Accepted 1/20 and still no DDD, this post is for us

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    So I filed 1/20 with TT and was accepted the same day. I have no transcripts, no bar, nothing. Anyone else that is with me lets post here and keep each other updated. I have no hope seeing all those with 23/24 acceptance getting money this week even. If anyone finds out any info post that here too. Thanks!!

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    I filed the 15th on TaxAct, accepted 20th with 896/570 codes on my transcript. I called tax advocate this morning and got through pretty quick and the lady told me my return was released and was scheduled for deposit on 2/11/15. WOOHOO!!! Hope this calms folks down a bit!



    Sooo there’s hope! I spoke to a very kind lady at the irs this morning who actually looked at my account I did slightly alter the truth by telling her I was accepted on the 16th when it was actually the 20th but she did it so she tells me that she can see that it had been approved and I have a direct deposit date of 02/11 I asked if she thought that wmr was not updating because it still says processing on my end but she said most likely it was approved this morning so it would not show till tomorrow morning. Hopefully everyone will wake up tomorrow with progress on wmr!



    As of this morning I still have nothing. No transcripts except the wage report. I can’t get ahold of anyone at the IRS and I am freaking out at this point.



    Does anyone know what the “as of” date is on account transcript? I can view it but it is blank except for a date that says “As of February 23rd”. It said “AS of February 16th” until this morning, now it’s pushed back a week???
    My details: Filed 1/16, accepted 1/20 thru TT. 1 Bar, blank transcripts.



    @JD mine also has an offset and i spoke to someone at the IRS yesterday and she said it would take the full 21 days for them to process mine. Not the news i wanted to hear. The offset is only a tiny portion of my refund, i want the rest lol.



    Last year I had to wait the full 21 days because I had a offset I also have one this year and I filed on 1-20-15 and I’m still waiting I figure I will wait till feb 10 which is my 21 days anyone know about tjis



    Please try to be patient. IRS efile exactly started on 1/6/15 and didnt accept until 1/20/15 it doesnt matter when you file because there was thousands of taxpayers that filed between 1/6/15 and 1/20/15 acceptance date, there is no penalty ot hunting down of early filers. Tax payers can file their taxes as early as they like. I find the accusations of people being targeted for filing early hilarious. Your refund will come. I filed on 1/7/15 got accepted on 1/15/15 got ddd of 2/4/15 in there exactly on date. No problems. The stress comes when you need and want the money fast but it takes time. God bless and be patient.



    All of my 2014 transcripts are now available but showing no cycle date. WMR still says refund date will post when available. :(



    Transcripts just updated for me and alot of other ppl 20150505 code for me hoping wmr updates soon anyone know what date that should be




    no, I didn’t do ACA. The only ones I did was EIC and Education




    I called the IRS this morning and was told to expect an update tonight or on Monday. Idk what to think anymore. It’s stressful. Hopefully at least our transcripts will update so we can see some sort of movement.



    @periwinkle: Did you have ACA/have to fax form 8960/1095-A?




    I had EIC credit…the bars FINALLY moved and I will get refund this week.

    However, because of this fiasco I will NEVER file early again. Neither will I e-file ever again. Im only filing on the very last day of tax season, to guarantee myself a low dif score.

    Last year, I got my refund within 1 week of filing. Now, I’m right at 21 day marker.

    Whats next? 45 or 60 day wait for refund next year?

    Too much suspicion with early filers for my comfort.



    In the Last 2 years my cycle date was 20130605 and 20140605 If this chart is correct they will not process my refund until 02/11.



    Do you guys have the ACA credit? EITC?

    Only difference this year vs last year is ACA and +1 additional dependent but the actual refund amount is lower due to more wages.

    @jade: I’m the same as you, I can only order them via mail, and 2014 says not available. It’s actually quite funny since the names/ss#/address is the EXACT same as this year but like you, online registration locks me out.



    I’m in the same boat I filed on the 1/21 I have one bar and it still says processing. I cant access my Transcripts because each time I try on line I get an registration error message and of course if you keep trying and and you get the same message it locks you out for 24 hours after your third try. I tried over the phone and it tells my my 2014 transcripts are not available. last year I had the cycle date of 20140605 then 20130605 the year before that . But in 20120501 I had a different cycle date. So i don’t know how are when we get different cycle dates but if I go by my previous cycle dates I wont see my refund until 2/20



    Still nothing for me filed 19th accepted 20th before 11… no trans no dd nothing..


    Still waiting

    Autumn yes it still says 50 percent have received their refunds. I hope your right I don’t mind waiting for the refund but would like to know what’s going on atleast. It has never taken this long before I filed opening day last year too and received my refund in ten days. Hopefully we will all see some progress soon



    Anyone who filed through tt and was accepted on the 20th does it still say 50% of people who were accepted on the 20th have received their refund? Cause mine has said that since last Friday morning was at 0% before that so my thought is everyone accepted on the 20th ended up with weekly cycles and the other 50% will update tonight? Just a thought I hope its true but I guess we’ll find out in the morning.



    @Hawaii808 and @Andrewfromflorida. I too am in the same boat as you both. I checked the WMR and Account Trans this am, and no change…This is the longest I have waited..I was told by IRS that my return was accepted on 1/23, and is still processing..1 bar on wmr, tt 152, and all 000’s, no cycle number on transcripts just the 2/16 date..


    Still waiting

    Just checked this morning and still on one bar on wmr this is getting to be ridiculous I filed 1/20 with turbotax got accepted minutes later checked wmr the next morning and was one first bar so I know I got accepted when tt said I did….Idk what the hold up is my return is simple married filing joint 2 kids I tried to access my transcript the other day I was able to download all of them but unable to view them on my phone so I’m not sure if they are blank or not




    In the same boat as you, only i have one bar with topic 152. I can view my transcripts. Although they have nothing but 0’s and no cycle date. Only has a date that sys as of 2-16-2015. This is the most stressful tax season ive ever experienced. I called irs and was told that they see my return, but its still processinprocessing. My 21 days will end on next week on the 11th.



    Anyone else in the same boat? Cant access transcripts, no letter in mail regarding return, no bars and no topic. Only thing I know about my refund is processing. I called in and was told they can see my return but cant say anything regarding it until after 21 days. Filed on the 20th. Will a tax advocate help me speed things along considering I have a wedding coming up?



    The IRS called me today. The guy asked for then when I confirmed it was me he hung up……..WTF!!! Is this because I ordered my transcripts ,maybe there were verifying my number……. Has this happened to anyone else. Also Im a 20150502 cycle chic….lol DDD 2/6.


    autumn (10-01-2014)
    Examination Refund Hold Projects
    A TC 810 or TC 570 indicates refunds are stopped/frozen. TC 810 or TC 570 is used if an examination of the taxpayer’s return is in process or the previous examination was not closed. If the taxpayer does not claim the same items on a subsequent return, the refund will be released in most cases.
    Use Audit Information Management System (AIMS) status codes to determine how to respond to the taxpayer. Make sure you are researching AIMS on the tax period that is frozen.
    If the refund is held by a TC 810, then a TC 811 will post in the same cycle to release the portion of the refund not related to EITC, Adoption Credit, Additional Child Tax Credit (ACTC) or the Premium Tax Credit (PTC). Once the Examination process is complete, a second TC 811 will post to release the EITC, Adoption Credit, ACTC, or the PTC portion of the refund, if applicable.
    If TXMOD shows a TC 570 or TC 810 with open AIMS information, follow procedures below:
    If And Then
    The refund was stopped with TC 570 or TC 810 It has not been more than 30 days since the refund has been stopped Advise the taxpayer that he/she will be contacted within 30 days from date the refund was stopped. Do not prepare Form 4442, Inquiry Referral. Do not refer the calls to Campus Examination.
    The refund was stopped with TC 570 or TC 810 It has been more than 30 days since the refund was stopped Refer to Exhibit 21.5.10-2, AIMS Status Code Guide Correspondence Exam.
    Check TXMOD for the second TC 811 and follow the procedures below:
    If And Then
    A second TC 811 is pending or posted in the applicable tax module No TC 846 (for the frozen portion of the overpayment) is present and less than 30 days from the input of the second TC 811 Advise the taxpayer to expect a refund within 4 weeks.
    A second TC 811 is pending or posted in the applicable tax module No TC 846 (for the frozen portion of the overpayment) is present and more than 30 days from the input of the second TC 811 Refer to Exhibit 21.5.10-2, AIMS Status Code Guide Correspondence Exam.
    A second TC 811 is not present or is unpostable in the applicable tax module, and one of the previous two year’s modules are in AIMS control status 54, 55, or 57 The taxpayer has not received a response Refer to Exhibit 21.5.10-2, AIMS Status Code Guide Correspondence Exam.
    A second TC 811 is not present AIMS control status is 90 Refer to Exhibit 21.5.10-2, AIMS Status Code Guide Correspondence Exam.



    I still can’t view my transcripts except wage & income. Is this bad? (WMR bars & amount gone since yesterday morning)



    @Jason I read somewhere that ppl with the 0502 cycle code would be getting a DDD of 2/06. So maybe you’ll get that DDD but WMR just isn’t updating properly or something. Hope it happens for you though.



    I have tried to figure out whats going on with my taxes by going through everyones posts and looking up codes. I have been doing my own taxes for years and usually have my dd within 2 weeks but I have never been an early filer before. This year I filed on 01/19 was accepted and approved on 01/20. My WMR pizza tracker bars disappeared and it just says processing with code 152. I was FINALLY able to pull all 4 of my 2014 transcripts last Wednesday on 01/28, but still no progress on WMR. My cycle code is 20150405. I do have a code 570 but that is the only code that is different from the last few years. I called the IRS today and of course they are no help, they said they couldn’t even look into it until 21 days has passed. Any suggestions??? Any clue when I’ll get my refund?



    @damon 1800-829-0582 ext632



    I would like to know what number you’re calling to talk to a live person at the IRS? i couldn’t find one. i too have been waiting since the 20th. There is going to be an offset on mine though but not for the full amount. I can’t get a clear answer on how long these things take… If anyone knows anything about this, that would be very helpful. Thanks



    now check this out I field my taxes on the 20th and it was received in minutes now its been 15 days and so I figured I would call the irs this week because I never waited this long to get appoved. so I called Monday the nice lady kindly faxed my account transcripts for 2013 and 2014 she say darling u haven’t even been processed yet. so I looked over my account and It said in account status re-sequenced. so I’m like wtf is that? s I called Tuesday and was like sir I am having hardship and I need my refund why am in that status? and he said the system kicked me out and I was put back in but look like nothing is wrong we received your return on the 22nd so I’m like ok. so after no update again I said wtf why not see what’ s going on. so I just got off with another nice lady and she was like you haven’t even been processed yet and your return just got in the system on the 30th wtf? I m so confused how and the he** this happen? is anyone going through this or is irs fu**ing with me talking about it only been” 5 days” like he**!



    I talked to the irs this morning I was told that the aca is holding up accounts they send it from one system to another and it can take up to 4 days for the system to catch up so if you had to pay that from your return that is why some of us are still waiting I was also told in my case that the hold should end today and update over night so for those of us that are in day 15 or longer that could change over night. I do not know how correct he was but instead of putting me on hold he stayed on the line while he researched so I do think he was telling me accurate information



    @stacy, at this point, codes mean nothing. You’re under review.

    OOC, what’s your filing type? any odd credits? ACA? Lots of EITC?



    I called the irs an was told I ws under review an when I got my notice letter it said I didnt need to do anything just wait 45 days if my money hhasn’t came by then to call.back. I looked at my prior year transcripts an the. Codes for cycle end in 02 an 03 what does this mean will I still. Get my recund



    @macygray: If we’re always weekly, and we’re 04/05’s and we don’t see anything tonight/tomorrow, I guess we can all assume we’ll be hitting that 21-day “magic number” to where IRS agents can actually “help”, eh? Personally, I’m already going with the intention that 6 more days and I’ll be on the phone, yet again, HOPEFULLY actually getting answers.

    I don’t think we’ve ever been over the 2 week mark before we seen any sort of update, so we shall see what tonight/tomorrow holds.



    footballfam, I’m hoping Tomorrow night? I think 04s are tonight. If they are, then I’m hoping for tomorrow. Not sure why we missed last weeks batch of 05s.



    To get transcript go to home page of IRS and there’s a link. Cycle code can be found on old transcripts under “cycle code.”




    It was today. Here is the link:

    I did ask the person where they got that info. Hopefully it’s reliable/legit.



    “If it is 201501, 201502, 201503 then you are on a dead cycle. This means you will be re-sequenced and processed during 201504 (today is the last day of this cycle)”

    WHEN is the last day of the cycle? You don’t say when the original post was posted.



    05 the last few years for me as well!! When will we see some movement? I’m starting to panic!



    Got this from another thread:

    Before you panic about reviews, etc. Check your submission/confirmation code on the website you filed with, or paperwork from you tax rep. In the middle it should have 2015 and another number after it. If it is 201501, 201502, 201503 then you are on a dead cycle. This means you will be re-sequenced and processed during 201504 (today is the last day of this cycle) so you SHOULD see updates sometime between tomorrow and Sunday. If you don’t see something by Sunday then you should call and ask about it. Also, if you look back at your old transcripts and see 05 at the end of your cycle date (example: 20140705) that is an indication that you are on a weekly update. This is what is happening to me and several others as well. Try not to panic just yet and give it a few days. Hope this helps :-)”

    I checked my acceptance email and sure enough, mine is 201502.



    Also, I saw someone post in another thread that they update on Wednesdays. Hoping for some movement tonight/tomorrow morning!



    @macygray Yes I have been 05 since 2011.




    I filed 1/22 and nothing so far.. I looked and have been 05 for the last two years.. What is the guess for when I will see something?



    Where is everyone seeing the bars and cycle codes. And how do I view my transcript??



    1/20’er here. It’s official: The grapevine is right. The IRS is lying about transcripts. They CAN be used to determine when you will get your refund.

    I just got my second bar and a 2/6 DDD. That is exactly what everyone said I would get based on my cycle code and 846 code.



    I’m wondering if some of us are cycle 5s who didn’t make the cutoff last week in time. I’ve had a cycle ending in 05 for the last few years. Anyone else on here have cycle number ending in 05 on transcripts for last few years? If so, maybe we’ll hear something by Friday? I don’t know. I’m trying to hold on to some hope here!



    When you call, do not follow prompts for your refund. The minute you do that, it puts you in an automated system immediately. I’m pretty sure I pressed two.



    When you call the make sure it’s the one ending in 1040 I think it’s 1-800-829-1040 follow the prompts to check your tax bill. (They will take the call to give a final payoff amount for you) the system will have you put in your info after that it will tell you to hold and the wait could be 30-60 mins but if you are “calling to see if you owe them” you’ll get to a live person. When in prompt DONT choose the option for the status of your tax return!!! Choose opinion for your tax account and then what the amount of your bill will be or to find out what’s the payoff amount :) hope this helps. I did this and got through each time I needed to talk to a human!


    Sad face :(

    I was excepted on 1/16 according to tax act, but when I called IRS yesterday they did actually accepted on 1/21! Still NO TRANSCRIPTS except the blank ones and no updates!!?? This is nuts.

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