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    I am

    Irs website bk up and running has anyone got a DDD yet??

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    I got my W2’s early on in January, but the Healthcare Marketplace hadn’t sent me my 1095-A forms yet, so I filed my taxes without including them (bad decision, I should have just patiently waited for the forms to come – lesson learned). So when the IRS went to process my e-filed 2015 tax return, the system notified them that I had Obamacare and that my return was missing the necessary forms, so the IRS suspended my refund :-( Long story short; my refund was delayed a whole month because of my foolishness. I FINALLY have a DDD for March 2nd, so there is hope for all of you in a similar situations as mine :-)

    Here was my timeline:

    . Filed and was accepted on 1/19

    . Able to order my account transcript on 2/5

    . Received letter from IRS stating that I had to send in forms 8962 & 1095-A on 2/10 (the letter also asked me to send in a newly computed page 2 of my tax return with my signature on it. I DID NOT SEND IN THIS FORM, BECAUSE THE LETTER STATED TO DO SO “IF APPLICABLE”. The fax number on my letter was: 1-855-262-0485. I’m in Pennsylvania. EVERY FAX NUMBER IS DIFFERENT. I suggest that you wait for your OWN letter to come with your unique fax number on it).

    . I faxed all of my info back in to the IRS on 2/11

    . On 2/26 I spoke with an IRS representative who told me that my paperwork was finished processing, and that my refund was going to be deposited into my account on 3/2. I also was able to order my return transcript that same day.

    . On 2/27 WMR finally updated to show my NEW refund amount (I was expecting $7,200, but I owed $500 back to the IRS for the Obamacare and also $3,600 back to the IRS for a 2013 over-payment).

    Now I’m just waiting for my money to hit my Netspend card (I did my taxes through TurboTax, so my refund will go to them first so that they can take out their fees, and then to my Netspend card).

    There is light at the end of the tunnel for us guys :-) … I didn’t think so at first because the IRS said that it would take 6-8 weeks for me to receive my refund after I faxed those forms back in. It actually took about 4 weeks.

    Hang in there guys… it’s coming :-)



    my ddd is for today 2/24 and on the wmr site it says received and approved but NOT sent. Not sure what to do at this point



    I filed early, 1-14. Got accepted the 16th. After weeks of checking WMR I had given up thinking I got audited then I decide to check today and my DDD is 2-18.



    I filed 2/8 with tax topic 152, with only 1 bar, with TT .I can order my account transcripts but not the other.I am getting it direct deposit.Shouldn’t I be getting a DDD soon?



    I won $1000 from hrblock #grandplan ???????????????????????? hope everyone receive there money soon



    Filed on Jan. 19th, called in on Feb. 9th and found out I had to verify my identity, she said it could be up to 9 weeks, so I was sad lol… but then last night (2/12/16) I got a notification from Money Network (the card I’m using for DD), saying I had a pending deposit for Feb. 19th … :D



    So I received a Brinks Netspend card yesterday and activated it this morning. My DDD is today but I have no deposit and CS said there are no pending transactions and it doesn’t show where my funds was sent back to the IRS. Should I be worried?



    Filed through taxact opted to have fees takin out DDD today received at 2:32am :)
    For everyone on here THANK YOU for all the info y’all have helped me stay sane these long past few weeks :)



    Money is in my bank account. TT or WMR never updated. For those of you who are still waiting, check your bank – not WMR or your preparer – you will disappoint yourself! Thank you all for the comfort and information during this ordeal. Take care!



    Wmr shows refund approved but my refund was sent to my emerald card at 1:10am.



    DDD 2/10, using emerald card with fees taken out and funds hit my card at 12:05 am. I did have to go in and check my account to find that out tho, didnt get a message or anything like that but its there.



    My refund is already been sent to my bank and will post by 6am. And my WMR doesn’t show sent. So i wouldn’t go by that.



    DDD 2/10 HRB Emerald Card
    Still waiting, hoping it updates through the night. WMR still doesn’t show sent.



    Filed at H&R block on 1/20
    Accepted 1/22
    DDD 2/10
    Funds being loaded to an emerald card.
    Still no refund on my card yet. Keeping my fingers crossed its on there in the morning



    Has anyone received a direct deposit from republic bank yet with a DDD of 02/10??? Just curious mine still hasn’t posted and website says it was sent to my bank….

    Have u received yours yet?



    Well I’m happy for everyone receiving their money. I still have nothing on my netspend. Hopefully I will tomorrow!



    Yes I didn’t get mines either and my DDD is 2/10. I put mines on rushcard, thru H & R block. So hopefully in the morning it will be there. Good luck all.






    Filed 1/20 DDD 2/10 nothing in the account yet but in the words of Rihanna B**** better have money!!! Tomorrow !!!



    Filed 1/13

    Accepted 1/19

    WMR bar disappeared 2/6

    no codes I still have tax topic 152

    It says my refund is still processing and a refund date will be provided when available.



    Nvm I found my answer…

    The Refund Transfer (RT) is a quick and cost effective method for your client to receive their federal tax refund. The federal tax refund is usually available within 7-14 days from the time the client’s tax return is electronically filed. When the IRS deposits your client’s refund with SBBT, SBBT deducts all applicable fees from the refund amount and disburses the balance of the refund to your client. Your client can choose one of the following disbursement methods to receive the refund proceeds: SBBT Cashier’s check, SBBT Cash Card, or ACH Direct Deposit.(1) Your fees are deducted from the refund and deposited to your bank account within 24 hours after SBBT receives the IRS refund.



    SBBT has received my refund but my FNBT shows no pending transactions. Should I be concerned?


    Monday, February 8, 2016
    Press Release
    Justice Department Sues to Permanently Shut Down Liberty Tax Service Franchise Owner

    Wednesday, February 3, 2016
    Press Release
    Three Texas Tax Return Preparers Convicted of Filing False Tax Returns for Clients

    USAG Loretta “The Law” Lynch is TOUGH! She is VERY INTIMIDATING I hope TurboTax has that EDUCATION CREDIT RIGHT….



    GREENDOT card holders….filed on 01/20 acc the same day..dd for 2/10 but has posted to my account!!! yaay



    @still waiting H&R block uses Bofl. I have my refund coming to an emerald card still doesn’t show anything. I call the bank and they said as soon as the get the funds they go right on the emerald card. I’m thinking I won’t see anything until midnight tonight I was hoping to see something on there by now since wmr says by February 10th.



    @tonah thank you



    Does anyone know what bank does h&r block distribute their funds through? I have a ddd of 02/10/16 but nothing is showing up on sbbt nor my bank!!



    @waiting my mom in law filed with liberty her ddd is 2/10 but she recieved it today



    Hi has anyone file with liberty tax and got anything yet as far as dd?



    K so after a 21 day wait period which I e never done before call IRS this morning to find out I’m in review and it will take about 30 days till I receive info from them and then my refund will be released wth this is just wrong I’m soooo frustrated.

    Anyone else on the same boat??




    Hey just got a text from republic bank saying my funds have been sent to my rushcard! Check your status on republic banks’ website!

    Let me know ! Good luck???



    SBTPG has received my funds to deposit. Congratulations everyone and please consider putting some money in 3, 6, and 9 month CDs (certificates of deposit, some banks have as little as $250 min deposits) so you will have money all year! Look into opening an IRA as well and savings for your kids. Trust me, it’s greater later! Answer those collections phone calls and negotiate to settle your debt for a lower amount. Let’s invest in ourselves and get closer to being debt free this year! Good luck :)



    So if sbbt receive our refund would it possible they send it out today and not tomorrow?



    Has anyone received a direct deposit from republic bank yet?



    Finally SBTPG has received my funds now just to be deposit. Yayyyy!!



    Does anyone know how long it takes Republican bank to release funds to your bank account I am seeing mine hit republican bank but they have yet to send them over to me?
    anybody know?



    Santa Barbara has received my money now just waiting for it to hit my bank



    Jackson Hewitt ppl, my republic bank account showing refund has been received and sent out to my bank. Ddd 2/10 took an extra day than just doing it myself threw turbo tax.



    Hey every one SBTPG just received my money! Hopefully PNC gets it today if not i’ll have it tomorrow!!! good luck to every one else



    So Republican bank has received my money and taken out the fees now i am just waiting on them to send me my monnneeyy lol FINALLY!

    FILED: 1/15
    ACCEPTED: 1/15
    APPROVED: 2/6
    DDD: 2/10


    its ME

    check now buddies for 2/10 DDD. Hit at 8am….



    Filed (and accepted) via TT 1/31
    On 2/4 I woke up to approved & a DDD of 2/8

    Yesterday WMR still said approved and this morning on the 9th, WMR said its been sent out but Amex Bluebird said there’s no pending deposits.

    Just really frustrating. Last year I got my refund the morning it said I would and I get my DD at work with this card and it’s always a day early. Hmmm.



    It doesn’t say press 1 for english it just says “Our office is currently closed” and then says it in spanish.



    @employee1138 are u sure they open at 7am trust me I called at 659am so I wouldn’t have a wait it should say press 1 for English then enter ur parties extension an it connects u right through



    I get a message saying that the office is currently closed and doesn’t give me an option to enter the extension number. When I enter it in it doesn’t do anything.



    @employee1138 18008290582 ext#652



    Good morning to all ! Does anyone know how long after sbbt recieves their fees , how long after do they send your money to your bank ?



    What’s the number? I need to call : (



    @employee1138 there phone lines cut on at 7am there open call them an today is that 21st day mark so they looking in accounts also



    @ineedmymoneynow How were you able to call them if their office is closed?



    Just got off the phone with IRS they said my refund is scheduled to be sent out 12am tonight so I guess that means getting it on the exact day well worries are over see you guys next tax season



    DDD 2/10 filed with TT on my netspend but no deposit!




    I know what DDD (Direct Deposit Date) I already got mine honey 2/10
    Now like i mentioned below I STILL HAVE NO DD (Direct Deposit) RESEARCH before you try and correct someone!


    J Paukl

    I called the IRS to ask about another unrelated issue from a previous year. The rep I spoke to ended up looking into my returns and said my filings will be manually verified this year and instead of it taking the standard 3 weeks it will now take a week longer and be processed in 4 weeks. I filed and was accepted on 2/1. Does anyone else have a similar issue or experienced this in the past?



    @carla they haven’t sent my money either not even a pending it’s getting annoying



    @employee1138 I know what it means I’m just used to getting it early that’s all I don’t know what the irs is doing this year but it’s bull



    WTF!!! I swear the IRS is playing games, why is it that ppl who filed after have already gotten their money and I still.dont have a deposit, not even a pending deposit, like if my dd is the 10th, why havent they sent the $$$?? This is so confusing, Im going to check at noon and six today. Irs you get a super duper side eye today??



    What is going on?




    Not Direct Deposit.



    Still no DD ahhhhh! oh well



    Ddd 2/10 nothing in bank yet!!!




    I hope so! I was doing some research and I saw that the irs does most updates between midnight to 6 am, so I would check at midnight, 4, then after 6 am. I might not be able to sleep tonight Im so freaking anxious! Lol
    The Irs is really taking their time this year, they act like its their money they are giving away! Lol




    Thank you for the info…. Do u think we will see a deposit through the middle of the night? I sure hope so lol



    I think we will all get it around 12:30am last year I didn’t get mine until 5:07pm hopefully its sooner fingers crossed ya’ll we almost done playing this BS waiting game! lol



    @ Amanda

    Ive been checking all day, nothing yet. Now usually what happened in the past was at midnight like 2 days before the scheduled due date sometimes a day b4, the deposit would post, minus fees. So the fact that we dont see it as of yet could be that they might not send it out til the 9th. I subscribed to text alerts, but I just keep checking republic banks website, because Im not sure if they will alert me when they get it or when they actually post it. Ill keep u posted tho. Matter of fact, I need tp check it now! Lol



    @Carmen my boyfriend and i both filed 1/30 accepted same day Saturday woke up to no bars no tt 152 cant get transcripts but my boyfriend checked his on Saturday morning and is approved with a ddd of 2/10 this is such BULLSHIT i just want my dayum money. i work hard all year long and they have no problem taking taxes out of your check but make you jump through dayum hoops to get it back. Its NEVER TOOK THIS freaking long to get MY MONEY back!!!



    No not yet I have dd for Feb 10/as well and no update yet for me on sbbt but its okay I know the waiting game is almost done !


    Bob Marley

    Has anyone seen their deposit in sbbt yet



    @Peggy G. How were you able to call the IRS on a Sunday? I thought they were closed?



    Have you received your deposit yet or has the website said they have received your refund yet?


    Peggy G.

    We filed with H & R Block. Our return was accepted 1/14/16 with the early test batch. We waited and waited and the WMR site did not say approved. We also could not get our transcripts. Finally, yesterday, I called the IRS. They said our refund is approved and we will get our refund 2/10/16.
    Never ever have we had such a long wait time for a refund. Back in the days of refund anticipation loans, we would go to H & R Block and gladly pay $450-$500 in order to get our money within 24 hours. It was worth it to us, because we use our income tax refund to pay yearly expenses (our car insurance, our Medicare Part D premiums, property tax, etc. Those bills are due by Feb 15 each year. There are huge late fees if you do not pay on time. After RALs were abolished, we were forced to file earlier and earlier in hopes of getting our refund in time. This year, we had to file before my husband got his W-2. (We had to beg his boss for the final numbers. Luckily, his boss had them, so I was able to file online.) We’ve always had our refund in the last week of Jan… not happy this year.



    How do you know what bank is issuing the refund??



    I’m pretty sure SBBT is on pacific time so 2pm for them would be 4pm central, 5pm eastern I could be wrong but just saying.

    @Trish there should be an unsubscribe button if you don’t want to get the emails




    Fron past experience, republic bank took.their fees out and transferred my money asap, usually 2 days early. However, I think the Irs is dragging their feet.



    Did anyone get an update on sbtpg after 2pm? I didn’t -____-



    WELP!!! I guess we will really get our money on 2/10 i’m soooooo over this ish this year. I have NEVERRR waited this long for a refund smh.



    STFU! no one asked for your negativity ppl can be concerned WTF DO YOU CARE?



    Do anyone know what code 1121 mean



    I have been lurking on this site for weeks, so I wanted to tell you my experience.

    Filed 01/19/16 (TurboTax – Paid in advance)

    Accepted 01/19/16

    Finally able to Order Return Transcript 02/05/16

    Lost Bars 02/05/16

    Got DDD on 02/06/16 for 02/10/16

    Checked bank this morning and nothing

    Re-Checked Bank (IH Credit Union) about 15 minutes ago and had Pending Deposit scheduled for 02/10/16

    So, maybe just keep checking your bank thru-out the day



    If any one gets an update from sbtpg today after 2pm please let me know. I have a 2/10 DDD but was REALLY hoping to have my money today :(



    Will you guys stop it already. Be thankful that you have a DDD. No one knows when you’ll get it. Just keep checking with your bank until you see your funds. I understood when everyone was concerned with the big wait but now you guys are getting out of hand and I’m tired of my email bowing up. How do you unsubscribe from this thread???




    Thanks for writing back :)
    Do you get your refund a day early from republic bank or is it the exact day of the direct deposit?



    I have DDD for 2/10 I chose netspend to receive my refund I’m seeing people that have gotten theirs today but I haven’t I’m not even seeing any pending transactions. Is this normal, should I be worried?



    Did of 2/10 but sbbt saying they don’t see anything yet




    Who deposits twice a day?



    Keep checking after 2pm y’all. They deposit two times early morning the next after 2. Like clock work for the past 3 years I’ve gotten around 3 pm,my mother,cousin,and I have while my sister gets her around 12am the same day. We all have netspend accounts. So just look for it
    after 2 pm EST. I’m sure we all will be getting our money in a couple hours.




    Yes my card is registered. I have been using it for about a year now. I can see everything that happens on the website as well.

    I’m talking about how everyone is checking these sites like republic bank and some sbbt something.

    Hrb doesn’t have a place I can go to check if they have my funds.

    Do you know of one?



    @Hopefully, Didn’t you register your card online or over the phone? You can go to Greendot.com and sign up I check my balance and purchases online from that website. It’s just like an online Bank account.





    This is the first year I have used a green dot card for irs refund.
    I thought it may post earlier because of my dd for work.
    (Payroll done on Mondays, I receive my money on Tuesday, everyone else I work with don’t get their money in till Wednesday)

    I used hrb so I do not have a website to go and check status.



    I filed on the 28th and got accepted within minutes. People who did their taxes up to 5 days after me have gotten a ddd I’m still at the processing stage. Does anyone know if tonight is the ddd update? I just would really like to know what’s going on.



    i checked sbbt 10 min ago, it said irs has not deposited refund by 01-01-0001 call the irs. i check sbbt 10 min later, that message is gone and back to default we aint got your funds yet with no expected date. wtf gives?



    I bank with GreenDot and I have been getting my DD from IRS for past 3 yrs on debit card and it’s ALWAYS came on the day WMR says it’s gonna be deposited, so if it says the 10th , then it will be (mine usually loads around 6am EST).




    Thanks so much. I have used hrb for many years as well. I never followed it though because I always received my refund right away. This year has taken so long that I did follow wmr.
    It’s amazing when your state refund has been approved before federal.

    I was accepted 1/22

    As soon as anything happens,I will let you know.

    Please do the same if anything happens for you.



    @Hopefully you are not the only one
    i filed on 1/21 acc the same day and ddd of 02/10 with green dot no pending deposit checked the http://taxpayer.svtpg.com/ still no deposit received, if you get any info plz share



    @hopefully we have used hr for MANY years we have very rarely got our money early from them its almost always on the ddd.



    Just found out that the reason I haven’t received my refund is because I didn’t fill out Form 1095-A “Health Insurance Marketplace Statement”. So basically they are holding my money ransom because I didn’t report that I received Obamacare last year. I’m on hold right now as I type this, waiting for an IRS representative to pick up so that I can get further instructions on how to file this form so that they can release the money that’s owed to me. I’ll update when I have some concrete information.



    I filed through hrb. Fees to be taken out of refund. Ddd of 2/10. Green dot card.
    No deposit yet. Not even pending.

    Is anyone in the same boat?

    Just wondering if I’m going to have to wait the whole time till the 10th



    Question for those 2/10’s who got their refunds earlier this mrning/last night….. Did you all’s wmr updated also?!??



    Used TaxAct as well, got DDD for 02/10/16. As of today, Republic Bank still says $0.00 refund received for your social security #. Hoping that maybe we will get it tomorrow, but we might have to hold out until Wednesday. If anyone does get theirs earlier, please post !! :)



    @JimDeCarlo just make sure you take care of your loans… It’s very easy to take them out of default. Whoever is holding your debt, call the number… And they going to either ask you to pay a balance up front to automatically take it out of default…. Or you can make payments according to how much you can give them from what they calculate for 6mths I do believe. That can also take you out of default if you pay on time each mth, only after 6mths though. Your loans won’t be erase but it will take them out of default. Yes take care of that asap because I know ppl who owe who got their tax refunds taken because of that! They probably won’t take anything this year but I wouldn’t keep pushing it to the side if I was you. They will start garnishing…



    @amanda, I got a dd of 2/10 too, went through taxact, fees to be paid through refund. I have rushcard. Never had any issues with them. If you go tp http://www.republicbank.com/taxpayer , you can enter your ssn, dob, refund amount and filing status, and they will tell you if you they recieved your refund yet for fees to taken out. Ive used rushcard for 10 years, never had a problem. Dont worry we are in the same boat. If I see anything b4 you, Ill let you know! :)



    What times does sbbt update



    Jim you’re find your default probably isn’t far enough along. My cousin just received a default notice and has to days to dispute so they likely haven’t submitted it for garnishment yet. But next year if you don’t take care of it they will take it. It’s really easy to get a forebearance or deferment. There is really no reason for anyone’s loans to be in default unless they don’t have a computer or phone and even then I’m sure they can borrow someone else’s.



    When does sbbt update



    I have netspend as well and didn’t receive my DD yet my date was for 2/10 last year I didn’t get it until 5:07 pm but that is alright i also have fee’s being taken out of mine as well because i did not pay it up front.


    Angie M

    Well …@carmen

    And others…I called IRS this morning. My information said it was accepted on the 20th, they have the 22nd, guess cause of the delay. Anyway they say I should have the DD by 02/12 or the latest 02/19, just 7 days past the 21 days.

    Its not good news but its better news…..At least I don’t have to sit and worry.



    I have ddd for 2/10 I have a prepaid card and went through tax act and having fees takin out…. When should I receive my refund? Has anyone else used tax act and got their dd yet??
    Thanks all :)


    [email protected]

    So if i have received a ddd of 2-10-16 theres nothing else to worry abt holding me up right ? In previous years ive always gotten my return within 10days and once i did get my ddd it was the same day or the day after. I got it on Friday and as of today 2-8 my bank isnt even showing a pending deposit! Just wanted to make sure thats all im waiting for and i dont need to do any identity verification or anything else ! Thank u all



    @samantha I have brinks prepaid through netspend and didn’t get dd yet I’m hoping it’s because the bank wasn’t open after 8pm last night so I’m also hoping a noon deposit but who knows lol



    With Ddd of 2/10… I wonder for those who got their dd going into a personal bank account will they have their money after 12pm today. I hope so lol! Those who got netspend got their money fast lol, congrats!!!


    Angie M

    @ carmen, me too. I filed the 15th accepted 20th. Bars disappeared Friday. Not able to file refund transcripts yet. Waiting , Praying and Hoping.



    Ok I’m really pissed right now this is ridiculous..still nothing
    Filed 2/15
    Received 2/19
    Both transcripts 2/4

    Lost bars 2/6 Friday into Saturday and still no damn ddd anyone on the same boat this is nuts.



    for those with ddd of 2/10 and have recieved dd on netspend already did you have tt fees taken out of refund



    I filed through turbo tax



    Hi for yous that got your dd on your netspend card did you file using turbo tax or another tax preparer?



    I got a ddd for 2/10 but my money just posted on my netspend card about 20 minutes ago. Yay!!



    Filed 1/18 turbo tax
    Accepted 1/19
    Got my DDD on 2/6 for a deposit on 2/10 I use NetSpend and just received my deposit at 10:06….. Good luck to all



    Accepted 1/24
    Approved 2/6
    DDD 2/10
    Refund Received 2/7 10:36pm



    I have a dd for Feb 10,I have a prepaid card most likely Tuesday I will get it ,i have funds taken out for filing with turbo tax ,last year I had dd for Feb 6 and I got my money Feb 5 ,so I believe if u have no funds coming out and have a dd for the 10 you should get it tomorrow if u have fee maybe dd for tuesday if that helps .



    I have a ddd for 2-10 will i get my dd today or more likely tomorrow dd to netspend



    @ Tiba

    Thank you



    @sharon IRS releases them at 2 different times one at 12am the other around 2pm. So if its not there like 12:30 am check again after 2pm. But you will more then likely get it tomorrow.



    filed 1/22
    accepted 1/22
    one bar
    still say i should get my refund with in 21 days
    no movement since 1/22
    guess i just have to play the waiting game!



    When does the irs send the money to sbtpg? I tried looking on their site and it says they dont have anything matching my info… Ddd 2/10 getting money deposited on netspend card.



    Filed 1/25 accepted same day, approved 2/6 and DDD 2/10 hope this helps! BTW I owed the IRS and I was processed in a timely fashion. Hope this helps!



    @ waiting yes I filed 1/15 accepted 1/19 was able to order both transcripts on 2/4 and still no ddd lost bars to page stating they are still processing my return and will post a date once available..I’m soooo frustrated!



    Has anyone ever been able to order return transcript but not have a ddd? I filed and received 1/23 and ordered return transcript 2/4 but still no ddd in wmr. Only 1 bar and 152 showing.



    Finally got my DDD filed with turbotax 1/22 accepted 1/22
    got my DDD yesterday 2/6 for 2/10
    I was able to order my return transcript on 2/5 had a feeling I would have my second bar on WMR on Saturday morning 2 / 6 good luck everyone I hope you get your money sooner rather than later



    @taxpayer 2015 I have an emerald card also I talked to customer service and they told me as soon as the irs releases the funds they will go right into the cards



    Was finally approved with a DDD of 2/10. Does anyone know when the IRS will release the funds? Did use turbotax and get a net spend card. Choose the free addition so no fees have to be taken out.


    Jim DeCarlo

    I have a question about offsets. I’m in default on my student loans and i received ddd yesterday of 2/10 for the full amount with no tax topics and I called the TOP hotline and said there were no non tax debts under my SSN. Should I still be worried?


    Smarty Pants

    Filed: 1/21 Turbo Tax, Free
    Accepted: 1/21
    Account transcripts: Able to order 1/29/16
    Return transcripts: Able to order 2/5/16
    WMR: updated to 2nd bar (approved) on 2/6/16 with a DDD of 2/10/16
    Refund Option: Wells Fargo Direct Deposit



    I filed 1/25 aproved 2/6 ddd of 2/10 (2/8 with netspend)
    Boyfriend filed 2/2 approved 2/6 ddd of 2/10 (2/8 with netspend)

    Not too shabby, I really didn’t think wmr was going to update before I got it, seems they are in fact using it insync to approvals, or at least ones done the prior day. I wouldn’t get any hopes up on getting it before wmr updates, but then I do not work for irs so I wouldn’t take my word for it.



    @ piper3

    I already have been approved… And have a DDD but i know ill get it monday instead of wednesday (hopefully any way, ill get it once the irs releases it since netspend doesnt hold funds lol) im just ready to take my kids shopping lmao



    Just because you got accepted early does not mean your return was being processed; The irs started processing all returns starting 1/19. Hold tight it will come. Well all have bills to pay.



    No update for me.



    I wish the IRS woukd hurry and release the funds already… I have bills to pay and kids to spoil lmao



    I’m still waiting too me and my boyfriend we got accepted 10 n 12 and still no bars no ddd..this is really crazy I’m happy for everyone else at least I know the its making progress



    @randaysha I feel u I’m on the same waiting line as you sorry to hear u got evicted just keep ur head up I’m hoping to have some good news when I wake up Monday since I already see nothing changed today..soooo stressed


    sherri n

    Filed the 19th just now got a Dodd of Feb 10th



    Wowwww this is the longest I’ve ever waited for my refund and all these people that are just doing there taxes are already getting a ddd..I filed on the 15th got accepted the 19th only update today was no bars with ur return is still being processed a refund date will be updated when available..are u kidding me wish I knew how they are working cause geeshhhhhh this waiting game sucksssssss!!!!



    Well guys, there is one simple word that gives us a little hope that we could possibly get the refund sooner than the 10th. The wmr site says your refund will be sent “by” the 10th. Not “on” the 10th. So there is some hope!:)



    In the future, we’ll be able to take care of all DMV processes from home, and getting a degree will take half the time, but the IRS will still tell us to allow 21 days for our refunds :D



    @randaysha first time filers take a little while but hopefully u get your money soon. I’ve been in the same position with my 8 month old and boy I must say it was the worse. Praying on you getting your return sometime next week.



    @Randal ha I really hope you get a DDD SOON. I’ve been where you are before. Hopefully you get an update overnight. Are you able to order your return transcripts???



    This thread has lightened up a bit since most people have received a ddd. I hope everyone receives their money in a timely fashion l.



    @elizabeth haha why don’t you explain to me the difference between “within a week” and “the frist week”? My point stands- just because you or or friends or anybody else got their refunds by a certain time doesn’t mean everyone is entitled to have that same experience.



    I filed with H & R Block on 1-20-2016 — – was accepted on 1-22-2016.

    Check IRS — 2-6-2016 —- APPROVED w/ a DD of 2-10-2016

    Do anyone know how does the Emerald card works with H & R Block — Will I receive the funds 1-2 days faster of what??????



    Randaysha Banks

    This is my first time filing taxes ever and I’m so stressed out I just recently got evicted and I’m trying to move I lost everything including all my furniture because of someone I thought was my friend I’m becoming stressed out because I filed on the fifteenth of January was accepted the 19th but I don’t have a ddd everything was done right I have no error codes just everyone around me is receiving a ddd and I have nothing yet I really just wanna cry



    Now my mom how ever went through this. Filed:1/21 accepted 15 mins later
    1/29:able to order account transcript
    1/30: Her bars and topic 152 disappeared
    2/5: still unable to order return account transcript but called and had no offsets
    2/6: still no DDD
    Hope she sees an update by Monday. Last year she had to verify her identity (she’s old fashion and went to the local IRS building sat for 4 hours for a 2 sec verification) but had her return after that in 7 days. So idk I’m going to have her call Monday if there’s no movement for a possible identity verification..



    Just wondering if you all with DD dates of you also got a text. I used Tax Act and signed up for text notifications I have yet to get a updated text only had one from the day I submitted so wasn’t sure if anyone else signed up for text notifications and got their DD date from WMR but not text from filing company yet thanks



    Yayy. Progress finally.I filed 1/24 and was accepted an hour later. I changed my address this year Nd could not order my return transcript with the correct address. I was able to order account transcript 1/29 with old address. Yesterday morning after reading through this post my cousin,my best friend, and I seen where people were able to now order return transcripts. So we too tried (cousin filed the 23rd of January and was accepted 5 mins later. Friend filed 16th) and BAM we all were able to get them FINALLY. I told them I bet WMR updates tomorrow.I woke up at 5:45 am and first checked here lol and sure enough ppl were getting a DDD 2/10 . so I tried mines and what do u know 2 bars…FOR ALL 3 of us!! The wait is finally over. If you have a netspend card you should have it Monday. SBTPG releases at 12am and 2PM. So 2 deposits made. That’s why u see some get it in there account at 12:30am then others at like 3pm. Hope this helps. I thank you all for keeping me sane.



    I filed on 1/20/16. We got state back a couple of weeks ago. We had nothing updated on wmr until last night. I was able to order our return transcripts and this morning when I woke up around 6:30 am we were approved and have a ddd of 2/10/16! Thank god….the 10’th marks 21 days…



    I have a DDD of 2/10 as well and use netspend. DD are set up to process about 1 to 2 days earlier just like payroll. More than likely they will send the processing overnight Sunday into Monday so for those of you using netspend I would look for it any of those days. It really depends on when they send it out, at night or in the morning Monday but netspend will not hold the funds so as soon as they get it, we get it. Netspend is also on pacific time so for me in Michigan they are 3 hours behind us. Hope this helps



    Yippee. Finally we are seeing movement.

    Filed 1/22
    Return transcript avail 2/5
    Got ddd 2/6
    Ddd for 2/10
    Hr block

    BUT PLEASE… I have seen this question asked a few times and have tried to find the answer and would appreciate one if anyone knows.

    What days does irs submit direct deposits to banks. Do they submit transactions on the weekends. I used to work at a bank. I am assuming that anyone who got a ddd today. The irs submitted last night. Then anything done over the weekend is processed as if was done on a monday, so maybe Tuesday for ddd 2/10 you might see it. But if anyone’s knows what days and times irs submits refunds that would be great. I don’t think cards like bluebird by amex, nets pend etc process exactly like banks. I always get my paycheck earlier than coworkers who have the usual banks. PLEASE GIVE US INSIGHT SOMEONE IF YOU HAVE IT.

    Oh and thanks to all the fellow people out there on this topic. It has helped to read all your posts the last week.



    I filled Tuesday 2/2
    was accepted w/ one bar on 2/2
    Rec’s a DDD this morning (2/6) after 4am for Wednesday 2/10
    I’m using a Money Network Visa- Payroll Card (which I’ve never done before) but it said you could and I’m pretty sure they are affiliated with Netspend/MetaBank ?
    Has anyone else used this DD method before?



    Filed on – 1/10/16
    Accepted on – 1/13/16
    Approved on – 2/6/16
    DDD of – 2/10/16
    I would just like to say that the first come, first serve quote on the irs page is a load of s***. Most of the time I file early and get it b4 the end of the January. I have seen that people filed way later then me and have received they’re refund a week after they filed. That’s just crazy. But what are ya gonna do!!!



    @ suzy Q

    Thank you…. Im hoping i get it by monday… But sometime today would be awesome as well lol




    My bank is usually slow about showing deposits and mine still showed up 2 days earlier than the irs said it would even be released – irs said my DDD date was 2/8/16 and I should expect funds to be available in my account no later than 2/13/16 but Ichecked my account at 12:30 am this morning (2/6/16) and it showed as pending transaction that was available to spend now. I would say it is highly possible that those with a DDD of 2/10/16 will have their funds on Monday (2/8/16). Hope you get yours soon!



    I have been lurking and keeping in the loop. The people here have more information than the friends that work at the IRS my other friend has LOL. Contrary to what some may believe the ability to order your return transcript does indeed have something to do with the DDD.
    Filed: 1/19 via HR Block online
    Accepted: 1/22
    Was not able to order transcripts Thursday, could however order last night. I texted to my friend that I would have my DDD in a couple of days and BOOM woke up this morning to a 2/10 date. I usually get my refunds on Fridays so yes they seem to be a few days behind. Be patients its coming!

    This site is a wealth of knowledge, just go through the posts and the answer to your question is probably there.



    @Mya I was able to order my transcripts on Thursday morning both but still nothing only update over night was loosing bar to just a message saying it’s being prossed and a date will be posted once available..grrrrrr ..Hope somerhing come up soon I really need my money



    Netspend normally deposits my money 2 days early would they do it on Sunday because I have a DDD of 2/10 and 2 days early would be tomorrow or do I have to wait until Monday?



    Does anyone know about what time does the refund get deposited on a netspend card last year I got mine at 5:07pm will it come at the same time this year? Or has anyone received theirs in the morning?



    @Carmen no bars most certainly means that they are in the process of looking over your refund in 3 days or less you will have a DDD and be able to order your transcript I filed on the 15th as well my bars went away on the 2nd and I ordered my transcript on the 5th got a DDD today its coming!



    Btw…if you were able to get return transcripts yesterday you get a ddd in 24-48 hours. First batch or second, if no Ddd date today you WILL have one tomorrow and ddd of 2/12:) don’t freak out. You are approved!



    I filed 1/14 accepted 1/20 , was able to order return transcript yesterday. So anxious this morning to check the bars so I came here first….yep 2 bars with a ddd of 2/10. Woot..Woot..if I wouldn’t have gotten 2 bars I would have freaked out. Sorry to those that don’t have there’s yet, you will probably get yours only 2 day’s after we get ours. There is a big refund 2/10 and 2/12. If you can order your return it is done and approved you will be 2/12 ddd. So thankful for this site it kept me in the loop and I knew I wasn’t alone…until next year:)!!!!



    Filed and accepted 1/15/16, been at one bar since. Was finally able to order my return transcript yesterday. Checked WMR this morning and finally have a second bar and a DDD of 2/10/16. It’s great to have a DDD however I am kind of pissed that the IRS screwed the pooch right up until the end.






    Does anyone know exactly when or about when the IRS will relase the funds? Do they relase them on weekends? Woke uo with ddd of 2/10… Depositing on my netspend card so once irs releases the money i wont have a hold on them. So just curious as to when they do



    I filed on 1/26/16
    IRS says accepted 1/28/16
    Able to order return transcript 2/5/16
    No update as of 2/6/16
    1 current offset of 1600$ return a little over 7k
    Will this hold my return back



    I filed 1/25 and still sitting on one bar. I had a ton of friends that called me to tell me that they got their DDD of 2/10, some filed in Feb. Everyone was telling me to check WMR, and boom…nothing. I feel like calling Chuck Norris to roundhouse the IRS…



    Filed 2/27
    Accepted 2/27
    Approved 2/6
    DDD of 2/10




    I filed and was accepted on 1/22.
    I am still on one bar and cannot order transcripts. My new address is not working. Put in my old address and my info came up but 2015 return transcripts were not available.



    Filed 1/15
    Accepted 1/19
    Woke up today from having 1 bar to none only says your return is still being processed.. Anyone else on the same boat?



    was able to order return transcripts yesterday and woke up today with my 2nd bar! awwwwwww yeeaaahhhhh. too bad it wont be deposited for 4 more days but it’s cool I guess

    filed & recieved 1/20
    approved 2/6
    DDD 2/10

    see y’all next year!



    I’ve been trolling this site for weeks and it’s great to see that everyone saw a DDD for their returns. This forum was informative, informative and comforting. Thank you and good luck, everyone. Remember, pay yourself first!

    Filed 1/14
    Accepted 1/14
    Bars disappeared 1/30

    2 bars, DDD 2/10 :^)



    Does anyone know when the bank actually sends the refund to the banks



    Woke up to DDD of 2/10 Finally got my second bar..Good luck to everyone…


    finally happy

    yes!!!!!!!!. Like everyone else I was able to get my return transcript yesterday. I was terrified to check WMR this morning cause i couldnt take the let down. I had to check on here first to see how it went for everyone else. Finally approved for exactly the last day they could deposit within 21 days. Thanks all for the help!!!!!!!!!!!!


    just me

    Filed on 1-14 accepted 1-15. Bars disappeared last week and no return transcript til yesterday 2-5. Woke up with ddd of 2-10. Guess we were all in an uproar for nothing lol



    Just wanted to update everyone,I’m happy to say i got that second bar and a deposit date of 2/10. Good luck everyone…until next year ;-)



    Filed 1/18
    Accepted 1/20
    Was able to order refund transcripts 2/5
    Finally got ddd this morning for 2/10
    Does anyone know what day the irs actually sends deposit to bank?



    Don’t get discouraged too quickly, I have seen numerous ppl get a dd and not be able to order transcripts and wmr never update. I just kept checking my return transcripts constantly. I’m sure your refund is coming! You’ll probably get it on the 10th if you filed 1-19. Wmr might update for you on Monday. If come Monday you can’t order return transcript or wmr hasn’t updated you might want to call them BC they may just need you to ID verify or something. Fingers crossed for you!



    Filed: 1/20
    Accepted: 1/20
    Return transcript 2/5
    DDD: 2/10



    I also have a netspend card I have never gotten my refund two days early but I remember last I had a DDD for Feb 6 and got it Feb 5 which was a Thursday but I did have fees come out for turbo tax if that’s helps for the ones who ask about the prepaid cards



    So glad to see everyone got their DDD! Someone had already said it but I’ll repeat it… The IRS was Going to issue those returns before that 21st day BC they DID NOT want day 21 to come! Could you imagine a million pissed off ppl call your cell phone? And you not have an answer for their money? Oh goodness! But anyway, I hope that everyone gets it before the 10th too! It is possible!:) and thanks for keeping me sane the past week.



    Hi everyone!
    Filed TT Jan 18
    Accepted Jan 19
    Able to order return transcripts Feb 5
    Woke up Feb 6 with DDD Feb 10
    I hear that the week of the 19 the line was closed and that’s why all us 19 accepted waited so long and that why the IRS had that shutdown last Wednesday it was because they were playing catch up they were behind a week and bet you that why we had to wait as long as we did for us who got accepted around the 19 but happy to heat that we all got our DDD and our money is on it’s way ,good luck to all and thank you all ,we all vented together ! Till next tax season !



    @ Nicole

    Did your friend use HR Block too? that would be awesome if we get it monday



    File 1-22
    Accepted 1-22
    Finally this morning DDD 2-10



    As of 2/6/2016 I still don’t have a DDD!! I filed and was accepted on 1/19. I was able to order my account transcript on 2/5, but not the return transcript. WHY DON’T I HAVE A DDD YET?? :-(



    I e-filed on 2/1
    Was able to order return transcript 2/5
    Checked WMR at 1:23 am and I have a DD date of 2/10
    Like wow! That was quick :)



    Filed: 1/19
    Accepted: 1/21
    Used: H&R Block
    DDD: by 2/10 (posted today 2/6)

    About time! Hope it comes sooner :-)



    Filed 1/23
    Accepted and hour later
    Was able to order return transcript 2/5
    Just woke up and checked WMR and I Now have a dd of 2/10.
    I do believe once you can order return transcript, your return is finished. The process was the same for me last year.



    Longest wait ever….. Happy to see all of my people getting DDD!!!

    Filed: 1/22
    Accepted: 1/22 according to tax preparer and 1/26 according to IRS.
    Able to order return on 2/5.
    DDD updated on 2/6 for 2/10.

    Obama Care
    Filed with outside tax preparer.



    Filed 1/14
    Accepted 1/ 15
    Approved 2/1
    Ddd 2/3
    Today still no deposit called my bank several times they said nothing is pending called its verified my account number but I’m still not seeing anything



    @ suzyQ

    Do you know when they send the funds out… Ddd of 2/10 getting it on my netspend card, so i know it will be there earlier than the 10th…. Just curious if it will show up in my account later today0



    Filed 1/18
    Accepted 1/19
    Return transcript 2/5
    DDD 2/10

    Thanks for keeping us all half sane people of igmr I’ll see y’all next go around



    Yay finally woke up to good news. Got our ddd

    Filed 1/20 at H&R block
    Accepted 1/22
    As of this morning ddd of 2/10

    Hope everyone else gets some good news. Still can’t believe it took almost the 3 weeks to get our refund but I’m thankful it is finally coming. I have a friend that had a ddd for 2/3 and she got her money on 2/1.



    Finally!!!! DDD date of 2/10/2016..looks like they are finally caught up
    Filed 1/25 accepted 1/26



    1/27 accepted
    2/5 transcripts
    Wmr 2nd bad 2/6
    Thanks everyone as always you kept me sane for a few weeks this year

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