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    BartD is back for another year of answering questions.

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    Bart i see u have helped so many people on here. Thats very kind and i am also in need. I filed 2/5. Bank rejected my return 2/11. Received a cp53a notice dated for 3/2. Transcript has received date as 4/15 and last 3 codes on transcript are 846 841 971. I know what each mean but curious when i can expect a check.



    Jamie Friday or next week

    twinruelz 2 570 codes = 2 issues

    ambernerverenough they are behind the scenes reviewing ur return that why it takes so long id verify isn’t just id verify you should get a refund when they are done.. it should be first week of april I know that’s not what u wanted to here

    janille on the 1099g there is a check box that was checked incorrectly don’t worry about it for now unless they put u under review

    Shanae yes it means someone is touching the return.. and unfortunately u just have to wait unless they want something keep viewing your transcripts

    scaredaboutmyrefund yes u just have to wait till the review everything that still may take a lot of time



    sorry, wmr bars gone 3/16 and transcripts available 3/16…



    Exhausted waiting on this refund, however…here’s my deal:

    filed 2/26
    accepted 2/26
    wmr lost all bars 2/16
    able to view transcripts 2/16

    last year I had an interception and my entire refund went to my student loan that was in default. this year, i still owe about 1/3 of what my refund is supposed to be.

    transcripts says:

    846 refund issued 04-06-15
    cycle count 20151102

    nothing referring to take monies for my loan.

    any idea when i should see my refund? also, is there still a chance they will take monies for my student loan?





    I’m hoping they don’t send us a 2nd 12c notice. There was a woman who posted that they sent her a second 12c notice requesting the corrected 1095a. Apparently there were some people who were affected by the Healthcare marketplace misinformation on 1095a. I faxed in my 1095a and form 8962 on March 2nd. I received a corrected 1095a yesterday from Healthcare market place. I hope I do not receive the second notice from IRS…they’ve already taken so much time. Any thoughts on this Bart would be greatly appreciated! ! :)



    Does two entries of the 570 code mean they are delaying it more or they found additional issues?

    570 Additional account action pending 03-02-2015 $0.00
    570 Additional account action pending 03-30-2015 $0.00



    okay so I talk to my TA manager and she basically told me the same thing say she put you through on the 12th and it is still take some additional time to process for some reason what could possibly be the reason that I don’t understand if I have tosend in my id and ssecurity card and they don’t need anything else from me what else could they be waiting for



    Does anyone know what this means:
    “1099G…..not refund, credit or offset for trade or business.”
    My wage transcripts are up finally, which is great, but this is worrying me a bit. Thanks in advance!!



    OK so since its taking the regular time does that mean I will receive my refund at the end of march or does it mean I will receive a refund date??



    Hello bart, I e filed on 2/4 and was accepted on 2/4 when calling irs they told me it was really accepted 2/6. WMR should one bar for maybe a week. Then got the message your refund is still being proccessed and refund date will be given when available. There is no codes no tax topic , it still shows my refund amount there as well. Only thing different for me this year is i have the health insurance through obama care which i already know im not being affected by that. I called irs a few times just to be told that i am under review with no reason as to why i am under review. They told me i do not need to do anything just need to wait 45 days, after the 21 days where already up. Told me the review would last up till april 10th. What should i do. Not getting any letters from them saying they need info. No code no transcripts just shows n/a Im really starting to think my money will never come. As of 3/15 and today 3/16 transcripts for 2014 still can only view wages but it actually has my w2 info now is that good?



    scaredaboutmyrefund Yes the hard part is over now is just a waiting game… How long since u sent them everything I would say 6 weeks min but prolly 8 weeks sorry :(


    Bart I got letter today I was under review for HOH and EIC and also had to send last years corrective w2 for cp05. Got letter today on both things said they had until 5/3/2015 to complete review if they have no other info required I sent 80 page fax so I hope no more. And the other thing said they have 60 days . Received both letters today they had today’s date on them. I files 1/27/2015 and was accepted the same day. Does it look like I’m anywhere near getting my refund?



    kimmyb yes u can still get ur money happens all the time

    mosstrap that is the amount they are taking or froze

    soeffinfedup its common that they review things once ur in id verify unfortunately all you can do is provide them proof of your dependent

    twinrulerz no u are under review for income not id verify they are verifying something from u

    tjmom whats the codes on your transcripts and what exactly did the letter say and if they are doing a thorough review expect min of 8-10 weeks cause that is an audit

    JD it looks like they are processing ur return as of now the 570 will change soon after they fully processes ur return unless they put u fully under review then it might take a little longer

    buck no don’t worry about it it say 0 so congrats

    mark no don’t worry about it an congrats u will have ur money real soon

    Zach from the date of the letter

    mosstrap no she prolly see the old 12c doubt u would get 2

    amberneverenough yeah ur TA isn’t doing their job I am sorry but they really don’t care some are good and some are bad best wishes to you and I am sorry about ur situation

    spring texas it takes a little bit of extra time to full reinstate the EIC in the system so it doesn’t keep rejecting it

    adam Tuesday night have it by Wednesday

    spril no ignore those dates it been taking 5 weeks after id verify at this point to get a refund so u just have to wait4

    crystal anytime but most on Fridays-sunday



    Here’s my story. I was accepted on 1/20. Had a DDD for 2/11 but never received it. Got the 1121 message on WMR and 841 refund canceled on transcript a couple days later. Received letter to verify identity, did this on 3/6. On Friday my transcripts updated with 846 refund issued with cycle code 20151005. WMR updated on Saturday from the 1121 message to we have received your tax return and it is being processed. My question is since my transcripts updated with a 846 refund issued, is it possible for me to still receive my money without WMR updating again?



    Bart I forgot to add this

    Code. 150. Tax return filed. Cycle. Date. Amount. $125
    20151005. 03-30-2015

    What does the $125 mean ???




    i filed 2/5 had the first bar then bars disappeared and had generic message about still being processed finally got ahold of somebody was told needed to verify identity so i did that on 3/9 was told 6 weeks called back today and was told that im under review now and will be getting a letter about my dependent by 3/30 tried to call a tax advocate but because im not undergoing a hardship i dont qualify for help WTF!!!!! so let me get this straight i work all year pay all my bills and take care of business file my taxes so i can get back MY money and go thru all this hell and i cant even get an advocate because i know how to take care of MY BUSINESS I HAVE TO BE FACING AN EVICTION OR SOMETHING TO QUALIFY??? WHY?? im being fucked with by the IRS for what???? my refund is under 5K gimme a fucking break already what information could they possibly want about my dependent BART can you please give me some kind of insight



    I have two code 570 entries now….one was dates 3/2 and the other says 3/30 now. Got the 4464c letter in early Feb dated it could take up to 60 days. Also, do i have to do the ID verify? I was never told to nor did i get a letter or in my transcript. Thanks.



    Hey Bart,

    I filed & was accepted 1/28 on 2/19 I called the irs & did the id verify thing on 2/27 I was able to see my transcripts with a 570 code that was dated 3/16 on it. Today I received a letter dated 3/12 stating that they are in the process of conducting a thorough review of my return. So my question is since I’m already almost 4 weeks in since I did the id verify, is there going to be an additional wait time for my refund or did I receive this letter because of the id verify?




    Filed/accepted 1/22
    Bars disappeared next week
    Transcripts N/A
    Called the 2nd week of February, was told there was an error detected on 2/2

    Got a letter dated Feb 20 last week for 5071C. Tried online ID Verify, but it said I had to call. So I have called multiple times, all “high volume call back” messages. Finally for kicks tried ID Verify on 03.03.15 online, got through! Completed it and they said “6 weeks”.

    UPDATE: checked transcripts, finally I have them and they are no longer N/A.

    150 Tax return filed 20151005 03-30-2015 $abc
    followed by string of numbers, not sure what they are but the format is xxxxx-xxx-xxxxx-x
    806 W-2 or 1099 withholding 04-15-2015 -$abc
    570 Additional account action pending 03-30-2015 $0.00



    I have seen movement even on WMR, and it’s giving me a DDD of March 18, however this morning I saw a 290 code added after my 846 on my transscript. With the 290 it shows $0, should I be concerned about this additional code? Could it delay my refund?



    Hi Bart,

    Sorry to bother you once again, but I was happy to see that I got a “refund approved” message and an estimated ddd of 3/18 on WMR Saturday morning. Just for kicks, I decided to look at my transcripts, and I still got the “call the Identity Protective Service” message. Do you see this as something to be concerned about?



    Still waiting for rejected deposit to be mailed after cp53a. Letter was dated 2-23, received about a week before that. Refund was originally rejected on February 4th, IRS got it back February 6th.
    No 570 review codes on transcript, last update says “notice issued” with a date of 2-23.
    What time frame am I looking at for my refund to finally get here? The letter says 8-10 weeks, Bart has previously told me that is really 2-4. Is the 2-4 from the date of the letter, or the date it was actually rejected?



    Hi Bart , I filed man 30, and was accepted the next day. On February 17th I received the letter 12C but instead of faxing back I mailed it.. On March 11, I was able to view my transcript..

    Codes; 150
    806, W-2 or 1099 withholding. 04-15-2015. -$$$$
    766, credit to you account 04-15-2015. -$$$$
    766, credit to your account. 04-15-2015. -$$
    971, 03-30-2015. 00
    570, 03-30-2015. 00

    I spoke with agent on March,13th and she said I will be getting another letter 12c soon.. If that is true can you give me your thoughts on why???

    Thanks Bart.



    Hi Bart so I spoke with u once before. And told u about the tax advocate I have had one since feb13 ….since then she has had me send in my tax forms id and ssn cards OK she contacted me again march 13 to only tell me that they pushed my taxes through and that I still need an additional 2-3 weeks and she would be calln again on the 1st or befor then what exactly am I waitn on now omg I’m homeless and 8months pregnant with 2 Lil girls….its still taking the 6-8 weeks they told me in the beginin that was the whole reason of gettn the advocate rite…this is crazy do u know what could be going on


    Spring Texas

    ALL TRANNYS CAME UP 3/13/2015
    CYLCE CODE 20151005

    150 Tax return filed 03-30-2015 $
    806 W-2 or 1099 withholding 04-15-2015 $

    971 Notice issued 02-23-2015 $0.00 CP74 notice 2 WEEKS AGO SAYS I SHOULD GET REFUND 4-6 weeks

    766 Credit to your account 04-15-2015 $
    768 Earned income credit 04-15-2015 $
    570 Additional account action pending 03-30-2015

    where is the 846?


    Spring Texas

    150 Tax return filed 03-30-2015 $
    806 W-2 or 1099 withholding 04-15-2015 $
    971 Notice issued 02-23-2015 $0.00 CP74 notice 2 WEEKS AGO SAYS I SHOULD GET REFUND 4-6 weeks
    766 Credit to your account 04-15-2015 $
    768 Earned income credit 04-15-2015 $
    570 Additional account action pending 03-30-2015

    where is the 846?



    Bart I filed injured spouse got my 846 code 5 weeks later cycle is 20151005 when can I see my dd pending in my account, Thanks !?!



    Hey, so I filed 2/19. Did the ID verify one 3/11. Called on 3/13 and they told me I am now under income review. My transcripts have not updated. Just today I was only able to see the wages part of the transcripts.i have an 841 refund cancelled date 3/16. My cycle hasn’t changed . When should I expect a change on them? The fact that they have future dates confuses me.



    Do you know when transcripts update with the 571 and 846? Certain days ? How do you tell if your weekly or daily update?



    John is here …, 5 weeks sorry :(



    Hi Bart,
    There are so many redundant questions on here. You sure have a lot of patience, because I would have already spoken my mind. Lol! Have a great day.



    Hey Bart,
    i verified my id last friday in the irs office… so how long i have to wait to received my refund?




    Thanks, Bart! You’re right…20151005 cycle code means 2015(year), 10 (week) and cycle day (5=Wednesday) with a DDD of Wednesday since a cycle week begins anew on Thursday (1), Friday (2), Monday (3), Tuesday (4), Wednesday (5).

    Whew. Took some time figuring this out, but by Jove! I think I’ve finally gotten it!

    I’m just so happy that this looooong journey is finally coming to an end. I hope this won’t happen again next year.



    Hello bart, I e filed on 2/4 and was accepted on 2/4 when calling irs they told me it was really accepted 2/6. WMR should one bar for maybe a week. Then got the message your refund is still being proccessed and refund date will be given when available. There is no codes no tax topic , it still shows my refund amount there as well. Only thing different for me this year is i have the health insurance through obama care which i already know im not being affected by that. I called irs a few times just to be told that i am under review with no reason as to why i am under review. They told me i do not need to do anything just need to wait 45 days, after the 21 days where already up. Told me the review would last up till april 10th. What should i do. Not getting any letters from them saying they need info. No code no transcripts just shows n/a Im really starting to think my money will never come



    Tch no u don’t have to call u will still get ur Ddd on March 18 the take action is to make u aware something changed



    Maggie they requested it again because ur not sending what they want… Over 100k 1095a were sent out wrong and u have to wait till they send you the corrected one. If you don’t get the corrected one I would call and ask them to send you out the corrected one the irs will keep rejecting it until they receive the correct 1095a



    Hi BartD!

    WMR updated this morning. My WMR is showing the “Take Action! 151 Topic”. I still have a cycle code of 20151005 (DDD: March 19, 2015) and from what I’ve read by Mia1/20/15 on another thread here, it just means that they’ve adjusted the refund amount (and they have – by $508, thanks to an erroneous 1095-A).

    I don’t have to call the IRS or anything, do I? Nothing has changed on our transcript: it still shows cycle 20151005, so do I need to call the IRS or just let it go since we already have a DDD (March 19, 2015)?



    Hey bart I received a 12c letter for 1095a feb 27th. I Faxed info they needed same day. I received another 12c letter today march 14th requesting same info again. The letters are the same except for reference and batch numbers on letter. What do you think this is about? By the way transcripts are still blank n/a.



    Marco 846 is what ur getting back and u will have a dad of next week

    Iarnzell congrats ,,,

    Deedee yes u won’t process if ur in I’d verify once u verify it takes about 5 weeks

    Wally don’t follow wmr it’s not always correct or it’s delayed u have to follow the transcripts but I would re call the irs

    Shel yes call at TA they only guess when ur money will come I wouldn’t count on the irs agent

    Sotired congrats !!!!!!



    Transcripts read as follows
    Cycle date 20151005
    the date next to each code is 3/30/2015
    Also the amount next to the 846 refund issued is the sameamountnext to code 806 without the -….PLease help…

    Then this AM WMR updated with this message below.Transcripts finally showed avail just yesterday will I be getting a refund am I under review with no refund in sight ill the refund be for only that small amount next to 846 or will that be the adjustment what needs to be proven but I will get the difference?
    Take Action.

    We have received your tax return and it is being reviewed. You will receive a notice from us requesting additional information within 30 calendar days. You may not receive all or part of your refund until we receive and review the information we requested. If you need more information after you receive our notice, call the number on the notice.
    Please do not contact us until you have received the notice as we are unable to take any action until then.

    Please read the following information related to your tax situation:
    Tax Topic 151, Your Appeal Rights



    @WILLIAME and Bart I checked my wwmr status this morning and it said my refund was approved for with at Dodd of 3/18 thanks again for your help I appreciate it



    Hello Bart. I’m sure you don’t remember me from last year. I was a 1121er that didn’t receive my refund until June 02. Just some speculation and observance on my behalf. IRS accepted my return on 2/10 this year stayed on one bar with transcripts saying n/a for weeks. ID verified on 2/27. The kind lady that verified me said I would update on Monday 3/2/15 and that I would be able to see my transcripts within 6 days and she was spot on. I am a weekly so on 3/5 transcripts updated my as of date is 3/23/15. I have the 570 with a date of 3/23/15 as well. If I count from Monday March 2, 2015 it’s exactly 21 days for then to process my return. It was like I wasn’t even processing until I did my ID verify. Once she completed it and put it in they started my return. What are your thoughts on this?



    This morning I checked WMR site and got code 151. Doing some research, code 151 is releted to return been reviewed. But I don’t understand because last week the agent I talked to told me my return was no longer been reviewed. So why do I get this code 151? It says to call them with a reference number, but that’s it. What now, Bart???



    I forgot to tell you, I recieved letter 3-2 and faxed back 3-3 at 8:20am. Thanks for your help



    Hi Bart,

    I spoke to a nice man at the IRS and he told me they received my 1095a letter and other form and everything look great. He said I had to wait 4 weeks even though it shouldnt take that long. I asked him if speaking to a TA will speed up the process he said that I would have to wait a v week before the ta call and by then my money should be on the way. Then he asked about hardship. I explained my situation and he said it will come no later than 4-3. Should I still request the TA? I spoke to him on Wednesday and no change Thursday or Friday not able to view transcripts show NA.



    Update: I got a DDD of 03/18/15. I am so excited! Finally! Thanks Bart this has been a long tax season and Yay a few more days and I’m done. Thanks again for your great advice:)



    Ich your welcome :)

    Punda smith you are weekly

    Iwatson it’s usally about 5 weeks as of now

    Chantami no problem glad ur almost done

    Mark means there was a problem with ur return and now it’s being re processed I would still call the id department to make sure

    Michelle u were just selected under random review it happens but most I’d verify people past or present get it more often

    Brendaj next week u will get ur money



    @WILLIAME thanks for that info..I appreciate it and it eases my mind a lil



    Thanks so much, BartD!

    It’s been a long 8 weeks and still one small week to go before this stressful time finally comes to an end.

    You’ve been an incredible help and a beacon of hope, BartD. Thanks so much for your expertise. When our WMR updates this weekend or next week, I’ll be sure to note it. :-)



    @larnzell Hey if your wmr status switched yesterday and it is saying we have received your tax return and it is being processed, then it is possible that you might get a ddd tomorrow. Check your wmr status page tomorrow.



    Hello Bart,

    Just wanted to get your thoughts on my situation, i filed on 2/18, and about a week later my bars disappeared on wmr and it had the your return is still processing verbiage, with no tax code at the bottom, 21 days passed and on the 22nd day my wmr still had no bars but it switched to saying we’ve received your return and its processing. i’ve never been able to see my transcript, it gives me a identity theft #, and when i called the IRS that same day, i was told that i had an issue with my return but it was resolved back on 3/5 and that i would have to wait 6-8 weeks for my refund.

    In your opinon will i really have to wait that long, i still cant see my transcript and it gives the same verbiage about identity, as of today my wmr has no bars no tax code and just says we’ve received your return and its processing, what are you thoughts?

    I appreciate your input



    Thanks so much! It has been a long 9 weeks lol and when you told me 5 weeks after I verified I freaked but thanks to my ta it helped. Thanks a mill once again yay




    I would like to hear your thoughts on the “wording change” issue a few of us have seen this Wednesday/Thursday. I lost my bars the day after being accepted, went to “still being processed, a date will be provided.” Then yesterday, it changed to “we received your return and it is being processed.”

    Never had a tax topic, never got a letter, could not (and still can’t) access transcripts. (I got the “contact the Identity Theft Unit” message, which I’ve been told is a placeholder meaning that it hasn’t been processed yet.)

    Others are hoping that this wording change is good news, but I’m pessimistic.




    HI Bart…looking for some help/advice…
    I filed on TT on 2/19, it was rejected because I needed a IP PIN, so I had to call and get a replacement IP PIN. Return fixed and accepted on 2/20, a few days later bars went missing on wmr. I thought maybe since I got a replacement IP PIN I needed to ID verify, called the IRS and was told I do not need to ID verify, was transferred to another department and was told my return is being reviewed, no reason given as to why, just that I should wait 6-8 weeks from the 20th. The only transcripts I can see are account transcript and wage & income transcript and they both say “no tax return filed.” Even more confusing is the “account transcript” has Account Balance: 0.00, Acct Interest 0.00 as of Mar. 16, 2015 and Penalty 0.00 as of Mar. 16, 2015…today is the how do they have anything “as of” the 16th? Called back today and the lady I spoke with would only say that she doesn’t know what the problem is but I should wait until May 4th and if I haven’t heard anything by then to call back….



    Can you help? I had a DDD for 2/11 but on 2/14, i received the 1121 message on WMR. My transcripts read 846 refund issued and then 841 refund canceled. I received a 4883c letter last Wednesday to verify my identity. I did this last friday and woke up this morning with a 846 refund issued with 3-30-15 beside it. I still have my original cycle code of 20151005. Do you know when I will receive my refund?



    SPRING TEXAS means that your under review or there is a freeze code on ur account…and apparently they are looking at your witholdings

    Sheila with the 570 on there still and no 571 it looks to me as if ur still frozen… if the TA thinks they can get it by the 23rd i hope they do but as of now it seems un likely

    ICH the dates on a transcript is the last day or a certain cycle before it has to change max out date… you will see wmr update over the weekend and congrats

    Chatami u will have the update and should get it next week… congrats

    cameo i would call and no state returns gives you no insight to federal returns… u should be soon but u need to see the transcripts

    zach yes u can see a 570 if ur under review with out the 570 no review and the clock starts from the day its added…

    DINAM yes if the irs reps looks hard enough they can see a fall off date…

    Jazz well that means u are un postable and they have to correct the return to process and that is what the hold up is… you just have to wait

    SoTired thats a Great sign 1-2 weeks u should have the final update


    Spring Texas

    hi Bart what does it mean?

    150 Tax return filed 20151005 03-30-2015 $
    806 W-2 or 1099 withholding 04-15-2015 $
    971 Notice issued 02-23-2015 $0.00
    766 Credit to your account 04-15-2015 $
    768 Earned income credit 04-15-2015 $
    570 Additional account action pending 03-30-2015



    I also have the same question. I have codes 896, 971, 570, and a date of March 30. Tax advocate told me March 22nd was the projected date, but according to the 20151005, that would put it at the 19th. I am hoping that the refund is not going to wait until the 30th??



    Hi BartD!

    Finally an update on my transcripts! No change on the WMR, though. Today marks the eighth week since our filing was received.

    I have an 846 refund code and a 20151005 cycle date. But it also shows 03-30-2015. I looked up the cycle date online and it says that my tax refund cycle date shows a March 19 direct deposit date so why does it say “Refund issued” date of March 30 on the IRS transcript site?

    Please help me clear this up if you can.

    Thanks so much, BartD.



    Hi Bart

    I wanted to give you an update. My ta requested my funds be released last week and I verified my ID Monday. My transcript updated today with a 20151005 cycle code and 846 with a date of 3 30. Star does that mean and would I get my return before then. Thanks so much




    Been waiting on my refund over 45 days. !st call i made I was told they didnt see a problem but to give it 3 to 6 weeks. then I called back next day lady told me they needed to verify my employment and it could be 6 to 9 weeks before a refund was issued. its been 7 weeks since then and I still cant access my transcripts. I received a letter in the mail regarding my state taxes. I had made an error so they adjusted it. and they will be mailing out the refund check. My question is… can this be an indicator that they may be almost finished with my federal return? And when do you think that I will be able to at least access transcripts. Or should I call again?




    Would I see a 570 code on transcripts if I was under review?
    When does the clock start, when the refund was rejected or when they finally bothered to send the letter?



    Hey Bart. I have a question for you. I id verified on 2/24. 3 days later on 2/27 my transcript finally updated but it had a 570 freeze code. Now I am assuming that I got the 570 because I had to id verify myself. And today I still have the 570 code with an as of date of 3/16. So today I spoke with an irs rep and she told me that I have a hold on my account because of my id verify. And she also said that the hold on my account is scheduled to be automatically drop off on March 23 and it should automatically give me my ddd. What I want to know is can an irs rep really see that a hold is scheduled to be taken off on a certain date or do you think that she was just saying that just to get me off the phone.



    Hey Bart

    I was Accepted on the 1/29
    Bars went missing some days after that…
    I call and been told I was being manually review, then was told I.D theft… Then was told to wait my return 6-8 because I’m not process yet…. I call back the I.d place to verify and he said he still can’t see my 2014 taxes… But it have my 2013 taxes… So I ask was I under review he said no… He said the IRS didn’t accept me until the 8 of February and to wait 6-8 weeks after that…. IDK wat to do… Oh yea and I still can’t pull up my transcript



    Thanks again Bart, you are right my wording just changed this morning to “We have received your return and it is being processed” I am just so happy that it is finally an update on wmr. So I guess it will be about two more weeks now.



    justasking no always does it take a long time.. working with a TA they have direct access to ur “irs agent” handling ur return… so they can get it processed a little quicker

    sotired he cant see any changes to ur transcript because there were no changes made and now u have to go back into processing.. if march 6th is true then u are 1-2 weeks out… ps doubt u will get that call back

    jeremy121 lets just face it ur under review and they are spinning u in circles… u have to just wait wait wait sorry

    cathy transcript can update weekly or daily and urs just didn’t update u will get ur refund on march 13th if that’s what she said

    shafeqah 5 weeks at this point

    Mparker oh they are screwing tons over

    TYTY27 u can be pulled for review and after u do ur id verify it still takes about 5 weeks

    Audrey anytime the return is actually being corrected it will have the amount disappear.. if ur in errors expect an additional 3 weeks

    Zach that’s odd usual time is about 2 weeks at this point I feel ur def under review and that’s whats taking longer I would keep calling them

    Nicole no not yet

    mattr 2 notices were sent it makes me believe u are also under review I would call them

    crystal that means nothing is or has changed in or on ur return…

    tyrone because they pulled ur return to pay the offsets and might take a little longer to update or they put u under review

    jenna means they flagged ur return and ur under review and will want to verify something

    TW they are def verifying ur return for that large of amount and that is exactly what the hold up is



    @bart. I don’t know if you remember me but I wanted to ask you a question I filed Jan 20 th and was accepted same day than I was at one bar with topic 152 amount shown.well after 21 days I called and found out that I was resequenced and put back in the system manually and re-accepted on the 30 of Jan so I wanted again and called and was told i was under review because of a dollar w-2 that I didn’t put in because I am a hair sltylist so I filed self employed. So I called and asked for a tax advocate because last year I had to do the same because I didn’t get my return uuntil july . so the advocate called and she said I need to amend my return. I did ssent it to her and today she called back and said my amend was approved and I should receive my money in about weeks and she will call me on april 8 the to see if I got my money question is I thought amends take a long time or did my tax advocate make a miracle? can u enlighten me please



    I took your advice Bart and called the IRS back today, the nice gentleman on the phone told me I was finish with my review on March 6. However, he didn’t see any changes on my transcripts so he is sending it over to referral so that it shouldn’t take another 6-8 weeks and if I haven’t heard from someone in 7 days to call them. How long do you think it would take to get my refund now? Has anyone been through the referral process this year? Please let me know what to expect.



    I filed 1/25 accepted on 1/26….bars have been missing for sometime now. Have called many time and keep getting told the IRS made a systematic error while processing my return. they keep telling me 45 days, every time I call I have called once a week. WHAT DOES THIS MEAN??? Would realy like to know when my taxes would be done.



    Also how often are the transcripts updated? Are they done every day or weekly??



    Ok I Posted this earlier on another thread, hoping someone can explain :)

    Hi all, I am new here, my husband sent in his tax return on 02/02/15 they recieved it in Texas 02/03/15 ( had to send to texas cause of ITIN aplication process ), 03/02/15 we checked WMR and there was one bar saying they received it, then since 03/06/2015 all bars are missing, amount is missing, but tax topic 152 remains, I was finally able to get into transcripts and this is what it says

    PROCESSING DATE Mar. 23, 2015
    150 Tax return filed 20150905 03-23-2015

    806 W-2 or 1099 withholding 04-15-2015

    766 Credit to your account 04-15-2015

    971 Notice issued 03-23-2015 $0.00

    570 Additional account action pending 03-23-2015

    Can someone please explain this to me?

    Thanks Cathy

    After reading some entries on here I decided to call a TA, I talked to someone who is very nice, and she sort of explained the situation to me, but she also said she seen a DDD for March 13 th, I asked her if there was Code 846 and she asked how do you know this, I said I have been reading up on it, she said that the transcript I was looking at is different from what she is looking at, so if anyone can please explain any of this to me please doooooo, lol.




    Good morning Bart. Ok at first they said i was pulled for a random review and could take 60 days. Im already at my 30 day mark. But then i was told I had to verify my identity. I did that this morning. Does that mean that my refund was transferred from being reviewed to verifying my identity? I got this when I verified my id online “Congratulations! You have successfully completed the Identity Verification Process. At this point, we should have all of the necessary information to complete return processing (as a reminder, this typically takes 6 weeks.) ” So im guessing im cleared. How long do you think normally before I get my refund.



    Thanks Bart D.,
    Can you give an estimate when this review should be up? I’ve had the 570 code since the end of the 2nd week of February. I’ve had the Cp05 letter for about 3 weeks now requesting no additional information. I filed January 21st and I have been processing 7 weeks today! Thanks again for all of your insight on our situations with this dreadful IRS!! I just feel like they are screwing over a lot of people this season and the reps NEVER have the answer and have to be rude..luckily these conversations are recorded because I would tell them a thing or two.



    Hey Bart, I have another question. Okay so once I have successfully verified my identity, does this mean that I am all the way in the clear to receive my refund, Or Can i still be pulled for random review or Audit?



    WMR has changed to “your tax refund is still being processed and tax topic 152 magically reappeared and the amount of my refund disappeared” Can someone tell me what this means? I filed 2/2 had one bar up until the 20th, then generic message that your tax refund is still being processed and a date will be given when available. I had aca credit as well and was told I was in the errors dept. Why did my amount disappear?



    Hello. When does the clock start after a cp53a letter? The letter says 8-10 weeks for them to review. Bart has previously mentioned that it’s normally 2-4 weeks for them to complete their “investigation”.
    Here’s my timeframe:

    Original DD date of 2/4, split into two bank accounts
    One deposit came fine on 2/4, bank rejected other one.
    No updates on WMR since then with regards to date of check being sent.
    Transcript shows 971 code, notice issued, with date of 2-23-15 (letter actually came a few days before that.)
    Im so beyond frustrated with the IRS- this is total BS.
    It’s now been 4 1/2 weeks since they’ve had the rejected deposit back, and no signs of progress at all.

    I’m just looking for clarification on when the 2-4 week figure comes into play- is it from when they receive the funds back, or several weeks after when they actually put a notice date on transcripts?



    Hi Bart, I filed and was accepted 3/2 with turbotax. Wmr still only says within 21 days. Tried ordering transcripts and was unable to view online, but was able to order only account transcripts. Should I be concerned that there is no updates yet?




    Just wanting to understand my transcripts a little better. They read as follows:
    (*Numbers have been fudged for protection)

    Account Balance: -5,438
    Accrued Interest: 0.00
    Accrued Penalty: 0.00

    Account Balance
    Plus Accruals
    (this is not a payoff amount) -5,438

    Return Due Date or Return Received Date (Whichever is later) April 15th, 2015
    Processing Date March 16th, 2015

    Transactions (*numbers have been fudged for protection)

    Code Exp of Transaction Cycle Date Amount
    150 Tax return Filed 20150805 03-16-2015 $ 8, 367

    806 W-2 or 1099 withholding 04-15-2015 – $14,418

    570 Add’l account action pending 03-16-2015 $ 0.00

    826 Credit transferred out to 03-16-2015 $ 2,567
    1040 201212

    971 Notice Issued 03-16-2015 $0.00

    971 Notice Issued 03-16-2015 $0.00

    Do you know if/when I should expect correspondence or a deposit on my refund? I did owe from 2012, but far less than I was expected to get back. Do you have any insight as to what the preceding codes are saying?



    Hello again I do apologize that every time you answer a question I have another. You mentioned those minor things that change on wmr. The whole 6 weeks I have been in review nothing has changed. No codes, loss or change in topic just that one change when it went from bars to no bars.


    Tyrone ashford

    Hi Bart. My taxes were offset because I owed from 2 years. And the paperwork is processed and my transcript now says code 826 on Mar 16 2015. Still don’t have the 846. Also wmr acts like it can’t find my tax refund information why.



    Bart- A few transcript questions. I did rcv a 4464c 0 letter 2/12/ My transcripts all show the correct amounts. No offsets. No adjusting up or down. My question is the following:
    570 03-09-15
    570 03-16-15
    971 03-09-15
    971 03-16-15
    What are the dates about?



    Hello again Bart,

    Just a little update and asking for your intake. I called the IRS today for what I was told was the ninth time to only be greeted by the spawn of Satan herself. Anyways, I was told that after I verified on 2/9 that I would for sure be waiting 8-9 weeks to even begin processing again. I then brought up the account of others I know that have verified and received their refunds already and she started to stutter and kept talking about how there is no need for me to call again and to wait. I was then told it would be late May before I receive my refund and I filed on 1/20! This is crazy! I am expecting $17,000 so I expect that has something to do with it. I was told there is nothing else for me to do. Any insight?




    jason yes it means you were prolly just released for processing and u should have an update withing the next week or 2

    Leigh yeah have to def keep on trying to call and you have to wait on hold for the hours and hours and verify u will never get your refund if you dont verify

    Nsee yeah about 2 weeks sometimes 3 :(

    Paul and Margaret yeah ur under review for something and u need to call and see whats going on or wait for the letter

    Mparker no the review starts on the date the 570 code is added which doesnt show on the transcripts…

    raymann no u dont have to wait and yes they will finish it

    TyTY27 yes its slightly faster but still takes about 5 weeks

    crystal u can get some hits if wmr slightly changes like tax topic or refund or the words but in most cases no



    I apologize if you’ve already answered this but here it goes. I filed and was accepted 2/3. On 2/20 I lost the bars on WMR. I have called several times I was told I was in error resolutions and it should be in the next 45 days. Well this morning I checked WMR and the tax code 152 is back but the refund amount is gone. It still says your refund is being processed a date will be provided when available. I still can’t view or order my transcripts. Any advice?



    I filed my taxes 2/3/15…I received a letter 2/28 asking me to verify online…I went to the website, apparently didn’t answer a question correctly, and it locked me out saying to call the 1-800 number. I have been calling since Mar 1…CANNOT get through…I went today to the only IRS building in my town and she could not help me because she is not “trained” to…are they purposely locking people out of calling? Is there anything I can do? Today marks 5 weeks since I filed. I got my state back in 4 days!



    Hello again,

    I just spoke with my TA who said her request to release of refund was accepted. Please allow 2 weeks. She says she’ll call me 3/19?

    So have you had experience with this? Will it really take 2 weeks? That puts me almost to my 8 week mark.

    I don’t expect WMR to update. But if it were what day do weekly update?


    Paul & Margaret

    I filed 01/23/2015 and was accepted the same day. I still see take action on WMR with a reference number 1121. On my transcripts on the bottom it still says code 570 additional account pending. And the as of date was yesterday. I have not gotten any letters either. I also have my pwn insurance. . Oh yea it also has 0.00 where this 03/09/2015 date is. I guess i give up on my taxes this year. I had to wait until August last year to get my taxes.



    Hey Bart D.,
    I spoke with an IRS rep this morning and she stated that I have to count 60 days from the date on the notice which is 03/02 but I received the letter two weeks prior. So did my review begin on the 03/02 or did it start when my return was received on the 01/21? Again as I stated in a previous post that I have been processing for a while it will be 7 weeks this coming Wednesday. Do you think I should get a Tax Advocate? Or just wait them out because they haven’t requested any information from me as of yet.



    Bart I spoke to a rep today they said I have to wait till my tax sees my case before I can get a refund is this true and I don’t plan on faxing any info in so if I wait it out will they just Finnish my taxes?



    Hey Bart, I have a question! I got a letter today to verify my identity which i did via online and i successfully completed it. I was reading something about a cut off time or date as to when each batch is completed and processed. Also I would like to know is verifying it online is faster then calling in and verifying with a live rep? Thanks



    Thanks Bart, I appreciate the time and feedback. One more question. Is there any way that you can tell if you are back in processing and when you are in review do yo go back through processing?



    wally 3 weeks max if u are actually processing

    Erica g no u don’t need to reverify but 4 weeks is the in its more like 5 weeks soo u shouldn’t be 2 far off

    tren no

    angel 70 percent go to manual review

    jen don’t follow wmr follow the codes on the transcript u should have a ddd soon and get a real update.. you should have an update in about a week.. wrm switching is a sign of it processing

    crystal no the date means nothing…. that can change and if u been in review that long u shouldn’t be 2 far off…



    @wally did they request any info from you while under review?? And when did you file? I’ve been under review for weeks now. I filed on 1/21 received a CP05 letter the 3rd week of February stating no additional information needed…thanks



    I called IRS today (March 9) to follow up on my “review” status, and got lucky. The agent told me that as of last Thursday (March 5) my return was no longer under review. That it’s been pushed for processing. Based on your experience… how long will it take now that’s out of review, for me to get my return? I’m doing dd, but the agent told me to allow 6-8 weeeks (that that’s what they’re supposed to say), even though there’s nothing else to review.

    Thank you again, Bart!


    Erica G.

    Filed 1/20
    IRS didnt fully accept until 1/23
    Was told to IDVERIIFY on 2/10 and was told to wait 6 weeks
    Got a 5071C letter dated 2/19 DO I NEED TO CALL TO VERIFY AGAIN? I can’t verify online and the phone system keeps knowcking me out due to high call volume.
    It is now 3/9 and I am still waiting on my refund
    WHAT IS THE HOLD UP? I am so frustrated with the IRS this year. People who have filed after me are getting their refunds and I am still waiting!! This is ridiculous!



    Is there a way to give the IRS feedback on our experience with them this tax season?



    One more thing to YU automatically go through manual review when yu have to verify ur id r do it just go bk through regular processing??



    I filed on 1/20 accepted the same day. Went unpostable due to name change, that was fixed on 2/18 on 2/8 my WMR changed to return is still being processed and a refund date will be provided when available. 2/20 transcripts updated but had all zeros with the as of date of 3/09, on 2/27 transcripts update with all information with a 570 code as of 3/16/2015 and the cycle date is 20150805. 2/22 WMR updated, to still the same message your refund is being processed and a refund date will be provided when available, but the tax topic was gone amount was still there. on 3/1 WMR updated again with same processing message, tax topic came back, however this time amount was missing. 3/6 transcripts updated to an as of 3/23/15 date now and added an 971 code with an as of date of 3/23. Checked today and there is the same message, however, amount is back and tax topic is gone now. Does any of this make any sense? Why is the amount going missing on WMR and coming back, but taking the tax topic away?



    Thanks Bart….so you are saying that the dates next to the 570 codes and the processing date does not mean anything. How can you tell when it goes back into processing? I have been in review since January 28th…Just really hoping for something before my daughters birthday on the 20th.



    Angel ignore the letter u don’t have to call them again. Letters are sent out automatically Pete cycle generation so u will get it after u did the id verify so your all good :)



    Hi mr Bart! I called the irs on feb 4th and I was told that I needed and given a number to verify my id so I called and did so instantly i stayed on the phone like three hours and I did it by phone and was approved now today I have a letter March 6 dated feb stating to verify my id should I call them back or disregard the letter 5071c because I already verified myself on feb 4th????



    Okay thanks Bart I will call on Monday. I did call the IPSU unit about a week ago
    because I couldn’t order my transcripts and he wasn’t very helpful. I did however today tried to do the idverify online and it gave me that message about calling the 1-800-829-1040 or check wmr. Thanks again.



    Dingo your welcome unfortunately it is about 4-5 weeks right now after the id verify for most people and expect it to take that long. I know its annoying but a lot of people are going threw the same issues

    KGwinn no that date doesn’t mean anything and yes it will take that long… a TA might be able to get you the refund in 3-4 weeks so I would fuse them to help u

    orchid thank you for all your support

    injured2015 that will update some time over the weekend or this week be patient u should have ur money soon

    my kids are hungry yes I still think 3 weeks but could be sooner but the way this year is going three weeks is about right

    raymann no it will not delay it

    the yetty I am so happy for u!!!!

    chantami it takes about 4-5 weeks sorry and no u don’t need to call cause ur verified online.. if it makes you feel better u can still call just to annoy them :)




    Thank you for the incredible amount of time and thought you are giving to this! I can only be grateful for the fact that you are willing to do what it seems nobody, even those paid to, will do for those of us confused or concerned. My story is very similar to enough on here that I can keep it simple and only ask because I seem to be latching onto your wisdom for others then finding myself in a different outcome each time (different from theirs)…

    Filed with TT 2/9. W2, slight increase in wages but in a fight with Cancer (third time now) so all funds, and more lol, went to medical expenses, in fact almost twice my total income. So I didn’t end up with any taxabIncome, as they define it, and I get all my withholdings back, or darn close!

    Accepted, according to IRS and confirmed by WMR, in minutes – 2/9.

    I figured it was taking longer due to the massive medical expenses or something, but at day 21 (Monday, 3/2) I pulled up transcripts, needed to use the old address in doing so – in case that helps, and only Account & Wage were available but neither had any info or codes. The “As Of” Date was 3/9/2015… No idea how long they were available, but I’ve been checking daily since. So I called, figuring that they had me in IDVerify or the like, especially given the old address. I was told “[she] couldn’t help but would transfer me to the right dept” without telling me which one. Well, it was IDVerify, and I went through the motions and got cleared and the “at least 4, at most 6 weeks from here” in the end.

    So I pulled transcripts yesterday and still nothing, but that “as of date” changed to 3/23/2015. I am curious as to whether there is anything indicative, to you, of an idea of when to expect the DDD, or even an update? Can you tell given this information? I have never had more than a 2 week delay, but I’m a pretty easy filer… so I am not extremely stressed over it, yet the money would be helpful in repaying some of the leftover medical bills lol!

    Any insight would be extremely helpful, and I sincerely appreciate what you are doing here! Thank you in advance for any time or thought you can give me.

    All the best, always….



    HI Bart,

    I filed online 1/21 and was accepted same day. I got a 4464C letter saying I was under review, but heard nothing for weeks after that. Transcripts all zeros and “no return filed”. I called in several times and no one ever said anything except “Under review… 6-8 weeks.” Finally, the last person I spoke to finally told me I needed to ID Verify, which I did right away.

    About 2-3 days later, I could see transcripts including cycle 20150805 and codes 150 / 806 / 570 (dated 3/16/15). No matter when I call, they say 6-8 weeks from an ever changing date, so no one seems to know anything.

    Because I’m unemployed and have no income, I was able to qualify for a TA, and they are supposed to contact me this week before Wed. Here are my questions: Does the 3/16/15 actually mean anything? And realistically, how quickly might the TA be able to get my refund released? I’m about 2 weeks from a $0 bank account and not being able to eat, so everyday counts.

    Is there anything else I can do to speed the process along?



    Guys BART helped me during more than a month. I finally received my DDD. If it had not been for his advise, I would have had to wait a lot longer for my refund.

    He is a great guy, who gives up his time and knowledge to assist us. He has a worthy cause which we can contribute to to show our gratitude and support.

    PLEASE READ BARTS POST AT 10:03 on 2/10/2015 He posted a link to help his grandfather

    THE LINK IS I would be a nice way to be kind to someone who needs help. Bart has helped us all so very much THANKS



    This was my first yr filing IS. I efiled my return and was accepted on 2-1-15. DD was for 2-9-15 but reflected for 2-6-15. I mailed IS form in and was received by IRS on 2-5-15 according to transcript. Transcript updated again to refund issued on 3-6-15 with cycle 20150905 dated 3-23-15. I called the IRS just to see what was what. The lady I spoke to was very rude and didnt want to look into my case. Once she did look into it she told me by the system my refund check will be mailed on 3-13-15. At first when I look at WMR it says my refund was offset, today I looked into WMR and it says your refund is processing with the full amount but no date to receive check or DD.


    my kids are hungry


    Ok thanks for the info one thing I had forgot to say was this info is on my return transcript which I am able to order so with that being said do you still think that it will be 3 weeks until any money will be in my hands ?? SMH !! UGH THANK YOU AGAIN FOR ALL OF YOUR HELPFUL AND VALUEABLE INFORMATION!!!



    Bart it I called a ta and got a case number but never talked to the ta About My case. will that delay my refund?


    the yetty

    wooot DDD 3/11 MFINALLY ,I CAN GET A VEHICLE,AND A PLACE OF OUR OWN,NO MORE LIVING WITH MY BROTHER AND SISTER IN LAW,AND i can get the camping stuff for this summer,woot,so it is true if your return transcript becomes available then a dd is rite around the corner,thanks bart for keeping me a float.



    Hi Bart

    I have another update. As I told you Friday I’ve had the 1121 code and told my return was under random review for 5 weeks already. I got a ta Tuesday and sent her my proof of income. Today I received a 4883c letter and it told me to call the irs bc they need more information. I decided to try to see if they needed a I’d verification and it worked! I was able to verify my I’d and it said it takes 6 weeks. My question is a. Do I still need to call the number and b does it really take 6 weeks. That would make my return going on 14 weeks and longer than the 60 days the irs told me on the phone on 1/29. please help. Thank you.



    my kids are hungry u have at least another 3 weeks till you get your money depending on how fast they can verify ur income

    punda no it doesnt mean all of it went to the offset u have to wait for the next update for them to release the rest of the money

    jen yes its the hold up and no they wont take what ur owe until u agree to the debt.. then once u do they will give u the remainder ur looking a another 3 -4 weeks of delays

    so tired i would contact the id verify department to make sure ur not in that… once u verify ur not then u just have to wait i know its annoying but any one that has been involved with id issues the return are looked at with a fine tooth comb

    orchid i am so glad for u congrats i am glad it came sooner then later…. :)

    angelray u need to contact the irs either ur under review or id verify or HCA is effecting ur return… u need to try and narrow the reasons down then we can go from there

    nsee yeah u should only be a week or 2 out they should complete the processing this week coming up if they actually are processing the return

    crystal means the end of the cycle date max time frame till new cycle… u cant go by that date for it can just change under review takes about 4-5 weeks to complete then ur processing

    the yetty means ur getting reall close to a DDDDDDD hang in there this week might be ur week coming up for a solid update


    my kids are hungry

    also I forgot to say my letter was dated for 2-20-2015 also I have no offsets or anything else like that I always usually receive my return very fast but not this year !!!!
    FILED RETURN ON 2-11-2015 ACCEPTED 2-11-2015


    my kids are hungry

    Can you please tell me your thoughts on what my transcript is telling me thank you for all the help this tax season!!
    150 return filed cycle 20150901 3-23-2015
    codes 806,766,768, all have date of 4-15-2015 and correct amounts from my return!!
    570 code with a date of 3-23-2015
    971 code with a date of 3-30-2015
    now I got a letter in the mail on Thursday it said I don’t need to do anything at all it said like 4 reasons the letter could be sent for 2 are for a business and 2 for single person which the 2 reasons were TAX WITHHELD OR INCOME REPORTED is all it could be for me why its being delayed my refund!!
    so by the dates and codes I listed could you please tell me when you think I might receive a refund cause I really need the money my kids are hungry thank you so much!!!



    Hello Bart, my return was accepted on 2/20; and just got this update on WMR this morning, and the codes on my transcript so are: 150, 806, 766, 826 and 971

    Does this message mean that <ALL> my tax refund has been applied to a past debt: I know there is a past state tax of about $2K owed, but not much else, and I am expecting more than 3K in Federal refund, so should I be concerned that all my refund has been applied?

    How can I find more information about past IRS debt – any website to locate this information?

    thanks – PS
    Refund Status Results
    Your refund has been applied to a past due IRS tax obligation.

    Please read the following information related to your tax situation:
    Tax Topic 201 – The Collection Process

    If you have questions or need additional information, please have the following on hand when you call:
    A copy of this page.
    A copy of your tax return.
    The Social Security Number, Filing Status, and refund amount claimed on your return.

    Any notice that you have received concerning your refund.
    Please mention reference number 1091 to the IRS Customer Service Representative.
    IRS Hours of Service:
    Monday through Friday, from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m.
    1-800-829-0582, when asked for an extension, enter 382.



    I filed on 1/20 accepted the same day. Went unpostable because of name change, due to marriage somewhere along the way. I called and spoke with a rep, that helped me with that problem, was told it was fixed as of 2/18 on 2/20 I was able to see account transcript, however it had all zeros on it. on 2/27 I was able to see updated transcripts with a date of 3/16 cycle date 20150805 had codes 150,806,766,766,768 and 150 the 150 code has 3/16/2015. I called the IRS and they said I should receive my refund or a notice before April 2nd. I had received a notice from the IRS in December about unreported income on my 2013 tax return due to a cancellation of bad debt and I owed 992.00. I called the number on the notice and spoke to a lady that told me that this would not hold up my return this year, because it would have to go through the proper channels to be posted on my account. I looked at my 2013 account transcript and it showed a 922 with zeros with the date of 12/22. On Friday my 2014 transcript updated now to show the as of date of 3/23/2015 and it has a new code of 971 notice sent with the date of 3/23/2015. I looked back at my 2013 transcript and it has also updated it now says as of 3/23/2015 and the 922 code on it has updated to 3/16/2015 but still has zeros. Does this mean that they are going to take what I owe out of my refund? And is this going to hold up the refund even more this year, is there anything I can do to speed this up at all? Should I go to the local office?



    Good Morning Bart!

    Hoping you can shed some light, here’s what’s going on with me:

    1/28 tried to e-file (TAXACT) , was rejected do to someone used dependents ssn to
    1/31 mailed n return and tracked it
    2/2 IRS received it
    2/12 showed up on WMR
    2/14 Bar disappeared
    2/27 Called IRS, told to call back in 6-8 weeks (didn’t even ask me ssn or name)
    3/3 Called IRS and was told nothing needed from me at this time and told that if I
    I haven’t received refund by 4/23/15 to call back
    3/6 Called IRS back the agent said they got my return on 2/7 and that I needed to
    wait 6-8 weeks from 2/9 because I was under Review and couldn’t tell me why.
    said she was echoing what the other agent said, and to keep checking WMR.

    This is the third or fourth year I have had this identity theft, in 2012 I didn’t get my refund until 5/28 and last year I got I within a week and this year it is taking so long. I really need this money. I can’t order transcript online and I try by mail and nothing available. When I mailed in my return I did include the id theft form along with daughters ID. Do you think I will see something before April 23?



    Hi BART

    A word of thanks for putting up with my ramblings. I got a DDD 3/11. – my birthday. The Cp05 letter never arrived but somehow it seems they worked it out. Best to you always for dedicating your time to listening to us all.



    Hi, this year is really strange it seems reading all the different it’s issues everyone is having. I filed on 1/08 excepted 1/12. Bars disappeared two weeks later. When I was able to pull transcripts I had a 570 code along with the normal codes. The 570 had a date of 3/2 so I’ve been patient. Then this Last Monday I see a second 570 code with the date of 3/9. I have not received any letters at all. So I thought I would check transcripts today and noticed that the 2014 account transcripts and 2014 record of account are gone and now say “NA” where the dates just for 2014 should be. I’ve lost all patience now, have you any idea why this would be? I’m so confused!



    Hello once more Bart,

    I filed 2/2. Lost bars told I was put in manual review for identity issues. I’ve been told 6-8 weeks from 2/9. TA sent identity verification and request to release refund 2/17..

    WMR now says “your refund is still being processed”.

    3/10 my TA is suppose to contact me. Irs says no letters being sent and thy need nothing from me. Any idea or estimation of refund?



    What does that date next to the codes mean? When I had the first 570 and it said march 2 they added another that said march 9th the week before the 2nd.



    Hello Bart, I have been following all of your great information and thought might as well add my problems. Maybe you can give me some advice. I filed and accepted 1/20 got a letter stating manual review dated jan 28 I have 2 570 codes 1st dated march 2 and the 2nd dated march 9…nothing has changed since they added that march 9th date. Do you think I am getting close?


    the yetty

    i am bale to order return transcript now,whats that mean ?



    chatami u really should have an update soon… the ta should have the refund released within 2 weeks especially since they have been doing ur return review for 5 weeks as of now..

    john-is-here lol that stinks but thats PA for u

    Far you are correct thank you for the postive in put

    refundSTAT that means ur back in processing and you have a new cycle

    jordon means u will get your refund nect week most likely wednesday

    PEARLM1 it means they are reviewing your return “under review” and will take 5-6 weeks to fully process your return… may come quicker but not likely this year

    Blndgrl yeah this is correct and a lot of people are in the same situation

    sadtime the 249 code is for obamacare issue… thats the issue and u have to wait for them to fix what ever they need to fix




    I filed 2/3 with turbo tax. Was in errors resolutions for over 21 days. They didn’t send out a letter or anything they corrected it themselves and sent it back to processing two days ago.



    @Jordan When did you file? I too am in errors right now with an incorrect 1095.



    Hi Bart

    I wanted to give you an update. I filed on 1/21 received a DDD of 1/30 then on 1/29 received a 1121 code. Everytime I contacted the irs they told me your return was randomly selected for a random review And that I needed to wait 60 days. On my transcript I have the refund issued/refund cancelled for 2-16. It has been 6 weeks since I’ve filled and 5 weeks since I received the 1121 code. Still no progress so I opened a case with a ta on Tuesday and I sent her my proof of income to see if that may have them release it. Any ideas of how much longer I have to wait? Any people with the same issue receive their money yet? It’s frustrating! 60 days will be at the end of the month and 3 more weeks



    Today i received a Direct Deposit from COMM OF PA-PA REFUND — $1.00 …………really one dollar



    To those with 846 codes on their transcripts that are now viewable as of today…with a cycle code of 20150905…you with see a change (possibly) on wmr at the latest by Monday (although I assume by tomorrow)….with a ddd of the 11th…release depending on your bank! The date 3/23 doesn’t mean anything relevant (hasn’t for others in the past) as long as you have a 846 (release of funds) good luck to y’all!



    Hey so I ID verfied on Feb 6th,could see the code 570 on Feb 13th with the as OF MARCH 2nd Date on top
    THe AS of Date has changed to MARCH 23 now ,what does this mean? 570 still has march 2 date next to it.



    Hey Bart! Me again :) thanks for all your help. I’m out of the errors resolution dept. thank goodness! It was the incorrect 1095a form that sent us there. I was able to view my transcripts today which I wasn’t able to do yesterday and my last code was 846 with a date of match 23. Cycle date of 20150905. Can you give me any insight to what that means?



    Hey Bart. I filed and was accepted Jan 21. My account transcript had all zeros. Anyway I found out that I had to verify my identity. So I did that last wednesday 2/25. Yesterday I talked to someone at the irs and they told me that me verifying my identity went through but it has to be manually put in and to give it up to 8 weeks. Today my account transcript finally updated from all zeros to 150 806 and 570. What I want to know does it really have to be manually be put in. And is it normal that I have a 570 after verifying my identity. And if it is normal then can you explain it to me? Thanks.



    Help Bart received a 12c letter wanting 1095a and 8962 forms which were filed with my return originally I was told by marketplace that they are incorrect. I called irs and they told me to wait for corrected 1095a form and to fill out a new 8962 form then mail or fax them. Does this info sound correct? Or will they get confused cause they don’t match the original forms I filed with.



    Hi Bart, thanks in advance for reading my post. I filed on 2/2/15 -> Accepted 2/2/15 -> Lost bars on 2/20/15. Transcripts show N/A for 2014, the refund amount still shows in WMR. I called the IRS on 2/25 and was told there was an error and to call back in a week if there was no movement. I called today (3/5) and was told there was an error and I now need to wait 6 -8 weeks. The rep couldn’t elaborate except to tell me she sees a code of 249, but she doesn’t know what that means. My refund includes a credit from Obamacare. Any thoughts about this mystery 249 code? Thanks!


    BART PLEASE HELP WHAT INFO CAN YOU GIVE ME????ok so heres my situation i filed on 2/5/15 next day WMR showed one bar stayed like that until the 3rd week of february then the bar graph disappeared BUT it still showed my refund amount, my tax topic 152(which i know 152 is just there because i chose direct deposit) and gave me the message that my return is still being processed and a date will be provided when available sooo after being on hold for oh so long i talked to the irs yesterday on 3/4/2015 and he told me thatt id protection had my refund and gave me the number to call but he didnt say i needed to verify my identity just that they pulled it randomly as they did many peoples this year evidently however i went online to verify my identity and it said they were unable to verify online and to call 800-829-1040 but thats not the id verify number so im not sure what to do or what going on this year my transcripts arent available either do i even need to verify my identity oh yeah a few things are different this year my income changed my address changed i have eic and education credit no other notices either



    Hey Bart,

    First of all, thank you for all your help.

    I wanted to give you an update on my situation and get some input from you. I originally filed on 1/20 using TurboTax. My wife filed her’s on the same date except used H&R and received her refund the following week. I called the IRS on 2/9 once my bar disappeared on WMR. I was told I needed to verify my identity, which I did. I have since been checking my transcript weekly and have noticed the AS OF date has changed weekly except for this past week in which is staying on March 9, 2015. Any input on this? Also, I received a letter about my verification and was told to ignore it being I verified on 2/9. I understand it is 6-8 weeks from 2/9 meaning the earliest I would see my money would be March 16, 2015 according to this, but have seen many people get their money back already. I was told that I have nothing left to do by the IRS rep I spoke with and just be patient. Is that the truth? My tax transcript is completely blank which is alarming to me. Thanks for any input.








    the yetty

    hey,so,filed 2/rified 2/252 rejected cuz ssn was wrong for spouse,fixed sent in the next day,was told i was accepted 2/3 ,got resequenced 2/9,had id flag,verified 2/25 sent back into processing,lost bars a long time ago,lost 152 topic,lost refund amount,refund amount came back,was able to order account transcripts last friday,then today for the first time in like 3 weeks,my wmr changed from “your tax return is still being processe,a date will provided when available,to “We have received your tax return and it is being processed’ WTH IS THIS ABOUT ?



    Also, here are the codes listed on our transcript:

    150 – Tax return filed, Cycle 20150904, Date 03-23-2015
    806, 766, 768, 846 (which are all explained and are not concerning)

    There’s also a “processing date” of March 23, 2015



    Hi Bart,

    Writing back again with some updates.

    As of this morning, our transcripts are FINALLY available. WMR has no update except for the link for “Tax Topic 152” being added back (however, the generic message of “Your return is still being processed, etc.” is still there. We did manage to land a case with a Tax Advocate and faxed her our W2s and the healthcare form on Monday, so I can only assume that this sudden progress is thanks to her and I am thrilled that things finally seem to be moving along. However, I do have one question still:

    Sunday will be 6 weeks since we filed our taxes on 1/25. On our transcript, besides the date of record (which is today), the “refund issued” date is 3/23. Does that mean they aren’t going to release our return until then? That’s another 2.5 weeks away (and will make 8 weeks since we filed)! Like I said, I’m both relieved and happy to finally have a date but, considering the only answer we were given regarding why it was taking so long to process our return was because there was a “system glitch” and it was their error, it seems a bit strange and inconvenient that our return has been now been processed and yet we won’t receive it for another 18 days.

    Can you provide any insight as to why this might be? Thanks in advance!




    Thanks for letting me know it updates weekly. Is there a certain day of the week that the transcripts update?
    This wait is killing me!



    Filed & accepted 2/9
    Codes: 150 (46.00), 806, 570 with a cycle date for March 6th .. Wats going on ? Contacted a tax advocate Monday .



    Here’s my situation….
    Filed and accepted 02/07
    Status processing w/ 152
    Bars disappeared 02/26
    No transcripts, no letters, no updates 03/04!!

    03/02 Called IRS and was told that they were waiting for response from Marketplace to verify my premium tax credit amount. Could take 6-8 weeks and to call back in no less than 3 weeks to check my status. No need to send anything in..
    03/03 called IRS to request TA and told there were multiple issues on my account.
    1. Offset (already knew about $1000 offset that was from military exchange in 2002!)
    2. IRS issue (would not say type)
    3. Owe IRS $6000!!!!???? I explained that I received cp2000 in December, called in January to ask for extension to dispute. Items removed over phone with rep and was then told to disregard first letter as new one needed to now be generated and a new amount would be “proposed” . received a new cp2000 Feb 9 two days after filing tax return and told this would not affect my current refund as this was “proposed” at this time and system dies not show I owe as I still have time to dispute or agree. Currently have until 03/11 to submit.
    4. Tax return rejected!! I then said that rep spoken to 03/02 did not tell me that. And then this rep said “well that’s strange. Oh wait it was accepted”
    5. TA referral made and was advised would be contacted by Friday 03/06.

    03/04 called IRS to speak about refund status again as I have yet to get a clear answer and feel like I should either be gathering docs or faxing things or certifying something! Again have not received anything in mail about this and told the cp2000 was not the issue?
    IRS rep today said that she had no idea what was going on and appeared that my return was processing but would be at least 45 days. Then put me in hold several times to review. She then came back to say I should be receiving a letter within two weeks but could not tell me type of letter or when sent out (if sent out already). She had nothing then put me in hold again. Came back this time to say that my return did not match what my 1095a had for premium tax credit amount? The two did not match and was needing further review but had no time frame and said I did not need to submit anything at this time.
    So I called marketplace and was told that many 1095a forms were incorrect this year and caused issues but mine was not one and was correct. I was also told I did not need to submit anything as far as exemptions paperwork because all of my info was correct, etc and the marketplace does not send the IRS any verifications or updates because they have all the access so there is no way IRS would be waiting on them for anything! This should also not hold up my refund.
    So now I sit and wait and still unclear about why my refund is taking so long. No update, bars or letters. Any advice is appreciated or what my next step should be. Do I need to file for ecn if I only had insurance march through September? I was told by IRS this was not needed but that system showed ecn pending?
    So confused…..please help!


    Bart I also sent report cards in my initial fax. To the IRS and the tax advocate. The advocate is saying more is needed. Let me list what was sent:

    Letters from school on school letter head as well as preschool on preschool letter head
    Report cards
    Insurance print out for each child
    Birth certificates
    Dated letters that school sent
    Dated letters from social service
    Medical records
    Letter of service from the power company

    But advocate says that still does not prove care.
    They have no medical bills because I get assistance for low income
    So the only thing that I haven’t provided that you suggested is school record transcript, but on the list that the IRS sent me it said I could do a letter on letterhead from school so now I’m a little confused on what they really want. I sent a fax of 57 pages to the IRS before acquiring advocate that says it was not enough to prove care. Now I’m looking for receipts and getting letter from church because I got something off ever list on application and then some and still not enough. I don’t know what else to send.



    spring texas u just have to wait

    code 570 u have to wait after id verify its about 4-5 weeks

    marybk if you are under review then it will take 4-5 weeks as of now to release refund you just have to wait

    Mparker no under review is they look at the return and then request info they believe they need from state local or even ur employer. if they cant then they request it from you… it takes 4-5 weeks from the letter :( sorry

    Zach that will automatically update weekly not daily

    scaredaboutmyrefund u need to get school records transcripts med bills in there name or report cards

    cashtro they are correct after the id verify u go back into processing if your not selected for a review which your not. if you noticed u see the 766 after the 570 so that means ur processing and the return is moving u should have an update sooner then later

    jennyjo yes I would call cause something delayed ur return.. either id verify or under review or some kind of error and had to be re-sequenced

    jen its means they are reviewing your information and or income and ur under review and you have to wait till it clears… april 2 might be the date but could be sooner its how quick they process and get to it. also that isn’t the must be done by date they can change it at any time to a later date

    Jordon no it means they are correcting it as we speak and u should have an update within a week or 2

    agap2334 they wanted proof of identity and also to see the w2 which verifies the income,, killing 2 birds with 1 stone… and no they wont want it from your employer unless they think the w2 is fraudulent

    jd wow that’s crazy no you have to wait another4-5 weeks ugh so annoying… im sorry


    Spring Texas

    Cp74 2 weeks ago yesterday letter to completeedbtoray now what next .


    code 570


    in this order I have already done the identity verification on 2/18/2015 help

    cycle 20150705 3-9-15

    806- 4-15-15
    766- 4-15-15
    768- 4-15-15
    570- 3-9-15




    My bar disappeared on march 2, no tax topic. amount is still showing. I spoke with an agent and was told the system is verifying my info, its in review and I should get a letter when ever thing is done. my tax was accepted on the 13, prior to the bars disappearing I had one bar with tax topic 152. I was exempt from Obamacare and my husband didn’t have coverage



    I can’t believe that I have been processing for 6 weeks today. Received the Cp05 letter stating no further information needed….stating that I’m under review…but still NO movement at all on transcripts….still the 570/971 codes that have been there for weeks. I’ve called and the only thing they keep telling me is “I’m under review, and it can take up to 45 days….blah blah blah” I just know they got to be just bull crapping me around……I just don’t believe that it should take 6 weeks and no movement. Obviously my return is somewhere collecting dust. I filed on 1/21 and accepted the same day…I’ve been waiting and waiting and WAITING!!!! I don’t know if I should get a Tax Advocate or not because what they see as hardship and what I feel as hardship is totally different. I wish they would process b it already especially if they sent a letter stating that they didn’t need any additional information.



    How do we determine if our transcripts are updated weekly or daily?
    Im still waiting on a check date after a cp53a letter, with the refund originally rejected by the bank back on February 4th.


    Bart I am under review and have sent everything even got a tax advocate. I turned in letters from school, bills, medical records, a lease and the tax advocate says that it only proves a little bit that my grandchildren live with me. She suggested letter from church which I am getting and letter from teachers. I sent in any letter that was sent home, but our schools address the letter to the gurdian of not a specific person. What more could I give I went straight down their list to send things. The review is for eic.



    FILED ON 1/13




    CALLED FEB 9TH DID id verify




    CYCLE 20150605 WITH DATE NEXT TO IT 03-02-2015

    CODE 150 4-15-2015

    CODE 806 4-15-2015

    CODE 766 4-15-2015

    CODE 768 4-15-2015

    CODE 570 WITH DATE 03-02-2015 <—– !!!!

    CODE 766 4-15-2015






    I filed on 2/19 and got accepted the same day. I am able to see all 3 of my tax transcripts, i have codes: 150, 806, 766, 768 but no 846 code yet i do have a cycle date of 20150805. What does this mean? Is it bad or that it is still processing?



    I filed on 1/20 accepted the same day. Called on day 21 and was told I was unpostable due to my name change since I had gotten married. Very nice rep put note in system that he verified my information. Called on 2/19 they told me the issue was fixed on 2/18, on 2/20 I could view my transcript but just one of them and it had zeros with 3/9 date. On 2/27 transcripts all updated with return information with a date of 3/16. However there is a TC 570 it AlsoRight I know I have no idea she is changing things all around and this competition Saturday. Doors don’t open til 12 conpetition don’t start til 1. has 3/16 date. Cycle date is 20150805. I called yesterday to check to see if anything else was needed from me and the lady said I should get a letter or my refund by April 2,2015. Does this mean the hold will fall off? And will it take until April 2. Should I see an update on transcripts this week?



    Hey Bart! Me again! Filed 2/3 and was sent to errors resolution dept. bars disappeared and no tax topic. It has been In the errors dept for 20 days. Transcripts are not available. I looked tonight and the tax topic is available 152. But refund amount is gone. It has been there before when the bars disappeared and the tax topic disappeared. Is something else wrong?



    Hey bart,
    So last week i completed my id verification and now they want me to send them my w2 for an income verification. Why would they want this if im not under review right now? And after i send them my w2 are they gonna have to wait till my employer sends them their copy of the w2 to compare the two before they release my refund??



    Hey Bart!

    Me again lol. Not really a question, just an update.

    Filed/accepted 1/22
    Bars disappeared next week
    Transcripts N/A
    Called the 2nd week of February, was told there was an error detected on 2/2

    Got a letter dated Feb 20 last week for 5071C. Tried online ID Verify, but it said I had to call. So I have called multiple times, all “high volume call back” messages. Finally for kicks tried ID Verify today online, got through! Completed it and they said “6 weeks” from today.

    Personally, I am just going to assume the IRS doesn’t want to refund me until it happens otherwise lol.



    Thank you Bart, hopefully, my transcript will reflect it Friday when it updates and I will see what order they are in



    jimbo2015 u have to look if the 570 is below the 290 then u need a 571 if its reversed u dont need a 571

    amylaw377 if your refund amount changed then u are in errors due to an issue and what stinks it takes time for it to complete u have to wait it out for a little longer u should see an update real soon

    april6rolen yes so u should see wmr update soon!!

    anne yes lots of people are having issues and i would call id verfy department to make sure u dont have to re verify ur identity either way 4-5 weeks is what it takes

    god is good u have to provide sales ledger or transaction summary sales receipts will work for the most part if u have every one.!!



    Beyond frustrated and don’t know what to do. I filed 1/20 and have no movement. Have no tax topic, no bars! Can order acct transcript through mail but no return transcript. When I try online it says to call identity #. Call them they tell me they don’t know why it tells me to call them. The only thing that has changed with my refund is the amount I filed increased by $5 but that happened about 4 weeks ago. I have a tax advocate for about 2 weeks now, but she tells me she can’t give me any updated information until March 11th. No one can give me a reason as to why my refund hasn’t been approved. Bart have you seen this before. I don’t understand why there hasn’t been any movement and why no one can tell me anything? Is there any # that you know of that I should call. 7 weeks now and I’m watching everyone else’s refunds get issued?



    Hello again. I was able to order both my return and account transcript this morning. Is that a good thing. As of yesterday I couldn’t order either one, they were not available for 2014. I had to do it over the phone because can’t remember my username and the email they have on file is not the same one I have. I filed 2/16, accepted 2/16. Bars disappeared 2/24 and they’ve been gone since just topic 152. I heard that once you’re able to order your transcripts they’re done processing you, is this true?



    Yesterday I spoke with a rep and was told my account is under review. I called a second time and told to call and verify. I did file with PIN for identity thief and used a new address/
    I woke this morning and WMR no bar no 152, just a we are processing.

    cant order transcript its blank and has my old address although my 1040 was with the new address.

    I original filed 2/3 and accepted same day.

    Trying to see if any has a similar problem and if they received their money. should I go to the local office



    I aquired a TA due to a hardship. She is not very good and rarely returns calls so I took matters into my own hands.
    My transcripts updated last Friday with the codes 971/570 in that order (Cycle 2015 0805)
    . I understand what that means. Since I couldn’t get a call back from my TA, I called the IRS hold line and we discussed what was going on. Bottom line, she said she was able to issue a refund release under IRS code 290. She didn’t say anything about a 571 to release. It doesn’t make sense, if someone could share with me, it would be much appreciated.


    God is good

    What sources can I use to prove my income to them im self employed I do hair an I also rent a booth at a shop I pay monthly to rent it so I have fed with holdings from the shop I just want to be prepared incase they ask for anything!!


    God is good

    If I have to prove my income??


    God is good

    Hi Bart! Can I use my receipts from a receipt book to prove my income will that work for the irs of I have to verify my income??



    Oh no yes very normal I’d verify freezes account even after u verify for up to 3 plus weeks

    April6rolen I would contact the irs there is a delay in your rerun what I don’t know might need to is verify or u have some kind of error


    OH NO

    Hey Bart. Can you tell me if it is normal that a 570 code shows up on account transcript after just 3 days of verifying my id?



    Hello there. Ok. I filed 2/16 accepted 2/16. My one bar disappeared on 2/24 and it’s been gone since then. I can’t order transcripts but I do have topix 152. Does this mean I have nothing to worry about? I know it hasn’t been very long and I’m not that worried just wondering if the fact that I do have topic 152 still is a good thing. I’ve never had my bars disappear before so it freaked me out a little.



    spikevironata you are correct it has to match but they can freeze a return to make the corrections needed if there is a partial match,, such as last name change

    orchid they may only issue one of the other depending on how quickly the verify what they want to verify

    tjrobinson it means ur refund was delayed during processing and the reason I cant tell u

    tps16 yes it might be the hca and it might be a math error… such as not placing a 0 where a 0 belongs happens all the time error resolution department takes 14-21 days so I would give it one more week

    the yetty that is good news u will prolly have an update the end of this week early next week

    marie 14 days or less after ur out of errors so any day now u should get an update the wait is almost over

    orchid thank yo for keeping the donations going…….. u and 1 other person are the only one lol but thank you for ur support

    frusterated no wait until they ask for it filing an amendment return will only delay it further and no the 2 missing w2 will not flag it yet.. they wont see that till October

    tw yes don’t have to call the letters are sent out automatically in time frames

    Jessie do not file an amendment return to after the review it will be corrected during the review process… amendment returns will only delay things more

    tictoc thank you so much

    Jordon yes u have to wait :(



    EVERYONE who feels grateful for all of Bart’s knowledge and help and would like to do something nice – At 10:03 on 2-10-15 he posted a link to help his grandfather, and said that he did not want gifts or money for himself for helping people who simply need help.
    THE LINK IS I would be a nice way to be kind to someone who needs help. Bart has helped us all so very much THANKS



    Good evening Bart

    When do they issue a 4464c as opposed to a notice CP05? Just for general information.
    As always – you are the best! Thank you



    Good evening Bart

    When do they issue a 4464c as opposed to a notice CP05? Just for general information.
    As always – you rock!




    Finally got a DD for the 4th, long road after filing on 1/20. We did get topic 203 on WMR, and i called the offset line and it says an offset is present for my wifes SSN. My question is, with her changing her name this year due to our marriage, and the debt being still shown in her maiden name on the site, is there a change it will not actually offset? It is my understanding that they must match TIN and first 4 of last name to process the offset. The name control wouldn’t match from my research in the process, as she is now filed under my last name. I can’t find her info at all on the myeddebt site either. Can you provide any more insight?



    I received the generic message ” your tax return is still being processed,” after 11 days showing that my tax return was received. However, there is no tax topic. It simply states “A refund date will be provided when available.” Does anyone know what this means? Any feedback would be greatly appreciated.



    Hi Bart,

    Thank you for kindly offering to answer tax questions. My wife and I submitted electronically on 1/25 and were accepted the same day. After three weeks the bars on WMR disappeared, so I called the IRS on February 19th, and they told me our return had a system error, but that no letter was sent out, and I should call back within a week or so if there was no news.
    I called back today and was told they had 14 days to issue a letter regarding the system error and that the 14 days had passed, but there was still no resolution and my return was not processing. The operator kindly put in a referral and suggested that it might be due to the affordable care act. I put in the information for both me and my wife into the return, though according to the operator, eSmart Free File could have made a math error? She said it may take up to 30 days to hear from the Andover processing center. Any thoughts or advice? Should I call back tomorrow?


    the yetty

    update,filed 2/2 got rejected cuz my wifes ssn didnt match her last name ,we got married and hasnt changed her last name legally yet,resubmitted next day and was told it was accepted same day 2/3,a week went by ,tried to get transcripts ,told to call ipsu number,called,said had flag from last december for no reason,put in a ticket to get it off,same week lost all bars,tax topic went away,few days later refund amount went away,then week later refund amount came back,no bars or topic still,called was told had possible id theft tag on return,and it will be taken care of in 30 days or so,not the same tag as before,week went by,NO LETTERS IN MAIL,NOT ABLE TO VIEW TRANSCRIPTS,NO CODES ON WMR,NO BARS ON WMR,REFUND AMOUNT THERE,TAX TOPIC NOT,called id verify number just to see,got a guy that verified me and told me he put my return back into processing system,and would take 4-6 weeks,,so i never recieved anything about verifying,but i needed to ,heard on forum somewhere else that there not telling people all the time,so check,last friday was able to order an account transcript ,not return one though,called today and was told my return is flag free and error free that the review is over,its in normal processing,so hoping for a quick return,lady said “we are reqiured to tell you 4-6 weeks,but it is usually sooner



    I filed and was accepted on January 30th. I called on February 20th and was told that my return was in the error resolution department due to a systemic error. I called last week and was told call back in two more weeks. I called today because I am very worried that I won’t be able to get my transcript and get my state school grant sent off in time. The lady I spoke with today was very nice, looked into it for me and told me that our return is no longer with error resolution and that it should be in processing now. I still have N/A on transcripts and no bars or tax topic on WMR. She told me to call back again in two weeks and that we still shouldn’t expect to see any movement on it in the next two weeks. If it is in processing I don’t understand why we wouldn’t see some kind of movement on transcripts or WMR during that time. Any idea on what the time frame for something like this would be or how long it may be before they do process our return and we are able to get transcripts instead of it being N/A and actually see our refund?



    Ok my next question is I have received 2 other W2’s from the beginning of 2014 that I forgot about. Do you think that is what is causing my review? should I file an amended return and submit that or wait until my current return is processed to file that



    Hello again Bart,

    I received my letter from the IRS today in regards to ID verification. I called on the 9th of February and verified and was told that I would not have to call or verify again when the letter was received. I just wanted to make sure this was accurate and get a timeline on when I would see some progress. Thank you pal!



    Thank u Bart



    Hi Bart – My return was accepted on 1/30. I received a 570 code and then came a 971 letter stating that my return was being reviewed but no further action was needed from me at this time. I called to see if I could find out why I was being reviewed, and was told that it could be due to an education credit, or an error that I made, and to double check what was submitted just to see if I could catch a mistake of my own, and if I found one to call back and let them know and they’d let me know if I needed to file an amended return. Sure enough, after reviewing what TurboTax filed, the witholdings from the only W2 that I had was almost $2,000 off. I’m assuming this is probably what has caused the review, and assuming this means I’ll need to file an amended return, however I’m aware that sometimes the IRS will just adjust the mistake. So, my question is, where is the line for adjusting mistakes? Is this too much of an error for the IRS to adjust, or should I go ahead and file an amended return. I’m only wondering because I know once I start the amendment process, I probably won’t receive a refund for months, whereas waiting out the review and having them catch the mistake and potentially adjust it on their own might take less time. What are your thoughts? BTW – the date out to the side of the 570 code is March 9th, 2015 (not sure if this helps).



    Just wanted to say that it’s pretty neat someone like Bart takes the time to hear our questions, answer them, and listen to us bi**ch. Kudos to Bart. He’s “Da’ Man”!!



    Thanks Bart! The new 1095 a’s aren’t out yet which stinks.

    @jason the rep on the phone said today to wait another month to get the error resolved lol. All I could do was laugh. So we have no idea



    JORDON AND JORDON a ta would not be able to do anything what i do suggest doing is fax or go to the irs office and hand or fax the a copy of the 1095a form… thats all u can do other then wait

    dimples yes to make sure that no debt is owed

    kalli thats good news and yeah i know the HCA is a mess this year… just plain horrible

    Jenna74 they are verifying your income and u need to wait untill they do… ur just going to have to hang in there and as for state prolly the same issue

    Mparker the 1095a is def causing the delay

    frusterated yeah early filers are always pinned as the mosted audited or under review they are doing it for chances of fraud. all under review is manually done and those who file now are electronically done….

    enc common when there is a delay in processing your return

    ajap2334 no its the same code and u have to give it another 2 weeks

    raymann yes u will see wmr re update and it changed because ur now processing you have to wait it out a little longer u should have a ddd soon



    Jordan I filed with TT as well. Did they give you any idea how long it will be before you should expect to see your return.



    My question is what could be holding up my refund I know I have a freeze to verify my income but I have seen many others with this same issue that filed around the time I did 1/20 that are starting to receive their refunds. I have seen absolutely no change since 1/29. Im getting very frustrated I was suppose to move a few weeks ago. I have now lost the home that I had lined up and my job that I had transferred. Why is the IRS not processing the returns that are under review before returns that have been filed recently.



    Wow jason! That sounds exactly like my situation! Filed with turbo tax on 2/3. Accepted the same day. Found out last week I was one of the ones affected by the 1095-a’s. My bars are gone on wmr as of 2/20. Was told by the irs I’m in the errors resolution dept because of a systemic error but no letters sent out to give them time. Hopefully yours isn’t in there. It took 3 representatives to “research” to figure out what was going on and to tell me it was there. It’s been there for 19 days now.



    Hi Bart,

    I filed and was accepted on 2/3. Well on 2/20 all my bars disappeared. I was one of the people affected by the incorrect 1095a. Well I called on 2/23 I was told that there was no letters sent and that there were no codes they just needed a little longer to process call and to call back on Friday 2/27. So I called on Friday and I was told still no codes or letters that are holding up my refund just taking a little longer please give them a few more weeks. I still can not view any of my transcripts or order them. My WMR still has the generics we are still processing your return with no codes at all. My question is at what point would you get a tax advocate involved in all of this or any other advice you have on this. Thanks.



    Good morning Bart –

    So I spent 45 min on the phone with the IRS and they told me there is a freeze on my account because of my bankruptcy. My lawyer told me that shouldn’t be the case I have no holds through my BK…. the IRS rep said I need to wait another 4-6 weeks. Is this normal???



    im posting this am after my conversation with irs. Apparently the HCA is processing differently if there is a credit due. They are releasing refunds less this credit and will release the credit approx 10 days later. So taxpayers with Hca credit will receive two refunds this year. Im due my refund less the hca credit this wed and the remaining hca on mar 10. I also verified this is what my transcripts are showing. Intrestingly they needed no verification on my hca. So by the time this nightmare of a tax season is over for me it will be a total of 10 weeks after filing before i recieve all of my refund. And thats with me not having to verify or provide any supplemental info. as a side note reference code 1242 on wmr is being used to tell taxpayers of the two refund amounts and dates. Hope this post helps you and others. I will post again on wed if i receive my first refund as expected.



    Good morning Bart-

    Filed Federal and State of MN on 2/1. Both accepted.
    Received a 4464C letter on 2/12 stating do nothing.
    Transcripts show:
    Cycle code 150 20150703 correct amount
    806 with correct amount
    570 03-09-2015
    570 03-16-2015
    971 03-16-2015
    971 03-16-2015
    Do I need to be concerned?
    AlSO! Have not received state refund and their WMR shows should be issued by 03-09
    has anyone else not received State of MN?



    Hello Bart D,
    It’s me again…..although I received the CP05 letter stating there was no further action needed from me and I have been processing almost six weeks this coming Wednesday and I have HCA do you think there is a possibility they will be asking for proof of income or the 1095A??? I’ve had the codes 570/971 for weeks now….Thanks



    Update. Woke up this morning and WMR changed. No bars and no tax topic, but my amount is still there. I still can’t see transcripts for this year.

    I am quite sure you have answered this question probably 900 times already Mr. Bart. I am at work and don’t have time to scroll through right now.

    Can you provide any info Bart? Thanks



    @jen Sure I’ll let you know. I’m using a new bank this year and they say 1 day earlier, but we will see.



    How do you know if ypu have to verify income, is there a code that will show on the transcript for that? I just went through the id verify 1.5 weeks ago and was able to view my transcript shortly after and had a code 570 on there but that was the last updated code and now im worried that i might have to verify income too, so i was wondering if tbeir was a code for that.


    Jen J


    Since we both have the same DDD, please let me know when yours hits your bank account. My experience with this is I usually have my money 2 days BEFORE the DDD. The past couple years I have had my money direct deposited onto my Netspend Card and they advertise direct deposit up to 2 days early. Well, it is true. I have always gotten my money 2 days before I am scheduled to.

    Last year, I was given a DDD of 2/13 and I had my money available to withdrawal @ 8PM on 2/11.

    So…I am crossing my fingers for tomorrow.



    Bart I have a question if you if you may. I spoke to an IRS rep and was told my return was accepted on the 9th and then I verified my identity on the 19th. Then the next day WMR showed my refund amount and the topic 152. Yesterday 152 disappeared but the amount was still there and it stated processing refund will provide date when available. By what you’ve seen when do you think I should expect a change or refund?



    tw u should have an update this week…….

    dan yes most are getting resolved but longer than a week more like 3 weeks

    dimples u need to call the irs



    Hey Bart,

    I did the ID verify on February 9th and was told by the IRS I would receive my refund in 6-8 weeks. I have checked my transcripts daily since for any update. I am still sitting at no codes, blank transcripts, with March 9, 2015 as the only date showing. Any insight at all? Thanks man!

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