How can I verify my identity if I got a 4884C/5071C notice?

You will need to call the IRS at the number provided in the notice. They may ask you a series of questions regarding your current and previous year’s tax return so you will want have those handy along with the notice sent to you containing the control number used to verify your identity. If you are unable to provide them with the answers or do not have access to them, then they may ask you to visit a local IRS office.                                                                            Questions they may ask you:

  • Full name?
  • Address?
  • Filing status?
  • Secondary name on the return if filing jointly?
  • Did you report any income for a specific tax year?
  • What was your AGI?
  • Employer name(s)?
  • Did you have any business income for a specific tax year?
    If so, did you report a loss?
    Which line did you report the loss on?
  • Mother’s maiden name/father’s full name?
  • Did you claim any dependents?
    How many?
    Full name(s)?
    Date of birth(s)?
    Social security number(s)?
  • Are you expecting a refund for the most recent year?
    If so, how much?
  • How did you file? Paper or electronically?
  • Did you request a paper check or for direct deposit?
    Bank Name?
    Checking or savings?
    Account/routing number?