 1 dependent my son and we both had health insurance all year



    I called IRS today and spoke to representative. I did mine on 24 and same day got accepted. So I told him nothing has changed what’s going on? He told me there two week delay. He also told me that my was received on the 26th not 24th. That I would get my refund maybe by March 1st.



    Anyone else get accepted on 1/19 and still waiting to see a DDD? Filed with turbo tax and choose the option for the net spend card. Paid for the charges with a credit card so turbo tax doesn’t have to deduct anything from my refund



    Filed my taxes on 1/18 with turbo tax. IRS accepted them on 1/19 around 2 pm I got a conformation email. Said I should receive my refund between 1/20 – 2/9 estimate from turbo tax. As of this morning around 7:30 am still on 1 bar from WMR and mobile app. Called the IRS all they could tell me was that they received my return and that it had to go through the processing. Still have no DDD hopefully I get a update this week and see a DDD. Also got the net spend card in the mail last week.



    @ Jen
    If you took the time to read my whole post (which i will just assume you did) then you noticed his I put ” i know it hasn’t been that long, but its never taken me this long to receive an IRS approval” and i believe my actual questions were at the end of my post. Thank you, so telling people “you will be waiting awhile” is in fact not an fact considering im pretty sure you do not work for the IRS and couldn’t possibly know what’s going on or how long an individual wilk have to wait. I have seen posts from people who filed after me with DDD dates.. So troll along… Thanks and have blessed day.



    I filed on 1/18 and was confirmed rcvd on 1/23 still no update. only says received. I live in Miami,fl. anybody else got accepted 1/23 and still waiting ?????. :(



    filled out 2 W2’s with TT from PA and one from NC on 1/20
    IRS recieved on 1/20
    still sitting at recieved, no DDD.

    even though it sucks, it’s good to see other people who filed on or around or before 1/20 still not have it. Although, the last couple of years I have recieved my money via DD before the pizza bar moved.



    Filed 01/07/2016
    Accepted 01/1/2016
    Got DDD on 1/29/2016 for 2/3/2016

    Just to let some of you know…I only a bar for about 1 week if that..and then they disappeared completely. I don’t know what happened, or if I was under review. All I know is that they didn’t return until 5am on 1/30 stating that I had my refund approved. I always had my topic 152..so I wouldn’t stress too much about it. I also heard that if your bars disappear, that your DDD is coming very soon.



    @sharon, you filed 1/28 and are questioning your approval? Have you not seen the thousands of posts regarding approval taking at LEAST 10 days??? You’re going to be waiting a while.



    Does anyone know when they mail out the netspend refund prepaid cards? Filed thru Turbo Tax 1/27 and got an email saying approved on 1/28. But WMR app still shows 1 bar (processing) i know it hasn’t been that long, but its never taken me this long for IRS approval. Are they just slow moving this year? Has anyone received their return already with WMR app still showing 1 bar?



    @ Kristy, I am always on pins and needles until the money actually hits my account then i can breath a sigh of relief and I really need my money this year due to I am pregnant.



    Last year my son filed first, a day later my ex filed and I filed a few days after him. My ex got his refund back first and he had an offset. My son had a really simple return with a refund of a couple hundred dollar refund and waited longer than my ex did. Even though I filed my return a day or two later my refund came a week or more later than theirs. I also remember getting worried because my bars disappeared. I knew my ex owed the irs some back taxes so I was worried that they were taking money from my refund. They didn’t and the day after my bars disappeared I received my direct deposit date. I’m not saying this is always the case, but it doesn’t always mean your under review. More than likely it just means something is changing in the status of your return good or bad.

    Last year I stressed about my refund all day up until the money was in my account. This year I am trying to just relax. It’s easier said than done I know. I have 3 small children that I care for on my own and an ex that would love to claim them on his taxes. However, doesn’t feel the need to help us financially throughout the year!!

    I made up my mind after stressing last year to not depend on my tax refund. I got back 8k last year and used it to get back on my feet. This year I still need the money, but my bills are paid and we have everything we need. It’s such a good feeling. I can use some of this years refund to do something fun for my kids!



    I was accepted on the 12th of January and still no dd, I know of people that filed after me and already have a date for 02/03. My bars disappeared but i do not think that this means anything, from the IRS website it can mean that the cite is overloaded. I am on pins and needles, i needed my money like yesterday…lol



    @ Amanda Greendot will deposit on the day its supposed to go in they don’t do it early. I used Greendot last year and I got it the day it was supposed to go in that early I hope this helps you some.



    @ Amanda, I use Greendot as well and last year it did not go in early it went in the day it showed it was to go in. I hope this helps you some.



    Filed 1/19/2016
    Rejected 1/20/2016 due to mismatched AGI
    Resubmitted 1/20/2016
    Accepted 1/21/2016

    As of Feb 1, 2016 WMR status unchanged.
    One Bar on the Dominos Pizza Tracker

    Am aware of other people in NC that filed after and were DDD of 2/3, so no clue.



    Hey everyone,

    I’m in Mass. and haven’t received any dates yet. Here it is:

    Submitted thru TT 1/18
    IRS ACCEPTED 1/19 early morning
    Still sitting at one bar and no funds received on the sbtpg.com website.

    As far as Mass. State – Return has been received and is still being processed. Accepted on 1/20

    Massachusetts is a slow ass Commonwealth.

    If anyone receives a DDD, please let us all know, especially if your in Mass./New England



    How can you tell whether your a daily or a weekly return? This doesn’t make much sense to me, and honestly it just seems like the IRS just flies by the seat of their pants.



    01/22/2016- filed taxes with H&R block around 4ish
    01/23/2016 – IRS Processing (1st Bar)

    02/01/2016 – Still on 1st bar with no DDD.

    Anyone else?



    I forgot to mention that this year, I had a wmr update on 1/30 and have a ddd of 2/3



    Let me give you all some insight on disappearing bars. This year, I filed just a few days after the irs opened season and starting accepting returns, 1/22. Accepted 1/23. Bars, etc, never disappeared. I have a very similar return to last years with only two differences: I didn’t file early (about 10 days early last year) and I had the same insurance all 12 months of the year.
    Last year, however… besides filing early, I had two 1095As. My insurance switched in the middle of the year. My bars disappeared. My
    refund amount disappeared. I was eventually able order my transcripts online and see the codes… 570 (if i remember correctly) for review. Literally tons of people were seeing the same thing, in the same boat. Most of us were early filers or had something funny with healthcare. I eventually got a letter from the irs. ‘We’re reviewing your return – we dont need anything additional from you now – but we’ll be sure to let you know if we do.’ Never got another letter. Eventually wmr came back, the codes on the transcript changed and my refund got approved and sent with no changes to the amount or anything else… and I got a ddd. In May.



    Mrs. Early.

    I’d have to agree with others; they have gotten DDD earlier last week and even received their DD (I have gotten estimated for 2/3 but others already have their cash).

    Dozens and dozens (at least). So somehow they have gotten their moola (and not through a RAL, Rapid Refund Loan). Turbo Tax has provided info that 3% of filers received their money (that were accepted with them on my date of 1/11), and others at 1%, or so, that filed on their particular such and such date (TT thing). So SOME people have indeed received their cash (TT says so, LOL), but also several here as well.

    Anyway, wishing everyone best of luck the upcoming days with your DDDs and DDs.



    @Erwin. It worked like that for me (bars dissappeard for a few hours, but just a few hours so possibly be just the update I was going to get overnight anyway). I’ve also read the same thing happen to others. 1/30 disappeared overnight for a few hours, updated to 2nd bar shortly after to DDD 2/3.

    As for others whose bars have disappeard and it’s been several days, it happened to me last year and I had to wait a while (was being reviewed). So if disappears for a short while, espcially if it’s middle of night, probably updating. Disappeas and it’s been several days or a week, may mean something else is probably up. (My experience).

    Best of luck to everyone.

    If anyone wants a ‘timeline’ of my ‘events’ (transcripts, bars disappearing, etc etc, lol, can Control F to Miam (am on some other forum posts as well). The posts are too long to rewrite (on mobile).



    Daily cycle returns are processed quicker than weekly cycle folks. So it depends on what processing cycle your on. That’s why someone who filed the same day as you get there return faster. They are on daily cycle. Weekly cycle folks always update or moves during week 2 of whenever you filed.



    Hey @luf thanks it was just a theory …. I got my ddd and some else that i did same day right after mine hasnt got a ddd and her bars are gone….. Its crazy this year…… Normally i would have had mine in the first batch…. Its all over the place



    @amanda I am a full time State of Florida employee who has had health insurance through my job for more than three years. My bars disappeared yesterday.

    @Erwin The reason people think that the bars disappearing means that something is moving along is because when this happened to a large amount of people on this forum last week, the vast majority of them received a DDD a day or two after. That’s all.



    Filed & accepted 1/24 at 6:30 pm
    Filed using Turbo Tax, fees taken from refund

    Ordered both transcripts on 1/29 at 8:00 am

    WMR updated to 2nd bar on 1/30

    DDD by 2/3/16

    I don’t know why you guys think your bars disappearing means your return is processing and you will have an update soon. That is NOT The case.



    Btw i had coverage all year and got my DDD saterday for 2/3. Does anyone else use greendot? Does it come early ever?



    So question for those who lost bars? Did u have healthcare .. Someone else brought to my attention the last day to get coverage and dotch tha penalty was yesterday so maybe they put ppl who didnt have insurance on hold until after yesterday???



    DDD 2/3
    Provided timeline of ‘events’. Can search me here Control F MiaM (it was a long post, lol).
    Best of luck everyone.




    I’m still dealing with the exact same thing.
    Filed 1/12
    Accepted same day.
    Bar went missing Sunday morning.
    No update.



    filed 1/17,accepted 1/19, only account transcripts, 1bar topic 152,TurboTax,hopefully no offsets, should have an update supposedly have money direct deposited feb.5 by the irs refund schedule.



    FILED/ACCEPTED: January 21, 2016
    APPROVED: January 30, 2016
    DDD – February 3, 2016
    IMAGE PROOF: http://goo.gl/MmbXGM



    My refund time line:

    Filed with H&R Block- 1/21/16 @ 7:14pm
    Transmitted to IRS- 1/22/16 @ 4:48pm
    Accepted by IRS- 1/22/16 @ 6:36pm

    1 bar on WMR and no DDD.

    Able to order account transcript last night 1/31/16 @ 10:48pm but not tax transcript.
    I’m a
    Woke up this morning still at 1 bar and unable to order tax transcript.



    DDD showing as 02/03 for me :) I filed on 01/15



    @kyra I too was accepted 1/12, lost my orange bar over the weekend. No update today. I have seen several of us with the same accepted date dealing with the same thing today.



    I filed 1/19/16, accepted the same day. I am able to order acct transcript but not return, no update as of this morning. Bars going away from what others have said is a good sign they are almost, if not done processing your refund. You should see an update tomorrow morning with a DDD.



    Filedb1/6/16 accepted 1/12/16
    Status says ur refund is being processed a dad will be available
    The orange bar is missing was looking my at other blowing sites some said it meant under review but It still shows my refund amount an has tax topic code 152 has this happened to anyone else my bar was gone 1/29/16



    Are things backed up this year? I’m in Massachusetts and on WMR I still am sitting in received… does anyone have any idea when the DDD should be coming for people who submitted on 1/19? This is my info…

    Submitted thru HR Block on 1/19
    Accepted by IRS on 1/21
    …still sitting in accepted



    filed 1/15/16 Finally this past Saturday got a ddd of 2/3



    yes I have a DDD of 2/3/16 Filed 1/8/16 accepted on 1/11/16…this was the longest I ever waited for a refund, but not too bad considering they opened on the 19th.



    Accepted 1/11, finally got a ddd on Saturday morning – ddd of 2/3.



    Woke up again to still only one bar. I filed at h&r block on 1/20. It’s accepted return on 1/22. I was able to order account transcript a few days ago. Yesterday was still unable to order return transcript. It did not take this long last year. Last year I filed 1/30 and my refund was approved on 2/4.



    Filed 1/14 no DDD YET…Lets keep the faith we get a date this week… Tonight starts another week to check every morning until Saturday . Irs doesn’t update Sat or Sundays their CLOSED…



    Accepted 1/12 and went from one bar to no bars yesterday. Still no bars/DDD this morning and still only able to order account transcript, not return.



    Filed 1/21 accepted same day. Still no DDD. Able to order account transcript since Friday, but no refund transcript. I had to call earlier because I accidentally sent my refund to a closed account. At first, they told me they cannot cancel direct deposit and I told the rep their website stated otherwise. She checked into it and canceled it but stated it can take 10 days for the request. I’m hoping it takes because if it gets sent to the bank and rejected I will be waiting 8 – 10 weeks for a paper check. So I went from thinking I’ll have my refund this week to possibly not getting it for 2 more months. :(



    I filed last Tuesday, January 26th. Still only have one bar this morning. Hoping for a DDD soon. I was able to order my account transcript, but not my return. Anyone around last week have a DDD yet?


    melissa calabrese

    Filed on the 18 accepted on the 19 still at one bar as of this morning this is ridiculous never had to wait this long, come on irs to something.



    Filed and accepted 1/22 no ddd yet



    @bccollins, u just filed on 1/29, if you’re checking WMR already, you’re going to have a very looooooong next 2 weeks!



    I see things have gotten off to a rocky start for some people. I filed with Turbo Tax on 01/29/15, accepted that same day. According to some refund calendars I should get my refund on 02/05/16 and others it says 02/12/16. Still haven’t gotten an estimated refund date from the IRS. Has anyone with the same acceptance date gotten a DD date? Thanks.



    @RefundWanter you were right about early filers not getting processed sooner but later. Alot of us were knocking you simply because we did not want it to be true. I was lucky and have a DDD FOR 2/3 (filed (1-14 accepted same day) but 80% of early filer dont.

    Thanks for trying to tell us and sorry we reacted like haters.


    Malika Zera

    @ Jamisha

    No you don’t have to order a transcript



    Thank you ☺


    Malika Zera

    @ Tyler your most likely entering the wrong information. Check your return and verify your have the dollar amount you are suppose to receive correct. If your entering the amount with the fees taking out then you are entering incorrect information. Also make sure your entering the correct ssn and filing status.


    Malika Zera


    Your 21 days starts when the IRS receives/accepted your Return.


    Malika Zera

    @ Denise

    If you have an offset if doesn’t take longer. The offset will be noted in the WMR page with the date you are set to get a deposit. The only way it will take longer is if you happen to be under review.



    Do you have to order transcript?



    rude, just rude… smh



    This means that you cannot order your return transcript yet (probably not completed by IRS yet).

    “Got this message when trying to obtain refund transcript sleep…

    A transcript is not available for the year you have requested. Please complete Form 4506-T or contact us at http://www.irs.gov.

    Married Filing Jointly?
    If you filed jointly with your spouse, tax account data is listed under the social security

    What does this mean ?
    I enter all info correctly ugh annoying!”



    not one person on this forum can explain why YOU don’t have a DDD yet, or what’s going on with your specific return. Stop asking.

    My situation:

    Filed and accepted 1/24 at 6:34 pm
    Ordered BOTH transcripts on 1/29 at 8:15 am
    WMR updated on 1/30 with 2nd bar
    DDD set for 2/3


    Duckanator 713

    Filed on the 3rd. Accepted on the 12th, tells me now still process will update with refund date. Refer to topic 152



    I wish I had status bars let alone a DDD lol. I filed with TT on the 20th on the 27th my bars went ghost. never had this one happen. But I am praying for the 5th of February. I am praying all updates tonight when WMR goes down at 9pm-12am and again at 3:30am-6am EST. I’m in Ohio….. I did call the IRS and no help since it was not the 21 day mark, I also was able to order account transcripts. But no Refund transcripts… We shall see. However I did read that the IRS in fact did start releasing refunds on the 29th which was the first small batch and then a larger batch on the 30th this included the early filers and some that also a few from the 19-23rd…. I guess a lot of us weren’t included in that batch, but according to these accountants that the IRS will release on any given day.



    I was accepted on the 12 still one bar but I am able to order my transcript. My friend filed same day was able to order transcript and next day hers went under review. Does my 21 days start from from the 19



    Woke up with no bars, hopefully I get a DDD tomorrow!! Sprinkling refund dust to everyone! ???



    If I can get account trans, (still at one bar)
    Do you think it’s possible to still get a DDD of 2/3 before then? Accepted 1/20 with H&R. Getting nervous. Wake up everyday to nothing. Lol
    :/someone helpppp ease my anxiety



    I filed on 1/26
    Aceppted 1/26
    I have an offset
    Does having an offset make it take longer?



    So has anyone recevied their income tax via DD or prepaid visa card ( mailed ) even though WMR only has you at 1 bar???



    I filed on 1/19, accepted on 1/19. I am still on 1 bar and unable to order my return transcripts. Very frustrating!! Last year i filed and accepted on 1/23, seemed like everyone was getting theirs before me again. But my money got DD on 2/3 last year and my WMR was still on 1 bar. Hoping i have mine by 2/3 again this year



    @Kjam I do not think it updated last night but should tonight (Monday 3AM-7AM)



    1/13 filer
    Tax ACT
    Accpeted 1/15

    WMR 1 bar

    Omgggggg ? does any know when the updates are? I thought wmr might of updated last night, but no update still one bar…



    I was accepted on the 12th I’m in Ohio still no DDD an today my bars are gone with a tax topic 152 and when I’m trying to order transcripts is saying as if I’m putting in the wrong info but I’m not…this is really frustrating



    Filed the 19th
    Accepted the 19th
    Still 1 bar & can not order return transcript



    Got this message when trying to obtain refund transcript sleep…

    A transcript is not available for the year you have requested. Please complete Form 4506-T or contact us at http://www.irs.gov.

    Married Filing Jointly?
    If you filed jointly with your spouse, tax account data is listed under the social security

    What does this mean ?
    I enter all info correctly ugh annoying!




    Married couples who file jointly have to let the IRS know if they’re doing so. Transcripts are a request at information from the IRS. The account transcript just shows you the activity going on in your account as your money is being processed. A return transcript is pertaining to your money after its been processed. If you cannot access your return transcript, it is likely that your information has not been processed. When you are able to access it, you should get a DDD that evening, or the morning after.



    What transcripts is everyone talking about.? I was able to get my account transcript but my refund transcript says you have to full out some type of form and mail it in, in order to receive it.



    Filed1/22/16 accepted 1/122/16
    When trying to get transcripts only allowed to get account when I try to get refund says something about filing jointly has anyone seen or know anything about this ?



    What is transcripts? And how do you get them?



    @ Lee

    You will not get it any faster




    Typically, if you receive an audit it’s from the previous year (or two). You would be notified by mail if you were being audited, and it would be around the beginning of tax time. If you’re being reviewed, there is no notification (unless by state, which I received). A review simply means it’s taking a bit longer to process due to errors and further evaluation. The computer corrects most errors, but some need to be reviewed by hand, just in case.
    Hope this helps! No need to be frustrated, it’s all about the waiting game. I filed 1/12 and still nothing. Stay positive!


    Texas Mommy

    My DDD was 2-1-16
    I Got My Refund 1-30-16
    My $$$$$ is already fully posted in my credit union



    @melissa, I will let you know when i do….if you don’t mind would you do the same?? Thanks in advance!



    Hey everyone… Weird question.. If I paid out of pocket for the turbo tax fees will I get my refund faster Not having to go to another bank to take fees out? I filed 1/7 accepted 1/11 approved 1/30 DDD 2/3.. Thanks guys



    Ok so i never posted on here even though i have researched all the forums for the last couple of years and i can definitely say i have learned enough from that to finally do my own taxes and save the 450$ that the tax place was and has been charging us and so i filed with tax slayer on the 21 of january and was accepted about 10 minutes later around 1130 pm on the 21st and had only one bar with no updates for the last week and had tried to order transcripts daily with my old address as well as new address that i filed with and was only able to order account and refund transcripts for 2015 around noon time of the 29th and although my bars never dissappeared i was given an approval and ddd of 02/03 around 330 am cst as i am in texas. I have a rather large refund greater than 8000 and have 3 w2’s and three dependants along with a schedule c and eic and additional child tax credit. I used ip pin and filing pin and am on a weekly schedule and believe that the key to knowing that you are approved soon is the ability to order account
    and refund transcripts means that your 2015 account is rectified with a refund or a bill. I had no offsets and changed address during my return so i dont really think that it affects the time frame of your return but i do know that although the irs starts processing on the 19th that you will get your return finished based on when you were accepted barring any complications




    Thanks for the info. I am starting to think that some of the people that review the tax forms are slower then others. We don’t have the same person. I guess I got the slow one…lol… and you got the fast one.



    I filed on 1/20 was accepted 1/20 an have yet to get DDD yet. I rely on this forum to keep me in the loop. We do not need people like you and your negitivity on this forum. If you got a DDD
    Why are you still trolling (need no answer) Sit down some where an mind your business.
    An to all my fellow hard working tax payers that haven’t received a date yet



    I got ddd for 2/3 too and have netspend let me know if you get your funds sooner



    Wow! What a smartass.



    OMG people. Regardless of your filing date, not one person on this forum can explain why you, specifically, don’t have a DDD yet. It’s as simple as you haven’t been processed yet or are under review.

    STOP asking people why YOU don’t have a DDD!




    I filed and was accepted on 1/24 at 6:30 pm

    Ordered both transcripts on 1/29 at 8:00 am

    WMR updated on 1/30, adding 2nd bar

    DDD set for 2/3



    I filed 1/19 and accepted 1/19. I have one bar and still cannot order my transcript. I called the offset line and I have no offsets. Any clue why I don’t have a ddd yet?



    Ok i filled on the 12 accpted on 12 my bars went away last night but today got a ddd of 02/03 filling eraly dose not mean delays



    I filed on 01/18
    Accepted on 01/19
    DDD 02/03

    Did take longer this year then the past but I think the ball is finally rolling. Filed with TT and I use a NetSpend card for deposits, so may receive early… Good luck everyone


    David Woomer

    I was accepted on the 11th in the test batch. Finally was able to order my account transcript last night. My wmr bars disappeared. This morning I logged in and my refund was approved with a DDD of 2/3/2016. I believe my theory is correct that once you are able to order your account transcript, your refund has been approved and wmr will update the next morning with a DDD. New car, here I come finally!!!!



    Date Filed: 1/20/2016 – Accepted 15 minutes later.
    Date Approved: 1/30/2016 – It updated on a Saturday night, which goes against the information going around that the IRS only advances the bars on Wednesdays.
    DDD: 2/3/2016

    Hope this helps!



    How long does it take to find out if your being audited or reviewed? Accepted 1/19. One bar. No offsets. Can only order account transcript. Topic 152 as of today? Anyone that can help. Never been pulled for review or audit. Haven’t moved in 8 years.



    The Problem, MyStrings, is that some people DID file and was accepted as late as 1/27 AND ALREADY HAVE A DDD. It’s easy to say “BE PATIENT” when YOU have a DDD.



    VERY FEW PEOPLE ARE GETTING THEIR QUESTIONS ANSWERED. It’s Mainly: I have no DD or I got a DDD. This is just to vent or gloat?



    Wow, so many impatient people hol cow. Last year my return got flagged for manual review and I did not get it unitl MAY ..
    That being said
    Filed on 01/09/16, Accepted 01/11/16
    was able to order my return transcript online BY MAIL 01/29/16 ( online is not an option this year due to a security breach last year of the IRS website)
    until this morning WMR has had 1 bar
    This morning got my 2nd bar and a DDD of 02/03/16
    Be patient people..Good grief some of you filed 5 days ago and are freaking out wondering what is taking so long? Geeze you’re going to give yourselves heart attacks if you are that impatient. We are only 11 days into the beginning of the season since The IRS did not officially start processing returns until 01/19 and technically until the 21st as the first two days were for accepting returns only. They did not start actually processing until 9 days ago… EVEN for people who filed early. Be patient…have a margarita…and relax. You will get your refund and I think a lot of people will start seeing updates in the next week.



    Figured I’d give everyone a little update. I finally got approved and a ddd from the irs and it showed up on my wmr tool
    I filed the 19th and was accepted the 21st
    And my dd date is February 3rd. So I hope I can give some of u guys hope that ur money is comin soon!


    impatiently waiting

    Filed with TT : 1/21/16
    1 bar since then
    Yesterday was the first day I tried ordering account transcript and it let me, but it wouldn’t let me get my return transcripts.

    Is there hope I will get my money by Feb 5 ?? I see people filing and being accepted a few days after me with a ddd already.
    Really frusterated at this point ?



    Still only one bar on WMR
    I was able to order account transcripts but not refund transcripts, what’s that mean?

    Will there be any changes made over the weekend sat and sun??

    Filed and accepted 21st. Still not approved.

    Anyone have any answers for my status?


    Brianna S

    Filed 1/21
    Accepted 1/21
    One bar and topic 152
    No DDD for me






    filed taxes on the 17th of Jan accepted the 19th
    couldn’t order transcripts until last night around 2am
    6am DDD for Feb 3 ?



    I filed on. 1/23/2016
    Accepted on 1/24/2016
    But nothing yet still at one bar.
    Any from same time frame gotten a DDD?
    Still at one bar. Tx



    Alittle annoyed

    cant do tax transcripts like everyone else apparently can

    federal return through H & R BLOCK

    federal return
    sent to the IRS 1/20/2016
    accepted by the irs 1/22/2016
    expected delivery is 2/12/2016

    others who have same accept date are two weeks earlier
    and there has been 0 update
    a lot a difference between other peoples 2/3/2016 ddd and my 2/12/16 ddd with the same accept dates :(



    I filed on 1/23/16 was accepted on 1/24/16 and just received my ddd of 2/1/16 but checked my account this morning and refund was deposited. Wmr was only at 2nd bar today. Hope this help. Filed with turbo tax



    Just received my refund last night on Friday!!



    Filed 1-12
    Accepted 1-12
    DDD 2-3
    My boyfriend filed and accepted on the 22 and also woke to a DDD on 2-3


    Brie from STL

    I filed on 1/18 w/HR BLOCK
    Accepted 1/20
    Still on one bar on WMR
    Was only able to order account transcripts.
    This is so frustrating,

    Last year I received my money in only 8 days after being accepted.

    what is going on HR BLOCK!



    Filed 01/20/2016
    Accepted 01/20/2016
    Got a DDD TODAY of 02/03/2016 :)



    Hope this helps but I filed with h&r block 1/19 was accepted 1/21 and as of this morning 1/30 I got approved with a ddd of February 3rd your money is comin soon everyone!?????



    Filed on 1/14, accepted 1/19, no updates until today 11:30am CST, 2 bars and a DDD of 2/3. I think most people who were accepted on 1/19 should see updates today or tomorrow latest, with DDD’s of 2/3 or 2/5, so really all those deposits should be going in sporadically throughout this week depending on who you bank with. I did also call the IRS hotline 800-829-1954, and that did tell me I had a DDD of 2/3 about 2 days ago, and return and account transcripts were available to order 2 days ago as well. I think I was already done processing on 1/28, just no update or DDD until today on WMR :) Be patient everyone, i was losing hope and BAM out of nowhere updates started coming in. Call the IRS line, I think it updates sooner than WMR.



    Filed on 1/25
    Accepted 1/25
    DDD date 2/2/16



    Had anyone received their refund money and the WMR app/ IRS website still says processing??



    Has anyone recieved their refund money and the WMR app and/or irs website still say its processing?



    Filed 1/14
    Accepted 1/19

    FINALLY got a DDD this morning of 2/3!




    How are people ordering transcripts are you guys requesting thru mail because it does not show as a option online?



    I don’t believe it “speeds” the process. But it is an indicator that taxes are processing and/or “done” and ready to be disbursed.


    2nd Yr. Filer

    I’m curious. I’ve read thru the comments and see many speak of ordering transcripts, which seems to speed the process in which you get your ddd. How do I order them, and what type of transcript(s) should I asked for if I have to call?



    1/9 Filed TT
    1/12 accepted

    This am no bars just tax topic 152… Can order acct. Transcript
    Return transcript not available

    I’ve never had this happen and filed the same the past 15 years



    I have worked at the same place for six years and carried my two children since they were born.. I never had any issues so why am I under review now



    Those of us who have DDD for 2/3 when do you think we will see anything show on republic bank which is where my money is sent to take out filing fee then sent to me for DD




    If u can order account transcript hen later today u should be able to get refund transcript that’s what happened to us yesterday that got ou DDD today so u should have DDD tomorrow keep checking today for refund transcript



    I filed 1/12.
    Accepted the same day.
    No update on WMR.
    Turbotax says I should get my refund by Feb. 8.
    Can’t order transcripts.
    I don’t know what’s wrong.



    Filed and accepted 1/19
    Been at one bar until this morning , finally got a DDD for 2/3/16 which is in a few days !




    Hey folks. After checking WMR with no luck with 1 bar accepted for the last 4 days, this morning I checked and I have 2 bars with a DDD of 2/3/16. Hoping all that want good news will receive it.



    Filed and accepted 1/21

    Still on first bar WMR. Can’t order transcripts I guess they’re not available. I’m so confused and upset I feel like it’s never taken this long. I filed at advance America which I’ve used the past five years and have never had an issue.

    My sister filed on 1/22 and was accepted the same day she got her deposit into her account yesterday. She used turbo tax.

    Why are ppl who filed after me already getting their money?? Why is mine still on the first bar?? Why can’t I order my transcripts?? Just why!!


    Stephanie in Cali

    Filed 1/20
    Accepted 1/20
    Approved 1/30
    DDD 2/3

    Me at 5:23 am: honey we got approved, yayyy money this week
    Hubs: Thank God this ish turning you into a dam vampire waking up in middle of night like a crazy person
    Me: im going back to sleep



    Woke up to still one bar. I filed with h&r block on 1/20 was accepted 1/22. I was able to order my account transcript but not my return transcript. It seems to be taking longer this year to get refunds. Wish my ddd would show soon. At least than I’ll have a piece of mind knowing that is progressing and will know about when my refund will be received.



    Filed 1/18 accepted 1/19 still 1 bar
    Filed with eztax



    Filed Jan 27 w/ TT fees taken out
    Accepted Jan 27
    Approved Jan 30
    DDD Feb 3 to Bank Acct

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