After ID Verify.. How long to get DDD?

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    Can anyone outline what happened after ID Verify?

    1. When did WMR update?
    2. When was your DDD?

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    ID verify on 2/26, updated on 3/3 and DDD is today 3/7

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    No @elizabeth Ashley – I just called and I think I had to hit #1 twice and it put me on hold until someone came on the line. I think I only had to wait about a minute but that could vary depending on how busy they are.

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    Elizabeth Ashley

    Sorry @jbinsoco

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    Elizabeth Ashley

    @Rachel, I just called is there an extension number because I didn’t get anywhere.

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    @Elizabeth Ashley call the Tax Advocate line 1877 777 4778

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    Elizabeth Ashley

    @Rachel, how do I get in touch with a tax advocate?

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    @ElizabethAshley, call an advocate. The IRS people are jackasses and they will not give you helpful info. I finally called an advocate this morning and got some answers. Also, if you do qualify for a hardship it will go thru them. To qualify you have to produce a repo notice or some time of eviction notice. Just telling them you are having a hard time financially unfortunately will not cut it. I know because I tried!

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    Elizabeth Ashley

    I verified on 2/22. Nothing yet, I called the IRS and the guy said my return was already processed ( but the irs2go app says still processing) and being held AGAIN for more review I’m like WTH? Again? So I called back to request a hardship, this guy was an a$$hole telling me I had to wait the full 9 weeks after I verified. I hung up on him and called back. This time I was told that my return is still being processed and it wasn’t under any additional review. Wtf? IRS get it together please!

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    ID verified on Tuesday Feb. 27th. Updated Saturday with DDD for 3/7

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    @Marie…. Lol, lucky you:)

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    I did my ID verify on 2/26 and updated this past Saturday 3/3…so it took about 5 days to get a DDD for 3/7

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    @run You are welcome:) give ’em hell!

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    @IRSsucks thank you soooooooo much for that link. Because monday morning I’m going to eat those smart mouth hiding behind the phone heffas a piece of my mind because I’m so sick of this.

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    Damn, this effing sux. I verified 2/20 and NOTHING. no wmr update in 8 weeks for me.

    Honestly, I’ve given up on getting this money. I’ve already made other arrangements.

    Btw, if you look here –

    The last line says that we, the rest taxpayers, “have the right to be informed of IRS decisions about their tax accounts and to receive clear explanations of the outcomes.”

    I don’t know about you, my fellow tax slaves -cough- I mean “taxpayers!”

    I’m not getting clear anything but pure, clear BS.

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    On wmr

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    Was your ddd on the WMR? Or transcripts?

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    How long did it take for you guys to get your letter? I was told I need to verify and if I could just get that done it seems to move pretty smooth.

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    Id verified Tuesday, Feb 27th, updated today with a DDD of 3-7!

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    Verified Monday. Updated this morning for ddd March 7th.

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    Same here, Id verify, went from still processing to being processed, no update. Hopefully tomorrow morning!

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    I did my ID Verify 9 days ago … no update on WMR but transcripts updated this morning showing ddd of 3/7.

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    I saw quite a few people updated on their transcripts with DDD of 3/7. I’m still waiting for my freaking letter. It was supposedly mailed out again on 2/27. Any day now hopefully.

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    Bumping for answers

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    Accepted 2/2
    Received ID Verify letter on 02/26
    ID Verified over phone 02/27
    Blank Transcripts, no bars or TT on WMR as of 02/28
    I should clarify I am also filing IS but that should be independent of the return processing portion.

    *edit; I also called on 2/26 for updated but they told me it still wasn’t 21 days from when they received the return and gave no useful information. That night I got the letter and haven’t called since. ID verify person told me they would reinsert my return back into the sequence when it was verified.

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    You didnt call IRS for an update? My lady said it would take 2 days or so.

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    ID Verify on last Wednesday 2/21 … no update on WMR. Transcripts all blank online, although I was able to order transcript over the phone – maybe they will come blank?

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