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    I just got off the phone with a rep and I am under manual review but she said that she don’t see no letter coming out and she said my address was but in wrong that was done by the tax preparer she didn’t make me feel good about the situation she just said I was under review put everything looked wxcept the address do I need to worried because I was re-sepquenced and now this bars missing and topic 152 I don’t understand



    I forgot to add I did file and education credit could this be my delay



    HI Bart
    I filed 2/3 and my filing was accepted and approved on 2/7 on 2/8 I received a message with the reference code 1121 and ext 362. I just want to gain insight into what may have caused my delay my codes listed on my transcript are as follows

    150-Tax returned filed cycle 20150505 date 02/23/2015 amount 0.00
    all listed in that order pls HELPPPPPPP



    Will they update transcripts and WMR tonight for 05 that filed 1/29/15. Been stuck on on one bar and all 0’s on transcripts with a date of 2/23/15. thanks



    Hey Bart, I’m sure you’ve answered this today already, but i couldnt find anything. what is most people’s experience of a DD date after completing identity verification. the IRS rep said “we ask for 6 weeks”. i thought i heard some people saying they were still able to get their refund within their 21 day window. Wanted to get a recommendation on how to set my expectations. thank you!
    [email protected]



    Taxonomy yes there is a chance of a glitch and tax returns have to be manually entered back into the computers… very common

    Tax2014 6 weeks is a lot and in some cases yes but usually 3 weeks… when in identity protection the IRS wont even process you return so until that’s cleared then the processing starts and the 21 day mark starts



    Hi Bart, thanks a million for all the help you give out here. I’ve been watching the site for a couple of weeks now and wonder if you could clear up something? Is there any indication that certain batches (I filed/received 1-23) have actually been re-sequenced or stuck in some kind of limbo?
    I don’t understand why I would still be 1 bar WMR, TT 152, N/A on top two transcripts, and no notice whatsoever. (I realize transcripts only update Tue-Sat)

    If more info helps:
    1040, Sched C, SE, EIC, 1 additional child tax credit
    8962 jibes perfectly with 1095-a
    No deductions except 1/2 self-employment tax
    Same business, same range of income as last 3 years

    Any help would be great.



    Hello Bart-
    I filed on the 16th and was accepted the same day .On the 6th of Feb I called IRS and asked if any notice or anything was sent to me. They said you should call the tax payer protection department on 800-830-5084. So i did call and verified my information and they said I was good to go. They also said please allow additional 6 weeks for processing. I don’t understand why the extra six weeks? Do you know if they issue refunds sooner or will I ever even get my refund?



    Pagles some wiill have and update tonight

    Impatientlywaiting thats a good question no your not doing anything wrong but I would try changing the way ur imputing the stree address for example 123 Roberts dr type 123 Roberts drive instead. And I really can’t answer about you ddd if you can’t see your transcripts to see if you have a freeze code on it



    is there supposed to be any kind of update tonight?
    filed 1/29 had acceptance change to 2/2
    still no transcripts after calling ispu on 2/3
    1 bar, havent seen any updates at all.



    Hi Bart! Here’s my question(s): We filed on 1/21, was rejected because I mistyped my sons social. Fixed social and sent back. Accepted on 1/22. On WMR, we had first bar until 1/31 then the generic “We are processing your return…” and the tax topic 152. I am unable to view my transcripts because it keeps saying they can’t identify me, even though I have checked, re-checked that all the info is correct. Yesterday they let me get to a “identify yourself” screen and showed some previous debt info to verify. I answered all the questions and then they sent me back to the main transcript page! Tried to relog in, said to wait 24 hours. Waited the 24 hours, same issue as before, can’t identify me or my husband. I was able to order them by mail however. We’ve had insurance all year, so no penalty. Any chance we’ll get a DDD soon? IS there something I’m doing wrong in order to see our transcripts?



    I have TC 806-766-766-768-570. From what I have read on other sites and spoke with IRS, there is a hold on my refund and they have 45days but they said I do not have to do anything, and I didn’t get any further information. I did claim education credit, can that be the hold up? Next to the 570 is a date of 2/23/15 with 0.00. I have never had my refund held for anything or not recvd this long before, I do not see the code for a letter was sent to me like I see on other feeds. Do you think they could or would release it before the 45days? And what’s with that date next to the 570 code. Thanks in advance



    JD anytime



    As always, thanks for the info Bart. I know you probably have much better things to do but I know we all appreciate your time.



    Danni the hold is because the bank rejected in 1-2 weeks they will issue a check



    Hi Bart,

    I hate to add to your long list of questions but I am in dire need of a real answer and the IRS has given me at least 7 different ones that have not made any sense.

    I filed on 1/20 with a tax preparer who was supposed to generate a prepaid card for my deposit. Unfortunatly there was an issue and the card/accoubt was never created. So my refund was rejected by the bank when deposited on 1/30.

    My transcripts say
    841- refund cancelled $6446
    570- additional account action pending. $0.00

    What is the 570 hold for? The irs has told me several things…such as it will be 10 weks before I get my paper check because of turn around times, and another said it wont be until the end of April. Is a 570 hold normal after a bank rejection. Another rep said I was being audited….but why would I be audited after you already attempted to send me my funds. Sooo lost!! Thabks in advance for your help.



    AshanCkCounty WRM updates during specific Hours but transcripts update hourly tues- sat morning… they can post at anytime. if you dont see a transcript dont bother calling cause you are just not done processing… sometimes returns take longer

    momof3 no 05 could get theirs as early as next week

    justasking.. no my guess is you will be able to order the other transcript soon… transcripts post hourly tues-sat morning but in some cases on weekens but very few people get that lucky

    Tallahassee tonight-tuesday morning a lot of people will get DDD are you won of them i cant tell you i am not a fortune teller :(

    Timothy no they send out daily the by date is because they dont know when exactly the check will be printed and mailed

    JD yes you would be able to see the transcripts and very rare do transcripts say N/a because you have a right to these especially if your under review and you are fighting it…
    so they have to post



    I am very new to this site but I have the same issues as others here. First let me say I have never had this long of a wait for my refund since I have been preparing my returns ( 10+ years)

    I filed with taxact on 1/13 per the early batch I was accepted on 1/14 but per the taxact batch number 21000120150121012321

    From reading everyone else postings I have gathered that this means it was accepted 01/21/2015. I had bars up until SBS ( 2/1) No bars just generic message:
    Your tax return is still being processed. A refund date will be provided when available.

    I have checked my transcripts and the top two have N/A for 2014 but the Account Transcript there is no tax return filed , but there is a date 2/16/2015. Per your response that means last date for your refund?

    I am like everyone else I really think I need to call them Tuesday if nothing changes tomorrow.

    So some things I am confused about are these update weekly 24/7 or just between 3am & 6am?
    Do you think those that have filed early are the only ones with this issue?

    Has any information been released regarding how they are conducting this id fraud stuff I hear so much about?

    I will continue to read and engage with this forum. Thanks for listening.



    Thank you for the response earlier. I forgot to inform you that I am in the 05 cycle. Does this mean it will be 2 weeks before I get a refund?



    I have a question remember I told you I filed on the 20th and to find out I was re-sequenced now when I called early this week it said I was kicked out and put back in on the 30th I can order account by mail but no returns and every time I try to go online I get locked out I had one bar with topic 152 now this morning when I checked my bars disappeared and it say it’s been processed and a date will be available but I do still have topic 152 should I be worried? or does this mean I am I am under review? because last year I was under review because of my expenses was wrong and I fixed it and I received my money. do I need to be worried? can you please explain what is going on?



    Bart should we expect an update to WMR tonight? It being the wknd idk if the IRS issue DDD dates on the wknd. or are they really going wait and go on a mass approval spree for everyone reaching their 21 day mark this week? Thanks for your time!


    Timothy host

    Also I had no offsets and no other codes. I’m assuming the notice sent is the notice letting me know my bank rejected it since listed right below is 846 refund issued and 0.00 for the 971

    Also wmr doesn’t have an error code. Just says info on irs2go.


    Timothy host

    Hi Bart:

    My bank rejected my refund on 2/3. I received an update on both transcript and wmr.

    Transcript: (updated Thursday night)

    846 – refund issued
    841 – refund cancelled
    971 – notice issued
    846 – refund issued

    wmr: (updated Friday night)

    Refund approved:

    We are sending you a check to the address shown on your tax return because your bank returned the direct deposit of your refund.

    You tax refund is scheduled to be mailed by Feb 13, 2015.

    My question? Do they only send checks out on Fridays? Also, is there a chance it was mailed last Friday since my wmr updated so quickly (4 days after reject) and since it says BY Feb 13th does this mean they can send it before 2-13?

    Thank you!!




    One more question. Sorry for all the questions, too!

    1/22 filed/accepted, bars disappeared, top two transcripts N/A, basically same story, different question:

    IF there is a problem (under review or whatever the problem is), I assume I will be able to see transcripts at some point? Is there any case where there IS a problem but outside of a system glitch my transcripts stay N/A?



    Cricket most likey tuesday

    momof3 means your not done processing and you just dont have a real update yet

    ejmom2014 any letter sent is bad… so you have to wait for that letter



    Hey Bart, I filed on 1/20 and have had one bar since on WMR until this morning. Now I have no bars, but the refund amount and generic topic 152 is still there. I was finally able to order transcripts through the mail last week., but have not received them. Any idea when I might be updated again?



    Hi Bart,
    I filed and got accepted on 1/29/15. I finally can see my account transcript as of 2/6/15. It says all 0.00’s for amounts and that no return has been filed. It also has a date of 2/23/15. What does this mean for my return?



    I do not have the 971 code, I think it’s a letter sent, with my 570 code, is that good or bad? I was thinking about calling tax advocate to help with this, do you think it would help at all with this situation?



    Candy the delay and motice is because u filed 2013 in this tax season.. I don’t know what the letter is cause they don’t put that on your transcriots.. If you asked for DD then you will get DD not a check



    I already received my 2014 but also filed 2013….I have a 20150505 transcript cycle but got the code 846 and 971…..there is no code on what kind of notice was sent….Also I requested direct deposit is that available when you file previous years…if I am getting a paper check when should it come ? If I get a direct deposit when should it come?



    Shanni yes because on feb 2nd it was rejected now u have to wait from the new day it was resubmitted

    psevans when u file older taxes it takes a little longer if you do have the 846 codes on all them you should be good just give it some time.. next week most likely

    Shelly the 570 could be the fact you have no filed and they are verifying income/eic and so on… if you have to notice issued that tells me there is going to be a second letter going out to.. you return may have been flagged as a risk

    Kelli yes you have to file an amendment return and that will get your money back… but,.. is it worth it… also that foreclosed hbrc for,=m you must also file next year as well or you will owe again… thats because if you buy a house with in 2 years of losing the main home you still owe the credit… if you didn’t get a house you have to state that 2 years in a row

    Ejsmom2014 yes thats prob what it is…. 570 with the date is nothing cause they can take 45 days for the 570 then take extra time on that.. the 2/23 would have been the refund do date from the cycle but since it was frozen that doesn’t matter



    Hi Bart.I filed my taxes through a tax preparer on 1/27.On Feb.2, she informed me that iit came back rejected because I had to attach the 8862 form for a disallowed EIC…will this delay my refund



    Hi Bart I recently I filed my 2012, 2013, and 2014 taxes all in the same year. I already received my refund for 2014. I am still waiting for 2012, and 2013 all three refunds were supposed to be direct deposit. I received the 2014 refund on the 2/4/15. all three returns had a cycle date of 20150405 . I have codes 971 and 846 for both 2012 and 2013 both codes are dated for 2/16/2015. are you able to tell me what that means. I haven’t received any new notices from the irs. and would the IRS be able to do dd of all three refunds into the same account



    Hey Bart, I filed my tax return on the 21st, and was accepted the 23rd. Checked my tax transcript and the account balance says $-XXXX as of Feb.16 2015. The codes are: 150 (tax return filed) cycle date 20140405, 806 (withholding), 766 (credit to account), 766 (credit to account), 768 (EIC), 570 (additional account action pending) 826 (credit transferred out), 971 (notice issued), 971, notice issued. I have not filed taxes since 2010 because I was not working. The 570 was because I owed in from the last tax return I filed and am assuming the first notice is them informing me they have taken that amount from my return. I was wondering if you have any ideas why there was a second notice sent and when (or if) I should be expecting my return. WMR is still at one bar. Thank you!



    So last year I filed my taxes and they ended up taking out $250 for half of the homebuyers credit repayment that my ex husband and I got. They however did not take it out of his because he entered some information that he didn’t tell me to enter letting them know the house was foreclosed on. This yr I entered the info and it said I didn’t owe a repayment.
    My question is….. Is there anything I can do about getting that $250 back from last year or just forget about it?



    So the 570 code is prob from the education credit not the past amount due, and I knew they would take from my refund this year, was just hoping the 570 was from that and would resolve quickly, has any received refund from 570 code yet, how long is the hold usually, I have a date of 2/23/2015 after the 570 code, what does that date mean



    Kitskycat That was a state freeze not federal with turbo tax



    Bart just heard Turbo tax ceased all tax returns because of thousands of tax returns fraudulently filed. Dont know how long the hold up but people better file with someone else because no tax returns until they take off the freeze. Whats your thoughts on this latest development. So all you filers who filed last week with Turbo Tax I think your in for a long wait for identity issues. Sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but start reading news items. Thanks for all you do for these people.



    dante3 that is very normal because they didnt give u the money yet

    luvanurse21 2/23/15 is the max date and it wont update tonight most likely u will have an update tuesday morning thats the on going trend….

    JD you may have an update tuesday morning as well if not then yes u need to call…



    Hey bart
    my account balance plus accruals shows a negative refund (what my refund should be) on my account that normal??please help..Thanks in advance!!!



    I am in the same boat. Filed/accepted 1/30 wmr 1bar and processing. Transcripts only have wage and 0’s for account transcript with a date of 2/23/2015. Waiting for an update, hopefully tonight but i don’t know for sure. ..any clue what the 2/23/2015 stands for?



    Hey Bart,

    Same story: 1/22 filed and accepted, bars disappeared, top two transcripts are N/A.

    My question is if nothing updates, am I pretty much just waiting until February 11-12 to call him since it’s been 21 days?



    846 means you will be getting a refund and to answer the question they can stop a refund approved or not.. Midnight on the night of deposit is when offsets no longer matter



    Ejsmom first if you owe from previews years that money u owe will be taken from this retun.. And the education credits will cause a delay this year because they are verifying against fraud.. A lot of fraudulent educational credits have been taken



    @bart I have a code 846…. what does that mean and could there still be offsets even if my return is approved?


    EJsMOM 2014

    I have codes 806-766-766-768-570. I know what they mean ESPECIALLY the 570. I was wondering if I got this 570 code because I owe from a previous year or is it because I claimed the hope or lifetime credit? It has a date of 2-23-2015 next to the 570 code not sure what that means. And 20150505. Any Info please anyone




    I figured that this situation sucks I lost my job and just had twins like wtf



    dizznyse215 very likely you will get a delay because of that…




    Last year i was a victim of identity theft . Causing my refund to be held up until May. What are the chances of it happening again this tax season



    Carrie offsets can pop up at anytime

    Lynn you should get it soon there has been some delays and glitches but i would guess 2/11 or 2/13 you should get you DDD

    antonius its a generic reference number could just mean you are delayed or a glitch. call if irs tells you everything is ok then u just have to wait

    Howwo you wouldnt really see the blocking series on the transcript until the block is removed and the problem is corrected




    Question is it true offsets pop up closer to your DD?




    I filed and was accepted on 1/31. I was able to see all transcripts as of 2/6. I have a 971 and 570 with $0 beside both and a date of 2/23/2015. I have no issues that would hold my refund and I have insurance. Any idea of when to expect the 846? My cycle code is 20150505, from what I’m reading most say that means a deposit date of 2/11??



    @ bart my bars went away saying no info available with reference code 9001



    Thanks for the info Bart! (JD here, 1/22 filed/accepted bars missing N/A transcripts), finally registered since I have been posting so much and someone else is posting as JD now too).



    Amber you have to call or go to and verify your info

    Bonnnybleu83 no the reason is the DD to the account converting to Paper check when rejected from the bank takes 1-2 weeks… he’s not under review its just a process that takes a while to convert everything print the check and mail it…

    Justasking no I don’t think there is an issue you just have not been processed and with irs delays some take a little longer then others

    Queenb you should have a DDD of next week some people just cant access them on line but if you can order them you are done processing

    Onelove12 yes may is a stretch but there are delays with the education credits because of to much fraud happening with that… so they are verifying some and others they are not….

    Frusteratedtexan you should get a DDD of Tuesday and congrats

    Stephanie wait till Tuesday…



    I don’t understand what’s going On. I finally was able to get a confirmation that I’ll get my state taxes back February 12. But when I check for my federal it still has no information except for me to call the Identity Protection Service Unit, and the IRS can’t tell me anything when I call. Anybody else in this situation?



    HELP! @bart ?or anyone??
    my fiancé’s retuen was filed and accepted on 1/26. updated that week with DDD of 2/2. monies were sent to bank as scheduled but REJECTED and sent back to IRS bc his name was not listed on my account (did NOT know this would be an issue). on 2/5, error msg populated on his WMR advising him to call IRS x362 and reference code “1121”. he called today. rude rep verified funds were sent back to IRS. my fiancé inquired as to when his paper check would be mailed out (since tax topic indicated that, If bank rejects funds due to name not being on account, a paper check will then be issued and received w/i 2 weeks). the rep stated he would receive a notice and needed to follow the instructions. and she did not expound upon the type of notice he received.
    he was able to review his transcripts today and it said:
    refund issued
    refund cancelled
    notice sent
    THE CONCERN: why wasn’t a paper check mailed out following the bank rejecting funds? he was led to believe be may be investigated now even though it as approved and sent to bank. the rep DID say that the next course of action after monies are sent back to IRS depends upon type of error code yielded from bank. I checked with my bank and they advised it was returned bc his name was not on the account.
    they said his check COULD (not would) take up to 8-10 weeks? and a notice hS been mailed out??
    the only error was sending it to an account that did not belong to him, and bank rejecting monies.



    I’m going through the same thing I filed on the 20th and ask to fax account got it and said re-sequenced than they say I was put back in the system on the 30th every time I try to get trans online I get locked out now today I can even order saying my info not the same as record and I’m also 1 bar with topic 152 and when I called the other day each rep I talked to say I’m fine but there is no movement. bart do you know what may be the problem? I told u last year I was under review for expense incorrect but I got that handle. this is scaring me because I am a single mother of two and I have never been through this I need some advice because this is freaking me out.



    Hey Bart
    I filed 1/29 and accepted a couple hours later on had one bar when tax topic 152 since then was able to order return and account transcripts this morning by mail cannot order or view online say call ID theft hotline 2/6 no update on WMR please let me know what this means people who filed on the same day as mealready have there refunds when should I get my DDD please help I’m going nuts thanks bart



    Hi Bart.
    Re: Education Credits
    I wanted to know what truth there is in AOTC delay. I have read current information (Jan 2015) stating that there was and that the IRS may hold refunds until they can verify 1098t and enrollment. They are saying May. Here is a link to one of the articles I read.

    This is only one, there are more. My return and a friend of mine both are still waiting for refund approval , (accepted 1/28 and we both have the AOTC. Our friends have received there refund without. What are your thoughts please. Im dying to know something.




    Transcripts updated around lunch time today with 846! Finally past the 896/570 debacle!

    Of course, WMR hasn’t updated yet. My cycle code is still 20150402.

    Do you have any idea when I might realistically expect my direct deposit to be sent to my bank? I’m not going through SBBT (paid fees up front).

    Is there a chance it could be tomorrow? or monday? Transcript lists 2/23 but I think that’s the date they would mail a paper check if DD doesn’t succeed.



    150 Tax return filed
    150 tax return filled
    80221-412-02712-5 20150502 02-23-2015
    806 W-2 or 1099 withholding 04-15-2015 -****
    766 Credit to your account 04-15-2015 -****
    971 Notice issued 02-23-2015 0.00
    570 Additional account action pending 02-23-2015 0.00

    I filled on the 9th and was received and excepted on the 12th.
    I didn’t always have code 971 or 570 it just showed up about a week ago.
    I called they said that nothing is wrong that it just changed my deposit account to the one i used last year and not the new one i put.
    He said i should have mine in the next week.
    Married filling joint we have 4 children but we make to much to the earned income credit. so that’s not on there.
    We All have insurance so that’s not an issue either.
    My ? is should i call again? or should i wait until Tuesday or Wednesday.

    This Product Contains Sensitive Taxpayer Data



    Bart I had a offset and was told it would take 21 full days to process mine I know last year it did but was told this morning that it could be delayed a week but said that’s not for sure I assume they tell u that when u have s offset I dunno do u




    Thank you. I did have to pay for not having insurance.



    Mimi every return is different and some are just getting delayed because the health care act and glitches

    Dante3 well the refund amount showing is good the 570 is a freeze could be for so many reasons suck as the health care act offsets or ur under review

    jD tough to say if you have no update tonight on transcriots don’t expect and update over the weeken unless you are really lucky. Tuesday – sat morning is when most people see transcript updates




    Evening Bart! I filed 2/1. Accepted 2/1. One bar on WMR since then. Checked transcripts on 2/4. Have 0’s and a date of 2/23/15. Think I may update tonight? My friend filed the day before me and got refund today. My sister filed same day as me and gets refund Monday! Whats the hold up?? Thanks



    I need Help!! I have codes 150/806/766/766..then these 2..((570/971)). Can any one reassure me that’s its ok??.. Is this normal? the amount beside both of these 2 main codes I stress are zero. At the top of my transcript its got a negative balance f my refund amount. Is that good? My cycle date is 20150503. can anyone please explain this please? Thanks



    I hope I have an update by Monday morning. 1/22 filed/accepted, lost bars, transcripts N/A.



    Bill I emailed u




    Could u possibly email me. I will pay u for your time to talk more about my situation

    [email protected]

    Please and thanks



    also a list of codes for the irs is right here



    lyn yes u cannot admend a return until you are approved… once approved is when u mail in an admended return.. if u did both then u will be delayed if u didnt then your just waiting to be approved and thats all

    Chasity thats a great sign… sometime next week for DDD

    Lisa just a delay in processing your return

    nana relax it will update 1-2 days after the 846 code

    Kathyarzola you cant do anything.. when u file early and are accepted early you are in a test batch. that batch doesnt always gets processed… you get re put back in the system when the season starts… that usually happens anywhere from 1 to 5 days after the start of the season… so 25 on worst case is when u were re entered into the system and started processing again

    JDubb the education credit could be the problem they may want proof that you are in school. in some cases they will actually send a letter to the school asking for info to be faxed. call the irs back tell them you received your 2014 transcripts that u needed for school and it shows they codes and you want a better explanation.. don’t mention or ask you you didn’t get your money yet

    Bill yes and no again…. yes it could be a generic error. but you also could be under review. and the credit not showing on the transcripts is normal because your transcripts are slowly updating as things are changing… very well could be a glitch though you really just need to call and find out more information and keep calling until you get answers and then let me know

    Sheryl the 1095a is your delay just give it more time and you will see your transcripts up date soon enough



    @Bart I filed on 1/13 using tax slayer and was accepted 1/14. I realized after filing that it used my filing status from last year which was single and I was trying to file as HEad of Household because even though I got married this year this last 6 month or more we have not lived in the same house but anyways my bars on WMR disappeared on 1/29 or 1/30. When I went on the IRS website it said that I should submit an admended return after orginal is approved. Is that true? Im sure that is why I am still processing do you know how long that usually takes to process if the wrong filing status has been used? Thank you for any help you can give



    Hey Bart!

    Finally a update! I was told I had a freeze due to a offset and could take up to 2 weeks. but, today on my transcript I finally have a 846 with a date of 2/23. Good sign?



    What does this mean? My bars went away…

    Refund Status Results

    Your tax return is still being processed.

    A refund date will be provided when available.



    i have the 846 refund issued code but wmr still has one bar how long will it take for the refund to be dd



    I filed for 5 other people besides myself. They all have their money or at least DDD. I filed through Turbo Tax on 1/6. I was accepted 1/12. Lost my one lonely little bar last weekend and have been getting the generic processing message ever since. All of my transcripts come up n/a except for the wage one and it says “no record of return filed”. I have called IRS and been told that the people who filed “early” could very well be still sitting in a “que” somewhere. WTH? Any thoughts on what I should do at this point? I really need to pay my rent.




    So I was able to see all transcripts this morning but no 846 … instead the dreaded 971 and 570. WMR shows 1 bar still and 152; I filed 1/16 but resequenced 1/22. I dont have EIC and I have always had insurance through my employer as well as my spouse and our 2 dependents. The only thing that changed from the last 2 years is the fact that I’m back in school and took the ed credit. I’m sure its random but any advice? Ive seen people that have 570 then get 846 but no one had the 971 letter sent (Which I havent received by the way!) Called IRS and they wont even talk to me until the 10th!! Stressed out over this! Worst tax year for me by far.




    Could it be a 1121 error? Like I said on my transcripts it just says refund cancelled and no hold code on it. I was reading that they are backlogged. and last year a lot of people had the 1121 error. If it was frozen would it not show a credit on my account on my transcript?



    Hi Bart!

    I filed 1/26 with TT free online, accepted 1/26.
    only 1 bar on WMR.

    TAX TOPIC 152, should i be worried?

    Filed for my mom, sister and friend they all got there refund by now.
    FYI i was the only one to file 1095a and some part of this 1095a was to be deferred to my ex husband.



    Jamie yes u should unless they didn’t update the deferral and then they took it all… it could also mean that they are waiting for verification on the amount owed. If they did take the whole amount you must owe it.. they will in fact take everything in that case.. you need to contact your loans…

    HOllyB sorry to hear that

    Rooley3 well if you can order them then you are processed you are just waiting for WMR to update

    Bill this is what I warn people about all the time. Just because you have a refund date doesn’t mean you will get ur money there are final checks before the money is issued. 4464c is not an audit it is a review to see if there is something they can audit you about. It is also used to verify your income or what you are claiming.. very common letter.. they will give u specifics in the letter… now you will be waiting 45 plus days L



    meant student loans deferred until 3/2015



    I had the same thing I had a code 846 and was to get my refund and then changed to code 898 with the non irs debt with the 0 amount to the right and then my whole amount under that. but I know I only own like 1300.00 in debt and my student loans are deferred until 3/2014 so I should still get 4000.00 back … hmmmm totally confused



    Bill – mine was for unemployment as well. They took my entire refund. The offset phone number said they would so I kinda figured but was holding a little hope something would happen and I would get it.



    My transcripts updated this morning and they took my entire refund. I have had 846 refund issued for days and not it has I think 898 non irs debt to the right a zero but underneath irs debt it shows the full amount of my refund. I have had an offset before so I know what this means. My refund is gone to pay the Employment Security. I wish I could have got at least a small portion of my refund. Oh well now my debt is paid down. Any way to file a hardship or anything to get any back?



    I woke up this morning and checked my WMR. At 7:30am PST I am still sitting at one bar, however I can now order my 2014 transcripts to be mailed (I can’t access them online…it has an identity protection thing up. )

    I presume that I can order, I will have an update next week some time.



    Bart Simpson???




    Talked to the IRS and they said I was under review ? If I was under review wouldn’t my transcripts have a freeze code and no credit on my account please help. They said there sending me a letter 4464c but could they be wrong ?

    Transcripts show no freeze code just cancelled code a credit on my account of my refund. Wouldn’t there not be a credit ?


    Jaime :(


    Can you please help me please. I filed taxes through TT had a DDD for 2/4/2015 fees taken out of my refund and refund put on a netspend card. Last time I check I had a 846 code and it states refund sent, still waiting. I checked today and now shows a code 898 refund sent for a non IRS debt and has a date 2/16/2015 and then 0.00 amount, but under the words non IRS debt it has my whole refund amount which is well over 5000.00. I know only of 1000.00 debt owe. So does this mean I lost my whole refund ?



    Cacey85 no that will not affect it

    Bill that means that the refund did not get set and it was indeed stopped and they are changing the date to sometime next week. Y is the question a few people are having this issue so I am going to have to assume that this was some sort of glitch.. the bad part this gives them time to re verify the offset….

    Elle I am so glad for you that means u will have an actual DDD of next weeks

    Travanti once it is in the hands of a person it takes a lot longer than just receiving a fax. It has to be scanned in then the processing starts all over….

    Misa that is an ongoing issue…. Seems like something isn’t being transmitted right with the ACA .. delaying refunds

    SCgirlwaiting that is a generic code… 1121 could mean your return is being audited, corrected or had to be re-sequenced

    Filler2014 I just think you are stuck in limbo with them being N/a it shows that you’re not processed Y at this point is the question… maybe an error in the return.



    Bart, my checking account was overdrafted by a small amount. Will this effect my dd coming from sbbt?



    Bart !

    Update still no money but now on my transcripts it says 841 refund cancelled. And my account has a credit for my refund what could this mean ? It also says as of February 23rd



    Bart— checked scripts this morning and I FINALLY have 846 refund issued 2/23. I’LL TAKE IT! You were right. It was just a reeeeeaaaally long wait. Thanks for all your help! :)



    @art by any chance do you know how long the delay will be if I received a letter 12c in response to missing Form 8962. I faxed it back to them Monday morning as requested but I am honestly getting no answer when I call. I would think they would’ve received my fax by now. TT didn’t give me the option or info to send anything so I’m pretty frustrated by them. I have been accepted since 1/12 with apparently no end in sight



    i applied 1-18 was accepted 1-21 my transcript has the 896 code on it but it says $190.00 which im sure is for the ACA but my account is still on freeze with the 570 code saying $o.oo

    any insight would help please :/



    Thanks Bart. Does code 1121 give any insight as to the issue?



    I have 000s on transcript since a week with a Feb 16th code on account transcript . All others are N/A. Do you know what could be happening .Was accepted on Jan16th :(



    Scgirlwaiting… It’s exactly as it sounds during the final check before refund was release they found something in your return causing them to cancel the refund and now u have to wait or call and see why



    What do these codes mean??? I know I had Code 846 and now, it’s 841 – Refund Canceled. Please tell me why this is???? Bart??? Anyone??



    Thanks Bart.
    I called my bank several times, they assured me that it would be rejected, since it wasn’t even a full account number and that they have strict rules about how of names and account numbers don’t match up, they will reject the deposit. Thanks for your quick reply, I was freaking out.



    Mark the question has 2 answers if the account number you entered is a valid account number and not your own it will still deposit the money in that account.. If the account number is invalid and not and active account the money will get rejected and sent back to the irs this process is about 3-4 days.. After they see it come back they automatically start the process of issuing a check. The check part will take 1-2 weeks to actually receive



    Hey Bart,
    So I had a DDD of 2/4 which it WAS sent to my bank, however I left the last number of my account number off my information on turbo tax. I am worried I’m never going to see my refund. I know the bank is supposed to refuse it and sent it back to irs, but how long does this process take? Does this happen often? Is my money gone forever?



    Ohiostate thank you for the warm welcomes yes and some have seen it in less then 7 but… Topically this year no a lot of issues this year causing delays with the health care act and budget cuts

    Carrier yes this happen last year where there was ago itch giving people a false date and then got it a week later cause they changed it on wmr… Very very rare



    OH YEAH BARTTTTTT IS THE BUILDING!! first off want to extend a BIG FAT WELCOME BACK with A EXTRA SPECIAL THANK YOU and A smile!! you are the TAX GOD!! lol.. anyhoo I remember a year or 2 ago you told us that a return could process and post in less than 10 days. and if it went past the 10 day mark typically there is a problem Does that still hold true for this tax year??? Thank ya Buddy (in advance}



    Bart, I have noticed that alot of people who had a DD of 2/4 have not gotten their money yet, any idea why? Is this a common thing? Will it most likely happen with upcoming returns?



    JD no the reason you can’t see the transcriots is because u just aren’t finished processing… Ur ss is what irs uses to updat files not ur filing status… The filing status is just the tax bracket info… So when transcripts for u update they will be posted to the account you signed up with under ur ss




    Previous years my wife and I filed Married Filing Jointly, but this year I filed Married Filing Separately. When I went to view transcripts, it would not let me in when I selected MFS, so I registered an account with my SSN and MFJ so I could get in… Well, my transcripts still say N/A (filed/accepted 1/22 and bars missing).

    My question is, are my transcripts not viewable because I filed separately? Do I have to get them another way?



    gettingimpatient there really isnt anything you can do but wait unless u find away to get a copy of your transcripts or get a letter…

    Carrie offset letters are only sent after they take the money… if u call the offset hotline and it says you dont have an offset then no the that is not the delay unless u go into collections… the n/a is your just not done processing,,, u have to wait so ur in a delay thats all for now

    justasking no u should not be worried this happens sometimes where the system kicks out the return do to a glitch and then someone manually has to put it back in… this is what takes time there are so little people to handle so many returns

    hollyb no no no they have to show the offset and no irs would not be able to catch the w2 and stock options until after the filing season so i would just wait and see and get the refund chase to happen…. see what account the money went into and why…

    scaredaboutmyrefund yes that could delay the return because of that…. but most likely not because your company has to send them the correct one 2 and they would have sent u a letter telling u owed…

    justmy3cents yes really i hate to say wait but there are certain things u have to wait… example like bill situation u have to wait for the received by date for refund before u can do something.. if you cant access transcripts then u have to wait for a letter or WMR update,,, if you have a 570 freeze and have no clue why you have to wait for the letter or it to be removed ,,, the IRS agents are to lazy to tell you what they see…..

    bill i have seen it say sent before then people not get it and on the day after the by date WMR updates saying a new date and or tax obligations when somewhere else… the reps cant see that only back end processors can see that



    Hello BURT!

    I filed and was accepted 1/20. My bars went away 2 days after being accepted. WMR just says its being processed and no tax topic. I was just able to sign up for transcripts (once I got the address correct) but then I had to call IRS for Identity Theft (I got the error message). So I called them and the rep says there is no identity theft, but that my account is being reviewed/processed. However, WMR & TurboTax do not reflect this and I have no received a letter. Do you think I’m just in the pile of people that are unlucky and are getting put on the back burner and have to wait or should I be worried about a lengthy review? What is the turn around time for receiving a letter from the IRS when there is an issue? Thanks so much ! :)




    Couple questions, I don’t think I have an offset. I do owe student loans but am in forbearance in one and making payments on another and have never gotten a default letter or anything, but could that be what my hold up is? How would I know if I had an offset? Would the irs have sent me a letter?

    Next question
    I filed 1/22 accepted 1/23 can only see N/A on transcripts. I did not file the last two years due to not working. Would that cause a delay ? Or am I likely just one of the many who is delayed this year due to issues with the processing etc?




    I have a question I filed on the 20th and it was received in minutes I tried to download account transcripts but it was in encryption so by the 25th I couldn’t get into the system saying wrong info and got locked out on my wrm it say still processing with topic 152 so this week here I called irs and a agent faxed my account for 2013 and 2014 and in the status part it said mf re-sequenced so I called back and a agent says my account was kicked out and they didn’t receive it until the 22nd. so I’m like ok. so to be curious I called again and I was told that it wasn’t put in the system until the 30th. I am so confused because I never been through this. but last year I was under review because my expenses was put in right, but after 5 letters and 6 months of waiting I got a hardship advocate and the situation was handled and I got my refund with a extra 100 also. now my I am just confused because I called and thy say I am still being process should I be worried again or because I was re-sequenced I should be fine? do you think I will get a update since I haven’t received a letter and I did go to a tax preparer this year instead of doing it myself? please enlighten me because I am a single mother of two.




    If the offset hotline says they took it all they took it all. I would call 1 800 304 3107 and check with the customer service there. you can get to them by pressing 1 then 2 then 5. are situations are just a tad different. my refund is more than my offset.



    Bart when would my transcript update again? It still shows 846 refund sent and the full amount and the where’s my refund still shows it was sent to my bank 2/4/15. The topic 203 is still at the bottom but refund amount hasn’t changed. I also received another w2 in the mail for some stock options that were cashed out so I didn’t have them included on my return they about $5,000. Maybe they updating my return for that? Or they took offset but doesn’t show they did?


    Do you think this is possibly a reason for my return to be under review? I think my has to do with an old job misreporting that misreported in 2013 that said I make 10700 from them when I made 4060. Combined with other jobs I would’ve made 20 something thousand and would owe them. Job sent in corrected w2 in the late months of the year.



    Thanks so much Bart. I guess all any of us can do is wait.




    Its just weird that the IRS says it was sent. The offset department says they don’t have payment on it. The refund department in the IRS says it was sent. Treasury said it wasn’t posted to their account yet.

    Could the IRS be backlogged>? They show on my account that a offset could happen but nothing has been taken yet. They said they sent the full refund that I was getting. This is just getting nerveracking man I have never had this happen to me. Seems like others are in my same situation as well. I just don’t know how a direct deposit gets lost..



    Bill yes it can take 48 hours or more sometime and refund traces can take 1 week and they would issue u a check which takes 1-2 weeks




    Is there any possibility that it was sent yesterday and it takes 48 hours for it to hit. Im freaking out a bit I don’t know how this happens. How long does a refund trace usually take?.. Would they do a manual refund then ?

    Thanks for your help



    BILL AND HOLLYB YOU BOTH have sim issues with the money missing. if the money was sent to the banks or cards and its lost then the only thing is can do is wait until they can do the refund chase. i hope it pops up before then because that process takes time.. sometimes the day after the max date on WMR it will re update and say something else..

    Justmy2cents no your just not done processing… i see people that filed way before you still not having their money and have no freeze.. this year is just slow




    Thanks for coming back. DDD was yesterday received nothing. Called IRS today talked to the refund unit they said it was sent. I called the treasury department and they show no payment was made on my account. Im at a loss of words could a ACH from them really take this long. They said if I don’t have it by the 9th call back and they will issue a trace. The offset number does not have it either. If it does get offset my refund is more than what I owe. This is the first time this has ever happened to me . WMR updated last night to refund sent as of yesterday.



    Sorry Bart, hope all ok with the family! Can you give any advice here. I have an offset, the offset line said they taking all of my return however my transcript says nothing about that it shows my full amount and the 846 refund sent. My cycle date is 20150405 which was yesterday and my DDD on WMR was 2/4/15. Late last night my WMR updated to 3 bars and says my refund was sent to my bank on 2/4/15 (yesterday). I have no money in account yet and bank cant see anything pending. I did get the topic 203 on my WMR several days ago at the time it updated to 2 bars but the refund amount has never changed, it still shows full refund amount and says was DD yesterday. Am I going to get my refund and it is delayed or is it gone and it just doesn’t show anywhere? Thanks!!



    Hi Bart,

    I think mine got lost, lol. I’m still stuck on one bar in WMR, and no transcripts at all yet. I filed on 01/29 and was accepted on 01/29. Received one bar on WMR with the standard “we have received your return and it is being processed…” that evening, I believe. I still have that message, with tax topic 152 on WMR. No transcripts available yet. My husband passed away last year and I filed a joint return. Will that hold up processing of my return, or cause a flag/review? Not sure if it matters, but I had income, he did not.

    Thanks again



    HollyB i am here i had a family issue to take care of sorry

    whittles dont go by the refund issue date that is the latest date they can send a paper check… the 9th is the correct date

    ashley o no not at all true…. federal taxes are just delayed this year…. IRS sucks

    Florida Obama Care has messed up the processing of a lot of returns due to mis matched info… this has been seen a lot

    mieasha its a freeze either health care act freeze or your under review why i couldnt tell you with out more info

    Bill did you ever get your money sorry i didnt respond right away please let me know

    Elle you should def see something soon… i dont know what the hold up is if you have no freeze code

    Anthony all the things you stated will cause a delay… any offset will delay your refund… you have to keep looking for your transcripts and see what they say…



    Hey Bart – I think you have a lot of questions waiting for answers………….Where are you :)



    SO I filed and was accepted withing 30 minutes of filing on 2/1. So this morning I checked the WMR and my refund has been approved and should be in my account by 2/9. I logged on to review my transcripts and they say refund issued 2/23?! Why would the date on my transcripts be so much later than what the WMR be?? My cycle is 20150503 whatever that may mean….



    SO I filed and was accepted withing 30 minuites of filing on 2/1. So this morning I checked the WMR and my refund has been approved and should be in my account by 2/9. I logged on to review my transcripts and they say refund issued 2/23?! Why would the date on my transcripts be so much later than what the WMR be?? My cycle is 20150503 whatever that may mean….


    Ashley O

    I filled 1/29 and was accepted same day. Nothing fancy or unusual about my refund-only a $36 difference from last year. But last night a group of Mom’s at Dancing were saying that Louisiana taxpayers don’t see their refunds till their State has been processed… They said we “piggy back”… So I gave that a lot of thought last night- could this be true? I normally get my federal and state within 72 hours of each other but being that Louisiana didn’t start processing till yesterday could this be the hold up or is this just an Tax Urban Legend?



    Any idea Bart ?




    Next year you should be “the magic 8 ball” and you could call the thread “ask the magic 8 ball”

    What’s up with the aca tc896/570 cycle 20140402 #obummercare refund delay?

    Any news Wize Wazoo?



    HI BART,



    Any idea Bart ? I’m freaking out a but IRS said they sent it treasury says they don’t see anything coming their way ( called cause of the offset) not too sure what’s going on



    Hey, Bart!! Still no update. I’m still sitting on full transcripts. I do have the healthcare penalty, but no freeze code. My 2011 debt is paid per transcript. Do you think I’m being resequenced? My cycle code is 20150402 and I was accepted by the irs on 1/21. I’m hoping they don’t forget about me. What do you think the hold up could be? WMR isn’t even showing a difference. It just says my refund has been applied to a past due tax obligation. They wouldn’t keep it, would they?



    Do you know how long it usually takes for them to receive it once the irs sends it ? So if they say they sent it this morning should it be there tommorow or Friday.?



    Hi @Bart! I have a question. My refund bar has disappeared. Now I get the generic msg “refund still being processed, a refund date will be given when availble” The last 3 years this has been a sign of something bad going on. Last year when this happened they told me I was re sequenced. This year by me owing child support and student loans I figured there would be a delay but the IRS told me there shouldn’t be one. I’m lost and need some insight please.



    Bill yes I think you should get your money and it will take a little longer then most because they had up to midnight and irs deposits at midnight so urs was not released right away




    Little update on my situation no deposit in sbbt yet but I did call the irs and she explained that they released my full amount today. So do you believe the offset is why it wasn’t released any earlier ?

    Thanks so much for your help man U have no idea



    what dose cycle 2015/05/03 mean



    How do we know if we are weekly updates or daily? Thank you in advance for taking time to answer my question.



    Hi Bart,

    First, thank you so much for taking the time to answer questions and ease minds.

    I filed on 01/29 and was accepted on 01/29. Received one bar on WMR with the standard “we have received your return and it is being processed…” that evening, I believe. I still have that message, with tax topic 152 on WMR. No transcripts available yet. My husband passed away last year and I filed a joint return. Will that hold up processing of my return, or cause a flag/review? Not sure if it matters, but I had income, he did not.

    Thanks again :)



    BART! Heklo, I filed and was accepted on 1/28… and I have yet to see my status on wmr? I am entering all the information in correctly but it’s telling me Im not. Any help? Frustrated…



    Hi BartD,

    I’m hoping you can provide some insight on my current dilemma…

    I’ve posted this already 2 times and no one has responded…




    Current status: We have received your tax return and it is being processed.

    Please Note:
    For refund information, please continue to check here, or use our free mobile app, IRS2Go. Updates to refund status are made no more than once a day.

    Also on my ACCT Transcript only have the following tax codes:
    150,806,766, and 768… nothing else.

    CYCLE CODE: 20150405

    Can you please shed some light on the matter.

    Thank you very much in advance!!



    Hi Bart!
    Quick question for you. I filed 1/23/15 and was accepted 1/24/15. I’ve been stuck on 1 bar on WMR ever since. I’ve never ordered transcripts before but I keep hearing everyone talking about the cycle codes so I figure I’d give it a shot. I first tried 1/30/15 and it said no return filed so I tried again this evening and It’s completed but I have no idea what exactly I’m looking for. I have 20150502 cycle code with the 846 code on the bottom but it says refund date 2/23/15. Ok here’s the question finally lol. Do I have to wait till the 23rd to get my refund or will it come sooner because the 23rd will be well past the 21 days?



    What is cycle code 20150503? Thanks so much!



    @pugtor I can help with that as I just had to do that this morning. Download and print for 8962 and use your 1095A to fill at the form. Once finished fax both your form 1095A and form 8962 to 855-204-5020. Hopefully this helps



    Jolaba 570 I a freeze on your transcripts does it have another code ” usually 971 notice sent” if so they want something if not they are correcting something and your just waiting



    1095-a is sent electronically by health care while filing taxes you may not physically see the form but behind the scenes it should be there… Now IRS may request addition info but The 1095-a has to be sent by the 31st and if you file ur taxes before its sent then you are delayed cause they can’t matcb anything… If this clears it up



    Bill yes unless the people having the debt asks for an extension but most cases yes



    Hi Bart and good evening. I asked a question about an hour ago but don’t see where it was posted…..I filed on the 7th and was accepted on the 12th. Last Tuesday 1/27 I was able to view my transcripts and I have the 570 code. On Friday 1/30 I lost my 1 bar but still had my refund amount. Mt tax topic came back 1/31 so I called turbotax to see what was going on. The rep told me that i had actually been accepted on the 20th. As of right now, my bar is still gone, the 570 is still there, and no 846 . Any thoughts?



    @bartd: If that’s true that everyone who gets the ACA credit needs to send their 1095-A in, that’s going to be a lot of paper being used to send them notices because my 1095-A says they sent a copy of the IRS? Hell, I wouldn’t even know where to send the form since I can’t find anything on sending it in, until and unless I get the letter. :(



    Thanks Bart I really appreciate it. I mean does the offset center have until like midnight tonight to prove it’s there and then tommorow the irs will send ?



    frustratedtexan No movement until the freeze is removed and that’s when ever it gets off the desk and corrected or letter is sent so keep waiting until you get movement



    Pageles you must have had some kind of error on your retun and was corrected internally and re processed




    I filed 1/19, accepted 1/20. 896/570 with a penalty owed. I can view all transcripts except 2014 wage transcript. Cycle code 20150402. No further updates.

    I assume I’m just stuck like everyone else?



    Hi Bart!

    Hoping you might have a little more info….

    I was accepted on 1/26 but the WMR bars disappeared the same week and have not returned. I was able to pull up my transcript today and I have the cycle code 20150403, which according to other sites means I should have already received my refund…I haven’t.

    I was married in 2014 and my husband had an outstanding debt that shows on my transcript, that they deducted from my refund(which I expected), then underneath I have code 846 with the new adjusted refund and the date of 2/23/15. I checked last years and it said 2/24/14 but I received it on the 7th….

    Guess I’m just highly confused on what’s going on. Whether I’m still processing or what…gotta love tax season! Any info would be appreciated :) Thanks!



    Yes some software or irs glitches didn’t transmit the form and yes the 1095-a has to be provided if you get heath car through the affordable care act m



    So I called to verify around 1 pm eastern time today and they told me that they didn’t even need verification and that my acceptance date had changed from the 29th to the 2nd
    And that there are no transcripts available. Why did I get this notice then if I didn’t need to verify



    @bartd: When you say form 8962 you mean literally form 8962 right? As in, almost all (that I’ve used so far for people) e-files include that in the return, which is why I’m asking. I’m somewhat curious if the reason I (along with others) might be held up is because both on here, and other sites people are saying they’ve called (and received letters) and been told they need to send the actual 1095-A that the marketplace sends to you as well? Any input on that?



    Pagels then you are just going to have to call and verify



    Travanti yes if that form is missing then it will def delay the return…



    justgettingby your just not done processing some returns take longer and some dont… this is just a slower processing season…



    Bill right now its hard to tell but yes it might be delayed at this point…. but please let me know tomorrow if you get it… there is a chance that they do give u the money and not offset it… i am wishing u the best… if it does get delayed it will be 1-2 weeks



    sorry it took longer to respond

    Allie no your not under review…. your just not done processing due to irs delays







    A lot of people that filed later in the day than me on 1/30 have received DDD. However, last night during the update, all my bars disappeared and I now have the message “your tax return is still processing. A refund date will be provided when available.” My transcripts say n/a. Does this mean I’m under review? Thank you!




    Little update on my situation. I called the offset line customer service (treasury) they show the offset but not that my refund has been applied to it. My DDD is tomorrow but SBBT still doesn’t have my funds. The lady said that they should have had it applied by now. Do you think im getting delayed I have a 846 refund code on my transcript nothing has changed from that. Or do you think I slipped by this year and I should get my deposit tomorrow? SBBT normally has my funds the day before and sends it to me on my DDD day. But so far they haven’t received anything yet.

    Thank you so much for your time and effort!



    Bart, hopefully you can help out.

    Filed with TT on 1/25/15, accepted on 1/25/15. About an hour later. Someone on the 28th lost my one bar on WMR. Doesn’t show refund amount either. However once I check to often and lock myself out my Return amount shows, and that I am locked out. I looked at the past three years of transcripts it shows the 05 cycle. My transcripts all show N/A, except the wage one it shows my social, and says no record of return filed. So my question is an I still processing or under review, I read conflicting posts from others. Thanks in advance for your review.



    Be sure to send in Form 8962 for the healthcare. I was accepted on 1/12 and I know I’ve been waiting since the 20th. Bars on WMR disappeared 1/26 and transcripts N/A. Finally spoke with someone yesterday that helped me and they informed me that they didn’t receive my initial form and that’s why I was stuck processing.



    I went to the idverify and it says they cannot verify my identification online after i give them all my information, this is getting ridiculous, the past two years ive been audited and had to wait until after june to get my refund.



    Thanks for the info Bart and thanks for spending so much time on here helping us all!



    Hi Bart. Okay, so I filed on 1/25 in early evening, accepted that same evening. Blank Account transcript popped up last Tuesday with 2/16 date. I’ve been at 1 bar, topic 152 for a full week with no progress. There was a massive update last night and this morning of people with blank transcripts since last Mon/Tuesday, but I was not one of them. I am confused, what to do. I want to call IRS but keep telling myself to just wait until tomorrow. I told myself I wouldn’t call until I hit the 10 day mark which would be today. I just worried that my file was caught in the glitch and lost in the shuffle with all the resequencing that seemed to have taken place between 1/25-1/26 and I’m in some infinite loop. Which supposedly happened to some people last year. I only think this because it’s the only thing that makes sense with all the info I’ve gathered. My question to you is, should I call IRS now or truly wait out the 21 days?



    Pagels exactly what it says they cannot process your info until they verify u are u…. you can also go to to do it…

    JD yes ton of delays… the only good part is the N/a that means at least you’re not under review just not processed yet

    Prachy39828 570 is a freeze if 0 dollars that’s just a hold on your account so the refund isn’t DD.. the reason I can’t tell you… it seems to me that there was a big glitch in the system and a lot of people got caught up in it and had to be reprocessed…



    We cannot process your transcript request. Please contact the Identity Protection Specialized Unit (IPSU) at 800-908-4490

    what does this mean?



    what does this mean
    “We cannot process your transcript request. Please contact the Identity Protection Specialized Unit (IPSU) at 800-908-4490”



    Apex tomorrow you should get it but sometimes takes an extra day



    Hi Bart:

    It seems that you have been helping a lot of people out…..that’s a great act of kindness!!! :-) I have a question….If WMR says that your refund will be sent to you bank back 2/4/15……should you definitely get it on that date? I am curious because 2/4/15 is my date. The card I use sends my paycheck a day early so I was expecting to have it today. Should I be concerned at all? What would cause them to hold on to the tax refund, but release my paycheck a day early?



    Hey Bart,

    JD again. Can I assume I am under manual review (not the worst thing in the world, just trying to figure out what is going on lol)?

    1/22 filed
    1/22 accepted
    WMR 1 bar
    Lost the bars last week and refund amount last week on WMR
    Refund amount back on WMR, no bars
    Transcripts still show N/A

    I guess… the waiting game continues!



    BartD….I filed and was accepted 01/20. I can see my transcripts for about a week now. My codes are
    570 with 00.00
    my cycle code is 20150404 with 02/16/2015
    No change in transcripts at all. I filed with my 1095A. Can you offer any insight?



    Whelp, no update for me. I’m still sitting here with complete scripts, minus 846. The 898 is healthcare, but no freeze. My 2011 scripts are fully updated and all debt paid, but WMR still isn’t reflecting the difference to be deposited. I’m a 20150403 with a processing date of 2/16. They aren’t going to forget about me are they, lol?



    Most IRS agents during tax season are temps that are hourly so they are all slackers lol… But to answer your question they have until the tax season ends to give you your refund before they have to pay you interest.. Now… It’s not going to take that long.. I understand your aggravation but these changes on your return no matter how small they seem delay returns.. Now in a normal tax season 1-2 days delay isn’t bad now add on irs glitches with the new health care act and add the budget cuts and add delayed processing times that 1-2 now becomes 5-7 days of extra wait.. I would have figured yours would have updated by today… Why it hasn’t is simple your return just was not re entered corrected or verified yet and re innputted … Now is it on some desk well I could have left the desk and now went back to the computers or it might be on that slackers desk there is no real way to tell until you see some kind of movement on your return.. That’s why if you call they can’t really tell you much yet and if they do. They are just making something up

    Also in rare but not odd cases some people over the years get their refund before the transcripts even post… Remember we are relying on computers with windows 7 enterprise on it.. We know how great windows computers work hahaha… Seems like as slow as this year is going the should go back to windows 3.1 hahaha



    GM Bart,
    I did have a change of address in same city and state. Yes i made 3000.00 more this year than last year. This is my first year of doing it online myself through TAX SLAYER. This is also the first year I am getting the refund deposited onto a debit card. So any idea of the time frame they have to actually do the direct data entry? Ugh, it’s probably on a slackers desk…



    Yes anyone with 000 and or a 971 code which is generic freeze that stops a refund being issued is because of some problem with the return or irs system and its just not done processing.. Is their a glitch well it’s a big giant set of servers processing the returns so it’s very likely that and issue was found.. This is also those why and would make sense y those who are getting a ddd are getting them later then they should..

    Example the 24-25th filing dates should have a ddd of 2/6 but it looks like a lot will have it the following week…and so earlier filers will have it even later.. When the system kicks out a return due to error or glitch the processing goes a little different

    First someone has to look at the return correct the error regardless if it’s their computer error or your own error then has to be put back into processing.. The manual part of that with budget cuts is the key to why it’s taking longer..




    Ant truth to this? Filed 1/22 and blank account and wage transcripts.

    What’s this about re sequencing? Can anyone verify or has and 1/22 here got transcripts and DDD

    Please read: This is info from someone that talked to an IRS rep this morning. If your WMR is at one bar and you can see your account transcript with all zeros (and with the words ‘no return filed’ and most important, no CODES) most likely you have been caught in the system glitch and re-sequenced. This kicks you back into processing mode, like kicking you back in line. This may be why people who filed after you or at the same time are getting DDD’s and you’re not. Some people may see a ddd after the next update tomorrow, but if not I suggest calling the IRS to find out if you have been caught up in this glitch. Do not mention you’re calling about a refund. Inquire about whether you’re under review because your account transcript is showing all zeros and no return filed. I hope this info helps.



    Aggravated … Your names says it all… For some reason they are just no doing your return.. Since you have no transcripts the only assumption I can Make is either your on an id freeze which is not likely or your return is sitting on some desk waiting to be manually imputed do to some error.. Processing time for th IRS computers to process a return should be a max of 10days even if back logged…

    So the question is Y .. Is there anything different from last year? Is your income greater then last year. Did you move? Something kicked you out of the computer while ur not under review ur still being manually inputted




    I wrote you earlier. You said wait til tuesday. it’s tuesday and no update. no account transcript either. is there a problem?



    There is no refund chart. Those charts are made up and projected based off other years.. The IRS only guarantees MOST returns with in 21days



    Jessica because you filed and were accepted on the 29th doesnt mean your refund was approved. It has to be accepted approved then refund sent. But in all the situations im seeing the deposit hits before the WMR updates. Hope this helps you. I would say you will get your DDD around 2/6 and no earlier. Ive been there I know how frustrating it can be. Also, people have been getting their deposits fast so it will come.



    I filed and was accepted on 1/29. I seen a refund schedule chart that said if it was accepted before 1/30 at 11 am I should get a dd on 2/4 should I believe that



    Bill it really depends on the offset … If it still says 0 tomorrow late night u will get all your money



    Last question man. (Again thanks for all your help) shouldn’t the offset hotline say they were taking some of my refund by now ? My DDD is feb 4th it keeps saying it “could” be offset but no amount and transcripts still say nothing of code 898



    Bp118 usually the same day you will get it..

    Shanna yes the 570 freeze could be because u didn’t file 2012 to file you must do a paper return for 2012. You can use free tax usa to create a prior year tax return and print it and then you must mail it.. free tax usa will give u the address after u complete it… return can take an additional 8-12 weeks

    Bc irs reps are very rude… the answer is that you do have to wait.. the bars disappearing is just because there is a delay processing your return.. not that your return was processed and there is a problem. That no bars happen when they are backlogged and cannot process a return in the projected time…

    Thea1984 971 code is generic and unfortunately hard to pin point what happen… did you owe from last year.. 971 can be because they sent you a previous notice and you never responded and you owe money to someone… or the irs directly… it also can mean that is a just frozen due to return not finshined in processing… this happens when a delay in processing cause the system to jump ahead. This code freezes any money until it’s done processing

    Cheryl no its not done processing.. doesn’t mean u are done.
    Pugor I responded to your questions via mentions al ready



    Hi Bart,

    I filed with h and r block and received a dd date of 2/4 . I opted to have the fees taken out and my refund deposited into my bank account. Will h and r block have my funds in the bank on 2/4 or later?



    Hi Bart,

    I filed on 18th and accepted 20th. My transcripts have 570 and 971… Still have not received a letter. I am pretty sure this is because I have not filed 2012 taxes yet. I have a $20 refund for that year so never filed. How can I file 2012 now? And how long will it take to process and release my 2014 refund?




    Hi Bart – I filed on 1/20 initially through HRB. That return was rejected because of a glitch in the HRB software. After finally finding someone at HRB who could help me, I refiled the same return on 1/21 and was accepted within minutes. On the 23rd, WMR showed 1 bar for me and no transcripts available. Then on 1/28, I lost the one bar on WMR and the refund amount went missing as well. WMR was unavailable for me from 1/31 at 10pm until 2/1 at 6:30pm but when it came back, there was no change in my status. Still no bars on WMR, still no refund amount and still no transcripts available — it has remained like this since.

    I’ve managed to get through to an IRS rep 3 times now. Only one was willing to help me to the extent that she was able to tell me that as of last week, I did not have any offsets or money owed but she would not give me any reasons for the delay and lack of progress. The other reps said, with varying levels of rudeness, that they were unable to help me until 21 days have passed.

    Any insights or help would be much appreciated!!



    hi bart…I filed and was accepted on the 13th my account transcripts became available Friday and my bars went missing Saturday morning saying that my return was being processed and still had my amount on the….I ordered my account transcript by phone and was able to pull it up on a computer and my wage transcripts are blank and my account transcript is blank except for the head of household status and the date of February 16 2015 at the bottom but next to the date it has 971 notice issued….I tried to contact them but haven’t been able to speak with someone as of now…..but ive read from other forums that if your transcripts are blank than you are not completely processed as of yet…and that the 971 code in this case means that they are sending out the transcripts that you requested by mail……and I believe that if I was being audited or flagged I would have additional codes as well



    orange bar disappeared it say still processing dd available soon what do that mean?



    @pburns Thank you!



    The bank acount name does not matter. That’s where you asked it to go and so as long as one name is on it then it will go thru.









    @bartd: Few quick questions.

    1.) Transcripts for the current year only become available (as-soon as?) after the return is actually processed, correct? Only asking because when people CAN actually get registered online (I can’t all the same info as last year but keeps saying it can’t verify my info, which scares me if they put a hold or something on our SSNs or something?) mention they see things for the current year but they are 0’s and the like?

    2.) Do you happen to know if WMR and all the hotline “Refund Status” numbers should match up or is some better/more accurate/faster to update than the other?

    3.) Returns in general (e-file specifically) are handled all by computer right? Like, in a perfect world unless the computer flags it, does a human even actually touch it? I’m assuming it’s all automated because even with the amount of employees the IRS has, there’s no way they can look over every single return to process them?

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