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    Filed late on 1/31 here and accepted late 1/31. Been at one bar since – can anyone here order their transcript through mail that is stuck at one bar? I can order it by mail but it’s still showing up as not having record of the return.

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    New to all this ? Lol

    So I called and ordered both my transcripts? What does that mean ? I saw some say it means you are done and waiting to update Saturday? I saw some say they got blank transcripts in the mail ? I got one and two this am . Also , I claimed EIC and ACTC . I had one bar , now I have no bars , no amount just the will be available message . Not path . But have tax topic 152 ? Lol any insight would be awesome !

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    Filed and accepted on 01/31. I have both credits and there hasn’t been any progress on on wmr. I also don’t have return transcripts available nor have I updated to the path message. This is madness.

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    Have all the etc tax credits.
    Check transcripts this morning and have a cycle code of 20180704.

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    @Mikey the date is the default 21 day window from the date your return was accepted. They give themselves this length of time before they consider there to be any sort of delay avid unless you’ve received an abnormal code on WMR or a letter in the mail, you can assume that everything’s processing as normal and they won’t give you any info over the phone until after that date.

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    Do you happen to know what the “As of February 26, 2018” date happens to mean if anything? Just seems kind of unusual for it to be there on my account transcript.

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    That’s because your address from last year has changed and it hasnt updated your new address yet. AKA – your return is not done processing. As soon as it completes processing it will update address and you can access them which tells you that you are done.

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    @Trisha Your tax returns are for the previous year, not upcoming, so 2017 is transcript year you want to pay attention to.

    Filed and accepted 1/30, my 2017 transcripts were available online since 2/2. Just waiting and hoping the transcripts update on Friday with code 846.

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    I see people talk about transcript and I’m curious. I went and looked to see what transcripts I could order and I don’t know what tax year I’m looking for. If 2018 that wasn’t listed, but 2017 was and I ordered account and return for 2017. Is that the year I’m looking for? I know we’re filing for 2017 now but didn’t know if transcripts were listed by the actual year filed.

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    I have EIC/ACTC and can’t get transcripts. Says my info is wrong. Not sure what to think.

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    I’m in the same boat…. my return is complicated but my gf also filed on 1/31 and has a simple return… no updates for either… still at one bar.

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