After ID Verify.. How long to get DDD?

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    Can anyone outline what happened after ID Verify?

    1. When did WMR update?
    2. When was your DDD?

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    Marty B

    This is frustrating as hell! I wish you all luck!!

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    Christie Bluhm

    I haven’t gotten any letters after the ID verification letters…I verified my ID 03/10…nothing after that. I called a few times, nothing needed from me. No codes on WMR, just my filing status and the refund amount and “being processed.”

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    Marty B

    New question!
    How many of you got form 4883c and then once verified, you waited and then they sent you yet another form either requesting more information or holding your refund up?? I ask bc I verified on May 7th and my WMR still hasn’t updated with anything yet. Still says “still processing” with TT152.


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    Filed 3/4
    Accepted same day
    Verified ID 3/27
    Still processing

    9 weeks is up in 6 days, fingers crossed and many prayers

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    @kimmy I understand your frustration I had a baby this year which cause me to be off work but luckily my savings keep us above water and I was able to go back to work for it got to rough. Keep you head high and i pray that you get a job and that you and your kids get into a home. That hotel stuff is the most stressful.

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    This really sucks did my taxes on Jan 29 called on February and was told wait 45 day waited 45 day then tell me no wait 60 days waited 60 days only for it to be still under review please give another 60 days called and they told me that I had to verify my wages cause my employer didn’t they are out of business I have to verify my wages and I lost everything I my storage unit cause I lost my apartment I lost my unit I had all my things in with all my w2 and paystubs cause I lost my job and now I living in a hotel with my children with so friends untill I can find a job which is not easy . This year has started out real rough but I keep telling myself I’m alive and I have a roof over my head and a hot meal and a hot shower along with my kids. BUT now what do I do if I lost all my stuff how do go about verifying my wages if I have nothing to give. Best thing to do is have faith but does the ppl in the IRS realize how they are messing with ppl lives. Just a little venting thanks everyone for reading. I’m staying positive. NO MATTER WHAT EVERYTHING WILL WORK ITS SELF OUT.

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    Had to wait 9 weeks after I verified that they never completed the process.. Basically I passed and they never closed my case. Said it’s closed now but could take another 9 weeks.

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    Marty B

    @Zombie.kittie87, did you send them a 1099 form to claim your wages?

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    I filed and accepted March 22 2018 bars disappeared 1 week later.
    I recieved my identity verification papers April 11th 2018 and I passed my verification the same day.
    I still haven’t updated on the WMR site but I just recieved a Cp05 notice May 16th 2018 stating not to do anything but wait till June 28th 2018 the CP05 letter was dated 05/14/2018.

    When I did my identity verification the woman told me where I filed self employment they may not have all my wages in there system and I may get a proof of wages verification and now that I’ve recieved the CP05 letter I’m guessing it’s because of them not having my wages but I don’t understand why they don’t just send me a paper asking for proof of wages instead there making me wait extra time for them to look them up and verify my income and dependents and what ever else they need and I have to wait till the end of June then turn around and end up probably have to wait another 45 to 60 days again with the luck it seems the rest of us are having.
    After them asking me my whole past life history all of my legal info my kids info and parents names my account info my income and then some but I told them everything they asked for and she even said they had more then enough for my identity to be verified so Hopefully i get news soon or in the next cpl of weeks because im already to the point of giving up and my filing fees where suppose to be deducted from my refund too so I’m waiting for turbo tax to start sending emails for my fee payment.

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    D. Smith

    FILED ON 3/24
    ACCEPTED 3/25
    VERIFIED ID 4/17

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    @michelle I have a TA and to be honest you a be off better just waiting having them doesn’t make the process no better. You can be having a major crisis and all they well (mines) told me was “IM SORRY THAT TOU DEPENDING ON TOUR TAX REFUND TO PAY YOUR RENT OR ETC….”, but there is a process and it can take up to 9 weeks my 9 weeks was up last week and I’m still getting the same ole sad song “it’s a process”.

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    Marty B

    @Shelly, yes I claimed the EIC.

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    @Shelly Yes, this is only the 2nd year I’ve been able to claim it. That was my point in another post–This is discrimination. If we can get the data which I am sure they have we’ll see that it’s mostly low-income individuals. One rep early on admitted this but other reps denied it. I see this as a legal issue.

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    Takinta L andrews

    I file my taxes but the people didn’t explain the letter to me

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    For those who are still waiting on your refund. Are you all claiming the EIC on your return? Seems like everyone who claimed it is still waiting.

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    Michelle—Did you call them today? I am calling in two days as my 9 weeks post-ID verify will be up as well. You filed 3 days before me! Let us know what they say. Some have been saying that at this point they send a referral to that dept. to release the hold. Hope that is the case for you. These guys have two more weeks before they start owing us interest. I almost want to send them a past due notice.

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    Marty B

    Sad thing is the irs isn’t even using lube. My WMR says the same as had for weeks!

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    Michelle and Joe ……
    Michelle call them today and they should have more to tell you. I’ve got my fingers crossed for you girl.

    Joe….WOW thats crazy! Have you tried Tax Advocacy?

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    Filed feb 5th
    Received letter Mar 5th
    Verified mar 13
    May 15 today is exactly nine weeks n still no change

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    Filed Feb 5th
    Received verification letter Mar 5th
    Verified Mar 13th
    Today is exactly nine weeks and still nothing no updates on the irs site

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    So guys,
    I filed on January 13th
    Received my letter to ID verify on February 23rd, verified on February 26th

    I’m on week 11 as of today and nothing has changed. Pretty sure I’m just boned at this point, I’ve never had this issue in my life and I’ve gone through a pretty weird Gambit of changes up to now. I separated from the military in 2014 and have lived in 5 states since then and now that I’ve finally lived in one state for an entire tax season (which hasn’t happened in almost 7 years) I’m having issues lol, wtf is up with this.

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    Kristen….unless there are notes the guy was reading, I can’t imagine how he would know that. The guy I spoke with last made a sincere effort to find out anything, putting me on hold at least twice, but couldn’t…just that they were backed up. Besides, from my research it appears the IRS is supposed to notify you BEFORE they contact third parties. I also believe that was in the IRS Act that passed is also supposed to make the IRS more like customer service….

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    @Kristen My thing is, this whole f*ck up should be on the news or something! Let people know what’s going on!!

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    I’m not even sure what to do other than wait. I’ve called and gone AWF on them several times but it gets me no where. I read somewhere that the transcript will reflect any changes they’ve made but it brought me no comfort. My 9 weeks should be up May 26th I was told.

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    @Kristen My bars were never there either. Received ONE letter back in Feb telling me not to do anything! I guess neither have they because I’m still waiting. No updates whatsoever on WMR. Got a TA last Thursday and nothing from them either. I’m SICK of this. Why isn’t anyone making the IRS keep their word?!

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    Hi everyone! So I’ve posted on here a few times. So let me update you.
    Filed 2/14
    *I never EVER had bars! My WMR has always said “Still Processing”
    *Received letter from IRS to verify identity a month later
    Verified on 3/13
    *Still no change to my WMR lol no bars!
    *I have called several times asking had everything be done correctly. The last time I called was back at the end of April and I got a very unpleasant guy! His response to me was that of “B*tch, I’m annoyed by you!” He stated mam the last time you called we told you 9 weeks and nothing has changed. They are verifying and calling ALL of your employers and verifying income and so on so you will just have to wait until your 9 weeks is up. Lol I guess that means I’m being audited. I never received any evidence supporting this or asking for any further information from me other than the letter to verify my identity. I honestly gave up a while ago on checking my WMR because it has always said the same exact thing from the beginning! Also please note* that I ordered a Tax Transcript back in March/April just to see if any changes or updates had been made and I just received that in the mail on 5/9. My 9 weeks will be up at the end of this month. No choice but to continue this waiting game. I’m soooooo sick and tired of the IRS and their 17th century antics and technology. Hoping for the best for everyone on this forum!

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    Marty B

    THeyre still processing my return and tax topic 152!!! Woohoo who didn’t know that?!!? Damn I just love the IRS!!

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    Marty B

    @Christie, I just checked mine. Says the same damn thing as always has mine is “still being processed” and tax topic 152 lol. I swear the IRS sure does know how to mind f**k someone and they enjoy it to!! We should all file a class action lawsuit for mental abuse! Lol

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    @Marty B

    It changed from “still processing” to “being processed” about a week after I verified in person. It has not changed since then. I will let you know. If I had to guess I’d say that they will get that 9 week call from me before I get the dd on WMR.

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    @Donnie hey no prob. I almost drove myself crazy stressing over it. I was checking both wmr as if ine would show me something different than the other. Lol i honestly had to make myself stop checking after 3weeks straight. But it took 5 weeks from verification day until showing approved with a DDD. Good luck everyone and try to play the waiting game as best you can.

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    Marty B


    Please let us know what ya find out hon and if they pay you on time. My WMR hasn’t updated at all since I verified. Has yours??

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    Yes, I have called more than once and they won’t tell me anything other than it can take up to 9 weeks. My 9 weeks is almost up.

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    @Brook mines dissapeared twice.

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    I guess I’m gonna call on Monday as it’ll be a week since I verified and my WMR hasn’t updated at all! I can’t really seem to get anyone to answer my simple question of how long it takes to update so I’m really not getting much help here.

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    @Brook, thanks! This year has absolutely sucked!

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    How about this one…..
    Filed 3/8
    Verified 4/5
    Just got an update on wmr for 5/16
    I hope this helps someone.
    And by the way our bars went away twice and just appeared for the third time today saying approved.

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    Just got ddd for 5\16..i mailed in my id verify…it took about 9 weeks

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    Marty B

    Christie, have you called them yet? Most get it in 2 weeks or less!

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    It varies..

    For me:
    Accepted: 02/08
    ID verify: 03/10
    Updated from “still processing” to “being processed” about a week later
    Still do not have a DD date

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    Terrell Dunham

    I just did my verify today, howlong?

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    Marty B

    My WMR still hasn’t updated.

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    Your not going to update till tmrw or saturday

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    Marty B

    What forms did you all get? I got the 4883c form sent to me.

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    Marty B

    How long has it been taking on average for paper checks to be sent out after you verified?

    My situation is a Bit odd, my 2017 refund no problems at all. But my 2016 refund I had to verify my identity. I filed them 2 weeks apart.

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    Marty B

    Did yours update overnight? I called yesterday and verified as well. Took about 10 minutes. What sorts questions did they ask you? I found the entire thing odd as heck myself.

    Please post your updates I’ll do the same!


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    Filed 2/4
    Accepted 2/6
    Letter to verify 3/3
    Verified 3/5
    Waited 9 wks
    Called again 5/7
    Told that the person who verified my identity didn’t do both steps & enter all codes to release my refund. Apologized to me prob 10 times said I now have to wait again but shouldn’t be too long. Also said my refund has accrued interest & will reflect on my refund.

    Website only updates overnight so it won’t show any possible change til at least tomorrow. I’m so frustrated.

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    It updated 302 am going into saturday morning.

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    @Meisha girl right lol been waiting since January🤦 I hope you get the answers you need and hopefully next year this want happen

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    @loveme27 Nope I got a appointment with a Tax Advocate on this coming up Friday I hope she can tell me some good news. I see you got yours coming 😫 congratulations ball hard we been waiting to long for that money lol….!

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    @shteiiin did uncheck yesterday or did it ups ate over we Saturday night by?

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