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    Has anyone that filed on 1/27 see any movement? Im still on 1 bar . Does seem like they arnt processing returns as fast as years past….And you can only get a mailing of your transcript now which sucks, that batch code really helped the ones who use them figure out a DDD in some cases before WMR would even update. Im thinking 2/12 for a DDD is realistic for this year.

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    Looks like everyone else go their refund?? I still haven’t gotten a DDD or the transcripts I ordered. I called the IRS and they could see no reason why my refund is on hold. They said I should try mailing a copy of my return to an address in California. FTS.



    Still no DDD. Accepted on 1/27 and STILL getting the “A refund date will be provided when available” message. Ordered transcripts on 2/18. I will be calling today.



    I too filed and was accepted the 27th… After seeing my 1 bar disappear after 2 days I got concerned; as this never happened in all my years of filing. The only delta for me was that I moved. After pretending it was past 21 day, i was able to get a hold of a tax advocate from the “advocate hotline”. He actually told me that I indeed was under review for ID Verification because of this and would probably not be processed unfil June. I told him I had a hardship and needed my $ and he actually set up a case and gave me a case # and the numyof my local advocate tel number. He also gave me the ID Verification # to call as well to verify my ID. In between that time, I had also tried to order my 15′ transcript but could only get my 14′ script, and y ended up getting a letter with another number to call and actually got to speak to someone rather quickly. They looked me up and said that I was on a hold, but now it seems that my refund was pushed through somehow(either by the advocate or the system verified me on its own, BUT SHE SAW A REFUND DATE OF FEB 24!! I told her my advocate gave me that ID verification # to call and she said I probably didn’t need to call but it may be worth it just to be sure that my refund is not put on hold again because I told her I still had the “still processing ” msg on wmr that day. She said wmr sucks but call the ID Hotline anyway just ti be sure but she was pretty positive I wud get my refund the 24th. so.. After several calls and getting “due to the high call volume we cannot take your call” message, I was on hold for 45 min and someone picked up the. Hung up!!! I was livid. Then I was even more determined to get thru and kept calling and getting the “cant take my call msg” I finally wasable to get through after being on hold an hour. I actually took a shower and got ready to go out and was on the rd by the time someone answered. I had my 14′ & 15′ return up on my pc at home and i knew they were going to ask for information from it and I FORGOT to email it to myself. And sure enough while on the rd the operator started asking if I had these docs and I said I was now not home but pulled over and used Turbo Tax mobile to at least get my 15′ return up after convincing the operator to try to verify me w out my 14′ return or w2s. She was able to, but did ask extensive questions about my 15 return which I cud answer from being able to download my 15′ return from Turbo Tax mobile app(they really need to make it possible to get All Your returns you file with them on mobile easier as well as on the normal website now… It’s a pain either way n is almost cryptic). Long story short, she verified me n them said it would be up to 9 WEEKS THIS TIME!!! So i told her who I had just got off ghe phn with about my transcripts and what they told me and that ghis was just a “double check” call and I was actually expecting my refund the 24TH. She put me on hold for a min and then came back and said: THE FIRST LADY WAS RIGHT AND SHE NEEDED TO REFRESH HER SYSTEM!! She saw the note from the first call now too she said and said I am indeed on for the 24TH!!! So i told her why i called because of stupid ass wmr not showing it and she said it NEVER really works and is ALWAYS UP AND DOWN on their end and to check tomorrow and it should show. So first thing I did today was log on and BOOM!!! My ddd of the 24TH was now showing w the 2 bars and a msg ti call my bank if I don’t get it by the 29Th. So if you have hung in and read all this… My advice is be persistent!! And tell them you need your $$ now due to hardship and you may get pushed thru like me!!! And I asked her why she didn’t see this info off the bat n told me 9 weeks and she said she had to refresh her screen and go to another screen!! So be persistent and hang in there. Here’s to hoping two irs people and wmr are right, and i get my refund on the 24th!!!



    I guess everyone else has received their returns.



    Its ya boy big gucci signing back on
    Yo I got good news to talked to them fok es and they say it’s nothing wrong still processing if nothing telling u to take action u good he said he think I should update by Sat I filed 1/27 lost bars few days ago just stay patient 27ers I know y’all still out there



    I still can’t order return transcripts. Now TT is saying my refund date is the 25th after it said it was the 17th. No movement on the MWR. Hope is fading fast.



    I called 1-800-829-1040. I pressed options 1 and 2 then pressed 00 and it took me to someone. Had to wait for about 45 minutes. From what I am seeing online they are telling everyone the same thing… I filed on 1/26 and still waiting.



    How did you get through today? Every number I call says they are closed til 7.



    I just called this morning and they told me that it would be an additional week from today. I filed on 1/27. All I see is that its processing with no status bars. So now I have to wait an additional week.



    Just as an update. I filed 1/27 and lost bars a few days later..waited my 21 days (which is today) and was told I had to verify..I had no code and no bars or anything. Now I have to do that except when I call, it says due to high call volume, they’re unable to take my call which is super frustrating!! I got no letter or anything..I did have an address change and I got remarried. I will post when something changes ..



    Still no bars, buy I was finally able to order my return transcripts this morning. Hopefully that’s a good sign.


    Brandon D

    Day 21 still no tax return. I called this morning and the lady was very rude and hung up on me. Filled with TT 1/27 was accepted 10 minutes later. The IRS rep. stated that my return was not filled until 2/1. So i’m technically still in my 21 days. Then she hung up on me. No bars on MWR just topic 152. I am about to just give up.



    Day 21 today. Still getting the message:

    “Your tax return is still being processed. A refund date will be provided when available”.

    This is very frustrating. It’s NEVER taken this long to get a DDD. I don’t need the money but I’d at least like to know that my return has been approved.



    I’m in the same boat. I filed on 1/27/16, and was accepted the same day. I’ve had only one bar since this past weekend. Now it says your refund is still being processed, and that a refund date will be provided when available with no bars. My 21 days would be up tomorrow according to turbo tax. IRS won’t say a thing about it til the the 21 days are up. Still no ddd! So frustrating!



    I’m in the same boat. Filed the 27th of January. Had only one bar until this past weekend. Now its says it’s being processed and a refund date will be provided when available. IRS won’t give me any info til the 21 days are up. According to turbo tax that would be tomorrow. So frustrating. No ddd!



    Has anyone else who lost their bars receive this message?

    Your tax return is still being processed. A refund date will be provided when available.

    With no DD date and no more Tax topic 152



    filed and accepted 1/27 through tt
    Large refund (5 figures) due in significant part to a solar energy tax credit for installing solar panels this year

    Nothing happened.

    Called last week (1-800-829-0582 ext 652) and said I had a code (I didn’t) but didn’t write it down. They looked into the account and said there’s nothing flagged on it. It’s just taking time.

    Sunday I lost my bars on WMR.

    I called in again today with the same trick. I told them I had filed on the 26th (making today day 21). They said that there were no flags on my account and that everything was just going slowly. They said I needed to give it another week.

    Getting increasingly more frustrated.



    Sleepy: Yes include weekends in your 21 days I believe. I think it’s 21 days, not 21 business days..

    To everyone who doesn’t have a DDD. I would try and order return transcripts. If you can then that is a good sign. But either way I would call them because you’re at 21 days. If you filed 1/27, today should be 21 days. If they give you crap about it, tell them you’ll talk to them tomorrow first thing in the morning.



    F/A 1.27.16
    As of the weekend, lost all bars.

    Hopefully this is a good sign. Who knows?



    Do you guys include the weekend in your 21 day count?



    Lot the bars. Now I have this message:

    “Your tax return is still being processed. A refund date will be provided when available.”

    It’s never taken this long. Usually 10-12 days. Tomorrow will be day 21.



    1/27 today no bar no ddd not good



    Plus I just sat on hold for over an hour in a half only for an attitudinal employee tell me it’s still processing, call back after 21 days..she wouldn’t even open the file or ardell me if there was an indication that something might be wrong! Ugh… Today may be a holiday, but they are not closed…it may be few people there today, but someone is there.




    1/27 filers. The IRS is closed today so you may not see any movement until tomorrow. I file 1/27 and saturday 2/13 i got a ddd of 2/18. It would of been 2/17 but because of today being a holiday it pushed it back a day. If you filed 1/27 and still waiting, then you may get a ddd of 2/19 which is friday. If you were able to request return tran, then you should have ddd tomorrow. If you have not already requested it, then you should be able to request return tran tomorrow and get ddd wednesday for 2/19. Check periodically throughout the day. Friday I checked many times to request return trans, it wasnt until later that evening that it finnaly went through. Unlike the WMR, transcript request updates many times a day.

    Day 21 is tomorrow so they will tell you that if i dont update wednesday then call them. So dont bother calling tomorrow. You have to call after 21 days.



    1/27 filers. The IRS is closed today so you may not see any movement until tomorrow. I file 1/27 and saturday 1/13 i got a ddd of 2/18. It would of been 2/17 but because of today being a holiday it pushed it back a day. If you filed 1/27 and still waiting, then you may get a ddd of 2/19 which is friday. If you were able to request return tran, then you should have ddd tomorrow. If you have not already requested it, then you should be able to request return tran tomorrow and get ddd wednesday for 2/19. Check periodically throughout the day. Friday I checked many times to request return trans, it wasnt until later that evening that it finnaly went through. Unlike the WMR, transcript request updates many times a day.

    Day 21 is tomorrow so they will tell you that if i dont update wednesday then call them. So dont bother calling tomorrow. You have to call after 21 days.



    Lost my bars..no more tt 152..still processing… I guess it’s no point in waiting 21 days…I won’t be getting $$ any time soon..nice following you. Good luck and congrats to everyone else



    I filed and was accepted on 1/27 through TT. All the way up until this past Sunday I had one bar with 152 tax topic….Sunday morning my bar went away, but still has tax topic. I was able to order my Account transcripts on 2/5 and still can not order the return transcripts. My account transcripts came in the mail Saturday, and they are completely blank. There’s none of my information listed. This week on the 17th will be my 21 days. Nothing is happening…nothing is moving!!!!!!!



    hello all I was in the mixture I filed 1/27/ accepted 1/28 couldn’t order transcripts until Friday morning,,,then ddd was posted Saturday for 2/18 I checked my bank today and my deposit is there it will post Tuesday morning so call the bank see if its pending My coworker in the same boat she doesn’t have a DDD update but her deposit is pending in her bank account as well…I don’t think wmr is updating the way it should…good luck everyone hope everyone see some movement before Tuesday.



    @ Json;

    I’m really really trying. I’ll hold off until the 18th to officially freak out.

    Thanks ☺



    Amanda, the wmr doesnt update all the time, but your direct deposit date is probably the 18th with all the rest of us. You shouldn’t see sny bank activity till closer to that date. Dont freak out until then. If nothig on the 18th…. Then freak.



    Hey everyone,
    I’m going to join the club.

    Filed 1/27/16
    Accepted 1/27/16
    Ordered both transcripts 2/5/16 & again on 2/13/16

    I haven’t reached out to the IRS, no codes on my WMR page. Just a little stressed out. This is absolutely ridiculous, filed through H & R Block. Nothing showing pending in my husbands bank account either. Not really sure where to go from here. I’m starting to believe that the transcript ordering is a myth….

    This is annoying!

    Please keep sharing updates, I want to remain hopeful!



    Filed 1/27. I could order tax return transcripts 2/12, and have a DDD of 2/18.

    Just wanted to let you all know. Good luck, I hope everyone get there returns in the next round!



    No ddd yet but I noticed my bar disappeared today. And I still have the TT of 152. So hopefully, Illl be able to order transcripts soon.



    1/27 filer here. Money should have been here 1 1/2 weeks ago easily. Here it is Valentine’s Day and can’t even afford my SO a gift because my money is still in mother fracking limbo. 21 days is up in 3 days and IRS is trying to weasel out more time by saying it is up on 1/23. BS. How much more time so they need to do their damned jobs? I’m calling on 2/17 and IRS be damned if they try this stunt on Wednesday .



    Annoyed to the max…still no update, still one bar, 21 days right around the corner, still no ddd…ugh



    On the real doe what’s really good I’m from 1/27th street with one bar still wat the H…..why want it update sheesh




    I can not lie you are the dude lol for the rest of y’all that been waiting get ya burrrr on everybody everybody get ya burrrr on lol



    I think there are still some that didn’t get updated, but im pretty sure 99.9% that you will see wmr movement and a ddd the day after you can order your return transcripts. guccimane1017 finally gonna get his oz of burrrr. Up for dayyyys. rollin in cash like plurrr



    Filed 1/27
    Ordered return transcripts yesterday and since ive been reading everyones posts here over and over again for the past 2 week, looming for some kind of magical update or information, it was like I had won the damn lottery. I was burrrrr’n all over the damn place knowing i would have 2 burrrrs on the pizza tracker when i woke up today. Which i did and i got my long awaited ddd taken it out the full 21 days.. This page kept me sane. Thank you all for your updates. Burrrrrr..itos for everyone!



    filed and accepted 1/27. No bars just the 152 msg. can not order transcripts. Called IRS Wednesday the 10th they said I am not showing any codes or offsets just seems to be taking longer. This is the longest I have ever had to wait



    @erica Welcome to the club. I filed mine on 1/27 and was supposedly accepted on 1/27 because the bar showed up the following evening on WMR. And here it is 2/13 and cant order transcripts, no DDD. My patience with these retards is the equivalent of driving on Black ICe



    I filed on 1/27 received 1/28 still at one bar. So irritated. My 21 days are up on 2/19 and no ddd, can’t order transcript. Trying to keep my cool



    gucci and rob : call the irs and use the code trick. tell them you filed 22 days ago ( around the 23rd of jan), tell them you have a tax code you are unsure of and once you tried getting it for the phone call it had locked you out… they will have NO choice but to open your info and tell you whats going on and what your expecting date will be!

    yall try it, let me know what happens if you dont mind… im as concerned nearly as much as yall are tbh… just doesnt seem fair !



    My 21 days is Wednesday I want to know cause I didn’t get dd I got it coming to tax office as paper check so I’m wondering could it just be there with no update cause I’m still on one bar



    I’m so glad y’all got the good news but I’m still on one bar gone and burrrr without me did all y’all bars change this is f up



    Filed and accepted on 1/27. Checked WMR and STILL no DDD. Still on one bar. Unreal.



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    I used turbo tax and netspend card. Mine usually comes a couple days before anyone else. I just checked the irs and I still don’t show a dd but mine hit yesterday. I don’t think the website is updated. Just keep checking it looks like they are coming.



    I got a DDD of 2/18/16. Yay!!!! Now we can all BURRRR with @Gucci ☺ happy spending everyone !!! Now I can get my Disney annual passes ????



    Finally!!!!! DDD of 2/18! I’m so happy, I could cry!



    Filed with Turbo Tax on 1/27
    My husband called IRS and they said they really only rec’d it on 1/29
    2/12 at 4 am I could not order my refund transcripts
    2/12 at 10 pm was able to order refund transcripts
    2/13 at 4 am checked WMR finally got DDD of 02/23



    Yayah finally got a deposit date! 02-18-16



    your tax refund is scheduled to be sent to your bank by February 18, 2016.
    If your refund is not credited to your account by February 23, 2016, check with your bank to see if it has been received.







    Just checked and I have a DDD for 2/18. Good luck to everyone else.






    Is the update tonight or tomorrow night anyone burrrr we getting dd all of us…..



    I filed on 1/27 after 5pm. Married filing joint, several dependents, education credits and address change through TT free file so no fees. WMR showed no movement and still hasn’t. Able to order return transcript after 11am today. Used rushcard for dd and it posted to my account at 12pm today. WMR still says processing and we went through a similar occurrence last year where the deposit posted before WMR updated. Hopefully everyone will get their refund sooner than expected!



    No deposit. I checked and I check Turbo Tax. For those that has deposit what tax preparer did you use?



    @bReal everytime I call IRS they wont tell me anything. I get the canned 21 days response and they wont tell me jack. So I dont know if they accepted it late or what. TT and the WMR said it was received on 1/27 and I checked on 1/28 and it stated that the return was received



    just logged into my Chase account and nothing yet :( Hopefully by tomorrow I will either have a DDD or my money already deposited!




    Have you called? There have been a couple people on this forum alone that have stated that they filed on the 27th and receive confirmation on the 27th, but when they contact the IRS, they are told that it was not accepted till the 4th of February.


    That is a pretty good translation! Made me laugh, for sure.



    @Jj I already called my bank and no deposits or anything pending. This is enough BS to make me question my sanity



    @jj are you using a regular Bank or a card



    Where my refund site is still on one bar but I just got an update that my money has been deposited. Check your accounts.




    Thank you for the definition:) Urban dictionary??



    Congrats to everyone 1/27 who got theirs completed. I filed mine on 1/27 and was accepted 1/27 and somehow magically it still has one bar and I cant even order my transcripts because it’s still processing and yet I never got a ****ed letter from IRS. NOTHING!!!! About to lose my **** with these morons



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    Here’s the web address to order a transcript: https://www.irs.gov/Individuals/Get-Transcript

    Click on the button, then enter all of your info. Choose “return” transcript. If you can request one, it typically means they’ve finished processing your taxes and you *should* have your WMR updated the following day.



    I could order my transcript! so now what?



    I’m new to this but I also filed mines on 01/27 and it was accepted so same day but still no movement for me either. I was just wondering, I’m seeing everyone’s ordering return transcripts and I’m wondering what that means? Like is that one step closer to getting approved or ..




    I still don’t get the burr but when I get my money, I will burr right along with you!!! :D



    I’m still on 1bar I didn’t order either transcript cuz I feel like we gone update tonight anyway but if y’all think I should then I will Ohh and burrrr Lol Ladyshay



    okay so I file taxes on the 27th been following the forms and have no update TurboTax had the percentage of everybody on the 27th and it disappeared other day so I’ve been watching everybody’s post on here so I just want to tell everyone what time what happened I get on irs.gov website where’s my refund and no bars still no bars just received and tax tax topic 152 just checked it about 5 minutes ago so about 2 minutes ago I get update from NetSpend saying that my money has hit my card where’s my refund still has no bars I just wanted to let everyone know your money will come peace out spending time I’m



    I was finally able to order my return transcript! So fingers crossed this is the light at the end of the tunnel for us 1/27 filers!!!

    Hopefully all of us will wake up to 2 bars and a DDD date!!!

    Good luck to all of you!!!!!



    Got return transcript too…Its about darn time




    Finally! I can order transcripts as well! I saw your earlier post and everyone else and decided to try it again. As of 11:29 AM I could order the return transcript! That is good news!



    Glad you guys were able to finally order a return transcript as well! I’m crossing my fingers we will finally get a DDD tomorrow for next Wednesday.




    I have no DDD, but up until this morning I was not able to order my return transcript either. I just tried it again after seeing your post and was able to order mine as well!!! Hopefully DDD to follow :)



    Filed and accepted 1/27. Been at 1 bar, and those bars never went away. Was able to order account transcript earlier in the week. But have been trying everyday since to order a return transcript with no luck. Even tried to order a return transcript this morning around 8am. And it said it was unavailable. But thanks to the reply from Emily below. Went in again to try to order a return transcript and was able to. That was around 10:30am eastern standard. Hoping that’s a good thing.

    As someone said earlier I think most of us who filed 1/27 are going to be in the DDD batch for next week. Whoever said H & R Block said something about their return is expected the 17th. That’s probably because that’s the 21 day mark. But that is also possibly the DDD.

    TurboTax took down the “% of people received their refund” graph I think because they got tired of people calling worried. I think they figured if they don’t tell you how many people filing the same day already received their return, you’ll worry less of when yours is coming, and they’ll field less calls on it.



    Filed and accepted 1/27. Still one bar, but was able to order my return transcript this morning. Previously, I had been able to order the account transcript a week ago. Glimmer of hope that some money will shake loose soon!



    Good news!!! I tried ordering a return transcript at 630am this morning, no luck. Tried again at 830am, no luck. Waited until past 9am central time, and was finally able to order my return transcript!!!




    I am still the same as you. Still amazes me! I wonder why TurbTax has taken away their percentage of how many people have received their returns… still a waiting game, I guess.



    I STILL have only one bar. Not able to order return transcripts. Also, TT has taken the number of people who has gotten their refunds down. I have until Tues to call the IRS. This is getting ridiculous.




    Burrr is for how cold it’s been every time I check wmr and only see 1bar also when ppl filed after me flossing hard buying cars and shit LoL burrr they gone be cold after these next updates so yeah Ladyshay burrr




    What the hell is a burrrr…..lol



    I’m Mr. Guwop Big Gucci and I’m part of the 27ers club not 26 and not 28 we bout to see some movement a bet ya burrrr…..



    I filed on the 27th and was accepted a few minutes after. I used Taxslayer and yesterday (02/10) I finally got a DDD of 02/12. I checked with my bank and it turns our the deposit is pending. :) I know what you all are feeling. It sucked waiting for so long. Hang y’all.


    Little miss

    So question for all my H and R block filers. When I logged in today I noticed something. At the top left hand corner it says:

    Filed 1/27
    Accepted 1/27
    Expected 2/17

    Is that on anyone else’s? Sure it doesn’t mean anything but just wondered



    In the same boat as everyone that is posting. I filed the 27th and got an email stating that it was accepted on the 27th. Called in to find out that I was not accepted until the 29th and I should continue to check WMR the following week as I have not even begun the processing phase. Awesome, there system seems to have absolutely no logic behind it. People I know filed the day before me and have spent almost every dime of their refunds that they received a week ago. I filed a day later and dont even have a ddd. I love how insane the system is. The IRS obviously lies through their teeth just to get us off the phone, but if we did something like that to them or told them to call us back in 21 days and we will see where we stand with their money then, OMG I would be calling family members for bail. I am beyond angry with how little info we get when we ask where our money is or what the problem is. I really hate the IRS. They suck.




    I have no idea what to think. I would say weird, but there have been all sorts of convoluted out there in regards to the, “return” and “account” returns. I have no idea what to think when it comes to those.

    Now that I know I am, at minimum, pushed back to the 19th and she did not indicate that there was a problem, I can breath a little (very little) easier. I’ll just keep waiting like the rest of us.




    Yes, she took my personal info, so I don’t know how I got such contradicting explanations.
    I was able to order my return transcript… Weird right?




    Wow! What a story. Did the first person ask for all your personal information? That first IRS agent must have put your personal info in wrong. That is incredible!

    That is interesting to know your times in reference to the second IRS agent giving you a processing date of 2/4. The agent I spoke with gave me a processing date of 01/29!

    Which are you able to order; the, “return” or the, “account?”



    I filed and was accepted on 1-27. When I called the IRS they said I wasn’t accepted until 1-29. They said there was nothing wrong with my return, just to allow more time for processing. With all the horror stories, I’m still not very confident. At this point, I will just be happy if I get my money this year!!!



    Filed 1/27

    Accepted 1/27 in the morning

    Generic message that says its still processing, no bars, no DDD

    I was able to order a transcript on Friday

    Called using the error code trick. The first time I spoke with someone I was put on hold several times while she “checked.” First she came back and said it was because I filed an “injured spouse” return which I had not… The second time she said that I had forgotten a signature or had forgotten to include a schedule. I informed her I filed electronically, so it couldn’t be a missing signature and that I filed a simple return with 2 W2’s. She then said, “Well they will send out a letter to you Monday.”

    I wasn’t happy with the response, so I called back. This time the lady said that my return was still processing and had not begun processing until 2/4!!! She said since it was in processing, she can’t even see any errors or info and she has no idea how the first person I talked with even looked into my acct. So basically, someone is lying, My return is simple and not large at all. But I want my dang money!!!

    Anyone else had this happen?



    I called and was told that my return is still being processed. I filed on the 27th got an acceptance on the 27th and then the first time I called said it was accepted on the 29th….




    Well, I decided to take the plunge and call to try your technique. It sort of worked. IRS agent was extremely rude, but none the less, she stated that they accepted it on the 29th; even though I got the email on the 27th. I explained it the way you said to and still got the response of I needed to wait the 21 days. Which now pushes me back to the 19th. Got to love the IRS.

    Don’t be an IRS agent if your going to be rude and inconsiderate to the citizens that pay their taxes. Just my opinion, of course.



    I filed my refund thru Turbo Tax on 1/27 around 2pm eastern time. My husband called IRS (no idea who he spoke with) and that person told him they didn’t actually receive my stuff til 1/29. At this point he adv it wasn’t even being worked on yet — at least that’s my case. still no DDD lol.



    I finally got a DDD for 2/12 I had one bar then disappeared with Topic 152 for 9 days. When I checked WMR i found out there was a math error on my return regarding EIC figures but all in all I’m still getting refunded in less than 21 days! Hang in there everybody!




    They already knew it was an error and they corrected it on there end. They only advised me of this being the reason of the delay because told him that the WMR informed me to call.

    Good thing is if you tell them WMR has an error code and told you to call, the most they can do is check for the error and if you dont have any, they just say that may be a glitch but you dont have any erros and you return is just processing.

    Or they review the account and inform you of the error that is actually on your return.

    Its win win because you get the information or reason behind the delay either way. The plus is if you actually have an error, your made aware of it earlier than waiting the whole 21 days abd may even get a projected date.




    Confirming you filed at 11:00 PM?




    It definietly depends on who you get. Its a centralized line so each time you call you are being sent to another office in another state. It depends on the person you get. Dont give up, thats what they want. Even if they say that in there system it shows it wasnt accepted until the 29th, let them know that you still filed 20th and regardless the WMR advised you to call in so thats what you are doing. Inform them why would it state to call them if you are telling me I have to wait longer. Push the issue as if the WMR actually advised you to do this. Dont give in. let them know i understand that it shows in your system that it was accepted on the 29th or 27th or whatever, nut per the WMR i was advised to give you call regarding the error code. Let them know you are unable to go back in to get the code because of to many attempts. Some people on other threads has a lot of luck with this.


    I am still not able to order transcripts. Since he did give me a projected date I am going to have my fingers crossed that it updates tomorrow. I have read on other threads where people got the deposit last Saturday. There were also threads of people who received their refund without WMR updating or being able to order transcripts. i guess it is hit or miss.


    I didnt actually have an error nor was I locked out. I just said that so that he could pull the file. Because i told him i didnt write the error code he was forced to check for the errors.




    I just called and the lady said that it wasn’t until the 29th I was accepted but I got the text message on the 27th and the email from Turbo Tax. She wouldn’t give me information because my 21 days werent up . I am calling back.



    @bReal I filed 1/27 at 11:00 they accepted it at 11:34 same day what I think has happened is that everyone who filed after a certain time that day was pushed to acceptance 1/29 that’s how long it takes to verify everything I’m guessing! I did read somewhere though, that if you file after 11:30 am that it wouldn’t be accepted until the following day but I don’t think it’s true I think it’s just where your return lands and who processes it ! My hubby and I file the 31st every year and never get ours until between 14th and 19th!



    Filed the 25th accepted the 27th but irs accepted the 29th. 1 bar no transcripts tt152. When i called They said They saw no issues so now im just hoping i get a ddd soon



    @ladiishay were you able to order return transcripts?




    As in it took the phone call for them to realize it, or they already knew there was an error and was just advising you of it?



    I filed 1/27 around 8pm and was accepted around 10pm same day. Still at 1 bar with tax topic 152, can order account transcript but not return. Filed jointly with 2 kids, aoc, EIC, and early pension withdrawal.




    But anit 2/13 Saturday and if so I didn’t get dd I hv it coming to my tax office could it update tonight and I get it Friday the 17th is my 21 days



    I submitted efile 1/27 about 8:30am and accepted notification about 11:30 am.
    When i called IRS before they also stated mine wasnt accepted until the 29th. What i think is the system accepted it but it didnt initate processing until the 29th. i take it due to extra security measures, it took from the 27th -29th to verify validity as fars as bday ssn ect. after that i guess they began to process which was the 29th….

    Called irs today, they stated my delay was an error that they were able to correct and I have a projected date of 2/13




    Filed and accepted 1/27
    Stuck at one bar
    Still no DDD
    Unable to order transcripts



    Still no update and didnt make the DDD for the 16th. That is 20 days after filing. So I dont know what game they are playing




    Just for reference; I sent E-filed at 7:50 pm and was sent my acceptance email at 8:04 pm on 01/27.

    I am interested to know who has NOT received their return and submitted their returns around the same time as myself. Maybe we can collaborate a time frame to show why some of ours was actually accepted on the 29th even though we received an email stating it was accepted on the 27th.




    What was your approximate time of submission of your tax return? About how much longer after that were you sent the email of acceptance?

    I still only have one bar. Nothing has happened since receiving the acceptance email.



    I filed 1/27 wmr said received 1/27 called irs they said they received it 1/29 ugh!!!




    Hey, as i stated, the guy informed me from IRS being able to see the bar nor loosing the bar doesnt mean anything. your browser can be different from someone else’s, or just a system glitch. SO if you have the bars or not, it means nothing.

    However, regarding your delay, I would definetly do what i did to get answers. Call the number and tell them you received an error and was told to call. Tell them you went back to write the code down but because you checked to many times today your now locked out. Dont tell them you filed the 27th. Tell them you filed the 20th, if they ask and only if they asked when were you accepted tell them you never got a notice of acceptance and that when you checked WMR all it said before today was it was processing, now today it stated to call and that you never knew exactly when they accepted because you didnt get notification. dont mention it if they dont ask.

    you should be good to go, they may say they have a projected date for 2/13



    Ladyshay what if you never lost your bar. Does this mean that you good cuz I filed 1/27 and I’m stuck on one bar and ppl getting there’s befoe me dat filed after me I’m getting depressed



    Ok I may have good news for you guys that are still waiting. Here is the drop,

    I filed 1/27/16 and accepted same day, I have no bars and it says processing a refund date will be provided when available blah blah blah.

    So here is what I did, which i got this information from other people doing the same thing.

    I called 1-800-829-0582 ext 652
    I told them that the WMR tool told me to call this number and it gave me an error code. I told them that I must of attempted to many times because now im locked out so I coundt write down the code. I was asked when did i file. I told them the 27th Now the first person I spoke to wasnt having it, he said if your locked out wait until tomorrow to get the code and call back with the code , unless it was 21 days he couldnt pull the account without the code. BS….. So I said thank you and hung up and immediately called right back. At this point I got someone who was much pleasant. I gave him the same spill of WMR saying to call this number but when i went back to write down the code it said I was locked out after to many attempts. This time i told them I filed the 20th but im not sure when i was accepted because when i finally checked WMR it only said I was processing with no WMR tool. So i dont know exactly when it was accepted.

    He stated it doesnt mean anything if the bars go missing because it can be your browser, cookies, or just a system issue when there is high flow volume. He did pull my account and stated the reason mine was delayed is because there was a small error that they were able to fix without contacting me or requesting anything. He stated it didnt effect my refund amount. He stated he had a projected date of 2/13/16 which is a Saturday. He did say because its a Saturday dont lock that date in my head. (Howevr I know some people who got there refund last saturday so im locking it in my head anyway.) Anywho he was great. It may be small things that the IRS is fixing on there end that doesnt need you attention thats causing the delay. However gor clarification follow what I did and get your answers.



    File 1/27; Accepted 1/27. Still one bar and no movement as of 8:00 am 2/11.



    Still one bar at 4am should I check it again it’s now 9Am



    yall, we will NOT be getting ours until WEDNESDAY, next week! Thats what IRS lady told me, if we are still no progression this morning then ours will be in the upcoming batch scheduled for next Wednesday. Im so damn IRKED! everyone around me received their return, i worked hard, i over payed and now i want my damn MONEY! this is so WRONG!



    Filed and accepted on 1/27 and still stuck on one bar (WRM). Last year filed and accepted on 1/25 and got my refund deposited on 2/4. Much slower this year.



    One bar as well



    Still at one bar too…



    Filed and accepted thru TT 1/27
    Still only 1 bar on WMR
    Now turbo tax doesn’t even show how many people have received their refund that filed on the same date.. instead it shows a calendar marking from the day I filed to the 21st day as if I’m an idiot and don’t know what they mean when they give me 2 dates and tell me it could be 21 days. Ugh just give me my money!



    Has anyone checked to see if they got approved or ddd



    1 bar still I’m hoping I get updated soon cuz this messing with the whole brick squad and not to mention I’m tryna get burrrr…..



    Filed with TT early morning on 1/27 accepted that day. Only 1 W2, 1 dependent, head of household, school and childcare expenses. Checked this morning, 2/10, at about 3AM EST; WMR showing only one bar. Checked again at about 8:30AM and FINALLY movement on 2 bars now!!! DDD of 2/12; fingers crossed that goes through without any hold ups!!!

    Basically, doesn’t really matter how simple or complicated your return is, it’s just luck of the draw, depends on ‘whose desk it lands on.’ And how long they take to complete it. It sucks waiting on other people to get the money YOU work hard for everyday!!!

    Good luck all!!!



    Spoke to a nice lady at the irs today. She couldn’t tell me anything about my return because it’s not 21 days yet. She said if I don’t see any error codes I shouldn’t be worried. She gave me a few reasons why it could be taking so long. She said because they receive so many at a time the system could have been jammed up and it’s stuck in the back log that would push us back a week. My return could have been randomly selected for further review because of identity theft reasons. She also said when you file head of household and have dependents they need to verify further that your claiming children that belong to you. And that it happens more often when it’s a single female claiming head of household. She said returns are processed everyday but they aren’t processed in the order they are received and the WMR update every night. I just have to keep on checking.



    Filed & accepted on 1/27. Ordered account transcript last week. Still can’t order a return transcript, still 1 bar with tax topic 152.

    It’s just a little frustrating when people filed after me have already received their refunds.



    So I filed on Tax Act on 1/27 and was accepted 30 min later and still today only have 1 bar. I can’t order refund transcript and I called today only to wait 30 min for a VERY rude lady to Jay hang up on me.

    What a great way to run, but all of my co-workers who filed well AFTER me have all received their refunds. It just irritates me because I filed early to avoid the rush and here I am stuck in the back. Noted for next year never file early because it makes NO DIFFERENCE.

    Ugh… bills stacking up.



    I stand corrected. Someone misinformed me, the 21 days is actually calendar days, my apologies!!!! Good luck to everyone!




    I am right there with you! I have a degree, actually two of them! But, in all honesty, it was a waste of time and MONEY! I am still paying those blasted things off and will continue to do so for the rest of my life.

    In my many years of filing taxes, I have never had this problem. Last year, I filed on the same day (01/27) and received my refund on 02/04. It truly is a frustrating thing to endure and am frustrated along with everyone else.

    I just do not understand why the IRS does not do the returns by filing dates. It makes absolutely no sense. If the IRS can give a reason as to why they do this, I would be dumbfounded. And probably more confused than what I already am in regards to how they conduct their business.



    For the people who are complaining that their 21 day mark is approaching, I just want to inform you that the 21 days is BUSINESS days. This means that nobody has reached a 21 day mark yet. The IRS did not start officially accepting returns until January 19th, so if you got accepted January 19th, 21 business days from then is February 16th. If you were accepted after Jan. 19th, obviously your 21 days is after february 16th.



    Filed 1/27 and here it is 2/10 and still no change. 2 freaking weeks and not a single change, yet Feb filers are being approved left and right. Losing my patience rapidly with IRS and all the time it’s human robots I get. I better have a DDD by next Wednesday is all I’m gonna say or hell will rain on earth with IRS. So not in the mood with screwing with these retards. They can’t even process simple returns and yet claim they have degrees in accounting. Yeah right.



    Filed 1/27; Accepted 1/27; I am among the 53% of the people that have not yet received there returns. Co-worker filed on 2/4 and receive his returns this morning. I don’t think the IRS process returns in order as they are received. Eventually, we will all get our turn. Money or not, have a great day ALL!



    I file 1/27 and accepted at 11:55. However I am still processing with no ddd and cannot order return transcript. I have never in my life in my years of filing taxes have had to wait this long. I called turbotax who stated nothing was wrong as far as they can see on their end. Then i called the IRS yesterday and there was a GUY that was nice enough to look at my account and he stated there was nothing wrong that he can see either and that I should just continue to wait as it has not been 21 days. He did make a valid point however, that this wait isnt anything new, he stated it may be a change of people experiencing but the process is the same. He stated I may have gotten it early last year but there were other people that had to wait. He stated it just turned out that for me, this year I am the one waiting. So with that being said, I guess ill try to be a little patient at least until the 21 day time frame and them i am going HAM. What frustrates me though is my co worker filed last week and got her refund today. Another thing to keep in mind, everyones return is different, some are simple and are just claim 1 job, and others such as mine are more complex where you claim a dependent, multiple W2s, school, and child care expenses. Anyhow, point is no update still waiting


    still waiting

    ok…irs lady said that most 1/27 filers , even though they may have been accepted the 27th, actually werent dealt with until the 29th… those of us that are waiting… a slight delay of just a week she says. sooooooo nothing is wrong, thank God… we just have to wait it out from here… even though the week will seem like a year, it’s COMING!!!! yay!


    still waiting

    rut roe. i have irs on the phone, i may have fibbed a lil and told them its been 21 days for me. i just wanna see what this hold up is all about.


    still waiting

    same here yall!!!! i will have 21 days in come sunday i believe… im so frustrated with this ordeal. it irks me.



    I am right there with you Candy and Heather. I am still sitting at one bar. I even called to check the status and was given the same information. According to TurboTax, there have only been 49% of the people that filed on that day receive a deposit. I am truly starting to get nervous. There have been plenty of people that I know that filed after me and have already received their refund.

    I keep reading different places that there is no rhyme or reason to how the IRS completes the returns that are submitted, but you would think they would do it day by day. It just makes no sense to the ordinary citizen that they would complete it any other way. I hope I hear something soon.

    Best Regards



    Still one bar for me. Im still unable to order my return transcripts. Next Tues. will be 21 days for me. No ddd…no nothing.


    Heather Audet

    Filed and accepted 1/27. Was able to order account transcript over a week ago. Still can’t order return transcript. Been at one bar since 1/28.



    Received my refund. Had a ddd of 2/10 and it came at 3:56. Good luck to everyone still waiting.



    Update. …

    . Finally Approved with a DDD 2/12….



    Filed 1/27 9:30ish pm. Accepted within the same hour. Approved 2/10 DDD 2/12. Good luck to the rest of club 1/27



    WMR back up



    DD just came to my account. I had a date of 2/10. I thought I wouldn’t see anything until 2/11 b/c my bank processes’ deposits received that day after 12am. I’m not all that lucky b/c all my money is going toward applying to grad schools which is $1000+. Good luck to everyone else!



    I just checked and yet another day with no movement. Come on already what is the hold up?



    Has anyone checked if they have been approved




    Just check TT and 47 % have recieved.. I’m still at one bar.. I wonder if wmr already updated. ….



    TURBOTAX just updated to 49% recieved for 1/27 filers. I personally havent peen approved.



    I also filed on 01/27 and received an approved email within a few hours. I have yet to receive any other movement in regards to the status of my return. This is the first time that I can remember my return taking this long to get to me. But, it seems that there are still many of us in the same boat for the same filing day. One can only wonder why. I hope to see something soon.

    Best Regards



    Hello all I also filed on 1/27 and still have no DDD but I just checked and I could finally order my trancripts with my new address.



    I was able to order my transcripts! That means my Change of Address is in. Good chance I will get my DD tomorrow, and I’ve simply missed the 24 hour update window for the WMR web app.

    Get money, get paid. :)



    Filed on Jan 27. Still on one bar. Getting real tired of waiting. Same thing happened to me last year. I waited almost a month to get my refund and there were no problems with my return last year, just took a really long time.



    im getting super frustrated. filed and accepted on the 27th of January. As of this morning, ONE BAR…NO TRANSCRIPTS..nothing is progressing for me. everyone around me , including my children, who filed LATER by a week or MORE have received their return. I, like the rest of us, am extremely desperate for this money. I certainly pray that Friday will be OUR day.





    Filed and accepted on 1/27. Found out I have an offset for the VA for only $148. VA said it was paid. Not sure why WMR and TT still show me as accepted and only 7% have received their refund.



    Filed 1/27; Accepted 1/27 (within 1 hour); as of 2/9 still a single bar (no movement).



    Filed and accepted 1/27. Stuck on one bar still. I was able to order my return transcript, but not my refund transcript. No DD, no change. Like everybody else, I was hoping it would be through as fast as in past years, but this is the longest it has taken for me since e-filing and direct deposit have been available.



    Still one bar. No DD filed on 1/27 with JH. Really getting disappointed. Could not order transcripts either. A simple return. Happy for all those who have gotten the DDD. Hoping the rest of us get one for this Friday 2/12


    Symone {Illinois}

    So I filed on the 01/27 and still haven’t gotten an updated I’m still at the 1 bar and I’m getting worry cause my sister got here’s before mines and we filid the same day
    Hopefully I get a ddd soon



    Filed 1/27
    Accepted 1/27 (about an hour later)

    I have not received a ddd yet and still unable to order transcripts. I filed through Turbotax and did the netspend card thing. I was starting to worry because i havent even received my card….checked about 2 hrs ago and it was in the mail. Everything seems to be going slow. I have a friend who was approved on the 24th and his just got approved.



    Filed 1/27 got DDD on 2/6 for 2/10 into my bank account. Progress, hope to see refund tomorrow or Wednesday.



    Accepted 1/27 Approved 2/6. DDD 2/10. No Tax Topic codes. Glad the wait is finally over. Seems like many of us got approved at the same time. $$$



    I still have one bar.



    @dawnft, Good for you! Glad you got your refund.



    I’m glad to see the DDD’s are starting to roll out!



    I got my dd last night. efiled with turbotax 1/27 at 11:30am, accepted within an hour. was able to order transcripts 2/5/16. 2 bars on 2/6. Sunday (2/7)night at 10:30 pm my refund was deposited onto my netspend card. I paid the fees up front so it never had to go to sbttg or whatever. Hope everyone gets their money soon!



    I filed on the 27th with Jackson Hewitt. I have one bar I am praying I get an approved and ddd date in the am. I check constantly. I cannot order my transcripts either. I spoke to a rep this morning after a 30 plus hold. Wait until 21 days before they will give me info. I really need this return asap. My roof has to go on this weekend. Never had to wait this long before always had it in less than 10 days. Getting worried.



    Did not wake up with a DDD like I was hoping. Maybe tomorrow. I don’t get why it’s taking so long when others who filed after me already have theirs.



    Filed 1/27, around noon. Accepted within hours. Still one bar this morning, and no transcripts. Fingers, and toes, crossed for tomorrow morning.



    Filed and accepted on 1/27. No ddd as of yet. Also unable to order transcripts.



    I filed and was accepted on 1/27, however my bars has been missing since that weekend. I have not been able to order return transcript, only account. I always received my return on the 5th, which is why expected the same this year. I am so frustrated that people who have filed later has already received there refund. I’m not hurting for the money, but I did have plans for it, and it is making me nervous waiting so long for it.



    I filed on Jan 27. I was not one of the lucky ones that woke up to a DDD yesterday. Although I was able to order my transcripts today and I wasn’t able to previously. So I’m hoping that’s a sign and I’ll wake up to a DDD in the am.



    Accepted 1/27

    Still No DDD. Was one bar the first week but bar disappeared on same weekend.

    All these reports of DDD from people who are 1/31ers make me sad.



    @NickW Yes it was paid in full with state and I got what was left. Im so upset. Grrrrr!!!!



    Got my DDD of 2/10

    F/A 1/27
    WMR UPDATED 2/6 DDD 2/10

    Yay!! This site keeps me sane.



    I filed and was accepted 1/27
    Today, 2/6 got ddd of 2/10

    A lot of people seem to be asking if it can come earlier. Last year I had fees (TT) taken out so $ had to be processed through SBBT. The $ hit them the day before my ddd. Then it was in my account on the actual ddd.

    This year I paid fees up front so that if it is sent early it will come straight to my bank.



    @nickw oh they can so do that cause they did it to me and yes your right call irs mamak before hand



    @mamak, what I can think of that’s happening is that you didn’t have enough to cover your offset from your state, so whatever is left got rolled over into your federal. If you speak to an IRS agent, they can tell you what balance from the offset was left. But they should’nt take 890 twice from you, if that’s all you owe. Good luck!



    Filed about 2pm on 1/27
    Finally got approved 2/6
    And got my DDD for 2/10

    First time in over three years that I’ve had to wait for more than 10 days. Rather frustrating like I’m sure it has been for everyone. Hopefully everything goes okay and I get the money before the year needs… ;)



    Does the irs usually send the money to the bank on the day it says it will be there or will it come earlier? Anyone know



    accepted on 02-01-2016 got a ddd for 02-10 good luck everyone



    @ mamak they did that to me last year when I owed federal state took it first then federal took it but they did mail me a check for what they took



    Finally got my DDD of 2/10
    But another question I have is I had an offset of $890 which I knew about. It was taken out of my state (that DD was 2/1) But when I looked at WMR this morning it said some or all of it could be taken for offsets. I called the offset hot line and it gave me the same offset amount of $890. I sure hope they didn’t take one offset out of both state and federal? Or is this just an auto message of any offset?


    Chris in cali

    Woke up this morning to a DDD of 2/10..finally

    Filed 1/25/16
    Approved 1/ 27 /16
    DDD 2/10/16



    Still no ddd for me, 1/27 accepted same day.. 1 bar, account transcript only thing available.. But I did notice on wmr. The page says 1/5 updated last.. But I called the 800 number and still processing..



    Gud morning everyone, has anyone else checked the site sbtpg and get a message saying “we couldn’t find your account.. I was able to check it a couple days ago and it said “refund not received…????


    File 1/27

    This was a long journey of waiting! I filed via Turbo Tax on 1/27 after 5pm was accepted an hour later! The IRS just approved my return on today 2/6 at 7am because I checked at 12am and it was one bar. My direct deposit is scheduled for 2/10.

    Filed 1/27
    Approved 2/6
    DD 2/10
    I did all my family members returns via turbo tax too. (I need the software) There’s are as follows:

    Twin sisters:
    Filed 1/30
    Approved 2/6
    DD 2/10

    My moms:
    Filed 1/23
    Approved 1/30
    DD 2/3
    We had to wait fully this year versus a week last year.



    Filed 1/27 HR Block. Accepted 1/27. Approved with a DDD of 2/10. Finally!!



    Filed and got accepted 1/27/16. Still no DDD. Wondering what’s up since everyone else I know seems to have gotten a DDD today.



    I’ve heard ppl say that we can get it earlier than 2/10 I’m hoping for a 2/8 cleared deposit …… heres to hoping. ….



    @nikki do you think it will come earlier?



    Finally!! Got a ddd of by the 10th this morning like everyone else.



    Got dd by 2/10 finally can it come earlier is that why they say by the 10th?



    Finally!!!!!! Have a date for the 10th! My H&R Block app hasn’t done anything! I’m so excited lol now to wait on state



    Woke up at 4:30th (illinois) to an update on wmr tool. So I filed and was accepted on 01/27/16. Want able to order any transcripts until 02/05/16 (of which I was able to order both account and return. Got an update on 02/06/16. This update says my refund should be deposited to my bank by 02/10/16. Now I can breathe easy. Try to stay positive while you wait. Maybe they’ve got the ball rolling now. I pray for no more glitches.



    Filed & accepted 1/27 thru TT. WMR site today at 420am cst finally has update! Two bars, refund approved & “refund scheduled to be sent to bank by 2/10″ The TT site hasn’t budged off the initial message , I think it said I would get refund between 17th & 28th” I’m in Arkansas.



    Filed 1/27
    Got DD for the 10th



    Accepted 01 27 16. Approved 02 06 16 DDD 02 10 16. Hr block self e filed

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