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    Share your experience with filing your California Tax Return and tax refund progress with others. If you have state information this is a great place to post.

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    My state was accepted on 2/3 and has the 1 month message. When does ftb update? Should I be concerned?

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    Filed 1/26 checked California site didn’t have any information. So called and they said I had a 12 week review wtf man it’s only for $181 that’s the lamest stuff ever. Federal is already holding my refund because of the Eic.. lame lame lame

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    Hope this helps

    Filed 1/29
    Accepted 1/29
    Called 2/6
    Authorized and updated in site 2/7
    Dot DD 2/10

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    Bre johnson

    Hi everyone… I was wondering if anyone with an issue date of 2/7 has received anything. Im hoping tonight or 2am it hits… And advice?

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    Oh I had an approval date of 1/31

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    Filed/Accepted 1/29
    1/30 1 month review
    2/1 Blank Screen
    Called and had an offset I didn’t know about. I even called to verify of any offsets before filing taxes but I guess they still got me lol
    2/8 Received Offset Notice
    2/10 Received partial Refund Check in the mail

    I’m done with this tax season!
    Good luck everyone!

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    Anyone with a DD of 2/1 that had an offset get their check in the mail today?

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    Thanks or the the response @waitingncali I enrolled for the direct deposit but hope the check does come in soon then.

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    Anyone get their DD* not dad. Sorry. Autocorrect

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    Anyone get their DAD before a date was issued? I had one person tell me it happened to them but not sure how true that is.

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    @bk if you got the offset letter today, then you should have your paper check on monday or tuesday

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    Approved 1/18, issued 2/3, today got an intercepted letter from 2/7… still waiting for the return. Anyone had gotten a intercept letter? How soon did u get the funds after?

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    @howlong that’s strange. Call the number on monday ..916.845.7088. This number will get you the answer hopefully!

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    @waitingncali thanks I have checked the website and see a issued bubble and received bubble but no DD.

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    @howlong. its the state refund checker just like the federal one

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    Where is everyone getting their DD

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    @Nicholas yes they will automatically take it. They dont wait for permission. Lol you will get the letter telli g you a few days after you were supposed to get dd.
    @showmethemoney thank you! I hope you got yours as well!!!

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    @Waitingncali yay!!! I’m so excited for you. Hopefully my check is in there as well when I check it later today!

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    @Waitingncali I think I have an offset as well for parking tickets. Do they automatically send the paper check (after taking what I owe) or do I need to call again to verify the offset and only then will they send the paper check?

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    Call this number 916 845 7088

    This number will help you expedite that 12 weeks to about 10 days. Any issue with your ca return or it’s nit popping up in the system, call this number and they will tell you what you need to send in

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    @coco so from what others have went through. If takes about 5 dayd for them to uodate you after you have sent in addtl papersork. If your status doesnt change by tuesday you shoild def call back and try to push them to finish it.

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    Nope not yet. I faxed in my info yesterday and it updated to processing.

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    @coco. I can help you, but first a few Q’s. Have you finished processing yet? Does your status on the ftb site have a dd issue date yet? Answer tbose and ill get back to you asap🌞

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    So basically after a review and they process you, how long is the actual wait, they say two to four weeks but who can tell me their experience?

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    @wishingonastar Thanks!! I wont spend it one place…but those darn bills and the kids get all my .money!! Lol

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    Now I can say congrats!!!!!
    Don’t spend it all at once!! :-)

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    @vee… Mine was issued on the 31st..and the state got me for an offset too. I just got my paper check today. So yours should be in their tomorrow or.monday at the latest.

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    Just wondering if anyone had their state intercepted & how long after did you get your money. I received a letter saying it was intercepted for $40 the rest should DD but nothing yet & funds were issued on the 1st. Maybe I’m inpatient but I’m just curious.

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    Woohoo! My paper check finally came!!!

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    👀 It’s 11 ??? Hope you get it!!!

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    Alright guys. So i filed early on the the 21st. Its been stuck on processing every since then. Finally called the 916 number spoke to a representative today. She verified some questions over the phone and said everything looks good and she would process it thru for me….. But heres the kicker, she said it would take another 2-4 weeks to finish processing… Wtf was it doing when i filed it in the first place… Very frustrating…

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    @wishing on a star. Im wanting a congrats! Lol. My mail comes at ill be checking then with my fingers crossed!!!

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    Whoops..sorry..I thought you received it already.

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    The horror is over for you! :-)

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    My refund was issued yesterday after talking to another representative. I called twice yesterday. The first person I talked to stated it was waiting final review so I called back later that day and talked to someone else and that person asked me a few questions and pushed it through.
    My taxes were accepted on the 19th and finally got pushed through and issued yesterday.
    So I would say keep calling if there’s a hold up until someone can specifically tell you what you need to complete your return or someone that is WILLING to push it through.

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    Ok 1/31 dd’rs…lets all the check the mail today and have our check!!!! We need some good news!! Funny how our letters came on time…now we want our moneyyyyyy!!!!

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    I also have the error kickback when I go to check now, and was told yesterday that it’s been approved. So I think what the others have said is true, it’s giving the error because it’s been sent.

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    If they need you to fax your social security card and you lost yours what can you do? I have my daughters social but I lost mine. I ordered a replacement but who knows how long that’s gonna take.

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    @kevin That happened to me right before my status changed to issued

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    So I’ve been able to check daily my refund status but this morning I entered all the correct info required but now its saying its wrong, like my refund amount has changed or something. Has this happened to anyone else?

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    2-4 weeks for a DD? That’s ridiculous, I hop I don’t get the same hut with my luck I prolly will. I wonder if they have a reason for a DD to take that long when my brothers check didn’t even take that long to be mailed, I’m hoping it’s sometime today too.

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    State received on 1/23, still processing. When I called, they told me I have to wait 12 weeks because it needs “further review” and there is no information that I can give to push it through. 😞

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    I am going through the same waiting game. It is discouraging when you see people that filed after you get there deposit in 3 to 5 days.

    The rep I spoke with yesterday said 2 to 4 weeks for a DD.

    I too have an issue date of 2/1.
    Good luck hoping for a DD notification this afternoon.

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    I filed on the 01/23 I have 2 dependents so don’t expect anything from federal yet. But I efiled and said it was accepted and approved on the 23 of January I filed w/h&r block. My state was issued on 2/1 and have dd set up and a big fat nothing, I called on Tuesday and the lady (very nice lady btw) said that just bc the ftb sight says issued doesn’t mean it was sent out issued means approved and she also said that it will be sent out for dd on Tuesday and should have it on Thursday…well it’s Friday freaking morning and nothing still.
    My brother who efiled a week after I did and who doesn’t when have dd already got his state check… seriously wth! Lol

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    Website said issued 2/5/18 and just received it dd 2/9 @ 2:30am 😁 Im surprised because I filed my 2015, 2016 & 2017 all on 2/1. The only one I received was 2017 refund…

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    Does the shut down affect my DD that was approved Tuesday?????

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    I filed my tax with FTB website on 1/21/2018 and I waited for long time before I call them at (916) 845-7088 on 2/6/2018. It took the call to solved the issue with ID verified. Today with refund issue date 2/7/2018. Please call this number if your return has been awhile since your filed.

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    @vp it just says my refund was issued on 1/31.

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    @waitingncali since you know your refund is coming in the mail has your info changed at all on on the ftb site to check for refund?

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