Anyone stuck on "Your refund is still being processed"

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    Bobby Mcinvaille

    I have been stuck on this since 1/20 before this I had the accepted bar. This is the first year I filed early was accepted on 1/13 through TT. Normally I file around the second week stuff opens. Anyone else stuck on this or know anything about it? I have topic 152 but that is it. I called and have no hold-ups. Have had the same situation for at least 7 years with nothing changing.

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    Hey everyone, just tried to get a status on WMR and its currently unavailable since 9pm eastern time, I think this is it, I believe they are updating….



    Good call Michelle…I was just about to say the same thing. You only really come here when you’re desperate for the money, like me. So jimMorrison needs to STFU. In my humble opinion. ;)



    Yup but last year I was given my DDD on a sunday. So here’s hoping its there in the morning. Good luck all.



    @JimMorrison: If you arent concerned at all about your taxes..YET…since its only been a few days “jeez”, WHY ARE YOU HERE already? You are ONE person judging many who are just excited to get their returns. Be nice or be gone.



    Some people like me have just never had this kinda issue or this status on there so it worries me.



    JimMorrison you are really rude. Why the name calling? If its bothering you that much about people saying the 6th just leave the forum. There’s no need for the name calling.



    Jeez. you people have serious mental issues.
    Tax season has just opened a few days past and your returns were JUST transmitted literally a few days ago! Why the hell would you expect a DDD or a deposit in your account already? If you dont like waiting at the beginning of the year for your tax return if youre lucky enough to be recieving one, then adjust your withholdings. dam its only a few weeks to wait .
    Youre dealing with the IRS dummies…have they ever in your whole lifetime of dealing with them, moved faster than you wanted them too?? get real people. find a hobby…



    These delays are nothing more than the ARROGANT and manipulative IRS trying to “flex their muscles” and show the country that they are STILL some kind of “almighty” entity after a year in which they got dragged in front of Congress for some questionable behavior. They have all year to prepare for this annual event and seemingly every year recently they are making more excuses for delays and inefficiency and the everyday tax-paying public are the ones mostly affected.



    Does anyone know of any other forums where people discuss tax refunds?



    I hope they update it soon.



    I think everyone is stuck here still!!! I just read the email TA sent when my boyfriends were accepted:

    “If you expect a federal refund, the IRS Where’s My Refund? tool will provide personalized information about your tax return beginning January 31st. The timeframe for issuing refunds will not begin before this date.”

    I don’t know how much of that statement is a CYA thing for Tax Act or if they have some IRS information.


    bobby mcinvaille

    You just read so many horror storys from it meaning you are getting reviewed to them needing to do some kinda identity check.



    Yeah I just hope it is some glitch and we aren’t pushed back for filing early. This was my first year doing so and I do not plan to do so again honestly.



    Crystal I totally understand, my comment was directed at someone that said it only updates once a week, which is not true. I remember when I was waiting last year it would update several times throughout the week.



    WMR may update more than once a week, but for me, in past years, WMR hasn’t always updated by the time I have got my return back.



    Omg come on, WMR updates more than once a week. Once we see the first DDD’s you will see them all throughout the week.



    The way it has worked for me the past few years is this: in 2013 I filed with HR Block, had fees taken out. I filed on 1/30 I believe. There was a glitch at the office I went to and my return was not filed until 2/6. I was accepted by the IRS 2/7 and got my refund on 2/14. WMR lost my bars after being accepted. It never updated to show a DDD. Last year, 2014, I filed via TT on 1/31, was accepted the next day, got my refund on 2/6. WMR never updated until after I got my deposit. Both years I had moved to a different address, dependents stayed the same, I file HOH 2 dependents with EIC and Child Tax credit. This year is the same so far, I filed 1/20, accepted same day about 5 minutes after. Showed on WMR right away. I honestly think that we will see money next week. As for the people who filed early last year and didn’t get a refund until far after I did, the IRS kicked all those early filers back to the end of the line. It wasn’t fair, but it happened. I am not saying the same will happen this year, but I would not be surprised. We also have to remember that with Obamacare, now they are checking to see if you had insurance and if they can penalize you. Should have already been done while you were filing but, who knows that our lovely governments real intentions are. I need this money just as bad as the next person. I need a car, am making a down payment on my house, and have to get my kids some clothes. But all we can do is sit back and wait. But in my strong opinion we should see something next week. And as for all the bars missing, chill out, it really is a glitch. There is no way that thousands of people are all being flagged like that.


    Bobby Mcinvaille

    Yeah Mark lol. Just if your like me and have never had this happen it can be scary when your used to at least seeing 1 bar or something.


    Bobby Mcinvaille

    Crystal is still the same cycle normally? I have heard it was a glitch also but like I said I never freak out or anything just the first year I have seen this since I applied earlier then normal.



    Relax, WMR only updates like once a week, last year I got my refund before it even updated.

    The more you freak out the longer it will seem, there will always be the people that get on here and tell you horror stories to get everyone riled up.

    Also, dont flood the irs with phone calls, thats probably the easiest way to get pushed back to the back of the line.


    Bobby Mcinvaille

    Wow I hope we aren’t getting flagged but that’s a lot of people to flag which is basicly everyone who filed early.



    Bars disappearing is just a glitch. There is nothing wrong. I have had mine disappear in years past and have never had anything happen. Always got my money within a few weeks and no problems. Cheer up people…You woke up this morning…so it is a good day.



    “They” who????



    they are saying it means we are flagged is this true



    I filed with turbo tax on 1/8 irs accepted on 1/12. One bar no changes since I was accepted.



    The same thing happened to me and Im freaking out. Ive been researching since it happened and that’s not helping. If anyone has gone through it PLEASE explain. It seems like ALOT of people are going through it.



    These guys are getting people really depressed and ready to accept the worst case scenario.



    I filed with on 1.21.15 I was accepted the same day no change



    You guys are getting crazy calm down NOBODY has gotten a DDD rather you filed very early or on the 20th or later so you have nothing to worry about. Now if people start getting dates that filed after you thats when you should panic.


    Bobby Mcinvaille

    And yeah last year got my refund in 10 days from when I filed.


    Bobby Mcinvaille

    Man that really stinks yeah I guess I will not be filing early again. So I guess not to expect my refund till almost the end of February huh?



    The process takes longer when you file early. The last couple of years is when people notice the sting of having to wait longer:( this wasn’t always the case before. If you file early you got your return early. Not so anymore early filers get out back into que a lot of the time. I know I made this mistake and doing that last year and thought I was accepted early and getting my refund first but… No, I had to wait until feb 21 to get my refund. Sucks but that why I said I would never file early again. People that filed after me had their money way before me. It was so bad most people were done spending their return money before early filers got theirs last year.



    The same thing happened to me. I was accepted on the 20th and my bars disappeared on the 22nd. It makes me worry and excited at the same time.

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