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    Has anyone received their Arizona state refunds yet?

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    Filed the 19th. accepted the following Monday on the 22nd. Nothing yet. The automated system says it hasn’t been proceed yet. I’m assuming they are slammed.

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    Geez guess I am lucky to hear it’s at least been processed I still think it’s weird that he couldn’t give me a DDD

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    I just called and was advised through the system my refund has not been processed. When I spoke to someone she confirmed they are still processing. She said it will take up to two weeks.

    Previous years I have always had my return within 10 days of acceptance so they must be slammed this year…

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    Talked to a real person who told me there is a bug with the website. He informed me our refund had been processed as of the 2nd but it could take up to 15 days from now :O he said there was no set direct deposit date. Curious to hear what anyone else gets from calling them directly

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    Still getting the same message… going to try to call later to talk to a real person I’ll let you guys know what they say

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    @will 2017

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    What year do u put in for the refund status

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    I’m not sure, mine still says processing with two week message I’m so annoyed with the state

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    Aaaand still getting that can’t find your refund message. Is their system down or something? Does anyone know when AZ does updates? I’m hoping I get something different tomorrow

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    Mine says processing again 😒

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    Mine still says processing

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    I dunno but it’s pissing me off it’s bad enough the federal isn’t going to hit till late feb (if we are lucky) but now this

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    I got the same unable to locate message wtf is going on ?

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    I had that same message …never was able to follow my return on AZ where’s my refund. I had to call and I got my deposit on the 31st on January. Filed the 22nd and accepted on the 24th

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    Now when I check my refund I get that unable to locate your refund message again…

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    Well that sux, I was accepted on the 30th too and I still have that stupid processing could take up to two weeks message

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    I’m not sure but I think I had a ddd last year but I’m in the same boat as you mine keeps switching I’m at received and processing still

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    I filed 1/19
    Accepted 1/22
    Mine went from processing to nothing to processing too. I don’t think the website has ever updated before I received my money though.

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    Wtf! My state still says they have received it and it’s processing and can take two weeks 😔 I filed 1/18 and received 1/19

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    2/5 DD. Good luck all

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    No nothing yet, mine went back to processing.

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    No updates yet?

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    Mine showed processing up until this morning. Then the message that they can’t find my information. So, I think this happened last year too. I filed the 19th, accepted on the 22nd. So hopefully soon!

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    AZ DOR started processing returns on 29th as IRS

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    My return was accepted on 1-24. Does anyone know if AZ started processing returns from the accepted date or did they start processing on the 29th like the IRS?

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    By noon azdor page should be running ok with refund status. Maybe we will have Dd date for Monday :)

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    Anyone else getting this message?

    We are unable to locate your tax return using the information you provided.
    Please review the information. If it is incorrect click New Search.
    We are experiencing a high volume of requests, please check back in two weeks.

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    @fd hopefully we do because that’s the date I got mine last year and I filed the same time as this year 1/18

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    Accepted on 1.30. Hopefully will receive refund by 2.9.18

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    Has anyone received their Arizona date taxes?

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    Filled on the 18th, accepted on the 22nd and I got a DDD of 01/31/2018 on 01/30/2018. Should be in my account in a day or so.

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    I got an email from TT saying my state refund was accepted but on the AZ wheres my refund site it says they cant find my info. So idk what to believe.

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    Filed 1/29
    Not accepted yet, but my moms took 2 days to be accepted so maybe tomorrow? Will update when I see more movement

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    @FD I filed Jan-22-18 and was accepted Jan-24-18. You should be able to file now.

    Anyone who gets theirs deposited, please post. While not mine, it will help give an idea of when I ‘might’ see a DD date.

    Arizona Tax refund website is never up to date in my case. For awhile I was processing and now all information is missing. Go figure.

    Anyway, post updates AZ.

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    When Az starts accepting taxes?

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    Filed and accepted for az on 1/24. Direct deposited on 2/2.

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    Filed 2/8
    Received AZ refund today.

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    My AZ refund now says “The refund process is to be completed on 2/16/2017. Paper refunds mail within three business days from this date. Direct deposits are in your account within two business days from this date.”

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    Just went and checked the in laws refund. she has a DDD of 2/16.

    For others wondering

    Me Mother in law
    filed 1/23 1/26
    accepted 1/24 1/26
    “no info” 2/2 2/2
    DDD given 2/6 2/15
    expected 2/8 2/16
    actual 2/9 TBD

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    Thanks AZFlyer.

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    Duncan, that was meant for you but autocorrect doesn’t like your name.

    I wanted to add that my mother-in-law file a couple days after me 1/26 I think. She still has not gotten her refund and it still shows no info aztaxes.

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    I filled late night on 1/23, accepted 1/24, aztaxes said no info from 2/2-2/6. Then it changed to DDD of 2/8. Received money in account from AZ on 2/9. Worked out well because that’s my son’s birthday.

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    Anyone get their 2017 AZ state refund yet or have some sort of status message show up on the AZ refund site? I filed 2/8 and the AZ state refund site doesn’t find my info.

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    Hey anyone from AZ got their tax refund yet? Mine still says processing pls comment it will help me in this limbo it since am the only one in this waiting processing it sucks

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    Anyone see updates? Im still stuck on the 8-12 week message, with no updates, no letters. I remember I had this screen for a few days and then got my refund and message changed so far not this year. Its crazy normally my federal takes almost 1 1/2 months and my state less then a week, this year I received my federal exactly one week from my file date, amd state still with the 8-12 week message..:…

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    @joseph, can you please email me at john reese 2009 at gmail dot com, i will appreciate, need some answers concerning the az refunds

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    I received my deposit February 12th. Deposit date was set for February 16th. Filed February 2nd

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    Anyone get their DDD for Arizona state refund

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    Anyone get their DDD today for Arizona state refund please let us know mine still says processing filed since 1/20 got accepted and still saying processing at AZ WMR

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