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    Share your experience with filing your California Tax Return and tax refund progress with others. If you have state information this is a great place to post.

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    I filed 1/14, for a couple of weeks, nothing when I checked online or called and spoke to anyone. I was told maybe 12 weeks. When I looked this morning, I was authorized but there was a message that an adjustment may be taken out so I called. I was told that they were deducting for a previous overpayment and as a result, they were sending a check instead of a dd. Does anyone know how long the check process takes? I doubt the 2 wk time frame the lady gave because I am still waiting on my pin from when I registered on the 14th

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    filed the 25th excepted the 26 still no ddd, it says we are unable to provide your refund status online.

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    Susan & Sean – Great! I am hoping for Monday.

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    Woke to DD this morning in Chase bank!!

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    DD received this morning to Wells Fargo account. Have a good tax season, folks.

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    Ok filed on the 23 accepted on the 24th and first time I checked the state site it said no info the the next day it said they could not show info online and the two most common reason were address or or forgot the other reason from what I am hearing alot of people have gotten this message from the site also..??

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    Hi All – Filed California on the 7th of January, accepted on the 14th, approved the 24th and direct deposit just hit my account at 12:58pm. Hopefully the rest of you aren’t far behind!

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    @susan & @dee

    I did not receive my DD this morning and there doesn’t appear to be a pending deposit. I’m thinking we’ll see it Wed-Fri next week. Good luck guys, I’ll update once the DD has been received. See you next year.

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    @sean very much so :( did you get your DD already? and yes, hoping for Monday or Tuesday.

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    @ Sean

    Did you see anything this morning? I think we had sa meeting authorization date.

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    @dee – damn, that’s disappointing.. i think you’ll see it in your account by Mon/Tues

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    Do they deposit on Saturdays? I didn’t wake up to a DD this morning (boo) I was authorized on the 23rd, hoping to see my $ tomorrow or Monday.

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    Hi everyone!
    I filed this morning with HRB and it was accepted 30 mins later. What is the typical turnaround time? Should I expect an approval and deposit in a week or so or does it take a bit longer?

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    Cristina- when was your refund authorized? I was authorized on the 23rd, hoping for a DD tomorrow!

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    Refund authorized 01/26 per FTB. Last year it was authorized on 01/22 and received refund 01/28. Hopefully get DD tomorrow.

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    Glad to hear DD already dropping! I was approved on 1/26.. so hopefully see a DD tomorrow!

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    Woke up to my dd!

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    DD pending for tomorrow!

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    Authorized on 1/22, still no dd in bank yet. I do seem to recall getting ca refunds on Fridays in the past. So hoping to see something thus Friday.

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    Logged in this morning, got this message:

    We authorized your refund on Tuesday, January 26, 2016.

    Please allow:

    10 business days to receive your refund by direct deposit, or

    25 business days to receive your refund by check.

    If we made any adjustments to your return, we will notify you by mail.

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    This morning mine says it was approved yesterday. That’s all it says, but good news!

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    I don’t have any info on the where’s my refund link, but on MY FTB, it says processed now (updated today) but there are $0.00 everywhere for credits. So IDK if that means it still has to be finalized and sent, but it’s a step.

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    FTB now says my tax forms were received on 1/15. No further update.

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    Ca messing with me again! No info on FTB this morning…

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    @tinabear – I ordered it on 1.19, got it on 1.23.. pretty quick.

    Hoping for an update tomorrow/Wed

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    Well that’s good news! I got a lil antsy when I couldn’t see any info and went ahead and registered myself. Then it seems as if as soon as I completed that the system recognized me and I was able to see my status on FTB. Took about two days though and it’s usually instant like WMR… How long did it take to get the pin?

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    FTB sent me my pin number. I was able to log-in and see that my return had been “received”. The tracker tool still says “unable to find”.

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    @jennifer and @victoria

    What I am noticing right now is that if you filed through TT your getting an update, but if you filed directly with the state your not getting any update via the refund checker.

    Double checked my FTB account though and I know they received it, but it hasn’t moved any at all.

    Has anyone who files directly with state been able to see an update yet?

    I know CA updated their FTB site this year, wondering if this is a bug or something.

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    Susan, I used TT.

    I typically have my state refund within a week, tops.

    Still no dd, but I’ll keep checking!

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    Correction: I filed 2014 directly through FTB but 2015 through TT.

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    Hey All,

    I filed directly through FTB and when I checked this AM my status change to : your refund was authorized on 1/22/16… However, I have a netspend and no $ has hit yet?

    Will keep you all posted

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    Did you file directly with state or through a tax service?

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    Filed 1/18
    Accepted 1/19
    On 1/22 got the message that they could not show my info online.

    Today have this message
    We authorized your refund on Friday, January 22, 2016.

    Please allow:

    10 business days to receive your refund by direct deposit, or

    25 business days to receive your refund by check.

    If we made any adjustments to your return, we will notify you by mail.

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    Hello my CA friends ! So here is my situation so far:

    1/19- filed both federal and state with TT and both were accepted within 3 hours.

    1/20- check, said we have no records…. Blah blah

    1/21- at 1pm same message as mentioned above
    Checked again at 8pm, gave a message stated I was entering the wrong info and I’m certain I was!
    1/22- checked at 9 am, now it’s saying we received your return on 1/19 and then the generic time processing message…

    I called a few hours ago and the rep Keith said everything appears to be processing as normal then gave me the 7-10 timeframe for refund to be issued …
    I must say normally I get my ca refund within 3-4 days. Things do seem a bit different this year

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    Yeah, I am receiving same message. Something is different this year. Hope it updates soon.

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    New message today:

    We are unable to provide your refund status online.

    The two most common reasons are:

    The refund amount does not match our records. The amount you enter must exactly match the information on your tax return.
    The address and ZIP Code does not match our records. You can view and update your mailing address in MyFTB Account.
    Call during business hours for further assistance.

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    I filed on the 11th directly through ftb Cal file whenever I check wmr it tells me we cannot give any information online called and spoke to a report yesterday and she said it was still processing and I should see something by the end of next week. Something seems different this year, I’ve always filed through Calfile had an update on where’s my refund within 3 days and my refund within 10 days.

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    Filed on Jan. 15. TurbotTax indicated received on Jan. 19. Just did CA FTB chat and the rep indicated that it takes up to 7 business days for the receipt of the tax return to “post.” Hope that helps.

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    @byrdchem & @susan

    I’m getting the same message:

    “We do not have a record of your 2015 California Income Tax return in our files.”

    Accepted on 1/19. Can’t check anything online because they have to mail the pin number for any FTB account.

    I’ll update when there is any change.

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    My California return was accepted (TurboTax) on 1/19/16, but the CA FTB web site says “We do not have a record of your 2015 California Income Tax return in our files.”

    Does this sound normal?



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    Filed 01/15 directly with state FTB. Confirmed received, but no other updates since then. Hoping tomorrow.

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    CA Return accepted @ 9:36am according to TT. No updates on CA website, should see that tmrw!

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    Filed on 1.15 to CA, still pending on TT. I imagine we’ll see movement tomorrow morning.

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    I filed on 1/26, it was authorized on 1/27. Will update when I receive DD

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    Anybody receive CA state refund yet? I filled on the 12 and it still says they have no record of it yet.

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    I filed on 2/6, was received the same day and approved on 2/10. Today (the 24th) make 10 business days since I filed and nothing. I called and It turns out there was a $109 overpayment from unemployment over a year ago that I wasn’t aware of so they were taking the $109 from my refund. What this does is automatically trigger a paper check to be sent instead of the direct deposit I had set up when I e-filed. The rep I talked to on the phone said that it could now be 2-3 weeks from the approval date until i get my check in the snail mail and I will not be getting a direct depot from the state of California at all. It could be as late as March 3rd until I have the check in hand and another 1-2 days after that for it to clear once I deposit it in my bank. This BS happen to anyone else?

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    I filed on 2/7, and my refund was authorized on 2/10. It says to allow 10 days for my refund to be DD. Haven’t received it as of yet.

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    No my mom hasn’t yet. She filed it 1/31 and no CA refund yet

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    I was wondering if anyone in CA has received their refund yet. Mine was accepted on 1/31 and it is still processing. I received Federal DD on 2/8.


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