2/11 DD Info Update Here Please

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    If you have a DD of 2/11 leave your updates here, if you get it early , if you don’t get it, and what form of DD you have as well please ( Bank, Prepaid card, etc)

    Form: PrePaid Card through card.com

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    Quick question guys.. Our refund has been delayed and wmr says 1121. We called and they said they would have to mail a check that it could be up to 4 weeks.. My question is.. Once a check is mailed from the IRS will wmr update to say so or will it just continue to say that it has been delayed with 1121 code?? Any ideas??? thanks in advance for replying!!!!




    Congratulations, it means you have a DD coming, or at least your refund. I would guess that if you got it last night or this morning, you will have your money on Wednesday.

    What did your WMR change to when your refund did not show up on 2/11??



    Hey everyone I also had a DD of 2/11 and still have not received anything. My transcript has
    846-refund issued
    841-refund cancelled
    971- notice issued
    846- refund issued…
    that’s all I have on my transcript and I have not received anything in mail. I also am not sure why they would need to review considering it was a simple return and pretty straight forward..also not a large amount.

    anyone know what any of this means? Does that last 846 mean they are sending refund and will I be seeing it DD or via mail?

    so annoying.



    Hi All. I had a 2/11 deposit date. My bank told me on 2/13 they never saw any deposit. Tried calling IRS on 2/13 – what a joke. Today (2/16) I sign back on to WMR and I see this: “We are sending you a check to the address shown on your tax return because your bank returned the direct deposit of your refund.
    Your tax refund is scheduled to be mailed by February 23, 2015. If you do not receive the refund by March 23, 2015, please contact us again. We are unable to take any action until then.”.

    My bank never saw a deposit – I am absolutely positive all my banking information was 100% correct on my return. The IRS is clearly lying. Someone messed up something on their end, or they are just trying to buy time giving me my money, but it is a huge issue for me. I was relying on that money to pay several bills and now my bank account is negative. I am beyond frustrated.

    If anyone else is in my boat, I recommend contacting your IRS Taxpayer Advocate. I don’t think this will help my current situation, but I want the IRS to know that they messed up and I know it. No more hiding behind phone calls that won’t get answered. http://www.irs.gov/Advocate/Local-Taxpayer-Advocate



    @des09100-I had a date for February 11 to receive my refund my transcript updated this morning to 841 refund canceled. WMR updated to 1121 there is a delay in processing your tax return. Do you have any idea what could be wrong?



    @ LALA – 841 means your refund was canceled and a 971 means misc transaction. What we can tell from your transcripts is that your refund was canceled and 971 code means they could not define the reason of cancellation. The means you are under review. Your return needs to be manually reviews by a live agent.



    My son had a ddd dor 2/4, WMR WENT FROM APPROVED with 2/4 ddd to.sent to bank on 2/5. He checked his bank, chase bank for 3 days, no money, no rejection, on Saturday 2/7. WMR WENT from Sent to.bank to processing delay and refund date may have changed, code 1121 and still like this today. Called IRS stated refund was cancelle, he susupposedly is under review. Getting a letter. My son filed turbotax online, simple return, one w2, edu 1098t. That’s all. Alot of people with 2/4 dates never received money and get same message on wmr and code 1121. One IRS REP admitted she heard a rumor that IRS MAY have cancelled refund from TT customer customers due TT system was hacked and the IRS got a wave of fraudulent refund was just on state, but recently admitted on fed return also. Every year some BS. Wow.



    I had a DDD for 2/11, I did not receive my refund in my chase bank… Bank claims they have not received anything from IRS, I just downloaded my Transcript from IRS and I can see code 846 Refund issued 02-23-2015… Pls what does that mean? what can I do?



    I opens up in a new window, you might have pop-ups blocked



    When I go in it and click to look at the transcripts and click a year it doesn’t show anything but the 4 boxes that say like return transcripts and such? If you get what I’m saying? All I do is try to click on my return year and nothing shows up



    Thanks guys.. Would someone now please tell me how to read this transcript… I see the transcript codes.. 150 806 766 768 846 841 and 971.. So how do I know which to go by?? . They are in that order.. I’m so lost.. I just want the refund to come so I can pay these bills!! ☺



    Not sure what you mean. You cannot access your transcripts or ??….can you explain a little more and could you access them before??



    The manual says a code 766 is…IRS TOP Offset reversal w/OTN, Not exactly sure if that is that you owed an offset and they took it or if they took it and were not supposed, so they have to put it back…..I will see if I can find out more info



    I went online to check my transcript and nothing shows up?



    this is for Participant.. I check my account transcripts and have code of 846 and 766 credit to my account.. whatever that means..




    ggpaul and brandon

    You need to check your transcripts to see if you have any new codes. I have a 841 code and no other codes….it means refund was cancelled and it seems that means that they have to re-issue it but since most of us are weekly accounts, I am n ot sure if we will have to wait an entire week or not.

    Other people got other codes, which means they are in review or some other issue.



    my DDD 2/11/15 and still no deposit as of today, I don’t know what is happening the IRS has not send me any notice or anything whatsoever, but when we owe them money they take away your house, car, etc..



    Has anyone received their tax refund yet when it was supposed to be deposited on February 11th? I had mine DD to my walmart money card and still haven’t received them and no one can give me any answers, I also cannot get ahold of anyone at the irs to ask what could be going on. I checked to see if I had any error codes but nothing is showing anything so I guess they are just taking forever but Please help if you have any info! (Fingers crossed)


    Sarah B

    @Jac – Well that is disappointing to say the least. I spoke with a gentleman who said they would be sending me some paperwork in the mail first and once I respond then ey would send me a check. Sounds like I won’t be getting one for a good while. I tried having it direct deposited on my Ealgreens prepaid card and according to the irs, the bank rejected the deposit. It’s very frustrating that this is happening to do many people his year.

    Has anyone experienced this before or already and received their check in the mail?



    Hey Lala http://www.irs.gov/Individuals/Get-Transcript

    Just beware… they keep saying that I can’t verify my identity so I can’t access my transcripts.

    I had a 2/11 DDD. My bank (M&T) says there is no record of a deposit being sent. I know I had my account numbers correct, and the account is in MY name. So I have no idea where my refund is. I am very sick and need this money now! I am beyond frustrated with this! I am changing my paychecks so no tax money comes out. No more giving the government an interest-free loan and then waiting for repayment! Ridiculous!



    so i checked my transcript today because i still haven’t received my money and now under the 846 code there’s a new 841 refund cancelled code! does anyone have any idea what this is????



    Could someone please tell me how to get the transcripts.. I was supposed to have a dirdct deposit on 2/11.. And still nothing. The state deposit did come thru. But not federal. I have a prepaid card with card. Com… How do I get the transcripts to see what they say??



    I’m in the exact same boat, Sarah B. My cancellation and notice issued dates are just the same as yours. What I’d done is file my fiancé’s return to be deposited in my account and the bank rejected it. It can also happen if you enter in your account or routing number incorrectly.

    I just spoke with an IRS rep and was told the 03/02/2015 date is the latest I will see the notice in my mailbox explaining why I’m getting a check instead of a direct deposit. She then said from that 03/02 date that it could be up to TEN weeks until I got the check itself. Now she did also say it takes a little longer to receive the check for us because the name on the DD account was incorrect. If you just transposed numbers your wait could be considerably shorter. And I’m sure any date given is worst case scenario anyway.


    Sarah B

    My DDD was supposed to be 2/11/15 and I have not received it yet. After readding these comments, I requested a transcript from the irs and it has the codes for refund cancelled and notice sent with dates of 2-23-15 and 3-2-15. I don’t really understand these codes and why they show future dates. Can anyone explain what I should expect? Does this mean a check will be mailed to me? If so, any idea how long this might take?



    Thank you, Anita. I appreciate the information.

    His transcript was updated to read:

    846: Refund Issued 02/23/2015

    841: Refund Cancelled. 02/23/2015

    971: Notice Issued 03/02/2015

    Oddly enough WMR still reflects three bars full and with nothing to indicate there was an issue. I guess it takes some time to catch up.

    If my check does have to be cut by the IRS is the 03/02/2015 date the one I’m to be expecting the check by or could it come much sooner?



    Also was to receive refund 2.11. Just checked transcript and it went from 846 approved to 871 refund cancelled. You may want to check transcript.



    Nothing yet



    Jac I know I tried to have my fed go to my husbands prepaid and they wouldn’t do it even though we were married. They didn’t send it back to the irs though, the card company cut me their own check and it came 5 days after. That was account now though I think. I’m not sure if it’s irs rules or card rules.



    I filed my fiance’s taxes to go to my prepaid KPF 123 Rewards card. His state tax refund posted two days ago with no issue whatsoever. Our DDD from the IRS on WMR was 02/11/15 and we’ve not seen a dime. Nothing on his tax transcript indicates the bank has rejected the refund in favor of sending a check. I called the bank several times last night to see if they could verify that nothing had been denied and literally all anyone would tell me is that they would not be able to tell me that information, that I’d have to call the IRS. So aggravated. Is it promising that his state posted just fine or does it not have any bearing on whether or not his federal will? How will I be able to tell if a check was issued instead? I’ve got all three bars full on WMR still.



    My DDD was 02/11, I used Turbo Tac and still haven’t received anything on my net spend card as of yet. I’m beyond pissed!!!



    And day two of waiting begins..



    still have not received my refund, checked irs.gov nothing’s changed all 3 bars, refund sent 11th, no new codes on transcripts, hubby’s on the phone wit the bank 24/7 customer service, nothing pending, no rejections, etc. freaking out!!!!!!!!



    @Mina what do you mean? You have not received it?



    NO REFUND!!!!



    Anyone receive their money yet?



    Was suppose to have deposit on 2/11/15
    Still nothing there
    I have net spend
    I called them there is no pending deposits seen.
    Ive always filed using turbo tax n used there net spend for deposit
    Never had this happen
    Always got in day if deposit date
    I have a full 3 bars to it says sent
    Wonder what going on and when will money come
    Hopefully tomorrow morning



    @waiting I have seen it in years past but not usually to the extent that I have seen it for the 2/11 deposits. I am so curious about what is going on.



    I’ve been efiling since its inception and I’ve run into a lot of issues but anytime the irs.has given mea date, it was always thetre the day they gave me by 9am.this is the first year seen anything l lie this. I’ve come to the conclusion that they e just telling us what we want to hear and are dealing with us as the crap hits the fane



    That makes no sense. The deposit Should’ve been accepted seeing as thought you are both listed on the account.



    No the account was in both our names I was just listed on top him on bottom.. Deposit (ACH) was sent in his name only..



    I also have a prepaid card, through card.com



    It’s 4:02p here and still nothing, called my bank around 9a and they said they had not received it, as of yet. The gentleman also said that the federal returns were running slow this year. My DDD was yesterday and it seems like most of us still don’t have our returns… where’s my return needs to operate more like the usps tracking system and show more steps to the process, there would be much less confusion.



    I take it the card was only in your husband’s name and you were trying to have your return sent to his card?



    Finally got some answers with Greendot (Wal-Mart MoneyCard) they rejected our deposit because it was in my husband’s name only.. soo sbbt will be cutting a check and mailed agh so stupid.. IRS new policy with prepaid card

    Now to wait for my bank to let SBBT know and they cut and mail check.. 3-10 business days



    ** Sorry, my cycle code is actually 20150405.



    Filed and accepted on 1/24/15 with TurboTax. Still nothing as of today. WMR had 1 bar, now it has no bars and says “still processing”. My 2014 transcript is available, and it shows no delay codes at all. Called the IRS today, and finally got through on my 20th consecutive call. Gave her all of my info, and she said she couldn’t find my return, and asked if I was sure it was filed. I was staring at my 2014 transcript with a cycle code of 20150405…yep, I’m positive. She finally found it and said what I already knew…its processing…21 days is minimum…no idea when you’ll get your refund.

    So, essentially, it’s sitting in someone’s queue, and they’re just ignoring it. So ticked off right now…

    Edited to put in correct cycle code



    Filed and accepted on 1/24/15 with TurboTax. Still nothing as of today. WMR had 1 bar, now it has no bars and says “still processing”. My 2014 transcript is available, and it shows no delay codes at all. Called the IRS today, and finally got through on my 20th consecutive call. Gave her all of my info, and she said she couldn’t find my return, and asked if I was sure it was filed. I was staring at my 2014 transcript with a cycle code of 20140405…yep, I’m positive. She finally found it and said what I already knew…its processing…21 days is minimum…no idea when you’ll get your refund.

    So, essentially, it’s sitting in someone’s queue, and they’re just ignoring it. So ticked off right now…



    My DDD was 2/11/15 and I still have not received my refund. This is getting frustrating.



    my DDD 2/11/15 Netspend card still no deposit as of today, check WMR I have 3 bars now. IRS is taking their time I guess… any one knows what is going on?



    Still no money for me.



    Accepted 2/2 DDD date of 2/11 wmr changes to 3 bars over night. I don’t need the money but I want it now BC it’s supposed to be there lol still nothing as of 8am pst. I’m sure we’ll all wake up happy Friday morning. Good luck to all



    Still nothing and SBBT said that if your bank is tracing it they are under Sunrise bank.. Seems everytime I call Walmart MoneyCard I get a different answer or different stories.. Getting a little worried and frustrated..

    SBBT said if you have a trace # give that to your banks ACH Dept and they will be able to locate funds and see where it is (thats what a trace # is for lol)

    Hope we all start seeing some money!!


    Stressed on 3 bars ..still no deposit

    ddd 2/11 still no deposit …. Wmr on 3 bars… Sbbt said they havent recieved any money call back tomorrow…. Smh … So i guess my money is in limbo now wth can i do now



    ddd 2/11 IRS web says sent, still nothing as of 8:55 am 2/12 who knows, must be the government needs the money more than us…..



    I use M&T Bank. Had a DDD of 2/11. It is 2/12, no deposit. Where’s My Refund is at 3 bars (deposit sent on 2/11). Usually get deposits from work immediately. I am very low on gas and need to refill my RX, so I hope my bank posts it soon!

    Also — by online account shows Pending credits, and there is nothing Pending yet.



    They are two totally seperate things. I’ve never had it happen but i’m sure one could be approved while the other is rejected. You gotta remember that every state handles how fast and stuff they process returns individually. You typically receive your FED before STATE but it’s not a sign of things to come if its the other way around.



    My biggest question is: If I have received my state refund, will I more than likely receive my Federal refund?



    @andrew I bank with a local credit union.



    Every other year i got the refund sent bar a day or so after I had actually already received my refund.



    Well it recently just changed because I called the hotline and it gave me a different message….So i think its slowly but surely coming



    Yeah i have the same sent message. That it was sent to my bank today.



    DD 2/11 Ive been looking back and forth on irs wmr… got locked out for checking so many times. Now i check back it said sent. I have a prepaid Tmobile moneycard (Bancorp) bank Ive called customer service repeatedly today….No rejection…They said it hasnt post yet… Like what the freak is going on? but now i have a feeling its going to be on like 3-4am …Well i hope



    what bank do you go through?



    DDD of 2/11 and still have not received refund from federal. Received state almost 3 days after filing, just noticed that Where’s My Refund updated to sent status. I still have no indication of receiving the deposit through my bank. File date: 2/1 Accepted date: 2/1. A bit worried, anyone out there able to easy my mind a bit?


    Steven J Lewis

    Well, i filed my mom’s and still haven’t received a DD date and I filed it on Jan 21st and it was accepted on the 22nd. Used Turbo Tax. It was a simple return for two retirees. IRS still shows processing. I filed a return for my daughter in law before my mom’s and after two rejections caused by TT internal errors I went to H&R on the 26th, had it accepted less than two hours later and it was paid on Feb 3rd. Her return involved EIC and the child tax credit. TT has some major issues and I believe its the cloud technology that has caused them the two glitches, health care question and duplicate entries on imported w2, because last year the same two returns almost identical in wages and refund amounts were paid within 10 days of filing.



    Who has NOT got their money?



    Anyone with accountnow receive their refund for 2/11/15?



    Used turbo tax and had a ddd of today and still have not recieved it. I’m worrying



    My ddd was today and I have yet to receive my refund. My husband uses bancorp we called this am, no pending money, no rejection, nothin. I finally got ahold of an irs agent, and she says it could b anytime today but that they have up to 5 days. We used free tax usa, and i have no other way of finding out where my money is, i am late on my rent, due to my husband being laid off and have 3 kids, is anyone else having this issue. I feel like crying i’m so overwhelmed.



    Today is my DDD. Still nothing. I used Tax act on 1/23 accepted on 1/23. No deposits with Netspend/Ace Elite :-(



    DDD 2/11 netspend still no deposit, as off today will wait until tomorrow morning.


    2/11 DDD 4:19 pm no money yet (netspend) for deposit

    deposit is supposed to be put on my netspend card this is the 1st year im using netspend and my netspend account still has a 0 balance…. i called SBBT they said the irs gives refunds out in batches all day so we may still get it today hopefully crossing my fingers … we all need our money … i hope i have some activity tonight…. now this is stressing me out now



    DDD 2/11 No deposit yet. USAA.



    Filed 1/30 accepted same day ddd of 2/11/15 nothing as of right now mst…. what gives! Called the bank no pending deposit or holds.. ugh go figure the one year I count on the money being there its not.



    Filed January 20, ddd of February 11, still nothing in my account (checking account, M&T Bank). My friend who filed weeks after me and had a ddd for end of Feb (Feb 20-something) already received hers!


    Amanda C

    @Notcountingchickens….my WMR still only shows two bars and I received my deposit this morning, so it is true that the $$ can show up before the 3rd bar.



    Filed 1/30 accepted 2/2.. ddd 2/11/15 still no money! Split deposit into b of a and CU still nothing in either account..



    DD for today using Netspend and had no fees taken out but no money.! What the heck is going on.??!!



    I did them on 2/3 and they were approved 2/4 with TurboTax and was supposed to get DD today. I know I have some kind of offset and also the 29.99 but O is still showing on SBBT and nothing to my Bank. I am using Green Dot debit card. I get direct deposit through my work and no issues.



    used JH prepaid card ddd of 2/11/15 received my refund around 9:30-10:00 est.



    DDD 2/11/2015 no freakin money….. state says sent 2/5/2015… no freakin money… seriously wth is going on????



    Anyone with an accountnow card get their refund?


    Kayla Peace

    DDD was today for me STILL NO MONEY. IM PISSED.



    Accepted 1/21… DDD of 2/11… Filed with HRB, fees taken out and $$$ posted to my credit union account at 9am cst. Whoop!



    Also, to add to that, my WMR still shows only 2 bars. I saw someone was asking about that the other day as well, whether money could be sent without actually getting all 3 bars.



    Filed 1/29, accepted same day, received DDD of 2/11 on 2/9, received DD yesterday around 4PM CST. Money was showing in SBBT but not on NetSpend card yet, called SBBT and asked if there was anything wrong/anything I needed to do, the person I spoke with said no. Called my card about 30 minutes later and the money was there. Good luck to you all!



    Ddd 2/11/15
    Got my $ just now on JH PREFERRED card
    Offset came out for child support still got my refund at 6:45am



    @chris awesome, thanks! I use HRB every year and have never had to wait for a DDD either. That email is ridiculous.



    DDD 2/11/15, no fees taken out, Compass Bank DD, GOT MY REFUND at 5am this morning….Hope its like this for everyone else with same DDD



    Still no money :( SBBT sent it yesterday, my bank (Walmart MoneyCard) usually never have an issue but this year it’s not there…Getting worried now



    Woke up to my refund sitting in my account. THANK GOODNESS!!! It’s been real y’all. See you in a year! :)


    Ashley O

    Refund is in….
    Not bragging- just dancing at my desk doing the nay nay…



    Has anyone with a DDD of 2/11 not received their DD yet? I’m stressing out!!



    My money is in my bank account this morning! I used HR Block fees taken out and direct deposit to my bank account! And on IRS site I am still on the second bar. Good luck to everyone hope everyone gets theirs today!



    Went through jackson hewitt prepaid card and nothing yet so any one that has it and get there return please let me know



    @Elle- I used H&R block had fees taken out. Got the same 3-5 day message and was told yesterday by H&R block it would take 3-5. Totally not true, got my DD sent to my bank this morning at 5:30 with fees removed and available to me.



    Does anyone know how true the email from HRB is about waiting 3-5 days for a deposit? They emailed me yesterday that the irs is depositing funds and it usually takes 3-5 days for a deposit. Is this a standard message? I use HRB every year, but this is the first time ever seeing an email like that and their customer support was worthless and gave me the number to irs. I don’t have anything pending at my credit union, but they don’t post until 9am. :/



    rebeccap03 I went through Jackson Hewitt and have not gotten my refund yet today either! :(



    Mine hit the bank this morning fuckin awesome! :)



    Dd 2/11 __still nothing. I use a payroll card issued by Bancorp bank. Never had problems be

    But idk why our didn’t come thru



    Anyone using Jackson Hewitt card get there’s yet due today?


    steel city

    Filed with H&r block 1/20 accepted a week later approved last Friday with a DDD of 2/11 woke up this morning to 8,000 dollars richer in the bank yay time to go shopping lol



    I woke up with mines available this morning as well. WOOO HOOO Wells Fargo is good for something after all.



    BoA is showing available this morning!!!!!!

    Filed 1/30
    Accepted 1/30
    Approved 2/6
    DDD 2/11
    Funds available 2/11
    Direct deposit to my mother in law’s Bank of America

    Till next year, folks!!! Happy tax season!



    DD for 2/11. Filed with H&R block with fees taken out. Sent to my bank and available at 5:30 am today.



    DD for 2-11. H&R block with fees taken out. Deposited to my bank around 5:30 this morning.


    Kayla Peace

    Anyone banking with Citizens First? My DDD was today and still nothing…



    Ddd for 2/11/15 nothing yet Jackson hewitt prepaid card anyone else?



    dd of 2/11 – Still nothing at this point.



    Mine was on my walmart money card when I woke up :) DDD was today on wmr



    I got my DD into wells fargo sometime between midnight and 5am. Yay, Also WMR is still only showing 2 bars.



    The IRS took out the offset and the status says DDD into my account on Feb 10, but I don’t see a thing in my account which is annoying no pending and definitely no DD from the IRS (FYI all my information such as my account is correct). Its not like I was expecting this years refund but when I got the message that all I owed was a small offset rather than them taking the whole check as they’ve done before I was shocked. Fingers crossed maybe they will send it in soon.



    Filed 2/3/15
    Accepted 2/3/15
    ddd of 2/11/15

    Used turbo tax and got it this morning when I woke up used my vanilla debit card which is Regions bank. Wmr still shows 2 bars so not accurate. Woo hoo.


    Sad face :(

    I was accepted 1/16 and my deposit finally came in today!! Cheers all….time to relax!



    Got mine this monring. 1/26 with a DD of 2/11 From HRBLOCK to my account not the emerald card.



    2/11 DDD……..refund was in my Amex serve account at 2:30 am EST…….party time!!!!!!!!!!



    OK I feel really nervous am I the only one with Wells Fargo who hasn’t received their refund yet into the bank account???



    got my refund this morning sometime before 3am pacific time. Filed and accepted on 1/31, ddd of 2/11 bank with wells Fargo



    Filed and accepted on 1/27

    WMR updated 2/7 to two bars with DDD of 2/11.
    2/10 SBTPG shows deposit in early morning…. my bank receives and posts deposit around 2pm central standard time. (I bank with Woodforest) WMR still showing 2 bars.



    payroll posted to my account now but not refund :-(



    Ok so I have tried to go back and get times for everything since I only check SBTPG and my bank (Woodf



    @carried- Mine just posted within the last 45 minutes.



    Did anyone with h and r block get theirs yet?



    Carrie, what time zone are you located in. I still haven’t received anything yet.



    Got my refund as of 3:56am!!!! Now just have to wait for TT to update the State Refund Papers so I can mail them in! Thanks all!



    @erica I use card.com as well and it is not on mine yet either. My paycheck is never on there till between 6-7 am so it may not be there till then.



    Just woke up to federal already being deposited into my checking account. That was around 4:15 this morning. Now waiting on both of our state taxes to show up. One state says it is done processing and just hasn’t been mailed out yet and the other said it may take 4-6 weeks for processing……sooooooo back in limbo with those. :-/ Grateful for federal, however.



    I used Card.com, my refund still hasn’t posted. Anybody else having this problem?



    @brian, you are very welcome. ill let you know @5 my time if it gets posted or not



    Thanks for all the helpful info!



    PHEW… CLOSE CALL. Literally a few minutes after posting that, my refund hit my BoA account… *wipes sweat off forehead* FINALLY! Now if only Arizona had their shit together this year, I’d have that refund too… But oh well. That’s just delayed. That wasn’t the important one. :) Until next year IGMR :)



    @brian, gold, you are charged 9.95 monthly fee
    silve, you are charged 1.00 per a transaction



    What’s the difference between those two cards? I believe mine is the gold one.


    Amanda C

    Federal Refund just deposited!! Yipppeeeeee! Now if NY state would just get its act together. Lol

    For anyone looking for info, here’s my stats:

    Married filing joint with 2 kids, we have insurance thru Husbands work so no ACA penalty, no extra credits, $$$ deposited into our checking account.

    *Filed and accepted 1/23 with TurboTax
    *Blank Transcripts with 000s showed up 1/30
    *Transcripts filled in on 2/6 and cycle date and refund issued
    *WMR updated on 2/7 with DDD of 2/11
    *WMR still only on 2nd bar and deposit went in this morning.



    @brian. hope you can make sense of last post



    DDD of 2/11.
    Posted to my Amex Serve card at 2:30am (est) along with my paycheck! This is my first tax return so I am super excited!

    Good luck everyone!! See yall in 2016!



    Okay…. Now i’m panicking… Filed and accepted 1/30. My DDD is for 2/11…. NOTHING. I have Bank of America but I see that someone else with the same bank already got theirs… Full panic mode is commencing… PLEASE tell me that there’s another person that banks with BoA and has NOT received theirs yet….



    @brian. it’s 3:20am. dd does not show on gold card but it shows on the blue one. dd is going into the gold card



    DDD 2/11 checked my account at 12:02 Pacific time and was in there. Federal and state!!! Chase bank.
    Good luck everyone!



    @ Anyone who has got there DD, had your WMR bar status changed?



    Do your direct deposits show pending before they post or nothing and the money is just there?



    What time is it where you are?



    @brian. usually dd goes through between 4:30-4:45.



    It is 2:53 am. Funds just posted to my account from sbbt!!! Yaaayyyyyy. It’s coming folks… Ty everyone for your comments and help to ease the frustration!



    not sure if you get direct deposits for payroll but if you do What time do they typically post on your accountnow card?



    Account now, nothing yet



    My bad i mean 1:30am



    I got my refund at 1:30pm central. Chase
    hope you all do too.


    Fantasha Ashley Allen

    I used card.com no refund yet


    Fantasha Ashley AllenO

    @carrie i used the garfield card through card.com theres nothing yes



    Ddd date 2/11. Dd hit my Bank of America account, I checked at 12:54 am central time. Hope everyone gets theirs! :)



    Anyone with an accountnow card get their direct deposit?



    Your tax refund is scheduled to be mailed by February 11, 2015.

    I know this is a forum on Direct Deposit, which is what I’ve always used, but this year TurboTax said I wasn’t offered that option… so does anyone know if they mail out on the actual date? I hope so. If it’s mailed tomorrow, i’m crossing my fingers that i’ll have it Friday. Thanks for any help!



    Filed 1/30, approved 2/6. Ddd 2/11 and it’s in my bank account now!!!!! Wooooohoooo! Good luck folks! See ya next year!!!!



    I’m sure if things are direct deposited between 6-7 your time. It’ll come during that same time.



    DDD 2/11
    Woke up on 2/10 to see that SBBT took the fees out and sent it on it’s way! I just now checked my bank account (1:15am here) and my refund is there!!! (: yay! I called my bank today and they never seen anything pending and they told me every time someone has something sent ACH, it goes straight into the account unless something is wrong and doesn’t add up!

    Good luck to all of you that are still waiting. You’ll get everything very soon! Thank you all for being so helpful (:



    Peter, yeah it’s called card.com it’s a Visa. I am anxious.



    Haha never mind that is the card issuer.



    We’ve begun the process of depositing your Refund Anticipation Check funds into your bank account. This usually takes 3-5 days, but could take longer. So, make sure your money’s been deposited into your account before you try to spend it.
    The current year tax preparation services provided by H&R Block are now complete.
    Thanks for choosing H&R Block. We appreciate your business.

    anyone else get this tonight my ddd is 2/11



    We’ve begun the process of depositing your Refund Anticipation Check funds into your bank account. This usually takes 3-5 days, but could take longer. So, make sure your money’s been deposited into your account before you try to spend it.
    The current year tax preparation services provided by H&R Block are now complete.
    Thanks for choosing H&R Block. We appreciate your business.

    I just got that from h and r block what the hell! did anyone else get that my ddd is 2/11



    What pre paid card do you have?



    It’s midnight no refund for me yet hoping it will be there by 7am my paychecks usually don’t post to my card till 6-7 am so fingers crossed



    I bank with pnc ddd 2/11 posted to my account at midnight. Goodluck everyone




    I can’t speak to the netpend cards etc.. But I think they are issued by metabank so it would work like other banks.
    When I banked with fidelity I would get my direct deposit paycheck on wednsday night at midnight since my company issues the ACH that morning. When I switched to Wells Fargo that same paycheck was not available until Thursday night around midnight.
    The irs would work the same. They would issued the ACH transactions 48 biz hours before date of refund.



    @andrew Based on what I know, I would say yes.

    @DDD 2/11 I agree, 3 business days was a ridiculous statement for them to even make



    So sometime between that 36-48 hr period is when the IRS notifies your bank of the incoming direct deposit? And some banks give you funds based upon that notification? Like the people with netspend who got funds on monday.



    @peter. As soon as they enter it into the ACH system. Normally payroll ACH direct deposits are 36-48 hours before the paydate. You can not initiate an ACH transfer more than 48 hours in advance. I assume the irs also has same procedures in the ACH system since it is managed by the fed,



    After reading some of the previous posts I’m guessing banks were notified Monday morning by the IRS of an incoming deposit for 2/11 since some of you received your money two days early?



    How soon before you get your actual direct deposit does the IRS notify your bank of an incoming direct deposit? A week, days or?



    I have a ddd of 2/11 as well – does the WMR update tonight and say its been “sent” or not til tomorrow? Mine is still sitting at “approved” I would assume they sent it to the bank already though.



    Just an FYI and hoping to put some minds at ease….I have a DDD of 2/11/15, no fees taken so it goes directly to my bank, BBVA Compass…My wife and I filed married but separately and she had a DDD of 2/6/15, last Friday, fees taken out of return. On am of Thursday Feb 5, SBBT had received the funds and sent to our bank. It posted around 5am that Friday am Feb 6. I never saw any sign of it, except leaving SBBT, until it hit our bank. So, all of you with a DDD of 2/11/15, mo matter if you see pending or not, 95% itll be there tomm am, especially if you’ve already seen it leave SBBT. Now, common sense would say that I should have received my deposit today, if SBBT can post and send, why couldn’t my bank on that day. Its apparent they do so bc they make more money on it holding it but they wont hold it past your DDD. Compass always posts our payroll direct deposits at 5-6am on the day we get paid, never early, never late. Last year my DDD was Feb 25, and just like always it posted at 5am on Feb 25, so I woke up to it there. Of course, they also knew that if they had posted last night it would have saved me 114$ in NSF’s so that could be why they waited too, but if going by every other time they are doing the same thing every time. (I will call them in am and attempt to get some of these NSF back bc I know they could have posted last night bc Ive had code 846 since last Friday- but that’s diff issue)…So, everyone with a big bank and a 2/11/15 DDD, youll wake up to your refunds, only way you wont is if there was an issue of some sort…All else with no issues, youll have in am….and know, I was able to trace my refund DD’s with corresponding cycle code numbers on my transcripts going back 4 years and EVERY year it hit on the DDD at the same time…



    https://cisc.sbtpg.com, this website let’s you know they have received your money from the IRS. They will send your money to your bank on 2/11/15. Everyones bank handles deposits differently. There is no reason for a bank to put a hold on an IRS payment, especially since the IRS has not stated they are having any problems with running out of funds, like years past. My bank usually sends deposits through between 12am-1230am.



    Does everyone who has fees taken out go through SBBT? I filed with H&R and I’m suppose to receive my refund on my emerald card tomorrow. SBBT shows no record. I have nothing pending. I have a strong feeling there will not be a deposit for me tomorrow.



    It’s pending!!!!!!!!!!!!! Did anyone else use Turbo tax and do the amazon gift card? Anyone get an e-mail yet?


    DDD 2/11

    Every one should just relax. I banked with TD for the last 4 years and always got my money on my correct date. This year I used Wells Fargo and Im sure they wont hold it for 3 days. Thats ridiculous



    Ok everyone, I’m out for the night, gonna catch some zzz’s. Hope we all wake up happy! Lol WE ALL NEED IT.



    Since most banks if not all don’t do direct deposits and whatnot on weekends. I’m guess Monday morning would’ve been when the irs let most banks know they were transmitting a refund for 2/11?



    Thank you all for your input. Just wanted to see how everyone else is taking the run around. Ya’ll are so sweet.



    i got a ddd for 02/11/15 i have citibank it show on SBBT Bank has forwarded all or part of your income tax refund from the IRS to your financial institution on 02/10/2015, per the IRS refund delivery date.



    Anyone having a dd sent to an accountnow card?



    After working for BOA, I will be with USAA for the rest of my life lol.



    I doubt the general telephone rep with chase or even a branch employee can see the memo post of the direct deposit. Someone In the ACH dept can. I doubt you could ever get that dept on the phone.
    Some banks make the funds available when they get the memo post from the fed. The larger banks boa, Wells Fargo, chase etc.. Will hold off posting it to your account until the transfer from the fed is actually complete.
    That’s why you see that one post from a 2/11 DDD’er that has wood forest bank and it went in today… They go by the memo post… It’s already been verified from the fed that the funds are in the senders account and actually on hold…… So it’s not a risk for the banks… Not sure why the big banks do it like that



    Completely agree with ya, these big banks, Bank of America, chase, capital one, PNC, wF, they all are the same, they lie and hold onto the money every minute they can. Just hoping we all see a refund tomm. I hope they don’t pull the 3 days thing and end up holding everyone’s money for the rest of the week til Monday or something. Making money off the hundreds and thousands of refunds from everyone. There is no way they don’t see the deposits coming in someway or somewhere. Hope tomorrow is a good day. Keeping fingers crossed. G luck to all.



    It will probably be there tomorrow. My bank said 3 biz days and then another rep said tomorrow. You will most likely see it tomorrow



    true. And my pleasure.



    @andrew Yes at that time they would decide to accept or reject. But it can take a while for the people that sent the money to even know if it was rejected. Reasons for rejection vary like name on account, account or routing number wrong. Some banks are stricter than others. That’s why if you call IRS they may not even know the funds were rejected and they tell you to call your bank.

    OAN, IRS reps are only allowed to give the same response about your refund depending on when it was accepted. They get dinged on their quality. Also when reps give the same message, they are only saying what they are allowed to say. There are a lot of rules and legal reason why a call center rep gets a script. It is frustrating to the customer though.



    I filed with Tax Act on 1/20, accepted 1/20. Checked WMR on Saturday 2/7 showed 2 bars, approved with a DDD of 2/11. Republic bank deposited my refund onto my Ace Elite card today, 2/10 at 4:00 pm central time.



    @ceasar you got that right I think they are to and yes I heard that lil automated message they have but when I call I say f that recorder give me a live person and what do they lil scripted tales do, Lie! Guess I can’t win for losing. my deposits usually come thru around 2:30 am we will see how this goes. Thank you for being nice also.



    https://cisc.sbtpg.com/ I found this on turbotax website-went there and found that my funds were sent today and will post tomorrow to my account. made me feel a whole lot better. hope this site helps others. this is the bank site for turbotax who receives our monies before us to deduct their fees.



    https://cisc.sbtpg.com/ this site will tell you if your funds have been sent to your bank



    i think they are lying, i also have chase in texas. And when i call the IVR says if we are calling for tax refund to keep in mind is done electronically. I always get my direct deposit at 3am.



    Hey everyone I hope all is well I have a question I see that the most recent comments are about when will the bank show that I have a deposit coming in. Well I have been calling my bank for the past few days to check in see if they have a pending ach deposit coming in for me besides my pay checks for the week (they can search as far as 2 business days)Well the answers have been NO every single day . Yes my ddd is for the 11th as well and yes I maybe should just wait until in the morning to check but last year and yes I know this is a new year chase bank could see my refund coming in a day before my actual ddd. My question is are they lying to us?? I’m starting think so, sorry if someone else has already asked this question but I just got off work and no I didn’t have time to go thru the 100s of comments on here so please don’t be rude if someone has an answer just please tell me what you think. I bank with Chase I’m in Texas



    @ gingerle Thank you this will be my first time using it and I read alot of bad comments from the past. It didn’t day anything about a pending deposit though.



    Update. My ddd for 2/11 posted to my act at 8pm . My bank always posts at 8 the evening before.


    gobank card

    Is EVERYONE seeing a trace number from sbbt? I do not have one however it says it has been sent ugh



    @NikkiD, Not yet, but ive had it (Walmart moneycard) a few yrs, and its always between 6-8am est time for us, same as our payroll checks.




    So when the bank gets notice a few days before the actual direct deposit is that when they either accept or reject it? Or do they decide that the day the bank receives the funds?



    Has anyone had there DD on there WalMart money card yet?


    steel city

    I have a DDD of tomorrow February 11th when I deposit checks are anything I never see a pending deposit.last year I had a DDD of the 10th and woke up with it this year its the 11th



    @andrew The banks get a notice that a direct deposit is coming maybe a few days before. The bank will receive the actual money on the date of the deposit, but some banks will post the deposit days earlier. So banks don’t “hold money”. It is just how they choose to serve their customers. My bank posts my DD 1 day earlier, but they don’t get the money til the next day. But BOA, who I was a branch manager and loan officer for, will not post until the day of the DD. This is from my years in banking.

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