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    Hello all,

    This morning I am finally able to see something on account transcript. Before it was just blank. I am also able to see my return transcript. My question is: on the account transcript my cycle code is 20170605 it says refund issued and the date as 2/27/2017. Is this really when I’m getting my refund? Hoping it was sooner :/

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    My transcript said 2/27 as well and WMR updated this morning to show DD of the 15th. Just like in years past, the actual DD date is anywhere from 11-14 days prior to the processing date shown on the transcripts.



    Mine said same as yours. Now on Saturday morning it is showing WMR dd for 15th!



    @Ms.Jazzyface The path act message never appeared for me when I would check WMR.

    I did claim CTC for my daughter but no EIC or ACTC.



    @mscali1982 Yes i do have the 846 code on my account transcript


    Ms. Jazzyface

    @mari, did you have the path act?



    The refund issue date is for mailed checks. If you have the 846 code and no Freeze/Hold codes then you can use the cycle date chart to figure out your DDD.
    So for example: 20170605 (with 846 refund release code) means a DDD for 2/15/17

    20170605= 2/9/17
    Add 4 business days
    DDD= 2/15/17



    @MARI Do you have the 846 code on your transcripts?I have my transcripts no crazy codes but no 846 code yet. I have the same cycle code as you, I’m still believing that wmr will update tomorrow with a DDD of 2/15 you seeing the transaction on your account gives me more hope!!



    UPDATE: I was checking my bank account through the phone app and my bank shows me scheduled transactions.

    I saw my federal tax returned scheduled to be deposited 2/15/2017!

    My cycle code is 0605.


    Derrick Ray

    I decided to do the same and check my account transcript from last year as well. My 846 refund date last year said 3/7/2016. I got my DD last year on 2/24/2016.

    This year the 846 refund date is 2/27/2017. I’m hoping this is in line with how things went last year and I’ll be seeing some money next week… keeping my fingers crossed



    FYI.. I just checked last years transcript. My 846 Refund Issued date was 3/28 and it actually hit my account on 3/15. So, good luck everyone



    Same for me…

    Code 846, cycle date 20170605…refund date 02/27/2017. Hoping ti comes earlier



    That I’m not sure about because I didn’t know about ordering transcripts last year so I never checked. Just found out about these transcripts a month ago so I went online and looked at the one for this year and the one for last year it shows the offset on there it said: issued out February 22nd, but I got my refund on February 11th



    @yvette Nea was your offset listed on your transcripts last year?



    My transcript from last year says code 846 refund issued Feb 22nd, but I got my direct deposit on February 11th last year, huuuummm and had offset taken out.




    Thank you! @tnmomof4



    Able to access transcripts but no 846 code. Anybody else ?



    Able to access transcripts but no 846 code. Anybody else ?



    @Mari, that’s what I’m thinking too! :)



    Okay I went back to check my old transcripts. Last year it said refund date of 3/7 and my refund was deposited 2/22. The previous year in 2015 it said refund date of 3/2 and it was deposited 2/12. I’m really thinking I will see some $$ next week.



    Last year I got my refund on February 11th but my returns said refund date February 22nd.



    Thanks! Yea in previous years I remember receiving tax return before the posted date. I just cant remember how many days before. I’m hoping for next week. My return was accepted 1/23 and it has never taken this long to process.



    Seconding what Jillie said. Last year my account transcript said “Refund Date 2/22/16” and I got it on the 10th.



    Mari, my situation is the same as yours as far as the code is concerned. While nothing is carved in stone, in years past, I received my refund about 12 days before the refund issue date on the transcripts. I’m hoping that is the case this year as well. From what I have found on this site and elsewhere, 20170605 translates to a DD sometime in the third week of February. *fingers crossed*



    Yes 06 is the 6th cycle week of the tax season.

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