Unpostable IRS Error

An unpostable transaction happens when your return is unable to be posted to the master file. It can happen for many reasons. It usually takes about 6-8 weeks to close the open unpostable according the IRS Unpostable section of the Internal Revenue Manual (IRM) 21.5.5 Unpostables. After something is identified as unpostable an error resolution process occurs to determine what caused the return to not post automatically. Once it is identified and resolve the return is put back into queue as a normal return to process.

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Internal Revenue Manual (IRM) 21.5.5 Unpostables

"Each IDRS transaction is subjected to a series of validity checks prior to posting to the Master File. A transaction is termed unpostable when it fails to pass any of the validity checks and is then returned to the campus for follow up action(s).

Some of the errors that can occur include identity theft, incorrect bank account info, fraudulent filing, general errors in filing, and the use of the incorrect types of forms. Unlike other errors, unpostables are are not as easy to resolve. Agents on the phone generally won’t mention what is causing the problem for this reason unless they need additional information from the taxpayer to resolve unpostable.

In the case of one of our users they called the IRS and were given little information. They were only told some information needed to be verified and not given specific reasons. They called back the following week and the agent informed them that their return was unpostable.

So, now you are probably wondering: “Am I unpostable?” Chances are most likely not. The unpostable situation is not common. The IRS still state that “9 out of 10 returns are processed in 21 days or less.

If you have been processing for over 5 weeks, there is no reason given and you don’t get any letters in the mail you may want to ask if you are unpostable. Some agents might not even know what this means but it doesn’t hurt to ask. Make sure to ask what date you went unpostable because the 6-8 weeks should start from that date. You can also ask if the unpostable is closed or open. There are codes identified and a series of question the agents should be able to answer.

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