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    Wheres My Refund Georgia – Share your experience with filing your Georgia Tax Return and tax refund progress with others. If you have state information this is a great place to post. To check Georgia Wheres My Refund? go to Georgia Department Of Revenue

    Join the conversation about your federal tax refund here.

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    when i log into my account it tells me it is processing, when i look at all the years i have filed it says 2017 Error-Timely. I am not sure what is going on i got my return super fast last year. Has anybody called on this yet or should we wait it out. Thank you!

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    @momdukes that’s my guess! We’re all showing in green, but the button masher holding out

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    My lil GA refund is showing up in green on that GTC site, been like that since Tues. No money in the bank. Where is the button masher at? On vacation with our tax schmonies??

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    It’s still possible! Maybe it will update some time today or overnight! Fingers crossed.

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    Last year I filed 1/26 accepted1/28 dd of 2/7 for state. Was hoping for same timeline this year.

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    @turtlebug1971, right! Just mash the button already and release our money! It’s still showing in green for me as well. I am not sure if it only updates overnight thought. Someone last year said between 12:00 and 12:45. So I’ll check again later.
    Would have been nice to have double payday!!!

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    @dww ; same question I have. Figured we’d have a ddd today

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    does anyone know if GTC updates i real time or just overnight.

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    Okay that’s good news!!!!

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    I’m back to the 90 days message again

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    Still says 90 day message for me. Does it update overnight or during the day I wonder.

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    Well I’m still showing my refund in green so I know it’s done. I just need the little button masher to mash!

    Since they started sending them out today, then hopefully we’ll see something in the morning or Monday. I feel certain I’ll have it next week sometime, today sure would’ve been nice though.

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    Filed 1/27 accepted1/29 .Got the 90 days message yesterday. Went into my account the refund amount is green. Wake up this morning. The message read please allow 6-8 weeks. Anyone get this

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    @turtlebug1971 – you and I both!!
    That would make me feel better as I “walk the path” lol

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    @Gagirl92, yep. I’d just be quite happy to see my state in my account tomorrow. That always helps to ease the wait on federal lol.

    Besides, I could use a little retail therapy to relax this weekend. :D

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    @turtlebug1971 – I agree. At least we see it in green and as credit. I have the same 90 day message here, BUT being that we were accepted early and processed HOPEFULLY it’ll update tonight with a DDD. I don’t see why not, but then again we never know.

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    @tbabe you’re very welcome. I hope it works out for you.

    @gagirl92 I’m still trying to remember and figure it out. Mine is in green and as credit on my GTC account. It still says processing on Georgia WMR.

    I looked back at a FB post from last year and I actually got a WMR update on 2/2/17 and my deposit on 2/3/17. Considering I’m still seeing the processing, 90 day, blah blah blah message on WMR, I’m not getting my hopes up. Maybe I’ll get a new message tonight and see a DD Monday or something. I’m not going to count on it since WMR is still on the original message.

    At least I know they have it and it’s been processed or I wouldn’t be able to see it on GTC.

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    I filed with turbo tax
    Thank you sooo much for the info

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    @turtlebug1971 So when the amount shows in green as a credit, that means it’s done processing?
    Sorry, this is my first year actually logging in and tracking progress.

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    @tbabe, create an account on the Georgia Tax Center so you can actually get into your tax account and see what’s going on. You’ll need last year’s AGI if your return isn’t showing as received yet. If it has been received then you need this year’s AGI.

    I’m seeing quite a few Georgia filers on FB that are having issues. I’m not sure what’s going on. I filed 1/19 through TT, got the acceptance email 1/29 and they’re showing my refund amount as a credit right now so I should be through processing.

    Who did you file with?

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    Thanks for the info. When I go on their website to check status of refund it keeps saying wrong info entered

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    @tbae the state news on my local news radio station this morning on my way to work.

    I got my Georgia refund last year on 2/2 and this year’s is already showing in my GTC account.. Georgia has been early, long before Federal for the last 6 or 7 years.

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    What news station did you hear about releasing refunds tomorrow

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    Fingers crossed! All of my info has been showing since the night of the 29th. So I hope to wake up to a DD in the bank or at least date. I’m guessing they only update overnight like fed wmr.

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    On the news this morning they said the Georgia Department of Revenue would start issuing refunds tomorrow…so some folks should see DD’s in the morning. Fingers crossed.

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    My refund amount is in green. Of course I’m getting the 90 day message. When do you all think we’ll start seeing DD dates?

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    We had a balance with the IRS from last year. When I called the offset line, it now says we do not owe one. I am hoping that the error message has something to do with our state refund being partially taken to cover the offset.

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    I got the same message 31-Dec-2017 Error – Timely and was promoted to call the 1-800 number. I was transferred to two people who basically confirmed my identity. I do owe $53 from a couple years ago. The lady on the phone didn’t give me any information. She just told me to be looking for my refund in 90 days. I’m going to see if the system updates tonight and try calling tomorrow if it don’t.

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    I got the same message that the SSN and amount is not matching

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    I checked my GA tax center and showed 2017 filed timely error so I call to find out what this mean. I had to speak to 3 people to finally get the answer. My refund should have been 839.00 but now it shows I owe them 46.00 the rep told me my schedule A was not connected with my efile! I used Turbo tax and was told to call them which I did. Again I had to speak to several people last one was the CPA since I had the deluxe and guess what nothing they could do I have to mail my form in myself. Turbo tax could not explain how that section didn’t connect with form so they refund my state processing payment. I think next year I will go back to taxact

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    I wonder if it could have something to do with an offset amount I owe to the IRS from last year?

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    This is what I’m getting on my GTC account

    Period Activity
    29-Jan-2018 Filed – Timely Individual 500 Return

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    Yes and the GTC shows this also:

    There has been no financial activity
    Period Activity
    30-Jan-2018 Error – Timely Individual 500 Return

    Refund Status
    Your return has been received, and it is currently being processed. Please contact the Taxpayer Services Division at 1-877-GADOR11 (1-877-423-6711) to speak to a customer service representative during our normal business hours M-F 8am -5pm.

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    Is anyone getting ssn and tax amount not matching when trying where is my refund

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    I just checked my GTC account and I received my State refund 2/3 last year, fingers crossed i get it this first Friday of February again.

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    has anyone seen this on the GTC site:

    There has been no financial activity
    Period Activity
    30-Jan-2018 Error – Timely Individual 500 Return

    Refund Status
    Your return has been received, and it is currently being processed. Please contact the Taxpayer Services Division at 1-877-GADOR11 (1-877-423-6711) to speak to a customer service representative during our normal business hours M-F 8am -5pm.

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    Filed Sunday and got accepted yesterday (1/29). I didn’t get last years until May, but it was also my first time filing in GA, so hopefully this year is better !

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    I was accepted yesterday (1/29).

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    Georgia just opened up. I just got an acceptance email. Filed on 1/19.

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    This year getting anything other than a canned response would be a miracle. Georgia will now be paying interest on my refund. They removed all my deductions and they are requiring documentation of my deductions….that is fine; HOWEVER when I called one month after my documentation was received I am told it will be another 12-14 weeks before my account will be reviewed and any refund given. The individual I spoke with on the phone had no clue about my real estate loss deduction…. her comment “I don’t know if your loss in Virginia can be claimed on your Georgia state return. SERIOUSLY? If the IRS accepts a deduction as valid you can bet the state of Georgia does too. SMDH, you get what you pay for when it comes to intelligent employees, seasonal phone help at less than $10 an hour. Meanwhile I’m sitting here calculating the amount of interest I will be paid.

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    Filed and was accepted 1/28/17, 90 BUSINESS days from the February 1st date they say they
    started processing is tomorrow, 6/9/2017.
    Lady on phone says 90 days is up 6/15/2017 and after that date they will owe me interest.
    Otherwise, no refund date and just says “processing”.
    This is insane and the worst I have seen a state income tax refund, though the year before Georgia was pretty bad too.
    If I paid them this late there would be penalties, my tax return isn’t complicated.
    They are already FOUR MONTHS late on paying me.

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    Still waiting, I want to call and ask why I have to wait when others have filed and received refunds WEEKS, even MONTHS after I filed a timely return. Sweet baby Jesus, I see a day trip to Atlanta in my future.

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    GA state refund just hit my PayPal Prepaid card (it’s a Netspend product).

    Tax season is finally over till next year. Thank God!

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    Filed and Accepted 3/15/17

    This morning, the “90 day” message changed to blah blah blah you’re refund is scheduled to be transmitted by 4/12/2017 blah blah blah.

    Will update when it hits.

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    Donna I’m in the exact same boat. Accepted 2/1 and still waiting. No update, just same 90 day message smh

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    Filed 1/31/17, Accepted 2/1/17, still have 90 day message on 3/28/17. Federal refund deposit on 2/23/17. Seems like Georgia really needs money this year….. holding tax refunds to continue drawing interest from them. SMDH

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    Filed and Accepted 3/15/17.

    Still have the “90 day” message.

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    I filed 2/10/17, received my federal 2/22/17 and have yet to see any changes on my Georgia State refund. I get the same ole “90 day” bs much like everyone else….

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    Filed 1/31/17
    Refund hit bank this morning 2/22/17

    Pretty quick this year didn’t get it back til March 15th last year and filed 1/31/16

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    On the website it shows that my refund was transmitted to my bank on 02/14/2017 but I havent received anything yet. Does anyone know how long that takes?

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