Accepted 1/20 and still no DDD, this post is for us

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    So I filed 1/20 with TT and was accepted the same day. I have no transcripts, no bar, nothing. Anyone else that is with me lets post here and keep each other updated. I have no hope seeing all those with 23/24 acceptance getting money this week even. If anyone finds out any info post that here too. Thanks!!

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    I finally have the legendary 846 refund issued code.. Now if only I had a DDD..



    Tammy that means u are being recycled back in, unless u are picked for review, u should get ur ddd this week or next week.


    1/20 Filer

    WOOHOO!!!! The bottom transcripts updated overnight. I finally have a cycle 20150502 and a 846 code!!!!!!!! What day is cycle 20150502 gonna DD?



    I filed tt. Accepted on jan 21, I’ve been processing ever since. Now, yesterday afternoon, wmr bars are gone! I got transcripts but no wage transcript. Got 20150405 but no code 846. Irs was called yesterday, no help just kept repeating 21 days, yada yada. Ugh! Anyone have any help or know what’s up?



    Still nothing!!! This is driving me crazy! It makes no sense that those of us that filed 1/20 haven’t seen an update



    WMR did not update for me overnight, but now I can see all of my transcripts. I have a cycle date of 20150502 which I did not have before last night. My transcripts say deposit issued as of 2/23/15.



    Still nothing. Account Transcript became available last Thursday, but with all zeros. None of the top transcripts available. Been in limbo ever since. I thought filing early would avaoid all this, but it’s actually worse than any other year I filed. When you owe the IRS, they want their money, plus whatever else they choose to hit you with, right that minute, no excuses… They owe you money, and you’re told to wait, be patient, and be happy about it.



    Still nothing for me…still 1 bar on WMR (was finally able to get back in) and no new transcripts.

    Does anyone know how to find out if I’m under review? I assume I have to call the IRS….what do I say to them so that they will actually look at it?

    If I WAS under review, would they have already let me know by now?

    Is anyone else still stuck where I am?


    1/20 Filer

    FINALLY AN UPDATE!!! Wow I am pretty amazed. I can finally view the top transcripts. But I still dont have a cycle date. And my other transcript still says no record found with all zeros. I have a cycle “posted” date only which says when they posted the transcript. Still have 1 bar and no DDD but at least It’s something…



    Filed 1/20 with HRB, accepted 1/21. I was able to download TT on 1/31 a little after 1am. with a 20150405 cycle date. I selected the “2014 Transcript” and it had all 0.00. After reading and being confused about the 846 codes etc. (because I didn’t see it on the 2014 transcript). I went back and downloaded the “Record of Account” and it was there I saw what I was needing to see. The 846 code and refund sent. Up until that time WMR hadn’t reflected anything until later that day (2 bars) with a DDD of 2/4/15. To date, WMR still only has two bars (refund approved).



    Exciting update for me finally! I filed 1/20, was accepted 1/21, had one bar on wmr for 3-4 days but no transcripts available, then my bar went away on 1/27 and refund amount disappeared too. I’ve been in that limbo since, made 3 mostly unhelpful calls to IRS, pled hardship and got one agent to finally tell me that my return wasn’t accepted until 1/30.

    I’ve been checking transcripts every few hours and my return transcript just surfaced!!! No $$ amounts, only 0.00 but a cycle date of 20150502, which is progress!!!!

    Hope all the rest of the 1/20s stuck in limbo get some movement tonight too!



    Filed with TT on 1/20. Then it got kicked back because of spelling error. Resubmitted on 1/23. WMR posted as accepted. Then on 1/27 tracker disappeared. As of no it says still processing, no further info available. I got locked out of transcripts. I know i enetered everything correctly. Call the hotline. It says still processing as well.This is truely nerve racking. I read a number of article saying if the tracker disappears it means I am being reviewed. Videos on youtube say the same. Does anyone know The factual truth.?



    If you changed your name during the tax year due to marriage, divorce, etc, and followed the proper steps prior to filing, you should be good. The IRS gets it name and social security number information from the Social Security Administration. If you have recently changed your name associated with your SSN, you should allow at least 10 days before filing a tax return to allow enough time for the SSA to update your information with the IRS.



    @mtomsha- have you recently changed your name address? Recently married or an identity theft victim?



    Help me guys I got a letter saying I’m getting a thorough review



    Filed 1/20, still just sitting on accepted. I cant even get on to order transcripts cause it says my address is wrong. I moved this year and now live in an apartment. Not sure if its the apartment number or the nee address thats causing the problem. Starting to freak out a little.



    Anyone with a 2/4 DDD get their refund yet? I have an Emerald Card through HR Block and seen other users with Emerald Cards were getting theirs a day before their DDD so hopefully I will get mine tomorrow. Keeping my fingers crossed!



    I filed at an h&r block office on 1/20 accepted 1/20 no information update since then on the 27th I ordered my account transcript I got in the mail today I don’t know what is going on my transcripts are filled out with a cycle code of 20150402 a code 150 a code 806 a code 768 896 and 570 but the 570 is blank



    JDubb, ElliGirl-I agree. I must admit-I almost flew into a panic after reading the other thread. I called IRS right after reading it-lol. From my call I learned 2 things: 1. They don’t give specifics about whether you’re under review or not. 2. Acceptance date from IRS is a LOT different than acceptance date on tax site (I can only speak about TT, but others using other companies are reporting the same) My acceptance date at IRS was 3 DAYS LATER than what I thought! IRS lady specifically told me I wasn’t accepted by them till that FRIDAY. Big difference between Tuesday and Friday! If our acceptance dates are different, then that changes everything. I’ve decided to stop panicking. You guys are right. We need to stay calm!



    I filed 1/13, Accepted 1/20 after being told by Turbo Tax it would be 1/22 because of their glitch. 1 bar, TT 152 since day 1. Transcripts were view able last Wednesday and I am able to see Account Trans but says as of 2/16, and all 0’s. Called and got some woman who claims to have looked it up, and saw no offsets, and processing normally. Claims It should deposit Friday, and WMR should update in the next 24-48 hours. Not holding my breath on that one…



    Filed 1/20 ; Accepted 1/20. Was able to view account transcript on Friday 1/30. cycle date 20150405 (previous 3 years also ended with 05) deposit date of 2/16/2015. WMR updated on Sat. 1/31 with Deposit Date of 2/04/15 which is cycle day 05.


    1/20 Filer

    I STRONGLY feel us 1/20ers will have our files worked on this weeked and will update the 7th and 8th. And we will get our money on the 11th. We will NOT update anytime tonight or anytime this week before the weekend. We will get our money on the 11th!!!!



    I submitted my taxes 01/20 and not get refund transcripts and status bar has yet to moved from first bar…I thought filing early would be a good thing but looks like it was a bad thing….



    Same thing with me, no bars, no DDD still processing. Checking the WMR has become like an addiction. I think I will just take a day off and not check at all. Im also glad that im not the only one in this stressful situation.



    Thanks jdubb I knew it wasn’t true just wanted to inform everyone else before they panicked



    @elligirl90210 There are hundreds of people on here and the FB page that have 0.00 transcripts – like you said theres no way we’re all under review. I truly believe we were re-sequenced. Happened to me one year – TT said I filed one day and IRS said they had it on a different (was about 4 days apart) so maybe good news for us 0.00s this week!



    You are corrrect. I called the irs the other night before they shut down and got a great guy. TT told me my acceptance date was the 12th IT WAS NOT he said my return did not get accepted until the 15th. I knew being an early filer I took my chances because of course, my name is not Hilton or Rockerfellow. Well the very next morning after speaking with him on the 31st I had a DDD for 2/4 so thats when I knew why I had the hold up. I didnt bother with turbo tax about it but I wont believe their acceptance date in the email anymore. So I hope this helps all you anxiously awaiting people. Been there and CAN FEEL YOU ANXIETY. <^. .^> be patient its coming.



    What do I need to say to get the IRS to look at my return over the phone?



    I just noticed something. As I said, TT said I was accepted 1/20. IRS confirmed w/ me I was accepted 1/23-a Friday. I’ve been cycle 5 for a few years now. Pure speculation here, but is there a correlation between cycle date and acceptance date that is slowing down the process for us? IRS said my return was submitted by TT, but they are held till 20th opening day. So could we be on hold for acceptance till our usual cycle date? Again, I’m just speculating here! Long story short: IRS accepted my return a full three days after TT tax told me they did. That makes a big difference!



    Guys the post Kevin posted about if you have blank transcripts your under review can’t be true. I was told it was a glitch that kicked us into this week’s processing batch. And I’m sorry but there is like 30 of us on this sight with blank transcripts and I find it highly unlikely that none of us got a letter of review and all 30 of us are under review. Especially those of us with simple tax returns that we file the same every year with no issue previously. Sorry . Don’t believe it.



    I don’t think it was just H&R Block that had issues. I think all of them did and lied to us about when our returns were submitted. I filed the 13th and received an email that I was accepted on the 14th. WRONG. How are you all getting reps to say when you were actually accepted? I have spoken with 3 and I can’t even get them to ask for my social.



    I’m sure tonight many of us will have our transcripts updated. Tomorrow night we’ll get a DDD for Friday 2/6.



    Macygrey, EXACT same thing going on with mine. It’s getting frustrating.



    So frustrated….filed and accepted on 1/20 with Tax Act. Have not seen ANY movement on WMR, I have only the Wage & Income Transcript that says no return filed. I just checked WMR again and it says I have reached the maximum # of attempts…????

    My fiancé filed and accepted on 1/20 with Turbo Tax and he’s got a paper check mail date (2/6) in WMR!

    I was really hoping for an update over the weekend and I am feeling like now is the time to start freaking out. I file early so I have the extra money for a convention I attend in February every year.

    I did check my past transcripts and all my cycle dates end in 05.



    i filed 1/20 and have a DDD of 2/4



    Well, for those of you in my situation (submitted return on 1/20, accepted 1/21, 1 bar on WMR that disappeared around 1/27, no transcripts available, no updates on WMR over the weekend), I was able to get some information from an IRS agent. She said that my return was not accepted until 1/30. This is after I got a return acceptance notice on 1/21 and had initially shown 1 bar on WMR and 10 days after I submitted the return.

    Filed through HRB, by the way. Last time I make that mistake.

    Color me extremely aggravated.



    OK Just got off phone w/ IRS. Here’s my current situation: TT says I was accepted on the 20th. Bars gone few days later. Was able to finally see 2014 transcript fri w/ all zeros and a 2/16 date. IRS told me today I was not accepted till the 23rd!! Gave me the same bs as everyone else with the 21 day, etc. But I now know that I was accepted 3 days AFTER I thought. That makes a big difference! She also mentioned next dd dates are 2/6 and 2/13? She told me I’m in normal processing right now.



    Here’s what I anticipate happening:

    Those of us who got blank transcripts last Tuesday will see an update tomorrow morning. Those of us who got blank transcripts on Friday will see an update on Friday.



    @autumn great article I needed that. Still laughing… 0.00* from the rap community :) (which may not be true)



    @autumn, Great article! Funny and reassuring. I have officially learned my lesson. I will never file in the first couple of days of tax season ever again. I filed and was accepted on 1/20 and like most, I have been biting my nails trying not to go crazy with account transcripts that have all zeros and NO return transcript. I don’t even waste my time going to WMR anymore since it never updates before I get my money. I work in IT, they should hire me to help them maintain their shitty website! Anyway, IRS had me on the edge of my seat last year and I’ve allowed them to do it to me again! You know what they say, “Fool me once, shame on you.. Fool me again, shame on me”.. I’m going to wait until I see people posting DDD’s next year then I’ll file.



    I think that anyone that filed before the 20th as well as on the 20th that we will have to wait the full three weeks before they process out returns. I know over the last three years I have filed early or on the opening day and I have waited 21 days each time. One of the years my bars went missing code 1121 etc… I still got my refund just only on the last day possible. Last year theyade early filers go to the back of the line. So they made it as if we filed on jan 31st versus early jan. And my cycle codes have been in the 601,702, 901 group which was a Friday on the 21,10, and the 28 of feb even though I filed earlier…. So I don’t expect to see anything until the 11th so maybe this weekend we will see any update and then they have four days to post it then it would be in our banks by 11/12th….. Sucks but that’s the way it’s played out for the last few years.



    Filed 1/16 accepted 1/20 locked out of transcripts…no DDD…We got our state on Friday…Is there truth to the theory that if your state is accepted your federal is ok too? I have this weird paranoia that there maybe something wrong, or something I’m not aware of…



    I’m still waiting too! No updates for me over the weekend. Still all 0s on my transcript with no cycle code on there. What gives?



    Filed 1/16 accepted 1/20 only one bar on wmr and no transcripts :( I hate the irs my grandma filed a week after me and had her refund 3 days later!?!? Came across this though and it made me feel a bit better about waiting.


    1/20 Filer

    Filed accepted 1/20 still NOTHING… 1 bar, no transcripts. I was thinking back about the past few years and have come to an obvious realization…. “If you file EARLY or in the first FIVE days of acceptence, they will PENALIZE you and make you wait longer than others”. It’s a passive aggressive way of them getting back at us for making them work lol! I have truly learned my lesson this year. ALL the people I know personally who filed after me have trancsripts or 2 bar. Mark my words!!!!



    I am hoping to see something tomorrow. I remember last year I filed on February 1st and couldn’t get transcripts until February 11th and my DDD was 2 days later. So I think by Tuesday night I should see something. If not then I’ll wait until the next week.



    I filled 1 / 20 was accepted that day. was able to order transcrpts last friday, wmr updated the next day (1/31) with a DDD of 2/4



    Filed 1/15 with TurboTax, accepted 1/20. Yesterday TT updated with a no later date than 2/10. STILL no DDD, can’t order Return Transcript. My account transcript still says 0. Ughhhhhhhhh!!!!!



    nope….. maybe tomorrow…….



    Just got on to WMR. No change. No bars, no refund amount, tax topic 152. Checked transcript still has 0s and as of 2/16



    anyone think we’ll get an update when wmr comes back up at 7est?



    WMR is up and still no bars for me. No topic either. My refund amount is still there though and all my transcripts can be viewed and ordered. Im cycle 20150405. What is going on?



    last yr for me it took 18 days from file to deposit looks like same this yr or even longer



    WMR has been down all day. No updates.



    just checked wrm and dammit its been all ******! day and no progress wtf? I don’t understand I’m locked out online trans I mailed account trans nothing wtf is going on I never been so frustrated in my years last I was under review took almost seven months now this year ughhhhhhhhhh!



    So (WMR) is working again but no updates for me no dates filed on the 20th still one bar and locked out of my transcripts



    I agree with Bagel, the past few years I filed early using my last pay stub. The company I work for closes their books for the year Jan 1st so we would often get two checks so the info was always accurate. The past two years I got caught in something going down clogging the system. This year I waited until IRS had been processing for a week. Low and behold I am in the eight day from start to finish group. It saved a lot of stress wondering what the heck was going on when bars vanished, no transcripts, or other common issues. Forever more I will file seven days after it’s going. It could be a false theory but it is much easier on the nerves.



    WMR has been down for me all day. I really hope the rest of us 1/20 ers get an update of some sort soon !


    1/20 Filer

    @ Concin43

    It DOESN”T mean your almost done when you have blank transcripts. It means they haven’t even started on you yet. Most of us 1/20ers have had blank transcripts for about 2 weeks now. They’re maybe gonna start working on ours this upcoming week :(



    @ Concin43

    It means your almost done.. Once you can order your return transcripts that means your return is finished and then you get ddd like the next business day. That’s how it worked with me and some others



    @ Concin43

    It means your almost done.. Once you can order your return transcripts that means your return is finished and then you get ddd like the next business day. That’s how it worked with me and some others


    1/20 Filer

    Filed 1/20 still 1 bar and NO TRANSCRIPTS! Super pissed!



    Ok so I need help….

    I filed on 01-18-2015 was accepted 01-20-2015 on (WMR) I have 1 bar …I viewed my account transcripts my refund transcripts are not there so I have no refund transcript but I have an account transcript which consist of all 000 and says (I have not filed)

    The last three years my numbers looked like this
    20140601 with a refund date of 02-24-2014
    20130804 with a refund date of 03-11-2013
    20120603 with a refund date of 02- 20-2012

    Does anyone know what that means ?



    LOL at the “please be patient”



    I’m gonna copy/paste what I just wrote in another thread cause it’s super relevant here:

    I gotta say, this is the 3rd year in a row where I see early filers (before 1/20 or so) who get shafted and end up waiting longer than most. Last year I was accepted and received my deposit all within about 7 days, yet there were people who filed way before me still waiting. That was the same scenario the year before that. I knew this year that I’d definitely be waiting until at least today to file, which is what I did. It sucks for the people who file early and think they’ll get their money first but unfortunately that’s not the case it seems.

    My one word of advice is wait a couple weeks (end of Jan/beginning of Feb) to let them work out the kinks in the system before you fle, cause it’s pretty much a proven track record at this point that if you file early, you get the shaft.



    fingers crossed that we all get some kind of update tonight! either transcripts or 2nd bar



    I am really hoping for an update to transcripts tonight. Trying to keep my hopes up here!



    Did you check WMR earlier this morning. Or was that the first time checking today. Just curious online it says that it’s only updated once usually over night but people in this forum will check in the morning then by after noon the same day have ddd….. So again just wondering.



    Filed on 20th and just checked wf and got a ddd for Feb. 4th………sooooo happy!



    @Virginia “Please be patient” … That’s easy for you to say when you’re staring at a DDD.



    Please be patient. My file was in the early batch. I filed my taxes with TT on Friday, January 9th and accepted early on Monday, January 12th. I check my WMR bar daily and finally noticed today, Saturday, January 31st that their is a DDD for 2/04/2015. So its coming.



    @ Mina it’s okay there still a lot of us waiting TT says only about 50% of people filing on the 20th have gotten their money!!! We will get our soon!!!!



    Still no update for this 1/20 acceptee. Seeing everyone else get ddds is driving me crazy!!



    I filed 1/20 at 5:30pm PST. My return was received at 9:30pm. 1/30 at 11am I checked WRM (iOS app) and still only one bar, however I was able to order and see my return transcripts as of that time. 1/31 at 11am I had two bars with a DDD of 2/4. My cycle date is 20150405. Hope everyone is keeping their heads up, yours will come!



    It’s always so hard waiting but as long as I have a dd by the 10th or the 11th I’m good.


    1/20 Filer

    “The way-eyay-ee-ding is the harrdesst parrrt”



    Just wondering if those accepted 1/20 filers who just got DD have the same cycle code on their transcript as last year? My code in the past was 0605. So I’m wondering if there is a correlation between codes last year and codes this year. Thanks!



    @ I need my money please.. Yea I’m in the same boat.. I also moved since last year and my cycle code is 0603 so ours should be coming very soon.. We should see a update within a couple days.. Hopefully *fingers crossed*



    Filed 1/15, accepted 1/21. Yesterday, the Account Transcript was available with all zeros. No Return Transcript. No further changes since. Only one bar.



    Can order account transcripts but not return transcripts.
    I’m a 20er with one bar on wmr and was finally able to order account transcripts yesterday morning. No updates at all today. Since I can order account but not return transcripts does that mean I’m still screwed? Everyone was saying if you can order account ones then your good but now I’m seeing stuff about return transcripts. Uhhg. Filed 17th accepted 20th morning and no movement on wmr and account transcripts have 0000s


    So no update for me neither my cycle code for last year 20140602 so I’m a little confused when I will get an update and my address change so what now



    Filed 1/20 accepted 1/20 still nothing 1 bar on WMR no transcripts.. I did look back at previous years cycle dates and mines was 0603. And I belive I received my on 2/10 or something maybe even a little earlier.. Can anybody help w/these cycle dates?? Anybody else with the same or similar cycle date?



    Filed 1/20 accepted 1/20 still transcripts still one bar.. I did notice my cycle says from previous years was 0603 which means it would Be processed sometime this week with a ddd sometime next week.. Can anyone help with this?? Anyone else with this cycle date?!!!



    Hi everyone

    I am a 1/20 filer
    No activity until I could finally order my transcripts at the end of the day. This morning I finally got a ddd for the 4th I’m on the se on bar on wmr

    If you wasn’t updated last night it’s definetly coming! I hope this gives dome hope because I too was absolutely frustrated with this process



    Filed 1-20 accepted same day wmr 1 bar transcripts zero with personal info. Anyone else the same that had obamacare ins. Or subsidies?



    I am emotionally drained!!! Was finally able to view account transcripts yesterday and has all 000000. WMR hasn’t budged and still on 1 bar. Filed and accepted 1/20. Have received GA return. What is going on?????? :*(



    Yes I am having the same issue! Filed 1/20, had one bar all week and now went to still processing. Cant access transcripts or anything. I was going to wait to file cause last year my refund got delayed months when I filed on day one. Now I have a wedding and a honeymoon coming up and im assuming the IRS is going to screw me again.



    Filed and accepted on 1/20 with Tax Slater still only 1 bar on WMR filed WV taxes on 1/22 and received my refund yesterday so thats nice



    There was progress, woke up with two bars! DDD 2/4.
    still hoping it will hit my card early.



    Still no update for me :( Filed the 19th accepted the 20th. What in the world is going on ?



    filed 1/20 got my DDD this morning 2/4



    I filed on the 19th with turbo tax accepted on 20th @irs ..sill nothing no trans or ddd …texas so no state ..



    Good Morning all,
    Hang in there.
    This morning I woke up and there was an update. I filed on the 12th accepted on the 16th and finally got updated with my DDD of 2/4/2015 I think that it is all cycle number related.



    (sorry) DDD 2/4



    Finally got approved and a ddd of 2/4. Filed 1/16 and accepted same day, ppl that filed and got no update hang in there, it’ll happen, I sat through this for a week I know the feeling but things are moving



    Filed 1/16 accepted 1/20 still nothing this morning :(



    still no updates for me filed and accepted on 1/20 w/ tt


    1/20 Filer

    NOTHING! Didn’t update overnight. Filed 1/20 accepted same day, 1 bar, NO TRANSCRIPTS! Meanwhile all these people who filed after already have the money in their accounts…



    @Mina, I heard they do not update until around 3am so I would give it a few mute hours.



    It’s after midnight and still nothing. I’m so annoyed!!!



    Yes hopefully there’s an update over night. On pins and needles never filing on opening day again… Or early…



    fingers crossed for at least transcripts in am!


    Corey B.

    Filed 1/16 TT, accepted 1/20. WMR shows one bar, generic topic for refund methods.
    BUT THENNNN….this morning, 2014 transcript finally available with cycle 20150405 and date of 2-16-15 and refund 846 code.
    Noticed last few years, I am in this 05 weekly cycle. Also noticed I get paid on Mondays last few years. PRAYING i keep this streak of Monday deposit action I need this 2/2 !
    Oh, WMR still hasnt updated– i expect it to do so tonight, and so should most of you all.



    1/20 filer too nothing!!


    1/20 Filer

    Checked again and nothing still… I bar, no transcripts… nothing… 1/20ers got screwed this year.



    I have no DDD on WMR but I happened to check my bank account and my bank already has it. I is pending 2/4 so and I am just waiting for them to release it.



    Same boat no progress…can only order account transcript…. So annoying



    @Ugh, I’m in the same boat. 52% of people who filed on the 22 has gotten their refund, I have one bar and I can see my trans, but its blank. No DDD and no movement at all.



    I TT 1/21 one bar, it was received, not able to get transcript online, did by mail. I don’t get this…why can’t anyone tell us why?



    nope im in same boat filed w/ tt on 1/20



    UPDATE! So WMR has not updated but I just called the offset phone number which I did last week and the message changed. It used to say you have 1 account for offset ( State taxes form last year) call *** for info.. Today is says one account was found and $**** has already been taken out of your refund thats set to be deposited on 2/4/2015!!!!! so yey! I have DDD. Sux I got offset, lol, but yey!


    1/20 Filer waiting…

    I filed 1/20 with Jackson Hewitt and was accepted the same day. I can not see my transcripts and I still have ONE BAR!!! I see lots of people who can view transcripts already. Am I the only one left waiting???



    Filed 01/16 accepted 01/20 no movement on wmr since the 20th No transcripts everyone in my family that filed after me has gotten their refund :( wtf?!



    @BC If I can order my transcripts over the phone does that also mean that Im done processing? The irs2go app keeps giving me the technical difficulties message. Yesterday I couldn’t order transcripts over the phone but i was able to this morning. It also updated my new address which it wasn’t recognizing yesterday….filed 1/16 accepted 1/20



    Damn Ugh!! I guess it’s going to be you and I together at the end of the line!!!



    @extremerefunder: Did you get this “20150405 = Year=2015 Day of the Week=04 Week of the year=05” backwards?

    I was under the impression that 20150405: Year=2015 Week=04 Day=05



    This link will tell you everything you need to know. It is a bit tedious but once you catch on it makes sense.

    20150405 = Year=2015 Day of the Week=04 Week of the year=05

    Our cycle date for processing was this week(today) , that is why many of us saw updates with our transcripts.
    Your deposit follows the week after your cycle date(processing date).

    Should expect to see an update or DDD by no later thank 02/04/15.

    Hope this helps everyone!



    I think it is the 4th. I looked at my past transcripts and last years shows refund issued on 2/25/2014 and I got it around 2/10.. so I think there is a big difference in that date and the one you actually get your refund on. BUT… from what I have seen on here and other sites is that once the IRS process your refund they have to issue it back to you within 4 days. Im not sure how true that is but I hope it is :D



    Still no transcript update for me.. god damnit. Turbotax is saying 50% of TT filers who got accepted on the 20th have their refunds. Looks like I’m going to be the last damn one..



    WAHOO!!!! Transcript just became available in the last hour! I can see numbers and everything so hopefully DDD will show up tonight on wmr.
    Also weird thing… but on the transcript I found under the account header shows code 150.. and states Tax Return Failed date 2/16/2015 cycle… wth does that mean. LOL. It also show the refund issues which is awesome!! But if anyone finds out what this 150 means let me know.



    Update! I was able to order my 2014 tax RETURN transcript over the phone even though I can not see them im hoping for DDD tomorrow!



    Still no update hopefully tonight I can still only get account transcript nothing else…. One bar…..



    Transcripts JUST updated! I have ALL of mine….with 0405 code!!



    Filled 01/20 was received with in hours of filling. Since then only one bar on the WMR :/ I have friends who filled after me and they revived their refund today 1/30! Can NOT pull up tax transcripts im kind of freaking out here!




    If you can order or view your transcript for 2014, that means your return is done processing and wmr should update soon with a ddd.



    I wasn’t able to view mine until 7 this morning and I got the cycle code but I did not get a code 846 so I do believe that we will be done processing by tonight. I am hoping the best for us 1/20’ers



    Filed on the 20th accepted the same day checked this morning still saying being processed. Tried to order transcript but couldn’t….anyone else with this problem?



    Hi, I too was accepted on the 20th but nothing yet.

    I dont understand transcripts, where are these found?




    Good Morning everyone,

    Well I just checked and there has been no update to my WMR, I still have no bars and it still says being processed with the generic code of 152 tax topics.

    Although my transcripts were available with cycle 20150405… 846 code 2/16/2015 date.


    We will all have to remember next year about the cycle theory, it is the one that makes the most sense.



    Oh, forgot to add that my transcript was NOT available earlier this morning, so keep checking folks!



    As of 11;15 am EST, my account transcript is available! 20150405 Cycle date with a refund issued by 02-16-15. From what I understand, that means a Wednesday, 2/4 DDD, right??



    @jb have transcripts!!



    I filled on 01/20/15, and accepted same day through taxslayer. I was able to view my account transcript only with cycle 20150405, and code 846




    Mines been like that since Tuesday. I hope you’re right.



    Guys there is hope for us. I am in the same boat. But yesterday I could not view 2014 acct transcripts. This morning at 5 am I could view them. It says 00000 on everything with a date of feb. 16th . So I believe we will be finished processing tonight.



    Guys there is hope for us. I am a 1/20 er with no update but today I was able to view my account transcript with everything blank still but the date Feb 16th on it . Yesterday my transcript wasn’t available. We should see an update tonight.




    well, mine updated from one bar to no bars and still no transcript. I did manage to reach a human by phone using the trick you shared but the only response I got from her after waiting 45 minutes on hold was, “No, no. no! I will not check anything until 21 days have passed!”. Customer service sure took a dive with the budget cuts – they used to at least be helpful if you took the time to wait on hold.



    I still cant see transcripts and still says processing…. maybe tomorrow well see something…. i hope so this is so frustrating



    Did any have WMR or transcripts update over night. I checked this morning and still only one bar and no trans. :(



    @ JB I got my account transcript 20150405 with a 846 !



    Hang in there guys… I filed 1/22/15 had 1 orange bar on wmr and it disappeared 3 days after acceptance. Today finally I was able to see my account transcript… shows cycle date 20150405… 846 code. WMR still show nothing, but still processing your return message. Today was the first day I was able to see my account transcript. Hope this helps.





    Mine is the same way. I’ve created a new topic so all of us with this issue can discuss it. I feel better knowing I’m not the only one but I’d feel a hell of a lot better if it actually updated.



    Labornurse, im the same as u since about tuesday which was first day i checked my transcripts.


    Mish mosh

    I’m a 1/22 filer but had been looking for my transcripts under return transcripts. Just now Checked the account transcripts and it shows a cycle date of 20150405. Filed tt, state of NC, had fees deducted from refund thru sbbt. On the TT site it states 05 is Thurs. 4th week (04), Thursday (05). It appears the week starts today (Friday 1/30) as that is listed as 0401.

    WMR dI’d not update. Didn’t update last year tI’ll after I got my refund last year.

    It does say refund issues code 846 on 2.16.15. But last year’s said 2.24.14 refund issued & I got it on the 12th.

    Hope this helps



    I’m getting concerned. I filed 1/20 & was accepted within two hours. I was able to see my account transcript the same day as the first batchers, but it said “no record filed” but my SSN, name, address & all that was there. It’s still saying the same thing. It also says “no record filed” for the wages transcript, too. I have n/a for the other two transcripts.

    Any idea why this would be blank for so long? Usually it goes from n/a to transcripts with codes. I wasn’t worried at first, but it’s been this way for several days now.




    Finally transcript! Filed & accepted 1/20 still only 1 bar on WMR but acct trans ha 20150405 which I believe means monday.



    This is getting beyond ridiculous!! It’s been 10 days since I was accepted and I have had no movement. No transcript nothing.



    I filed on 1/20 and was accepted On 1/20
    I have absolutely no movement on wmr nor my transcripts. It’s says my transcripts are not even available for 2014.

    My mother however filed on the 19th and got her dd today

    This is ridiculous



    @autumn the woman at the IRS isn’t being truthful. If it were an anticipation loan people would not of gotten theirs bars moved up with DDD on… It’s just the new measures with IRS a lot of people get shuffled around its not first come first serve and it’s highly correlated with your cycle numbers. And whether you are a weekly or daily processing schedule.



    Filed on the 16th accepted the 20th no movement on wmr since the 20th No transcripts. I talked to the irs this morning and the woman I spoke to insisted that absolutely no returns have been processed yet I then told her my mother in law who e filed through turbo tax 4 days after me received her direct deposit today she insisted that turbo tax had issued her a refund anticipation loan…? Has anyone heard of turbo tax just issuing anticipation loans just cause free of charge and without being asked? I know I haven’t so basically the irs employees are clueless.



    I’ve been accepted for 9 days now. One bar on WMR? and no transcripts aside from “Wage & Income” which show nothing. I can’t even see a cycle date. No DDD and no deposits.

    WTF IRS?!



    That last message was not mine.

    I filed 11, accepted 13, no change in text status 30th.

    No offsets, no errors, no info.. Talked to hotline, no info.

    No trans either.

    Not sure how that last message got messed up by the server.



    E Filed 11th, Accepted 13th, Still processing 30th. (no bar, no trans)



    HOLD EVERYTHING….t’s available and shows 2/16 deposit date with this sacred 846 code…but no movement on WMR…just the one bar with no DDD there ….cycle 20150405…could be anytime after next week now?/ Almost sure got mine last year on 2/7…confused but SLIGHTLY more relieved….



    HOLD EVERYTHING….t’s available and shows 2/16 deposit date with this sacred 846 code…but no movement on WMR ….cycle 20150405…could be anytime after next week now?/ Almost sure got mine last year on 2/7…confused but SLIGHTLY more relieved….



    Still waiting for account transcript in the mail… Return transcript still not ready … Still one bar …



    Filed 1/20, accepted 1/20. As of this morning, transcript is finally here. Cycle 20150405 with 846 code present as well. No update on WMR. There’s hope, folks!



    WMR will update overnight tonight It is a day behind transcripts. Mines always does and sisters too. You are good. Congrats.


    Owen mcCormack

    Mine seems to have a little different twist. Anyone in the same boat? I filed 1/20, nothing odd on return. This was the first year my son was in college so we did have that. But I was accepted on 1/20. 1 bar since. Account transcript showed up this morning. All looks good on it. But still one bar?!?



    Finally a DDD!! Transcript has the 846 as of 544am CST. Filed 1/20 @645am. Accepted 1/20 @ 1145am. 1-w2, no dep used HRB. 1 bar the whole time, n/a for transcripts until just now. Transcript is up 846 is on looking for Monday 2/2 DD. Finally.

    Sister’s same way. I filed both she has school, 2deps, and 1w2. Hers has 846 also!! Finally! She also had 1 bar never lost them and we are from Il. Hope this helps others I suspect to see plenty more posts.



    I filed on 1/15/2015. Got an accepted date on 1/21/2015. Since then, nothing. Have a cycle code 201502. This is starting to get annoying. I filed early so I wouldn’t have to deal with the IRS’s drama, but it seems worse. People who filed AFTER me are being approved, and mine hasn’t even started processing. My transcript isn’t available. Nothing. Just “Accepted”. The IRS sure doesn’t wait when you owe them money, but when they owe you…



    Hi everyone at first I was beginning to panic and I looked back on every year that I filed and had the cycle code of 05 then I thought back to last year my bars changed over the weekend well this should be the same cycle meaning my bars should change over the weekend and my transcripts should be ready this weekend also. I’m really starting to believe this cycle thing, hope this helps.




    Wth does that chart mean.. lol



    Probably hoping against hope here, but as I understand it some people get deposits before their WMR changes or their transcripts show up. I am hoping I end up being one of those people this year, because I have only one bar and my account transcript it blank.

    I probably won’t, but you never know.. Guess I’ll check my bank account a tomorrow and see how it goes. Anyone else hoping for this?



    Just got this from someone in another group hope this helps:)



    Filed 1/20 accepted right away. 1 bar no transcripts and getting annoyed.




    Thank you!!! I’ll try that in the morning.



    ladybgirl so what did they tell you when you talked to a person?



    I filed on the 12th accepted on the 13th I have never had bars however still cant view transcripts and still waiting …….going crazy



    @Lilly3015 Thanks for the info



    like the others i filed on 1-22-2015 no transcript then on the wases it says na on wmr i only have one bar. no reason to worry????? someone plz ease my nerves



    This happened to me andmy fin last year both filed early and accepted on the same day. I was approved and got in the first week of deposits. His took a week longer to approve and and deposited exactly one week after mine.

    This year same thing both filed early and accepted on the same day. Mine has been accepted with a ddd of tom and his isnt moving. Still cant order his transcripts.

    Hoping it his will be in next weeks ddd.



    Try this : post.
    I called 1-800-829-0922 pressed the option for “received a letter ” then pressed 2 to find out the amount owed entered my SSN and then it asked me to hold, said there was 15-30 minute wait and I got to a rep. Hope this helps out who ever was looking to get directly to a rep. Funny how you say you owe them money and get someone right away but if you are looking for help the darn system hangs up on you… thats the IRS for ya.



    My cycle codes are always 01, or 02 I usually get my refund on a Friday or a Thursday when the bank posted it early and It usually mid feb Friday or the last two years the end of feb. Like the 21, 2013 and the 28th last year… So the cycle code makes sense.. Sucks but worst case senorio is it would have to be there the 11th… Or interest!!!! :)



    Still in limbo. Filed 1/14, accepted 1/20. NO PROGRESS. No DDD, no transcripts, one bar. Third year in a row skipped over like this. The IRS needs to be abolished.



    “No record of return filed” just means that they haven’t processed your return yet. Nothing to worry about!



    @Nebraskawoman i have no idea what the cycle codes mean. I filed 2/2 last year and was dd on 2/12. I have just been reading the thread and it all seems pretty logical to me now.



    You all have given me a breath of hope. I was starting to freak that maybe i was under extended review for what ever reason. i was so scared because my sister and my boyfriend who both filed the same day as me, have a DDD set for tomorrow. I only have the 1 bar on WMR and i was started to get really scared. I bought a house in 2014 so i didnt know if something like that was holding it up and threw up a red flag. I get so nervous for no reason. the government and IRS scares me, but its nice to see that i am not the only one who is still only 1 bar. Fingers crossed that we have some info tomorrow!!! also, on my transcripts, all are n/a except wages and income, and that says

    “no record of return filed”

    is that bad?



    Well I filed on the 1st last year and I had my money on the 6th (rushcard) by it was scheduled the 10th or 11th. So you know what cycle 20130603 is?



    @nebraskawoman i have moved every year for the past 3 years and have never had this issue, this is the first time though i have filed early.



    So I filed w/TT 1/20 accepted 1/20 still no progress 1 bar on WMR And can’t view transcripts.. My cycle date for the last couple years have been 2014,2013.2012-0603? Am I on the daily or weekly? But I did move so I wonder is that part of the hold up? Anybody else with a similar situation?



    I’m in the same boat as many of you. Filed 1/18, accepted 1/20, 1 bar and n/a on 2014 transcripts. I filed both our taxes and a friend of the families about a half hour apart on 1/18, our friend’s were approved with a 1/30 DDD on Wednesday while we still wait. Hoping for an update tonight/tomorrow since the same thing happened to us last year.

    I guess the bright side to all of this for me is that I had two teeth extracted on Monday and I’m still on soft food for a few more days…it would really stink to get my refund tomorrow and not be able to go out and get a nice fat steak dinner! :)



    E Filed 11th, Accepted 13th, Still processing 29th.

    MFJ, Exempt ACA, 2DEP, EIC, CTC (Husband/Children has ins.) — No Transcript available.

    Last yrs. was on Wednesday 12th as well. (Midwestern – not the south)

    Filed TT for years, not once have I had an issue with the “no bar” and “your refund is still processing”



    How are you finding an actual person to talk to at IRS? Every number I call gives me the same automated response and then hangs up on me. Filed hrb 1/20, accepted 1/21, 1 bar on wmr and no transcripts available.






    Thanks Lilly3015. That makes me feel better. Now lets pray like hell that we dont get flagged and sent to next weeks processing. That would be terrible.



    Good Afternoon, I filed on the 19th and got accepted on the 20 and I have only the 1st bar on wmr. I tried to order my transcripts and it show n/a for 2014. So now i’m going out of my mind. My friend did hers on the 20th and she was accepted on the 21st and shes getting her damn money tomorrow 1/30. She text me @ 3am saying her bar on the wmr had moved to the 2nd 1 and if she doesn’t have it by 2/4 then call them. Every year I’ve always filed early and got my cash back early. I know the irs is low on staff but really people who have filed days after me have their money or they are about to receive their money! smh



    Hi All,

    After reading some more on the IRS publication on processing timelines for the past hour (, I found that since we are on weekly processing that all files will be submitted to them today and will start to be processed after 5pm tonight. They state that this should be completed by 6am. They then have 4 days to deposit the funds. Times are in EST

    However, if their computer receives any errors for posting delay, you will be recycled for the next weekly posting date. Hope this is true and we all can view our transcripts tomorrow morning and we receive our DD next wednedsay.

    As to why we are on weekly cycle instead of daily: 1) Their computer checks us 3 times in the past year to determine if we are eligible for daily. There is a list of criteria that probably doesn’t apply to most of us (ie..installment payments, criminal activity..etc..) 2) We have always been on a weekly cycle before 3) Some of us were daily before (that was me) but this year, your file was batched to weekly instead of daily (I think this is random). They state that even if your return is flagged as daily when you submit your tax return, but you are sent to weekly to the weekly batch, it does not change and you default to weekly.

    Hope this helps answer some questions and we all wake up to transcripts tomorrow and DDD on Saturday/Sunday and DD on Wednesday.

    If this is true, I will post tomorrow morning when I can see my transcripts. Let us know if you are able to view them tomorrow



    @ Gail… I think he is right as well. Ive always had the 05 cycle, but Ive always gotten my return 10-15 days after filing so Im not freaking out just yet. Lets all keep our fingers crosses and hope something gets updated over the next few days. I really dont want to be the person who wake ups Monday morning with still only one bar, no transcripts or DDD. I would lose my mind LOL.



    If you all look through the posts on this thread you will see that what jb is saying is true. I have always gotten my deposit on a Wednesday so I should see my deposit next Wednesday. The last three years I have gotten cycle code 05 on my transcripts and 05 is Wednesday. So we should all see SOME sort of update over the weekend and if you don’t see something by Sunday then it’s time to really freak out. I’m trying to stay calm until then :)



    @jb, no luck here either.



    Also accepted on 20th. Been stuck on one bar ever since. Massive migraine erupting. Can’t get any dates from anyone either.



    @jb yeah right.. i’ll believe it when i see it. so far this has been nothing but disappointment



    Filed: 1/13, Accepted: 1/20, TurboTax. When I try to get my transcripts online, I get the message to call the Identity Theft Specialization Unit. I have now called twice regarding that and each time was told there was nothing on my account showing Identity Theft (thank goodness), but I am still unable to access the online part of the transcripts (I was able to last year). So I tried to see if I could have them mailed and it is telling me for both account and return, that their isn’t one available. When I talked to the guy yesterday from the IRS he said that my return was being processed, there doesn’t seem to be any errors, and that I should see something within 7-10 days. I was really hoping to see an update this morning (from the update overnight). Does anyone know when they do the “big” updates? I filed my cousin and uncles taxes both on the 21st and they are getting their deposits tomorrow. It isn’t fair :(



    @jb i hope so, this is crazy this year.



    Jb, if you’re right, you may in fact be my new best friend!



    I also filed 1/8 accepted on 1/12 and nothing no movement no bars nothing. i used tt again this year, i spoke to them yesterday and they said nothing is wrong i have green lights across the board. I’m so confused usually there is more information available then what there is this year.



    Darn on a lighter note I’m missing the extra 30% at dillards today-__-….



    Glad I filed at the beginning, because there seems to be a lot of frustration and confusion for those who waited.

    Am a January 20th, opening official tax processing day filer (though, filed with TaxACT on the 16th, but accepted by Internal Revenue Service on opening day) and recieved my refund yesterday at around 6:00 a.m.

    Hang strong, and focus away from the negative whenever possible. This stuff can drive one nutty.



    The irs line is telling me my ssn is not valid, cant see trans, and i filed and was accepted on 1/22

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