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    Hello Bart,

    Just wanted to get your thoughts on my situation, i filed on 2/18, and about a week later my bars disappeared on wmr and it had the your return is still processing verbiage, with no tax code at the bottom, 21 days passed and on the 22nd day my wmr still had no bars but it switched to saying we’ve received your return and its processing. i’ve never been able to see my transcript, it gives me a identity theft #, and when i called the IRS that same day, i was told that i had an issue with my return but it was resolved back on 3/5 and that i would have to wait 6-8 weeks for my refund.

    In your opinon will i really have to wait that long, i still cant see my transcript and it gives the same verbiage about identity, as of today my wmr has no bars no tax code and just says we’ve received your return and its processing, what are you thoughts?

    I appreciate your input



    Thanks so much! It has been a long 9 weeks lol and when you told me 5 weeks after I verified I freaked but thanks to my ta it helped. Thanks a mill once again yay




    I would like to hear your thoughts on the “wording change” issue a few of us have seen this Wednesday/Thursday. I lost my bars the day after being accepted, went to “still being processed, a date will be provided.” Then yesterday, it changed to “we received your return and it is being processed.”

    Never had a tax topic, never got a letter, could not (and still can’t) access transcripts. (I got the “contact the Identity Theft Unit” message, which I’ve been told is a placeholder meaning that it hasn’t been processed yet.)

    Others are hoping that this wording change is good news, but I’m pessimistic.




    HI Bart…looking for some help/advice…
    I filed on TT on 2/19, it was rejected because I needed a IP PIN, so I had to call and get a replacement IP PIN. Return fixed and accepted on 2/20, a few days later bars went missing on wmr. I thought maybe since I got a replacement IP PIN I needed to ID verify, called the IRS and was told I do not need to ID verify, was transferred to another department and was told my return is being reviewed, no reason given as to why, just that I should wait 6-8 weeks from the 20th. The only transcripts I can see are account transcript and wage & income transcript and they both say “no tax return filed.” Even more confusing is the “account transcript” has Account Balance: 0.00, Acct Interest 0.00 as of Mar. 16, 2015 and Penalty 0.00 as of Mar. 16, 2015…today is the how do they have anything “as of” the 16th? Called back today and the lady I spoke with would only say that she doesn’t know what the problem is but I should wait until May 4th and if I haven’t heard anything by then to call back….



    Can you help? I had a DDD for 2/11 but on 2/14, i received the 1121 message on WMR. My transcripts read 846 refund issued and then 841 refund canceled. I received a 4883c letter last Wednesday to verify my identity. I did this last friday and woke up this morning with a 846 refund issued with 3-30-15 beside it. I still have my original cycle code of 20151005. Do you know when I will receive my refund?



    SPRING TEXAS means that your under review or there is a freeze code on ur account…and apparently they are looking at your witholdings

    Sheila with the 570 on there still and no 571 it looks to me as if ur still frozen… if the TA thinks they can get it by the 23rd i hope they do but as of now it seems un likely

    ICH the dates on a transcript is the last day or a certain cycle before it has to change max out date… you will see wmr update over the weekend and congrats

    Chatami u will have the update and should get it next week… congrats

    cameo i would call and no state returns gives you no insight to federal returns… u should be soon but u need to see the transcripts

    zach yes u can see a 570 if ur under review with out the 570 no review and the clock starts from the day its added…

    DINAM yes if the irs reps looks hard enough they can see a fall off date…

    Jazz well that means u are un postable and they have to correct the return to process and that is what the hold up is… you just have to wait

    SoTired thats a Great sign 1-2 weeks u should have the final update



    hi Bart what does it mean?

    150 Tax return filed 20151005 03-30-2015 $
    806 W-2 or 1099 withholding 04-15-2015 $
    971 Notice issued 02-23-2015 $0.00
    766 Credit to your account 04-15-2015 $
    768 Earned income credit 04-15-2015 $
    570 Additional account action pending 03-30-2015



    I also have the same question. I have codes 896, 971, 570, and a date of March 30. Tax advocate told me March 22nd was the projected date, but according to the 20151005, that would put it at the 19th. I am hoping that the refund is not going to wait until the 30th??



    Hi BartD!

    Finally an update on my transcripts! No change on the WMR, though. Today marks the eighth week since our filing was received.

    I have an 846 refund code and a 20151005 cycle date. But it also shows 03-30-2015. I looked up the cycle date online and it says that my tax refund cycle date shows a March 19 direct deposit date so why does it say “Refund issued” date of March 30 on the IRS transcript site?

    Please help me clear this up if you can.

    Thanks so much, BartD.



    Hi Bart

    I wanted to give you an update. My ta requested my funds be released last week and I verified my ID Monday. My transcript updated today with a 20151005 cycle code and 846 with a date of 3 30. Star does that mean and would I get my return before then. Thanks so much




    Been waiting on my refund over 45 days. !st call i made I was told they didnt see a problem but to give it 3 to 6 weeks. then I called back next day lady told me they needed to verify my employment and it could be 6 to 9 weeks before a refund was issued. its been 7 weeks since then and I still cant access my transcripts. I received a letter in the mail regarding my state taxes. I had made an error so they adjusted it. and they will be mailing out the refund check. My question is… can this be an indicator that they may be almost finished with my federal return? And when do you think that I will be able to at least access transcripts. Or should I call again?




    Would I see a 570 code on transcripts if I was under review?
    When does the clock start, when the refund was rejected or when they finally bothered to send the letter?



    Hey Bart. I have a question for you. I id verified on 2/24. 3 days later on 2/27 my transcript finally updated but it had a 570 freeze code. Now I am assuming that I got the 570 because I had to id verify myself. And today I still have the 570 code with an as of date of 3/16. So today I spoke with an irs rep and she told me that I have a hold on my account because of my id verify. And she also said that the hold on my account is scheduled to be automatically drop off on March 23 and it should automatically give me my ddd. What I want to know is can an irs rep really see that a hold is scheduled to be taken off on a certain date or do you think that she was just saying that just to get me off the phone.



    Hey Bart

    I was Accepted on the 1/29
    Bars went missing some days after that…
    I call and been told I was being manually review, then was told I.D theft… Then was told to wait my return 6-8 because I’m not process yet…. I call back the I.d place to verify and he said he still can’t see my 2014 taxes… But it have my 2013 taxes… So I ask was I under review he said no… He said the IRS didn’t accept me until the 8 of February and to wait 6-8 weeks after that…. IDK wat to do… Oh yea and I still can’t pull up my transcript



    Thanks again Bart, you are right my wording just changed this morning to “We have received your return and it is being processed” I am just so happy that it is finally an update on wmr. So I guess it will be about two more weeks now.



    justasking no always does it take a long time.. working with a TA they have direct access to ur “irs agent” handling ur return… so they can get it processed a little quicker

    sotired he cant see any changes to ur transcript because there were no changes made and now u have to go back into processing.. if march 6th is true then u are 1-2 weeks out… ps doubt u will get that call back

    jeremy121 lets just face it ur under review and they are spinning u in circles… u have to just wait wait wait sorry

    cathy transcript can update weekly or daily and urs just didn’t update u will get ur refund on march 13th if that’s what she said

    shafeqah 5 weeks at this point

    Mparker oh they are screwing tons over

    TYTY27 u can be pulled for review and after u do ur id verify it still takes about 5 weeks

    Audrey anytime the return is actually being corrected it will have the amount disappear.. if ur in errors expect an additional 3 weeks

    Zach that’s odd usual time is about 2 weeks at this point I feel ur def under review and that’s whats taking longer I would keep calling them

    Nicole no not yet

    mattr 2 notices were sent it makes me believe u are also under review I would call them

    crystal that means nothing is or has changed in or on ur return…

    tyrone because they pulled ur return to pay the offsets and might take a little longer to update or they put u under review

    jenna means they flagged ur return and ur under review and will want to verify something

    TW they are def verifying ur return for that large of amount and that is exactly what the hold up is



    @bart. I don’t know if you remember me but I wanted to ask you a question I filed Jan 20 th and was accepted same day than I was at one bar with topic 152 amount shown.well after 21 days I called and found out that I was resequenced and put back in the system manually and re-accepted on the 30 of Jan so I wanted again and called and was told i was under review because of a dollar w-2 that I didn’t put in because I am a hair sltylist so I filed self employed. So I called and asked for a tax advocate because last year I had to do the same because I didn’t get my return uuntil july . so the advocate called and she said I need to amend my return. I did ssent it to her and today she called back and said my amend was approved and I should receive my money in about weeks and she will call me on april 8 the to see if I got my money question is I thought amends take a long time or did my tax advocate make a miracle? can u enlighten me please



    I took your advice Bart and called the IRS back today, the nice gentleman on the phone told me I was finish with my review on March 6. However, he didn’t see any changes on my transcripts so he is sending it over to referral so that it shouldn’t take another 6-8 weeks and if I haven’t heard from someone in 7 days to call them. How long do you think it would take to get my refund now? Has anyone been through the referral process this year? Please let me know what to expect.



    I filed 1/25 accepted on 1/26….bars have been missing for sometime now. Have called many time and keep getting told the IRS made a systematic error while processing my return. they keep telling me 45 days, every time I call I have called once a week. WHAT DOES THIS MEAN??? Would realy like to know when my taxes would be done.



    Also how often are the transcripts updated? Are they done every day or weekly??



    Ok I Posted this earlier on another thread, hoping someone can explain :)

    Hi all, I am new here, my husband sent in his tax return on 02/02/15 they recieved it in Texas 02/03/15 ( had to send to texas cause of ITIN aplication process ), 03/02/15 we checked WMR and there was one bar saying they received it, then since 03/06/2015 all bars are missing, amount is missing, but tax topic 152 remains, I was finally able to get into transcripts and this is what it says

    PROCESSING DATE Mar. 23, 2015
    150 Tax return filed 20150905 03-23-2015

    806 W-2 or 1099 withholding 04-15-2015

    766 Credit to your account 04-15-2015

    971 Notice issued 03-23-2015 $0.00

    570 Additional account action pending 03-23-2015

    Can someone please explain this to me?

    Thanks Cathy

    After reading some entries on here I decided to call a TA, I talked to someone who is very nice, and she sort of explained the situation to me, but she also said she seen a DDD for March 13 th, I asked her if there was Code 846 and she asked how do you know this, I said I have been reading up on it, she said that the transcript I was looking at is different from what she is looking at, so if anyone can please explain any of this to me please doooooo, lol.




    Good morning Bart. Ok at first they said i was pulled for a random review and could take 60 days. Im already at my 30 day mark. But then i was told I had to verify my identity. I did that this morning. Does that mean that my refund was transferred from being reviewed to verifying my identity? I got this when I verified my id online “Congratulations! You have successfully completed the Identity Verification Process. At this point, we should have all of the necessary information to complete return processing (as a reminder, this typically takes 6 weeks.) ” So im guessing im cleared. How long do you think normally before I get my refund.



    Thanks Bart D.,
    Can you give an estimate when this review should be up? I’ve had the 570 code since the end of the 2nd week of February. I’ve had the Cp05 letter for about 3 weeks now requesting no additional information. I filed January 21st and I have been processing 7 weeks today! Thanks again for all of your insight on our situations with this dreadful IRS!! I just feel like they are screwing over a lot of people this season and the reps NEVER have the answer and have to be rude..luckily these conversations are recorded because I would tell them a thing or two.



    Hey Bart, I have another question. Okay so once I have successfully verified my identity, does this mean that I am all the way in the clear to receive my refund, Or Can i still be pulled for random review or Audit?



    WMR has changed to “your tax refund is still being processed and tax topic 152 magically reappeared and the amount of my refund disappeared” Can someone tell me what this means? I filed 2/2 had one bar up until the 20th, then generic message that your tax refund is still being processed and a date will be given when available. I had aca credit as well and was told I was in the errors dept. Why did my amount disappear?



    Hello. When does the clock start after a cp53a letter? The letter says 8-10 weeks for them to review. Bart has previously mentioned that it’s normally 2-4 weeks for them to complete their “investigation”.
    Here’s my timeframe:

    Original DD date of 2/4, split into two bank accounts
    One deposit came fine on 2/4, bank rejected other one.
    No updates on WMR since then with regards to date of check being sent.
    Transcript shows 971 code, notice issued, with date of 2-23-15 (letter actually came a few days before that.)
    Im so beyond frustrated with the IRS- this is total BS.
    It’s now been 4 1/2 weeks since they’ve had the rejected deposit back, and no signs of progress at all.

    I’m just looking for clarification on when the 2-4 week figure comes into play- is it from when they receive the funds back, or several weeks after when they actually put a notice date on transcripts?



    Hi Bart, I filed and was accepted 3/2 with turbotax. Wmr still only says within 21 days. Tried ordering transcripts and was unable to view online, but was able to order only account transcripts. Should I be concerned that there is no updates yet?




    Just wanting to understand my transcripts a little better. They read as follows:
    (*Numbers have been fudged for protection)

    Account Balance: -5,438
    Accrued Interest: 0.00
    Accrued Penalty: 0.00

    Account Balance
    Plus Accruals
    (this is not a payoff amount) -5,438

    Return Due Date or Return Received Date (Whichever is later) April 15th, 2015
    Processing Date March 16th, 2015

    Transactions (*numbers have been fudged for protection)

    Code Exp of Transaction Cycle Date Amount
    150 Tax return Filed 20150805 03-16-2015 $ 8, 367

    806 W-2 or 1099 withholding 04-15-2015 – $14,418

    570 Add’l account action pending 03-16-2015 $ 0.00

    826 Credit transferred out to 03-16-2015 $ 2,567
    1040 201212

    971 Notice Issued 03-16-2015 $0.00

    971 Notice Issued 03-16-2015 $0.00

    Do you know if/when I should expect correspondence or a deposit on my refund? I did owe from 2012, but far less than I was expected to get back. Do you have any insight as to what the preceding codes are saying?



    Hello again I do apologize that every time you answer a question I have another. You mentioned those minor things that change on wmr. The whole 6 weeks I have been in review nothing has changed. No codes, loss or change in topic just that one change when it went from bars to no bars.


    Tyrone ashford

    Hi Bart. My taxes were offset because I owed from 2 years. And the paperwork is processed and my transcript now says code 826 on Mar 16 2015. Still don’t have the 846. Also wmr acts like it can’t find my tax refund information why.



    Bart- A few transcript questions. I did rcv a 4464c 0 letter 2/12/ My transcripts all show the correct amounts. No offsets. No adjusting up or down. My question is the following:
    570 03-09-15
    570 03-16-15
    971 03-09-15
    971 03-16-15
    What are the dates about?



    Hello again Bart,

    Just a little update and asking for your intake. I called the IRS today for what I was told was the ninth time to only be greeted by the spawn of Satan herself. Anyways, I was told that after I verified on 2/9 that I would for sure be waiting 8-9 weeks to even begin processing again. I then brought up the account of others I know that have verified and received their refunds already and she started to stutter and kept talking about how there is no need for me to call again and to wait. I was then told it would be late May before I receive my refund and I filed on 1/20! This is crazy! I am expecting $17,000 so I expect that has something to do with it. I was told there is nothing else for me to do. Any insight?




    jason yes it means you were prolly just released for processing and u should have an update withing the next week or 2

    Leigh yeah have to def keep on trying to call and you have to wait on hold for the hours and hours and verify u will never get your refund if you dont verify

    Nsee yeah about 2 weeks sometimes 3 :(

    Paul and Margaret yeah ur under review for something and u need to call and see whats going on or wait for the letter

    Mparker no the review starts on the date the 570 code is added which doesnt show on the transcripts…

    raymann no u dont have to wait and yes they will finish it

    TyTY27 yes its slightly faster but still takes about 5 weeks

    crystal u can get some hits if wmr slightly changes like tax topic or refund or the words but in most cases no



    I apologize if you’ve already answered this but here it goes. I filed and was accepted 2/3. On 2/20 I lost the bars on WMR. I have called several times I was told I was in error resolutions and it should be in the next 45 days. Well this morning I checked WMR and the tax code 152 is back but the refund amount is gone. It still says your refund is being processed a date will be provided when available. I still can’t view or order my transcripts. Any advice?



    I filed my taxes 2/3/15…I received a letter 2/28 asking me to verify online…I went to the website, apparently didn’t answer a question correctly, and it locked me out saying to call the 1-800 number. I have been calling since Mar 1…CANNOT get through…I went today to the only IRS building in my town and she could not help me because she is not “trained” to…are they purposely locking people out of calling? Is there anything I can do? Today marks 5 weeks since I filed. I got my state back in 4 days!



    Hello again,

    I just spoke with my TA who said her request to release of refund was accepted. Please allow 2 weeks. She says she’ll call me 3/19?

    So have you had experience with this? Will it really take 2 weeks? That puts me almost to my 8 week mark.

    I don’t expect WMR to update. But if it were what day do weekly update?


    Paul & Margaret

    I filed 01/23/2015 and was accepted the same day. I still see take action on WMR with a reference number 1121. On my transcripts on the bottom it still says code 570 additional account pending. And the as of date was yesterday. I have not gotten any letters either. I also have my pwn insurance. . Oh yea it also has 0.00 where this 03/09/2015 date is. I guess i give up on my taxes this year. I had to wait until August last year to get my taxes.



    Hey Bart D.,
    I spoke with an IRS rep this morning and she stated that I have to count 60 days from the date on the notice which is 03/02 but I received the letter two weeks prior. So did my review begin on the 03/02 or did it start when my return was received on the 01/21? Again as I stated in a previous post that I have been processing for a while it will be 7 weeks this coming Wednesday. Do you think I should get a Tax Advocate? Or just wait them out because they haven’t requested any information from me as of yet.



    Bart I spoke to a rep today they said I have to wait till my tax sees my case before I can get a refund is this true and I don’t plan on faxing any info in so if I wait it out will they just Finnish my taxes?



    Hey Bart, I have a question! I got a letter today to verify my identity which i did via online and i successfully completed it. I was reading something about a cut off time or date as to when each batch is completed and processed. Also I would like to know is verifying it online is faster then calling in and verifying with a live rep? Thanks



    Thanks Bart, I appreciate the time and feedback. One more question. Is there any way that you can tell if you are back in processing and when you are in review do yo go back through processing?



    wally 3 weeks max if u are actually processing

    Erica g no u don’t need to reverify but 4 weeks is the in its more like 5 weeks soo u shouldn’t be 2 far off

    tren no

    angel 70 percent go to manual review

    jen don’t follow wmr follow the codes on the transcript u should have a ddd soon and get a real update.. you should have an update in about a week.. wrm switching is a sign of it processing

    crystal no the date means nothing…. that can change and if u been in review that long u shouldn’t be 2 far off…



    @Wally did they request any info from you while under review?? And when did you file? I’ve been under review for weeks now. I filed on 1/21 received a CP05 letter the 3rd week of February stating no additional information needed…thanks



    I called IRS today (March 9) to follow up on my “review” status, and got lucky. The agent told me that as of last Thursday (March 5) my return was no longer under review. That it’s been pushed for processing. Based on your experience… how long will it take now that’s out of review, for me to get my return? I’m doing dd, but the agent told me to allow 6-8 weeeks (that that’s what they’re supposed to say), even though there’s nothing else to review.

    Thank you again, Bart!


    Erica G.

    Filed 1/20
    IRS didnt fully accept until 1/23
    Was told to IDVERIIFY on 2/10 and was told to wait 6 weeks
    Got a 5071C letter dated 2/19 DO I NEED TO CALL TO VERIFY AGAIN? I can’t verify online and the phone system keeps knowcking me out due to high call volume.
    It is now 3/9 and I am still waiting on my refund
    WHAT IS THE HOLD UP? I am so frustrated with the IRS this year. People who have filed after me are getting their refunds and I am still waiting!! This is ridiculous!



    Is there a way to give the IRS feedback on our experience with them this tax season?



    One more thing to YU automatically go through manual review when yu have to verify ur id r do it just go bk through regular processing??



    I filed on 1/20 accepted the same day. Went unpostable due to name change, that was fixed on 2/18 on 2/8 my WMR changed to return is still being processed and a refund date will be provided when available. 2/20 transcripts updated but had all zeros with the as of date of 3/09, on 2/27 transcripts update with all information with a 570 code as of 3/16/2015 and the cycle date is 20150805. 2/22 WMR updated, to still the same message your refund is being processed and a refund date will be provided when available, but the tax topic was gone amount was still there. on 3/1 WMR updated again with same processing message, tax topic came back, however this time amount was missing. 3/6 transcripts updated to an as of 3/23/15 date now and added an 971 code with an as of date of 3/23. Checked today and there is the same message, however, amount is back and tax topic is gone now. Does any of this make any sense? Why is the amount going missing on WMR and coming back, but taking the tax topic away?



    Thanks Bart….so you are saying that the dates next to the 570 codes and the processing date does not mean anything. How can you tell when it goes back into processing? I have been in review since January 28th…Just really hoping for something before my daughters birthday on the 20th.



    Angel ignore the letter u don’t have to call them again. Letters are sent out automatically Pete cycle generation so u will get it after u did the id verify so your all good :)

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