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    I am

    Irs website bk up and running has anyone got a DDD yet??

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    Still no bars nor allowing me to order transcripts its still telling me technical difficulties.. But my sister called after me an ordered both transcripts I’m on fire



    Filed 1/16/16
    Accepted 1/20/16
    One bar no ddd.
    H&R block.

    Filed 2/2/16
    Accepted 2/2/16
    Ddd 2/8/16
    Turbo tax



    My advice would be to check with Santa Barbara bank and keep an eye on your bank account…. wmr never went to second bar and was only able to order account transcript but refund is showing at Santa Barbara bank.



    @ Shan, I checked awith sbtg about 12:00 lastnight…. I’m still @ 1 bar on wmr but I can send my refund at Santa Barbara bank. Checked my bank it’s not pending but from my understanding once sbtg has it, you are done with its. So it my show later on today in my account and should be available tomorrow.



    Hi Katie, I live in the State of Arizona.I got accepted
    1/19 and money deposited 1/29



    Filed 1/19. Still nothing. Can’t even order return transcripts. My 21 day mark is on Tuesday. I’m starting to assume the worst. Maybe I will get a letter in the mail requesting more information. Very frustrating and the IRS reps won’t tell me anything. They keep telling me to wait 21 days so on Tuesday I will be raising hell



    @KatieL Please what state are you ?



    I submitted mine 1/19/2016.Still one bar,Im thinking mine may be a week or so later than Feb 5th.because I have an offset due to Healthcare Penalty.Mine was a week late last year so Im hoping that is the reason it is still in “Received” mode? Anyone else?State of Az came within 1 week,



    So pissed. Filed and accepted 1/21 still nothing. Hubby filed 2/1 has a DDD of 2/8 as of this morning.



    Filed 1/23/16,accepted same day . recieved state in 4 days. Just checked WMR I have a DD of Feb, 8 2016.. Hope this helps anyone




    When did you check with the bank ?



    I filed for myself And my sister in turbo tax
    My sisters was e filed on 1/18 and they were received on 1/20, only 1 bar on wmr.

    I filed on 1/21 and I have 2 bars with a dad of 2/5.

    I guess it is true fhag early files may get shuffled back.



    Hey guys! I filed 1/20/2016……accepted 1/27/2016…..still 1 bar on wmr… Only able to order account transcript….. Never got a DDD but I checked Santa Barbara bank and they have my money! So should possibly see return by friday!



    Just got my 6k, peace out suckers!!

    Filed 1-24

    9 day turnaround



    Filed 1/18 accepted 1/19. As of now i have 1 bar no ddd and cant order transcripts. I filed with hr block. Ive read alot of these responses and seems like everyone who used hrblock has no ddd. Ive seen people who filed 27th and already got ddd. Kinda frustrating but what can you do. Just wait i guess. Hoping for friday!!



    Saw this on the IRS website – wonder how much this will delay things?!?!

    IRS Statement on Experiencing Systems Outage
    Feb. 3, 2016
    The IRS experienced a hardware failure this afternoon affecting a number of tax processing systems, which are currently unavailable. Several of our systems are not currently operating, including our modernized e-file system and a number of other related systems. The IRS is currently in the process of making repairs and working to restore normal operations as soon as possible. We anticipate some of the systems will remain unavailable until tomorrow.
    The IRS remains in close contact with e-file software transmitters and the tax community during this period.
    A number of taxpayer and tax practitioner tools are unavailable. IRS.gov remains available, although a number of the services on the site are not, including Where’s My Refund.
    Taxpayers can continue to prepare and file their tax returns as they normally would. Taxpayers can continue to send their tax returns to their e-file provider; these companies will hold the tax returns until the IRS resumes accepting electronic tax returns. Taxpayers who have already filed their tax returns do not need to take any additional action.
    The IRS is still assessing the scope of the outage. At this time, the IRS does not anticipate major refund disruptions; we continue to expect that 9 out of 10 taxpayers will receive their refunds within 21 days.



    Filed&accepted: 1/21
    WMR update 2/3
    DDD: 2/5


    just me


    Hi everyone I have a question does anyone know if they are going by the date of acceptance I filed my taxes on 01/16/2016 and was accepted on 01/19/2016 is the IRS going by business days or the date of acceptance?



    @ Carolyn
    I have several friends that filed with earned income credit and have received their refunds already. Two other people I know have their ddd for tomorrow both of which filed the same time as my husband and I did. The only difference is we filed at h&r block. They used turbo tax.



    Filed 1/21
    Accepted 1/21
    Ddd of 2/5 today (2/3)

    I claimed EIC with a large refund. Was able to order return transcript for 2015 yesterday. Bars never disappeared.

    Filed with Freetaxusa

    Hope that helps.



    My frienf and his sister both work for the IRS in Utah. They said the wmr websites doesn’t always update before refunds and deposited. They also said the website isn’t super accurate and that it is down right now but they are still working around the clock on refunds. They told me I would probably get my refund before an update on that website.



    Just called the tax advocate hotline and they said anyone who claimed the earned income credit will be delayed at least a week. I filed and was accepted on 1/19 and he said I should expect my refund 2/19 or 2/26. I can’t wait that long :(. Anyone else claim the earned income credit but already have a ddd?




    On another forum, someone said they spoke with the HR Block ppl that filed their taxes and was told that even though the WMR tool doesn’t reflect it, HR Block ppl that were accepted the 19th-29th should get theirs this Friday. Who knows. I am thinking the tool has not been updating right though, and kinda funky that it is down now. How do you find your cycle codes other than via your transcripts? Won’t let me order mine, says my address is wrong even though it is same address as last year. Have said it a zillion times, have never had to wait this long! Argh!



    @ Ashten
    I totally agree with you. This year seems lole just a complete mess. There is absolutely no order this year. I have never waited this long to receive my refund.

    Filed at H&R block on 1/20
    Got accepted on 1/22
    Was able to order account transcript last week. Still sitting at one bar and unable to order return transcript. My husband have filed the same for the last 4 years at H&R block. Hopefully there will be some change soon



    OMG after reading some more info on the IRS website and how they have to go about processing returns, i have a new found respect for what they have to do. Sounds like if A & C end up with code 81 refer back to code 85 and reference D,E &Z, very confusing…. anyways pulled some information from the site:

    Daily and weekly transactions directed to a weekly account are expected to post with the weekly processing on Thursday.

    A transaction input with a posting delay code of 1 will be processed on Thursday, and will resequence until the following weekly processing day (the following Thursday).



    Irs website says wrm is unavailable but i can still look up my info ( nothing changed of course ) so maybe the bars we r seeing are not accurate… ?? Im still waiting for my netspend card tk come in the mail… Was mailed in the 29th so hopefully it will be in tomorrow.



    I’m really starting to believe that there is no rhyme or reason to this. I filed on 1/21/16 and it was accepted on 1/22/16. I’ve read on here that people filing after me have gotten their ddd, while others who filed before me have not, none of which makes sense. I spoke to a man at Jackson Hewitt who told me they are a week behind which may explain some things but something’s just not adding up here!



    Same question as @Erika, “Where do you find your DDD?” I got a message that “I’ve exceeded my daily number of attempts and that it only updates once per day” message. I have checked 3 times – 7:00 a.m., noon & 2:45 p.m. (CDT). I am still on 1st bar

    Taxes completed: 1/14/16
    Submitted IRS: 1/20/16 (not sure why HRB delayed sending)
    Accepted IRS: 1/20/16
    DDD: N/A



    So I filed on 01/23/2016, I called the IRS yesterday 02/02/2016. She informed me my refund was accepted on 01/26/2016. Although Turbo Tax says 01/23/2016. As of today, 02/03/2016, no DDD. Still waiting.



    I filed on the 20 and accepted the 20 and still have no movement!!! maybe tonight????



    @trina my last name starts with a “B”
    I filed on 1/15
    Accepted on 1/20
    Ordered return transcript 2/1
    And DDD this morning for 2/5



    wmr is down right now



    Irs website isnt able to look up refund or transcripts… Could their system being down cause the wmr updates to not be showing correctly?


    Angela Wright

    Called to ask questions and the lady told me that the systems are down that she can not check any thing. Then asked if it will delay anything and she told me she could not answer that .



    How do you know what cycle you are? How do you get that number?
    I’ve tried clicking on get my transcript but it states they are having technical difficulties.

    Filed 1/21/16
    Accepted 1/22/16
    Still at one bar
    No dd

    Calling irs is pointless prior to 21 days. They wouldn’t give me any information.




    Ok so how would I translate into when they would actually pull my return and start to process it again? I believe with how its been handled so far I fell out of sequence….




    I think you are daily. The last 2 years I have recieved mine deposit on a Friday.



    How do you guys know the system is down?


    Angela Wright

    File taxes1/19
    Accept 1/21
    Still no ddd
    Systems are down. Frustrated



    I have a ddd for today (02/03/16) but still no money. Is it my bank? (USbank)



    I would like to know for the people that already have there date what does your last name start with?




    Ok thanks, I cant find my 2014 ones to really know. Alhtough last year I filed on 1/20/2015 (Tuesday), accepted the same day and I received my return on 02/03/2015 (Tuesday). I guess after seeing that, we really are not that far off in timeframe, at least not for myself. What does that tell you about what cycle I could possible be on? I wanna say I got my update last year on a Friday.



    Filed both mine and my boyfriends on 01/20 through TT. Was able to get return transcripts on 02/02 and both of us received ddd of 02/05 on WMR this morning (02/03). Located in TX Wishing best of luck to all of you as it appears WMR is updating on Wed/Sat.



    Filed 1/21/2016 H&r block
    Accepted 1/22/2016
    DDD: none

    Roommate filed hour after me same tax forms recieved DDD on 2/03/2016.

    Called still in processing. I can’t recall it ever taking this long.




    Thanks for the info! I am just impatiently waiting and obsessively checking like so many others!




    What if it is 20150602?




    I have my 2014 transcript and my 2013 I was cycle 05 on both assuming I am this year to since I have a offset.



    Filed: 01/22/2016
    Accepted: 01/22/2016

    No approval and no DDD as of 02/03/2016. SO frustrating.



    I filed on the 15th accepted the 19th still 1 bar. Tax topic 152. This the first year I have ever had to wait this long. Tired to order transcripts says call 1-800-908-9946. Please if any one has a number where I can speak to a person for the IRS. I just need to know if I did anything wrong. I was thinking I should have heard something or gotten a letter but nothing. My 21st day will be the 8th of Feb.




    My bars dissappeared last Thursday and I could order my account transcript with my old address. As of today nothing has changed in wmr but I have to enter my new address to access my account transcript. I dont know if my refund transcript is available because the system is down. Because I now have to enter my new address does that mean I have been processed? I have no idea what cycle I am. Thanks for any help you can give




    How did you figure out what cycle you are on? i was just asking that



    I went to the IRS Field Office today to verify my identity, I was almost finished after waiting 2 hours and their computers went down. The lady said she would finish validating when it came back up and that I could go. 11:30am EST. Got home wanted to make sure she had done it called IRS he said his systems were down amd he couldn’t look anything up. 12:50 pm EST I just called again, system STILL down, 2:05pm EST. Seems like their system crashed. Not good



    @ellie or whoever can answer

    I have seen your post but may just now be clicking. I’m a weekly cycle always have been a 05er so there is a chance I could post Thursday night and be updated Saturday?

    I can order account transcripts

    Have a offset




    Questions: is a taxpayer on the same cycle every time they file? I went back to my tax deposit last year and I rec my refund on 2/3/15 which was a Tuesday. This year I have so far only been able to order my acct transcripts but not return, as of 1/29 and i filed and was accepted on 1/19..



    No I haven’t tried before today



    As of 5 minutes ago I cannot order any form of transcript. It gives an error message. I think I will take this as a positive thing.



    @ Ineedmymoneynow

    I filled 01/21/2016
    accepted 01/22/2016
    was getting the same message (record does not match….) until yesterday 0202/2016 i was able to order both transcripts. and this morning I got dd for 02/05/2016.



    1. Transcripts will begin back processing this evening into tomorrow morning fro the daily returns.. this is cycle 02… around 6am we will start seeing people with access to both transcripts… this is a good thing.. meaning your return is finsihed processing.,,, Wednesday morning, WMR will update for a deposit day of 2/5!!! If you are a 02 cycle (daily cycle) and lost bars etc, last week,,, this is your chance to resquence and process….. if the batch is not full they may process other post hold returns.
    2. Post hold returns are returns that posted but did not process yet… example… you can order account transcripts but no return transcripts… you are considered in a post hold which is also called system idle. what does this mean? This means that your return was indeed posted but has not been worked and is now sitting there waiting for your next cycle process to repost and process….Thes reason you lose your bars, tax topic, 21 day message, etc…. is because you are sitting in the post hold (idle) waiting for your next cycle… Now… today is an elongated day… meaning a day for long processing due to the deferred day Friday which is a non posting day for daily retuns and yes they have to post as many as these returns as they system allows…. so some of these returns will begin to process tonight into tomorrow morning… the system will shut down between 330 and 6am to download the return transcripts etc, so after 6am we will start seeing this updates.
    3.Address Issues: Now if you can order your account transcripts with your old address then this means your return is posted but has not been worked… the new address will not update until your return has been processed and indeed posted… this is when you will be able to access transcripts with your new address and your return will be finished processing. It will only change when your return transcript has been processed and updated.
    4. Resequencing: This is due to the returns posting but not being able to process… reasons for resequencing… early filing, full cycle which causes post hold, error on return, etc…. each return that is resequenced goes to the next date for that cycle to process and waits for its turn… now returns can be resequenced over and over due to amount of returns already being processed.. They do have a daily processing limit.
    5. Weekly returns post on Thursday for processing on Friday… Wmr on Saturday for ddd of Wednesday… Weekly returns will not process until Friday….
    6. Daily vs Weekly… Cycles 01 02 03 04 are daily cycles. 05 is the only weekly cycle!
    7. The word cycle has 2 different meanings when it comes to the IRS manual. Cycle is used for days and weeks… so example 20150304 the 03 is your weekly cycle number to where 04 is your daily cycle and so on….



    I just tried to order my return transcripts again and now it says my request can’t be completed. I have to orders them over the past few days and it has never said this before. Does anyone know what that means?



    @truth o OK yea I do have a different address this year for the first time..but I’ve been accepted since the 12th bars left on Sunday with tax topic 152 this is crazy…so u were able to order them when?



    @ Ineedmymoneynow don’t worry about that message dear. I know its very frustrating. But i can reassure you I was getting the same message from the day I was accepted (01/22/2016) up to 02/01/2016 because my address changed in 2015 for the first time. So you and everyone who is getting that same message ignore it. You will get an update soon and you will be able to orders your transcripts and ultimately get yours $$$$.
    Good luck!!!!!!!



    Quick question,

    I am going overseas for over a week and I am afraid IRS might send a letter. I filed using TT.
    My question is how would I know whether or not IRS have sent any letter?

    Please advise :)






    Still waiting. :(

    Filed 1/16
    Accepted 1/19

    Still only 1 bar.




    Well….I tried calling the automated number just to see if it said anything different than WMR, but it didn’t – said “still being processed – you should receive 21 days from the date we received your return”.



    I ordered my return transcript at like 9am today



    I keep getting a message saying the information I’m providing doesn’t match there records when I’m trying to order transcripts but I know for a fact it’s the right info



    Yes indeed.
    Filled with H&R block on 01/21/2016 at 5:28 pm
    Accepted on 01/22/2016 at 7:00 pm
    No update and couldn’t order transcripts until yesterday 02/02/2016 at 11:30 am (I ordered both transcripts)
    Update today 02/03/2016 at 6:12 am for direct deposit 02/05/2016
    Will let you guys know when the $$$ hit my account.
    Good luck to everyone, I hope you get some good news today.



    @cindy – yes – I have tried a couple of times and gotten the same message over again – getting a little frustrated.



    @aaron – what number did you call?




    Is it the “technical problem” display when trying to order your transcripts? I got it this afternoon



    @Justin Goodman – I tried to order my transcripts today and got the same error message – have no idea what it means. I filed and was accepted on 1/24/16 with H&R Block – still on first bar….






    In GA

    Out of 30 people I know that have filed between the 21st and the 30th, only ONE person has a refund date of the 5th. I submitted on the 23rd and am also still waiting. Not worried, just irritated a bit.



    I been reading this for weeks now and I’m in Illinois I got accepted on 1/11/2016 now over the weekend my bar’s disappeared and steady that same tax topic crap so I got excited because at first I was noticing shortly after before people was getting dates after but when I woke up today and still no date i was suprised…I think the system randomly picking people because this getting outrageous



    Still show’s processing on refund site accepted on 1/22/16. Called this morning and went through the automated and gave DD of 2/5. WMR is really wonky this year and not updating as it should.



    Filed 01/24/2016
    Accepted 01/24/2016
    Still on 1st bar
    Used H&R Block



    I filed on 1/26
    Accepted on 1/26
    On the irs app it says it’s still processing but I checked my bank earlier and it’s a pending deposit for 2/3
    So I think the app/website might be messing up.



    Filed & Accepted 1/27
    Still on one bar and processing with a Topic 152
    already rc’ed my WI state on 2/2

    My Son
    Filed and Accepted on 1/30
    WMR update this morning
    Paper check will be mailed on 2/9



    I filed 1/22
    Gf filed 1/30
    Both approved this morning with dd of 2/5/16



    WMR still has my refund in the column (approved) and my refund is already in my account so there’s no telling what time they really update, I checked WMR at midnight, then about 2am, still was in the approved status, woke up this morning and checked WMR @ 7am same thing, checked my bank account and my dd was there.



    From Oregon :)

    File date: 1/21/16
    Acceptance date: 1/21/16
    DDD: 2/5/16 for federal and my state DDD is 2/4/16

    I already see the refunds pending In my account and so much more relaxed now that I know it’s truly happening :) Good luck to those who are still waiting I understand how aggravating this process has been for this tax season.



    I’m noticing a pattern that most people with no DD yet is not just HRB but those who’s refund was accepted on the 22nd… Does that seem accurate for most? That’s when I filed and still only one bar. And my gf filed on the 29th, accepted in be 30th and she recieved a DD for 2/5 this morning


    Justin Goodman

    Hi I filed my taxes on 1-20-16. I am still at 1 bar 2 weeks today. Not sure why? They have been accepted.

    I tried ordering my transcript and it’s giving me an error message. Reference number 113
    Does anyone know what this code is?



    filed 1/4/16
    accepted 1/11/16
    approved 1/30/16
    ddd 2/3/16

    dd was on schedule, I filed with Liberty Tax, this year did take longer than last year but i’m glad my worried and impatient wmr checking days are over this year..until next year folks!



    Me and husband are in the same boat we filed at h&r block on 1/20 got accepted on 1/22 and we are still on the first bar also. I’ve been filing with h&r block for the past 4 year and it has never taken this long. I’m hoping for an update soon. Next year we are using turbo tax. They seem to be getting their money faster



    Filed 1/29 transcripts ordered 02/01 and ddd 2/5 as of this morning I filed with tt



    No it doesnt matter who you filed with i filed with taxslayer and aprroved both state and federal on 1/25 and am still waiting. no ddd for me yet either




    I use HRB every year.
    Filed 1/13
    Accepted 1/19
    DDD 2/5

    I think this year the IRS just couldn’t handle the amount of early returns. Last year I got my refund just a few days early but my bars updated faster.

    See if you can order your return transcript . If you can that should signify a DDD coming soon.



    I’ve noticed that most people that filed with H&R Block are still waiting on bar movement. I filed on 1/20, accepted on 1/22. I wonder if there is a delay with people that filed with HRB? I wish I would’ve used a different eFile. Im used to having my refund by this time. Im still patient because my 21 days is up on 2/12, but i found it odd that i haven’t seen anyone, that filed with HRB, post about getting a DDD.



    Filed through TT on 1/19
    Accepted on 1/19
    No updates as of yet. I contacted IRS and was told that the WMR tool is not working, which I believe is BS. The lady says they found out it wasn’t working by all the phone calls they are receiving.




    I was able to order my Return transcript about 48 hours prior to getting a DDD same w my daughter.



    I was able to order my account transcript last week and I’m still sitting on the first bar. I haven’t had any luck with my return transcript. I was accepted by the irs on 1/22. Hope there are some updates tonight. I see a lot of people saying they ordered their transcripts and the follows day got a ddd. That has not been true for me. I filed with hrb



    Return was accepted 1/19/16. Filed through Turbo Tax. Nothing but one bar with Tax Topic 152 as of 11:48 am EST 2/3/16.



    For people with a DDD of 2/5, when were you able to order your Return Transcripts if at all? Thanks for all the updates everyone! Hoping we all get good news ASAP! I know some of us need the money. No one knows each person’s individual situation. :)



    Filed and excepted on 1/19, able to order acct transcript since 1/29 but not return as of today still. 1 bar on the WMR site and no update on the SBTPG site either. My 21 days will be up on the 9th….in Michigan



    Filed 1/18 accepted 1/19 and still nothing but one bar. called the 800# using ext 652 and was told that they can’t give me any info and that I don’t need to call unless 21 days have passed. Very frustrated. Was able to order account transcripts yesterday.



    Hey just got off the phone with a irs rep had to lie to her but she looked in my account because like you all i was worried its been 2 weeks since i gotten excepted and still no movement on my account just 1 bar and tax topic 152 she stated that all was fine and that i had gotten re sequence in terms of my return meaning its like trying to fit a truck thru a door she said we have to take some people who were in the front and put them in the back for a sec in their own separate file so we can get everyone thru that door she said that my direct deposit info was even confirmed so it would be finished this week and i would get a ddd this week still they are still pushing thru ddd this week it doesn’t matter if it is wed or not so everyone with no movement we were just re sequence hope this helps


    just me

    Still have no bars tax topic 152. It still says refund still processing a date will be provided when available. I filed 1-14 and accepted 1-15. I called thus morning and the lady said she can’t look it up bc it hasn’t been 21 days. She said even though accepted on the 15th they didn’t start processing until the 19th. So really no info on what was taking longer than usual. I called 1-800-829-0582 and used ext. 652 and my hold time was only 5 mins. Just curious where the heck the bars go when they disappear!



    Filed 1/19
    Accepted same day.
    Ordered transcripts yesterday at 8am.
    Bar disappeared Sunday at 1-2am.
    DDD this morning around 10am of 2/5!
    Sprinkling money dust to everyone!
    Being patient is really the hardest part but it’s worth it in the end.
    If you’re afraid of a review, just know that topic 152 is normal, and they would send you a letter in the mail, never on the phone and never online.
    And it would on your WMR also if you were being reviewed or audited.
    Hope this helps!


    Alex S

    So I have and update finally spoke with someone helpful I filed and was except on 1/22/16 according to HRB but its really 1/25/16 according to IRS. Its still processing and the rep claims he couldn’t see anything out of the ordinary going. Also the best dates to check WMR are Fridays and Mondays. So I am keeping my fingers cross for a update Friday and a check on Monday but my 21 days isn’t up until the 16th of feb…



    @ jen

    It’s easy to talk “big” and act “big, over the internet… But I bet you wouldn’t say this S**T to half these people in person to their face. I hate to say this, but you my dear is what’s wrong with society these days… No manners and obviously no morals… You are on here for the same reason as everyone else and if not then ur only on here in a sad “attempt” to act like a bad A**. Get over yourself and troll along another page you arrogant waste of space (sorry but needs to be said) Now shut your mouth unless you have something useful and intelligent to say… Dont worry we will wait…




    Does anyone know how late in the AM WMR can update, I have heard it is between 3 and 6 AM but I am not sure what time zone that is, I am in Michigan, has anyone checked early and had no change but seen a change later in the morning?


    crystal s

    Filed 1/18 with Taxslayer
    Accepted 1/19
    1 bar with tt 152 until this morning
    DDD 2/5



    I wonder has anyone in Ohio got dd yet



    No DDD..
    filed 1/22
    accepted 1/22
    I can get my account transcript, but not my return transcript …



    1/18 fILE 1/19 Accepted


    Your tax refund is scheduled to be sent to your bank by February 5, 2016.

    If your refund is not credited to your account by February 10, 2016, check with your bank to see if it has been received.



    Filed on 1/26/2016
    Accepted on 1/26/2016
    DDD: Still Waiting

    I filed with the same CPA I have for 18 years. It looks like DDD are about a week or so behind or at least that is what I am hoping anyway. I am still only able to order Account Transcripts. I ordered those on 1/29/2016. Has anyone that filed around that time received a DD yet? I had dependents, EIC, and the lovely 1095-A.



    Question: Where is everyone seeing their DDD’s? I used TurboTax. Where can I find that date everyone is talking about?



    Woke up to still one bar wtf. It did not that this long last year. I see people that were accepted after me with ddd. I filed through h&r block on 1/20 irs accepted on 1/22. I really thought I would of got my ddd this morning. This is becoming a bit stressful. I was able to order my account transcripts last week. I tired to order my return transcripts yesterday and was still unable too.



    Hello to everyone. Just wanted to update a few that are still wandering why their bars disappeared and have not come up with a date yet. I called irs yesterday, I was actually accepted on 1/12, rep at irs hold me yesterday I was on day 21. She also stated that the new software caused an error on tt side that caused it to be fixed and then reprocess it, but should have my money on 2/10 as it normally takes 7 days to fix and repost



    Filed 01/12 with TT
    Accepted 01/12
    I had 1 bar until 01/29 when they disappeared
    01/29-02/02 no bars tppic 152
    02/03 2nd bar with DD of 02/05
    Hope this helps someone! ☺️

    Ignore all the negative comments, no need to waste your time on them.



    Filed through TT 1/27
    Accepted 1/27
    Able to order return transcript as of 2/2
    Approved bar on 2/3
    DDD 2/5



    So I filed on 1/22 with freetaxusa, accepted the same day…. Still one bar and can’t request an refund transcript ? But my girl filled on the 29th accepted the on the 30th and she got a DD of 2/5 this morning and can request a transcript… I hope there’s a glitch and I’ll my DD is also 2/5! Dang!



    I was just wondering, does anyone know if they ever update WMR throughout the day?

    Filed 1/26
    Received 1/26
    Still at 1 bar
    Used TT



    @johndoe Wow, I believe you should probably take some time from this forum and do a little research on the EIC. It’s “EARNED income credit” meaning you must work and EARN the money that you will receive as a refund. The more you work the more you will earn. If you work very little you would get a minimal refund if not zero. So JohnDoe, it is NOT YOUR money it’s is ours that we worked for. If we didn’t work we would not receive the EIC. I would like to see the day that you file, after working a full time job, making good money and claiming a dependent but saying “EH, I’ll pass on the EIC”! So go research and get back to us when you’ve done your homework!



    I did my IRS through TT and submitted it on the 19th. Accepted on the 21st, refund in Bank Account on the 29th. But my NY State tax done on the same day has a note that it needs more time to process.


    Sarah Voss

    Filed 1/5 with free tax USA
    Accepted on 1/12
    Ordered both transcripts on 1/29
    Got DDD in 1/30 for 2/3
    Received refund on 2/3 at 6am
    I bank with Wells Fargo



    Filed 1/13
    Accepted 1/19
    DDD 2/5

    Hope this helps. No bar movement until this morning w my DDD now posted at two bars. I was not able to order my RETURN transcript until two days ago. Same thing with my daughter. Once I could order our RETURN transcripts it updates in 48 hours.

    She filed w TT and I used HRB



    Bars disappear Sunday wit tax topic 152 I just got off the phone wit IRS got a nice representative that looked on my account cause its been 22 days since accepted just to find out refunds under review an needs 1 more week of processing an give them till the 9th



    One up today with a DDD of 2/5 let’s hope more people get updated today and see their money soon



    Filed 1/22
    Accepted 1/22
    Still no ddd. I have filed taxes for years now with the same dependents and it has never taken so long I’m so disappointed



    i had a ddd this morning for 2/5



    Filed with TT 1/28
    Federal accepted 1/28
    State accepted 1/29
    Woke up today with a DDD of 2/5



    @ineedmymoneynow-??? well it counts but who am I going to call next Saturday if there’s still a delay???



    @jen Did you not read the posts people wrote to you? They all said they had no or little fees, LESS than a bank account. Why are you calling people names? After reading their posts I’m thinking about going to get one. Thanks for the info everyone. I hope things work out for you Jen and you become a happier more caring person. Karma sweetie, Karma



    Weekends still count



    Filed 1/22/2016
    Accepted 1/23/2016
    Ddd 00/00/0000 still no update? Can only order account transcripts.
    21 days will be the the 15th of feb since they will be closed over the weekend??? I wish I knew something? TT 152 bars are still there, never moved with a refund of 3k less than last year… Used the filing pin… Haven’t moved… I wonder if there will be more updates during the day? Congrats to everyone that finally got some movement!



    Woke up this morning hoping for a big change and…… nothing. Filed and accepted on 1/19. Wonder what the hold up is and why some people are getting their money and some are still waiting when filed on same day



    I’m pissed
    Accepted 1/12
    Woke up still no bars or dd
    And people have dates this morning I’m calling IRS as soon as they open



    Filed 1/21, accepted 1/21 still at 1 bar this morning. Topic 152 …. Wtf man!!



    Yay! My bars are back this morning. 2 bars with a ddd of 2/5.



    It’ll be 21 days for me next Tuesday… Wth is really going on!!???



    Here’s some hope everyone… My mom filed the 19th accepted the 19th ddd for Friday I don’t know about transcripts for her. My fiancé filed the 19th accepted the 19th no transcripts, still processing. I filed the 27th accepted the 27th, never able to order anything but acct transcripts and woke up this morning with a ddd for 2-5. Good luck everyone



    Filed 1/21
    Accepted 1/21
    Got a DDD of 2/5 this morning

    Was able to order return transcript yesterday.

    From Ohio. Also state refund deposited today.



    Wow.. this post got really hateful



    @jen I take it that you don’t have a man in your life but somebody needs to tell you to shut the f****** and the reason why you don’t have a man that’s because you are the way that you are because if you weren’t worried about your return you wouldn’t be on here and I have a Netspend card too been had it for 6 years I love it boo and I don’t have a bank account because the fees were too high way higher than Netspend so shut your mouth because you don’t know what you’re talking about going your room and get your play toy out the drawer



    Some of these posts are disgraceful. Some of you should be ashamed. Or maybe just need hobbies. Anywho….posting to share my experience

    Filed on 01/23, according to TT accepted a few hours later.

    Still no approval, but have confidence. I claimed the american opportunity credit this year and last year as I am a full time student… it took 2 weeks for the DD to post in my account last february. WMR never moved past the first bar (or if it did, I stopped checking because the refund had arrived on a friday morning.)

    Stay positive! That refund will be coming my fellow taxpayers. :-)



    Wow… let her say whatever just ignore her. She likes to get a rise out of people..it’s called evil. Don’t let her bug you, don’t comment to anything she says . Don’t feed it!! Ignore her arguing and defending is what she wants . As far as my taxes I filed 1/14 accepted 1/20 still no update and topic 152…. it is taking longer this year, but they have had a lot of tax fraud 2013,2014, sad thing is it ruins it for those of us that are honest. Hope we all get DDD soon?!


    Mr. Intelligent

    It is all obama’s fault



    DFFT (Don’t feed the trolls). Ignore them.



    Does anyone know around what time they deposit money?




    Nobody cares that you hate prepaid cards omg! The world will somehow go on. get some carbs you grouch.



    Many of you responded citing you don’t have to worry about overdraft fees. Figures. It’s called financial responsibility. Who the hell spends more money than they have? Oh, that’s right, irresponsible morons.



    @jen…Oh lord, wasn’t going to do it but you sound real stupid. I personally have both and if you knew better, which obviously you don’t, you would know that fees associated with having a “bank” account are way higher than those, if any, with a prepaid card. So go ahead, keep that bank account that you so smartly have, unlike us stupid people…Hahhaha and while your at it we will be long gone from this forum while your still waiting for your deposit from “your bank account”.



    @2016 tax payer
    I ordered my NetSpend card last year through the actual NetSpend site so I already had it but My brother in law ordered on through TT filing options and he received his 10days after he filed.. And yes 2 bars on wmr but never the 3rd and I’ve already received deposit today…..

    Some people need prepaid cards BC they can’t open a banking acct! Don’t hate BC you haven’t got your refund and “us prepaid” have!!

    Everyone else, good luck!



    @jen I have a bank account and I think YOUR pathetic for using the term retard. Absolutely disgusting. Your Mother must be ashamed of you.



    @jen I use Bluebird from American Express, it doesn’t have one single fee….It even gives me 5% back on every purchase. I also have a bank account, yet use my prepaid card often for online or phone purchases to protect myself or to give my daughter to take to the movies or shopping so I may control her spending. Calling people “retards” is very offensive. My nephew is a special needs child whom I love very much, your simple words can be very damaging and hurtful. Please choose them more carefully.



    @ jen

    Well if you don’t like what people have to say or what people question then why are yoh even on here? Did it ever cross your mind that some people don’t want an actual bank account for the simple fact of stupid over draft fee on top of the other fees banks have. No matter where you get your card from there will be fees (i know of course) but that doesn’t mean you need to belittle people… Like I heard in a song (translating for you) ” you’ve never gotteb tall by making someone else feel small”

    Have a great day and yes PLEASE eat a Snickers lol



    @ jen I rather have a prepaid account compared to a reg bank account. I have netspend for years n love them, my money is deposited early, i dont have to wory about overdraft free, my monthly fee is low, no checks to write and worry about them being stolen, i can pay everything online, i also have a savings with it. money is autodeducted with no problems compared to days for it to clear….and it didnt have to take a bailout either. so who is the stupid one here. my deposit usually for refunds hit after 6a, no movement on the tracker as of yet, filed on 1/14 accepted 1/15 for both fed n state. still says processing, should be 2/5 the latest



    @jen Who in civilized society uses that word anymore? YOU DO! Congrats at being uncouth!



    Who are we to judge?

    People that use prepaid cards are retards. Seriously, get or use a bank account. You’d rather piss away a ton of money in fees to get your refund literally 12 hours earlier? That’s stupid and pathetic.”




    somebody needs a snickers



    People that use prepaid cards are retards. Seriously, get or use a bank account. You’d rather piss away a ton of money in fees to get your refund literally 12 hours earlier? That’s stupid and pathetic.


    2016 Tax payer


    How long did it take for ur netspend card to come in the mail after filing? Did your wmr ever show more than 1 bar??



    Filed 01/18
    Accepted 01/19
    Approved 01/30
    DDD 02/03
    Received TODAY @5pm on my NetSpend card! Good luck everyone!! There is hope!



    Well said a+
    I like this guy !



    OK, This is my first post. I just wanted to say I filed my taxes on January 25 and it was received by the IRS the same day. Saturday during whatever update was happening, the 30 of January the IRS approved my refund and I got a DD date for February 3. I just got a text from my bank my money is already in my account. Which is actually an emerald card because I filed with H&r Block. I also have the American Opportunity Credit this year on my taxes due to schooling. I also have dependents on my return. I do just believe that it totally depends on which person at the IRS gets your information and return and how its handled. I don’t believe there are any certain factors that postpone your refunds other than offsets ( child support being owed ) and rejected refunds. That’s just my opinion. As far as the topic 152 goes, every year that has shown up on the where’s my refund website for my return and days later I was approved. Again I truly believe everyone’s return is different.



    Filed with TT: 1/18
    Accepted on: 1/19 according to TT but on 1/21 according to IRS
    Still on one bar
    No DDD



    its hilarious when people get mad and snap on a refund tax forum LMFAO



    @johndoe Actually, I can guarantee you that I make more money, am more educated, and obviously a better quality human being than you. What makes you have the urge to become an internet bully? This is the kind of behavior we expect to see from poorly adjusted tweens sneaking on the internet when mommy isn’t looking.

    Maybe you’re just a troll that is looking for a reaction, so I will oblige.

    From my talks with some acquaintances at the IRS one of the hold ups is the American Opportunity Credit. That, my sadly misinformed friend, is for those of us attending institutions of higher education. The income ceiling to claim this is rather high so many people do. You would have known this if you had taken a few minutes to educate yourself instead of spewing hateful remarks from your gaping twinkie receptacle.

    For those of you waiting for your money, don’t pay attention to Debbie Downers like this guy. He is just angry that remedial English classes at the back of a 5th grade classroom don’t qualify him as well.



    Filed 1/18/2016
    ACCEPTED 1/19/2016 @ 8:47 AM




    Filed through TT: 1/22
    Accepted: 1/22
    No DDD or anything.

    Processing bar and 152 tax subject disappeared about a week or so ago. Just says a DDD will be posted when available. (if that means anything)






    LOL well the reason is this. MOST OF THE PEOPLE On here are not getting THEIR MONEY. ITs the EIC. So it is not THEIR money. It is mine and others who work full time at better paying jobs. I am sorry and do not want to seem mean or rude but honestly a majority of people posting on here want that money to do things like gamble, buy drugs and buy stuff they do not need while the rest of America pays for it. If you over paid your taxes and are waiting for refund then fine wait and when its your turn the IRS will refund you that money you were so nice to loan them all year. But what gets me is the number of people on here crying about fact it has been two weeks for money they NEVER EARNED!! I will stop posting I don’t want to take time away from checking the IRS website ever ten minutes!!



    HELLO this is AMERICA. I too can share my opinion if you guys can share yours. Again you have every right to worry but then follow the rules. NO CALLS TO IRS until AFTER 21 days. That started on Jan. 19th.


    It’s Mine




    Seriously, I don’t understand why anyone on here has a right to scold anyone about waiting, worrying, what they do or don’t spend their tax return on or how badly they may need it. The topic of this discussion is clearly marked. If you don’t like what people are posting then stop reading.

    I came on here just to check if other people are having the same issues, waiting longer than normal etc. Are some of the posts ridiculous, YES and are some helpful YES. Take what you need form the posts and move on, but don’t lecture other people on what they are feeling or worried about, and assume you know their situation and why they may or may not need their return and why they are stressing about it..

    Filed 01/22/2016
    Accepted 01/22/2016
    Cant order any transcripts with new address
    No DDD
    Filed with HR Block



    I just spoke to my cousin who works a FAST. Fast is a nation wide company who develops software for the IRS. She told me that only 1% of Americans have actually received there refunds. And that even people that have gotten DDD have not gotten a penny. The only people who have are the very few that were part of the test run. 1/29 DDD have still not received the money. Looks like it may be a loooong season



    @johndoe Calm down. No frothing allowed.



    @Cassi Pot, meet kettle.



    The thing that amazes me most here is that it even states right on IRS website to not call until after your 21 day period!! That period started Jan 19th no matter when you filed or were accepted. Did you ever think how much of THEIR time you waste asking questions when there is no reason yet to ask them?? If you were notified there was a problem then call, otherwise wait the 21 days from Jan 19th and then worry and call. You guys will just go out and blow that money which in most times you did not even give the IRS it is just a tax credit that most of the rest of us paid for. Maybe if you get that refund try using it on YOUR KIDS or actually SAVE some of it or better yet put some in a retirement fund!!



    FYI I efile my taxes on 1/20/2016, accepted the same day. On 1/30 I got my ddd. Today, 2/2/2016 ssbt has deposited my refund in my credit union. None of you all know exactly how the IRS works. I don’t know. I don’t pretend to like the majority of the people on here posting bs. Maybe everyone of you that’s calling the irs everyday should quit! You just seem desperate! Maybe you get put at the bottom of the pile of millions of others they’re working on. All you talking shit to eachother are pathetic. Sorry for that but let them do their job and they will!



    @MCRT88 – check this site out…


    or search – irs daily cycle vs weekly cycle.
    it breaks down all of their processes for returns and deposits etc…



    If anyone gets a DDD tomorrow for 2/5 please let me know.. I have no bars still and all it’s saying is Your tax return is still processing will update with a DDD when available. So I am waiting…

    Filed 1/7
    accepted 1/11
    Still waiting for the approval or DDD…..

    Thank you all for your comments.



    I just spoke with my CPA. He said the refunds are taking a little longer this year. Not to worry just yet. He said most are taking about 14 days from the day you filed, but not everyone. Hoping I get a DDD soon! I know I need the extra money for some unexpected expenses. I filed on 1/26/2016, ordered my account transcript last week on the 29th. Still at 1 bar and no return transcripts. I am in TN.



    First for those who say its your money then STOP giving the IRS a free loan of your money and if its an EIC or something else it is just that a perk!! File a honest legit return and then let them do their job. All this back an forth with SO MUCH false info just confuses people and makes for mass confusion. File check and wait and if there is an issue they will notify you. Most of you are so intent and in a rush for your return to just go out and blow it on stupid things anyway. And most of the people here who are caring on and on and on get the tax credit and do not use it for any good anyways. People get real. Stop spreading false info and hope. It cracks me up how many people on here ask ” if I get deposited to Netspend card will I get it 2 days faster?? Really??? Amazing how people can be misled by a company and waste their money. You are only using a card like that because we you can not qualify because of stupidity for a REAL BANK ACCOUNT. File check wait and get return. IT really is that simple and for the few of us that end up having an issue well the IRS will gladly tell you what that is and how to fix it. Lastly and I will stop so you all can go back to spending HOURS checking website…………….THE 21 days started January 19th not when you filed or were accepted and the IRS does not have to do your return in that time period it is when the USUALLY get them done. People read and educate yourself. Bye



    Well, @Cocoarrific, there are a lot of people claiming that they ordered their 2015 return transcript. I am not saying they are lying or that they didn’t, but the IRS updated their website this year saying “please allow 2-3 weeks after filing your return electronically to order your transcripts”. So while there have been people who say they were able to order their transcripts, there are also people who say they weren’t able to order their transcripts before their refund got DD. I think the standard IRS language for that this year is “Don’t worry if you cannot order them, it may take up to 2-3 weeks before they are available.” That’s not to say that some peoples may be available sooner, just that it could be that long.



    Hello everyone,

    I’d like to give everyone an update and hopefully this will help everyone calm down a little. The reason why the IRS is taking so long is because they lost so much money last year due to fraudulent returns. To this day I know a total of 5 people this year who It shows the IRS has already filed but they actually didn’t. Being that they’re processing slowly and holding the refunds, this has given tax payers the opportunity to call in and report a fraudulent return before the money is released. Also, I called the IRS to see when my return was ACCEPTED and they told me the 26th but my tax preparer shows that my return was accepted on the 22nd so that’s probably what’s going on with everyone’s return. I wouldn’t worry too much about being audited just yet. I do believe we will start seeing updates this week and deposits for Friday the 5th.

    For those who are complaining about others complaining…. More than likely you have a DDD so of course you have no concern at this point because you know that your money is coming. Evidently you’re on this post because you were having similar issues you just lucked up and got a DDD before everyone.

    Filed: 1/22
    Accepted: 1/23 ( according to tax preparer) and 1/26 ( according to IRS)
    No DDD yet but hoping for update by Wed. and DD by Friday.

    Good luck everyone!!!



    Filed 1/26
    Accepted 1/26
    Refund Sent 2/2



    Filed 1/26
    Accepted 1/26
    Refund was sent to bank 2/2



    Filed: 1/21/2916
    Accepted: 1/22/2016
    No DDD yet

    Roommate filed hour after me, accepted next day and DDD of 2/3/2016 on 1/30/2016.

    Both of our taxes were the same with dependants, not sure why his was accepted and mine was not. Both filed with HR Block.



    @Jim G… not really a waste of money since they are free. Well, maybe since they are blank it is technically the waste of postage. That’s it.


    Lynzye Debenport

    I also have a question. My bank account is showing not pending transactions.. Does that matter as far as if the money will be there tomorrow or can it just basically show up?


    Lynzye Debenport

    I filed Jan15th got accepted Jan19th got approved on the 22nd and got a date that I would receive my money on the 3rd which is tomorrow….. I really hope so wish me luck everyone!!



    @cocoariffic I ordered mine last week (account only) and it came yesterday. It was blank. So likely they are saying they dont have information but you can order them. It even had 2015 on the top. Hope thats helps clear up the confusion a little.


    2016 Tax payer

    Maybe the wmr app and irs website is so bombarded with people checking that its lagging on showing more bars…(maybe idk for sure just assuming) i mean there are THOUSANDS of people im sure checking non stop so it could just be that its over loaded.. That’s what I’m thinking… Helps keeps the anxiety at bay lol



    OK so I called the IRS to order my transcripts for 2015 filed taxes. I called due to the website not accepting my address. They told me that 2015 transcripts were not available for ANYONE yet. So to all the people who claim to have ordered their transcripts already…. Are you positive that you didn’t order 2014 transcripts? Did the IRS give me false information? I spoke to a family member who works for hr block who also confirmed what the IRS told me. Now I’m really confused….






    I’m tired of the people whining about people whining!!! If you don’t want to be part of a discussion sharing concerns, expressing frustration, or coming up with potential reasons then DON’T come on this forum! People saying others are whining is ridiculous, no one is forcing you to participate in this thread! Clearly you care or wouldn’t be here either!



    Filed:January 18,2016
    Accepted: January 21,2016
    Approved:January 30,2016
    DDD:February 3,2016
    So as of today February 2,2016 I’m just waiting on either my deposit today or tomorrow! My fingers are crossed…GOOD LUCK EVERYONE


    Jim G

    I filed on January 9th, 2016 and was accepted on 1/13/2016,
    I had one bar up until Saturday 1/30/2016, when the second bar had appeared with a deposit date of Feb. 3rd, 2016.

    P.s. Ordering a transcript of your taxes is a waste of money! It does not help you get your return any faster. What it does for you is let you know that the Irs has accepted and processed your return and is completed. It is simply that and only that. (Think about it! when the Irs is done processing the entire return, then and only then will you get the transcript). The money or return is then released.



    Got my DDD Saturday morning, should have it in my account tomorrow.



    I think we will all be 2/5 im gonna try to be optimistic about it



    @t COX

    First off, being irritated is not “whining”, being irritated is being frustrated that there has been no updates, or communication, when it has taken longer this year to get your money that you are OWED back. That money is not theirs that they are “Giving” to me, it is my money that was over-paid and owed back to me. They have been doing this since 1862. Ya sure, if I made a ton of money and didn’t get a return because of how much I made then that would be a different story. But I don’t make a ton of money, I have children to support, and they don’t have any issues taking the money from my paychecks every single month.
    Second, IF I DO NOT get an update tonight for a DDD of 2/5, then the next date I can get a deposit would be 2/10 at the EARLIEST which would be PAST my 21 day period.

    So finally, what I was saying was that it has never taken this long, that it is frustrating that there has been no updates or correspondence, that when you call them they WONT answer you (not can’t, WONT), and hopefully I will get a DDD for 2/5 tomorrow or I will then be past my 21 days.
    This site is for people to get on to and voice opinions, share their frustrations, emotions, concerns, etc. about tax time with others, try to figure out what is going on with their refund, get advice from others that have knowledge or even just theories, and share current and past experiences in dealing with things. THAT IS WHAT THIS FORUM IS FOR.. I am sick of people getting on here and talking sh**, I have been on this site the past 3 years and it seems like more than ever, people are just being rude to others.

    SO, Even if somebody wants to get on here and “whine” about not having their refund yet, THEY SHOULD BE ABLE TO DO THAT WITHOUT CRITICISM!



    as of this morning
    filed 1/19
    accepted 1/21
    still on one bar
    can’t order return transcripts



    Don’t feel bad I filed and was accepted on the 19th. Still only at 1 bar, I check everyday and nothing. Last year I filed on the 19th and got paid by 256



    Ok…it’s taking as long as it always does, you just got approved faster. The March 1st thing is a myth, not truth. The IRS tells you one thing If you call before 21 days are up…you have to wait 21 days. They update every night, deposit everyday. I have been reading on this forum for days, we’ll actually years, this is the same thing every year. Patients folks, refunds are happening DAILY, maybe if people could possibly post filed date, accepted date and when you get it your ddd, that would help figure out time frames. Have a beautiful day everyone.

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