DDD 2/14

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    For the ones who have a DDD OF 2/14
    do you see any pending deposit already because this is my first year using a netspend card and i was wondering am i really going to get it 2 days before ?

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    2/14 ddd nothing pending in regions bank acct

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    Sbtpg received my refund! Let’s see when it hits BOA

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    Cheryl F.

    still nothing on my Walmart Money Card. Hoping it hits today.

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    whats up

    Guess what I woke up this morning expecting Nothing, and when I checked my account there it said “Nothing”. I swear I’m physic but, my wife she just thinks I’m an idiot. I guess I showed her.

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    …..Sbtpg.com updates on the West Coast schedule… if you live on the East Coast, check again between 10 and 11am EST. I am waiting for mine to come thru SBTPG as well and have my fingers crossed… its only 4:35am there right now….

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    Update it’s showing as pending in my bank. I have pnc

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    Nothing this morning..no pending/rcv’d showing on sbtpg.com

    Filed via turbo tax, 1/30
    Accepted 1/31
    WMR states approved and DDD by 2/14
    bank w/ Members 1st CU

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    Nothing yet. I have pnc bank. Nothing showing as pending

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    Shelly Lastella

    My refund was deposited on a Rush card!

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    bluediamond325 – I have them as well and have never gotten info out of them lol! My deposit came between 4-6 am on my DDD the last 2 years. They showed no record of it until it hit.

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    nothing today , maybe tomorrow

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    Cheryl F.

    has anyone seen any early deposits on prepaid card for DDD 2/14?

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    I have Huntington Bank… apparently Huntington says that they can’t see “pending deposits,” uhhh huh I almost believe that. Anyone know how to weasel information out of Huntington Bank to confirm a pending deposit????

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    Alex S.

    DDD is 2/14 going to a turbo tax card. Nothing yet. No fees paid, free filing.

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    Filed with TT 1/29
    Accepted 1/29
    Simple return
    Finally got a DDD 2/14
    Fees not paid upfront to TT
    No notification from my credit union, yet

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    Cheryl F.

    DDD 2/14 with Walmart Money Card… Nothing yet. Hope it hits today. My regular paycheck is on Friday’s and I always get my direct deposit on Wednesday around 4:30 to 5 p.m. Central Time. Come on with it. :)

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    whats up

    DDD of 2/14 TT. I bank with Fidelity. Nothing yet.

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    No deposit for me yet :( DDD 2/14
    @Shelly Lastella who do you bank with?

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    We have a ddd of 2/14 and it’s going to the TurboTax card but we have no pending deposit

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    I paid my fees upfront with TT and had a mysterious deposit of $1.36 today with PNC my DDD is also 2/14 wondering if it was a test deposit

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    Shelly Lastella

    I filed on 1/23, Accepted on 2/24, no EIC etc. I sat at one bar until 2/10. Then had Two bars with a DD of Feb. 14th.. So I checked my card yesterday, the 10th and my DD had already been posted on Feb 9th! 4 days early! I also Checked my sons on the 10th which was accepted on 2/6. And it has been already approved, two bars!

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    If you paid your fees upfront,you should be getting your deposit sometime today.

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