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    BartD is back for another year of answering questions.

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    ok bart thanks alot



    the 570/971 codes are being resolved themselves, probably taking an extra week. but i spoke to hundreds of people who had the same codes of 570 and 971 on their tax transcript and 90% of the time the issue was resolved by doing nothing.



    I’m so confused- filed 2/1 Accepted 2/1 have generic still processing checked transcript have receive code 150 & 806 nothing else. Have been reading your thread so I also checked verify id IRS website and says cannot verify id etc etc ……what do I do next? This is taking forever…is something wrong?



    Thanks. Man this has been the worst tax return year. Filed and accepted on the 13th and no movement and no transcripts. Getting back $9,000, so the waiting game really bites this year.



    Enc in 99 percent of the cases yes if it does that then u don’t have to verify



    Bart I tried the idverify website and it said “We can not verify your ID at this time please call 1-800-blah-blah-blah. Based on a recent response you posted you are saying that I am all set then and there shouldn’t be any “ID theft/verify” hold up? Thanks



    patience yes its happens all the time and about 4 weeks is right

    missy congrats and it depends on your bank sometimes the day before and sometimes on that day

    Kalyn on way to tell is if you call and see or go to if when filling out the info it tells u to call in then u are most likely not in ID verify.. if you filed on the 19th then u really should have a ddd soon like this week…



    I have a 971 for not filing prior return. I faced to them and they received. They mentioned 6-8 weeks but try in 4 weeks to have completed. You see this happen before and did it really take this long? They confirmed it was received February 19



    Update Bart:

    Thanks by the way!! WMR updated that we will have the offset, no big deal, and the rest of our refund will be deposited BY the 5th. Do not know if that means on or before though lol,



    I filled and got accepted 2/19, how do I know if I need to do ID verification? No updates so far. I called the irs Friday to ask why I couldn’t view my transcript and they said it was still processing. My refund us only 400 but I’d like to know I’m done with taxes/the irs for the year.



    Pulled for the computers sorry I’m on my iPhone lol



    The yetty no it just means ur not processing the return was billed from the computers it doesn’t mean audit it could be any reason such as I’d verify error resolutions under review for anything or full audit examination department. Tax topic isn’t something to rely on because wmr doesn’t update correctly for those who are not in normal processing… That’s y u only follow letters and codes on a transcript


    the yetty

    is it true that if your tax topic 152 dissapears that its bad news ?






    Shellmiester it really depends on why it was canceled. Was it canceled because of an offset bank rejection or random audit.. This is what u need to find out n no the as of date can change as the cycle changes



    Hello Bart,

    I was suppose to get DD on 2/11 but now have an 1121 code and an 841 Refund Cancelled code. My question is about the AS OF Date on my transcript. At the top is say AS OF: March 02. Does this mean I will see some sort of update soon? I haven’t see any other movement on my account and the only codes I have on my transcript are 150, 766, 768, 846, 841.




    Orchid your welcome anytime and thank you!



    Thank you BART.

    You are a great guy. We are blessed to have your support and works of encouragement and guidance.

    Keep holding our hand



    Spring Texas things don’t update the way u want all the time I know it’s annoying but that’s just a glitch in the system that may or may not correct its self till the end of the tax season or even tomorrow


    Spring Texas

    Hi Bart,
    Why is my as of date still stuck on 3/9/2015?
    I never had this happen before.



    Orchid it really depend on how fast they get the info. If you want to speed things up take all the stuff to the local irs office then it’s about 4 weeks or less



    Good Saturday BART

    Can’t let a day go by without asking a follow-up

    We have one w-2, social security, federal retirement income and 4 W2G from the same place. How long do you think for the CP05 income verification? I know , you are not a fortune teller.. But almost



    Ann no u won’t get your money I suggest calling you might have to verify your identity with the irs

    PEARLM It means that ur review is completed on that date and release to processing

    Shel Referrals are nothing and never get read so ignore that.. It’s way to get u off the phone

    randall7 4 weeks so you are 2 weeks out sorry but that’s the time frame this year after I’d verify

    roguem0nkeyBig the last code is 846 on the transcript then u will get your money and nothing to worry about wmr is very glitchy this year

    kalli Yes they can do that release the amount that they are not reviewing so that’s what you will get until the rest of the money is cleared up on their end or verified

    Missy They can cancel the refund at anytime to pay the offset… So don’t get your hopes up until u get the money. Once it’s in you account then u made it without paying but if the offset hotline shows that there is an offset then your refund will be canceled and delayed 2 weeks

    angelicisi No it doesn’t mean that and I suggest calling



    Any one else with a similar situation please….
    I filed on the 13 of feb, returned accepted same day. My transcript were NA till this morning. The income and account rec are view-able but blank. The account rec for 2014 has a date listed as of 3/16/215 any clue Please what does this mean. Will I get my money on the 16.

    I no longer live at the address on my return so I have no clue if any notice was sent,



    Hi Bart. I want to ask you a question. I filed on 1/21 and was accepted the same day. My account transcript still has all zeros and my return transcript says n/a. Anyway I called up the irs yesterday feb 27 and a nice lady told me that my return was under review and she sees that the review was closed out on feb 25 and to give it 6 to 8 weeks from the 25th. What I want to know is what does she mean when she said that it was closed out on the 25th?


    James Carl

    Update bank shows pending for the amount minus the premium tax credit so all good.



    Thanks for responding Bart,
    The first rep I spoke to about 2 weeks ago said that it was in the error department and to wait until Monday to call so they can do a referral. Do you know anything about this process? When I called back the next rep was clueless she said she think a letter was sent on the 19th and I went to ask her what codes she see and she said she did not see any. I was upset because she could not answer any of my questions so I asked her before getting of the phone so a letter went out on the 19 right she then said she don’t see a letter went out or a code regarding one went out so at this point I was lost again and called back the next day Tuesday of last week and the referral was supposed to be sent. Guess I will call back on Monday. Please let me know if you have heard of them sending a referral . Thank you


    Spring Texas

    Mine also has as of date 3/9



    @bart or anyone that can give me help. I identified my identity about 2weeks ago now I can see all my transcripts I have codes 766 768 570 what does this mean when will I have update and refund it just says march 9, 2015. Please help.


    James Carl

    Hey Bart, have a quick question about my return. I filed on 1/29 waited my 21 days and contacted the irs. They said there was a system error and it would need 45 more days. Ive been waiting and yesterday I checked my transcripts and finally they are all showing. Wmr has shown still processing with no bars tax topic 152 and no refund amount for about a week. I see a cycle code of 20150805 with code 846 of my refund amount minus my premium tax credit due to the fact that when my wife did the taxes she messed up on that part. I understand now that was the reason it was delayed, but I go on to wmr today to check and now it shows im under review and has a tax topic of 151. Is this just delayed info coming to wmr or is this something new. Also does 151 have to do with the premium tax credit or my EIC for my daughter? Thanks.



    and the saga continues. This morning i woke up to a wmr update code 1242 so i looked at my transcripts again and the 846 code is still there with 3-16 date but the amount has been reduced by the hac credit amount. Im assuming i will get the reduced refund amount by 3-16 and they are reviewing the hac portion? Of course i now have to wait until Monday to call.



    My transcripts updated overnight with codes 150, 766, 768, and 846. Our offset was not taken out. Cycle 20150901 and no WMR update. Will they take it out anyway?



    Mr. Bart I could almost just copy and paste what shel said. Except I have not called. (No movement on wmr and no transcripts, filed 2/13 so only 15 days have passed)

    My question is: If I can still order LAST YEARS transcripts does that mean I am not in the “NEED TO ID VERIFY” group? Thanks



    shel there are only 2 issues this year. id verify which your not in cause they would have told u and the HCA which u are apart of. they might be asking you 2 send the 1095a form in and that’s what the letter is or…… you just might be under review but they could have told u any of these things.. ur going to have to call back and demand answers



    Hi Bart,
    I was told by the irs different things. Filed on 1-30 still saying processing with the amount and no tax topics or codes. Transcripts say NA except for wage and that say no refunds filed. Got so many reasons when I called the reps that I asked to speak to a supervisor which I had to leave a message and she did not return my call. The only thing changed is the Market Place and I believe it has to do with that.The first rep I spoke to said it was not regarding that and the last rep said it was and a letter was sent that I had yet to receive but he didn’t know the rep before him had me on the phone for over an hour stating he was sending a referral and was not showing a letter sent. I filed 1095a form so I don’t no what’s going on. The not knowing frustrates me. This morning transcripts is the same please tell me what I should do. Again no codes anywhere. Thank you



    memphismom congrats and lol

    jen j congrats

    glad to here u both have a DDD Now you can start worrying about next years taxes LOL :)




    DDD MARCH 4TH!!!

    Thank you Bart for all of your help. I will be donating to your grandfather’s account once I get the money deposited. It has been rough. Now I can relax and FINALLY get the things my baby girl will need once she is born next month.

    I’m gonna name her Bart!

    J/K but thank you. LOL :) :)



    @jen Congrats!!!!!!!!!


    Jen J






    @jen Thanx!

    Yes is has been very irritating this tax season. I have NEVER had to wait this long to get a refund. Me and hubby are VERY careful with giving out information, so I don’t really believe the ID Fraud stuff either. It just does not make any sense. Then they claim our ID Fraud happened in 2012 and 2013…….Really? Why are we just now finding out about it?

    I watched the news yesterday morning and they claim the IRS has already given out 1 billion something dollars in refunds so far. I wonder how much of that was fraud……


    Jen J


    That is wonderful news! Thank you! I have been all over this board and online since February 5th and this nightmare began! I couldn’t find any answers or hopeful insight to my situation.

    This ID Fraud Review is a bunch of BS. In my opinion it is just an excuse for the IRS to hold back refunds in order for them to have more time to ensure that they have it to dish out. “9/10” refunds issued within 21 days….of course I ended up being that 1/10…..

    So yes< I am able to order both of my transcripts online via mail but not online access. So I’m figuring if I can order both transcripts then my return must be done and my refund must be on the way?

    What is even more irritating about all of this is so far this year I have paid $1700 in federal taxes. already. My refund is roughly double that! It’s ridiculous!


    Jen J .

    Also Bart: In regards to Transcripts:

    Right now I am FINALLY able to order my Account and Refund/Return Transcript via mail. However, still ID Fraud error message on the Online Access.

    So, I believe this is another good sign? The transcripts must be completed if I am able to order them online right? Which would indicate that my return is completed and they issued my refund?

    Maybe? Wishful thinking on my part? The above idea makes sense to me…



    @jen Hi a few of us asked this yesterday and woke up to having transcripts available. Exact same thing as you, yesterday our wmr went back to the generic message (1 bar) “we have received your tax return and it is being processed”. We are all expecting a DDD Sat morning (a few hours from now).

    Good Luck! I hope we all post with some awesome news in a few hours.


    Jen J

    Also Bart…I am able to order both Account and Return Transcripts by mail…however via viewing them online, I am still getting the same error to call the ID Fraud office….

    Hopefully that is a good sign?


    Jen J


    I posted a while back and now finally got an update. I was curious what your thoughts were and if I should expect my return within the next few days or if I am still screwed.

    I filed on January 26th, accepted the same day. February 5th my bars were gone and I got the message saying “Your tax refund is still being processed. A refund date will be provided when available.” …..I called and was told that on February 5th I was pulled for a “Random ID Fraud Review”. I was also told on February 16th (21 day mark) that there was still no process or changes on my status or my return but to expect my money by March 19th. If not, call back.

    I just checked right now and my status has changed to the following: “We have received your tax return and it is being processed.”. I have been so wrapped up in this ID Fraud issue (there is no ID Fraud, trust me) I do not remember if this statement appeared right after I filed and was accepted or not. Also there are not any bars still. They are still gone. The last time I checked my status was Wednesday so I know that this is a very recent change to my status.

    What do you think? Expect my refund within the next week? Or are they going to change my status again to some other BS reason to withhold my money? What have you seen in the past regarding my current status including my situation with the “Random Review”?


    Jen J



    Patently waited u will have a Ddd of next week Tuesday or Wednesday


    Patiently waited

    Hello Bart,

    I finally received an update today on my transcript yea..I have an 846 code refund issued 03/16/2015. The question is my cycle code still states 20150505. How long do you think it will actually be before I have it direct deposited into my account.Thanks



    Orchid I would go to the office quickest way

    The yetty yes the is good progress!! U have one or 2 weeks left I would say



    Hello again BART

    You said to fax my employer wages — should I go to the IRS local office? Where do I FAX to? Sorry to be so stupid


    the yetty after being verified this week ,i was told that i was put back into the processing system. And today for the first time i was able to order a transcript. But i can only order an account transcript . The return one says not available. Is this progress ? I mean my wmr is still no bars. And if there’s meaning to only being able to get the account one…..then what’s the meaning ?



    motherof4 yeah u should have it before then that TA seems to be on top of it and that is more than I can say for the most… keep at them and keep checking.. I would call on march 15th if u still don’t get it…

    kalli no the freeze is over so u will be getting your money congrats

    sammie no you shouldn’t be worried it means somewhere there was a glitch in your return or dd and the bank rejected it… now it can take time due to some miss matched info but u will be fine..

    orchid no it doesn’t have anything to go with the gambling winnings if u didn’t report it… they are verifying u job income…. I would give them ur employer wages right away and fax it to them

    mothermayi your in the examination department… AUDIT!!! so be prepared

    Kalyn try ordering transcripts by phone the online ones are glitchy and tricky…
    if you filed 2/19 u will prolly have an update next week unless their are issues

    debra yes HCA causing big delays and it might be another 3 weeks for u… they also may request a 1095a if u have oboma care

    buck I am sorry to hear that and u will have to wait.. the TA will speed it up a little if they do their job but it still will be 30 days

    RP I would call the irs they might be wanting to do id verify or verify ur income or deductions/credits on that large or amount of a return




    hello Bart I got a TA and I was able to order my return transcript today, but an hr later got a call from my TA saying they are done processing it But they are holding the money because there are reviewing it. I filed on the 3rd of feb but irs said they aint get it until 9th I had to do the whole id verify stuff so has of today I was happy to wake up to a return transcript until I got the call. The TA did tell me they want to verify my 2014 wages to have my job send me the wages on a letter etc. I did and I sent it to her. She called me bk and said she had just got an email from them saying they just needed that and once they get it they will release the money. She told me she would call me on the 20th of march to see if I got it but that I might get it before than. What do you think? Oh and my bars had went missing on the7th so I called and was hung up on and just no info from the irs. so people you dont have to wait the 21 days before you can get a TA I got one on the 9th.



    So after being in error dept for 30 plus days i finally have sll my transcripts but there is a 570 code with 0.00 next to it and underneath the 846 code with my refund amount and a refund date of 3-16 am i good to go or do i have a freeze?



    so i can view my transcripts today. I have a 570 code with 0.00 AND UNDERNEATH THAT 846 CODE with my refund amount. So am i good to go or is there now a hold? After being in the error department for over 30 days due to their “systemic” error im going to be really upset if there is now a hold!



    @Sammie –
    we are in the same boat! bank rejected my monies bc my name was not listed on my fiancé’s account. have neve had problems in the past but this year has been a headache.
    DDD – 2/2
    monies sent back & transcripts updated on 2/4
    WMR updated with ref code 1121 and a # to contact IRS. agent advised to wait until I received letter.
    2-23 received CP53A notice.
    contacted IRS and a very helpful agent said that I am “lucky” because he saw i did NOT have TCC570. he said not being audited. but they are “researching” my account due to mismatch with DD. said it could take 8-10 weeks. from my jnderstanding, they are researching account to determine thst my name and SSN are in fact attached to the return i filed since the bank sent back an error code that sent up red flags everywhere w suspicion of fraud.
    lets keep each other updated.
    tax transcripts read:



    So got a cp53a letter today dates for march 9. Says that are researching my will be 8- 10 weeks. Only code on my transcript is 971. Should I be worried. I also have 1121 on wmr. Mine was rejected because husband was not on account and we file joint. I hope it doesn’t take that long. Should I be worried and just wait the ten weeks.



    Hi BART

    Well the CP05 letter 3/16/2015 is for income verification. I wonder if the fact that I had gambling winnings and had them WH tax has something to do with it. Again totally frustrated. I guess I am looking at May.



    Hello i filed on 1/24/15 and checked my transciptt and got these code can you please give me some info on them since i cant get a hold of the irs dircety

    150 20150605 03/02/2015
    806 4/15/2015
    766 4/15/2015
    768 4/15/2015
    570 3/2/2015
    424 2/26/2015
    971 Notice Issued 3/16/2105



    Hi bart,

    I filed 2/19 with TT accepted same day. When I try to order my transcript it says info doesn’t match but I know I entered it correctly. Wmr still has one bar I haven’t received any letter or anything. Any advice?



    Thank you Bart for all your help. My situation. Filed Turbo tax and accepted on 1/30. On Feb 6th all bars went missing and got your return is still being processed a date will be provided. Waited until 2/23 to call and at that call the agent told me I was not received till2/6 and needed to wait 21 days. Called today and this nice agent told me that she thinks the healthcare caused a delay and I should see something happen on 3/3. The transcripts all say N/A, but she says my refund amount is still showing. Any insight you have would be greatly appreciated.



    My wife is now on the phone with a TA as this has now become a hardship. I have also sent emails to one of our senators and representatives. We are on day 38, since filing and acceptance. We did get a CP05 in the mail last week, with the 45 day timeframe. That 570/971 is no fun when you need the money. Bills cannot wait until mid April, just to wait around on them to do something.



    Hi Bart: my husband and I filed on 2/16, were accepted same day, and on 2/24 we lost all of our bars – all that remains when we check WMR is our filing status, tax topic 152, and a message stating our refund is still currently being processed and a refund date will be posted once that information becomes available. Our account transcript has been viewable since the middle of last week, but are blank with a message at the bottom stating no return has been filed. Now, this morning our “As of” date changed from March 9 to March 16 and then finally back to March 9… is this a good sign? Should I wait this out a little longer or call the IRS, especially since our refund is just the tiniest bit over 10K? We didn’t have insurance through the marketplace, so it can’t possibly be that holding us up. Thank you!



    THE YETTY that means u will have a ddd very soon as long as u dont have a 570 on the transcripts (freeze code)

    kp1974 means ur getting your refund tuesday or wednesday congrats

    danielle sometimes wmr never updates congrats u will get your money


    the yetty

    yo bart,me once more,so i got verified this past week,no one told me i had to ,i called the number and the guy verified me ,and then said he put my return back into the system for processing,then i heard form a little birdy that last night was the biggest update yet ,and low and behold i was able to transcripts this morning,any other time it says theres no info available,so whats this mean that i can order transcripts this morning ?



    was able to see transcript this am. have 846 code. Cycle 20150805, what date does that translate to? WMR still shows processing.



    Hi Bart! After what seemed like forever my transcripts finally updated today and I got the 846 refund sent with a cycle code of 20150805….any idea what my DD might be, WMR still hasn’t updated and it says its still being processed!



    TW yes it is normal and ur prolly under review because of the amount… anything over 10k is looked at harder

    kajackson1999 me to

    vegas yes they will adjust that a mount at the bottom of ur account transcript. the problem is the 570 is showing and your still frozen

    grace yes they will offset it payment arrangements or not… the person at the office lied to you… and fax in the 1095a as soon as possible

    wise yes u will get ur refund wednesday or even tuesday and congrats!!!!

    jen u have a 570 freeze code so u need to wait till u get a 571 review complete and then 846 soo you have a little while to go.. i would call and see what that issue is causeing the 570

    need my $$$$ the 424 means u are in the audit department… the full audit department aka the examination department… thats bad…

    carolina girl then if there is nothing wrong your just in limbo waiting it out unfortuantly you have to wait at least another week or 2

    diaman good afternoon u are frozen because of the id verify its about a 4 week wait to get your money after verification

    orchid i think that is some bull crap with the irs this year….if they are reviewing it then yes u have about another 4-5 weeks of waiting.. this is crazy

    will they were looking to see if there was addition tax owed on something in last years of this years return… the good news is u didnt owe anything and u will get your money congrats

    memphismom congrats!!!

    nanananna that means its processing after the correction or id verify thats a good thing so hang in there u will be getting the update u want soon like most likely next week



    Hi again Bart,

    First of all, thank you for your input.

    I wanted to give an update on my situation and get your opinion. My wife and I filed this year individually…she received her money 9 days after filing and I am still waiting. We both filed and were accepted on 1/20. I called the IRS on 2/9 and did the ID verification. I was told it would be 4-6 weeks until I receive my refund. I have called back each week to check for updates. Nothing useful from the IRS. I have checked my transcripts daily and it’s all blank. Not one code. It just has March 09, 2015 on there. That date has changed four times now. I was just curious as to if this is normal. I have not received a letter or anything. My refund is quite large, over 10,000 this season (withheld more to put money away for our son for college). I was curious as to if that matters as to the IRS processing. It really seems as if they are doing all they can to delay me. Thanks again pal!



    Hope everyone gets their money soon!



    Ok, Last question Bart.

    My transcript is finally availible this morning and my concern is they are showing an account balance amount of my whole return amount. The only balance I had owe was $238 which I didn’t receive a letter on that until November 2014 for 2013 taxes. Is it possible they will still adjust that amount? They have screwed up my taxes before horribly. Pursuing me for $13000 that was totally an error in their part that cost me many hours on the phone and 2 yrs to get them to correct the issue. Now Im afraid this will happen again. There is also a TC 570 – 0.00Cycle date of 20150805. Do you recommend I call them or just wait it out.



    Hi Bart,

    I spoke to a rep this morning who was a bit rude, nonetheless, said they had sent out a letter requesting my 1095a. She then stated that they would also be offsetting my account. I told her that I did a payment arrangement 6 months ago at my local office and he said that it would not be offset. I’ve been making timely payments, do you think they will offset?



    Hey Bart I finally got another update on my transcript last night thank god

    It must be a weekly. I have the following on them now:
    570 Additional account action pending 3-9-15
    571 Additional account action completed 3-16-15
    846 Refund issued 3-16-15
    Cycle code 20150705 03/09/2015

    Any idea what this means? Will i get my refund soon? Next week?
    Thanks again for all your help



    My transcript updated over night so I must be a weekly. I have the following on them:

    Cycle code 20150805 03/16/2015
    Will the 150 fall off and be replaced with the 846 during the week, or will I have to wait until another weekly update? There have been no notices sent.


    Need my $$$

    I now have a 424 code along with the 570. What does the 424 code mean. I called TA and they have not contacted me yet.


    Carolina Girl

    Hi Bart,
    Thank you for your previous answer. I did call, they told me they didn’t see anything wrong. This morning, I still have no bars and just the generic “still processing will let you know refund date blah blah blah” on WMR. I looked at my transcripts and they are still 000 but the as of date has changed from Feb 23 to Mar 16th. I also noticed that my transcripts profile shows my maiden name, not my married name? The actual transcript itself does show my married name. Still no codes on WMR nor my transcripts. Thanks for all your help.



    Good morning Bart.



    Hi. Bart. I have a question. I filed on 1/20 and was accepted the same day. On monday February 23, I contacted the irs and they told me that I need to contact the idverify department. I had a hunch that I would have to do that because I had to verify my identity 2 years in a row. Anyway, I called the idverify hotline on tuesday february 24 and I verified my identity and was put back into processing. 3 days later which is today on the 27th my account transcript finally updated from all zeros to codes 150 806 and 570. Do you have any insight as to what might have happened?



    @nanannana CONGRATS! Now we wait for a DDD. YEAH! Hoping to have it tomorrow. I really need this ASAP as I’m sure we all do.



    Well me again. I’d verify 2/13. A code 570 on 2/20 and a code 971 today. I called and I am officially under review the letter should arrive next week. I am too depressed for words. I guess I am looking at May or later if they don’t decide to do a full blown audit. What do you think?



    Good morning Bart. Thanks for providing your insight on all of our questions!

    I have a question, feel I finally have somewhat of good news. I checked my transcript this morning, and I see the 846! But there’s another tc that I’ve not seen. Here’s what shows:

    Code Explanation of Transaction Cycle Date Amount
    150 Tax Return Filed 20150505 02-23-2015 $x,xxx.00
    806 W-2 or 1099 Withholding 04-15-2015 -$x,xxx.00
    570 Additional account action pending 02-23-2015 $0.00
    290 Additional Tax Assessed 20150805 03-16-2015 $0.00
    846 Refund Issued 03-16-2015 $x,xxx.00

    The 846 is my full amount \. I did file Injured spouse, my spouse had no income, and she had the debt. What is the 290 Code? And am I correct thinking my DDD is 3-5-15? Is this final now?

    Thanks again for your help!



    Me too!:)
    It was a looong stressful process esp when I was not getting any good feedback from the IRS




    I just checked and I’m the same!



    GOOOOOD MORNING BART! Well some good news this A.M.. All of my transcripts are now available
    so now hoping for a DDD tomorrow. I sure hope so. My baby is almost ready to make her debut. ;-)



    Hey Bart, I’m back again..
    So on the update of 2/26 WMR no longer states “your date will be provided blah blah blah” it only says “We’ve received your return and processing it”

    I’m at a loss



    jen yes a bunch of people that are under review or in id verify I suggest calling

    mar89 ur are under review so I would expect with a 1099 your looking at 5 weeks before u even get a refund…. just if they ask for anything from you make sure u provide them what they ask as quick as possible

    drew no it usually takes about 3 weeks but with all these delays it might take longer

    kalli the system kicks something out as an error they only correct the one thing that the system tells them 2 then it get reprocessed if there was another error below the first error then the system will kick it out and the process starts all over… so 14 – 21 days is what errors take… I know annoying right… there is nothing you can do and yes they are having a lot of issues especially because of the HCA and budget cuts

    angel they may require proof that your brother lived with you other than that you need to be patient and wait there is nothing you can do at this point



    I lost bars on 2/8 but still have the processing and a refund date will be provided when it is available had amount on there but no tax topic listed. On 2/24 WMR updated again for me, I lost the amount of refund, but the tax topic 152 came back. I looked at transcripts and all I can see is the account one, that has zeros and a date as of 3/9/2015. No codes on transcript or WMR. Has this happened to anyone else and you seen movement soon after.



    Hi Bart,

    I was accepted 1/22, got a code 570 dated 2-16-15 and 971 dated 2-23-15 on my transcripts. I got the cp05 letter in the mail 2-13. I was just wondering if you think there might be an update soon or if it will really take till April like that letter says. I don’t know if it makes a difference but I filled with all 1099 income and 3 dependents. Thanks



    So I had a ddd of 2/11 and my bank rejected it. I just got a cp53a notice in the mail dated for march 2. It said my financial institution couldn’t process it. And they are researching the account and to give them 8 to 10 weeks to reissue my refund. Does it really take this long?



    Hi Bart
    ive posted to you a few times. Thank you for your responses! Just want to see what you make of the latest info. Recap filed and accepted jan 22 lost bars a few weeks later still have generic message refund date will be provided when available. Called irs on feb 12 told my return was in error dept and to call back the following week which i did and was told it was still in error dept. Called irs on feb 24 was told they just received my return that dsy. Called back feb 25 was told that there was a systemic error and projected date was 45 days from jan 22. S ii i decided to call again today and was told my return was sent back to the error dept today! No transcripts available no codes on wmr no letters received. And to top it off received email from tt that they are deducting their fees from my checking account since i havent received my refund in the alloted time frame! What do i do now? I seriously believe they are having catastrophic issues!



    My taxes are under review I have kids that I have to provide for this just sucks I’m really having a hard time how long do they hold your taxes under review it’s been like 4 weeks now they didn’t ask for anything after I had to prove my id feb 4th im just really depending on this money I field head of household 3 dependents one of them is my brother and we are the same age same farther different mother this shouldn’t affect it though I jus really need an want my money an this review process sucks



    spring texas yes it gives them time. most get them within 4 weeks

    kaleb mom it depends on what is wrong,,, should be soon though

    vegas right now about 3-4 weeks they are slower this yes

    ich yes they can help but sometimes it takes just as long even with the TA

    Kristen yes that is showing that the return is being handled and not sitting on some desk

    mparker your welcome just hang in there I know it sticks


    Spring Texas

    I feel dumb founded on the cp74


    kaleb’s mom

    Hello Bartd I have repeatedly looked through these threads but unfortunately no one else, to my knowledge, has posted about tc 420 on my friend’s transcripts. Part of the refund was released and a letter was supposedly sent on 02/11 according to code on transcript. He hasn’t got the letter yet. He noticed tc 420 was on his transcripts after the tc 864- refund issued. Any idea how long before he see tc 421, 811, & 864? Thanks in advance!




    I filed and IRS Accepted my return 1/13. Just received the Identify Verification letter called and verified all info last Friday. Still there is not an update with my transcript. It is still completely blank no codes no income adn still says no return filed. When I asked how long from here after I verify the agent told my 6 – 9 weeks. Is that possible and why do you think so long? I asked if they needed anything more and the agents says nothing is needed at this time. I had a simple return but did claim the Life time Education credit. Nothing else no EIC ,no dependents, and Health Care market forms. Is it just the waiting game from here?


    Spring Texas

    Hi, I filed 2/27 accepted the same day nia for all transcripts w2 no info, account tc 971 notice sent $0 2-23-15 as of date 3-9-15 so I know I update every Friday, got the letter last Saturday cp74 my question is has there been reports of people getting their returns before the 6 weeks or is it just the IRS giving themselves time to get it too you? It has been well over 21 days I filed HOH 2 dependants HRB PAID FEES UP FRONT ELECTED FOR DD




    Thanks for responding, Bart!

    Here’s another question…We’re not part of the 100,000 1095-A’s that have had errors. I double-checked on CoveredCA just now to be certain.

    I’m currently trying to touch base with our Tax Advocate(we keep missing each other) who has opened a Case File for us. Will a Tax Advocate be able to help us speed up the process in order to speed up the release of our refund? We are facing financial hardships and it’s the 11th hour for us and dire straits here.

    Still no status bar on WMR. Still NO codes. NO transcripts for 2014. NO letter from IRS. Refund amount us unchanged.



    Hi again Bart! I appreciate you taking the time to answer questions! I have written before and I have another question for you today :) I filed Jan. 29 and was accepted the same day and then about 2 weeks later lost my bars but my refund amount was still there and no tax topic even though when I had my first bar it showed tax topic 152. Now today when I check WMR my refund amount is gone and I am showing tax topic 152. Still nothing when I check my tax transcripts. Could this mean they have finally gotten to my return? They said that I was in the error department when I have called the last 3 times but no letters have been sent out and they are just waiting to get to me! Thank you!



    Thanks BartD. I’m hopeful now……the IRS is something serious. I’m praying that I have an update soon on those codes 570 and 971. Thanks again for your time



    wally yes they prolly revied your return and found nothing so there was no reason to send u a letter so now your prolly back in processing

    lisa yeah that’s why you are in errors department… cause they are going to remove the direct deposit… then covert it to check,,, you are going to be about another 2-3 weeks out… unless they let it slide seeing you are related and that’s what they are verifying

    memphismom yes very normal u should feel good cause a lot of times wmr never even updates so your a def processing and wont have any more issues.. just hang in there

    Jordan 1095a is a big issue this year and yes they may want you to send them a copy but if not they are correcting it.. errors only has 21 days so u have to be soon

    mparker the HCAis what is delaying a lot of returns you have to wait if its been 5 weeks you have 2 weeks max before a ddd you just need to be patient… gotta love the irs



    Thk u for replying. I called this morning and spoke to someone after 40 min on hold. The rep told me my tax return is “been reviewed”. But also mention that since I have no codes on my WMR site, and I haven’t received a letter, I should b ok, even though she didn’t answer a time frame. Thoughts on what now? Thanks



    Hi Bart and thank you so much for your help. Here is my situation, i failed to read the new tax laws for this year, so i mistakenly tried to get more than 3 direct deposits put into one single bank account. I do all the kids taxes, and girlfriends, etc. so i take their small fee amount and deposit it into my account and the remainder goes into their accounts. The first 3 returns I did went fine and all the deposits were there when expected. However My return which is the fourth return and my sons which is the 5th is hung up. We were accepted on the 31st of Jan, had 1 bar for about 2 weeks with tax topic 152, now for another 10 days or so, the bar disappeared as well as tax topic, but the amount is still there and it says still processing. I called the IRS, the less than helpful lady said it’s in the error dept and that was all she knew. I have received nothing at all in the mail and transcripts are N/A. As I understand it, any subsequent refunds will be automatically converted to paper checks and mailed. Any ideas what is going on? What’s so complicated about converting it and sending it? Thanks for any insight you can give me.



    Good morning Bart and thanx for all your help thus far!
    Recap and update with question.

    Jan 30 Filed

    Jan 30 Accepted

    Feb 6 Gilbert lost bars

    Feb 16 I lost bars and tax topic 152

    Feb 18 Tax advocate sent notification to IRS to go ahead and process that it was indeed me and my husband who submitted the tax return.

    Feb 20 Able to order account transcript (return transcript N/A)

    Feb 23 called IPSU since we could not access transcripts online. Rep asked identity questions, confirmed ID theft said return was accepted 2/2 and got put in IPSU on 2/5 (This actually sounds accurate since 2/6 we lost bars).

    Feb 26 WMR changed to your tax return has has been received and is processed like it did when we first submitted the tax return. It has dropped the “A refund date will be provided when available”.

    My question is: Is this normal and do you think it is FINALLY being processed? My return still says N/A. If it is being processed why is it taking so long if the account return is showing up (can’t view it, can only order it). Do you think it is being processed by a computer or a person?

    Thank you :)



    I filed feb 3 and was accepted the same day. Filed with turbo tax. Bars disappeared this past Saturday and now it says it is processing and a refund date will be provided when available. No tax topic anymore. Called yesterday and was told there was a systematic error on the return and it has been the errors dept for 14 days. Today is the 15th day. No letter has been sent out. I don’t think I messed up anything on my part of the return. I got an email from the healthcare marketplace saying that my 1095-a form was incorrect, that was two days ago. What do you think is going on. I read that people who have already filed with the wrong 1095 form is going to be fine and won’t have to amend anything. They said that they are trying to work on it themselves? Ugh.



    Hello Bart D.,
    I filed on 01/21/2015 I have had code 570 for about 3 weeks now and code 971 for about two weeks now. I have called three times and all they can tell me is that I’m under review and a CP05 letter has been sent and at the moment no action is required of me. I also went through marketplace last year with my insurance. It has been 5 weeks and nothing has changed on my transcript. It has a cycle code of 20150502 as of 02/23/2015 and the date by 570 code is 02/23/2015 and 971 code is 03/02/2015….. could the ACA be delaying my refund?? I just can’t imagine my return has been processing for 5 weeks and no movement at all. ADVICE NEEDED!!!!! THANKS



    safeqah 3-4 weeks min

    Rachel yes it could show the check being sent but sometimes there is a glitch in wmr u have to just wait at lease 5 days from the 23rd to see

    uhrefund yes its auto generated and processed to be mailed regardless of u doing It. they have to still send the letter they were suppose to send you

    Kelley no once they correct the error they will release the return into processing. and yes there seems to be a glitch in certain forms from the tax software on some returns.. 30 days to fix the error seems a lot usually once the return is rejected and goes in to errors resolution department it takes 14 days then re processing

    bityler1 no it just shows that they received it that’s about it

    speed I would call ur either under review have id verify or you are in errors u need to find out whats going on

    blessed ur under review they are verifying something and u have to wait till either they release it or they want something from u

    jaybo yes the system get glitches time to time its a computer…. u have to wait

    wally yeah its an issue with ur retun either and error or under review I would call again and see and also try mailing your transcripts by the transcript hotline

    ICH yes that is def an issue the HCA screwed a lot of things up and about 3 weeks u will prolly have your refund before that actually goes through

    filler2014 its going to be after that date… your transcripts show that a letter was sent and a date they still have to send the letter…… even if u verified and its about 3 weeks after id verify at this point for a 570 update



    My aunt did my mothers taxes for her because she works for h&r block. My aunt mistakenly put in a wrong digit for my moms direct deposit. Even though the names on the accounts were different, they still released the funds into someone elses bank account almost 2 weeks ago. After a good 5 hours of talking to the bank and the irs, the funds were frozen and sent back to the irs. How long before she gets her money?



    Hi Bart,
    My bank rejected my direct deposit and the wheres my refund updated to check being sent by February 23rd. On Friday the 20th I lost all of my bars and now there is no date. My transcript says 846 refund issued does this mean they still sent the check on the 23rd? Will the wheres my refund update once the check is sent?



    So does the ID verify letter still come after your verified?Got one today in mail .
    Can see 2014 transcripts but they have 570 code on it since a week ..What shall I do this is annoying now.



    Hi Bart,

    Several people are having similar issues but it’s hard to follow what answers are intended for them. In summary, this is what our tax situation looks like:

    Filed and accepted: 1/25
    WMR bars disappeared: 1/13
    Spoke to first IRS agent who filed “inquiry” to corrections department on 1/18 (1 week ago today). This gentleman said that there was a system error code on our file and that the inquiry could go 30 days before we receive any sort of response. He said no correspondence has gone out to us and that the error was not on our return, but rather on their end of things.
    Since then I have contacted the national taxpayers’ advocate service who started a case for us and said we should hear back from our local office by the end of the business day Monday. As of today, there are no 2014 transcripts available and no WMR bars.

    Do you have any information on this supposed glitch? What happens next after the corrections the department processes our return? Will we have another extended wait beyond that? These are all questions I asked the IRS rep and could not get a straight answer on. Please help!



    Does injured spouse claim shown on transcript give any clue as to when refund will be distributed? Transcript finally updated 2/20 showing injured spouse was received back on 2/4.



    Hey Bart,

    Filed 2/3
    Accepted 2/4
    Status bar removed 2/18
    Says it’s processing, refund date will be announced
    No tax code, no transcripts
    Amount of refund is still there…

    Today is day 21…how long would you give them until you make a phone call….thanks man, appreciate it!!


    Blessed mom!!

    I filed jan 20 got excepted was told I had to verify my id feb 4th an did so and It kicked back into processing how long will it take to get my money Ben waiting every since then with a cycle code of 20150506 on my transcript with 150 806 768 and 570 account action pending 03/02/2015 what’s going on???



    Bart ,

    I called the irs and was told that the reason for my delay was an internal error on their end. I’d verify even though didn’t need too verify…ever heard of this? F/A 2/9 one bar still topic 152



    Hello Bart:
    I filled Feb. 4th 2015. Today is my 21 day, but I tried getting my transcript and got a message to call them about Identity theft. I did, and after answering a few questions, they said nothing is wrong. They also mention that a lot of ppl are getting the same message due to some network addition to their site back on Dec 2014. As of today, I’m still waiting and no bars on WMR site. Just that “still been processed” message with no code. My refund amount is showing, though. Any thoughts???




    Filed 1/23, Accepted 1/23. Had the orange status bar until Monday, 2/9, then they disappeared. Transcript for 2014 N/A. No codes. No letter. No orange status bar. Still says “Your tax return is still being processed” and “A refund date will be provided when available”.

    It’s been almost FIVE WEEKS (this Fri will make it 5 weeks exactly). This is the first time since the 1980’s it’s taken this long to have my tax return processed!

    Last week I called the IRS and claimed financial hardship (or, actually, she did for me when I explained our situation) and was told that a Tax Advocate will call me on either Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday. Today is Wednesday.

    Since we had our health insurance subsidized by CoveredCalifornia, and since it’s been reported at Forbes that some 800,000 1095-A’s and some 100,000 1095-A’s from CoveredCA were wrong, I’m certain that the hold-up has to be that they need the 1095-A (mine has no error – double checked on our CoveredCa account). I hope that the TA will allow me to fax it over to them today IF they call (I will otherwise call them because I’m desperate to have our tax refund dd’d).

    Since this is a financial hardship matter, how long after they receive the paperwork that they say they need before they finally process and direct deposit our refund?




    but why does the 5071c have a date after i called them?
    Do you think i went back to ID verfiy?
    Also if that was the case my transcripts wouldnt have updated with everything and the 570 ,806 code etc…
    i have hda the 570 code for 12 days think i shall have an update soon?



    nanannana you have to be close let me know if u have ab update this weekend this is the weeken you should get an update

    livstacy no there is nothing you can do its just random for the most part. u should get your ddd infact if u checked wmr today-tomorrow it should update to show it. AND THANK U!!

    waynecorp yes they can especially if they believe u owe

    the yetty you are moving u just cant see it.. there are a lot of steps involved for id verify but u really should see and update soon unless they selected you for random audit of 2014 but I doubt that. it takes 3 weeks from when u verified

    kalli you will have to wait till it processes which is about a week to week and a half.. then u should have a ddd.. follow the transcripts some wmr’s arnt updating and they get their money

    need my $$$ yes I would call a TA and see what they can do the last thing we want is you homeless.. call them asap and see let me know what they say as well

    amy time frame this year is about 3 weeks and wage transcript wont show till summer or fall after the tax season so don’t look at that one

    jazz well if u did the id verify its about 4 weeks if you didn’t have to answer the questions then you are about 5 weeks for the random under review I would call again and see what answer stays the same

    katie1974 yes I would call and see whats going on with your return.. there has to be some kind of issue



    We meet again Bart!

    Still have the same problem as before, just looking for your current insight.

    Filed 1/21, lost all bars but have my refund amount as of 6ish Feb. I’ve called the IRS at least once a day since. The last story I got was interesting. The identity theft lady said she could view my 2014 return transcript, but I can’t order it online. She proceeded to tell me that my id theft issue cleared up but I was still under review. She stated that there have been no letters sent out.

    I’ve called 3 different advocates and they all say they can’t help me. The Arizona one says to just “wait it out”

    What the hell am I to do Bart?



    Hello Bart!

    I’ve been reading q&a’s on here for a while especially ones that were similar to my situation. I filed on 2/13 with blank transcripts until about 11pm last night. I called and spoke with a very nice man who told me nothing was wrong and it was being processed. So as I said, I can now see all 4 of my transcripts including my account and return transcripts. I have the 846 refund issued code, with a cycle date of 20150803, which I’m guessing should be a DDD for March 3rd.

    My question is, after seeing so many people having issues, is there anything that can still go wrong such as a freeze or review now that I’ve got all 4 transcripts, or do you think I will get my DDD sometime tomorrow when wmr updates and that I will actually be getting my refund??! I’m so nervous that something could still go wrong and I’d just like some reassurance if you can provide me with any lol!!

    PS. Thank you for what you are doing here to educate and ease the minds for those of us who are going through a tough time with our tax refund. I am so grateful for your time and for your expertise, it’s nice to see that someone cares enough to take time out of their day just for the benefit of helping others!! God bless you!!



    Bart, just to clarify your answer , if the irs is looking ( not yet determined) to see if there is some unreported income w/ my 2013 taxes, can they hold up the processing of my 2014 taxes?


    the yetty

    update,so i filed 2/2 was rejected cuz wifes last name didnt match her ssn since she didnt get it changed yet,corrected it and resent it the next morning ,2/3 said it was accepted,called and found it i was resequenced and accepted 2/9,called today and was told i had a flag on my account that said “possible identity theft” the rep said it was flagged when my first one was rejected,said that either ill see an update this week,or that ill possibly have to wait 6-8 weeks. I coudlnt really get a clear understanding from the rep i spoke with,i have never had any kind of identity problem before,ever,whats freaking me out,is i read from someone else who had the flag that her refund had completely halted and she had to get an advocate to get it moving again,anyone have any thoughts ,is my refund just stuck in the irs’ computer system or will it get worked ?



    Hi Bart
    just had an interesting call with irs. I explained i am 34 days since being accepted with trsnscripts being n/a no error codes just the generic message refund date will be given when avsilabke and had previously been told there was a glitch in the system….this agent kept me on the phone for over 45 minutes checking various things and the final outcome is they supposedly have cleared the glitch and now it is showing my return just being recieved today! I assume that i now have to start all over and wait another three weeks or do you think it will be sooner? Do you think since im starting over that they would pull me for any other issues i.e. identity or review or anything Which would cause further delays than im slready experiencing?


    Need my $$$

    I have the 570 code on TT, and no one in IRS knows why and keeps telling me to call next week, I have been doing this for the past month now, I just gota letter in mail yesterday saying give it 60 days they are doing a review and they do not need anything from me, I am about to be homeless with a newborn baby, because like a lot of people I depend on this money every year, I want to reach out to a tax advocate, do you think they can do anything? If so, what can they usually do?




    One more thing I forgot to mention. WMR shows refund processing, no bars. Transcripts all say N/A except for Wage which says return not filed for 2014. TIA!



    Hi Bart,

    My return was accepted on 1/20. I called on 2/11 (right after my 21 days were up). I was told that I had been sent a 12c letter and was told that they needed the 1095a and 8962. I mailed them to the address they gave me on 2/11. I called back on 2/17 to see if they had been received and was told that they couldn’t tell me but that I should fax them for faster receipt, so I faxed them over. I called yesterday and spoke to someone who said that mailing and faxing can slow the process but that they did show that my forms have been received. How long should it take for them to finish processing now that everything has been received. They didn’t give me the date that they showed them received so I am going to start counting from yesterday.

    Thank you!



    Hey Bart,,,

    I filled on Jan 28 got accepted the 29… lost my bars one week after and receive a msg saying your tax refund is still being processed.. A refund date will be provided when available…. I try to see my Transcript it told me to contact IPSU.. I call three times the First time i call one of the lady just said two weeks to see your transcript then the second person I talk to told me 6-8 weeks because I had to be manual review and the third lady said I have I.D theft…. So i don’t know wat to believe can u Helppp please



    Filed 2-16-15. wmr shows one bar processing and refund amount. a few days ago I was able to check 2014 transcript with all zeros. Today it says I am locked out for 24 hours. Should I be worried?



    ID VERIFY. 1-800-830-5084



    Anyone happen to know the IDverify phone #




    but why does the 5071c have a date after i called them?
    Do you think i went back to ID verfiy?
    Also if that was the case my transcripts wouldnt have updated with everything and the 570 ,806 code etc…
    i have hda the 570 code for 12 days think i shall have an update soon?



    filer2014 no need to re call them to re verify unless its something to ease ur mind.. since u verified u should be 1-2 weeks out



    cj u are very very close i wouldnt be suprised to see u have a weeken update… if not next weeken the latest



    i recieved a 5071c letter dated feb 18th today. I had already verified myself on feb 6th and was able to view trancripts with everything and also the 570 hold code.
    should i call them and verfiy myself again?the 570 codes on my transripts for 12 days now. the transcripts had 000s earlier. let me know



    Hey again, Bart. I received letter cp05 today, ‘we’re finishing reviewing your return, you don’t need to do anything right now, etc’. I was accepted 1/20… My refund amount came back on wmr this past weekend though. How long am I looking at, and is there anything I can do to speed the process along?



    chris that’s my best guess for now u really should take the time to call though,,, might be something else



    So I’m just in review and don’t need to call? Cause sitting on hold for hours with the irs isn’t something I’d like to do.



    bellausc if you just verified expect another 2-4 week delay before u get the money… the 000 mean ur trasnscript was frozen and not post able

    shafeqah no letter is good news because that means they are not requesting anything… i would hang in thereu have to be close to some kind of update

    patently waiting that is actually good news ur not under review at least… that also means if it went to that department and they kicked it out because u dont belong there then u should def have an update soon…. so u are real close

    scgirlwaiting no it shouldnt take that long 3 weeks is about right

    the yetty means that the return kicked out of the system and they had to re put you in changing the cycle date of when u were orginally acepted

    chris yes they will eventually but they will try to verify what ever they need to on thier end with in 45-60 days



    My ddd was 2/11 and I never received it and have codes 846 841 and 971 on my transcript. I hear a lot of people talking about id verifying but they all seem to have the code 570 which I don’t have. will the irs send me a letter in the mail telling me I need to do so? Or is there a code or anything on my transcript that shows up if I need to? Or am I just under the random review category?


    patienty waiting


    I finally spoke with IRS they stated that my refund was sent to the bankruptcy centralized department. After a post I had posted before I explained to you that I had been discharged last year and that there was a 522 code listed on my transcript. You informed me that they were just trying to see if I owed anymore debt. They couldn’t really understand why I waited past my 21 days I explained to them I was just trying to be patient lol.You were correct they had it held because of that but there was a mistake it should have never been sent to that department. The rep told me that everything will update by the end of the week and if I opted for direct deposit I should get it within a week. I guess what I am asking will their be a light at the end of this tunnel and when do you think I will receive the updated information as well as my refund dd. Thanks



    Bart finally spoke with someone from the irs….identified my identity ; they removed the block from my account….i viewed my transcripts today all i saw was 000 and an of date that said 3/2/15 what does this mean?????



    oh and btw , my transcripts still has the cycle code 20150402



    Hi Bart. Just a quick update. I’ve had the 1121 reference code going on 2 weeks now. My transcript still has the 841- refund cancelled code on it. When I called, I’m not in idverify and the guy said it was randomly pulled for a review. He said they would send a paper out telling me whats going on and it will take up to 60 days until im reprocessed. I havent gotten a letter in the mail yet and its going on 2 weeks. Is this a good thing ?



    Sorry Bart….wanted to remind you there are NO other codes except the 846 refund issued and 841 Refund cancelled codes. :(




    I FINALLY got through the the TPP and verified today, after an hour and 15 minute hold time. The lady told me that it would take 6 weeks from today to process. It was already processed with an 846 code. Will it really be 6 more weeks? Any clue?


    the yetty

    yo bart,me again

    so i still have no bars,no tax topic ,my refund amount came back on the wmr though,but anyways,i called the irs again

    i was accepted on the 3rd (2/3) but when i called them they said i was resequenced and was accepted on the 9th .whats this actually mean ?



    Zach anytime they can update tues-sat morning

    Kristen they are giving u excuses and yes they are behind. sometimes there is a problem with a return and cant be processed electronically… this usually takes 4 weeks

    Jessica that’s because it will be released midnight tonight,., and that’s the cycle date (latest date in the cycle) ignore that and go with 2/25

    waynecorp yes they are looking to see if u owe from not reporting all income from 2013.. if you did well they are still looking at it.. I don’t think it is an error I would keep calling… or wait 1-2 more weeks

    drew only way is to call or try if it tells u to call cause it couldn’t verify u online with out asking you questions to verify ur identity U are not in ID verify department




    When do transcripts generally update? A day of the week or time of day?



    Hi Bart :). I called the irs again today as I am now at day 25. This time the lady said they have our return but it’s un-processable and that they are working To get it in their system. The first 2 times I called they said it was a glitch between turbo tax and the Irs. When I told her there is no glitch she said they just can’t get my return in their system. This is so frustrating! Are they just behind and this is an excuse they are giving me?? Thank you!



    I have a DDD of 2/25, a cycle date of 20150705 but my 846 code date says 03-09-2015. What does this mean?! WMR just says approved and not refund sent. My bank has nothing pending! Very confused!



    Bart, I have a question , this years transcripts are still not available , however when I look at my 2013 transcripts there is a line item with a 2/14/15 date on it (this month) with a code 922 under reported income. No dollar amount and no other codes related to it. Im interested because of the date being just 10 days ago on a 2013 tax return. Is this what may be holding up this years refund, the irs keeps telling me systematic error, do you think this is it?



    Is there a way to tell if you need to id verify?



    itstakingforever no its still in limbo until the refund issued code is on the transcript u will not get your money u have to keep calling till u get someone

    lovingmom28 you have to be patient u will update…. it all depends on how backed up they are. 570 would be because of the id verify so u just have to wait

    dante3 that fine it wmr doesn’t update right off the bat for checks it could update anytime between the month time frame.. even after u actually get it

    orchid don’t believe what they always tell you…. I know someone that had Id verify was told under review and got there refund 2 weeks later… the reps have no clue… give it another week

    mamof6 he has to call he might be under id verify or random review of the return

    nickita yes ur not under review they will send a check

    Anitataco yes usually the review sides with the tax payer unless they lied… so u just have to wait it out till they are done

    kayla no that date can or will change it depends on how quick they look at your return




    I filed a tax return last year in august for 2010 hoping maybe there’d be a chance i’d get my American Opportunity Credit. They sent me a letter to confirm my identity in December. I called and was verified. She told me I would receive my refund or a notice within 4-6 weeks. It is now Feb. 23rd and I still haven’t received anything. I looked up my transcripts just to see what was up and I found my Account transcript and it says code 766 $XXXX credited to my account, but nothing after that. Does this mean anything at all? Does it mean I will receive my refund or….. ? I tried calling the IRS and it says they are too busy to take my call. Any help is appreciated


    Loving mommy28!!

    When I called they said they didn’t see anything and it might’ve been from me having to verify my id on the forth of feb an when I did that it kicked back into normal processing an they didn’t see where they were asking for anything im still lost to the 570 account action pending 3/2/2015:(!?!!


    Loving mommy28!!

    When I called they told me they didn’t see any thing and it was probably from me having to verify my id Iand it’s processing normally i dnt know I’m still lost!!?!!


    Loving mommy28!!

    When I called they told me that I didn’t have any off sets it was probably because I had to verify my id i dnt know what it’s about!!??!?



    Hi Bart,
    I just received a CP53a notice in the mail, ii signed up for direct deposit but it says “your refund check will be sent to you by mail…wait 3 -4 weeks
    my WMR is still saying Your tax refund is scheduled to be mailed by February 23, 2015. If you do not receive the refund by March 23, 2015, please contact us again. We are unable to take any action until then.



    Well I’d verify on 2/13. Code 570 on 2/20 and now I called and was first told I was re sequenced and then that I was under income review. I am so frustrated I already cried




    Thanks for all your help! I see you answer ALL the questions posted for you, so here goes mine.

    I filed my sons return on 2/3, accepted same day. First status bar up. As of 3 days ago it remained the same and could not see anything on transcripts, even showed return not filed as of 2/20. On 2/21, bars gone and says still processing with code 152. When I attempt to get his transcripts, it says the account cannot be verified. Any ideas?? I just wish my son could get his return, as its been 21 days…and counting and he needs it to get a new car for work. Thanks again for ALL your help!



    Hi I got a cp53a letter because my refund was sent back by bank and wondering when they send out the letter dose it mean my refund is not under reveiw any more and will I get a refund mailing date



    Hi again Bart,

    I asked the other day about zeroed out 2014 transcripts after filing 2/6 and not hearing anything since.

    They are still all zeros, still have the AS date of March 02 except I got a letter today. It said You’re under review but we don’t need anything from you……….unless we do. Blah blah give us 60 days. Oh and it was checking the eitc, or income or business income. My dependent is my blood child, I’m married to his father, so no one is double claiming him or any issue like that. I don’t have a business.. I don’t know.

    Do these ever have a happy ending? I don’t care so much about the 60 days, I know they over estimate so you’re happy when it takes less time. I’m curious if you’ve ever seen this actually resolve itself without having to do anything?

    Thanks so much! I’ll happily donate if, ya know, they ever get it to me.



    I filed 1-20 accepted same day received a letter on 1-29 stating my return is under review to verify my income. On my transcripts I do have the 570 freeze code but the processing date says 2-23-15 so does that mean they should be finishing my return today or should I just not expect anything for the full 60 days that the letter stated?



    stef i would call the irs cause either u are under review or in id verify

    kallino there is isnt it means your un postable and they are trying to correct it

    zach after transcripts update its usally sent out in less than a week… no there is no day they can mail out every day

    cass thank you

    spring texas most cases 4

    loving mom ur return is frozen and they are looking at something must contact the irs to find out whats goinig on.

    luvmy3 thats great news!!!

    nsee yes means that processing is done…. but you should have had a DDD by now if not then u need to look at those transcripts to make sure there isnt a 570 code or notice sent

    caliwaiting call and see but it looks like your still frozen at this point. id verify can take 3 weeks or so

    stephanie your looking at some kind of issue with your return if your under review it will take about 4-5 weeks at this point.. i would keep calling them till you get a real answer



    Hey there Bart! I filed my taxes through Tax Slayer 01/27/2015 accepted same day at 9:00 A.M. I had insurance through my employer for the full 12 months but my daughter did not so I have to pay a penalty of 149.00 for her but that is the only thing I can think of that has kept my refund missing and no bars on WMR. I cant get transcripts. I did that identity form you advised someone else to do but it said it couldn’t find me. Any other tips or thoughts are greatly appreciated. Thank you!!



    So ii filed on jan 22 and was accepted on 22nd. Lost wmr bars about two weeks later with the message still processing etc. Called irs on 2-12 told system processing error. Transcripts are n/a. Called irs this morning. Still told system processing error. No estimate can be given they tell me just to be patient. .. its been 31 days how patient do you think i will have to be and is there anything i can do?



    Is there a typical day that the IRS mails checks out?
    I had the cp53a notice, Bart was kind enough to inform me that it really doesn’t take the 8-10 weeks listed in the letter, that it actually takes 2-3.

    I’ve been checking transcripts, still no update with another 846 code. What’s the timetable for updates on transcripts and check mailing dates?



    Bart thanks for all your help. I will certainly donate .I hope that everything works out for your grandfather.



    Spring Texas

    does it really take 6 weeks?


    Loving mommy28!!

    I had to call and verify my id on feb 4th I filled and was excepted jan 20th now my transcripts are reading 150 806 768 and 570 account action pending 3/2/2015 can you explain this to me so that I can understand what’s going on???



    Hope my experience helps someone. Ok I filed thru tt On 2/3 accepted same day then the wait began. i saw no movement or updates my bars where gone from 2/4/15- 2/20/15.Final after stalking this page I thought I would call the irs. 2/13 I called and told them I filed earlier and they sent me to idverify. Women was nice and asked me a few questions then said im verified and allow 6-8weeks. On friday 2/19 was finally able to order my return transcript. 2/20 wmr updated to approved and said ddd 2/25/15. I have netspend for my dd and as of now see no update to sbbt wmr or my account so now I will just be waiting until it hits. Hope this helped someone and I will keep everyone posted on if and when it hits. Praying for eveyones return to come soon.

    Also if tax topic 203 isnt showing does that mean it doesnt apply to me?



    After no bars or info on WMR.. Thursday I was able to order transcripts online by mail…

    Does this mean anything?



    Can you help… WMR 1242 and says to call

    Transcript say:

    And i complete id verify on Feb 18



    Filed and accepted 1/28 I went about 1 1/2 weeks and got the code 9001 on wmr. Feb 13 I called and verified my id and was told it would go back into processing wait 6-8 weeks to call back if I didn’t get my refund or a letter. My transcripts all said 000 until this past Friday and I could view them but now I have a 570 code (do not have the 971) with a as of date of March 9. Any idea what I may be looking at? Thanks for all of your help Bart!



    maximus wmr may never even update sometimes u get the money before wmr shows you got it

    Lis something is delaying your return you do need to speak to someone cause u might be under review

    Spring Texas its saying that 8862 what’s the question if you asking what the letter means then it’s as described your eic was re instated and you will get your eic writhin 6 weeks

    Orchid thank you for your support !!



    EVERYONE who feels grateful for all of Bart’s knowledge and help and would like to do something nice – At 10:03 on 2-10-15 he posted a link to help his grandfather, and said that he did not want gifts or money for himself for helping people who simply need help.
    THE LINK IS I would be a nice way to be kind to someone who needs help. Bart has helped us all so very much THANKS


    Spring Texas

    @ BARTD????

    WMR 1 BAR 1/28

    Understanding Your CP74 Notice
    You are re-certified for EITC. You don’t have to fill out Form 8862, Information To Claim Earned Income Credit After Disallowance, in the future. You’ll receive your EIC refund within 6 weeks as long as you don’t owe other tax or debts we’re required to collect.
    What you need to do

    You don’t need to take further action.


    Spring Texas

    @ BART D

    WMR 1 BAR 1/28

    Understanding Your CP74 Notice
    You are re-certified for EITC. You don’t have to fill out Form 8862, Information To Claim Earned Income Credit After Disallowance, in the future. You’ll receive your EIC refund within 6 weeks as long as you don’t owe other tax or debts we’re required to collect.
    What you need to do

    You don’t need to take further action.



    ok so I filed my taxes Jan 29 through turbo tax and received the accepted email that same day. I was able to view my transcripts almost two weeks ago with a 20150605 cycle code however no 846 code. I have normal codes, 766, 768, 150. The wmr bars have been gone for close to 2 weeks now as well, my 21 days was the 19. I have tried calling but after waiting for hours or getting hung up on , I have no idea what the problem could be! On my transcripts it shows a processing date of 3/2/2015. I don’t understand all of this. Help please!



    Hi Bart,
    I know you’ve answered the question pertaining to the 123 error code already, however… I’m supposed to have my check mailed tomorrow for my federal return… originally had a DDD for the 4th but the bank rejected it. I’m also getting the 123 error code.
    Is the system just preparing to mail the check? I’m worried I will get an update with a freeze code and my check will not be mailed.


    Patiently Waiting

    Thank you for the info Bart! I already decided if my refund isn’t here by 3/2 I will call the IRS, since that will be 22 days for me. Good to know there is some movement happening regardless!



    orchid and patiently waiting… this is common when ur go though id verify the transcripts get pulled from access online until the transcript re updates after processing.. its a security thing. this is also a good thing because that means ur return is actually processing and will eventually come up.. this is a glitch but it helps u know thier actually is some movement on your return… the website will eventually work. could be a day – a weeks

    waiting i would call the irs it looks to me as if there was a delay in your return this could either be because u had an error oboma care or are under review…



    The same for me. Cleared the id verify on 2/13. On 2/20 could see my transcript with a code 570. This morning I cannot access –technical difficulties and then gave me internal error

    BART – help!!



    Filed 2/4 received 2/5 , 1 bar in WMR until this morning when the bars were removed so now I have no bars, can’t access transcript and it says . Your return is still being processed? A date will be provided? What does this mean? I have not called as I have been waiting for the 21 days to be up?

    Thanks for your help


    Patiently Waiting

    Sorry if this is a repeat question, according to the search feature it has been asked many, many times over the years but there are so many results that I can’t actually find the answer.

    First I was trying to get a copy of my transcript and received the identity theft error. Called the number, cleared that up (I think) now I’m getting this:

    “A technical problem has occurred. Please contact the Website Help Desk.
    We recommend that you close your browser for security reasons.

    Reference Number 123 (for internal use only). ”

    What is Reference Number 123?

    Thank you :)



    excelcior great news you will have a ddd for monday 3/2



    wow sorry about the 3 post. none were showing up. then they all did once i exited this thread



    i got an 846 with cycle of 20150801. good i think? Also when will i get refund?




    I got and 846 and the cycle number is 20150801. im guessing this is all good news. Any idea when i will get refund?



    I got and 846 with cycle of 20150801. im guessing this is all good news. Any idea when i will get my refund?



    need my $ ur under a random review no the date means nothing…. you have to wait till they either clear the 570 or ask for informantion from u

    paul that means they put u under review and canceled ur refund.. you need to see what the 570 is for if it was cause the bank rejected the money it takes about 2-3 weeks if its something else about 4-5 weeks due to delays

    cj you will prolly have the update this week for a ddd oboma care has been a nightmare

    drew they canceled your refund and put u under a random review… call them to see whats going on.. if you are under review its about 4-5 weeks now

    moulaa u still need to call

    dizzyse215 yes it will delay ur refund and u might have to re verify threw id verify


    Need my $

    Filed and accepted in 1/20. Irs states they processed return on 2/3 but have a 570 code in transcripts for past 3 wks, but no code for a letter sent, everytime I call and ask about refund I get a different story as to how long it will be, but not one person can tell me why I have the 570, I have even called the identity number but they said they don’t need I go from me and I’m good with them, the date next to the 570 is 2/33/2015. I had private insurance all year. Does that 2/23/2015 date mean anything?? I have been told anywhere from 1 week to 11 weeks, this Has never happened to me before, any comments?


    Paul & Margaret

    on WMR it still says take action as of today with a reference number 1121. Up until the 19th my transcripts said 841 refund cancelled. When i looked again on the 19th it has this 570 Additional account action pending 03-09-2015 $0.00. What does this mean please help.



    So, a small update. I checked wmr today and notice it’s just changed a bit… Went from being without bars, showing topic 152 and now it’s also displaying the correct, original refund amount when it was missing before since the bars disappeared. Transcripts are the same, all filled out and I can access all 4. Still have the 570 and 971 codes with dates of 2-23 & 3-2, respectively. Still has the processing date as 2-23. Seems like the big change here is that it’s showing my refund amount on wmr now. Thoughts? Recap: accepted 1-20, cycle 20150504, Obamacare (two different plans during the year, so two 1095s), eic, sell employed sole proprietor, one dependant.




    I have codes on my transcript as follows.

    150 tax return filed 20150505 02-23-2015
    806 w2 04-15-2015
    846 refund issued 02-23-2015
    841 refund cancelled 02-23-2015
    971 notice issued 03-02-2015

    what happened to my dd? did my bank reject my refund or?



    hey Bart, as i told you yday i didnt call but woke up to WMR to ref 1121 and transc. is still the same last thing is still 570 code after 841



    Hey Bart I gotta question.
    I was a victim of ID theft so this year when i filed i used my efile pin instead of my ip which i never knew i had one of those til today. By doin that would it causes problems and delay with my refund



    anitataco yes 000 arnt always good or bad… it really depends and i know your getting worried but it seems that a lot of things been happening that are just delaying the returns.. the only thing i can say is call and check id verify and if your not in that department and dont have a 570 code on the transcript your ok just in one of the delays

    bland girl ok u never fill out and admen return before you get the orginal. if they want something they will ask you… you just cause more of a delay than you think… now as for the 1095a all they want i am sure is you to send them the correct form in the letter or fax it… i would not amend again i would just fax or mail that form they are requesting

    angie means they sent you a notice and your return is flagged and frozen for what i dont know u have to call the 4/15 is the end of the tax season that is generic

    brent no that will no effect it…

    juan yes its moving id veriy is about 3 weeks right now so if ur on week 2 u just have another week to go

    sammie i wouldnt believe the under review part…. i would say wait 3 weeks and you should have a check in the mail… wmr should update in a week or so



    Hello Bart,

    I’ve been watching this thread, thinking I probably wouldn’t post to it, I’d just be patient and wait it out. Well, you know how it goes, every day with no update leaves me closer to insanity.

    I filed 2/6 with ESmarttax liberty tax online software and I received the accepted email within 20 mins. I come to find out they didn’t really take me until 2/11. I first accessed my transcripts Friday the 13th and the bottom 2 for 2014 is there, but top 2 are n/a. The only info on my account transcript is the AS date of March 02. Everything else is blank. Yesterday morning from about 4 am until 8 am Arizona time, it said AS date March 09 and then at 9:30 am when I checked again it was back at March 02.

    I’ve seen the 2/6ers come and go and now I’m seeing the 2/11ers come and go. I have no different info this year except barely making a little more….barely, we’re still talking poverty levels. Same dependent, job, healthcare with no help from the gov. No 1095a issue….. I’m at a loss! I’ve never had identity issues, I have one bar on wmr, no trouble codes, no codes at all. I see previous transcripts I’m not a weekly, no issues with previous years. I can’t call until the 27th but I don’t really want to with them being short staffed.

    I saw where a couple posts down you said seeing zeros wasn’t necessarily a very good thing. It had seemed like people saw zeros and within a week they were filled in but my week came and went.

    Thank you for any insight you provide! It can’t be easy trying to answer so many questions like this for people that are freaking out!


    Blonde grl

    Bart need help. Filed 1/20 and nothing trans blank called irs and im in error dept. My CPA found a mistake when she filled out 8962 form and we sent an amendment in to correct the mistake. Received notice yesterday my 1095a was incorrect from marketplace. So the amendment we filed is incorrect also. Does filling more than one amendment hurt you in any way or is it ok to do that? Please help Bart and thank you!



    I forgot to also mention at the bottom of the transcript is gives following codes:

    150 2/23/15
    806 4/15/15
    766 4/15/15
    768 4/15/15
    570 2/23/15
    971 2/23/15

    Any idea what this means?

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