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    Wheres My Refund California – Share your experience with filing your California Tax Return and tax refund progress with others. If you have state information this is a great place to post. To check California Wheres My Refund? go to State Of California Franchise Tax Board

    Join the conversation about your federal tax refund here.

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    filed on 02/09
    accepted on 02/09

    still have the same message of 2 months BUT checked my bank account this morning and I have a pending deposit for 3/1.

    It appears they are not updating the site, so also check your bank accounts.

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    Still waiting. Filed on 1/27. They said returns are expected to take 2 months now.

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    Just spoke to someone via the CA FTB website chat. They said electronic returns are taking 2 weeks to process (to be approved).

    My return was received 2.23, so I should have an answer on or before 3/10.

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    Submitted 2/9
    Accepted 2/9
    Still on “we received your refund and are processing…. could take two months.”

    same status for me also :(

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    Sammys girl

    Submitted 2/2
    Accepted 2/2
    Still on “we received your refund and are processing…. could take two months.”

    Sighhhhh. Deep sigh.

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    Received my DD this morning after being approved on Tue.

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    Sean Berman

    Hey Again, back for the 3rd year in a row.

    Filed – 2/23
    Accepted – 2/23

    Getting 2-month message. Will update when the needle moves. Big refund this year >$3,500

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    @jr You were right. Yesterday my status changed from 3 months to 2 months. Now today it updated to authorized on Thursday February 23. So finally.

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    I had the 3 month processing time.
    I called and the really nice woman gave me the option to fax the documents needed to verify or to wait for the letter. In less than an hour after faxing she called back telling me everything is now validated. I should get my return in 2-3 weeks.

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    @glenm1 mine did the same thing and 3 days later it changed to authorized.

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    My return was accepted on January 26 and my status said need extra time to process and to allow up to 3 months. Now today it updated to say, we are processing your return at this time and to allow up to 2 months. So why did it changed from 3 months to 2 months?

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    Update: I received my return this morning via direct deposit.

    I filed on 2/8; called that number below on 2/9 or 2/10 and they reviewed and put it through. Message changed and my refund was authorized on 2/15 and I received it exactly a week later.

    Hang in there guys, and if you were authorized before me I would call that special number below to check. They are very pleasant and extremely fast with processing or letting you know what’s going on.

    Best of luck!

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    @carrie101 thank you for the update. I checked this morning and my return message changed to:

    We authorized your refund on Tuesday, February 21, 2017.

    Please allow:

    10 business days to receive your refund by direct deposit, or

    25 business days to receive your refund by check.

    If we made any adjustments to your return, we will notify you by mail.

    I filed on 2/9, started with the 3 month message, changed to the 2 month message on 2/19, and authorized on 2/21. I never called, but I imagine they are receiving tons of calls and are being told to give the 2 month delay info. I will keep you posted on if and when I receive my dd.

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    @carrie101- Thank you for the update, not what I wanted to hear but I guess it is what it is. I will give them a call in a few days just to see what the next agent is saying ( for laughs and giggles) and will update you.

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    @MONI & @JR, broke down and called again today (3rd time). Was told that the new processing time was due to identity theft & all that good stuff and to expect a 2 month wait for E-filed returns from now on and to be happy and excited for anything sooner (he literally said that).

    He also said that I have 1 more dependent than normal (I have 4) and that might have required a manual review. He did say that they can’t let the feds have all the fun (my paraphrasing there) and they want people to know they are taking identity theft and other fraud seriously.

    He said to expect the 2 month wait to be the new norm for CA and to call back on the 3/26 if I have not received my refund and only at that point can a rep manually process my refund. He also said my return was last handled on 2/12 and hinted at the fact that I may possibly expect something next week, but definitely not to count on it. Overall, he was a nice guy with a lot of helpful info, all things considered.

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    I was authorized 2/11/17 still no deposit anyone else got authorized 2/11 and still no dd friday makes my 10th day

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    My 3 month message just changed to this. Anyone else have this?

    We are processing your return at this time. Please allow the following timeframes for processing to be completed:

    2 months from the date you e-filed your return.
    4 months from the date you mailed your return.

    If we make adjustments to your return, we will notify you by mail.

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    Still on the 3 month message since 1/27. I’ve called twice and they say nothing’s wrong. They say it can take up to 2 months. I call bs. I’m getting really tired of waiting especially since I have had to wait forever for Federal as well because of the ACTC credit.

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    @Carrie101- I am in the same boat. I hope a call will NOT necessary :)

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    I’m still on the 3 months message. Finally got approved for fed today (PATH Act) and have a weird feeling I may get approved for CA refund on 2/21 — the first business day after my fed approval date. Hoping so, anyway.

    I’ll give it till 2/22, to allow for some extra processing time. If I don’t see an update by then, I’ll be calling the FTB again on Wednesday morning. Will update then.

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    Update from my 2/14 message. I checked the website today and its states that my refund has been authorized on February 15 and I should receive it within 10 business days.

    Whoever initially provided that phone number was a God send; thank you!!

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    @Dajanet the CA State Controller issues the checks, but FTB can tell you what day they released it. I called them this morning to find out about mine and the rep let me know mine had been released on 2/9 and should be here any day now.

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    Dajanet Smith

    @justine +19168457088

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    Dajanet Smith

    So I called FTB in the lady informed me that they do not issue out the checks they only process them so do anybody know who issues out the checks for state refund

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    2/7 filer

    File 2/7
    CA refund authorized 2/13
    Deposit… Waiting

    Will update

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    @shellte Did you get the return direct deposited or by check in the mail?

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    @dajanet i just got mine …yipee…yours should be coming anytime….so just to post one last time i filed the 18th and got authorized the 8th of Feb and just got it today the 15 of Feb

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    I got a DDD of 2/8 but haven’t got my refund yet, what number can I call and actually talk to someone.?

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    @dajabet ok so i am 3 days after you…i have a feeling authorizing and actually sending the check might be two different things…i will post when i get mine

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    Dajanet Smith

    @shellte she said they authorized it the 8th

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    @dajanet so crazy but when someone mails me something within california it takes at the max 2 days for me to recieve…When was yours authorized? Today it has been a month for me…

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    Dajanet Smith

    @shellte yes she said 2-4 weeks there sight says 25 business days and as of now I have received nothing I’m hoping it’s there today

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    @dajanet the mailed you a check on the 8th and they are saying 2 weeks for mail?? I am noticing that they are telling a whole lot of people the same thing….

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    I called the FTB number someone provided below and gave her my info. I explained that I submitted it via Credit Karma Tax initially but it was never updated. I explained that I filed through the CA FTB website last week and received that three month message so I was wondering if by refiling I messed something up.

    She checked and put me on hold for 5 minutes and said that everything looks to be in order and she went ahead and processed my refund. She told me I should receive it within 2 weeks. No update on the site yet, but I hope to have some movement this week; yay!

    Thanks, everyone!!

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    Dajanet Smith

    Well I finally gave in and I called FTB and I was informed that they had made an adjustment to my state refund so they mailed me out a check on February 8th so it should be here within 2 to 4 weeks

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    Tara Kline

    Just spoke to someone at FTB and explained I had the 3 month notice since it was accepted January 13th. He checked my return and was able to complete the process should have my mailed check in 2 weeks yay

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    @dajanet lets keep our fingers crossed and hope for the best…mine was authorized saturday so 1 day down 9 more business days to go…😉

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    Dajanet Smith

    @shellte good thing is I bank with netspend and they don’t hold direct deposit as soon as they come they post it to my account the bad thing is I think I’m going to have to wait the 10 days

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    Called the CA FTB again today. Spoke with a very friendly representative, Sean (#1039), and was told that there has been a lot of confusion about the wording on the message people are receiving on the website after they file. He said that those higher up in administration are looking into possibly changing this wording. Apparently they have been inundated with calls, more so than usual.

    However, for now, the “3 month” message just means that if they happen to find something noteworthy in your return that requires extra processing time, then it could take up to the full 3 months to resolve it. He did say that receiving this message does not necessarily mean that they did find something wrong with your return. Apparently, this is where the confusion lies.

    It is a generic message but most people do not have a reason for further review that would require the extra processing time. He did say that if all is well with the return, a refund is generally issued within “2 -3 weeks”. He also literally stated that they would rather issue the latest possible date to receive a refund, rather than issue an earlier date that might be delayed, only to cause further concern and confusion.

    He also stated that if a person did have some issue that required further review of their return, they definitely would be receiving a letter in the mail. As for me, he stated that he did not see any notices being sent out and that all appeared to be fine with my situation. I am hoping to see my refund within the next week or so, or at least an estimated date. For what it’s worth, I filed and was accepted 1/26. I’ve been seeing the “3 month” message ever since.

    One more issue I asked about was if it would have made any difference if I had filed on the CA FTB website versus using my tax prep service to send it along with me federal. He assured me that the info received would be the same either way, in the same time-frame. The only difference is that the CA FTB is free to file. It’s simply a matter of convenience of not having to enter the info twice.

    I feel a lot better, even though this is the longest wait I have ever had for an E-filed CA state refund. I normally have my state refund light years before my federal.

    Just wanted to share this information, for what it’s worth.

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    @dajanet I was told it gets sent to a bank then to your bank but your bank may hold for however long they hold direct deposits…but it seems like its taking people awhile to get their direct deposits

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    Dajanet Smith

    My question is this does it really take 10 business days to see a deposit in CA my money was issued on feb8th

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    Dajanet Smith

    Okay everyone here is my question does it really take 10 days to see the deposit in your account I filed my state return on feb2nd I was on the 3months messages for a couple days then I updated to approved refund issued on Feb8th but I don’t understand why the wait if they issued it out and I’m getting direct deposit

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    @christine i hace not called and mine still changed …if it has nit been however many days they tell you to wait abd you calk alot of them wont even help you fact last when i called the lady *very rude) saud it had inly been so many days abd then she asked if i got a letter then asked me if the refund site asked me to call…

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    @daisysmom yes that is what mine did and the next day i got my authirization message so i bet you will also

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    call them i had the three month message but 30 minutes after i called it said accepted and the next morning it said authorized for the 10th please allow 10 days for direct deposit

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    Mine was accepted 1/27 and I STILL have the 3 month message. Should I call them? I’m getting super annoyed.

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    Filed 2/3 with EIC, accepted 2/7, DD received on 2/10. 😊

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    I filed on 1/23 I have had the 3 month message since today I called and the man asked me a few questions and then said he could process it now?
    He said it could take two to four weeks but now my message online has changed so I hope I get something soon.

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    Well filed on 01/26. Remind authorized on 01/30. The standard message allow 10 days for direct deposit. Well i still haven’t received anything yet. Have any ideas?

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    If I get EIC for federal, shouldn’t I have gotten it for state as well? my refund was alil over $300 but my sisters was over $1500. Now I’m confused

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