Bars gone and tax topic gone

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    Chris J

    Today my bars disappeared and it said: “ your tax return is still being processed. The refund date will be provided when available. “ Does anyone know what’s going on?

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    Same thing happened to me today. I hope it’s because I have the actc and not that I have to ID verify. But there’s no path message so I’m not sure that’s the case.

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    My refund amount is gone too.

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    I lost my bars too, but still have tt152.

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    Same problem and transcripts are not ready. No credits

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    Dirty Uncle Ernie

    Dee that is normal. You most likely won’t receive a direct deposit date until after the 15th.

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    Can somebody help. Filed 1/29 accepted 1/31. I do have credits but when I am on the app I don’t have a status bar. I just have the path message and tax topic. When do you get the bar?

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    This happened to me last year. It was for ID verification. Had to wait the 21 days to call and find out because they won’t tell you anything before that. The rep sent out the letter when I was on the phone with her it took 10 days to get it. I then had to call the number listed on the paper and make an appointment to go in and verify. I filed 1/23 last year and didn’t get my refund until mid March. Some people can verify over the phone it just depends on whether or not there is enough info on your credit report that they can ask you questions. Hope this helps!

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    Filed 1/27/18 Accepted 1/29/19
    On both the WMR website and app it Showed 1 bar on the 30th with TT152 but then it all went away on the 2nd of Feb, still no bar
    Still processing…refund date when available message….

    Only on the WMR website it does show my Refund amout on the left with that message but no TT152 or any other code.

    In the app, nothing but the simple message still processing…refund date when available etc…

    EIC 2dep
    Head of household

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    Same here. No codes not tax topic but amounts and information still showing on the left. Filed 1/22 and approved on same day. Never seen this before but according to forums this has been an ongoing occurance this tax year.

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    Same here Tiffany, status bar gone, but no codes.

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    Has anyone researched the second government shutdown, that is supposedly taking place on the 8th? Whatever is going on with all of that I pray that it does not affect us PATHers or any one else.

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    Keri Fields

    Mines the same. Amount still there, everything else is gone

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    @Tiffinay yes I filed EIC no CTC

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    My bars and refund amount disappeared Tuesday, but I do still have tax topic 152. I’m really hoping it is because I filled early and have both ECTC and CTC and I’ll see movement after the 15th!

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    @nona, same here! Did you claim any credits?

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    Same here! Mine change to this message last Saturday and it is still their today. I look at my online Transcripts for account and it’s all zeros and states tax return not filed

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    @chrisj, did you claim any credits? Also, did you happen to check your transcripts yet to see if there was anything on them?

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    Same here. My refund amount is still showing, however. No tax topic, no code, no number to call either.

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