After ID Verify.. How long to get DDD?

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    Can anyone outline what happened after ID Verify?

    1. When did WMR update?
    2. When was your DDD?

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    2/28 verified, updated to processing yesterday, nothing else since

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    Just wanted to update on my situation. Filed and accepted 2/12/2018. No movement. No updates. No bars. Received letter for ID verification on 3/03/2018. Weird. We have lived in the same place, worked same jobs, requested deposit same bank for many, many years. Whatever. I confirmed identity on 3/05/2018. Received ddd of 3/14/2018 today. So there is hope. Hang in there, everyone.

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    Finally got my 4883C last night and verified. Fingers crossed!

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    For those here who verified and got their DD in a few days (as opposed to the 10 weeks that IRS states) did you do face to face verification or phone verification? Mine was phone as our closest office is 2 hours away. Thanks

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    @denise did you have to make an appointment to go in the office and what did you bring with you? My letter has been sent twice now and I have yet to receive it. I filed 1/26 was accepted 1/29. Called 2/20 and was told that my return was on hold because I need to verify myself and I should receive the letter by 2/27. 2/27 came no letter so I called and spoke with another rep who supposedly resent while it hasn’t been 14 days yet we all know mail doesn’t take that long. I’m so fed up. If all they need me to do is verify who I am then so be it. But I don’t even know how to begin to get this ball rolling. It sucks just waiting for a letter that will probably never get here.

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    ID verify on 2/26, updated on 3/3 and DDD is today 3/7

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    No @elizabeth Ashley – I just called and I think I had to hit #1 twice and it put me on hold until someone came on the line. I think I only had to wait about a minute but that could vary depending on how busy they are.

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    Elizabeth Ashley

    Sorry @jbinsoco

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    Elizabeth Ashley

    @Rachel, I just called is there an extension number because I didn’t get anywhere.

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    @Elizabeth Ashley call the Tax Advocate line 1877 777 4778

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    Elizabeth Ashley

    @Rachel, how do I get in touch with a tax advocate?

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    @ElizabethAshley, call an advocate. The IRS people are jackasses and they will not give you helpful info. I finally called an advocate this morning and got some answers. Also, if you do qualify for a hardship it will go thru them. To qualify you have to produce a repo notice or some time of eviction notice. Just telling them you are having a hard time financially unfortunately will not cut it. I know because I tried!

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    Elizabeth Ashley

    I verified on 2/22. Nothing yet, I called the IRS and the guy said my return was already processed ( but the irs2go app says still processing) and being held AGAIN for more review I’m like WTH? Again? So I called back to request a hardship, this guy was an a$$hole telling me I had to wait the full 9 weeks after I verified. I hung up on him and called back. This time I was told that my return is still being processed and it wasn’t under any additional review. Wtf? IRS get it together please!

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    ID verified on Tuesday Feb. 27th. Updated Saturday with DDD for 3/7

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    @Marie…. Lol, lucky you:)

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    I did my ID verify on 2/26 and updated this past Saturday 3/3…so it took about 5 days to get a DDD for 3/7

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    @run You are welcome:) give ’em hell!

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    @IRSsucks thank you soooooooo much for that link. Because monday morning I’m going to eat those smart mouth hiding behind the phone heffas a piece of my mind because I’m so sick of this.

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    Damn, this effing sux. I verified 2/20 and NOTHING. no wmr update in 8 weeks for me.

    Honestly, I’ve given up on getting this money. I’ve already made other arrangements.

    Btw, if you look here –

    The last line says that we, the rest taxpayers, “have the right to be informed of IRS decisions about their tax accounts and to receive clear explanations of the outcomes.”

    I don’t know about you, my fellow tax slaves -cough- I mean “taxpayers!”

    I’m not getting clear anything but pure, clear BS.

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    On wmr

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    Was your ddd on the WMR? Or transcripts?

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    How long did it take for you guys to get your letter? I was told I need to verify and if I could just get that done it seems to move pretty smooth.

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    Id verified Tuesday, Feb 27th, updated today with a DDD of 3-7!

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    Verified Monday. Updated this morning for ddd March 7th.

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    Same here, Id verify, went from still processing to being processed, no update. Hopefully tomorrow morning!

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    I did my ID Verify 9 days ago … no update on WMR but transcripts updated this morning showing ddd of 3/7.

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    I saw quite a few people updated on their transcripts with DDD of 3/7. I’m still waiting for my freaking letter. It was supposedly mailed out again on 2/27. Any day now hopefully.

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    Bumping for answers

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    Accepted 2/2
    Received ID Verify letter on 02/26
    ID Verified over phone 02/27
    Blank Transcripts, no bars or TT on WMR as of 02/28
    I should clarify I am also filing IS but that should be independent of the return processing portion.

    *edit; I also called on 2/26 for updated but they told me it still wasn’t 21 days from when they received the return and gave no useful information. That night I got the letter and haven’t called since. ID verify person told me they would reinsert my return back into the sequence when it was verified.

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    You didnt call IRS for an update? My lady said it would take 2 days or so.

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    ID Verify on last Wednesday 2/21 … no update on WMR. Transcripts all blank online, although I was able to order transcript over the phone – maybe they will come blank?

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