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    BartD is back for another year of answering questions.

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    Bart I am under review and have sent everything even got a tax advocate. I turned in letters from school, bills, medical records, a lease and the tax advocate says that it only proves a little bit that my grandchildren live with me. She suggested letter from church which I am getting and letter from teachers. I sent in any letter that was sent home, but our schools address the letter to the gurdian of not a specific person. What more could I give I went straight down their list to send things. The review is for eic.



    FILED ON 1/13




    CALLED FEB 9TH DID id verify




    CYCLE 20150605 WITH DATE NEXT TO IT 03-02-2015

    CODE 150 4-15-2015

    CODE 806 4-15-2015

    CODE 766 4-15-2015

    CODE 768 4-15-2015

    CODE 570 WITH DATE 03-02-2015 <—– !!!!

    CODE 766 4-15-2015






    I filed on 2/19 and got accepted the same day. I am able to see all 3 of my tax transcripts, i have codes: 150, 806, 766, 768 but no 846 code yet i do have a cycle date of 20150805. What does this mean? Is it bad or that it is still processing?



    I filed on 1/20 accepted the same day. Called on day 21 and was told I was unpostable due to my name change since I had gotten married. Very nice rep put note in system that he verified my information. Called on 2/19 they told me the issue was fixed on 2/18, on 2/20 I could view my transcript but just one of them and it had zeros with 3/9 date. On 2/27 transcripts all updated with return information with a date of 3/16. However there is a TC 570 it AlsoRight I know I have no idea she is changing things all around and this competition Saturday. Doors don’t open til 12 conpetition don’t start til 1. has 3/16 date. Cycle date is 20150805. I called yesterday to check to see if anything else was needed from me and the lady said I should get a letter or my refund by April 2,2015. Does this mean the hold will fall off? And will it take until April 2. Should I see an update on transcripts this week?



    Hey Bart! Me again! Filed 2/3 and was sent to errors resolution dept. bars disappeared and no tax topic. It has been In the errors dept for 20 days. Transcripts are not available. I looked tonight and the tax topic is available 152. But refund amount is gone. It has been there before when the bars disappeared and the tax topic disappeared. Is something else wrong?



    Hey bart,
    So last week i completed my id verification and now they want me to send them my w2 for an income verification. Why would they want this if im not under review right now? And after i send them my w2 are they gonna have to wait till my employer sends them their copy of the w2 to compare the two before they release my refund??



    Hey Bart!

    Me again lol. Not really a question, just an update.

    Filed/accepted 1/22
    Bars disappeared next week
    Transcripts N/A
    Called the 2nd week of February, was told there was an error detected on 2/2

    Got a letter dated Feb 20 last week for 5071C. Tried online ID Verify, but it said I had to call. So I have called multiple times, all “high volume call back” messages. Finally for kicks tried ID Verify today online, got through! Completed it and they said “6 weeks” from today.

    Personally, I am just going to assume the IRS doesn’t want to refund me until it happens otherwise lol.



    Thank you Bart, hopefully, my transcript will reflect it Friday when it updates and I will see what order they are in



    jimbo2015 u have to look if the 570 is below the 290 then u need a 571 if its reversed u dont need a 571

    amylaw377 if your refund amount changed then u are in errors due to an issue and what stinks it takes time for it to complete u have to wait it out for a little longer u should see an update real soon

    april6rolen yes so u should see wmr update soon!!

    anne yes lots of people are having issues and i would call id verfy department to make sure u dont have to re verify ur identity either way 4-5 weeks is what it takes

    god is good u have to provide sales ledger or transaction summary sales receipts will work for the most part if u have every one.!!



    Beyond frustrated and don’t know what to do. I filed 1/20 and have no movement. Have no tax topic, no bars! Can order acct transcript through mail but no return transcript. When I try online it says to call identity #. Call them they tell me they don’t know why it tells me to call them. The only thing that has changed with my refund is the amount I filed increased by $5 but that happened about 4 weeks ago. I have a tax advocate for about 2 weeks now, but she tells me she can’t give me any updated information until March 11th. No one can give me a reason as to why my refund hasn’t been approved. Bart have you seen this before. I don’t understand why there hasn’t been any movement and why no one can tell me anything? Is there any # that you know of that I should call. 7 weeks now and I’m watching everyone else’s refunds get issued?



    Hello again. I was able to order both my return and account transcript this morning. Is that a good thing. As of yesterday I couldn’t order either one, they were not available for 2014. I had to do it over the phone because can’t remember my username and the email they have on file is not the same one I have. I filed 2/16, accepted 2/16. Bars disappeared 2/24 and they’ve been gone since just topic 152. I heard that once you’re able to order your transcripts they’re done processing you, is this true?



    Yesterday I spoke with a rep and was told my account is under review. I called a second time and told to call and verify. I did file with PIN for identity thief and used a new address/
    I woke this morning and WMR no bar no 152, just a we are processing.

    cant order transcript its blank and has my old address although my 1040 was with the new address.

    I original filed 2/3 and accepted same day.

    Trying to see if any has a similar problem and if they received their money. should I go to the local office



    I aquired a TA due to a hardship. She is not very good and rarely returns calls so I took matters into my own hands.
    My transcripts updated last Friday with the codes 971/570 in that order (Cycle 2015 0805)
    . I understand what that means. Since I couldn’t get a call back from my TA, I called the IRS hold line and we discussed what was going on. Bottom line, she said she was able to issue a refund release under IRS code 290. She didn’t say anything about a 571 to release. It doesn’t make sense, if someone could share with me, it would be much appreciated.


    God is good

    What sources can I use to prove my income to them im self employed I do hair an I also rent a booth at a shop I pay monthly to rent it so I have fed with holdings from the shop I just want to be prepared incase they ask for anything!!


    God is good

    If I have to prove my income??


    God is good

    Hi Bart! Can I use my receipts from a receipt book to prove my income will that work for the irs of I have to verify my income??



    Oh no yes very normal I’d verify freezes account even after u verify for up to 3 plus weeks

    April6rolen I would contact the irs there is a delay in your rerun what I don’t know might need to is verify or u have some kind of error


    OH NO

    Hey Bart. Can you tell me if it is normal that a 570 code shows up on account transcript after just 3 days of verifying my id?



    Hello there. Ok. I filed 2/16 accepted 2/16. My one bar disappeared on 2/24 and it’s been gone since then. I can’t order transcripts but I do have topix 152. Does this mean I have nothing to worry about? I know it hasn’t been very long and I’m not that worried just wondering if the fact that I do have topic 152 still is a good thing. I’ve never had my bars disappear before so it freaked me out a little.



    spikevironata you are correct it has to match but they can freeze a return to make the corrections needed if there is a partial match,, such as last name change

    orchid they may only issue one of the other depending on how quickly the verify what they want to verify

    tjrobinson it means ur refund was delayed during processing and the reason I cant tell u

    tps16 yes it might be the hca and it might be a math error… such as not placing a 0 where a 0 belongs happens all the time error resolution department takes 14-21 days so I would give it one more week

    the yetty that is good news u will prolly have an update the end of this week early next week

    marie 14 days or less after ur out of errors so any day now u should get an update the wait is almost over

    orchid thank yo for keeping the donations going…….. u and 1 other person are the only one lol but thank you for ur support

    frusterated no wait until they ask for it filing an amendment return will only delay it further and no the 2 missing w2 will not flag it yet.. they wont see that till October

    tw yes don’t have to call the letters are sent out automatically in time frames

    Jessie do not file an amendment return to after the review it will be corrected during the review process… amendment returns will only delay things more

    tictoc thank you so much

    Jordon yes u have to wait :(



    EVERYONE who feels grateful for all of Bart’s knowledge and help and would like to do something nice – At 10:03 on 2-10-15 he posted a link to help his grandfather, and said that he did not want gifts or money for himself for helping people who simply need help.
    THE LINK IS I would be a nice way to be kind to someone who needs help. Bart has helped us all so very much THANKS



    Good evening Bart

    When do they issue a 4464c as opposed to a notice CP05? Just for general information.
    As always – you are the best! Thank you



    Good evening Bart

    When do they issue a 4464c as opposed to a notice CP05? Just for general information.
    As always – you rock!




    Finally got a DD for the 4th, long road after filing on 1/20. We did get topic 203 on WMR, and i called the offset line and it says an offset is present for my wifes SSN. My question is, with her changing her name this year due to our marriage, and the debt being still shown in her maiden name on the site, is there a change it will not actually offset? It is my understanding that they must match TIN and first 4 of last name to process the offset. The name control wouldn’t match from my research in the process, as she is now filed under my last name. I can’t find her info at all on the myeddebt site either. Can you provide any more insight?



    I received the generic message ” your tax return is still being processed,” after 11 days showing that my tax return was received. However, there is no tax topic. It simply states “A refund date will be provided when available.” Does anyone know what this means? Any feedback would be greatly appreciated.



    Hi Bart,

    Thank you for kindly offering to answer tax questions. My wife and I submitted electronically on 1/25 and were accepted the same day. After three weeks the bars on WMR disappeared, so I called the IRS on February 19th, and they told me our return had a system error, but that no letter was sent out, and I should call back within a week or so if there was no news.
    I called back today and was told they had 14 days to issue a letter regarding the system error and that the 14 days had passed, but there was still no resolution and my return was not processing. The operator kindly put in a referral and suggested that it might be due to the affordable care act. I put in the information for both me and my wife into the return, though according to the operator, eSmart Free File could have made a math error? She said it may take up to 30 days to hear from the Andover processing center. Any thoughts or advice? Should I call back tomorrow?


    the yetty

    update,filed 2/2 got rejected cuz my wifes ssn didnt match her last name ,we got married and hasnt changed her last name legally yet,resubmitted next day and was told it was accepted same day 2/3,a week went by ,tried to get transcripts ,told to call ipsu number,called,said had flag from last december for no reason,put in a ticket to get it off,same week lost all bars,tax topic went away,few days later refund amount went away,then week later refund amount came back,no bars or topic still,called was told had possible id theft tag on return,and it will be taken care of in 30 days or so,not the same tag as before,week went by,NO LETTERS IN MAIL,NOT ABLE TO VIEW TRANSCRIPTS,NO CODES ON WMR,NO BARS ON WMR,REFUND AMOUNT THERE,TAX TOPIC NOT,called id verify number just to see,got a guy that verified me and told me he put my return back into processing system,and would take 4-6 weeks,,so i never recieved anything about verifying,but i needed to ,heard on forum somewhere else that there not telling people all the time,so check,last friday was able to order an account transcript ,not return one though,called today and was told my return is flag free and error free that the review is over,its in normal processing,so hoping for a quick return,lady said “we are reqiured to tell you 4-6 weeks,but it is usually sooner



    I filed and was accepted on January 30th. I called on February 20th and was told that my return was in the error resolution department due to a systemic error. I called last week and was told call back in two more weeks. I called today because I am very worried that I won’t be able to get my transcript and get my state school grant sent off in time. The lady I spoke with today was very nice, looked into it for me and told me that our return is no longer with error resolution and that it should be in processing now. I still have N/A on transcripts and no bars or tax topic on WMR. She told me to call back again in two weeks and that we still shouldn’t expect to see any movement on it in the next two weeks. If it is in processing I don’t understand why we wouldn’t see some kind of movement on transcripts or WMR during that time. Any idea on what the time frame for something like this would be or how long it may be before they do process our return and we are able to get transcripts instead of it being N/A and actually see our refund?



    Ok my next question is I have received 2 other W2’s from the beginning of 2014 that I forgot about. Do you think that is what is causing my review? should I file an amended return and submit that or wait until my current return is processed to file that



    Hello again Bart,

    I received my letter from the IRS today in regards to ID verification. I called on the 9th of February and verified and was told that I would not have to call or verify again when the letter was received. I just wanted to make sure this was accurate and get a timeline on when I would see some progress. Thank you pal!



    Thank u Bart



    Hi Bart – My return was accepted on 1/30. I received a 570 code and then came a 971 letter stating that my return was being reviewed but no further action was needed from me at this time. I called to see if I could find out why I was being reviewed, and was told that it could be due to an education credit, or an error that I made, and to double check what was submitted just to see if I could catch a mistake of my own, and if I found one to call back and let them know and they’d let me know if I needed to file an amended return. Sure enough, after reviewing what TurboTax filed, the witholdings from the only W2 that I had was almost $2,000 off. I’m assuming this is probably what has caused the review, and assuming this means I’ll need to file an amended return, however I’m aware that sometimes the IRS will just adjust the mistake. So, my question is, where is the line for adjusting mistakes? Is this too much of an error for the IRS to adjust, or should I go ahead and file an amended return. I’m only wondering because I know once I start the amendment process, I probably won’t receive a refund for months, whereas waiting out the review and having them catch the mistake and potentially adjust it on their own might take less time. What are your thoughts? BTW – the date out to the side of the 570 code is March 9th, 2015 (not sure if this helps).



    Just wanted to say that it’s pretty neat someone like Bart takes the time to hear our questions, answer them, and listen to us bi**ch. Kudos to Bart. He’s “Da’ Man”!!



    Thanks Bart! The new 1095 a’s aren’t out yet which stinks.

    @jason the rep on the phone said today to wait another month to get the error resolved lol. All I could do was laugh. So we have no idea



    JORDON AND JORDON a ta would not be able to do anything what i do suggest doing is fax or go to the irs office and hand or fax the a copy of the 1095a form… thats all u can do other then wait

    dimples yes to make sure that no debt is owed

    kalli thats good news and yeah i know the HCA is a mess this year… just plain horrible

    Jenna74 they are verifying your income and u need to wait untill they do… ur just going to have to hang in there and as for state prolly the same issue

    Mparker the 1095a is def causing the delay

    frusterated yeah early filers are always pinned as the mosted audited or under review they are doing it for chances of fraud. all under review is manually done and those who file now are electronically done….

    enc common when there is a delay in processing your return

    ajap2334 no its the same code and u have to give it another 2 weeks

    raymann yes u will see wmr re update and it changed because ur now processing you have to wait it out a little longer u should have a ddd soon



    Jordan I filed with TT as well. Did they give you any idea how long it will be before you should expect to see your return.



    My question is what could be holding up my refund I know I have a freeze to verify my income but I have seen many others with this same issue that filed around the time I did 1/20 that are starting to receive their refunds. I have seen absolutely no change since 1/29. Im getting very frustrated I was suppose to move a few weeks ago. I have now lost the home that I had lined up and my job that I had transferred. Why is the IRS not processing the returns that are under review before returns that have been filed recently.



    Wow jason! That sounds exactly like my situation! Filed with turbo tax on 2/3. Accepted the same day. Found out last week I was one of the ones affected by the 1095-a’s. My bars are gone on wmr as of 2/20. Was told by the irs I’m in the errors resolution dept because of a systemic error but no letters sent out to give them time. Hopefully yours isn’t in there. It took 3 representatives to “research” to figure out what was going on and to tell me it was there. It’s been there for 19 days now.



    Hi Bart,

    I filed and was accepted on 2/3. Well on 2/20 all my bars disappeared. I was one of the people affected by the incorrect 1095a. Well I called on 2/23 I was told that there was no letters sent and that there were no codes they just needed a little longer to process call and to call back on Friday 2/27. So I called on Friday and I was told still no codes or letters that are holding up my refund just taking a little longer please give them a few more weeks. I still can not view any of my transcripts or order them. My WMR still has the generics we are still processing your return with no codes at all. My question is at what point would you get a tax advocate involved in all of this or any other advice you have on this. Thanks.



    Good morning Bart –

    So I spent 45 min on the phone with the IRS and they told me there is a freeze on my account because of my bankruptcy. My lawyer told me that shouldn’t be the case I have no holds through my BK…. the IRS rep said I need to wait another 4-6 weeks. Is this normal???



    im posting this am after my conversation with irs. Apparently the HCA is processing differently if there is a credit due. They are releasing refunds less this credit and will release the credit approx 10 days later. So taxpayers with Hca credit will receive two refunds this year. Im due my refund less the hca credit this wed and the remaining hca on mar 10. I also verified this is what my transcripts are showing. Intrestingly they needed no verification on my hca. So by the time this nightmare of a tax season is over for me it will be a total of 10 weeks after filing before i recieve all of my refund. And thats with me not having to verify or provide any supplemental info. as a side note reference code 1242 on wmr is being used to tell taxpayers of the two refund amounts and dates. Hope this post helps you and others. I will post again on wed if i receive my first refund as expected.



    Good morning Bart-

    Filed Federal and State of MN on 2/1. Both accepted.
    Received a 4464C letter on 2/12 stating do nothing.
    Transcripts show:
    Cycle code 150 20150703 correct amount
    806 with correct amount
    570 03-09-2015
    570 03-16-2015
    971 03-16-2015
    971 03-16-2015
    Do I need to be concerned?
    AlSO! Have not received state refund and their WMR shows should be issued by 03-09
    has anyone else not received State of MN?



    Hello Bart D,
    It’s me again…..although I received the CP05 letter stating there was no further action needed from me and I have been processing almost six weeks this coming Wednesday and I have HCA do you think there is a possibility they will be asking for proof of income or the 1095A??? I’ve had the codes 570/971 for weeks now….Thanks



    Update. Woke up this morning and WMR changed. No bars and no tax topic, but my amount is still there. I still can’t see transcripts for this year.

    I am quite sure you have answered this question probably 900 times already Mr. Bart. I am at work and don’t have time to scroll through right now.

    Can you provide any info Bart? Thanks



    @Jen Sure I’ll let you know. I’m using a new bank this year and they say 1 day earlier, but we will see.



    How do you know if ypu have to verify income, is there a code that will show on the transcript for that? I just went through the id verify 1.5 weeks ago and was able to view my transcript shortly after and had a code 570 on there but that was the last updated code and now im worried that i might have to verify income too, so i was wondering if tbeir was a code for that.


    Jen J


    Since we both have the same DDD, please let me know when yours hits your bank account. My experience with this is I usually have my money 2 days BEFORE the DDD. The past couple years I have had my money direct deposited onto my Netspend Card and they advertise direct deposit up to 2 days early. Well, it is true. I have always gotten my money 2 days before I am scheduled to.

    Last year, I was given a DDD of 2/13 and I had my money available to withdrawal @ 8PM on 2/11.

    So…I am crossing my fingers for tomorrow.



    Bart I have a question if you if you may. I spoke to an IRS rep and was told my return was accepted on the 9th and then I verified my identity on the 19th. Then the next day WMR showed my refund amount and the topic 152. Yesterday 152 disappeared but the amount was still there and it stated processing refund will provide date when available. By what you’ve seen when do you think I should expect a change or refund?



    tw u should have an update this week…….

    dan yes most are getting resolved but longer than a week more like 3 weeks

    dimples u need to call the irs



    Hey Bart,

    I did the ID verify on February 9th and was told by the IRS I would receive my refund in 6-8 weeks. I have checked my transcripts daily since for any update. I am still sitting at no codes, blank transcripts, with March 9, 2015 as the only date showing. Any insight at all? Thanks man!

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