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    Hi all!

    I know I know, I just filed I do not expect my refund until the week of 2/21. This is just a topic for us hey it may even come early!

    Filed: 2/1/16
    Accepted: 2/1/16
    The waiting game begins!

    What about you all?!?! My fellow 2/1ers? :)

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    Filed 2/1 took waaaay longer than last year for me to get my DDD and after a long wait was able to order return transcript so I knew the following day i would have an update. Sure enough early morning on 2/13 I checked WMR and had a DDD of 2/18 last year I got my money on a Wed. Hoping to see a DD tomorrow goodluck to all those still waiting for an update.



    @sheka 800-829-0582 Press 1 for English, then enter extension 652



    @kira what number & ext did u call



    Me too. Filed 2/1 still says accepted. No movement but was able to speak to a really nice rep who said as long as there are no flags on my account, should receive update before Sunday. I had to id verify last year but this year they said everything looks good.



    ……Or Not.

    she kept referring to the 21 days smh we just gotta wait it out lol




    If it hasnt updated today with a date then that means next week right?

    they payout on Fridays. i’ve been on hold for 25 min so far trying to talk to someone. hopefully i get a nice [email protected]



    I exiled on Feb 1st,checked this morning, still being processing:(



    same here with me but w/out any tax topics I filed 2/2 and federal was accepted the same day. just talk to a rep but she refused to look at my account until the 23rd….where are these nice reps that others been talking to….I’m starting to lose hope



    Still stuck on 1 bar…hopefully an update tonight. I though my state would post but no such luck :-/

    Filed 2/1
    accepted early 2/2
    1 bar, tt 152, can’t order transcripts. Sigh looks like my ddd will be 2/26.



    Still waiting, was hoping money would deposit this morning but no luck.

    DDD: 2/18


    waiting in mo

    Filed and accepted 2/1 using TaxAct
    Received state refund within a week, DD into bank acct.
    WMR still on one bar, says processing, TT 152
    Can’t order account or return transcripts for 2015, but can for prior years.

    What gives? Am I ever going to get approval or do I need to do something? Wouldn’t my bars disappear if I needed to verify ID or wouldn’t I get a 4-digit code if something was wrong? Please offer some advice, I’m driving myself crazy here! Lol



    Got my DDD 2/18…..hopefully it will come sooner…. Right after I was able to order my return transcript wmr updated!!!!!


    Samantha V

    Hey guys, filed 2/1 got accepted but not approved for federal, just checked my state and Colorado sent me my return in the mail on 2/11/16- no update on my federal though.. Still 1 bar TT 152 & I can ONLY order my account transcript not return transcript. IRS is still not recognizing me by my new address yet and it only let me order my account return under my address in Texas that I used last year. BOO hopefully something soon.



    still not able to order my return transcript and my state is still being processed also…..I’m starting to get worried I hope something change by Wednesday




    Nope! you are not alone….1 bar, not able to order return…my state is supposed to be dd this week and I’ve always gotten both within a day…so I am holding out hope. Sigh.


    impatiently waiting


    Have you gotten yours yet?

    Filed 2/1
    Accepted 2/1 and here it is 2/15 and still only Accepted with no date
    simple tax to file

    my husband filed 2/4 (had a more complicated tax to file) yet he got his DDD for 2/18




    Hi guys,

    I filed on 2/1 accepted on 2/2. I was able to order my acct trans on 2/12 and I woke up on 2/13 with a 2nd bar and DDD of 2/18. Turbo Tax has not updated. Or Santa Barbara Bank.



    @ Elaine call (800) 908-9946 to see if u can order ur transcript



    What number do u call so that I can talk to a rep instead of keep getting sent to the automatic system????



    Hi everyone I filed mine on 2/1 accepted same day bars went away like a week after and just says still processing

    How exactly can I see if I’m able to order my transcripts? Is that on the IRS website



    I filed 2/2 and my bars disappeared about a week and half after that. It just says it’s being processed and tax topic 152 now. I could order account transcripts but not return transcripts. Is this at least a good sign?



    My state has been processed, hope that means something! Crossing fingers for this week with federal c’mon irs, filed 2/1 looks like it’s going to take the full 21 days. Still processing no tax topic just the generic message.



    At What time did wmr update?



    Hey all!

    Remain Positive! Happy Valentine’s Day! I bet us 2/1 and 2/2 ers will see a change Tues/Wed.

    State $$ should be here this week for me…:)



    I filed 2/1 accepted within minutes first time filer turbo tax no movement on turbo tax but irs updated yesterday finally ddd 2/18 but still no change on tt so keep checking guys making progress we should be good by Tuesday



    still no change for me I hope I get ddd next week. my tt still say I should receive it by the 23. Friday when I tried to speak to a rep about my refund the just transfer me back to the automatic system…but I’m still will be hopefully that nothing is wrong and will get by the 23rd



    Welp….still no change here…TT changed my estimated DD date from 2/22 to 2/26…..So I’m thinking that some of us 2/1-2/2’ers were re-sequenced and really our acceptance date was 2/7 or 2/8. If you haven’t seen a change I bet we’ll have one some time next week. I know everything is all good because my state return is pending. It’s annoying but I know the money is coming….just wish it would come faster. Stay positive! Do’nt even waste you time checking anything until Tuesday.



    Filed 2/1 accepted 2/1, still nothing



    ****i was able to order account trans on 2/5.im still not able to order return trans as of this afternoon! I am sure most probably know by now that once u can order ur refund trans then u have finished processing and will more than likely receive ur ddd within a day or so….and in some cases a deposit before the site even updates also the IRS will be open on Monday (the holiday)…. @drea could it be that u were resequenced like I was ?



    Hello just sharing…. Filed newyork federal on 2/1 got accepted on 2/1 filing status refund amount and 1 bar with tax topic 152 and ur refund is being processed…. On 2/9 no bar no refund amount…. only ur refund is still being processed a refund date will be provided when available and tax topic 152 …. I usually have my refund with 7-10 days…. I called and spoke with a rep a few hours ago and she said I was resequenced 1 week due to them being behind and they did not began to process my return until 2/8 so to give it until the 29th (21) days from when they began processing and if nothing changes to give them a call…..I’m hoping to see a ddd for next week sometime…



    No update for this girl.
    I was able to request my transcripts and they have been mailed to me.
    WMR says “We have received your tax return and it is being processed.”

    filed and accepted 2/1/2016

    No Bars
    No Tax Code
    No Deposit


    Congrats to all that have them but I’m bummed.



    Ok… I GOT MY MONEY!!!! .. AmEx Bluebird. Deposit Received THIS MORNING!!! .. WMR updated this morning with a DDD of 2-18. I went and checked my card balance… $$CHA CHINGGG$$$$!!! …

    Filed 1-30
    TT said I was accepted on 1-30
    … called IRS…
    IRS says I wasn’t actually accepted until 2-1
    Finally able to order Trannys 2-12 (morning)
    2-13 (morning) WMR updated with a DDD of 2-18
    2-13 (morning) DEPOSIT ON MY CARD!!!

    all this to say… Some banks are open today and didn’t open until 9. If this is you, and your bank doesn’t hold funds, you might get your money later today or for worse… Tuesday. Everyone else, Tuesday For SURE!!!

    GOOD LUCK ALL!!! #2-1
    MissBossLadi … OUT!!!
    (drops the Mic)



    Update: Filed 1/30 TT
    Accepted 1/30
    Account transcript 2/5
    Return transcript 2/12
    Return approved 2/13
    DDD 2/18
    DD to netspend with fees taken out of return no deposit yet…
    I also filed my nieces simple return 2/6 through free TT
    Accepted 2/6
    Approved 2/12
    DDD 2/18 to netspend
    Deposit received 2/12



    Same as everyone woke up this morning and WMR finally has 2 bars. Refund coming 2/18 via DD, I filed on 2/1.



    Thank god I could finally breathe now! Woke up this morning with (Approved!) this forum has really helped me out its been a rollercoaster and it just felt refreshing to know there was other people going thru the samething and that not everything was going down the drain. Now to wait till the 18th I dont plan on checking anxiously everyday till then its all smooth sailing from here!
    Filed 2/1
    Accepted 2/1
    No updates till 2/12 transcript available to mail at 8:00am
    Still on one bar (recieved)
    Update: 2/13 Refund Approved with a DDD of 2/18!! At 6:51am



    HI all, I called Thursday and spoke to a very nice lady at IRS. My status bar has been gone over a week. Filed Jan 31st with TT, accepted Feb 1st. I was very very sweet on the phone and told her it was my birthday Wednesday and she would make my year if she could help me. She did say that in her system it shows being accepted on Feb 2nd instead of Feb 1st that TT told me. I told a little fib that wed night I saw a message to call and that in the morning that message was gone so I wanted to call and just check. She asked all the info, names, social, address ect. She put me on hold for about 3 min. Came back and said that my account is credited meaning that it looks like everything has processed and it is just waiting for a DDD. She said there is no offsets or debts that she could see. (which was weird because I am pretty sure my husband owes from last year but I called the offset hotline and it says there that there are no offsets) I asked if it was possible that I would have my DDD friday and she said yes possible but could not confirm. She also said to not go by the status bar going away or being there, it is a computer system and to rest assured my refund has been processed, looks like it has been credited the full amount I had filed and that I should receive refund any day now. As of this morning we still have no update. I really think the WMR site is unreliable. I wish I had better news. I have to register my cars by next week and could really use the funds. I hope this helps anyone!



    Finally a DDD update, it says money is coming on 2/18!

    Awesome website, awesome communication everyone.

    Accepted: 2/1
    Able to order return transcript: 2/12
    WMR updated with DDD: 2/13
    State refund is somewhere in the works, I called their hotline and they said expect 6 weeks from file date, thanks Arizona.



    Was able to order transcripts yesterday and my bars changed this morning. DID of 2/18 happy camper.

    Filed 2/1 accepted same day. Recieved CA state refund 3 days ago and federal has 1 bar and tax topic 152.



    Filed 2/1
    Accepted 2/1
    Where’s my refund since last week says your refund is still being processed an date will be provided, no tax topic and no update this morning. *sigh* praying for tomorrow, I just want to see APPROVED lol …But congrats to the ones who got there’s on the 10th and have there’s for this week coming, I’m jealous.



    Got my ddd this morning!! Woot! Can’t wait until Wednesday!



    Filed 2/1
    Got DDD of 2/18 today :)



    Filed 2/1
    Accepted 2/1
    Had 1 bar until 2-10 then bars disappeared. Then I was able to get my account transcript Yesterday, but still can’t get my refund transcript. I’m a weekly updater. And there has been no change as of now. I can tell you that last year the exact same thing happened on the exact days & I still got my refund the following Wednesday so hoping for direct deposit on the 17th or the 18th with the holiday! We will see! Last year wmr never updated for me. So I’m not counting on that. But I can tell they are at least making progress on mine. It also changed to no bars with tax topic 152 & no amount now just end of December 2015 date which I’ve been told that means they are working on it. I know everything is closed because of the holiday Monday, but FYI the irs is offering overtime for people to come in & process. They won’t be answering phones or anything they will strictly be processing so it won’t slow the Irs down, but the banks are closed on Monday so no deposits will be made on Monday due to that. I have family that works for the Irs & she is working Monday to do processing. Unfortunately she is assigned to only a certain group of tax payers & I have EIC & tax identity theft flag so she can’t look into mine. So I can’t get any info! Ugh…. But just wanted to let u know the irs is working on processing only Monday! ????



    Florida- I filed on 2/1 and checked WMR the next day and saw the first bar. I Checked on 2/4 and the bars were gone. The message read ” your taxes are still being processed with tax topic 152. I checked this morning 2/13 and I’m reading the same message. No bars, Tt152.



    Fellow 2/1ers that have no update…..still no update for me! Sigh



    If you’ve got a DDD of next week and your money is going to a checking account (you entered an9 digit routing number), there’s no reason to keep checking the bank until Tuesday to see if you’ve got your money. The banks will it be processing any more ACH transactions until very early Tuesday morning.


    Mizz Samantha

    Where’s the beef? Eh idk and you probably don’t either but who’s got a DDD of 2/18 this girl, oh yeah



    Filed & accepted 2/1. Got a DDD that says Feb 18th. I’m actually surprised by that date. I would have been expecting a 2/17 or 2/19 date, maybe the bank holiday pushed it out a day.

    I imagine they’ve sent or will have sent the Ach file to the bank with an effective date or the 18th or 19th. A lot of times banks will get the funds earlier but the instructions in the NACHA file tell them to hold it until x date.



    Woke up to no bars and tt 152 gone. Amount is still there with a generic message. Looks like I’ll be waiting awhile :(



    Filed&accepted on 2/1.
    Was on one bar until Monday 2/8. The bars went missing and I got a message saying my refunded was being processed and a ddd will be given when available. Friday 2/12 at 7am I was Able to order account transcripts but not return transcripts. Around 930am or 10 am I was then able to order the return transcripts. Just checked wmr and I now have a ddd for 2/18. Hope that helps someone



    I just checked WMR and I have a DDD for 2/18/16 as well!!!! I am just wondering if anyone thinks that there is a chance that we will receive it before the 18th?



    Finally got an update on wmr! Yeah it’s about time!! I was starting to worry! Filed/ approved 2/1 with TT, just now was the first update at all on wmr.
    Says should issue deposit by Feb. 18! Maybe there is hope! Now hopefully nothing happens before now and then and it actually happens!


    Manda H

    WMR updated. Got a DD of Feb 18! Woohoo!


    Broccoli Fart

    The IRS is really moving slower than snails fuck this year.



    2/1 filer here. I was just able to order my return transcript !! I hope for a DDD tomorrow !!! I hope this gives hope ! Good luck everyone !


    Manda H

    I found an updated return calendar. Looks like Feb 19th is supposed to be the DDD for us 2/1 filers.



    Still no update for me :(

    Filed: 2/1
    accepted: 2/2
    able to order account transcripts 2/7…not able to order return, 1 bar, tax topic 152.

    State: same…but already processed with a ddd of 2/19. Usually I get them around the same time….so I’m going to hold out hope. I think my ddd will be 2/19 for both.


    Shawna Bancroft

    I filed and was accepted on 2/1 and was able to order my account and refund transcripts this morning for the first time. My bars disappeared 3 days ago. I opted to have my refund sent to a Netspend card and received my refund on the card at 12:45 today :) my WMR still has no bars and no refund amount so I was really starting to get worried lol. Hopefully this gives hope to a few people!!



    Was able to order return transcript



    CST 10:30 able to order RETURN transcript
    CST 07:00 only able to order ACCOUNTtranscript

    Still no WMR update but there has been significant movement this morning as you can see from above… in three hours time my RETURN transcript was made available… so we should see a WMR update tonight.

    TAX ACT freefile used
    Filed 2/2/16 @ 20:30 CST
    Accepted 2/2/16 @ 21:02 CST
    Lost bar on 2/3/16 due to outage
    Regained bar on 2/4/16
    No movement on WMR since then….



    Filed 2/1 able to get my return transcript with new address for this year update must be coming soon yay!!!??



    Does anyone know if the IRS does DD on weekends?



    Hey guys-

    So around 12 this morn i was able to order my return transcript for 2015, with my old address, but I just tried to order again and that message popped back up again, I cant do anything with my old or new address


    Manda H

    I was able to order my return transcript today. Hopefully WMR will update tonight with a DDD.



    Wmr is updated once a day. I find it’s usually around 11pm. I’m in PA. But it also can be later. But, for sure, once a day.



    I can now get my refund transcript, is the WMR typically updated the following day?



    Ordered return transcript!! Woohoo!!! Waiting for DDD.



    I am in the same boat as most of you I filed 1/30 through TT accepted same day able to order account transcript last week but no return transcript. This morning tried to order return transcript and message was longer than before but still unable to order, just tried again and was able to order my return transcript YAYY finally some progress hopefully a DDD tomorrow!



    Finally!!! I was able to request my transcript!!!! I was starting to worry but hopefullythis is a good sign, i hope all of you were able to request yours! If haven’t checked try to sending all my positive energy!



    tried to get my return transcript and still wasn’t able too…..I hope by Monday I will get dd because I really need this money



    Woooo!!! Tried to check my return trans since everyone else was able to and I can order my return transcript!!!!!! Praying tomorrow for a ddd I need this money bad.



    Ordered transcript this morning! Wooohooo. I can breathe now.



    I was just now able to order return transcript. Hopefully transcript = Progress.



    I hope it is Autum… I tried to get mine yesterday and it said not available..now it is..Maybe that means we will move to return approved?? hahah



    Was able to order return transcripts this morning!!!! Praying for DDD on WMR in the morning!



    I was just able to order my return transcript…is this a good thing??? I couldn’t the other day.



    file: 2/2
    accepted: 2/2

    when I go to WMR I don’t have any bats up therei just have a message saying that it’s still being processed and thata refund date will post when available……I did mines through turbo tax and when I call the irs to see if I have to turn in anything else because last year I was flag because someone tried to use my information and I wasn’t notified and when I do get a rep they send me back to the automatic system for me to check it




    I was finally able to order my return transcript..Up until yesterday it was unavailable. Maybe that is good news?? But my WMR is still on one bar?? Anyone else know if that’s good or bad??



    I just checked my return transcript again and I was able to have it sent to me!!!! Yay! Go check it people!



    I filed 2/1 through TurboTax and got accepted the next day on WMR i had one bar for one day then it vanished just says my return is still being processed a refund date will be available etc. But theres no 152 topic? Anyone else having the same problem??Im getting 2200 back from federal Anyone know whats up?? Also i hear people from CA got there state return already how come i didnt get mine ? ?? Man this system is shakey this year its horrible -.-


    Manda H

    Still waiting. Used Turbo Tax like always. Never had a problem before.

    Filed 2/1
    Accepted 2/1

    WMR still at 1 bar



    whats that???? or whats the number???



    Just call the irs hotline then you will know if you are done processing



    I filed my taxes with H and R Block…2/1/2016—-wmr stills says processing but when I call H&R Block they tell me its approved pending deposit from the IRS….I don’t know what to believe and cannot get answers….



    * no longer



    My message is also much longer. And the “not available” is lone longer in bold. Hopefully his news for us all.



    Well had some type of movement. Can finally order my account trans with my new address. I’ve been able to order my account since 2/5 just not my return. My transcript not available message is also longer then it was 2 days ago. Hoping for an update this weekend!!!!



    Sounds like progress is being made since you have to use your new address. I still can’t order return transcripts but my message is longer also this morning also.



    Something updated for me, until this morning I had ton use my old address to validate on ordering a tax transcript, even this years tax transcript was ordered with it. However, this morning it’s requiring me to use my new address and now when I ask for the 2015 return transcript the text has changed, still says unavailable but but is a much longer message.

    Anyone have a similar experience?



    I was also able to order account very early, but as of this morning, STILL no refund transcript. Getting more frustrated as another days pass. Monday bring presidents day, the IRS will be closed so hopefully they get all of ours done today and we see an update between now and Monday.



    Filed and accepted on 2/2. Still at one bar! My friend filed on 2/3 and was accepted 2/4 got her refund yesterday :/. This happened to me last year, I filed the first week in February and didn’t get my refund till almost May due to yet another security breech! I pray this is not the same crap as last year! The IRS told me I should have no more problems after that hiccup!




    i was able to order account on 2.5
    but still as of right now can,t order refund transcript



    It looks like we are seeing some action finally !!!

    I filed and accepted 2/2, couldn’t oder either transcript until this morning at 5am central time, I was just able to order account transcript, but not return. Nor sure if this is good or not.

    Anyone else able to order account but not return as of this morning?

    I have had 1 bar with 21 day message and topic 152 since day 1. I’m also getting a large refund…over 10k



    still no return transcript.
    i guess the BIG update that some of the followers said going to happen didn’t pretain to me.




    Hi guys!
    I also,
    Filed: 2/1/16
    Recieved: 2/1/16
    and at the moment as of 2/12/16 at 12:52am I am still at the first bar (recieved). I’m not in a rush but, just thought I would add my situation so other that are going through the same can relate and know they are no alone. I really hope to get my DD by my 21 day deadline which is next week friday. I wish all of you luck be patient last year it took my only a week and a half to get my refund. Now this year its going to be 3 weeks with no sign of a transcript. Keeping my fingers crossed!



    Hi guys, I filed 2/1 with turbo tax, got accepted same day, still at one bar was not able to order transcripts, i just tried again and i was able to order the account but not the return. i used my old address, any updates?



    Filed 2/1 accepted same day. Recieved CA state refund 3 days ago and federal has 1 bar and tax topic 152.



    No updates as of yet. Wmr still at one bar. Cannot order return transcript. Hoping for a miracle here. Come on IRS, it is going to be Valentines Day and my wife deserves a night out!!!

    Filed: 2/1
    Accepted: 2/1



    Still no update :-/ I think I’ll be seeing one tomorrow or by Wed of Next week….then I ‘ll get angry but my state was approved and will be here in the next 3-5 business days!!!!! Federal can’t be far behind. Last year i got them on the same day.



    Did anybody have thge verbage change on wmr?



    I think tonight is update for transcripts for weeklies and saturday morning hopefully a ddd for us. Who the hell knows though with all the bs the irs is giving everyone this year. Ive seen shit this year on the forum about the lies they are telling everyone that makes me sick. Just hope i get my money soon and get the hell out of the drama



    Still no ddd, still can’t order refund transcript, and no movement on wmr. What the hell is going on with the IRS!!!!!



    Filed 2/1, always had a paper check, never took 10 days to get your money in hand? Dude… i call bullshit



    I received my state return today. Never have I ever received my state return before my federal. Still no update on my federal. Filed and accepted 2/1 turbotax. My mom filed a few hours before me and got her money yesterday. My friend also filed a few hours before me and received her money yesterday. My other friend filed 2/2 and got her money yesterday. This is the longest I’ve ever had to wait for my federal and this is mt first year I chose not to receive a paper check and file on my own through turbotax.



    Alot of people getting returns but funny how 2/2 people some not all are geting dates.
    Spoke to someone and he said their moving as fast they can due to system glitches. He said he doesnt see anything wrong on my account. Just keep checking for a update soon. Thats what he said. And their not really giving deposits by the chart cycle .


    Mizz Samantha

    and the wait game continues but on the bright side 10 days down 11 days of 21 day process to go . . . blah



    Filed and accepted 2/1 same as everyone else 1 bar TT 152. Read yesterday that the IRS was hacked again on Wednesday 2/10 wonder if that is what’s holding it up


    Broccoli Fart

    I just saw all my typos, I typed a little too fast, but I do stand by what I said. 2014 I got my return in 5 days, last two years, about as long as now.


    Broccoli Fart

    Is our just me or if the IRS about as useless used toilet paper? Filed 2/1 and accepted minutes later like most everyone else here and nothing either. TT 152. The IRS moves like snails fuck.



    I think the rest of us 2/1 filers will see an updated ddd Saturday or Sunday for Wednesday. Just going back at others and looking at the time frame when they lost their bars to the time frame they seen a DDD. Also looking back at last years for me.



    I hinknthe rest of us 2/1 filers will see an updated dddd Saturday or Sunday for Wednesday. Just going back at other and looking at the time frame they lost their bars to the time from they seen a DDD. Also looking back at last years for me.



    It seems to me everyone that filed on 2/1 is getting forgotten..I know people that filed 2/3 ddd 2/12!!



    My state refund tracker updated today. Stating I will have my refund DD on the 16th. But as far as my Fed return goes,WMR still at one bar. Been there since 2/2. I hope we see an update soon.

    Filed 2/1 and Received / Accepted on 2/1
    Both Fed and State.
    State: AZ.



    2/1 filer. So state taxes came in yesterday from
    What I could tell. But federal is still at processing. Hoping things change soon.



    Sorry ya’ll!! I guess we just wait 21 days then give them hell!! hahah



    No update for me this morning. :(



    What a bummer. No update for me, still at one bar.



    I’m starting to wonder if that little “glitch” the IRS had isn’t to blame?? I know people that filed after 2/1 got refund date for tomorrow. And all us 2/1ers still waiting?? But the won’t say anything except “It’s accepted…wait 21 days.”



    no change for me either….hopefully tonight/tomorrow


    waiting in mo

    Filed and accepted 2/1.
    Still 1 bar, says processing.
    Can’t order transcripts online.

    So frustrating!



    filed 2.1 accepted 2.1 after 11 am.
    account transcript 2.6.
    believe im a weekly STILL no update.
    1st bar tax topic 152.

    anyone know when the weeklys will update?


    Broccoli Fart

    Still eats ass.


    Avatar Kyoshi

    Filed 2/1 refund approved 2/4 and a DDD for 2/8. Alas no money! And here its the 11th! I live in Florida and I have SCCU as my credit union. I talked to them and they say I’m within the time period of three days for my deposit.

    I expect it to be here if the IRS says they sent it on 2/8 however that bar wasn’t filled in until 2/9! I don’t know what to do. My phones off, rent is due this Saturday, feels like I’m being played with.

    The IRS has just one job! And they can’t get that right!



    @mommarissy who do you bank with? And did you call to find out if it was pending? I have psecu and my mobile app has a pending section but I don’t see anything. I’m in PA as well. Accepted same time as you. Still 1 bar, can order account but not return scripts. Last year I waited 25 days (filed early, big mistake) hoping this year isn’t the same!!



    Hi all!
    Federal: (TT) Filed 2/1, accepted 2/2, not able to order transcripts, 1 bar, tax topic 152
    No update for me either :-/ good to see I’m not alone…but I’m not worried or upset…yet. I don’t expect to move to approved until the end of the week/early next week. Again as long as it comes before the 23rd I’m good! Lol

    State (OH, TT): I got my letter to confirm my identity and I “passed”, so hopefully should see an update by the end of this week as well :)

    Be patient! It’ll come!



    I filed and accepted 2/1 no update on wheres my refund but it is pending release in my bank on the 16th
    state pa
    was approved but says wait 4 to 6 weeks for deposit1



    State: PA
    Turbo tax.
    Filed & accepted: 2/1
    One bar still. Very very very frustrated! Tried transcripts, and can order account but not refund transcript for 2015.
    Did my daughter’s and step sons also on 2/1 and they both received their refunds today. I am also expecting a large refund, but I have gotten a big one for the last 10 years. Been married to my husband for 5 years. Nothing new. My student loans are not in default. Only thing I can think is I claimed all my kids this year (usually let their dad claim one) or because my 17 year old worked but she’s still a dependent. But wouldn’t that hold up her refund too? Although it didn’t because as I said she got it today. Very frustrated!!!!!!!



    I filed and was accepted on 2/1. I only have 1 bar still. This is longest I have ever waited for my refund.



    Filed on 2/1/16 utilizing HR BLOCK tax site and 15 minutes later received confirmation that it was received/accepted by the IRS. WMR shows 1 bar return received and has continued to show that 1 bar through today 2/10/16. I guess the wait continues….



    Hello all, I too was received 2/2 and have no movement on my bars as if yet. Waiting impatiently with an attitude. Whats the delay



    I filed and was accepted on 2/1/2016, on 2/6 I lost my WMR bar.
    I was able to request both of my transcripts and still have no bar.
    Also don’t have any tax code.
    I called IRS and they wont even pull up my information telling me I have to wait the 21 days before they will give me any information.

    This is beyond frustrating. I know 5 people that filed on the 4th that received refunds today. ;(



    No update for me. Still can’t order transcript. My mom filed a few hours before me through an agency, requested a paper check and got it this morning. This blows. Bad.



    I filed before 11 am on 2/1/16…got email notification that it was received and accepted.. WMR has been on one bar ever since?? Not surer what is going on.. I know it was done correctly.


    Broccoli Fart

    No update yet. IRS still eats ass.



    My refund was accepted by the IRS on 2/1/16 and still no movement to “Approved” or DD.
    : (



    No update here. Hopefully next week!



    No update for me this morning and still cannot order return transcript. Oh well the waiting game continues.



    Filed 2/1 everything was received on same day but not approved still at one bar on the wmr. But I’m expecting a large amount of money I’m thinking that may have something to do with approval.



    I woke up to a DD!
    I had DD to my credit union.
    Happy Spending to those who received theirs as well.
    Good luck to those who have not!



    @stillwaiting I’m not part of that 46% either, I hoping to see something soon. The anxiety is driving me crazy



    Filed and accepted on 2/1. Still 1 bar, can’t order return transcript yet, filed through turbotax. Just checked turbo tax and 46% of others accepted on 2/1 now have their returns and I’m not in that 46%. :(



    Also I was just wondering as to why people keep saying they’ve gotten approved but with no DDD. Do yall mean it was Recieved/accepted??? There’s 3 bars— #1 Recieved #2 Approved (with a DDD) & #3 Sent.



    I filed on 2/2 & it was Recieved/Accepted the same day. But I haven’t gotten approved yet, no due date or anything. Still on 1 bar! I guess its only been a week so I’m not stressing too bad but it is concerning that so many people who are considered “late filers” have already gotten their DDD’s =/ Anybody file the 1st, 2nd or even 3rd and still only on one bar. Even now that it’s past midnight. In Florida


    Broccoli Fart

    Filed and accepted on 2/1. Can’t order transcripts yet. Stuck on approved. IRS sucks the ass.



    Hi all!

    No update for me today :-/ . Hopefully we all get an update tonight! Again not holding my breath though…I typically get mine 14-15 days after filing.

    Filed 2/1
    accepted 2/2
    1 bar, tax topic 152, not able to order transcripts. I was able to order my account transcript on 2/7

    Filed 2/1
    accepted 2/2
    Waiting on a letter to verify my identity (OH). Happened to everyone I knew last year so I guess they’re sticking with it. I just wish they would hurry up and send this letter lol. I want my mooo-lah!


    Mizz Samantha

    So i’m at 8 days with still one bar and my state (SC) is also holding refunds hostage until 3/1 also yay!



    I’m still waiting for my DDD, I have no idea if I’m daily or weekly. There’s an update tonight right?



    Filed through H&R Block 2/1 around 3 pm
    Federal was accepted about 10 mins later.
    State was accepted around 7 pm.

    State taxes(MD) were approved and sent out Friday 2/5, I received the funds yesterday morning 2/8 to my bank account.
    WMR was stuck on one bar and I was unavailable to order transcripts yesterday. As of today, still no transcripts but WMR gives message that says “Your tax return is still being processed. A refund date will be provided when available”. fingers crossed for an update tonight with a DDD for Friday!



    No return transcript yet but i havent tried today, i want to but its depressing lol. I hope we all update with a ddd tonight.



    Has anyone still waiting for ddd been able to order return transcripts yet?



    Another day, another dollar NOT in my pocket….. no update, no nothing. I swear the way we update each other on here, some of us should be working for the IRS!!! #guaranteedmoney!!


    Laura in Chicago

    Filed Fed and State 2/2/16
    Accepted Both 2/2/16
    WMR at 1 bar, TT 152 as in past years, nothing to worry about
    EIC and EDU credits – also as in past years
    IL return – IL will not be issuing refunds until starting 3/1/16 as they say they are working to eliminate fraud,,,,but we all know IL is broke, so it’s probably more that they want to hang onto OUR money as long as possible.

    Was hoping for a 2/12 DD but nothing as of yet. Hoping to see WMR update tomorrow (Wed 2/10) but we’ll see. I have a small offset – money due to IRS from a small error on my income last year so I am thinking maybe my refund will be delayed? Never had an error on my taxes before so not sure what to expect. Like everyone here….I NEED my refund !!!


    2/1 club

    so, if my ddd is 2/11 does that make me a weekly? i’ve been approved for about 3 days now and i checked wmr and still only 2 bars. i’ve been told by multiple people to expect my money today, but if it hasn’t even been sent, there’s no point in expecting it right?

    i’m a first time filer and i’m genuinely so confused about this whole situation. i just need that money lol.



    Filed 2/1
    Fed & State accepted 2/2
    Wmr has one bar, tt 152.
    Eic & education credit.
    State (PA) says ” your refund in the amount of xxx.xx has been processed but not deposited. Please wait 4-6 weeks for delivery”

    I think I am weekly so hoping for an update tomorrow.



    No change for me :-/ hopefully tomorrow since it will technically be my “week”



    Hi all! No update for me….as of 2/8 only checking wmr once a day haha
    Federal and State: Filed 2/1
    Federal accepted 2/2 (12:34 am)
    WMR (2/7): 1 bar tax topic 152, ed credits, no offsets, not able to order transcripts

    State (OH) accepted 2/2 (7:27 am)
    Checked status on 2/4 and said I had to verify my identity. I had to do the same thing last year and got my refund shortly after.

    Good luck! Remember to be patient! :)


    John Paul

    I called the IRS to ask about another unrelated issue from a previous year. The rep I spoke to ended up looking into my returns and said my filings will be manually verified this year and instead of it taking the standard 3 weeks it will now take a week longer and be processed in 4 weeks. I filed and was accepted on 2/1. Does anyone else have a similar issue or experienced this in the past?



    Filed 2/1
    Accepted 2/1
    Been on 1 bar and tt152 since.
    Think i am a weekly, any idea when a weekly updates?



    Filed 2/1/16 accepted within the hour. Still no approval and I am still unable to order return transcripts, hopefully I will be in the wednesday update.



    So, still no update. Maybe tonight. I sure hope so!!!!

    TurboTax said return accepted 1-30
    called IRS_ they didn’t accept it until 2-1

    no transcripts, one bar WMR
    W2,1099, EIC, AOH(something like that) education credit, child credit …

    filed in 2014 for 2013 income with my husband under his last name, we broke up early 2014. 2014 I didn’t work so I didn’t file in 2015, this year 2016 I filed HOH for 2015 income under my maiden name because I never legally changed my name.

    All this to say: I’M EXPECTING A MMMAAJJOORRRR HOLDUP!!! :'( :'( :'(
    Pray for me Yall!!!!!



    Good Morning! Anybody who got DDD of 2/10 use a prepaid card and if so have you gotten $$$ yet?



    I applied on 2/1 and have a DDD of 2/11. Why do I not have 2/10 like other people?



    Where’s My Refund updated status – DD date is February 10! Filed and accepted Feb-2.



    Happy Sunday!

    No update for me :-/ but again I’ve never received my return in a week it’s always been 14-15 days.

    Federal and State: Filed 2/1
    Federal accepted 2/2 (12:34 am)
    WMR (2/7): 1 bar tax topic 152, ed credits, no offsets, not able to order transcripts

    State (OH) accepted 2/2 (7:27 am)
    Checked status on 2/4 and said I had to verify my identity. I had to do the same thing last year and got my refund shortly after.

    Good luck! Remember to be patient! :)



    I filed feb 4th still waiting for acceptance. Any other filers on feb 3/4th here?



    Hi all!!

    Congrats again on your ddd’s wish i was with ya but i can’t be too far behind hopefully i get my state verification letter monday too




    I had the education credits as well so hopefully you should have an update really soon!



    I filed 2/1 and have ddd of 2/10 used taxact. Yay!

    Hope everyone gets theirs soon too.



    I didn’t get a DDD, still 1 bar :(



    2/10 ddd’s — any of you guys have education credits?



    Hi all!!

    No update for me but I have the education credit…congrats on your ddd’s guys! I can’t be that far behind!

    I can’t order transcripts yet but again as long as it comes before 2/23 I’m good! LOL



    Got my DDD of 2/10 this morning! I hope you all do too.



    Woke up this morning to DDD of 2/10. Yay!! Congrats to everybody that got their DDD and hoping everyone who didn’t gets one really soon!
    So glad the wait is almost over for this year. Yay!



    @drea Any updates on your transcripts?

    @Ash I know right!



    Yay! I woke up to a DDD of 2/10! Couldn’t come at a better time, I really needed some good news! Thank goodness I can get the twins nursery done sooner than later!

    Anyone else get any good news! Wishing everyone the best of luck!



    Good morning,

    I just checked and I have a DDD date of 2/10! That was fast!



    2/10 DDD… Nice!

    Filed and accepted 2/1 with HRB.



    Filed 2/1
    Accepted 2/1 about a hr later
    Ordered both transcripts yesterday 2/5
    DDD 02/10 just checked!!!

    Just as fast as last year



    I filed 2/1 through turbo tax. I was able to order both transcripts just now. Neither were available yesterday. I have never gotten a refund sooner that 15 days so I was very shocked. And happy :)



    Hey all! Just tried to order transcripts and I was able to. Just giving my update!



    Hey all my 2/02 filers!!

    Im in the same boat filed with TT, and still at the one bar on WMR. #IHATETHEWAITINGGAME LOL



    Filed & accepted 2/1
    Unable to order transcript yesterday
    But this morning … SUCCESS!
    Fingers crossed WMR will update tonight with ddd of 2/10



    Hi all!

    No update on 2/5…not able to order return transcripts. I’m sure we’ll see an update next week since 1/28 and 1/29ers are getting ddd’s of 2/8 and 2/9.

    Fingers crossed!

    Happy Friday!



    Ordered my transcripts this morning. Fingers crossed for good news for everyone in the morning.
    Filed 2/1
    Accepted 2/1



    Hey everyone I filed and got accepted on 2-1. Everyone should be getting a update between 1am-6am tomorrow morning as long as your were able to order your RETURN transcripts. Happy refunding everyone :)


    Mizz Samantha

    I’m also a 2/1 filer submitted and accepted an hour and ten minutes after e-filing still on one bar, good luck feb team



    I wasn’t able to get my return transcript, says it’s unavailable. I’m going to try and hold off on checking until Sunday morning.



    No updates for me other than I was finally able to order my return transcript last night, Haven’t been able to up until then. Hoping for a update on WMR tonight/tomorrow morning since i could order it. If not owell, But its a nice thought that the ddd will be for next week :) Feel bad for those that filed before us and still can’t get a return transcript.



    Any updates? I’m hoping we start seeing some DDDs next week



    Hi all!

    Update! ok so my federal is still at 1 bar but I filed on 2/1. I’m not expecting it until 2/21 anyway.

    My state (OH) status has changed and I have to verify my identity which is the same thing I had to do last year and then I got my refund shortly thereafter…so waiting on this letter.

    Remember the 1st was Monday it’s only Thursday :) Be patient the money will come!



    Hiloshark “HO WHY IS YOU HERE?!?!?”

    I CLEARLY stated its for 2/1 filers. There’s no point in early filing….File on the 31st of Jan and later next year but don’t come in here with your negativity. Good luck!



    I filed 2/1 & was accepted by fed & state on feb 1st. I filed earned income credit, child tax credit, still have 1bar on where’s my refund & every year we have a identity theft pin we have to enter, but it has NEVER slowed our refund down. We have got our refund the last 2yrs at the same time as other people that filed the same day. I am a weekly updated because of this which sucks, but thankfully they said we only had to do the identity theft pin for 3 years & this is the 3rd year! My transcript had in the past updated on Friday night & we have the deposit either the next Monday or Wednesday depending on how we have it deposited. If we use net spend we get it on Monday but if we use our bank account we get it on Wednesday. But I will tell you that we are using our bank account because last year my husbands name was first on the tax refund and we had to split our refund to 2 different cards because it was so large so we put half on his card & half on mine & netspend ended up rejecting my deposit because my name wasn’t listed 1st!!! We received our refund on February 23rd 2015 & I did not get my half until end of April by check so just warning u make sure whoever is listed 1st is who needs to be the name on the prepaid cards! The bank won’t reject it as long as that person is on the bank account. So I’m playing it safe & using our bank account.



    Hello fellow 2/1ers
    I’m in the same boat as most of you.
    Filed and accepted 2/1
    State (WI) and Federal are being processed and I have TT 152 on WMR with one bar. Let the wait begin. It took 8 days last year and two months the year before so i’m Hoping this goes well.



    Not tryin to hate, but the fact that millions of us filed between 1/19 and 1/27—STILL dont have a DDD and people 5 to 11 after not only has a date, but some have money is purely, bullshit


    Chaesi Robinson

    I filed 2/1 and both my federal and state were accepted shortly after. Usually get my refund within 7 days. Only have one bar on WMR…just trying to stay patient! :)



    I used tax act. My return was received and accepted on Monday. Now the wmr status only shows received.

    Last year I filed on 2/10 and got refund on 2/18



    @andy did you call IRS? Also what software did you use to file?



    @drea I want to be good on what I spend my $$ on this year too.

    My state return was received and accepted on 2/1. It’s already been processed but due to property car tax I have small offset. So I won’t get the check until it’s mailed out on 2/8.

    Still only showing one bar on WMR. However, I’ve never been one that gets their refund within 7 days. It’s usually 10-12 days for me.



    Filed and accepted on 2/1. Now wmr shows received not accepted. Getting worried. Getting back biggest refund ever



    Filed 2/1 accepted same day and woke up to a ddd for the 8th!!!

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