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    Share your experience with filing your Georgia Tax Return and tax refund progress with others. If you have state information this is a great place to post.

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    Got my ddd this am 2/16 club yaaaaasssssss

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    I woke up to DD 2/16 so excited but I never received approval letter though so

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    I got a text last night at 2 am your refund is scheduled to be transmitted, or was transmitted , to your designated bank account on 2/14/2018. Our bank is showing nothing nor a pending. Our bank updates twice a day I’ll see if it’s in there at 12 noon .

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    Kathy Arzola

    @momdukes. Any insight as to why my text alert says my refund was transmitted yesterday but wmr says tomorrow. Either way I’m a netspender and they don’t hold deposits but it isn’t there. Not sure whether to call revenue dept, my tax preparer or netsoend….or just wait. Help!

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    Hey,DDD 2/16 here and I bank with Navy Federal too. Typically they show pending almost 2 days in advance, but I read somewhere that tax deposits don’t usually show up as pending and if it does they don’t release early like they do with payroll deposits. My pending deposits usually don’t show up until anywhere from 6am-3pm the day before, so hopefully mine updates around 6 this morning.

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    P Marie

    I logged into my account this morning and it looked like nothing had changed. I have zero notifications and I have not received a letter.

    So, I clicked on “check refund status” and got the following: Your refund is scheduled to be transmitted, or was transmitted, to your designated bank account on 2/16/2018. Please allow 10 business days from that date and verify….

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    Ok I just woke up checked and had my DD of 2/16!!
    I’d like to share why I think we were not “resequenced” but on 2/9 they started processing…
    1 I filed 1/29 (the same exact date I filed last year )I had no w2 issues w/ ga so I was lucky.
    2 The state of Ga says on the website they started accepting returns for processing 2/1 (it’s on the Georgia Dept of revenue website.
    3. I called after the request a refund thing popped up on the website and was told do not do that.
    4 When I got my approval letter on 2/13 I called and Felicity said my refund was approved and I’d have my refund this week. She could not give me a DD.
    This is why I feel when all of ours changed to 2/9 then our balances went 0 there was no resequencing .They would have to have a reason for it and tell you they did it.
    Also last year I filed on 1/29 and my deposit hit my account on 2/15. So the state took 1 day longer this year.
    Hope this helps someone out. I’ll see you guys and gals next year!!

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    so Filed on 1/29. Waited and waited with a green balance and 90 day messege. Got resequenced on 2-9 still had green balance and 90 day. After waiting and waiting i woke up to a red balance saying I owed a lot. Still 90 day. I don’t understand what’s going on. Georgia needs to tighten up. Makes me glad to live in South Carolina, they never have this many problems. To bad the nuke plant in South Carolina isn’t being built anymore currently. So I guess my hands forced to keep working at the nuke plant here in Georgia

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    @albundy I don’t think we won’t actually see it until 2/16. Navy Fed shows pending deposits online & only my husband’s paycheck for Friday is showing. It would be nice to see it tomorrow because I’m off today & won’t be off again until Monday. But that’s date night with my husband since we both work in restaurants, so it’s all good!

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    i also got the text alert saying my refund was sent 2/14 but WMR says 2/16. i think it’s a glitch but i will keep an eye on my account. GA needs to get it together this is ridiculous.

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    Wmr just updated for me, as well, to 2/16. I need Geoegia to get it together!

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    My GA WMR updated to the 02/16 DDD! 🎉🎊🍾

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    Kathy Arzola

    I just got the text alert that says my refund was transmitted on 2/14. I use netspend. It is not there. I check WMR and it says it will be transmitted 2/16. Now I’m scared my tax preparer put in wrong account and/or routing numbers.

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    That’s exactly what I am saying the WMR website is useless outside of a couple of features. They only two things I would deem important from WMR would be your amount turning from green to black and the number now being zero and the approval letter. Case and point WMR has said my refund will be sent 2/16 and the email and text I got said 2/14. Your direct deposit does not hit right then and there. If it hits same day like a paycheck for example, it will hit at a certain time. Mine is always 3-430AM. And it may take 0-3 days too. It just all depends on the bank and when it was actually sent. Since mine sent on 2/14 I’m thinking I’ll see it in my account later this morning around 330 or at the latest Friday morning.

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    @nickie, I just got the same text notification as well.

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    So, I signed up for alerts & @ 1:40 am, I received a text saying that my refund was deposited into my account on 2/14. But it’s not there & no update to wmr. Maybe there’ll be an update to wmr in the am…

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    This is my first experience with the site after doing taxes for the last 10 years (I’m 29 today actually haha) so you can tell me if the advice I’m about to give is dumb. What I’ve gathered from my own experience with the WMR website and reading ALOT of the comments on here is that it is very hit and miss and people with identical situations are not getting a status that is even close to similar on the website. The one constant I have seen is the approval letter. This seems to be the most important and once you have it you can kind of ignore everything else on there especially if your number is now 0.00 and no longer green. The one and only other helpful feature on the site is signing up for text and email updates. I signed up an hour ago and I just got a text saying “payment has been transmitted on and received on 2/14 by my bank and to allow 10 days.” I really doubt it will take 10 days but we will see. I’m betting it will be in at 330 like most Wells Fargo DDs. Would be a nice birthday present.

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    @Shay: Goooo Girl!!! 🙌🏽🙌🏽 I hope all of the rest of ours comes too, Wells Fargo doesn’t post until like 3am, aonIm not waiting up to see, Congratulations 🍾🎈🎉

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    Even though my return has been approved since friday and my balance has been 0 since Tuesday. I still do not have a approval letter. So I dont know wjat Georfia os doing this year. Usually 2 days after you account turns back to 0 you get a dd

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    Money was just deposited in my account. Good luck to everyone that’s been on this crazy road!

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    Ya I saw that this is my first time using this to check the status of my refund. I would think if I received an approval 2/13 I should have the money today (Thursday) or the latest Friday. I know that doesn’t take very long at all. I was just curious why I didn’t have a DDD yet. But now that I am thinking about it I want to say Georgia sends out DD to everyone once a week and I think that day may have been either Tuesday or Wednesday. If that is the case we’ll get it one of those days next week but who knows.

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    Ya I saw that this is my first time using this to check the status of my refund. I would think if I received an approval 2/13 I should have the money today (Thursday) or the latest Friday. I know that doesn’t take very long at all. I was just curious why I didn’t have a DDD yet.

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    @AlBundy: That’s the standard approval letter ours all read the same. We haven’t gotten our money yet since being approved on Monday, so who knows? GA is moving slow. 👎🏽👎🏽

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    Probably a dumb question but, my amount went from green to 0.00 even though my WMR still says processing (I’m 99% sure that isn’t very accurate for anybody), I have no DDD yet but I do have an approval letter. Question is my letter says my claim is approved and the amount is subject to audit verification and I don’t know if this is on everybody’s approval letter or if they are going to read into my claim? No big deal if they do I know I did everything correct I have been doing my taxes myself since I was 22 and was taught by a really smart and trustworthy wealth manager that my family used for years. Also, assuming everything is kosher when will my money get to me? The amount zeroed out either Monday or Tuesday and my date was resequenced to 2/9.

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    I just spoke with a representative. I was told my funds were released yesterday, and to expect the refund in 7-14 days for direct deposit?! My info on WMR hasn’t updated and I haven’t received an approval letter. I have no clue what is up with GA this year. Geez.

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    It seems like 2-3 days.
    My funds were released Monday, approval letter yesterday, my wmr did not update (but I was told it’s a system thing) but a few people received DDD for tomorrow. So I expect it tomorrow as well.

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    Honestly I’ve given up hope on the state doing anything timely. I had approval this morning and they said it was sent yesterday. My bank doesn’t normally take more than a day to process anything. I just figure at this point it’ll show up when it shows up. I haven’t seen a single person on here actually get their deposit since getting approval yet.

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    Has anyone noticed on here how long it takes to get refund after approval has been issued? Like my approval was in there this morning, is there any chance I would have it by Friday?

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    John flanders

    Yeah so…..

    Check wmr and see message return being processed please call…..
    Call and spoke with a rep. She verified my info and put me on hold…..comes back and says OK you should get your check within 30 days…..I’m like but I did DD…..she says well the system says it was returned so you are now getting a check. I’m like ok…..

    Call my bank and they say there is no rejected DD!

    Now my wmr says return processed and waiting approval please call………


    Do I call again? Did the person lie??

    I hate tax time

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    P Marie

    I checked my account and my pending credit ( in green) has changed to 0.00. When I click on 31 DEC 2017 to view account details the refund amount is listed under Summary as “Other”. I have yet to receive a notice, message or any sort of notification.

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    this waiting is painful. hopefully i receive my deposit tomorrow

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    I’ve been following here for about a week but never posted because I didn’t have anything to contribute until now….

    Filed and accepted 2/2

    Checking refund status has always said ss# and amounts do not match. On my account had timely-error balance 0.00 When I would check the status from within my account had the received and processing…90 days please call….

    Finally called at 1pm today (thinking most should be back from lunch and in a good mood) I used option 3,3 as others have said on here. Was VERY surprised that my wait time was less than a minute before someone picked up. I told the guy that I was getting the error msg and was told to call. He verified all my info..Name, SS#, DOB, address and name of my employer. He said “can I put you on hold while I look over your account” Less than 5 min later he came back and said “I have processed your refund and you should receive it between 7 and 14 business days” I was so shocked that I didn’t ask any questions just thanked him and hung up. WMR now has the 90 day msg….My account still has error timely and 0.00 though. I’m assuming that will update overnight.

    So for anyone just reading like I did for so long if you have a please call msg I urge you to do so.

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    Return was accepted on 1/30 – resequenced to 2/9. DOR website shows that they owe me money (still showing green). Received Federal refund on 2/6. Not sure why state is taking so long. Interesting that Georgia has more complaints on this website than any other state. Wonder what that means?

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    Just spoke with a rep for hooefully the last time this year. She said the funds were released to my bank yesterday. However when I called Wells Fargo they aren’t showing any pending deposits. I believe the money was sent however now its seems like a waiting game with Wells Fargo. Yay…

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    I filed 01/29 and was resequenced 02/09. No updates. I haven’t received and notifications and my refund amount is still showing in green. I called and some with someone this morning and he said he released my return while we were on the phone and I should receive it within 30 days. Still no,updates on the website so hoping for some news soon.

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    How often does DOR deposit funds?

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    I am still waiting. My refund amount is still in green. Originally accepted 1/29 but resequenced to 2/9

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    P Marie thank you

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    I was told the system isn’t updating/showing correct information so to just keep checking bank account. I’m guessing that’s why majority of us aren’t seeing our DDD.

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    P Marie

    @sandwds Log into your account, click on “Individual Income Tax” link, Look for “I want to”, click on the option to “see more links for my account”, click on “sign up for notifications”

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    I got the approval letter and balance is $0 but WMR still states processing. Maybe tomorrow ill get a DDD. Will update if i do.

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    I can not remember how to update my account to receive notification. Anyone remember how?

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    Yesterday, my balance went from green to zero and the approval letter showed up. WMR didn’t update with a DDD this morning though. I’m just going to assume it’ll show up tomorrow in my account.

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    Samantha Bryant

    My return was accepted on the 29th of January but so far my WMR hasn’t gone past processing and is giving me the 21 Days/90 Days notice. The 19th is 21 days. April 29th is 90. I guess I’ll see what happens.

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    I just called them and asked about audit verification letter. She stated that it’s an approval letter. That all refunds are subject to audit verification. It does not mean being audited. If you were, it would not be approved and wouldn’t have a zero. Makes me feel much better. I have all my records but don’t want any further delays.

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    Just wanted to chime in, my balance is still in green, no letters 😓

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    If you log in to your Georgia tax center account you see it

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    Where is everyone seeing approval letters? What website are you using? I checked GA WMR and the only thing I have is the generic 90day message. Getting nervous with people getting DDDs this morning.

    Filed: 1/29
    Accepted: 1/29
    TT filer

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    I called and was told what I was previously told that I have been approved and waiting to get direct deposit. I said I haven’t received a approval letter she said that is nothing to worry about. Who knows… Just waiting now

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    i spoke to Caleb he advised that he isn’t sure why WMR hasn’t updated however he confirmed that my refund was sent to my bank on 2/13. he confirmed my bank name and advised that he sees my routing and account info so it’s just a waiting game. i would just call them and use option 3 then option 3 again to get the latest info.

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