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    Oklahoma Mommy

    Anyone accepted 2/6? Lets keep each other updated here!

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    Congrats, all! WMR updated overnight for me also.

    Chris, you filed on 2/6?



    Good to hear, everyone!

    Nothing new yet here. WMR on one bar, and transcripts N/A.


    Oklahoma Mommy

    Checked my bank account…it is already pending in my bank account with a date of 2/13!


    Oklahoma Mommy

    Your tax refund is scheduled to be sent to your bank by February 13, 2015.

    If your refund is not credited to your account by February 18, 2015, check with your bank to see if it has been received.



    YAY WMR updated for me go a DDD of 2/13/15 !!!!!!!! Congrats all!!!!



    Hi guys I’m back and got the update over night
    Your tax refund is scheduled to be sent to your bank by February 13, 2015.
    If your refund is not credited to your account by February 18, 2015, check with your bank to see if it has been received.

    Good luck everyone!



    Filed 2/6 accepted 2/7 approved 2/11 DDD 2/13



    Filed 6/6 before 11am
    Accepted 6/7
    Approved 6/11 with DDD OF 2/13



    Updated tonight DDD 02/13/2015



    I got an Update on WMR!!!! Filed 2/5 accepted 2/6 1:32am and DDD 2/13!!!!



    The reason it’s saying 2/9 when it was done the 6th is because if you didn’t get it in by 11 am eastern on Friday they would count it as received their next day, Monday the 9th. I’m sure I’m in the same boat. I barely missed the cutoff for IRS day ranging from Thursday 2/5 11:00 am to Friday 2/6 10:59 am.


    Turd Ferguson

    Waiting for my return last year was a nightmare. If anyone has a 570 code let me know, I’ll let you know what happened for me and many others that had the problem last year.


    Turd Ferguson

    None of the dates the IRS lists on the transcripts mean a thing, my last years transcript says that they didn’t accept my tax return until March when I filed on Jan 30. Those dates may mean something to the IRS… but God only knows what they could possibly mean, I’m sure the IRS doesn’t even know.

    Check your transcripts and look at the codes. If you have a 570 code, you may be in for a long wait. If you have the 846 code then you’re golden.

    Again, pay no mind to any of those dates, they mean NOTHING! All they’ll do if confuse you.



    @brittany – My transcripts also say that my return was received 2/9, even though TT said it was accepted 2/6. I think you may be in the same boat as most of the 2/6ers and you’ll see a WMR update with a DDD late tonight/early tomorrow morning.



    I used turbo tax. accepted on the 6th. I have tried to look up my transcripts one day it said N/A and now its telling me all my information is incorrect and I am locked out my account. I swear the irs is such a pain sometimes. I am just curious when they are going to deposit the money as I have seen some people wait weeks already and some get theirs within a few days. HOWEVER!!! I did call the irs and they said they had RECEIVED my return on 2/9… 3 days after TT told me the irs received therefore I think tt automated system is lying to us and giving us false hope. GET IT TOGETHER TT AND IRS!
    Some people need their money to get caught up on life! I got bills I need to catch up a car I need to fix and day care I need to pay ahead on! But of course the IRS don’t care because they still get their money right away! SMH



    I wanted to check my transcripts but I didn’t recognize any of the verification question answers. I hadn’t had a mortgage with any listed banks, hadn’t had a bank account with any of the listed banks & none of the phone numbers were ones I’ve had. (Although I had a few #’s when. I was 18/19 & admittedly, I have no clue if it’s one of those. I didn’t keep them long enough & too much time passed for me to recall. I’m usually great with phone numbers & at least recognize something once I see it though. I had zero recognition of the 2 that were in my area code) I thought there was just no way every answer would be none of the above. Could it? Have any of you run across that?

    Then I thought if I answered wrong they may think I have some ID theft problem & it may freeze my return or something so I just didn’t answer any and exited the page. I keep a keen eye on my credit, never had any issues before whatsoever. Never had any info compromised when all the companies have had security breaches over the last year or 2. (Target, Best buy, Sony, etc) I don’t fall for information seeking scams on the internet or phone…..

    I’m not sure so I’m just in it for the ride at this point. It would be nice to have a little assurance though.

    Congrats to all who were updated! I’m living vicariously through you and imagining my transcripts available and reading the same! LOL



    I received my return on the 4th of February. Just wanted to let everyone know not to depend on the WMR nor Turbo Tax Status Site (if that is what you used). I filed on the 27th of Jan. was accepted on the 27th. On Jan. 30 I received a DDD of February 4th. My funds were available at 3am on the 4th at Chase bank. The WMR still showed just the two bars AFTER I received my money. Turbo tax STILL says accepted, allow 21 days. LOL. Here’s a handy site if you used Turbo Tax and are awaiting your deposit to go through. It is the bank they use to transfer funds from IRS. Kinda cool. It will show your info one to two days before your refund actually hits your bank. Best of luck to all and again do not read too much into the “status”….it’s not accurate and you will receive your refund sooner than you think. :)



    Anyone file under a Ein if so did you run into any problems



    I just don’t get it I file 2/6 accepted 2/6…. Some charts say DDD 2/11 some say 2/20???? When is it coming



    I filed 2/6 and checked wmr Monday it said return received so I have one bar


    Turd Ferguson

    I just checked WMR and it says that I am still processing with tax topic 152 and only one bar. However, I just checked my transcript and I have code 846, Refund Issued with a date of 3/2. My cycle code is 20150602. Last year, when my refund was deposited into my bank account, WMR said that I was still processing, but my transcript was updated with the 846 (refund issued) code.

    WMR doesn’t update that often, however, I believe that transcripts update as soon as you finish processing whether your refund is approved or not. The best way to know what is going on with your refund is to check your transcript. It is possible that your refund is done processing but doesn’t get approved and needs to be reviewed manually, or they need more info, etc. Last year my refund needed manual review, so after my return was finished being processed my transcript updated with the “hold” code 570 (Additional Action Pending). Four months later my transcript updated with code 571 (Reversal of 571, hold release) and code 846 after my return was looked at by a human and approved. So check your transcripts!!!! That is by far the best way to know what is going on with your refund.

    I think that everyone that has the 846 code with a date for 3/2 and cycle code of 20150602 should have their refunds by the end of the week. The dates next to the codes mean absolutely nothing, I learned that last year with my 570 code. Every date on my transcript came and went before I got my refund. And when my refund was approved, the date for the 846 code (refund issued) was 3 weeks after my refund was deposited into my account.

    I filed with Turbo Tax, Relatively simply return, a single W2, some deductions, etc…

    My return was transmitted to the IRS on Thursday, 2/5 @ 1:53P (EST)

    The IRS accepted my return on Friday, 2/6 @ 10:38A (EST)

    Good luck everyone, I hope you all get your money soon.



    Transcripts updated last night to cycle date 20150602, with a code 846. Hope this means I’ll see a DD by Friday. If I’m understanding what I’ve read around here correctly, those of us with 846 and cycle date 20150602 will see our WMR updated overnight tonight/early tomorrow morning with a DDD.



    Taxes are always the hurry up and wait game. Filed 2/5 accepted 2/6 @12:01 am. We do not need the money it would be extra (usually pays for the vaca) but having to wait to make sure you are not flagged or being audited is the worst for me. It adds another thing to stress or worry about that I really don’t need!!!!!


    kaleb’s mom

    I just talked to a tax advocate she said even though my return was accepted on 01/06 the IRS didn’t receive it until 02/09 to begin processing it. She said allow 3 wks. for it to be processed but I know it won’t take 3 wks. Its just a waiting game now! :(



    I’m just checking back in :) I filed 2/6/15 texted 1/2 hour later it was excepted Around 230.As of right now still no changes stuck on one bar with no deposit date yet. I don’t no how to try to access transcripts so haven’t tried. :) Good luck all!



    Hi everyone, fellow 2/6er!

    Filed: 2/5 (mid afternoon)
    Accepted: 2/6 10:45 am/EST

    Waiting, waiting….. :)



    Hi all ! My return was accepted 2/6 around 3:45 am. Patiently waiting like everyone else .


    Oklahoma Mommy

    As long as the IRS is sticking to the same cycle code format as last year the codes can be broken down using the info below.

    The 1st 4 #s = year, next 2 #s = cycle week, last 2#s = day of the week
    Cycle weeks begin on Thursdays so the 1st Cycle week started on Thurs. Jan 8th, the 2nd cycle week would be Thurs. Jan. 15th, the 3rd would be Thurs Jan. 22 and so on.

    The days of the week are only business days starting with Thursday as the 1st day of the cycle week and ending with Wednesday as the 5th day. The last 2 digits will always be one of the following depending on the day of your deposit.

    01 – Thurs

    02 – Fri

    03 – Mon

    04 – Tues

    05 – Wed

    So for cycle code 20150602: That should translate into Feb. 13th.

    Sorry for this long winded explanation. Hope it helps.

    (Disclaimer: got the cycle into from another site, it held true last year, no idea about this year. Guess we shall see)



    From my understanding WMR should update tonight with our DDD of 2/13.

    That’s according to several people on this sites fb and TT forums.

    Fingers crossed.

    Good luck, everyone!



    No update on wmr but my transcripts are now available. Cycle code 20150602


    Oklahoma Mommy

    If you can access them by mail/phone but not online, that means they arent done yet. The ones they will send you by mail/phone if you cant access them online are last years. I learned this last year.

    This yea, I cant order transcripts because it wont let me sign in. No idea why.

    NO change on WMR for me, still one bar. But its hopeful that some of you got updated transcripts, maybe that means I do too (if I could get to them, anyway)



    I think I am just going to give up, I cannot access my transcripts online for the second day in a row, but I was able to access them by phone. Don’t know if it’s good or bad.



    I was able to order transcripts over the phone by not online should I be worried? Can someone help? I filed on 02/05 accepted on 02/06



    No WMR update but I can view my transcripts. It shows a refund date of 3/2/15. Does anyone else’s show that?

    I do see a cycle of 20150602


    kaleb’s mom

    Wmr updated to one bar overnight for both me and my friend. I can order my friend’s transcripts but not mine. My experience last year was similar. Wmr never updated until my refund was already sent out meaning I never got a date. I’m hoping for the same thing this year. Everyone I know who has file received their refund within 5-7 days some had a DDD and some never got a DDD.



    Same here!!!! Woke up and WMR not doing anything but trascripts have 846 refund issued code. So maybe a DDD this friday? Maybe monday?



    Yayyyyyyy! Transcript updated to 846! 20150602 cycle code!



    I think some folks are confusing (accepted) with (approved), on the refund cycle charts. Clearly they’re estimating the DDD from when the refund is approved, not from the date the Irs accepts the return.



    So I filed 2/6 around 7pm est time accepted 830 pm same day. So I’m not really sure if I’m a 2/6er or 2/7er so for now I’m going with a 6. So far every cycle chart I’ve seen says if approved by on it so now I’m not sure what I believe anymore. Hopefully tonight’s update will tell us something since as of right now I can’t veiw transcripts and get the general WMR we are processing 21 days 152 topic stuff. Anyone have any thoughts on this.


    Oklahoma Mommy

    Oh, I know we wont see a DD on the 11th. I was meaning we should see WHEN our deposit date is ON or BY the 11th.

    Basically, Im saying, by the 11th at the latest, we are hopeful we will have two bars on WMR :)



    I filed on 2/5, accepted 2/6 at 3 am. From what I’ve read the ddd is 2/12 if accepted by 2/6 before 11 am. Does anyone know when they do updates. I still have one status bar. Nothing’s changed, however in the past I have always received my dd without any change to the status bar. Hoping this year is the same.



    Not to be the bearer of bad news, but I doubt we’d get our money on the 11th. Only reason is I know people who filed and were approved on 2/4 and have DDDs of 2/12. :(

    But, I do believe we should know something with this update.



    Filed 2/5 Accepted 2/6 @ 245 a.m. 1 bar on WMR. Fingers, toes and eyes crossed for 2/11 :)



    Filed with HNR Block 2/5/15 and was accepted 2/6/15 @ 12:59 am.

    Still only have 1 bar on WMR, but yet everything I have read on the net, including this forum states we still have hope for getting our taxes by 2/11/15.

    Directly Deposited into my personal bank account.

    What is the actual possibility we are going to get our taxes this week? The anticipation is killing me, that’s 7500 waiting for me, just chilling. I mean, if its not showing more then 1 bar by tomorrow should I just plan on next week?



    Same here… Submitted 2/5, accepted 2/6 @ 10:30 am EST. Hoping for the 2/11 DDD!!!


    Turd Ferguson

    Oh yeah, I also have Tax Topic 152… But that really doesn’t mean a damn thing. Last year I had “tax Topic 152” and ended up waiting almost 5 months for my refund. So don’t pay any attention to that. Tax Topic 152 means absolutely nothing, however, other “Tax Topics” may be different.


    Turd Ferguson

    I filed with Turbo Tax, Relatively simply return, a single W2, some deductions, etc…

    My return was transmitted to the IRS on Thursday, 2/5 @ 1:53P (EST)

    The IRS accepted my return on Friday, 2/6 @ 10:38A (EST)

    Since then WMR says that my return has been accepted and is being processed while showing one bar. As of now my transcripts are not available. I’ll update you guys regularly…



    @OklahomaMommy mine shows the same thing.

    @ineedmyrefund I hope your theory is correct


    kaleb’s mom

    @OklahomaMommy I don’t have any bars but my tax prepaper told me it had been accepted on 02/06/2015 but haven’t given me any mor info. Last year wmr didn’t show that they had even received it until it was on my card. I hope its the same this year.



    I am waiting as well you guys. I filed on 02/05 after 6pm so I can say 02/06, I am getting one bar as well not able to order transcripts. Hope we have progress overnight tonight


    Oklahoma Mommy

    @ineedmyrefund…good theory. I’m sure we will see something by the 11th as far as DDD goes, Im sure.

    @kalebs mom…no bars at all? It doesnt even show up the first bar that says they received it? Did you file them yourself or did you go to a tax place?



    Same story here but I’ll give the info anyhow..

    Filed 2/6, Accepted 1 hour later at 1:30pm Pacific. One bar on WMR with tax topic 152. Tax transcripts n/a. Will update as soon as there’s movement. :) Good luck all.



    *Monday night so Tuesday morning.



    I believe our update should happen tonight, guys. I filed my boyfriend and sister’s return on 2/3 both were accepted within 15 minutes. On 2/6 around 11:30 both their transcript and WMR updated and provided a DDD of 2/11.

    So, in my thinking that the IRS updates every day, Monday would be our date to see changes. If they ONLY update weekdays, 2/11 would be our date.

    Fingers crossed.



    Me, wife daughter all accepted 2/6…..wmr has one bar…


    kaleb’s mom

    I still don’t have any bars on wmr and I filed and was accepted 02/06/2015. What does this mean?



    I have the exact same thing, Oklahoma Mommy. On my Tax Transcript it shows N/A on everyone of them except the Wage and it says No record of return filed.


    Oklahoma Mommy

    This is what I get with my one bar:

    We have received your tax return and it is being processed.

    You should get your refund within 21 days from the date we received your tax return.
    Please check here or use our free mobile app, IRS2Go, to check on your refund status.

    Please read the following information related to your tax situation:

    Tax Topic 152, Refund Information



    I filed my taxes 2/6/15 I got a text it was accepted a1/2 hour later. The update online says one bar & topic 152 hasn’t changed since the day I filed. :( how about you guys? Good luck everyone!



    I actually filed in 2/5, accepted on 2/5 but it was after 11 am EST, so I am using 2/6 as my date. I haven not received an update on WMR….still is processing, and I am unable to look at my transcripts, it just says N/A. I know WMR only updates over night, but what about the transcripts? Does anyone know how often that updates?


    Oklahoma Mommy

    Still at one bar for me, and no movement on Oklahoma State either.


    kaleb’s mom

    I filed on 02/06/2015 and still get the 152 message on wmr. Is anyone else experiencing this? I see where people who filed the same day has at least 1 bar.


    Alicia Lamar

    I filed and was accepted in 02/06/2015, still no update on wmr and still can’t order transcripts.



    Any updates?



    I filed 2/5 was rejected due to EIN issues. Corrected and was accepted 2/6 5:30 EST. Return transcript says “No record of return filed.” 1 bar on WMR.

    Hoping for an update tonight.



    I know Lynn! I think at least three of us in this thread are waiting, with baited breath I might add, to see if we made it for 2/11. It’s confusing how they do it. Apparently their cutoff is 11am eastern, mine went in at 11:30 AZ time, way after 11east, BUT they accepted it within 15 mins, that has never, ever happened before. Any other year it takes at least 1 or 2 days for them to accept. I had hoped it was so they could push me through on the sooner one. My luck says otherwise usually. That combined with Murphy and his stupid laws, I always miss the cutoff and get the first day of a new cycle! I always wait 2 weeks. I thought ahead to look at the cycle dates this year. I thought I could hurry and get them in by 6th.

    Netspend is awesome that way though. I swear last year mine were 3 days early. I was shocked! I needed a new card so the day I filed I also requested a new card from netspend. My refund came before the card! (Murphy rearing his ugly head again) I just couldn’t believe it was that fast last year. I did it in early March though, so I think I missed the early rush and late rush.

    My fingers are crossed for all of us!



    Hi everyone! I filed & was accepted on 2/6 by 02:17 AM PST as per the email TT sent me.. I was extremely worried that I’d have to wait a lot longer for my return once
    I found out that TT was having issues this year with returns for their customers. My transcript did show up the next day on, but when I open it up it doesn’t have a DDD or cycle post date..
    I went through all of this last year since I filed as early as I could.. My second job sends our W2’s from FL so I was stuck waiting for it until Thursday night on the 5th..

    I’m just glad I didn’t file in Jan. every year it seams that the people that file the earliest end up waiting the longest for their returns & I can relate since we all want our money ASAP once we know we’re getting a nice amount back..

    I read online (FB maybe?) that they may have more info for the 2/6’s after they update tonight.. (Sunday night)..

    I thought it was great that they are having DDD more than once or twice a week like last years returns & some of the DD for 2/9’s got their money early!
    That’s a first for a lot of us & I’m hoping to wake up to see more money in my account by 2/11 if what everyone is saying is true…



    I filed and accepted 2/6. still show processing. hoping for the 11th…but who knows. hopefully will update tom. I too have netspend. got it after last year reading everyone w netspend got it two days early. switch my pay and it shows up 2 days early .


    Oklahoma Mommy

    I wish they did them in one day!

    Yea, Ive seen dates so far of wednesdays and fridays for DD. Also, the charts I saw had 2/6’ers listed as possiable DD dates of 2/11 and 2/16. So somehow I guess it depends on when you filed and how early (time of day) it was accepted? I have no idea. Just weird how the end date for each cycle has two DD dates possible, and 2/6 is the end of one cycle AND the beginning of the next cycle. I think they do that just to drive us insane lol. Its like they have a meeting, “hey! Lets see how much we can screw with people this year! I know, make the end date the same as the date for the next cycle, so they cant be sure which date they will have for DD!” LMAO, cant you just see the IRS doing that?

    Im rather calm this year, as I have NO BILLS to catch up on, go me!! Quite happy about that. So getting it NOW isnt such a huge deal. Would be nice, but it wont make or break me having to wait a week.

    Wow, 50 cents. That might break the bank!



    I found out my pending one was a .50 cent overdraw because I called the phone number to check the transaction info instead of doing it online free! LMAO….I cracked up! It’s all I can do, I can’t make ’em send it any faster, so I’ll just laugh at myself for having had a glimmer of hope that they did it in one day! Yeah right! Talk about delusions of grandeur! Haha!

    I’m trying out overconfidence instead of extreme paranoia this year. It’s so easy to work yourself into a frenzy of “what if’s” when dealing with the IRS. I’m not sure how well I’m doing though, I’ve already almost convinced myself I’ll be the batch after this next because I barely missed it by an hour. I hear the cutoff is 11am, which is weird, but look at how they split their week. What? Monday thru Friday wasn’t in a good enough order for you IRS? Had to rearrange it? Lol.. Bureaucrats!

    I swear it’s different this year though. In recent years they would give the cycle dates, like say jan 31 to February 6 gets it February 16, and then they only gave money on that one day for that week. This year I’ve seen people with DDD 2/09, 2/10, 2/11. I just don’t recall it being like that before, although I could be wrong.



    I filed 2/6/15 and was accepted same day. No further updates yet. I also seen on the chart that if filed by the 6th would get refund by the 11th.


    Oklahoma Mommy

    Hi! I filed 2/5 late in the day, but it got accepted the 6th, so thats the date Im going to go off.

    That is weird about your card, is that the card you picked to have your refund go on this year? It sucks when customer service decides to NOT provide service!

    I would love to have mine by the 11th, would be the fastest Ive ever gotten it back lol. Only thing I get to splurge on is a smart tv, rest has to be saved for a trip to see my mother lol.



    Oh me! Me, me, me! I was hoping someone would post for the 6th! So I saw the cycle chart and it said if I hurried and got it through by the 6th, it would be for DDD of 2/11. I got it in at 11:30 am Arizona time, and within 10 mins it was accepted. I’ve never had it accept that quickly in 12 years of filing! Although I hear the cutoff is 11 am for the IRS and I’m sure that’s eastern. So I wouldn’t doubt I didn’t make it :( then I saw another that said if you do it by today, the 7th that it will still be the 11th. My net spend gets it to me early every year by at least 2 days just as they advertise.

    It’s strange though, my net spend card is saying I have a pending transaction, I haven’t used the card since last season so I can’t possibly figure out what that is, because there’s just no way it can be the refund. However, my username is forgotten, they won’t send me the recovery email, I’ve tried 20 times, so I can’t even look to see what it is until I suck it up and sit on the phone with them. However, I did see people file the 3rd and get it yesterday. That’s wildly fast. I’ve always waited 2 weeks at least for DD, and the year I had a typo on my account number and they mailed it took way longer. That was such a bummer! But at least it was the card company mailing it, not IRS So it was only about a week after DD should’ve gone in. Now I quadruple check account # and routing.

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