Codes 150, 806, 766, 971 and 570

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    e-Filed: 2/4.
    Accepted: 2/4

    I woke up this morning and saw the following transcripts:

    2017 Wage and Income transcript:
    No record of return filed.

    Account transcript:
    Code 150: Tax return filed. Cycle: 20180703 Date: 03-05-2018 Amount: $0.00
    Code 806: W-2 or 1099 withholding. Date: 04-15-2018. Amount:-$xxx
    Code 766: Credit to your account. Date: 04-15-2018. Amount:-$xxx
    Code 971: Notice issued. Date: 03-05-2018. Amount: $0.00
    Code 570: Additional account action pending. Date: 03-05-2018. Amount: $0.00

    Both 2017 Records Transcript and 2017 Tax Return Transcript appear now and are pre-filled with some values. Before both were not there.

    So, I called the IRS and was told there is nothing to worry about, additional processing is needed. It’s been 10 days and still within 21-day e-file timeframe. My expected refund is large compared to years past as I had a loss in rental and sale of property.

    Did you guys get something similar?

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    My fiancé hasnt heard anything either. Hoping for some kind of update soon.

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    I haven’t received the notice in the mail yet. Let’s keep other informed/updated so as to help the next step in the progress.

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    Just wondering if you have heard anything else. I have the exact thing going on with exact dates.

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    This helped me decipher codes:

    If they said not to worry, it should be okay. Considering you had some major changes to your filing versus last year, it likely is going through a manual (maybe automated) secondary review which is what is holding it up.

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