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    Okay, I’ve just received the dreaded amend your return notice from the IRS. I have to fax the misssing form 8962 and other required papers and the notice says refunds will be issued 6 to 8 weeks after they receive it. I’ve been hearing different things all day–from 2 weeks to 16 weeks.

    I’d like to hear anyone else’s experience with this and above all, the answer we all want–will this delay the refund? It’s hard to figure out if the delay is for the entire refund or only the new, extra amount they now owe me after completing the missing form.

    Thanks and I want to stress that I will be back here posting my own results as soon as anything changes because I know how frustrating this is for all of us in the same boat.

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    My timeline:
    Filed and accepted: 1/27/2016
    Bars and TT disappeared: 02/12/2016
    Faxed 12C letter info: 02/19/2016
    TT came back and amount disappeared: 03/10/2016
    Could order transcripts 02/11/2016
    TT disappeared again: 03/13/2016

    Anyone know why my tax topic would disappear after it had reappeared? I am so very down over this whole situation and can’t get a solid answer when I call to check on my taxes.



    My timeline
    1/22 Filed and accepted
    2/15 received and faxed 8962
    2/24 Irs entered into system
    3/4 was able to order return transcript with new $ amount
    3/11 WMR finally update Check will be mailed by 3/18
    Has anyone gotten the check earlier than stated on wmr. I was originaly supposed to have dd



    @Ctex I’m with you on that. This is my 5th week after faxing forms and still no DDD. The IRS is so screwed up. Received my CP12 letter Saturday saying they owe me $24 more with the adjustments from the 8962. Well where the heck is it? Ughhhhh



    I am now utterly confused and disappointed. I filed 01/27/16 and was accepted the same day. On 02/12/16 my bars disappeared as well as my tt 152. I waited another week and called on 02/19/16 and was told that a 12-C letter had been sent to me, but the representative went ahead and gave me the information that was needed an the fax number. I faxed my information in that day. I called again on 3/4/2016 and was told that my taxes were put back into processing. All the while WMR still showed no bars and no tt 152 and I could NOT order transcripts. On 03/09/16 I called again and was told I had been pulled for review. On 03/10/2016 my TT 152 came back but no bars. On 03/11/2016 I could FINALLY order transcripts. As of 03/14/2016 my TT 152 as DISAPPEARED AGAIN. I don’t know what to do anymore because I cannot get a straight answer from the IRS. :(



    There really isn’t a real time frame as to when or how fast they are processing the healthcare forms. Some are taking 10-14 days while others are taking 4-9 weeks. The best way to get information is to call the irs about twice a week, usually Tuesdays and Fridays are your best bet. Good luck and hope we see updates soon



    Got my money today with netspend



    Anyone mailed their forms in got a DDD YET? I mailed mine in on Feb 23rd and still nothing. I have read other forms and some say that it makes it take even longer if you mail them.



    Anyone here faxed in March?

    Time line:

    Filed & accepted: feb. 4

    Lost bars & tax topic: feb. 23

    Received letter: feb. 29

    Faxed info: Mar. 4

    Still nothing so far. I’ve seen a lot of people getting a ddd 10-14 days later, I’m hoping I get mine too. This week will be 2 weeks.



    I sent my info in on 2/16, talked to someone last week who said it was being processed and it could take up to 4 weeks (from last week). However, last night I was able to order return transcripts and today WMR updated to show that a check was being MAILED by 3/18 (I’m pretty sure we are weeklys) . Why no DDD. Our refund is large and my husband and I have separate accounts and go a Serve account for tax refunds and have never had an issue and a paper check in a large amount is just a headache. This is annoying because it will just be a hassle to have to wait on it, deposit it-probably have to do it with both of us present to be able to deposit it into just one of our accounts or open a joint account. I’m so done with the IRS this year. But with everything that’s happened I guess I should just be happy that I’m supposedly going to finally get something!



    I used Liberty tax online. Luckily, amending tax form wasn’t accepted by IRS because it said I owed $638 after amending. i filled out their 8962 and IRS owes me $628.



    I need help. We filed 2/7 and we are still in review. We finally got in touch with a live human at the IRS yesterday that told us the 1095-A was the issue. We didn’t use it because we checked the box stating we had coverage the entire year. This morning we faxed our information over since the phone rep told us what was in our letter (which we haven’t received yet) and what steps we needed to take to amend our return. We were set to get a refund but now that I have added my 1095-A form, it states we owe. My husband and I got married last April and prior to that Jan-April I was on Marketplace insurance. After we got married, he added me to his insurance where I was covered the rest of the year. So now, it looks as though I only had insurance from Jan-April. I did send in proof from my husband’s employer validating my coverage dates with my fax. My question is this. How can I go from getting a pretty decent return to owing $1000+ just because I took myself off govt insurance and added myself to my husband’s insurance? I feel like I am being cheated out of the money we overpaid since we both file single and none. Anyway, you try to do the right thing and get off govt assistance and then get penalized for being off of it. Are they going to look at the fact that I was covered through his employer and correct that? I’m only curious because the 8962 form ONLY allows me to put the 1095-A information on there and does not have a box for me to input any information showing I was covered the rest of the year… TIA.



    THERE IS HOPE! I’m in Texas…..
    I filed 01/29 and didn’t know anything about the form 8962 or 1095. My refund was accepted 01/29 and about 1 wk later changed to “your refund is still being processed no refund date at this time” or something like that. I waited until the 3 wk mark and called the IRS. They refused to tell me anything besides wait for letter 12C in the mail. I waited until Mid February and still no letter. I called again and the IRS stated I needed to wait an additional 2 wks. I started researching online and realized I should have filed the 8962. So I figured this must be it since so many others are having this issue. I did what others posted and recalculated page 2 of my 1040 and filled out form 8962 on 02/25. Called the IRS at 800-829-3903 and told the agent that I was on my lunch break and needed to fax in my 8962 and 1095 but left the 12C letter at home and needed to get the fax # and make sure there was not anything else needed so I could get it sent in on my break. (I had never received a letter and I wasn’t sure if this was actually what the IRS needed I was just taking a shot at what I thought it was) the rep was very nice and told me exactly what I needed
    Copy of 1095-A
    8962 filled out
    1040 —signed
    Cover letter with name, address, and social attn to FP REJECTS TEAM, number of pages, as well as to make sure my social was on each page. He said to fax all that in to
    1-855-204-5020 and that it would take 6-9 wks to get my return. It has been 2 wks and I just checked the WMR and have a refund date for 3/16. GOOD LUCK!!



    Wmr updated this morning for me but it says my check will be mailed out before 3/18 but i signed up for dd. whats that about i got my state refund on my netspend…. i guess its more waiting for me




    I did not refax bc I didn’t want to start the process over. I received my letter a week later so I did not include the batch or control number in my original fax.



    @Krystal, did you refax your papers in after you recieved the letter? I ask cuz I did the same thing. I faxed without a letter and actually I still havnt even recieved my letter. I was wondering if anyone faxed and had a response without a letter because I was told you need the control number and the batch number from the letter to get your taxes back into processing.



    As of this morning I have a DDD of 3/16! Finally!!

    Filed/accepted – 1/26
    2/5 – Bars went away
    2/16 – Called on 21st day
    2/18 – Faxed info BEFORE I received letter
    Called twice a week after.
    3/11 – Finally able to order Return transcript
    3/12 – Woke up to DDD on WMR of 3/16

    This has been a horrible tax season! Thank God I won’t have to deal with healthcare reconciliation next year since I’m covered through my employer. I’ve been following this forum for about a month. Looks like most of us got the same DDD date. Now let’s just make sure it really deposits!



    @prissy I’m for sure calling this coming week and get things straight. It’s pretty sad that people who faxed after all of us on here have got their refund. But its ok, they (the IRS) are going to hate me come Tuesday cause I’m going to raise all 9 kinds of hell



    Update: woke up this morning to a ddd of 3/16/16 finally!!!



    @ctex @prissy I’m guessing you both will update next week for the following week DDD.



    Wmr updated DDD 3/16



    Still no DDD. And Ctex I’m considering doing the same thing. Mine is really going to take the full 6 weeks and maybe even more. I’m so frustrated.



    I wasn’t trying to discourage anyone but I have been following other forums and A LOT of people are having the same problem I am. If I don’t see any movement by Tuesday I’m considering getting a TA to help resolve whatever issue it is I’m having with my refund. Also, I filed as married filing jointly, and my wifes wmr show tax topic 152 with the old refund amount. However, mine only shows tax topic 152 and it was gone till about a week ago but doesn’t show an amount. So i don’t know what’s going on but hope for an update soon



    Im new to this forum but i too was able to order transcripts this morning when i couldnt before i got my letter on 2/21 and faxed back 2/22 so i hope things are moving closer to a ddd



    @jessye called IRS and my DDD is the 16th!! Hurray for us!!



    @ctex the IRS will tell you anything if you ordered your transcripts a week ago and still no date then there’s a hold on your funds for some reason most of us who faxed around the same time are able to order transcripts today and been getting ddd . I’m going to think positive hopefully we all see DDD over the weekebd. We are almost at the finish line. By the way I have a TA so I’m praying mines come soon :)



    Yeeeees! I was finally able to order return transcripts too! So exciting. I feel like the end of this madness is now in sight. Faxed info 2/22/16. Hoping for a DVD to show up tomorrow morning because I think I’m a weekly.



    So here’s my update…
    I was finally able to order transcripts yesterday morning and woke up today and wmr finally updated, although I signed up for DD it says a check will be mailed by March 17th.. ugh so frustrating I even made sure to fax the updated 8888 form with new amount and account info. I don’t want a damn check. Ugh, we’ll at least it’s coming… has anyone else had this happen?



    So my time line goes
    Filed: 1/31
    Bars disappeared few days later
    Received my letter on 2/23
    Faxed back same day
    As of this Wednesday it was out of the errors department, and tax topic 152 popped up
    Able to order return transcript today
    And called irs today and have a deposit date for the 16th. Wmr is still not updated. Still very excited to hear a ddd rather then the basic 6-8 weeks speach..



    I was also finally able to order both account transcript and return this morning tax topic 152 is still showing on WMR but not refund amount no bars just says processing a deposit date will be provided when available so I am hoping for an update in morning with a DDD or at least by Monday I sure hope my DDD is sometime next week maybe by Friday



    Hey all, I don’t want to bust ya’lls bubbles about ordering transcripts but only some will see updates tomorrow. I just called the IRS because I was able to order my transcripts last Friday and still haven’t seen any movement. He informed me that it has been processed but they are taking longer to issue a DDD. He said it could still be another 2-4 weeks before a DDD is given. If any adjustments were made to your refund if will most likely take the 6-8 weeks to fully process



    OMG! I can finally order transcripts also! WMR still says processing with topic 152 and my refund amount. But this may be a sign that we’re getting a DDD soon!



    @Naynay @jessye. I could finally order both transcripts today too! Hopefully tomorrow!!!



    Woke up this morning to a DDD of 3/15!! I’m so happy..finally!! I still won’t be completely at ease until it’s in my acct but this is a little better!!



    Update: my tax topic 152 came back yesterday and my refund amount disappeared. Well this morning I was able to finally order my account and return transcript hoping for a ddd soon!



    Uodste : it looks like I am a weekly update. Tax topic came back last Friday this Friday I was able to order transcripts, so I’m guessing my wmr will update soon :) .



    Does anyone have a tax advocate that isn’t in there state???



    Hello, can anyone please help me. I have misplaced my letter I received from the IRS concerning the return of the 8962 form. Can some please post the fax number and info needed in the cover letter.




    Ok, so I don’t know why but something compelled me to call a second time today. I called and got a nice rep who spent an hr researching my info. He said they finished with my forms 2 weeks ago and the person who was working on it for some reason put a hold on my refund….then a second person who worked on it released the hold but then place a 2nd hold as if they were going to do a thorough review the rep stated. He placed me on hold and when he got back on the line he said his supervisor released my hold and said there was no reason for there to have been 2 holds!! Omg so I’m hoping I’ll finally generate a DDD. Thank you to that rep and his supervisor.



    Sorry I meant haven’t got a ddd yet



    Can someone help me out with my situation. I filed 1/23 Received letter and faxed info on 2/17. Didnt have any progress until last Friday when I could order my transcripts but still have got a ddd. Should I expect one this Saturday since people are saying some have a 7 day hold?



    @jessye…I’m happy for you.I have been following this forum as I am in the same boat. I was told on the 19th a letter was sent out but never recieved it. So i got a rep to give me the info and the fax number and faxed in my papers on the 1st. Then a couple days ago they sent a referral to the error dept for a new letter. I still have not recieved! She said it was ok that I faxed without the letter but that I should try to refax when I get the new letter. I tried calling for a tax advocate and was told I didnt qualify for this issue and she transferred me back over to an IRS rep. Im getting frustrated as, like everyone else, I need the money. Good luck for those in the same boat! Congrats to those who finallly have seen theirs come to an end…I am happy your situation is finally over with!



    Nope @kittenfield I literally been trying since last Friday and nothing no movement . I faced mines 2/22& 2/24 to my advocate I filed 1/27 accepted 1/28 . I know it’s coming in just tired of being patient and feeling out the 8962 didn’t change my refund so idk what’s the hold up here



    I faxed my letter on 02/29, called this morning my taxes are back in processing. The lady said to give it another week or two for them to complete the process. If your refund changed the WMR will not update until the process is complete with the correct refund amount.



    @jessye this last time I checked they said everything was done which was 2 weeks ago, and all I was waiting for was a DDD. My amount changed by $24 I’m not sure if that makes a difference. I was able to order my return as of 2/26 but when I received it it didn’t have a DD. It just said the amount which was my old amount with received date 4/15/2016. How can I check to see if I’m a weekly? I know 5 weeks is a long time. :/



    @ prissy I’m sorry :-( Are you sure there is no other issues? I’ve heard a lot of people got hit with Id verifying after they went thru the Healthcare stuff…5 weeks is a long time!
    @Kittenfield & Naynay I was able to order the return ones Wed morning and today my bars and ddd showed up! I am also a daily not a weekly, so you may get your ddd on Sat when weeklies update!!! Keeping my fingers crossed for you all!!!



    @NayNay no I can’t. Hoping I can tomorrow! Can you?



    @kittenfield can you order transcripts



    @jessye Hurray!! I told you I had a feeling! My TT finally came back but no other movement. I was told I am approved but no DDD yet. Hope WMR updates this weekend!!



    Filed and Accepted: 1/28
    Received Letter: 2/22
    Faxed: 2/24

    Called Tuesday and was told I should have it no later than 3/23. Logged in Wednesday and had TT back but amount had disappeared. Was able to order transcripts today after not being able to before. Hoping I get a DDD via WMR soon!



    Made the call even though I didn’t want to and yep still the same no update and no DDD. Here’s to 5 weeks of nothing.



    @jessye I’m so excited for you and everyone else who got a DDD. I haven’t had any update on WMR and I’m actually too bummed to call since they made it clear I called too much lol I’m hoping I get an update soon. Monday will be the start of the 5th week since I faxed. Prayers. .ughhh



    @ April and Naynay The only thing that changed on WMR is that my husband’s tt152 came back and the amount disappeared yesterday. Mine hasn’t changed since a month ago when I lost bars. I never lost tt152 or amount. Then this morning I could order the return transcript and my TA called with a ddd. It was weird because I’m hearing all these stories about people having to wait weeks after their return was done processing just to get a DDD but mine went from not touched to a date in 24 hours…I don’t know, just seems strange! But I’ll take it LOL I’m sure you guys will hear something soon!



    And my TL is accepted 1/28
    Recieved letter 2/20
    Faxed to irs 2/22 faxed to my TA 2/24
    Called Monday and was told it was about finished and I should receive it by the 20 and my wmr should update next week . Still can’t order transcripts



    @jessye I’m so happy for you did your wmr update ? Monday I was told its just about finished and I should receive it by the 20 my wmr hasn’t updated and I can’t order transcripts haven’t heard from my TA since last Thursday . I’m getting discouraged I talk to the the main TA office today and she said everything was corrected and is out of errors . Idk I’m so angry I just want my money



    @jessye yay for you guys! did your wmr ever update?




    I called Irs this morning to ask if hey recieved my forms I faxed on 2/25/16. Rep informed me paper work was recieved and included with my tax return but he said now it had been pulled for a quality review on the 8962 paper work has anyone had this happen I’m wondering how much longer this will delay my return now???



    @ Kittenfield my TA knew less about shit than I did!! She said Monday to sign the 1040 and fax it to her so she could refax everything to IRS because our return had not yet been touched and she thought maybe that was why. Tuesday morning WMR updated to no amount and tt 152 came back so I called her and said DO NOT fax those I’m not starting the process all over. She called me this morning and was like I don’t understand your account hadn’t been touched Monday and today there is a DDD! I was like see!! That’s why I said NOT to refax!



    @ prissy they seem to be telling people that but mine literally went from not touched, to a DD in 24 hours. I’m also a daily. For the weeklies there seems to be a 7 day hold before a DDD is released, but I couldn’t tell you why. Hang jn there, it’s coming!



    Sorry I would have posted sooner but I have been trying to get on here for 2days!! I finally have a DDD! My TA called this morning and told me! My Timeline is this:
    Filed/accepted 1/26
    Lost bars, amount and tt 152 remained 2/17
    Received letter and faxed 2/22 & 2/26
    TA called 3/7 and said return hadn’t been touched
    3/8 My husband’s amount disappeared and tt 152 came back (have no clue why his did and not mine)
    3/9 able to order return transcript
    3/9 TA called and said case closed DDD for 3/14!!!
    It will come eventually guys!



    Spoke to a rude REP this morning all I wanted to know is if my wmr will ever update so since I have a TA they won’t talk to me and my TA is scheduled to call Me on the 29, well I hope I have my refund before then since I was told Monday its just about finished and it’s scheduled for the 20. I’m praying for some type of update by Saturday I still can’t order my transcripts I’m so frustrated



    @lisa I’m not sure why HR Block told you that. I received my paperwork on 2/13 faxed it in on 2/15. I was supposed to have 244$ deducted for penalty. They processed everything on 2/22. I was finally able to order return trans on 3/4 and ddd 3/9. Mines is going to my account and my amount is still the same. No penalty deducted. Hope this helps!



    Hi here is our time line, We went to H&R Block on 1/29/16 and filed excepted the same day by Irs. On 2/10/16 lost bars on Wmr. So i called and found out they sent a letter. So we got the letter and they needed the 8962 form with a copy of the 1095 A and 2nd page on 1040. So i called H&R BLock and ask them why they did not put this info in since we took it in with us. And there reply was they didn’t know. OK a whole nother story here. But we got the letter on 2/25/16 faxed all the info on 2/25/16. And on 3/2/16 i called the number on the letter and they said it was moved out of the errors department, To keep checking WMR. We still have no bars Just says it is still being processed and a refund date will be giving at a later date. We would not be going through this if the tax pro knew what she was doing. And i’m using tax pro Loosely. It is now 3/8 /16 and i have no ideal when we will get our refund. Adding the 1095 did lower our refund by 500.00. So i don’t know if that is why it is still being processed. And another thing is H&R Block said instead of Direct deposit that the IRS would probably send a check, Does Anyone know if this is true?



    Update: spoke to a rep yesterday who said everything was done, that it takes awhile to generate a DDD after it’s done processing. It’s been 4 weeks since I faxed in my info. …I’m really thinking it’s going to take the full 6 weeks. She said I should have something by March 23rd.




    Called the phone number and used the extension given on my letter yesterday. The guy said my return was out of rejects and moved back into processing but could take up to another 2 weeks to complete. He saw no DDD for me yet.

    Filed – 1/26
    Faxed info – 2/18

    The saga continues…..



    @jessye those TA are slow I been assigned one since Feb 12 and I didn’t hear from her until 2 weeks later then after that it was a week then after that was another weak its so frustrating I can’t wait until this is all over . people need their money



    @ Kittenfield I really hope so! So stressed about it!



    @jessye Those TAs are not always correct! I had one a few years ago and I knew more about my return issues than she did! I signed mine even though I Efiled too. I kept going back and forth about signing but said screw it and signed. I really think the IRS rep was correct. I don’t even know if TAs can see all that the reps can.



    @Kittenfield I’m so upset! When I spoke to rep this morning I was told mine was out of errors and processing…then spoke to my TA at 12 and she tells me it notes that they recieved it but nothing has been done…and told me I had to re-fax her a signed 2nd page of 1040 because even tho the letter says ORIGINAL signature (I efiled so there wasn’t one) I still should have signed it. So frustrated and discouraged. I have no idea when I’ll see my money but I doubt it will be this week or next… :-( Oh and she is supposed to call me back on the 23rd…two weeks from now. UGHHH



    Jessye I was also told today mine is out of errors as of Friday and in regular processing. Not much longer! We may actually get that DDD for the 16th! He also told me no further info is needed. If it was errors would have not sent it back to processing and I would get a letter.



    I filed 1/28. Received my letter on 2/22 and immediately faxed the required forms. Last Monday I called and they verified that my paperwork was received and put into process. I called back today because wmr still hasn’t moved. This time the lady says that it doesn’t show that they received my paperwork. I contacted a tax advocate who said that it is too soon for them to get involved. I am so frustrated!!!



    I’m so sorry that popped up that many times.



    The struggle!!!! I filed January 20th was accept on January 22nd bars disappear February 5th called irs they mail me my letter on the 10 if Feb. I got all my information and took it to my taxs prepare and sent all the information she give me on the 20th. Except the darn paper with my BATCH and control number on it????. Ive track the letter and they received the paperwork by the 22nd. I called last week Friday and they told me they were wiatting on my paperwork, so i called this morning and now they’re saying that I was supposed to mail paper work I’ve already sent. But I know the lady didn’t check like the man did on Friday because she didn’t even put me on hold to identify my paper work. I JUST WANT MY MONEY NOWWWWWW



    The struggle!!!! I filed January 20th was accept on January 22nd bars disappear February 5th called irs they mail me my letter on the 10 if Feb. I got all my information and took it to my taxs prepare and sent all the information she give me on the 20th. Except the darn paper with my BATCH and control number on it????. Ive track the letter and they received the paperwork by the 22nd. I called last week Friday and they told me they were wiatting on my paperwork, so i called this morning and now they’re saying that I was supposed to mail paper work I’ve already sent. But I know the lady didn’t check like the man did on Friday because she didn’t even put me on hold to identify my paper work. I JUST WANT MY MONEY NOWWWWWW



    The struggle!!!! I filed January 20th was accept on January 22nd bars disappear February 5th called irs they mail me my letter on the 10 if Feb. I got all my information and took it to my taxs prepare and sent all the information she give me on the 20th. Except the darn paper with my BATCH and control number on it????. Ive track the letter and they received the paperwork by the 22nd. I called last week Friday and they told me they were wiatting on my paperwork, so i called this morning and now they’re saying that I was supposed to mail paper work I’ve already sent. But I know the lady didn’t check like the man did on Friday because she didn’t even put me on hold to identify my paper work. I JUST WANT MY MONEY NOWWWWWW



    The struggle!!!! I filed January 20th was accept on January 22nd bars disappear February 5th called irs they mail me my letter on the 10 if Feb. I got all my information and took it to my taxs prepare and sent all the information she give me on the 20th. Except the darn paper with my BATCH and control number on it????. Ive track the letter and they received the paperwork by the 22nd. I called last week Friday and they told me they were wiatting on my paperwork, so i called this morning and now they’re saying that I was supposed to mail paper work I’ve already sent. But I know the lady didn’t check like the man did on Friday because she didn’t even put me on hold to identify my paper work. I JUST WANT MY MONEY NOWWWWWW



    The struggle!!!! I filed January 20th was accept on January 22nd bars disappear February 5th called irs they mail me my letter on the 10 if Feb. I got all my information and took it to my taxs prepare and sent all the information she give me on the 20th. Except the darn paper with my BATCH and control number on it????. Ive track the letter and they received the paperwork by the 22nd. I called last week Friday and they told me they were wiatting on my paperwork, so i called this morning and now they’re saying that I was supposed to mail paper work I’ve already sent. But I know the lady didn’t check like the man did on Friday because she didn’t even put me on hold to identify my paper work. I JUST WANT MY MONEY NOWWWWWW




    Here is my story:

    I filed on 1/26 and contacted IRS at the 21st day and learned that I would be getting the dreaded request for form 8962. (I had coverage through Marketplace for Jan 2015 But also had my family policy.) Anyway, finally received the letter with fax info and sent back on 2/26, but like an idiot I sent back the WRONG 1095 (I sent 2014…) So I realized this on 3/1 and faxed with correct info…

    So today I called the IRS (used the number listed on this forum with ext 652) Spoke with a very nice rep who actually looked my info up. I told her I originally filed on 1/26 and recd the letter and faxed it all in a few weeks ago. She said she could see where it was received and put back into processing and that I should be looking at max 3 weeks. Hopefully we will see it soon!



    So I am late to the forum but I filed and accepted 1/29. After 2 weeks I called and was only told I hadn’t sent all my information so I was on hold. Finally received a letter 2/29 and faxed what was needed 3/1. I just called and was helped by a very nice agent who, after I said she really didn’t have to, looked at my account and said it only showed that a letter was sent and that was it. She did tell me that many people’s accounts have only showed that until a DDD was given. Their cookie cutter response is 6 weeks but most have only been 3-4 weeks. Hope this helps anyone………



    Here’s my timeline:

    Filed 1/16/16
    Recieved letter for 8962 and 1040a 2/19/16
    Faxed information 2/22/16

    Called the irs today and used the number on my letter and the extension. I told the agent it has been 4 weeks and I haven’t heard anything.
    The agent was really nice and looked into my account. I was on hold for awhile while he was looking. He came back and said he could see when they sent the letter out but he couldn’t see if they recieved the information faxed. He then said because of the length of time, he was sending what they call a referral over to the error department basically telling them that they have had plenty of time to fix the errors and that they had to wrap it up and get the refund back to us. He said from the time he sends the memo, it could take another 30 days and he took my number in case they needed to call me for any missing information. I explained that the fax didn’t say “sent” it just said “ok” and I was concerned that maybe it didn’t send. He said unless I got an error that there’s no reason it should have been recieved and NOT TO RESEND THE INFORMATION. So now I’m just waiting. I have to call back April 6th if I don’t have my refund. This is hell.



    I called Irs this morning and well nothing new. Still no DDD and I’m going on 4 weeks since I faxed in the info. She took awhile researching and she said I still haven’t reached the 6 weeks and to give it til the 28th of March. So with that I’ve run out of hope. This tear was just plain ridiculous.
    Filed 1/22 accepted same day
    2/5 lost bars
    2/16 Recvd and faxed forms
    3/7 still waiting and no DDD…..bars still gone



    So I called about a hour ago Told them wmr wasn’t working like I always do I was blessed to get a nice person on the phone because usually they would t tell me anything because I have an advocate . so my return is just about finished have a DDD of 3/20 she said it can be sooner tho . my wmr should update next week. This has been a long process now I dont have to keep Calling. I will still update you all on my situation


    Ana Vivian

    Ok so I had posted here before and like many others here was desperate and concerned. Here was my situation.
    Filed electronically on 01/19/16
    Accepted: 01/20/16
    Received C12 letter on 02/01/16
    Mailed in certified: on 02/02/16
    Irs received forms: on 02/05/16 (according to ups)
    Wmr bars disappeared on 02/07/16
    Called Irs 02/26/16: They could not give me any information or insight as to whether they had received paperwork, only thing in the system was that they had mailed letters, really nice male agent informed me to call back on 03/08/16 if I had not heard anything since I was already reaching 4 weeks since mailing papers, (Mailing papers also delays process by a week)
    Waited and called the number on the letter with the extension on 03/04/16 , Finally got good news that they could see a ddd of 03/09/16. I was able to order account and refund transcripts.
    03/04/16; Wmr not updated yet, still shows as processing with tax topic of 152
    03/05/16: wmr updated with refund approved and ddd of 03/09/16 . (checked with old amount)



    @prissy right! I’m about running out of hope! Seems like I’ll never get it! :-( So aggravating. I’m just glad mines back in processing…thank god for small favors! Pretty pathetic it took almost 3 weeks since I faxed it for them to enter the stupid info



    I’m praying I get some type of update today. @jessye here’s to hoping!



    Still no movement on wmr



    Oh and I faxed on 2/22 As well! Mine went to Kentucky



    @ Joanna here’s what you do…call the number on the back of your letter with the extension, tell them WMR keeps saying your info doesn’t match (little white lie), don’t say anything about faxing or anything, they will put you on hold to check your account…then usually they will come back and tell you what is happening with your account. That’s how I’ve gotten them to talk to me. Otherwise you just get generic 6 week bull! I called at 7 on the dot when they open lol Good luck!



    Jessye you called already this morning?? When did you fax back? I faxed back 2/22 and have zero movement or confirmation that they received my fax. Ahhhh. Wtf do I say to get them to speak to me??



    Ok so how long has it taken people to get their DDD after your return went back into processing??? Finally got told my paperwork was accepted and my return was taken out of errors and sent back to regular processing! Atleast it’s some movement!!! Yay!



    Ok I check wmr and it says there is a problem retrieving my information to try back later. So I wait five minutes and the whole site is down. Is anyone else having the same issue this morning??



    Does anyone know if perhaps it means something when the refund amount goes away and tax topic 152 comes back up on wmr?

    Filed & accepted: 02/04
    Lost all bars and tax topic : 02/24
    Called IRS was told 12c: 02/25
    Faxed 8962 etc…: 02/25
    Topic 152/no refund amt.: 03/05



    Just some quick background to my IRS horror story….

    Filed/accepted 1/19 with TT
    Called IRS 2/12
    IRS claims not accepted until 2/1
    Called IRS 2/23
    Was told behind 2 weeks and no issues with my return at all so just wait
    Later on 2/23 I lost bars and info on WMR
    Called IRS 2/24
    Was told letter was mailed on 2/12
    Called IRS 2/26
    I hadn’t received letter yet and was told to suck it up and wait
    On 2/29 I received letter about 8962 and 1095A and it was actually dated 2/26 not 2/12 (strange but whatever its coming from the IRS)
    Faxed all info requested 3/1

    No updates but not long since I faxed info. I don’t really think I’ll have any updates for another 3+ weeks. People who filed long after me already has their refunds…. People who filed same time as me got letters way before I did and has their refunds…. I think the IRS is broke and can’t afford to pay people so they’re coming up with bs reasons to keep our cash they borrow throughout the year.



    If I don’t see an update on wmr in the morning. I am going to call and see what’s the hold up. This has been the worst tax year!



    @Kittenfield I know right! I feel the same way.



    @hector Call and ask them for the status of your return. That’s how I got them to see that mine was received. It will take some digging on their part but they can see if it is.
    @jessye I read where someone posted they faxed on the 26th and got their DDD already. That is impossible!! One week timeframe. I don’t think so. I don’t believe half of the crap people post.


    John f

    hang in there guys……..there is hope!!

    my timeline thus far:

    efiled 1/18
    accepted 1/19
    letter 12c requesting 8962 and 1095a 2/1
    sent info 2/1 express 2day mail signature req 2/1
    (had to mail to philadelphia office since no fax provided in letter)
    letter signed for on 2/3 @ 10:37am
    callled twice weekly for updates to no avail
    called 3/3 for update and told processing
    finally able to order return transcript 3/4
    got DDD of 3/9 on 3/5

    hang in there!



    @ Kittenfield I really hope so, but at this point I’m loosing hope…seems like everyone is getting their DDD and their money while I can’t find out anything!
    @hector if you call the number on the back of your letter and tell them WMR shows an error (little white lie) they will pull up your account and usually tell you what’s going on with it. Only one time I got someone who was rude as hell! Usually they will look into it no problem!



    @hector I personally could not get them to tell me that, I have read others saying that they did verify it for them though??? So I’m guessing that would depend on what agent you get? I Called more than once with that question, 3 times to be exact and no answer!



    I just checked wmr and now tax topic 152 is gone since yesterday and refund amount is back. What in the heck is going on with these folks! I have no idea what to think anymore



    Does anyone know If you call and ask are they able to see whether or not the fax was received? And if it has resumed processing?


    Tam Tam

    Hello so i just received my IRS letter. I need help filling out the 8962 though. After i plug in all my info from form 1095a in column A,B,C i get stuck on column D… Also Do i only feel out part 2 or I feel out part 1 too?



    @jessye I have a feeling we will update next Friday with a DDD of the 16th. I haven’t checked my crystal ball but I just have that feeling. :)



    @Naynay I am in the same boat. I keep my fingers crossed every week, but doesn’t seem like it will ever happen. Beyond frustrated and discouraged.
    @joanna I feel exactly the same way. I’m happy for everyone that has gotten theirs, but EXTREMELY jealous! It especially sucks to see people that faxed the paperwork in after me already have DDD or even their money! :-)



    I’m so happy for those who are getting there refunds. Congrats.
    I’m beyond frustrated at this point. I faxed back the info on the 22nd and no one at the irs has an answer for me. It feels as if I’m never going to get my refund



    I really wanted my refund next week hell last month I’m praying for a DDD some time next week.



    You do have to have the letter before you fax your insurance info back in. At least that’s what the lady who does our taxes told us. Here is a better timeline, I was typing fast earlier lol. Seeing my DDD had me very excited, very early this morning.

    Filed 2/1
    Accepted 2/2
    Bars went away on 2/15
    Got 8962 in the mail 2/22
    Took it to my tax preparer and had correct info faxed back 2/22
    My tax topic 152 came back 3/1
    Got DDD of 3/9 this morning 3/5

    I have been here reading and hoping every week for when it would finally be my turn. So I will have my fingers for everyone still waiting. It’s coming, it’s feels like forever esp when you have plans for the money which we did too and had to reschedule.



    @hector & Melissa They say that without the control number and batch number listed on your specific letter, it won’t be processed. Who knows if that is true or not.
    Also I faxed all my info in on 2/22 and have heard NOTHING so don’t plan on it being quick. Some people have gotten a DDD within 10-12 days, but that seems to be the exception not the rule. :-(
    Sorry to be the bearer of bad news!



    I faxed my information in without the letter on 2/25/16 and still haven’t heard anything. I recieved the letter a couple of days later and I’m worried if it’s getting processed or not since I didn’t include the batch and control number. Should I re fax the forms or wait??? I had planned to use the money to go see my nephew graduate basic training in South Carolina but I might have to cancel now and I had already asked for the days off from work. So frustrating!



    Did anyone else fax in their 8962 and 1095 a without their letter? And if so have you heard a reponse from the IRS?



    Congrats to everyone seeing updates…@prissy I know the feeling I’m getting the run around too, no update today and not thinking it will be this week either. About to just give up.
    @Naynay not for me either

    Filed/accepted 1/26
    Lost bars only 2/17
    Letter was mailed 2/16
    Faxed 1095a and 8962 2/22
    As of today 3/5 still nothing…WMR is same no bars, old amount and tax topic 152…



    So filed 1/21 accepted 1/21
    Lost bars 2/5
    Recvd and faxed forms on 2/16
    Still no update….all I get from the reps is that it’s done and the system takes a week from they time they finish to generate a DDD. I still have no bars only topic 152 and my old amount still shows. Whyyy….ohhhhh why :/



    It’s crazy how ppl faxed in their info around the same time as me getting there DDD and I have a TA it’s crazy o faxed my stuff in the 22nd faxed my TA the forms on the 24 got a call this Thursday and said it was being worked on Friday my tax 152 topic came back can’t order transcripts. Huh idk anymore



    Here is a little hope for anyone waiting. We filed on 2/1 got the letter in the mail on 2/22 , faxed back the ins info the same day, topic 152 came back this pass Monday, got a DDD of 3/9 this morning!! Don’t give up hope it’s coming!!



    Well just wanted to give everyone the timeline on my situation…
    1/27 filed and accepted using TT
    2/11 or there about I lost my bars
    2/16 call IRS to see wtf was going on. They told me they had sent a letter…I never received a letter. They said they would make note to have appropriate dept remail me the letter.
    2/20 received letter
    2/23 faxed over requested info
    2/25 call to check status, was told to call back in 6 weeks
    3/4 was FINALLY able to order return transcript
    3/5 woke up to my bars with refund approved and DDD of 3/9!!!!!



    Well my wmr still hasn’t updated I will try Monday !



    Ok. Well let me start by saying I read everyone’s comment daily, as soon as I check wmr and scream. Ok so here is my time line
    Files 1/29
    Received letter 2/22
    Faxed info same day
    Still have no bars and generic processing message.

    As far as calling them, It seems I always get someone who doesn’t want to work or couldn’t be bothered. Last week I finally got a nice person who said I was all good and should be getting my deposit by the 21st. Yesterday morning I call and the rude woman tells me that she sees no such ddd and I just need to be patient that if the irs needs anything they will send me a letter. I have no faith what so ever that any info I get is correct. On 2/21 I was told there was nothing wrong with my return that they just haven’t gotten around to doing it. And then on 2/22 I receive my letter. I have never had such a horrible time getting my taxes. I am having a baby and suppose to be moving and unfortunately really needed my money a month ago. I didn’t know you could get a TA, thank you everyone for that info. If I don’t have any answers on Monday I am going to get one from our local office.



    I just got my DDD of 3/9. I hope for the best for the rest of you. They received my letter on 2/22. So, unless I don’t get my check on 3/9 I will see you all next season… Probably February as I’m not dealing with this crap again filing before I have the insurance docs.



    @jessye I’m praying we get an update next week.



    Filed 1/22
    Still no ddd
    Got return transcripts today no codes
    So WT where is my flipping money!



    Atleast a few of you are seeing some sort of change! My WMR still is exactly the same as its been since I lost the bars a month ago. Refund amount and tax topic 152 are still there and nothing has gone away OR changed! So frustrating! Would love to just know what’s going on with it. Hoping the TA will have some sort of news when they call on Monday!!



    they said I had to wait on the letter for the fax number can I call in and get that number ?



    @NayNay on the left side of wmr it shows your info with your refund amount on the bottom now it is not showing the refund amount



    Well my refund amount is back on wmr as of just now. Its still the same amount, thank God but still no DDD. I just applied for a credit card though I need my money! I know we all do!



    @Charlie my TA called me yesterday told me it was being worked on today topic 152 came back still can’t order transcripts so idk hopefully see some updates next week hopefully . I’m going to enjoy my weekend I can’t keep stressing about this I’ll probably check wmr Monday .



    Oh and an add on to my post, I finally today was able to order transcripts, I had not been able to since filing on 01/28.



    Hi, guys, here is how mine worked, Lots of you are in the same boat, Willis I believe has an almost exact situation.

    I filed on 01/28 got accepted same night.
    on 02/14 weekend of Valentines my bars disappeared, tax topic went away refund amount still showing.
    On 02/22 I got the notice about healthcare act, I faxed paperwork back the same day.
    on 02/23, I request tax advocate in Jacksonville, Florida who was so awesome and kind.
    on 03/02, My refund amount was gone on WMR but the tax topic 152 is back, for those of you who get it back means you are back in processing.
    on 03/03, I call IRS and they tell me my return is out of errors and being processed and I should expect a refund no later than 03/17/16
    on 03/04 at 6:30 am I get a call from the advocate, closing out my case adding that all my paperwork was in order, I received the same refund amount and a dd date of 03/09 Wednesday. WMR is not updating correctly.

    Hang in there guys its coming I know its not easy and its scarry rent is due, car payments, credit cards, and you are counting on it. It will get to you, I know it. Just keep up positive thoughts.



    @billy what do you mean your refund amount is gone my refund amount never shows up



    can anyone tell me what it means if your refund amount disappeared.. I faxed and all that and tax topic 152 came back today and now when I check my refund amount is gone



    Filed 1/23 & Accepted same day
    Lost bars 2/5
    Received letter 2/16
    Faxed info 2/17

    Called IRS last Friday 2/26 and the guy was super nice and said my fax was received and out of that department. Since then I didn’t have any progress until this morning when I was finally, for the first time this tax season, able to order my Return Transcript. Now I pray that I get a ddd tomorrow. Although I called them today and said I was having troubles checking wmr. The lady evidently could see something because after I asked a few questions, she said that even if she told me the information (an amount change of my refund) that it may not be accurate. Sooo… I hope for good news tomorrow



    @billy Yes, I believe it means they are processing your return but mine was that way from the 4th of February until today when I can finally SEE my DDD on WMR, so pretty much 4 was from when they received my corrected forms



    It is a long, frustrating waiting game. It seems like it will never end. I swear I will be crazy and divorced by the time it’s over. Never had such an issue getting money that is mine to begin with and that’s saying a lot when I own my own business!



    Hopefully we all get a DDD next week . I have a TA since Feb 12 so I’m jus patiently waiting



    @willis @jessye thanks this is all crazy it is just a waiting game



    Update and my Info:

    Filed – 1/14
    Bar & Topic Disappeared – 2/1
    Letter received – 2/19 (First one I think was lost in the mail because I had to have them resend)
    Faxed Info – 2/22
    Topic 152 came back (no bars) – 2/26
    Topic 152 disappeared again – 2/27

    Today, I was just, for the first time in 2 months, able to order Account and Return Transcripts. I’ve read so much on these forums that I can’t remember if that means anything or not. Still absolutely no change on WMR.

    @billy & @NayNay – I’m not sure if it means anything. I had my TT 152 come back for one day and then disappear again. I called after that and they made it sound like it meant nothing. They just told me it’s still processing like normal.



    @prissy Believe me I know the feeling. When I called yesterday the guys was rude as hell and wouldn’t tell me if it even showed they received the paperwork. It’s our money and they have no problem dicking around with it. I called the TA’s Wed but have to wait until the beginning of next week before someone will even call me back…so if u decide to go that route do so asap! Although when I called yesterday the IRS knew I had called the TA, so we will see if it helps at all! Probably not. I faxed mine in going on 3 weeks and I haven’t heard anything either. But yet some people have a DDD within 10 days of faxing it. I asked yeterday if I should fax it again and he practically bit my head off with a big NO. So who knows what is going on. Going to try calling Monday and hopefully get some sort of news that it’s atleast back in processing!



    I’m so frustrated with this tax season. Wed, a rep said I didn’t need a Tax Advocate since everything was done and it takes a week from the time they finish processing to generate a DDD. He said he already saw the amount to be deposited. I call today and the guy was so rude and said Oh no I don’t see a DDD…..ugh huh but it’s been a week! I’m praying I get an update tonight. I’m going on 4 weeks since I faxed in the forms.



    @billy & Naynay I’m not sure if that means anything. Heard some people say it does and some say it doesnt. I never lost mine, so nothing changed for me. Mine still has my old amount, no bars, and 152…uggh



    my tax topic 152 came back this morning… I just wonder is this means I will have a deposit date soon does anyone know how long after tax topic comes back it will be for the deposit date



    Well my wmr only updated a little my tax 152 topic came back . idk if it means anything



    Ugggh still no change

    Filed & Accepted 1/26
    Could order account transcript 2/6
    Lost bars after 25 days
    Called and was told it was in error dept 2/20
    Letter mailed 2/16
    Everything faxed back 2/22
    Today (3/4) still nothing…no change on WMR (but I’ve heard from MANY people this doesn’t change), can’t order anything but account Tran still, and my old amount is still showing. Getting so discouraged and frustrated. Just want the wait to be OVER! Feels like I will NEVER see my money. At this point I’m trying to figure something else out to pay my back bills because they don’t give a crap that the IRS is docking me around.



    I also called and said that I was receiving an error,and thankfully the person who answered was extremely helpful. WMR is unreliable,so don’t stress about what it says there,mine says still processing with tax topic 152 and yet I have DDD for the 7th.

    filed 1/ 7
    accepted 1/19
    bars disappeared 1/30
    received letter 1/30
    mailed letter 1/30
    tax topic 152 processing came back 2/5
    still shows processing with aDDD of 3/7
    ** There is no magic number as to how long it takes, some take 10 days,some take longer,mine was a total of 36 days from the day i mailed the forms in until my DDD*



    @Kittenfield thanks for the info! Hopefully I’ll hear something soon! I’ve heard from lots and lots of people that wmr never updates so it’s frustrating to not have anyway to check! Uggh



    People, I faxed in my form end of january. Be patient.

    Here’s my scenario and finally got word from the IRS.

    Got my letter late Jan. Faxed in form early Feb.

    -IRS provided me no information until the other day when I called in and lied about seeing an “error”. I was told my refund was fixed and that it was larger than I orignally was told! I was informed my DD was scheduled to be released on the 21st but could be sooner.

    WMR shows no update though. Still not expecting anything from these people. They take our money for a no interest loan and can’t even pay it back on time.



    @jessye I spoke with the evil IRS again this morning. I was informed they had received my fax on the 27th not yesterday and that they have me new refund amount in the system now. WMR is still the same. No bars or TT 152. She said the WMR is not that reliable this year due to all the issues. I am sure they have yours too.
    We paid over $20k in taxes last year. It would be nice to get back the little bit we are owed!



    I understand how this situation can be so frustrating. I called the irs today to see if I could get any information. Though when the call was first answered, the agent seemed put out, after speaking to him for a minute or two, he was very helpful and looked into my account. This is the information that he gave me. I faxed my information in on 2/19/16 and it was received but not put into processing (received) until 2/25/16. He said that the manual says to tell the taxpayer (me) that correspondence will be sent within 4 weeks from the date the information was received. After that, he said that it could take up to 4 weeks to receive my refund but that it does not usually take that long. It was more helpful to me just to have the date that it was put back into processing so I was thankful for that information and know that if I do not receive anything by 3/24/16 then I need to call back.



    No 10 day turn around for me. I called today. The sweet lady looked into my account and told me that there isn’t anything else I need to do or send in. The message still says “under review/processing” and I have no DDD yet…..I faxed my info on 2/18….the saga continues….



    Filed 1/22
    Received Letter 2/16
    Mailed Letter Overnight 2/16 (Got lost by USPS and found and delivered 2/22)
    Able to order transcripts 3/2
    Called IRS 3/2 found out it’s back in processing

    The ordeal is almost over for me. I will miss out on my vacation next week but I guess I can put the money into good use for going to class and starting my own business. It’s a weird blessing in disguise but I rather have been getting on a plane on Friday to spend a week getting drunk in the Virgin Islands. It looks like a 10 day turn around for these letters.



    @jessye yes when I first asked for a TA it took her a week from when I called for her to get back to me then I didn’t hear anything from her for 2 weeks which was last Wednesday they are very slow as well being patient for almost 2 months is frustrating . hopefully they will call you Monday .



    @Nadia I know the feeling. The person I spoke to this morning was rude as can be! He saw that I contacted the TA and it was downhill from there. I didn’t know that showed up in the system when I just talked to them yesterday and still waiting for them to call me back at the beginning of the week. I’m just so disappointed and frustrated. Needed this money a month ago and now it’s moved into being desperate for it. We own a business but have no work in the winter. We rely on this money to get going come spring. And on top of it 4 bills were due the 1st of march and the rest are due next week…doesn’t look like I’ll be paying them anytime soon!



    Here’s my time line
    Lost bars 2/5
    Received letter 2/16
    Faxed info 2/17

    Still no update at all. Called IRS last Friday and he said it was out of the department it was in and they had 4 weeks from the day they received the fax to get me my return.



    @naynay yes I too contacted a TA yesterday and the IRS still spoke with me this morning. They were rude and nasty and we’re like “you got a TA?” I said yes I did. I’ve been fighting with you guys for two months. They refused to tell me if my paperwork showed up in the system and told me NOT to fax it again, even though it’s been two weeks since I faxed it the first time. Uggggh so angry and frustrated. Just want to scream. The TA office said I won’t hear from them until the beginning of next week…so frustrating! I don’t even have a number for “my” TA, the lady just said someone would call me the beginning of next week.


    Nadia L

    I filed January 26th..called exactly 21 days later and was told I would recieve letter in mail thst was sent out Feb 8th then someone said Feb 16th..I finally received it and faxed it back on Feb 23rd..have been calling regularly since then and was told Feb 24th they received my fax and everything was being processed..I have called at least twice a week and keep hearing the same line of bullshit..the first person I spoke to in the irs told me all they do is submit your tax forms through a computer system so I don’t understand why it is taking so long for this to is my birthday and I was hoping to do something nice being I’m on maternity leave with no income I relied on my taxes coming on time which is a big mistake..this country is quick to tax your money but not quick to give it back..I was told depending on my tax forms filed (dependants, school tax credit etc.) That could also delay further..still waiting no DDD and wmr still shows same refund amount so I don’t know anymore..losing hope bur need my money..highly disappointed. .


    Angel R

    Thank you… This has been the worst year for refunds.. My coworker went through the same thing.



    **UPDATE** called the irs this morning and since I have a TA and they are now communicating with her about my return I have to call my TA from now on they will not tell me anything ????, ok so my TA called me today to let me know she sent over the referral and they are working on it so as soon as they giver her a date for me she will contact me , she stayed I can call and check on my status at anytime but see she barely answer her phone it’s hard to get in touch with her. I’m just glad their working on it ! I’ll probably call her Monday of wmr hasn’t updated by Saturday . I guess I just have to be patient still



    @ Angel congrats! I had to go through the tax advocates yesterday because I faxed mine the 22nd and still nothing. They are still claiming my file hasn’t changed and they don’t have it. I’m bill sh*t. This is nothing but a run around and I’m tired of it.


    Angel R

    I filed 1/29 and accepted a few minutes later. My bars disappeared around 10 days along with the TT message. I received the letter last Monday and faxed them the forms the same day. WMR updated this morning with new amount and dd by 3/7.



    @JI congrats! I hope I hear that sometime in the near future, but I doubt it! :-(
    @ trip mine was faxed about two weeks ago and as of today still isn’t showing either. Spoke with a TA this morning because I’m tired of the stress and the fight!



    I’ve tried calling a few times today, when i can get someone on the phone all they can tell me is “you need to wait the six weeks.” I faxed my 8962 and 1095 forms two weeks ago. Is it normal be wait the entire six plus weeks? Also when i called a few days ago, they told me they could not see anything that had changed on my account. I hope they received my fax…



    Spoke to a very nice man at IRS and FINALLY HAVE A DDD FOR MARCH 7TH!!!!!!! It was a looooooooong wait but its finally over!!!! BTW WMR still shows processing with topic 152 and my OLD refund amount…. IRS guy said he saw the new amount with ddd date So if from the date I mailed the forms to DDD its 36 days!!!!!!! Mailing the forms takes longer,so if any of you are expecting this letter,FAX your paper work.



    @ April no problem! Hope it helps you out a little. I was ready to scream when I couldn’t get anyone to tell me anything. Atleast if you call the other number and tell a little white lie they will actually look at your account!



    Awesome info! Thanks Jessye. I am glad you got a TA. That to me sounds like the only solution to this maddness! Hope your TA has great info for you Monday. Good luck!!! I guess I will wait and see if anything changes on wmr tomorrow… and then go from there.



    I’m new to this forum today. But I’m also having the same issue.

    I filed my taxes back on Jan 25th. Accepted same day.
    I do not remember when I lost bars.

    Called IRS 22 days later on Feb 16th to inquire, and they did inform me a letter was sent out on 2/12.
    I received the letter (8952) on Feb 22nd. (Almost a month after originally filing).

    Faxed letter back on 2/24.

    Still no information received. I checked wmr, no information provided yet. I get an error message when I put in the new amount of my refund. When I use my old amount, I get a message that my refund is being processed.

    I have not called them, and don’t intend to for a while. I’ve been on all these groups trying to figure out exactly when I will get my refund or what I should do for a few weeks now (haven’t posted before). But there seems as though there is no “correct” answer or legitimate timeline. Every person is different. After I fax the letter, I’ve checked other groups, and they all have different timelines. Some are still waiting, some have gotten a DDD, all faxing same day. So some wait two weeks, some wait a month. I think it all depends- where you live, your filing status, your refund amount all come into play. I am not a tax professional, that’s just my general consensus. It would be nice to get an estimate! and that’s why I’ve been in here as well, trying to get an estimate for myself, based on your experiences! Additionally, I’ve heard that wrm only updates on certain days, and that refunds are only issued on Wednesdays and Fridays. This is untrue, as I’ve heard all different actual deposit dates, and my own family members have received theirs on a Saturday or Monday. Hope that helps.

    So far I’ve only come up with two and a half weeks to 8 weeks after you have faxed back your 8952. Hopefully we are all in the two and a half weeks range. I personally have never had an issue like this and have always gotten my refund back within a few weeks after filing, so the waiting game is new to me!

    Good luck to you all, and I will try and remember to update once I do receive my DDD or hear anything different. (Which, hopefully, will be soon).



    Yes it was just as of today they began to work it and noted info received. It is still in errors but he said should have DDD within 10 days. Once bars come back on WMR he said I will know it is done processing. I haven’t had bars in forever it seems!!


    Tam Tam

    @jessye No i haven’t gotten letter yet! So i guess i have to continue to stalk the mailman. Thanks



    @ Tam Tam did you have your control number and batch number on the cover letter? Without that info on it I don’t think it will be processed…that’s why they say to wait.
    @Kittenfield thank you, that does give me a little hope!! Just a little… did they say yours just posted today? Maybe mine will by the end of the week…*fingers crossed*



    I am sure they have yours too. Ask them if the status has changed. That’s how I got him to see if the info was received. He did make a point though. There are several different fax numbers and depending on how backed up the center is you faxed too it could be longer than other people in the same situation.
    I will continue to post info as I get it. He did say they do not note info is received until they are actually working the return. That’s why I think they have yours too. They just haven’t begun working it yet.


    Tam Tam

    Hello to all
    What if i faxed it to someone’s else’s fax number on their form because I’ve been waiting on letter since 02-22-16 and haven’t gotten a letter with a fax number…..

    I filed 02-01 & got accepted same day
    Was never able to order any transcripts
    Wmr bars erased 02-20-16
    Called on 02-23-16 and was told a letter was mailed out to me yesterday (02-22-16) about my 1095 not being filed.



    @ Kittenfield…that’s great! I faxed mine the same day and they are still claiming they haven’t received it. Uggh so sick of it! Contact TA today at my local office. Can’t handle the stress anymore!



    I faxed my 1095a/8962/2nd page 1040 on 2-22. I just spoke with the IRS and as of today they received my fax and are reconciling the return. Should have update with DDD with in 10 days. At least it is some movement



    Update: filed 1/21 accepted same day lost bars 2/5 recvd letter 2/16 faxed forms that same day. Still have no bars and yesterday a Rep told me it was done processing, so then why has there not been any updates on WMR …and why can’t they give be a direct deposit date? I told her I wanted a tax advocate, she said no man it’s already done processing they just need to finalize it. Bullshit



    @ April, yes this is RIDICULUS. If you call the number on the back of your letter with the extension and tell them WMR won’t let you check your info they will look at your account. I tried for 2 weeks to get someone to look at it with the 1800***1040 number and they always give you generic 6wk bull.
    I finally got a TA to open a case for me today! So hoping that will move things along! She said I will get a call beginning of next week. If you go that route DO NOT call the 1800 number on irs Web page, Google your local office and call them. The 1800 # told me without an eviction notice they wouldnt help me even tho my rent was due yesterday, both my cars were due to be registered last month and my storage unit will have a lock on it by the end of this week…but the local office opened a case right up for me!



    I had to turn in a 1095a and 8962 because my dependants had ACA insurance. My allocation was 0 therefore my return amount was not changed. I did not submit a second page of 1040a, do you think there might be a problem? Has anyone been processed without?



    @jessye :/ I am so sorry I know this is crazyyyyy! I filed a 8965 exemption from the penalty because we are Native American. I sure hope they do not change my refund amount or penalize me! That would be hell! I sure hope you get an update. At this point I am wanting to fax my information back as well I tried to ask them when I called to see I’d they received my information… she would not say. I didn’t use a cover sheet so I suck at reading directions apparently, it is just so frustrating. Fingers crossed that you get good news soon and me too! I received 2 letters… one on 2/15 that was dated 2/9. And one on 2/23 which was dated 2/17. Which on 2/17 is the date I faxed my information the 1st time, so I called the irs she instructed me to ignore the second notice but u was concerned with that so she then said to just write up a letter stating I had responded and such, she said it would not slow down my processing. I seriously don’t know what to believe? Also I called once and was explaining the 8965 to the rep and she had no idea herself how to fill out the form she had me all jacked up saying I should claim and exemption due to poverty. Ugh hell no!



    Well me feeling out the forms didn’t change my refund amount so I dont see why it won’t process right away idk I just called they still giving out the 6-8 time frame but he said it usually don’t take long I’ll try Friday if nothing Friday then Monday my 2 weeks will be then .



    @ Chris yes according to everything I have read when the amount changes you have been processed. You should get a DDD very soon! Congrats…. I wish I knew what to do. Don’t know if I should fax it again or not. I think I’m gonna wait until Fri and if I call and they say they still don’t have it I will be faxing it again. I was told by several reps that it takes 10 days to process than a cpl weeks to get the refund. It’s been over that and my paperwork still isn’t even showing up!



    me too faxed everything on 2/16/16 going on two weeks and today the 1st of march the tax topic 152 is there with the corrected amount of refund. maybe this is a good sign now



    @ April that’s a good sign from what I have heard! When people’s amount disappears it usually updates within a few days because it’s them entering a new amount. Did filing the 8962 change your refund? See I called them AGAIN this morning and they still have NO record of my paperwork! I’m seriously considering faxing it again because I was told it takes 10 days to show up in there system and its been longer than that and still nothing! I’m so stressed and mad I could cry! I don’t know what to do anymore!



    Oh and refund amount is now gone!



    Well my situation is very similar Jessye. I filed 1/21. Faxed paperwork 2/17. No updates from irs, they do not tell whether or not my return is back in processing. Although this morning when I checked wmr, tax topic 152 shows up, I have no idea what that mean all I know is it did not say that before?



    When I call, I don’t mention anything about my letter regarding the 8962 nor do I mention that I faxed info. I simply say that I filed 1/26 and have not heard anything and WMR just says processing. The rep looked into my account and TOLD ME that they had received my fax of additional information. (This confirms that the rep actually did look into my account because I didn’t mention that I faxed anything.) I faxed my info 2/18. Still…no date on WMR and I cannot order account or return transcripts for 2015. So I assume that I’m still in the works…..



    I am wondering the same thing…if I should fax again or not…I didn’t send the wrong one but they still say haven’t received and other people who faxed the same day are already back in processing…ugggh



    Okay so i think i faxed the worng 1040. I faxed the 1040x. I faxed my stuff feb 22 and still says processing should i fax my thing again or just wait.



    That’s what I’m worried about. I’ve seen several people who faxed their info the same time as me saying that the IRS said it had been received and put back into processing…so why hasn’t mine!! I’m so stressed out and sick of dealing with it. I’m going to call back again tomorrow but I’m really wondering if they didn’t receive it because why wouldn’t it show up like everyone elses? So now I’ve waited almost 2 weeks for nothing. This is just rediculus. I don’t understand why mine wasn’t received but 100’s of others was. Ugggh and can’t even get a tax advocate until I get an eviction notice! WTF!



    @jessye their probably lien they are so lazy becauSe I called them last Thursday and they recieved my fax if you faxed your information In they got it . Try calling tomorrow or Friday usually when wmr update . I’m still waiting to buy I went through a tax advocate . So frustrating



    Ugggh I don’t get it!! I finally tried the 1800 # on the back of my letter and got someone to actually look at my account by telling them WMR wouldn’t let me check on my refund. So anyways long story short I faxed my paperwork 2/22 and they say they STILL have no record!! WTH! I’m getting so stressed. I need my money!!!!! I just want to know when I’m going to get it atleast!



    I am in a similar boat as Willis.
    I filed on 01/28
    Accepted on 01/28
    My bars disappeared around 02/14 Message Return is still being processed tax topic 152 gone, refund amount showing.
    I got notice in mail from IRS around 02/22 and faxed info they wanted same day.
    03/01 refund amount gone and same notice return is still being processed but topic 152 has returned. I do not know what it means either but something is going on which is a better sign.

    I think my situation is unique, the notice was reference marketplace and credit, but I did not actually have a marketplace account. I had to send them a letter showing that I had my own insurance and that the marketplace account I had applied for was canceled because I found a better rate with a private insurance provider outside of the marketplace.



    Ok, so here’s an update and my info

    Filed – 1/14
    Bar & Topic Disappeared – 2/1
    Letter received – 2/19 (First one I think was lost in the mail because I had to have them resend)
    Faxed Info – 2/22
    Topic 152 (no bars) came back – 2/26
    Topic 152 disappeared again – 2/27

    Also, I’ve never been able to order 2015 return or account transcripts.

    I called the number that was on my letter 866-682-7451 ext 568 and told them that I had an error when I tried to check my status on “Where’s my refund” (a white lie). He looked up my info and told me that they received my papers and it was put back into normal processing on Friday (2/25). He gave me the normal 6 weeks but said they’ve been seeing it go earlier then that. No new errors or anything like that (I was worried when topic 152 showed then disappeared again). I’ll probably try calling again Friday if nothing has changed.

    Hope this helps people with the timeline. I’ll keep you guys updated.



    I was told my refund was approved but still a hold on it? has anyone had this. I was in the same 8962 boat.

    Filed and accepted 1/19
    Bars Disappeared
    Got a letter on 2/8 Saying I need 8962
    Sent correct info on 2/9
    Nothing at all until today. They said my refund was approved but it was still on hold?
    Has anyone had this? Do you know how long before the DD would go in?



    When you call them tell them your wmr says error when you try to go on it then they will looked up your account



    I agree this has been the worst year for me too. I filed on 1/22. Faxed my response to the letter in 2/17. I do not know if I have done everything or if my return is process either. I too have called the irs and they do not tell me anything other than to wait 6 weeks frim the time I faxed paperwork for it to be processed. ???? it would be nice to be able to pay my bills and it have an over drafted account. I usually maintain on a tight budget but I just moved the 2nd week of Feb! Oh my goodness I pray we all get our refunds processed and sent lie today already!!! Some of the comments on the forum, horror stories make me wonder if I’ll even see my refund!



    Ok This is my situation, a little insight for those in the waiting game as well

    I filed electronically on 01/19/16
    Accepted on: 01/20/16
    Received Letter: 02/01/16
    Mailed Forms A 1095 A and 8962 along with copy of letter on 02/02/16
    They received forms: 02/05/16 (According to Ups/ sent forms certified)
    Bars on wmr disappeared on: 02/07/16

    It is March 1, and still no update on wmr and I cannot order account or refund transcripts. I called yesterday Feb 29 and I was told to call back if I did not have a due date by March 8, I was advised by the agent who was really nice that just because it is not noted in their system does not mean they don’t have paperwork and that it is not back in process, it just means I have to be patient( which is very hard at this point) I was also told the reject’s department was really backed up and that if you mail papers it will delay process by a week, that it should not be more than 6 weeks total.

    **Also please do not mail and fax your papers that would just delay your refund even more and you must send forms with a copy of the letter they send you!!!!**



    Hi everyone I want to share with you my situation . I filed 1/27 accepted 1/28 called 2 weeks later and was told a letter was mailed out on 2/9 got my letter 2/20 faxed forms 2/22 and to my advocate on 2/24. They say it takes up to 6 weeks but I see most people are getting their refunds withing 2-3 weeks . I needed my money last month and I really need it this month this is a disaster .



    Ok thank you! Every time I call they just say “oh I see we mailed you a letter Feb 16th so if you faxed it you have to wait 6 weeks.” I don’t even get a chance to ask anything! I just want to know if they are noted on my file so I know they went thru. It’s been the 10 days they said it takes to process incoming paperwork and still can’t get any info! Ugggh



    @ Jesseye How I get ppl to actually look at my account is a lil sneaky… but since 99 percent of the phone ppl don’t want to do any REAL work and actually click a button to expand out my account to look at it , I have to finagle the actual dates a little… is to go “I faxed my info in (and use a date a few days prior to your actual fax date) and and I was wanting to know if there is any more paperwork is required for processing?

    OR.. another method that is also a little gray area is I say “I was told by another rep last week to call this number for an update for my account, he/she said there should be something in the notes by then and for me to call back and check”

    These two methods USUALLY work to get someone to actually expand your account out, and not act like you’re keeping them from texting on their phone…>_>



    Omg, how the heck are people getting any info at all when they call the IRS? I’ve called almost everyday for the past month and can’t get anyone to tell me anything. I just want to know if my return is back in processing…that’s all. Getting so frustrated I could scream. Also how are all these people getting tax advocates? I tried that route as well and without any paperwork I can’t get help…even tho my rent is due today, both my vehicles were supposed to be registered in Feb and I have all my other bills. This is the worst tax season EVER. I have waited over a month and a half for them to give me MY money and it doesn’t seem like the end is anywhere near. I can’t even find out if it’s back in processing even though it’s been 10 days since I sent the stupid paperwork. Seriously u either want to cry or scream!



    Although I just remembered that I had called when the fax number wasn’t working and they gave me the same fax number to send it to. So I think they should be able to look up your account and tell you the fax number to send it too. Mine was a 556 number. Then you’ll just need to include your 1095A, 8962 Form and a corrected page 2 of your 1040a, NOT an ammended return.



    You’ll need to call and have them resend you the form unfortunately.



    I lost my mailed that was instructed me to send 8962 and 1040a.

    What do I do?!?

    I think it was thrown away.



    How long can we expect faxes to be processed and get a DDD? I’m hearing anywhere from one week to three weeks.




    I got my W2’s early on in January, but the Healthcare Marketplace hadn’t sent me my 1095-A forms yet, so I filed my taxes without including them (bad decision, I should have just patiently waited for the forms to come – lesson learned). So when the IRS went to process my e-filed 2015 tax return, the system notified them that I had Obamacare and that my return was missing the necessary forms, so the IRS suspended my refund :-( Long story short; my refund was delayed a whole month because of my foolishness. I FINALLY have a DDD for March 2nd, so there is hope for all of you in a similar situations as mine :-)

    Here was my timeline:

    . Filed and was accepted on 1/19
    . Able to order my account transcript on 2/5
    . Received letter from IRS stating that I had to send in forms 8962 & 1095-A on 2/10 (the letter also asked me to send in a newly computed page 2 of my tax return with my signature on it. I DID NOT SEND IN THIS FORM, BECAUSE THE LETTER STATED TO DO SO “IF APPLICABLE”. The fax number on my letter was: 1-855-262-0485. I’m in Pennsylvania. EVERY FAX NUMBER IS DIFFERENT. I suggest that you wait for your OWN letter to come with your unique fax number on it).
    . I faxed all of my info back in to the IRS on 2/11
    . On 2/26 I spoke with an IRS representative who told me that my paperwork was finished processing, and that my refund was going to be deposited into my account on 3/2. I also was able to order my return transcript that same day.
    . On 2/27 WMR finally updated to show my NEW refund amount (I was expecting $7,200, but I owed $500 back to the IRS for the Obamacare and also $3,600 back to the IRS for a 2013 over-payment).

    Now I’m just waiting for my money to hit my Netspend card (I did my taxes through TurboTax, so my refund will go to them first so that they can take out their fees, and then to my Netspend card).

    There is light at the end of the tunnel for us guys :-) … I didn’t think so at first because the IRS said that it would take 6-8 weeks for me to receive my refund after I faxed those forms back in. It actually took about 4 weeks.

    Hang in there guys… it’s coming :-)

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