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    Really nervous. For some reason my 2017 account transcript shows exemptions “00” and the rest of it is blank. The return transcript isn’t available yet. Will this throw up a red flag? I was Submitted and approved 1/31 and i am A weekly.

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    Thank you @dollskin

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    It lists all the things that they accept at the link I posted.

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    Ty , dollskin 👍🏻😁

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    I have put in my capital one card on the transcript site for some reason it doesn’t want to accept it. Does anyone know of anything else that works?

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    If you have a credit card you can access them online, there are a couple other things you can use other than a credit card.

    If not, you can request them by mail.

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    This may be a really silly question . But how do u check your transcripts online ? I see many people are checking them ?

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    Can anyone help with why my account transcripts say nothing on them. Does this mean they dont update until the return is complete. I was accepted on 1/31

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    They update all the time. Mine was N/A 3 hrs ago and now all 4 are there and return is complete but the other three aren’t.

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    How often do the transcripts update?? please help!!!

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    It just means that your taxes have not been processed yet. Which is why there’s no refund transcripts yet. Once they process all that will fill in with this years info.

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