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    Filed 1/31 accepted same day
    Ordered transcripts 2/4 checked wmr this morning 2/5 status bar approved but check being mailed by 2/11 because my deposit was returned by my bank. Called my bank and ach dept stated dd never rejected of received (nothing pending). Has this happened to anyone else.

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    Original dd date 1/30. Split refund and part of received and other part rejected. WMR still saying Take Action and call IRS. I have already called IRS they state the refund will take 5 weeks,should receive by March 6. Does anyone know if WMR changed to let you know check is mailed?



    My refund is to be mailed out today but I moved yesterday will my check be forwarded to my new address?



    I am worried.

    My DDD is 2/4.

    Talked to my bank, they see my refund being rejected due to my account being closed. They confirmed that it was rejected and sent back to irs same day 2/4.

    WMR states, deposited 2/4. 3 bars (refund sent)

    Spoke with an IRS live person and they only see the deposit date, they don’t see anything rejected or returned to them. And that once the rejection comes through, a paper check will be automatically issued.

    How long will this take? Will anything about switching to paper check show on Wmr or transcript?

    Thank you



    1st thank you all for sharing your experiences, I have been losing my mind trying to figure out what the he!! is going on!

    My return was accepted on 1/20, then approved on either 1/27 or 1/28. At that time it stated a 1/30 DDD. On 1/30 the bars on WMR were never completed filled. I checked again on 1/31 and the sent bar was filled and the message stated it was sent and if not received by my bank by 2/4 to contact my bank. No deposit was made so I checked WMR on the morning of 2/4, it stated DD had been rejected by bank and paper check would be sent by 2/10.

    Checked WMR this morning 2/10 and sent bar was still not filled. So in my anxiety, I got on Google and found this message board. Called the number provided (800) 829-0582 ext. 652 was able to speak w a very nice lady who stated the check was in fact sent out today which should be received in 7-15 days (jeez) and confirmed the proper address.

    I truly think there was a glitch in the “matrix” b/c I have used the same account for the past 5 years. And in my obsessive compulsive nature I have a habit of checking the numbers 5 times before submitting. So there is really no other explanation.

    I hope this helps someone.




    Looks like most people are getting their checks 2-4 days after mail by date.



    How long does it take to receive a check in the mail once it’s mailed.?




    Call your bank to verify it was rejected. If so ask how long it will take to return to irs. I think the irs will give you a mail by date once they have your rejected refund back. Also call the IRS, they can give you more insight.



    I submitted my 2015 tax refund on 2/2/2015 it was sent to my account on 2/9/2015. I am just now realizing that I messed up my routing number. Does anyone know if it could possibly go to someone else’s account? If the bank rejected it how long does it take to get a paper check in the mail? just trying to look at my wait time. PLEASE HELP!!!!!!!!



    Sam – 3 days I saw an update on wmr. Rejected 3rd update on the 5th for mail date 2-13




    Looks like most people have to wait for the bank to return the funds to the irs before getting a mail by update. My account info was blank (irs glitch) so I was immediately switched to check and given the mail by date of 2/11.



    For those of you who were rejected and already have a mail by date… how long before you saw movement on wmr? My bank rejected my funds on the 5th but when I called the irs today they said they still havnt received the funds. Getting worried this whole process is going to drag on..



    Has anyone with a mail by date of 2/10 have a status update on where’s my refund showing it has been sent?


    QRB Love

    It seems that there is a problem with the IRS when depositing the funds. The same status update about the DD was rejected by the bank is showing for me and 2 of my friends. but the bank is saying that they never reject ACH transactions unless the acct# is wrong but the acct# was correct. The bank don’t even have record that the ACH was trying to come through and was rejected. This has to be a glitch in the IRS system, which sucks, Because they are saying they will mail our checks by Feb.13th.



    My bank rejected my refund on 1/30 my transcripts say 841- Cancelled refund
    Then it says 570- additional account action pending

    When I call they say its under review. Ive gotten at least 7 different reasons for the 570 freeze. They tell me I shouldnt expect a check until April, wth?? Anyone else see anything like this on their transcripts?


    Timothy host

    My bank rejected my refund on 2/3. I received an update on both transcript and wmr.

    Transcript: (updated Thursday night 2-5)
    846 – refund issued
    841 – refund cancelled
    971 – notice issued
    846 – refund issued

    wmr: (updated Friday night 2-6)

    Refund approved:

    We are sending you a check to the address shown on your tax return because your bank returned the direct deposit of your refund.

    You tax refund is scheduled to be mailed by Feb 13, 2015.

    My question? Do they only send checks out on Fridays? Also, is there a chance it was mailed last Friday since my wmr updated so quickly (4 days after reject) and since it says BY Feb 13th does this mean they can send it before 2-13?

    Thank you!!



    Update: Hubby went up and talked to a banker today at our branch. Our federal are not showing up but the state taxes are trying to come through. Anyways, for those of you that are dealing with wrong DD numbers, go up to your bank and ask to talk to a banker. Ask to have them look up the ACH transactions and to fill out an ACH switch form. As long as the dd has not been rejected yet the form will allow the bank to manually move the funds to the correct bank account. Unfortunatly, if they have been rejected then it will be just one big waiting game!! Your bank can also call the ACH to see if your funds have been rejected yet or not and when they were. Hope this helps everyone!



    Slf try calling the number below. I had to hold for 30 mins but spoke with a live person.
    Speak to a HUMAN! (M-F, 7 a.m. – 7 p.m. local) (800) 829-0582 ext. 652



    slf my DDD was orginally for 1/30



    My bank deposit was suppose to be for 1/30



    cynthia I never got a notice in the mail, it was a mistake that I got lucky to catch. Only problem is the day that they sent our refund was the day that I caught the mistake. Trying to do the same thing you are…calculate our waiting days too.



    shondell thank you for the info. If you don’t mind me asking when was your ddd originally? My ddd was 02/04. It was sent out as scheduled but still waiting to see if it has been rejected and when they will mail it out. When i get on wmr it just says our refund has been sent. I found my hubby put the wrong dd number when i decided to double check everything on H&R because of a gut feeling.


    Cynthia to shondell123


    I have the same situation. My bank rejected my refund on 2/4, which is my DDD. When was yours? and when did you get the notice?

    This will help me calculate my waiting days. Thank you!



    I filed 1/20 accepted 5pm (2 hrs after filing) then approved on 1/27 and refund DD 1/29. Fudged up my account…..My fault! my fault….. But SBBT (turbo tax) issued and mailed a check Monday 2/2, was hoping for today, since the IRS doesn’t seem to be that long at mailing checks…. but It wasn’t here today. I PRAY FOR IT BY MONDAY!



    If you don’t mind me asking… what was your original DDD and how and when did they notify you?



    We are sending you a check to the address shown on your tax return because your bank returned the direct deposit of your refund.
    Your tax refund is scheduled to be mailed by February 10, 2015. If you do not receive the refund by March 10, 2015, please contact us again. We are unable to take any action until then. This what i got when I mistakenly sent my DD to a close bank account.



    my hubby put i the wrong DD number in for an account that we closed a year ago. Im expecting the bank to reject the DD but everyone I talk to is sending me in circles. I can’t get ahold of the IRS to notify them of the problem. Called the 1-800-829-1040 but can’t get through to a person, its all automated. Does anyone know how to get through to someone? And when the bank rejects the dd and sends it back the IRS will their website that updates refund status update that they will be mailing me a check instead? I keep going in circles and can not get any answers!!!



    lmh, I hope so too! Thanks




    I thought once it is rejected it’s just rejected. Hopefully in 5 days you’ll have your paper check and won’t have to deal with the bank saying they are going to try again.



    Yes, this has happened to us this year too. We have been using HR block emerald card for 8+ years and have never been rejected until this year. The correct routing number and acct number was on the return. DD was supposed to be 1/30 and I’m just now finding out it was rejected for some unknown reason. I had to get rowdy with the bank in order for them to dig deeper to find out where my money was. All the IRS could tell me was that they sent it to my bank. I tell you what we are working for our money with all these hoops we got to jump through. This is a frustrating time of year. So how long does it take to get the paper check once the bank rejects the refund? Also, the bank was saying that they are going to run it back through in 5 days. That doesn’t sound right. I thought once its rejected it’s rejected. I couldn’t understand. Does anyone know? I don’t need my money flip flopping all around.



    I had the right routing number



    Spoke to irs and some how there was no account information for my dd but my prepare gave me a printout with all the correct information on it. Looks like my preparer dropped the ball. Anyone receive a check in the mail? How long did it take to receive it?



    Same here but I fudged up my account number. SBBT sent my check out Monday.



    how about the routing number?



    Samething happened to me. My bank rejected it because I put the wrong account number. WMR was for 1/30 but now I have to get a paper check that suppose to go out by 2/10



    Account number correct, I checked my return printout from my preparer. It’s the same account number I use every year. I’m confused:( waiting to speak with someone at irs now.



    you probably put in the wrong account information if I had to guess.

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