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    Okay, I’ve just received the dreaded amend your return notice from the IRS. I have to fax the misssing form 8962 and other required papers and the notice says refunds will be issued 6 to 8 weeks after they receive it. I’ve been hearing different things all day–from 2 weeks to 16 weeks.

    I’d like to hear anyone else’s experience with this and above all, the answer we all want–will this delay the refund? It’s hard to figure out if the delay is for the entire refund or only the new, extra amount they now owe me after completing the missing form.

    Thanks and I want to stress that I will be back here posting my own results as soon as anything changes because I know how frustrating this is for all of us in the same boat.

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    Accepted 1/ 19
    Bars disappeared 1/30
    Received letter on 1/30
    WMR has shown tax topic 152 still processing with OLD refund amount
    Amended on HR Block and mailed info SAME day 1/30
    Nothing, can’t order transcripts NADA
    I regret not faxing it rather than mailing, it seems to take double the time, I was told to check back In 16 days (on Friday) rep says they have forty days after receipt to process it. Whatever…. It sucks.



    I filed jan 27 got accepted same day. I received the letter for form 8962 and 1095a on 2/20 faxed it 1095a. I see no progress yet i just called irs and say to wait 6-8 weeks. I want to know if they received it and if everything is okay. So overwhelmed.



    Faxed in 2/16 …was able to order Return but no update on WMR. What the heck is taking so long?…it’s been 13 days.



    I sent my taxes on JANUARY 19, and send the Form 8962 on February 2 by maill , and so far nothing. Today is February 29, I call the IRS and they have NO INFORMATION .



    Today is day 8….still nothing…wish I could atleast know what is going on and how much longer. Ugggh…need this money a month ago!


    Hella Salty

    I completed the 8962 on pdf while reading the instructions. My entry for the line 69 (I believe) on the 1040 was not different than what I already had. I printed my tax return, signed it, and faxed it in with everything else. That was on 02/17, and I now have the DDD of 03/02.

    I went into the e-file to check my entries because I got nervous about what I’d sent. When I did the amendment, it did print a new 1040, but it says “As Amended”. I do not think it really matters; they just want to ensure the 1095-A is reconciled.




    Well…Today 2/29/2016…makes 11 days since I faxed my info in. Still nothing. No transcript, no ddd on wmr. And I don’t bother to call because the rude ass reps won’t tell you anything anyway.



    Oh I’m not saying you were wrong, I just meant I hope that’s not wrong. Because the second page of the 1040X will say thats what it is. I noticed a couple people on here saying the faxed the second page of that, not the original corrected 1040. Would hate to wait for 2/3 weeks and then find out it was the wrong paperwork, if it was me! I’ve seen people do just correcting and “amending”. Just wondered which way has worked faster for people. I just wish they would figure it all out and give me my money!!! Yesterday was 7 days since I faxed it so if the whole 10 days processing is true then hopefully I’ll hear something by Wed!



    When you go into the amend function and do the corrections it will have a 1040X as well as the corrected 1040. I did not send in the 1040x just the 2nd page of the 1040. You can go into your turbo tax return and try it. It will not affect anything. You are simply going into your account and checking something out. Then log out without saving if it concerns you.



    My letter said not to amend as well however I used the amend function to correct the forms I needed. The IRS requires to mail in the entire return plus a 1040X for it to be an amended return. I’m sure it is fine either way it is done. Hope we all get updates soon!



    And everyone that us submitting the second page of 1040X isn’t what the IRS asked for. Mine specifically said 2nd page of 1040 with original signature… so hopefully that doesn’t mess up some peoples. Because the form you are faxing is still an “amended” return, hence the 1040x…



    I didn’t fill out the 8962 by hand, I typed it thru PDF. And I just filled in the amount on the 1040 because my letter specifically said not to amend. I don’t see it being an issue. I still filled out what they asked for I just didn’t do a new one. Well hopefully it works. I’m sick to death of stressing about it!!



    That’s weird, I wonder why the lady I talked when I called the Irs told me not to ammend it. She just told me I’d have to fill out the 8962 form and fix the second page of my 1040. I think the whole “ammend” thing is scary.. haha I just picture when you ammend it’s like taking it back from the irs.. (I’m sure that’s not how it works but thats just how I picture it)



    Even though it says amend return on turbotax, you are not actually amending it. You are simply correcting it. Amended returns cannot be electronically filed so when you get to the end it will say save and print return. Just print what you need and fax it. If you printed out the 1040X (the first page on the return once you go into correct it) and mailed that in you will have amended you return.
    The help section of Turbotax instructs how to do this as this has been a huge issue for people this year.



    I was told specifically not to ammend my return, I could but if I did it would take twice as long. I corrected my 1040 myself it was easy.. and when you get the 8962 form it comes with directions on how to fill it out. Or you could just create another turbo tax account and just reenter all your info and right before you would usually submit it just print it out.. (alot of work, but hey, it’ll work)



    Did you fill out the 8962 form by hand if you did not use the amend option on TurboTax?



    To correct the 1040 and complete the 8962 through Turbo Tax you have to in and amend. You are not actually amending as you are not submitting the 1040x which is what you would mail in if you were to amend. You did it correctly if you went through the amend option to correct your 1040.
    If you were to amend you would mail in the entire return with the 1040X and not your original 1040.



    My letter stated not to fax and mail in the forms required.. either you fax it in or choose to mail it. It stated it could cause further delays.. also the fax number that was given was a local number.. I live in california. There was also a control and batch number. I would wait for your letter..
    Also it said to write your taxpayer ID number on the top of every paper faxed.
    Filed 2/1 accepted same day
    Received letter 2/26
    Faxed info 2/27 ( on a Saturday)



    Question… did you guys that had to fax in the form actually amend taxes through turbo tax? Or just correct the 1040 you already had? My letter said not to amend my return so I just updated the amounts on the 1040 I had but I’m noticing some people actually went into Turbo Tax and amended theirs…hoping I did it right! I wish I could just get my money and have this friggin stress be over!!!!!!



    So a quick heads up and don’t know if this means anything. Faxed info on the 22nd. Today topic 152 came back and no amount. I’ve been checking every day.



    I still have not received my letter I filed on the 30th of Jan and they told me I should be receiving my letter soon ughh that was a week ago I’m so pissed



    I faxed my info on 2/17. Still nothing!



    I know it’s too soon, I just wanted an estimate. It seems that anyone that faxed between the 15-17 got their DD this week for the 2nd. It seems to be taking roughly 10 days for them to get the DD. Just going by what everyone has posted anyways. We will see. Only very few have taken longer than 2 weeks to get their money.



    I faxed my info on the 22nd as well. It is taking most people 10 days to 3 weeks to receive their refund. 6 days is not nearly long enough for any type of update. The IRS informed me that the info that is faxed is updated with 10 business days, it is then put back into processing which is another 3 to 5 days. After that a DDD will be given in one to two weeks. As time has gone on the IRS has been flooded with faxes like ours. We just have to be patient unfortunately



    Has anyone who faxed info in around 2/22 seen any movement at all?? Its been 6 days and I’m just trying to figure out how much longer I’m going to have to wait.



    So I was able to order Return Transcript yesterday 2/26…woke up to no change on WMR. I guess the transcript really is going to come back with 0’s. I faxed in all info 2/16 I don’t understand what could possibly be taking so damn long.


    Hella Salty


    Got DD for 3/2 this morning!

    So, I faxed my info last week on 2/17 and 10 days later it’s processed. I could order the return transcript yesterday, so I was pretty hopeful.

    I’m in Texas.

    Good Luck Everyone!!!



    Filed & Accepted: 01/27/2016
    Lost Bars: 02/07/2016
    Received letter: 02/16/16
    Faxed Info: 02/17/16
    Ordered Return Transcript: 2/25
    WMR updated ddd on 2/27
    DD due: 3/2

    About time!!!!



    Still waiting…. and waiting….

    So, just to reiterate.

    Filed – 1/19
    accepted – 1/20
    received letter/notification on 2/5
    faxed info back on the 9th

    So far I have been told by two reps that it HAS cleared the big processing stage for it.. now it is just waiting …. apparently for someone to press “send DD date”…. >_> Which they told me could take 1-2 more weeks for someone to get around to pressing the green “set DD date” button… *sigh….



    I was told by turbo tax I only had to send in form 8962 and the 1095-A and I did not not need to send in a new page 2 of my return has anyone else just sent in form 8962 and 1095 A got any info or updates I am worried I might need to send in the other form 1040 page 2 all this is confusing and crazy



    Roughly how long is it taking from date of fax to receiving DD?


    Hella Salty

    Filed & Accepted: 01/19/2016
    Lost Bars: 02/07/2016
    Called 02/12/16 and told a letter was coming
    Received letter: 02/16/16
    Faxed Info: 02/17/16
    Ordered Return Transcript: 02/26/16 (THIS MORNING!)
    Praying for a DDD: RIGHT NOW!

    This has been the longest process ever. I have been paying and filing tax returns since my first job in 1998. I have never been through anything like this. What a lesson in patience.



    Update: 1/22 Filed And accepted
    2/5 bars went missing….called 2 days before 21st day and was told I was too receive the letter requesting form 8962. Received And faxed forms over 2/16….hadn’t seen movement until this morning. Was finally able to order Return Transcript …WMR hadn’t updated so I called IRS got a rude lady who I finally got to search my account. .she said the return transcript didn’t matter, it was probably going to come back with all 0’s. She said to sit tight and wait the 6-8 weeks…..ughhhhh just when I thought things were looking up.



    Update. I just called the IRS and asked about my refund as I was able to order transcripts today (both). At first, they did not want to give me any info (other than it could be 6 weeks). I was persistent but polite. He finally checked the system and told me that my DDD is March 2nd:):) so, happy!

    1/27-Return approved by IRS
    2/16-Receievd Letter
    2/16-Faxed info
    2/25-My refund amount disappeared from WMR, Tax topic 152 came back. WMR still says “your tax return is still being processed. A refund date will be provided when available.
    2/26-I can now order both transcripts. Still the same on WMR
    2/26-Called IRS. Told refund date 3/2/2016:)



    Ok so what a NITE MARE this has been!!
    Filed and accepted 1/26
    No movement called on 21st day and was told my return went to dreaded error dept…Uggh
    Called this past Monday and was told a letter was mailed 2/16, but was able to convince them to give me the control # and fax # so faxed paperwork over on 2/22….and that’s where it stops…no movement, no dd and no info! Ugggh! How long does it seem to be taking people to get their DD after faxing info????



    Okay! I filed my taxes 01/22/2016 and was processing forever! Lost bars 3 days before my 21st day, so I called my 20th day and was told I have a letter in the mail about my 1095 form and 8962 form. I faxed everything to them on 02/11/2016 after business hours. Still after waiting, no bars just tax topic 152 and refund amount. I called the IRS multiple times trying to get answers on when I’ll get my refund, but no one wanted to give me answers. So finally TODAY, 02/26/2016, I called IRS and received a DDD of March 2, 2016!!!! BUT my WMR still says still processing with NO BARS! I don’t think WMR updates all the time!



    Before you all sent in page 2 of your 1040/1040-A, did you complete the entire page, or did you just fill in the required boxes to go along with form 8962???



    I was accepted on 1/27.

    I received the dreaded letter on 2/16 and faxed in all my information then. I spoke to IRS after that but they could not give me any information….not even to tell me if they received the fax.

    2/25-My refund amount disappeared from WMR (the refund amount increased when I redid page 2 of my 1040). Also, Tax topic 152 came back. WMR still says “your tax return is still being processed. A refund date will be provided when available.

    2/26-I can now order both transcripts:)

    I have my fingers crossed that WMR will update soon to give a DDD…



    Whoops, I filed on 1/27



    Monica, we are almost twins. Except, I filed on 2/27. I was able to order my return transcripts this morning as well. No ddd yet. Hoping for tomorrow. I called the IRS and the lady I spoke to was of no help. So I guess we wait.



    Please tell me I’m in luck.
    My timeline looks like this.

    Accepted return 1/26
    Received letter 2/19
    Faxed back information 2/19
    Ordered transcript today 2/26
    No refund date yet…is there hope for me?
    The wmr site gives me code 152 and that’s it. :(



    Sorry just a correction I faxed my forms in on 02/22/16 not 01/22/16



    Filed on 01/30/16 was accepted on 01/31/16 it stayed on still processing for the full 21 days on wmr and changed to a not that said still processing a refund date will be determined. I received a letter in the mail the next day saying I needed to submit my 1095-A along with 4 other forms. What sucks is I live in Florida which is a exempt state from oboma care but my loving wife decided we needed insurance in November so here we are. I regress. We faxed our paper work in on 01/22/16. Still waiting. Really need this money. Also I have read many post about people not waiting on there letter from the IRS this is a bad idea. Due to your letter will have a control number and the correct fax number for your area. Trust me be patient. It will come. Good luck and if I receive any further info on the wait time for a DDD I will post and any one else that receives theirs after they fax please tell me your wait time



    How long is it taking everyone to receive this stupid letter from the IRS? One said it was mailed the 12th and another says the 19th.


    Melanie C.

    Filed 1/19, Accepted 1/22
    Bars didn’t move out of processing till 2/2 then disappeared on 2/5
    Called on 2/12
    Told me I had to wait 14 days to receive letter which should be by 2/23 if not call back, recv’d letter 2/22, completed and faxed 8962 and everything, faxed 2/23, praying for a miracle. Still says processing with code 152. Any numbers or details on how I can get some answers.



    I too, am still waiting….filed & accepted 1/26.(Turbo tax) Called 2/17. Faxed Form 8962 along with a copy of my 1095-A and page 2 of 1040-A on 2/18. Today makes a week since I faxed in info…..Still no update.

    Next year I WILL NOT have to worry about reconciling a “Premium Tax Credit” because I do not and will not be having coverage through the Marketplace! This is ridiculous!



    I am still waiting for this damn letter. I filed 1/29 and accepted same day. No letter yet and its been 30 days. Question: how do you send a re calculated page 2? Do you fill the forms out online or something because how would we know what recalculations to enter?



    Update: it’s been 10 days since I faxed over forms with no movement whatsoever. Ughhhhhh IRS rep still says it’s still processing.



    banks.shanae: The representative that I spoke to told me to fax a cover letter that said I was responding to a 12C letter and it had to have my full name and SSN on it. She did NOT give me a control number NOR did she tell me that it had to be on the letter. She told me I had to fax in a cover letter, my 1095A form, the completed 8692 form, and a recalculated page 2 of my tax return. She then gave me the fax number to fax it to and said that it could take up to 3 weeks to see my refund. I did not even receive my letter until yesterday. She was VERY nice and helpful. I hope that helps.




    Still waiting…

    According to rep I spoke to Tues, it has been processed.. everything is done but they are waiting for a ddd…And it could be another two weeks…WHAT?? It’s all done and it takes TWO MORE WEEKS for just them to press ‘update with dd”on a computer?? >_>



    the fax number for florida area is 1-855-309-9361




    Got the letter on 02/12
    02/16 – Printed and faxed form 8962 and 1095 (along with a new computed page 1040 since EZ doesn’t have a option to compute the figures from the 1095 or 8962). Hoping for a GOOD update really soon.
    Was told by two agents that it could take up to 6 weeks.
    Praying I get my refund soon (with a new added amount).

    Next year I’m waiting at least till mid Feb to avoid all the shenanigans. >_>



    ephrcbom i spoke to an irs representative who gave me the address i googled it and got the fax number 855-309-9361 for that department did she tell you, you had to fax a cover letter or your irs letter with it because i have not received my letter yet but she gave me the address to send my forms to?



    I recvd the letter from the IRS requesting…

    form 8962
    copy of 1095-A
    newly computed page 2 of tax return with your ORIGINAL signature, showing the transferred amount from form 8962

    I efiled with H&R Block and looking at a copy of my return it has no signature. How can I send them the information that they are requesting with NO signature on page 2 of the updated return.




    What is the Letter # people are receiving that is telling them to Fax in the form 8962?



    I filed on 01/28/16. On 02/22/2016 I received notice I needed the form. Since around 02/14/16, my WMR states still processing. The only issue is that I didn’t get a 1095 form because I did not have healthcare through a marketplace, I had it through my own private insurer. I called the number on the back of the form and was told I needed to fax an explanation as to why I don’t have a form 1095. I have lost hope of seeing my refund anytime soon, I have read some places that it could take 6 weeks to process the fax. I am not sure what else to do at this point. I faxed a letter of explanation. I find it interesting that there are others like me that also did not receive this health care
    credit and received same notice.


    prissy tx

    Filed 1/22 Accepted same day. 2/5 bars went missing. Called on the 21st day IRS rep said I should receive notice in the mail that was sent out February 3rd. Recvd noticed on Feb 16th….faxed in all required forms that same day and have been calling everyday to try and get an update. Still can’t order return transcript and no update on WMR. Ughhhhhh



    There is a specific batch and control number that need to be included in the faxed info. Sending the facades without that info will only delay the refund more. That was told to me be several IRS reps. Also there are many different fax numbers that correlate to where your letter is from and which rejects department is working your return.



    So I got my letter and faxed in the forms needed on 2/12. I called today to see if there was any status update and was told it looks like they have continued processing but the lady couldn’t verify that anything was or was not received. Is there a number I am missing? I called the one on my letter. Nothing is updating. Still no transcripts available. Am I asking the wrong questions when I call?



    I was told today I was gonna receive a letter the 8962 form to fill out I filed 1/30 but they haven’t sent the letter out yet was told to wait 2 weeks for letter how can I ask for the fax info??



    IRS is claiming I received an advance payment on the Premium Tax Credit and needs an 8962 form. Only problem is they state I need to contact for the 1095-A form that was supposed to have been mailed. Yeah one problem with that theory: says they never gave me an advance payment on the Premium Tax Credit thereby negating the need for a 1095-A…so is hand A not talking to Hand B or is IRS making crap up?



    I had to fax to a different number but I was very lucky and got a very nice young lady at the irs that told me that they had sent out a letter. I filed 1/28/16 and my bars disappeared 2/14/16. I waited until 2/19/16 to call so that my 21 days were up. The agent that I got told me what was going on and what information I would need to fax in. She was very nice and helpful. Unlike everyone else, I was told that the maximum it would take to process and receive my refund was 3 weeks. I am in MO and the number I was given was 855-309-9361. I have seen on other forums that for some it is taking 9 days, for others it is taking up to 14 to get a DDD. I haven’t seen where it has taken the full 21 yet.



    I’m in NH if anyone one here has gotten a fax number for the area… Not sure what to do. I going to try calling them again in the morning…not that I’m holding my breath it will actually accomplish anything!!!!!!


    Miss Me Tx

    The number I faxed my docs to 1-855-204-5020,
    I’m in Texas so I’m not sure if the numbers are different by state. I did have to include a batch number and control number they provide in the letter. I’m not sure if that has anything to do with the fax number either.

    Anyone in the same boat….How long did it take wmr to update once faxing docs over?



    If you don’t mind me asking what number did they give you? I’ve asked 5 times for a fax number and keep getting told I have to wait until I get the letter a month from now.


    Courtney M

    I faxed before I got my letter 1/29 because it’s told me the fax number . I have a ddd for 2/24



    Has anyone had any luck with faxing their paperwork in before they get a letter? I’ve noticed a few people on here asking for the fax number… I was told two weeks ago that I would have to wait a month before even getting a letter because it went to the dreaded error dept. But I know what they need because the error is showing up for ObamaCare. I faxed paperwork last week to one of the numbers on here and am just wondering if any of the people who asked for the fax numbers have had any luck. I still haven’t heard anything and my return was accepted almost a month and a half ago… feeling really frustrated and need the money!!!!!!!



    I also received this letter in the mail today; but no one in my family has any connections to insurance through the marketplace. We are on the family plan provided through my husband’s employer. My letter claims something about “advanced payments of the premium tax credit were made for health care coverage from the Health Insurance Marketplace”. I have NO idea what this means! Can anyone help?


    Miss ME Tx

    Filed Jan 19, Accepted Jan 22nd
    Bars went missing 2/10
    Called irs on Feb 12th (my 21st day) They said everything was fine and they were running a week behind. I should have my refund soon. Received the request letter the following Tuesday 2/16 requesting the 8962 form along with corrected 1040 A. Filled it out and faxed it the same day. There was a $12.24 difference. Now wmr is not pulling up old or new refund amount.

    Has anything similar happened to anyone? Is it really going to take 6 to 8 weeks? I don’t want to call the irs back since the first call really didn’t help.



    Update: so I never received the letter asking for the 8962 or 1095-A even though I filed on 1/21 and called 21 days later and was told I would receive a letter requesting these forms. I called to tell them I never received the letter. I was put on hold for 1/2 hour and they told me the fax number that I needed to send it to (it’s different then the ones I’ve seen on forums so I assume there are many different fax numbers). He said to fax the 1095-A, form 8962, and a new second page of 1040, along with a cover letter to the Rejects Team. I hope they received the fax and I will be processed. I will post again when I see a change so anyone going through the same thing will have an idea of a time frame. Good luck everyone.



    Filed 1/19…received notice for request of 8962 on 1095-a, newly computed page 2 on 2/5…submitted all by fax ok 2/8…followed up by phone on 2/17 agent stated received but up to 6 weeks for processing. Was finally able to order return transcript on 2/19…war has not updated.



    I got accepted 1/11, lost bars around 20th, got letter for 8962 1/25, i mailed info 1/26 and they received it 1/27 according to usps tracking, processing department received 2/1 per irs agent. Tax topic 152 came back around 2/16, was able to order account and return transcript today 2/19 and wmr shows updated refund amount, hoping for ddd tomorrow



    Has anyone needed to fill out the allocation part with another taxpayer? My policy included 4 kids but their dad and I both claimed 2 and now we both got flagged. He had Ins through his employer and i and kids through ACA.


    Courtney M

    I wanted to give all of you hope…because before today I had none. I like alot of people caught in this madness was accepted by the irs 01/19/2016. Everything was fine until i decided to call 1/26 and find out the progress of my tax return. They told me that they sent out a letter 1/25 about healthcare info that was missing but they gave me all the info i needed to fax it in. Not knowing i was also supposed to send my page 2 of my return i only sent them 8962 form and 1095a form. time went on and i called 2/12 to check my status after being able to order my retun transcripts…i knew that meant something good. they were not any help and when i woke up 2/13 with no change til 2/29 and no refund til 3/11 i was devestated. i was told by the advocate line and my TAX ADVOCATE not to expect a change because a system hold was on my refund though it was processed. I went out on a limb and called this morning and the rep said “why are you calling, you have a ddd of 2/24” ITS OVER !i am free. & all of you will be too regardless of what tax problem you are having.



    Do they need a copy of the letter faxed?



    So.. Here is my info so far…

    Filed : 1/19
    Accepted : 1/20
    One bar…Waited…and waited… and waited… received a letter last Monday asking for my 1095 and 8962. Faxed those in Tuesday night.

    Called the IRS this morning because my bars have been gone for a week now.

    The gentleman said it looks like they were still processing the paper and that can take up to 10 days. He said I wasn’t high on the escalation list (in a good way) in that there was MORE crap I needed to do, or extra hoops to jump through.. He said it should just take another 2 weeks if that….>_>



    We filed 1/28. We included our 1095a forms. But I guess Turbo Tax isn’t plugging them in correctly, or not using the correct form? We called on 2/15 and were just told we weren’t done processing yet. That night at 11 pm central time we lost bars and tax topic. Today has been 21 days since we filed, so we called again. Lady told us we needed an 8962 and that a letter was mailed on 2/16. Now we just wait I guess. At least I know not to check WMR everyday for a while now.



    @Isaac – Thank you so much! At least it is a start LOL



    The fax number I have is 1-855-892-7588



    Does anyone have the fax number or is it different for every state. Because I still have yet to receive my letter. This is so frustrating.



    I filed on the 21st was accepted on the 22nd. I only had one bar and tt152. I received a letter in the mail on the 15 stating I need to fax in proof of marketplace coverage. I do not have marketplace coverage but am exempt from the penalty because I am a member of a Native American tribe. I took the notice to the closest irs office, she advised I complete the exemption form and fax it back with copies of everyone ss card and tribe enrollment cards. I did so on the 16th. Wmr doesn’t now have any bars or tt. But still show the same refund amount. I called the irs yesterday to ask when I could expect an update she said 30 days. I did ask the lady at the local office as well she said 2 to 6 weeks. Now I just wait. Hoping to hear something sooner.



    I filed electronically on 1-21 and was accepted the next day. I called after 21 days and was told they are sending a letter for the 1095-A and 8962 form. I haven’t received the letter yet so I don’t know what to do. My tax refund has no bars and has been stuck that way for at least a week. Hoping to get the letter soon so I can fax the forms.



    Hey yall,

    My info…filed and accepted 1/21….lost bars 2/8 but still had tt152 and refund amount…called 2/9 and was told im delayed a week and to call back 2/17 if i do not hear anything…called 2/11 was told letter was sent out 2/4 due to 1095a and needing to fix return…told them never had marketplace insurance and just needed to send in a statement stating so and as to why i do not have a 1095a faxed statement and unchanged 1040 page 2 to a number i found on here…then finally received letter on 2/13 dated 2/11 for the info and faxed info again to fax on letter…and still another group i am in most people have seen movement a week after they sent their information so im patiently waiting for next week to see what is up.



    Hi all,

    I filed Feb.1 and accepted Feb 2….one bar… still processing…I efiled on turbotax…and I’ve been checking wmr like a crazy woman!!

    I called IRS last night and they said a letter should be sent out about form 8692. I never got a 1095A from marketplace, so i printed a blank one out and marketplace read me each box, as I filled it in. The letter should be in my hands within two weeks, they said. They sent it out on Feb. 12. Haven’t gotten it yet. Hopefully it comes today.

    Will keep you updated!



    My return is in the error dept and the IRS rep I spoke with said it was because of the Affordable Health Care Act and asked if I filed a 8962…which Turbo Tax never said I needed…anyways long story short I know I will get a letter in a month to fax that form in and I’m trying to do it now. If I fax it will they receive it? What is the fax number for a NH resident? I know it’s different for certain states! Please help! Really want to get this in and get it figured out! I dont want to have to wait a month for the letter when I know what they will need!!!!



    Hey guys, I’ve got a small update for you. After nearly two weeks of no bars or tax 152 topic, my 152 topic came back and the refund amount has disappeared. Since they owe me an additional 250, I’m assuming this means they’re adding it in and I’ve read that topic 152 returning is a good sign. Hopefully. Sorry I don’t have more encouraging news than that, but progress is progress. Though in the case of dealing with the IRS, that really means 1 step forward and two steps back. *sigh*

    Good luck!



    I received the letter of doom today and it did not include a fax number so it guarantees that I won’t have a vacation this year as I only have a one week window in March.



    I filed on 1/22 and accepted the same day. I received a letter 2/11 and faxed everything in the same day and still nothing! When I called to see if they received my fax, they just said that it will take up to 6 weeks to receive my refund! Ugh!



    Accepted 1/11, got letter 1/26 and mailed info they needed express mail overnight, still no bars or able to get transcripts. Called yesterday and said my info was received by the processing people 2/1.



    so we do have to have the letter before we can fax the item’s in regardless even tho we know what items they need???




    Just make sure you fax in the following:

    Cover Page(Name, SS #, ICO Rejects Team, # of pages)
    Copy of letter received from IRS
    Newly computed page 2 of 1040EZ, 1040, or 1040A



    @cliff………thank you. i am going to fax it in as well. that wqy they have 2 copies and maybe it will help hurry things along. dont see it hurting anything



    The letter i received regarding the 1095-A and 8962 included a fax number. Fax to ICO Rejects Team @ 855-309-9361

    I received my letter on 2/1, faxed back 2/2, WMR bars disappeared 2/6, ordered return transcript 2/11, called IRS DDD of 2/17, WMR updated this morning reflecting a 2/17 DDD.



    where are you guys getting fax numbers from? my letter had no fax number on it, i had to mail it to philadelphia,pa! do different processing centers have different methods for this or are all returns in error status handled by one center? i mailed mine express 2 day with signature required and it was recieved in philadelphia on 2/3 @ 10:37am and signed for. as of today when i called it was still in error status and it has been 10 days. maybe i should fax it in also if someone has the fax number………



    anyone have the fax number for that form????



    Good news for those who got the letter saying it would take 4 to 6 weeks..

    Filed and accepted 1/20
    Got letter asking for 8962 2/1
    Faxed in requested info 2/3
    Bars disappeared on WMR 2/5
    Able to order transcripts 2/11
    2 bars and deposit date of 2/17 as of today!


    hope is out there

    Got the letter 2/1 faxed 2/2 bars went missing around that time, was able to order both transcripts this am. Have not been able to until today, have been trying daily. I also seen on anote forum a lady that faxed hers in on 2/1 and got her ddd today, keep the faith , the irs seems to be working through issues
    filed on 1/14
    accepted 1/14 according to tt
    return trans 2/12


    Sherhonda Cooper

    Does anyone know the fax number to file form 8962?



    Did a code change for you on wmr?



    Did any of you guys get your return back yet after filing the 8962 and 1095? I faxed ours back yesterday (same day i received letter in the mail) but am afraid ill now need to wait 6-8 weeks for my refund. Filed 1/22 stuck at one bar consistently until yesterday when bars disappeared.


    Ms. Lmg

    Was told today my refund was in the error dept. The lady said it was probably because I needed to file these forms. Never received a letter in the mail. Bars went missing 1/30 could order account trans but no return. Filed 1/12 accepted 1/14.



    I have a feeling that’s what’s delaying my return. Filed 1/22 accepted 30 min later still stuck at 1 bar. I was finally able to order Acct Trans on 2/5 but not Return. Last year they made me fax over the form and received funds a week later.



    yes, I was accepted 01/19 received letter 02/02. faxed back 02/04. lost bar Saturday. no changes. can’t access transcripts. I am on the phone to see if I can get a tax advocate I really need it this year.

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