Accepted 1/20 and still no DDD, this post is for us

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    So I filed 1/20 with TT and was accepted the same day. I have no transcripts, no bar, nothing. Anyone else that is with me lets post here and keep each other updated. I have no hope seeing all those with 23/24 acceptance getting money this week even. If anyone finds out any info post that here too. Thanks!!

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    @jb yea!!! Hopefully they process them today and our transcripts will be ready by the morning this dead cycle and weekly cycle waiting processing game is giving me a migraine… But good news hopefully they follow through it seems the 1/20 group really got screwed this year… But it’s almost over so it’s okay… Hopefully



    Still the same wtf…



    Well, not sure whats going on. I’m supposedly cycle 03 and still haven’t gotten any updates. According to when I was accepted, like others, and based upon historical data from previous year transcripts, I should be 20140403 but nothing. No progress. No TY2014 transcripts, nothing.



    Ugh again today nothing . i filed 1/16 got accepted 1/20 and irs worker told me they actually started working on it on 1/21



    1/20s!!!! I got some good info thru research on cycle dates, today/tomorrow is our processing day we will see a lot of transcripts tomorrow with ddd on sat for deposits early or mid next week stay calm go out today and break your diets like I’m planning on to :-)



    Nikita the last two numbers in the cycle code ARE the deposit date. Like mine all end in 05 and 05 is a Wednesday and that is always the day I get my DD.



    Yeah it’s time to call this is crazy this process has no understandable flow to it at all this is a disaster



    Filed 19th accepted 20 th. 1 bar on wmr and no transcripts. Not sure what’s going on but I’ve always gotten my refund a week after filing. Maybe calls need to be made



    Still nothing…this is RIDICULOUS. Filed & Accepted on 20th, still at one bar, no transcripts. Used Tax Slayer and live in NC. wtf



    Can you believe 1/26 people are waking up with cycle codes and we still have nothing STUNNING!!!!!! I’m fkn pissed!!!!!!!!!!! The IRS is a MESS!!!



    I filed the 16th was approved on the 20th and have had no activity on wmr since the 20th. Has anyone called the transcript line and been told your ssn was not valid when it worked just yesterday?



    Good morning… not so much..i am a cycle 5.. transcripts still not available and no WMR update still 1 bar.



    Still nothing… frustrating



    I wanted to let you know how mine worked…. my cycle date was the day that the irs processed my return:20150402 is cycle 04 (4th week starting on thursdays which is jan.22-28th) day 02 is either Monday or Tuesday and my account transcript was available that Monday and return transcript that tuesday. Which means the cycle code is the day irs processes it… the way to use transcripts for a deposit date is when u get “TC 846” on your account transcript. TC 846 is a refund sent “transaction code” and they irs sense it 14-17 days before this date according to the irs manual. The cycle code doesn’t tell u a deposit date.



    Filed 1/20 Accepted 1/20 through Taxslayer and One bar, cannot order or even see transcripts. It just says N/A.. Sucks cause everyone else that filed after 1/20 is getting theirs faster



    Love, I don’t think the cycle week number goes in a certain order every year, I just think it has to do with what week you filed so you must have just coincidently filed in that order. Here are mine from the last 3 years.


    So see, mine was 06, 08, 06



    I don’t know about that. I’ve changed addresses twice in the past 4 years, gotten divorced and had a name change. Lol the only thing constant is my self employment. I hope they don’t give me 0705. Especially if the 07 is the 7th week. But not that I’ve gone back to other years. I’ve had 0408 twice and also 0508. So what day Is that 08?? because I’m pretty sure I’ve always gotten some form of direct deposit. Even if it was to Jackson Hewitts account before they wrote me a check. Correct me if I’m wrong….



    So I saw someone post this on the facebook page;

    “FROM (Shaun McInnish) Im told the 05 cycle is triggered by any big changes such as change of filing status, a change of dependents, an address or name change, new credits you have not previously used and/or offsets”

    This actually makes sense to me. My address changed this year so, if I end up on the 05 cycle, that could be it.. My address was the same for the two years prior, and the third year prior I waited to file until near the end of February. It could be that they noticed the address change and the 1st-day filing and decided to kick me out to the weekly cycle to handle it.

    I guess I’ll have to wait and see what cycle code I get when my transcripts are ready.



    OK. So I never paid attention to the cycle dates before. But after looking at them here’s what I have

    So going by that will this years be
    I filed on the 1/3 (super early) self employed
    Accepted on 1/16
    No tran. Blank wage. and return received, topic 152.
    This waiting is the norm. But why can’t they just go in order as received??


    Jesse h

    I filed my return on 1-14 and it said it was accepted early on 1-16. Then it said my state was rejected cause the accepted date was wrong. When I corrected and re submitted I got an email saying my federal wa accepted on the 24th. Did I screw up my taxes Anybody have any idea which one is th correct date I would have been accepted. I still have one bar and N/A transcripts. I used turbo tax



    Same I filed and was excepted on 1/12 part of the test batch n/a on transcripts and no DDD


    Jody B

    I was accepted jan 14th, still one bar

    What gives?



    I think we will see transcripts Friday and DDD Saturday with a DDD of Wen the 12th, so if you don’t see anything tomorrow I wouldn’t get to upset about it until Friday or Saturday :).



    Cycle Codes on previous years transcripts



    OK, color me stupid but how do you know what cycle you are on if you cant see or get your transcripts? i keep seeing all this daily and weekly stuff and I dont understand it. I filed my daughters along with mine on the same day (1/20) and accepted on 1/20, from the same state and same city, she has a ddd of 1/30 and I have 1 bar / 152 no transcripts. Can someone please explain this to me?



    Yep… this 1/20’er is still waiting on transcripts…



    Is it possible that someone who was not a weekly before could have become a weekly this year?

    Last year I got my refund in the first batch. The other years I filed before then I actually filed well after they opened up.. Like in March or April or whatever. So for me last year was great but this year SUCKS!!

    Is that something that might have happened?



    Check this out:

    “IMF Daily posted transactions will be updated and available for viewing on CFOL (Corporate Files Online) by 6 a.m. the next business day after IMF processing and available on IDRS by 6 a.m. the following business day providing posted information sooner…..”

    copied this frm way down near bottom of this feed…. since were all processed on wednesday (if cycle ends in 05) i think we should see our transcripts by 6am tomorrow…. then if so, we can get our cycle off of it and determine our DDD. I do think it will be 2/4…

    what do yall think? by reading that do you guys agree we may see trans by 6 am tomorrow????



    If the 05 weekly theory is correct, (and I think it may be) I got my transcripts Friday last year 2/7/14 and the wmr update on Sat morning 2/8/14 with ddd on Wed 2/12/14. I was accepted that year on 1/31/14 (2 weeks from acceptance to deposit)
    I think the theory holds some weight and if my transcripts update Fri and wmr updates Sat with a ddd of Wed 2/4 I’ll believe it to be true



    Accepted on the 22nd, one bar, no transcripts. Sad because everyone is getting approvals and DDD’s…..



    oh an MOD name was Tamara Mallery- not sure if spelled correct



    HI ALL.

    Ive been lurking for the past week but was on here last year so I thought I would try to help ease yalls minds…. a MOD on here was repeatedly telling people earlier that if you think your weekly (cycle ends in 05) then its like clockwork every year (or was for her the past 3years) — Transcripts available Thursday/latest early fri — WMR updates with DDD on saturday — for a deposit on the following wednesday. Weeklies always get deposits on wednesdays…or so ialways hae from personal experience… I filed 1/19, accepted 1/20 with TT- one trannys except wage andincome for 2014. all others say n/a. Do have TT152 on WMR.

    Im quite pissed that people after me have money or DDD;s….but im a weekly so…hopefully ill see my trannys tmrw, latest fri. im trying to give hope to a few so hang in there until friday at least…



    @ladybgirl I actually think that weekly cycle stuff is a bunch of nonsense. We just need to keep checking back probably once a day and *hopefully* they will eventually get around to FINALLY processing our returns. >:|



    I have all the same as you guys, except I got my transcripts on Monday.

    Called offset line and they said no information available at this time and to try later.



    is everyone who is on the weekly schedule *( 05) expecting to see the wrm site updated tomorrow morning or this weekend. I have heard a lot of people say it will not be updated until Saturday and the refunds will be set for DD on next wed.



    Last year I just called the main 8008291040 and follow prompts for account info. That’s also how last year I knew mine had also been processed because eventually I called them and it’s said tax debt paid so I knew they had taken it out of the refund. Also just keep pushing to talk to someone and when they ask why tell them you need to see how much if any you owe them. Believe me when you tell them that they will take the call and give you info. It’s better than not knowing and at least give you some peace of mind :)
    As for me I’m just unlucky I guess. I owe nothing yet accepted on 20th and no transcripts. Straight bull crap



    CinCin43 what is the number to do that if you don’t mind? ty



    I filed 1/23, and was accepted 1/24. I have only one bar on WMR, I can not view transcripts, my wage trans is blank….no offsets. JUST waiting …sigh



    I was one of the first to comment this morning. I am unlocked to check my transcript(I had to put my filing status last year(Single, this year I am Head of Household w/ one qualifying dependent), no transcript, but last years ended in 02 and I had my money on 02/07 of last year. I am getting frustrated because why file on the first day if you can wait 4 days and get it faster. I did mine at 8am in the morning and it was received shortly after, and hasn’t changed since. SUCH BS. I am so annoyed like everyone else. I don’t have a Facebook so this is my only way to respond to everyone. NC is still processing as well. I will post back tomorrow if anything should change. *sigh* :(

    The only positive note, is that WMR tracker has never worked for me, and I would receive my refund out of the blue. This is the first year I looked at transcripts as well because of all the hoopla but geez.



    My codes in the past few years have never ended in 05, so I don’t think that explains it completely. I am just pissed that there is no progress. I have a blank account transcript since yesterday morning and there has seemingly been NO progress whatsoever since then. It just pisses me off. Why can’t they just process my damn return?



    Ok thanks for clarifying.Dang I’m not sure what to make of that, I am hoping we all will be able to at least get transcripts by Friday but even if I get a deposit next week that would put me at 15 days from acceptance to deposit. That doesn’t sound right even if I’m on the weekly cycle



    @CinCin I have been able to view my transcripts for two days now, but from everything I read because I do not have the 846TC then my refund has not been approved yet. I know in the past when I could order transcripts then my refund was always shortly behind, but I always had the 846TC as well.



    Offset line says you do or do not have a Non Tax offset (student loans, child support etc) to see if you have a debt owed to the irs you need to call the irs and go through prompts for account info.



    @pearly I’m pretty sure if your able to view/order 2014 transcripts then your refund is coming. The majority on this post CANT VIEW/print/order ANY 2014 Account transcripts.
    So are you saying earlier today you could not and now you can?
    Just clarify please as most of us are 20th accepted and not able to do crap for transcripts.



    Waiting, I am thinking I might have an offset this year again but the offset line tells me I don’t have anything.



    Filed the 16th, accepted the 20th. Able to view transcripts, have the ever so desirable 20150402 cycle and …. nothing… one bar as always, no pending deposits. I am also the recipient of a penalty for healthcare :( so disappointed that this is obviously slowing my return. Boo :( did anyone with the 570/896TC for healthcare receive a DDD?






    JUST wondering, I’m on 05 and same thing get out Wednesdays every year.

    But that said, of i had an offset would i have gotten a code by now?



    I filed with TT on the 15th accepted by the IRS on the 16th and I can’t get my transcripts and only 1 bar on WMR. I looked back at when I got my last two years deposits and in 2013 it was a Wednesday but only 6 days after I was accepted and last year again a Wednesday however it was 12 days after I was accepted….I thought I was like what the others were talking about in the cycle thing and I can’t look at my transcripts to verify the 05 thing but isn’t it odd that in 2013 I got a DD in 6 days but last year it took 12 days. Both DD’s were on Wednesdays….this is all driving me crazy!!



    Hi guys last three years 05 cycle date. Same boat as all of you. Filed and accepted 1/20 and no update only available transcript is wage and it’s blank



    I filed on 1/19, accepted on 1/20 only one bar and no transcripts for 2014. I looked and all my past years transcripts and they all end in 05 as well. Hopefully we all see a change tomorrow on the 29th. Keeping my fingers crossed.



    I filed with TT on the 15th accepted by the IRS on the 16th and I can’t get my transcripts and only 1 bar on WMR. I looked back at when I got my last two years deposits and in 2013 it was a Wednesday but only 6 days after I was accepted and last year again a Wednesday however it was 12 days after I was accepted….I thought I was like what the others were talking about in the cycle thing and I can’t look at my transcripts to verify the 05 thing but isn’t it odd that in 2013 I got a DD in 6 days but last year it took 12 days. Both DD’s were on Wednesdays….this is all driving me crazy!!



    Dalinda it means you are on a weekly cycle and should get a DDD sometime this weekend and a DDD for Wen!



    After I went back looked all my refund dates over the last 3 years- This is what I found. 2011 -0405 refund date was 2-6-12 (Sunday) 2012 – 0702 refund date was 3-4-14 (Sunday) 2013 – 0601 Original refund date before (1121) was 2-24-14 (Monday) then changed to 3-10-14 (Monday) Looks like I should have my refund by next Monday.



    @katie I had the same cycle date last year. This year accepted 20th as well no transcripts available and 1 bar on wmr



    Last 3 years cycle ending in 05!!!What does this mean? spill the beans!!!!!!!!!!!!!



    Guys, i think you are on to something. I have 05 for my past three years also!



    I was accepted the 20th and today my WMR bars completely disappeared and says a refund date will be available when it is finished processing. And no transcripts. My cycle last year was 20140601. Can anyone tell me what that means?



    Hey kgirl I’m OCD too because I can’t think if any other reason other than we are on the weekly cycle. That has to be it because everyone I know has filed accepted and able to order transcripts but they have never owed irs or had refund withheld for any reason. I’m the only one out of the circle that’s unable to order transcripts and my refund last year was withheld to pay irs like 800.00 and of course it delayed it last year. This year I owe NOTHING filed on 17th accepted morning of 20th and still no transcripts. I’m praying it’s the whole weekly cycle thing. Wish I knew more about when updates happen etc…



    Why people who filed after me and the same time got direct deposit dates but some of us don’t. I’m confused can somebody help me understand. And how often does the irs website update.



    Out of all the threads I have seen this one is most logical. It seems to be that Your SSN is tied into if your weekly or daily, I have had DDD all hit on Wednesday and I think that is just the cycle that we are put into and no matter how early we file its the cycle we get based on our SSN. Its not the tax software, or where you live…IRS doesn’t go by that everything is done by a verification number (aka your SSN). I had to call them this morning. Was told they got my return on the 21st but I have an email confirmation showing it was accepted the 20th. They said nothing was wrong with my return. If anyone is getting directed to call the identity protection line I would recommend doing so since I found out i had been flagged on my 2013 return and had no clue. The sad reality is we can discuss and ponder all day. Wont make the refund hit our accounts sooner…But it is nice to know that I am not the only one in this waiting boat.



    I checked my last 3 transcripts as well (Account transcripts) and they all ended in 05. Maybe theres some truth to being on a weekly cycle based off of that. I also recieved my refunds on a Wednesday. I filed 01/17 and was accepted 01/20. So Saturday night/Sunday morning we should see some movement?



    Ok so like I said before, my last 3 years cycle dates ended in 05 and last year I got my deposit on a Wen. I am almost positive I got my WMR update on a Sat or Sun.






    I filed and was accepted on 01/20/15 through taxslayer. Looking at my transcripts from the previous years I have codes 20120505, 20130805, and 20140605. If I recall correctly I have always received my refunds on a Wednesday, so fingers crossed that it will be next week.



    I just checked my previous years’ transcripts. All of my cycle dates end in 05 also.



    So I’m a little confused with the cycle dates but I pulled my last 3 years transcripts and my cycles were: 20140705; 20130505; 20120605…can some help me out with this info



    Ya im hoping tommororw we can view transcripts and Friday we will have a deposit date for Monday or tues or wed of next week



    Kumara, I would think you would have your money by Friday at the latest. Good luck!!



    Filed 1/20. Accepted on 1/21.

    I could pull out transcripts with cycle date of 20150402 but no progress on WMR. Still 1 bar



    I just checked my transcripts from the last 3 years, and sure enough the cycle date all ended on a 5.



    I think we will get updates this weekend.



    Oh Lily I see now where you said it would be Thursday night/fri morning til we might see transcripts. I hope!



    Thank you Lily that gives me hope. So it seems like people on a weekly cycle get update on Thursdays then? Is that what you get from it? If so then we will see transcripts tomorrow and DDD on Friday, since we have no transcripts today. What do you think?



    Ditto, I checked 2011-2013 transcripts all end 05 and bank records for the same years show deposits on Wednesdays



    Ok 2014 I have 601, 2013 901, and 2012 702 … What that all about? I know I got divorced in 2011 not sure if that’s why my numbers are not in order.. Or am I just looking for the 01 02? If so what it mean?!?!



    Filed 1/17 through TT, accepted 1/20. Still 1 bar and no transcripts. This sucks but I’m glad I’m not alone. Hopefully we’ll see some progress like everyone else today!



    I am new to this site and reviewed the link that bill posted. I also filed and accepted on tt on 1/20. 1 bar on wmr and 2014 transcripts at n/a except for wage which states no returned filed.

    In the irs link, it explains the difference between daily and weekly processing. Some returns are proceeded as daily and the others as weekly ( not sure how they determine this).

    Here is the info:

    In January 2012, IMF began processing TEPs daily for daily transactions directed to daily taxpayer accounts. All BMF, EPMF, and IMF weekly accounts or transactions will be processed at ECC-MTB on Thursdays. The acceleration of the cycle results in the inability for a campus to extend a production cycle.

    The cycle number used as the GMF Campus Production Cycle for one week will be the same cycle number used as the ECC-MTB Posting Cycles when posting occurs. The cycle number, then, describes the same information being processed.


    The GMF Campus Production Cycle 201504 runs from Thursday, January 22, 2015, through Wednesday, January 28, 2015. The ECC-MTB Posting Cycle 201504 runs from Friday, January 23, 2015, through Thursday, January 29, 2015. BMF, EPMF and IMF weekly transactions and weekly accounts will be processed on the last day (Thursday) of the Posting Cycle.

    For IMF, there are three dead cycles each year. For 2015, they are ECC-MTB Posting Cycles 201501, 201502, and 201503. IMF transactions that are sent from the campus locations during GMF Campus Production Cycles 201501, 201502, 201503, and 201504 will attempt to post to the IMF during ECC-MTB Posting Cycle 201504.

    This is a bit confusing…. But I interpret that we are probably all on a weekly cycle instead of daily. Dice the did not process files during the “dead” cycles (jan 1-jan 21 returns filed and accepted) , the will all be processed by tomorrow, jan 29th.

    I hope this is true and we will be able to see our transcripts tomorrow night/ Friday morning with a Ddd to follow



    Yep! just checked bank records and we’ve gotten ours back on a Wednesday for the last 3 years, all Cycles ending in 05.



    That’s what I’m thinking Jdubb….:)



    @kellie mine are a bit different 2013 was 0605 2012 was 0705 and 2011 was 0505 the sequence seems strange but all 05’s Last year I got my refund on a Weds so maybe next Weds :)



    Last years tax cycle 0705 last 4.



    @Jme – I understand the problem … MY problem is I filed , and according to TT, I was accepted even BEFORE 1/20 and 1/21 so yes … I understand the problem is 23 and 24s getting it first. I’m in the same boat as those who filed the 20th as I filed even before that….



    Filed HRB 1/7, accepted 1/20 and N/A for Transcripts. Can anyone view transcripts today that weren’t to able to view yesterday?



    Well, at least now we know why others have been accepted before us! :) Maybe we can relax a little now. Lol!!



    @kellie: I hope that you are correct in your statement. I just looked back on my last 3 years of transcripts and mine varied slightly. For TY13 it was 20141203, for TY12 it was 20130603 and for TY11 it was 20120505; so in 2011 mine was different.

    In the case that there is a weekly cycle for people, for the last two years I’ve been on 03 (1203, 0603), which would equate to Monday by your calculations. How is the week determined though? I’ve also seen some speculation as to changes to the day numbers for TY2014.



    @kellie I just looked at mine from last year also and you are correct! I received mine on a Wednesday and if I’m not mistaken WMR updated either Sat night/Sunday morning or Sun night/Mon morning. So it looks like 2/4 will be our date.



    Filed on the 14th accepted on the 20th, no bars, no transcripts, no tax offset. This is frustrating I would just like to get some sort of clarity.



    Same here when checking pervious years transcripts. We should see a update tomorrow night into Friday I assume. Heres hoping.



    Okay, so here is some info I have gathered from trolling all these refund boards. Lol!! Apparently, I am on a weekly schedule (the last 4 digits of my cycle number since 2011 have been 0405, 0505, 0605). I’m assuming the cycle number this year will be 0705, which apparently means I will see my deposit next Wednesday, February 4th. When I looked back to last year to see what day I actually got my refund, it was Wednesday, February 12th. I hope this helps. I’m going to stop worrying and expect to see my refund next Wednesday.


    Bill Look into that it has info about weekly cycles. We should see something by next wed. Since they only do it weekly I owed in 2010 and since then I think I have been on a weekly cycle. So im hoping that we should get it by the 4th is what im thinking just based on what I read. Could be wrong but this explains people that filed after us and got there DDD. they could be on daily cycles not weekly.



    Omg this some shit. My sister filed and was accepted on Sunday the 24th and was just able to order her transcripts right in front of me I seen it with my own eyes Now I’m pissed. I accepted the 20th and NOTHING for me. Just tried to order mine again and nothing.
    I owed last year and it was delayed about two weeks so I don’t owe anything this year but maybe I’m in a weekly cycle now. Unbelievable crap this is. Simple return no school credits and I don’t owe any taxes or non tax debt I checked. Just unlucky I guess.



    Filed 16th accepted the 20th. nothing no transcripts no change in WMR. It could be that we are on weekly cycles does anyone have more info about weekly cycles.



    Okay, the last few years I’ve always gotten my ddd on a Saturday. Some filers update daily & some weekly. Which makes perfect sense as to why I always get my dd on a Wednesday. I believe we will see the 2nd bar on Saturday with a dad on Wednesday. Read this….

    Customer Account Data Engine (CADE): Beginning in January 2012 with CADE 2 deployment, IMF will process and post individual taxpayer submissions on a daily basis. Only accounts and transactions that have met specific criteria will process and post daily. The remaining accounts and transactions will re-sequence until the end of the cycle and reflect as a weekly account.

    With the implementation of CADE 2, the cycle cut off for the week’s processing is Wednesday night for all Master Files. This allows all Master Files (IMF-Individual Master File, BMF-Business Master File, etc.) to be processed by IDRS (Individual Data Retrieval System) weekend analysis one week earlier.

    IMF Daily posted transactions will be updated and available for viewing on CFOL (Corporate Files Online) by 6 a.m. the next business day after IMF processing and available on IDRS by 6 a.m. the following business day providing posted information sooner.


    San Antonio TX


    Yes, it makes sense. The last two years I received my money a week after everyone else. I’ve never had any other issues it just took about a week longer than everyone else. When I was told I was switched to a weekly cycle I was also told I would be on it for 5 years as long as no other problems I would go back to daily after that. Again, i dont know how true that is but after waiting this year and seeing everyone else with money again before me it has to be the weekly cycle thing. Btw my family has had health insurance the entire year. No penalty here.



    Is not a “southern” thing. .. I’m as far away from south as you can get. .. Washington state and ib filed and accepted on 1/20 and one bar na transcripts. … I think the one persons right by the weekly cycle. ..I had to pay $800 out of my return last year and got mine a week after everyone who filed after. ..



    @croberts no I haven’t but I typically get my state a week after federal. Like you said it’s probably the hub our returns were sent to.



    It’s not just the south. In Illinois filed mine and sisters on Hr block free- 1/20 @ 645am accepted 1145am 1/20
    Sisters 1145am accepted 1000am on 21
    Both have 1 bar on WMR and I have n/a for 2014
    Neither have DDD. Neither have tax issues or offsets of any kind. I see it is just random. Like the lottery. Hoping for an update Friday night Sat morning. I usually see them and have a deposit for Monday or Wednesday. Just going through the forums and watching until then. She has eic, and school, w-2 w 2 dependents

    I just have school and w-2



    We’re in GA also so maybe it has something to do with the southern states. @KinkJay have you heard anything about your GA refund?



    I honestly don’t think the insurance situation has anything to do with it either. My brother had to pay the penalty for himself but his daughter has medical insurance and I filed his Saturday afternoon and he has his transcripts already. I think it has something to do with the hub our returns were sent too.



    Filled on the 7th got accepted on 12th, 1 bar on wmr, N/A on transcripts excluding wage. I’m in Ga so maybe it is a southern thing.



    In FL, Tax Act filed 1/20, accepted 1/20 within 10 mins. Only 1 bar on WMR and I have N/A on transcripts 2014 with the exception of wage and it says no tax return filed. I have health insurance.. it really does seem like the sounthern states with the delay.



    I filed 01/17 got accepted 01/20 through TT, One bar, can access transcripts, but got locked out.

    Whats the Problem? (Iwantmymoneyz)



    MFJ return. husband owed insurance penalty. Filed and accepted 1/23. Still one bar.


    San Antonio TX

    Filed through TT on 1/20 was accepted 1/20 5 mins later. I believe I’m on a weekly cycle and it updates on Saturday nights. The last two years I’ve only got updated on Saturday overnights into Sunday morning I was told it was because I’m on a weekly cycle given in 2010 I didn’t include a 1099 retirement cash out after quitting a job and had to pay back almost 1500 the following year when I filed. Since 2011 I’ve been on this weekly cycle. Does anyone know how long I’ll be on weekly cycle? And any other info about weekly cycles? So I assume I have nothing more to look for or do here till Sunday morning ughhh



    What is everyone s health insurance situation? I was accepted 21st. 1 bar…tax topic 152…no transcripts. I had insurance. They asked for no proof. Could this be our problem?



    I’m hoping transcripts update sometime today. I haven’t heard anyone say they weren’t able to see transcripts yesterday but can see them today, so maybe something will happen later.



    I filed 1/20 accepted on 1/20 and still no DDD, I filed my sister-inlaw on the same day it was also accepted on 1/20 and she received DDD for 1/30.



    Yes Jody, you are grasping at straws. Last year I was in the first batch and my SSN hasn’t changed, so I doubt that is it, to be honest.

    Grrrr. This really pisses me off.



    I do have one question, so because we did not wake up to the movement like many others, does this mean we are done for the week and no other updates will be made and now have to wait next week for something? Also i don’t think social has much to do with it because my daughter is 600 and mine is 601, I also no that returns go to different location offices, but her and I both live in the same state and city, trying to make sense of this.



    Jdubb…01/20-01/22 aren’t getting theirs that’s the problem when 23 24s are. …



    I filed through Taxslayer on 01/20/15, and my return was accepted within an hour. I have only one bar and cannot view my transcripts. I figured it would be better if I waited until tax season opened to file, although I had my W2 prior to that date. But obviously I was wrong, it seems like those that filed early and after the 20th are the ones that are getting updates.



    I guess im in with this party. I filed on 1/20 and was accepted on 1/20 and still no transcripts or movement in bars. Filed my daughters the same day and she got approved with ddd of 1/30. The same thing happened last year, where she got hers first and mine was a week later. I hate this feeling, im happy for everyone else but hate being in this place. Not sure what to think or do at this point, or what it even means.



    I wonder if ss# has anything to do with it? Ex’s ss# starts with 431 and mine starts with 453?? Maybe I’m just grabbing straws..



    Filed 1/20 accepted same day. No updates on wmr and n/a on transcripts except for wage it just says no refund filed



    I was accepted on 1/20 just 1 bar on WMR and can’t order transcripts. I filed my brothers Saturday 1/24 and I’m able to order his transcripts already. I also filed my moms on 1/21 and she has a ddd for 1/30. I did all 3 on Taxslayer



    I was accepted on da 12 and I have one bar and no DDD date yet!!!



    Filed 01/20… accepted few minutes later. .. no transcripts. .. one bar. … how are 23 and 24s getting money and we’re stuck?



    Filed mine and ex husbands through TT on 1/20. Both returns accepted within a couple of hours. Same exact tax returns as last year for both of us. He claims daughter and child care credit, I claim son. He got DD of 1/30. I am still on one bar with no DDD AND I can’t order any transcripts for me for 2014. Last year I got my DD 9 days after filing and his c a me a week later. I guess this year he gets his first..


    Lisa Wiseman

    Also…. Have noticed a lot of filers that used taxslayer haven’t received DDD’s this year. I’m also still on one bar.. Sorry I wasn’t accepted til the 23rd, I guess I
    should maybe be in another group.



    Anybody out there submitted and accepted on 1/22 but not approved yet? I filed with TT and have one bar and no transcripts

    What is the DD expectation for 1/22’s.. Saw on her that someone with 1/22 got a DD..



    Same here filed 1/16 accepted 1/20 cant do nothing stuck on one bar and cant order transcripts:-( terrible. Last year it was the same so hoping we will see movement soon and money nxt wk



    Filed with TaxSlayer on the 11th. Accepted on the 12th. State accepted on the 20th (georgia). One bar on WMR, N/A on transcripts (with the exception of wage transcript). I’m starting to get irritated.


    Accepted. 1-20 at 11:30. na on transcript. One bar still processing file on 1-13. So confused



    @ladyruk I talked to the “tax” contributor for Forbes, Kelly Erb … she said she has not heard of school credits delaying taxes this year.


    Lisa Wiseman

    Filed 1/23 accepted 1/23 with taxslayer…………..topic 152 cannot order transcripts as of 15 minutes ago. Wondering if the Cincinnati processing center is one of the slow ones this year? I’m in Cols. OH, guessing that’s where mine is?



    I filed 1/15 and was accepted by IRS 1/16; 1 bar on WMR and tax topic 152 but still cannot order transcripts … 2014 account and return say N/A and wage is blank. Last year I filed on the 1/25 accepted 1/28 and had my money in the bank 2/12 …. 14 days total … Friday will be 14 days from the day I was accepted … so maybe I’ll just go by the 20th and see something next week. I’d just like to see some type of progress so there’s less reason for concern. We have 2 dependents, I have the Lifetime Learning Credit, Farm expenses; we have insurance through employer for all in our family so no issue there; no identity theft issues either. I’m just wondering if I got re-sequenced as those who filed 1/20-1/23 are getting refunds 1/30. I filed early to get it out of the way but other than that I don’t see a benefit of early filing.



    I filed on the 9th and was accepted on the 12th. I was one of the test subjects. When I tried to obtain my transcripts I got the identity fraud message (We cannot process your transcript request. Please contact the Identity Protection Specialized Unit (IPSU) at 800-908-4490.). I am still at one bar with the code 152 and no deposit date. I thought I’d have one of the first deposit dates since I was in the test batch and accepted on the 12th.



    Sent in on 1/20 accepted 1/21 at 12:34 at night can see work wage on transcripts but no account , filed with HRB


    Corey B.

    Filed with TT 1/16, accepted 1/20. WMR has one bar, topic 152. 2014 return transcript does not show yet. I am praying I get mines on 2/2 at the latest. But alas, it’s not the IRS’ fault my bill budgeting is horrible lol! Stay positive all, as our money and credits will make their way homeeee



    Accepted on 1/12, got DDD 1/30, N/A on transcript……wierd



    My situation is almost exactly the same, Gail. I filed on 1/20 with Turbo Tax. Both of my returns were accepted on the 20th. However, I also cannot order transcripts and I only have one bar on WMR. I had an easy return, no penalties or offsets. This is so frustrating!



    anewme, PISS OFF. This thread isn’t for you. It is for people who DO NOT HAVE A DD OR DDD.



    Still no transcripts this morning. Filed 17th accepted 20th with TT. One bar and 2014 transcripts unavailable as of 15 min ago. Smh what is going on



    filed on the 7 thaccepted on the 13th. 2 bars this morning DDD on this Friday January 30



    Ok so I filed on the 15 and was accepted the 20th I have only . One bar thrpugh wmr and my transcripts say n/a basically saying that I didn’t file but when you call the 18008291040 they do report receiving them after being on hold forever. She says that taxes have been received and that she can’t say anything about my transcripts because it has not been twenty one days since they have recieved them.



    Don’t feel bad I was one of the “early” accepted. Received acceptance on 1/12, 1 bar on WMR, transcripts for 2014 show NA. This is getting extremely frustrating



    Filed on 1/5 accepted 1/12 still one bar with no transcript. Available but tax topic 152



    I was also accepted on the 20th. I have one bar, and my account transcript is blank (no return data available.) I am very pissed off.



    same here… filed 1/13 accepted 1/20 … I was in that TT glitch that said we would have to refile on the 22nd but then they came back and said no we will refile for you and was accepted on 1/20.. locked out of transcripts after it said N/A yesterday morning… still have one bar and topic 152…. havent tried to look for transcripts this morning… tooooo scared.



    Same, Washington. ..filed 1/16, accepted early morning 1/20, can’t view transcripts due to some wrong info apparently and only one bar. Oh and netspend card. Having our last baby in less than two weeks so it’s stressing me out seeing people with deposits and ddd, lol.



    My bf and I to filed and was accepted on 01/20. Filed with tax act . I’m unable to see trans due to being locked out. My bf trans account has 0.00 and return not found on it. Was really hoping for money this week because my birthday is Saturday.



    same here, filed TT, 1/17, accepted 1/20. Can’t order 2014 transcripts. Wondering if anyone else filed with school tax credits? If I recall, that was the issue last year. I did, that’s what I’m thinking is the issue with my return.



    I filed mine and my mothers taxes in Texas through turbo tax at 7:00 and 7: 10 on 1/19 accepted 1/20 by noon and sill nothing for me or her as well .. sorry guys maybe today or tomorrow



    Filed on 1/19 accepted on 1/20. Can’t get transcripts, and still on one bar also.



    I filled on 1/21 was accepted on 1/21 still sitting at one bar no movement at all.



    Colorado same submitted and accepted on the 20th but only one bar with a 152…have never been able to order transcripts…ever…can never get my addresses right



    I filed on 1/20 and got my approval bar this morning with DDD of 1/30. I would bet you’ll get yours today



    Filed and accepted on the 23rd. Trans are blank. Waiting on Netspend card. No DDD and 1 bar.



    How do I actually talk to a live person. I keep calling but keep getting automated.



    @kellyr624. I can’t see my transcripts (N/A for 2014). E filed 1/17 and accepted early 1/20 via HRB for ILLINOIS…nothing other than one bar on WMR…less on Emerald card (as in zero bucks) wonder if they do like they used to in high school…..last names A-L got their schedules first over the summer well that puts me in the 2nd tier with last name starting with M LOL (looking for any humor I can find)



    Most years my bars never updated and just one day I had money in my account. Has anyone else experience this in the past? Just hoping for the best for everyone, unfortunately it seems that is all we can do.



    KellyR the same exact thing happened to me. Filed & accepted on the 20th & still processing. Cant get transcipts online got the fraud message too. I called and the rep was able to send out my trans. This sum bs



    I filed on the 13th through TT and was accepted on the 20th. WMR has had 1 bar (never missing) with the Tax Topic 152. I tried to pull my transcripts on Friday and got a the message “We cannot process your transcript request. Please contact the Identity Protection Specialized Unit (IPSU) at 800-908-4490.” So I immediately freaked out and called. After an hour and 30 minutes of being on hold waiting for someone, I was told that there was nothing on my account and it should not affect my return. I just now tried to get my transcripts by mail and neither account nor return transcript is available for 2014. Anyone else have this issue?



    Ohio.. I filed 1/20 and was accept on 1/20. Still not able to see my transcripts. Wondering when the next update will be.



    PS: I am in Illinois, the crookedest state in the union…


    Mish mosh

    Maybe it has something to do with your ss#. I did not get my # in NC but now live in NC. Mine starts with a 5.



    yes. E filed with HRB on 1/17; accepted 1130 AM 1/20. One bar on WMR. N/A transcripts. Emerald card zero bal. IRS 800# “return rec’d and being processed”.



    Filed and accepted on 21st through Taxslayer.. 1 bar and no transcripts.



    Same here. One bar, haven’t even tried transcript as last year I got money before I was able to order. Accepted 1/20 within an hour of filing…



    How can so many of us 1/20’s be like this!!!



    I replied previously(I live in NC) but I didn’t state that I filed and was accepted on the 20th using Tax Slayer.



    same. No bars. No amount.



    I was accepted on the 20th as well I have not been able to view transcripts no bars nothing! Ugh I’m frustrated and worried!



    Same…. Sucks



    I lived in NC and I filed with Tax Slayer and mine is still at one bar. I tried to access my transcripts yesterday but locked myself out. I am really worried.



    accepted on the 20th, one bar still processing. Transcripts are blank!!

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