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    I am

    Irs website bk up and running has anyone got a DDD yet??

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    Just got off the phone with IRS they said my refund is scheduled to be sent out 12am tonight so I guess that means getting it on the exact day well worries are over see you guys next tax season



    DDD 2/10 filed with TT on my netspend but no deposit!




    I know what DDD (Direct Deposit Date) I already got mine honey 2/10
    Now like i mentioned below I STILL HAVE NO DD (Direct Deposit) RESEARCH before you try and correct someone!


    J Paukl

    I called the IRS to ask about another unrelated issue from a previous year. The rep I spoke to ended up looking into my returns and said my filings will be manually verified this year and instead of it taking the standard 3 weeks it will now take a week longer and be processed in 4 weeks. I filed and was accepted on 2/1. Does anyone else have a similar issue or experienced this in the past?



    @carla they haven’t sent my money either not even a pending it’s getting annoying



    @employee1138 I know what it means I’m just used to getting it early that’s all I don’t know what the irs is doing this year but it’s bull



    WTF!!! I swear the IRS is playing games, why is it that ppl who filed after have already gotten their money and I still.dont have a deposit, not even a pending deposit, like if my dd is the 10th, why havent they sent the $$$?? This is so confusing, Im going to check at noon and six today. Irs you get a super duper side eye today??



    What is going on?




    Not Direct Deposit.



    Still no DD ahhhhh! oh well



    Ddd 2/10 nothing in bank yet!!!




    I hope so! I was doing some research and I saw that the irs does most updates between midnight to 6 am, so I would check at midnight, 4, then after 6 am. I might not be able to sleep tonight Im so freaking anxious! Lol
    The Irs is really taking their time this year, they act like its their money they are giving away! Lol




    Thank you for the info…. Do u think we will see a deposit through the middle of the night? I sure hope so lol



    I think we will all get it around 12:30am last year I didn’t get mine until 5:07pm hopefully its sooner fingers crossed ya’ll we almost done playing this BS waiting game! lol



    @ Amanda

    Ive been checking all day, nothing yet. Now usually what happened in the past was at midnight like 2 days before the scheduled due date sometimes a day b4, the deposit would post, minus fees. So the fact that we dont see it as of yet could be that they might not send it out til the 9th. I subscribed to text alerts, but I just keep checking republic banks website, because Im not sure if they will alert me when they get it or when they actually post it. Ill keep u posted tho. Matter of fact, I need tp check it now! Lol



    @Carmen my boyfriend and i both filed 1/30 accepted same day Saturday woke up to no bars no tt 152 cant get transcripts but my boyfriend checked his on Saturday morning and is approved with a ddd of 2/10 this is such BULLSHIT i just want my dayum money. i work hard all year long and they have no problem taking taxes out of your check but make you jump through dayum hoops to get it back. Its NEVER TOOK THIS freaking long to get MY MONEY back!!!



    No not yet I have dd for Feb 10/as well and no update yet for me on sbbt but its okay I know the waiting game is almost done !


    Bob Marley

    Has anyone seen their deposit in sbbt yet



    @Peggy G. How were you able to call the IRS on a Sunday? I thought they were closed?



    Have you received your deposit yet or has the website said they have received your refund yet?


    Peggy G.

    We filed with H & R Block. Our return was accepted 1/14/16 with the early test batch. We waited and waited and the WMR site did not say approved. We also could not get our transcripts. Finally, yesterday, I called the IRS. They said our refund is approved and we will get our refund 2/10/16.
    Never ever have we had such a long wait time for a refund. Back in the days of refund anticipation loans, we would go to H & R Block and gladly pay $450-$500 in order to get our money within 24 hours. It was worth it to us, because we use our income tax refund to pay yearly expenses (our car insurance, our Medicare Part D premiums, property tax, etc. Those bills are due by Feb 15 each year. There are huge late fees if you do not pay on time. After RALs were abolished, we were forced to file earlier and earlier in hopes of getting our refund in time. This year, we had to file before my husband got his W-2. (We had to beg his boss for the final numbers. Luckily, his boss had them, so I was able to file online.) We’ve always had our refund in the last week of Jan… not happy this year.



    How do you know what bank is issuing the refund??



    I’m pretty sure SBBT is on pacific time so 2pm for them would be 4pm central, 5pm eastern I could be wrong but just saying.

    @Trish there should be an unsubscribe button if you don’t want to get the emails




    Fron past experience, republic bank took.their fees out and transferred my money asap, usually 2 days early. However, I think the Irs is dragging their feet.



    Did anyone get an update on sbtpg after 2pm? I didn’t -____-



    WELP!!! I guess we will really get our money on 2/10 i’m soooooo over this ish this year. I have NEVERRR waited this long for a refund smh.



    STFU! no one asked for your negativity ppl can be concerned WTF DO YOU CARE?



    Do anyone know what code 1121 mean



    I have been lurking on this site for weeks, so I wanted to tell you my experience.

    Filed 01/19/16 (TurboTax – Paid in advance)

    Accepted 01/19/16

    Finally able to Order Return Transcript 02/05/16

    Lost Bars 02/05/16

    Got DDD on 02/06/16 for 02/10/16

    Checked bank this morning and nothing

    Re-Checked Bank (IH Credit Union) about 15 minutes ago and had Pending Deposit scheduled for 02/10/16

    So, maybe just keep checking your bank thru-out the day



    If any one gets an update from sbtpg today after 2pm please let me know. I have a 2/10 DDD but was REALLY hoping to have my money today :(



    Will you guys stop it already. Be thankful that you have a DDD. No one knows when you’ll get it. Just keep checking with your bank until you see your funds. I understood when everyone was concerned with the big wait but now you guys are getting out of hand and I’m tired of my email bowing up. How do you unsubscribe from this thread???




    Thanks for writing back :)
    Do you get your refund a day early from republic bank or is it the exact day of the direct deposit?



    I have DDD for 2/10 I chose netspend to receive my refund I’m seeing people that have gotten theirs today but I haven’t I’m not even seeing any pending transactions. Is this normal, should I be worried?



    Did of 2/10 but sbbt saying they don’t see anything yet




    Who deposits twice a day?



    Keep checking after 2pm y’all. They deposit two times early morning the next after 2. Like clock work for the past 3 years I’ve gotten around 3 pm,my mother,cousin,and I have while my sister gets her around 12am the same day. We all have netspend accounts. So just look for it
    after 2 pm EST. I’m sure we all will be getting our money in a couple hours.




    Yes my card is registered. I have been using it for about a year now. I can see everything that happens on the website as well.

    I’m talking about how everyone is checking these sites like republic bank and some sbbt something.

    Hrb doesn’t have a place I can go to check if they have my funds.

    Do you know of one?



    @Hopefully, Didn’t you register your card online or over the phone? You can go to Greendot.com and sign up I check my balance and purchases online from that website. It’s just like an online Bank account.





    This is the first year I have used a green dot card for irs refund.
    I thought it may post earlier because of my dd for work.
    (Payroll done on Mondays, I receive my money on Tuesday, everyone else I work with don’t get their money in till Wednesday)

    I used hrb so I do not have a website to go and check status.



    I filed on the 28th and got accepted within minutes. People who did their taxes up to 5 days after me have gotten a ddd I’m still at the processing stage. Does anyone know if tonight is the ddd update? I just would really like to know what’s going on.



    i checked sbbt 10 min ago, it said irs has not deposited refund by 01-01-0001 call the irs. i check sbbt 10 min later, that message is gone and back to default we aint got your funds yet with no expected date. wtf gives?



    I bank with GreenDot and I have been getting my DD from IRS for past 3 yrs on debit card and it’s ALWAYS came on the day WMR says it’s gonna be deposited, so if it says the 10th , then it will be (mine usually loads around 6am EST).




    Thanks so much. I have used hrb for many years as well. I never followed it though because I always received my refund right away. This year has taken so long that I did follow wmr.
    It’s amazing when your state refund has been approved before federal.

    I was accepted 1/22

    As soon as anything happens,I will let you know.

    Please do the same if anything happens for you.



    @Hopefully you are not the only one
    i filed on 1/21 acc the same day and ddd of 02/10 with green dot no pending deposit checked the http://taxpayer.svtpg.com/ still no deposit received, if you get any info plz share



    @hopefully we have used hr for MANY years we have very rarely got our money early from them its almost always on the ddd.



    Just found out that the reason I haven’t received my refund is because I didn’t fill out Form 1095-A “Health Insurance Marketplace Statement”. So basically they are holding my money ransom because I didn’t report that I received Obamacare last year. I’m on hold right now as I type this, waiting for an IRS representative to pick up so that I can get further instructions on how to file this form so that they can release the money that’s owed to me. I’ll update when I have some concrete information.



    I filed through hrb. Fees to be taken out of refund. Ddd of 2/10. Green dot card.
    No deposit yet. Not even pending.

    Is anyone in the same boat?

    Just wondering if I’m going to have to wait the whole time till the 10th



    Question for those 2/10’s who got their refunds earlier this mrning/last night….. Did you all’s wmr updated also?!??



    Used TaxAct as well, got DDD for 02/10/16. As of today, Republic Bank still says $0.00 refund received for your social security #. Hoping that maybe we will get it tomorrow, but we might have to hold out until Wednesday. If anyone does get theirs earlier, please post !! :)



    @JimDeCarlo just make sure you take care of your loans… It’s very easy to take them out of default. Whoever is holding your debt, call the number… And they going to either ask you to pay a balance up front to automatically take it out of default…. Or you can make payments according to how much you can give them from what they calculate for 6mths I do believe. That can also take you out of default if you pay on time each mth, only after 6mths though. Your loans won’t be erase but it will take them out of default. Yes take care of that asap because I know ppl who owe who got their tax refunds taken because of that! They probably won’t take anything this year but I wouldn’t keep pushing it to the side if I was you. They will start garnishing…

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