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    Wheres My Refund California – Share your experience with filing your California Tax Return and tax refund progress with others. If you have state information this is a great place to post. To check California Wheres My Refund? go to State Of California Franchise Tax Board

    Join the conversation about your federal tax refund here.

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    Hey everyone just came back to give an update. I filled with turbotax 1/14 accepted 1/17. It was authorized on 1/19. I received a letter dated 1/24 saying I owed a college some money which I knew and received a check on 1/26 or 27th not sure with the remainder of my refund.

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    thank all you guys so so so much I just called on my break took 2 min to get threw she said turbo tax glitch something about leap year and they are mailing me a check out yea yea yea alow 2 weeks they cant dd they have to send check. thank you all for your help your awesome!

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    @kandi that’s exactly what happen to me. Since last year was a leap year there was 366 days so that’s how the tax software input it but the system was not updated so it rejected that number. Somehow the it appeared in the system as having no dependents and some other disqualify stuff. My check was only $34 I called 916.845.7088 and they are very helpful! I got asked maybe 5 questions about myself which were easy and was apologized to several times and the remainder of the refund issued.

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    I filed on 1/23 accepted same day. Received federal DD on 2/1 I have had the 3 month processing message from Cali ever since. I called for the third time today and I got an answer today!
    Called FTB and I was given a special number 916-845-7088 if you call this just hit selection 1 then select 0.
    I spoke to a very nice lady that said the return was transmitted with incorrect withholding and that by calling today she was able to finish it and my refund will be issued in 2 weeks.
    So, apparently my California state return was incorrectly efiled by TurboTax and if I paid a processing fee for that I’d be irate right now.
    My only advice to anyone else is to always be your own advocate. Double check the double checkers. Good luck peeps!

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    @pink did you have to call to get them to relook at your case they sent me check $71 I was to get $1800 they took child credit away saying my son didn’t live with me whole year etc he lived with me his whole life. so im at work but cant call them all day. is there a number I can call and get right threw?

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    does anyone have a number I can call and get right threw? I got a check mailed and they gave me a different amount they said the child tax credit taken because my son didn’t live with me long enough lol he has lived with me his whole life lol so im not understanding it. I was to get $1800 I only got $71

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    Tessa Szatzker

    Aw man thank you for letting me no same day authorized 2/3 and nothing on my Netspend card yet I’ll check throughout the day

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    CA refund authorized 2/3
    Deposit just now. 2/8 11:15pm Chase bank

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    @Just LOL, I’m actually kind of happy to have my theory blown. My rear end will be slightly less sore since I can stop kicking myself now. ;)

    I may call those, um, people…yeah, people at the CA FTB again tomorrow. I’ll keep you posted.

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    They might be going back in to double check people’s mine was authorized 1/24 I requested direct deposit but had a paper check issued 2/1 I got it 2/4 but it wasn’t the correct amount. I called them and spoke to a few different people they let me know there was a glitch in the system this year. They made it easy to fix and issued the correct refund.

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    I also had my CA state refund authorized on 01/25/2017 and I still haven’t seen it hit my bank account and I had direct deposit. Nothing in the mail from either state or federal. Today was the 10th business day. Curious….

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    Tessa Szatzker

    I’m using Netspend for my deposit I was hoping to get it a little sooner I’m just hoping I get it by Friday if you have 2/3 as well post when your deposit hits please? Maybe we can hope to get it by Friday

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    My refund was authorized 2/3 and as of today I haven’t received.

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    I did direct deposit. I have no offsets. So tomorrow would be 10days that ca said to allow to get deposited.

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    Tessa Szatzker

    @BigdDdy did you get direct deposit or paper check is their a chance your refund was offset

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    I filed my return through my tax guy. My refund was authorized on 01/30 and as of today haven’t received anything yet.

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    Tessa Szatzker

    Anyone refund authorized 2/3 receive their direct deposit yet???

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    I filed with TurboTax

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    The 3 month message is just a generic message that everyone gets….I filed on 1/28 and exactly 7 days later I received my state refund…I also had the 3 month message

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    @carrie101- well, this is funny: I usually always file my state through turbotax but it kept bouncing my state return back saying I needed to wait until 2/10 for a form to become available so I went to CA FTB and filed for the first time this year, it was quick and easy and I figured I’d get it sooner. Fat chance!

    I’m stuck with 3 month processing error- I was thinking how I’d never file through CA FTB again, but looks like we’re all stuck with 3 month. Has anyone called?

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    I had the 2 month message on 2/6

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    Filed 2/4,
    CA received 2/6
    Refund authorized 2/7

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    I’m dealing with the 3 month thing as well and I’m so mad at myself. The past couple of years, I used the CA FTB website to file for free. Both years, I got my CA state refund back pretty darn fast.

    This year, I was lazy and paid to file my state through the tax service where I did my Fed. Bad idea. I paid extra to wait…and wait…and wait. Never again! From now on, I will be a faithful user of the CA FTB free website to enter my state return.

    :;;grumbles incoherently to self:::

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    OK. I filed my state return for the first time ever. But I have the 3 month message, so I am thinking that it’s because it’s my first time filing for a state return. Anyway, I want to create an account but I need to have a pin mailed to me. But it says that my information doesn’t match their records. And I know that it’s right. So what the heck am I doing wrong?

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    Whatever you do don’t file your state tax return with Credit Karma. I filed on January 25 and NOTHING. Called CA FTB and they have not received anything yet. So I had to resubmit. No updates or anything. My federal was fine but state is non-existant

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    @420 i am seeing that message also i filed on 18th and just got my DDD sat for my federal for 2/8/17 but my state is just stuck haha

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    Officially it’s been 2 weeks since I e-filed. I filed both Fed and Cali on 1/23 both accepted same day. Fed was deposited on 2/1. Cali STILL says needs more processing time allow 3 months called and chatted with FTB they don’t know anything. No kids or credits. Small $244 refund. Just lost in the system….

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    Tessa Szatzker

    I submitted my return through cal file on January 30th immediately got the 3 month message then Friday 2/3 I got authorized for my refund now I’m just waiting for it to hit my account I’m hoping for it by Wednesday finger crossed it says it can take 10 days but it looks like most people are getting it in 3-4 days IM HOPING!! since my federal will be delayed till after the 15th

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    Anyone with a authorization day of 2/1 receive their money? I have kids so federal is delayed… hoping to see money soon from at least state. It’s been 6 days but only 3 business days.

    I noticed it taking about 3-4 business days for everyone with dates before 2/1.

    I bank with B of A.

    Thanks in advance !

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    @just i filed both on the 18th and bith were accepted on the 19th the state i got the 3 month thing right away.the federal i got one bar till yesterday then i got two bars saying deposit on 2/8….i have nit calked either only cuz you are supposed to wait i think 21 days

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    Yeah, my federal I submitted on 1/17 and they were accepted 1/18. They were showing one bar up until Friday and then yesterday (2/4) the bars completely disappeared. There isn’t any bar on the page- however, there is the amount and this message: “we are processing your return. Please keep checking back for your refund deposit date or download the app”

    I filed state CA on 1/29 and they accepted 1/29, right away gave me 3 month notice.

    Should I call federal? When did you file? Have you called CA FTB?

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    @just so you had two bars and they disappeared? Last year i had the identity thing with state and i faxed in the info they wanted it was shortly after that wè got the state refund.This year it has said this 3 month thing ftom the start…but i have not gotten a letter from them so i am trying to be patient ..

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    @shellte- no my bars disappeared yesterday morning and it says “we are processing your return please continue to check back for a refund date.”

    I was accepted on 1/18 (federal) and looked at previous years, it always takes me 19 days to go from accepted to approved and I always get the deposit in my account the day it changes- I don’t usually get a DDD in advance. Thinking Sunday is a large update for IRS so maybe tonight it will go to approved?

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    Mine was 1500 and i have the same message as you i did get my DDD fir federal return yesterday..have u gotten your federal return yet?

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    @kandi – do you mind if I ask roughly how much your CA refund was?

    I started my own business so I’m due to get $2,000+ Back in my CA return. It was received on January 29 2017 but when I check status it says,

    “We received your return on January 29 2017.

    Your return requires additional processing. Please allow 3 months from when you e-filed.”

    But I vaguely remember getting this message last year too which went away within 2 weeks of submitting.

    Ballpark, how much was your refund? Under $1000? Wondering if it has something to do with amount of refund and when it’s approved?

    Thank you!

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    I e-filed with Turbo Tax on 1-25

    I was “accepted” on 1-25
    They “received” my return on 1-27
    “Authorized” refund on 1-31
    Got my DD on Friday 2-3 at 10:45pm

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    @kandi also when I did get that call back they kept me on hold an additional four hours then just hung up 🙄

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    Update! So I was authorized on 1/26 and today 2/4 I received a check in the mail. I requested direct deposit but my banking information changed this year and since they’re trying to combat fraud they’re issuing more paper checks. Eh not what I asked for but soooooo glad I got it!

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    I filed my CA taxes and they were accepted on 1/29, but I keep getting:

    We received your tax return on January 29, 2017. Your tax return requires additional processing please allow 3 months.

    Is this a generic error? Im starting to stress thinking what is wrong. I usually get my CA refund within days of filing. However, I usually file much later in the season.

    Is anyone else seeing this message? Has anyone seen this message and had it change to approved?

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    California is SLOW….i filed 1/18 they accepted it 1/19 i have been stuck on the 3 month message since but this morning got a DDD for my federal …

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    Joey The Moose

    Filed 1/25 authorized for deposited 2/2. Says it’ll take up to 10 business days, so just waiting now :-)

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    i was accepted on 23rd and authorized on the 25th it said 10 business days. how long after authorized did it take to get refund in dd and what day? do they dd Friday nights? thank you

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    state return i was accepted on 23rd and authorized on the 25th it said 10 business days. how long after authorized did it take to get refund in dd and what day? do they dd Friday nights? thank you

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    I filed and was accepted the 25th had the 3 month message and this morning it says authorized Feb 1, 2017 just informing people who’s receiving that message it will update if you didn’t receive any letters in the mail.

    Hope this helped

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    I filed my sate on 1/30/17. Checked this morning and got the messsge saying that my return is processing and that may 3 months. Anyone get this message and actually had to wait that long? Thanks

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    @stillwaiting; nothing new with my CA FTB notification but with my state refund, I usually get the deposit long before the processing notification ever changes. Hoping for a deposit on Friday.

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    I still have not recieved my DD. Says it was authorized on the 26th but still nothing. Anyone else have any luck today?

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    Filed CA State Tax on Friday January 27th Refund authorized January 30th. I will post when DD.

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    NVM, sorry for the double post.

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