When your tax return is still being processed and you’ve depended on your refund.

tax return is still being processedDo you have a utility shut off or eviction notice and your tax return is still being processed?

If your tax return is still being processed and you filed what seems to be a long time ago, you are not alone. It’s not always a vacation and shopping spree fund. A lot people depend on a tax refund to supplement their income for essential living costs. At this point in the year, we have seen many people get their tax refunds and be on their merry way. But with others still being delayed, not receiving your tax refund can quickly become a financial burden.

Don’t let people make you believe otherwise — it’s reasonable that people depend on their refunds.

In fact, the EITC was designed for people of lower incomes to provide financial assistance for working families with children due to the rising costs of living.  If you use your tax refund to offset the cost of housing and other essential living expenses, when it doesn’t arrive as expected, it’s easy to get behind.  We get it, and aren’t judging you.

Get help with a utility shut off or eviction notice.

If your tax refund is being delayed and it is causing a financial hardship we recommend reaching out to resources that can help with basic human needs including help to pay for rent and utilities.  You can start by dialing 211. The FCC reserved the 211 dialing code for community information and referral services. When you call 211 you should reach someone that can provide a critical connection between you and appropriate community based organizations and government agencies that provide assistance for rent and utilities.  Or google 211 with the name or your state or county and you will likely find the local website to direct you to resources available.

Get help from the Tax Payer Advocate Service.

We also recommend calling the Taxpayer Advocate Service if you haven’t already.  The TAS can help expedite the processing of your tax return if you have a hardship. The criteria for a hardship case is here.

Did you get a 4464C or CP05 notice?  Read more here.

Join the live discussion and get answers from other people in the same situation here.

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  1. Marie

    I was accepted Jan 28,2019. My bars went away Feb 15 and I have the still processing message with code 152 and the amount. I received a LTR fr.more.imfo.on March 2,2019 and faxed the information. My transcript is listed as no taxes filed so o called IRS and was told that they do not update transcripts until April 15,2019 . I told her other’s have information filed.on taxes but I have nothing or N/A. She said that was normal. What is happening?

  2. Brandon
    • Tax Preparer:
      H&R Block
    • Fees:
      From Refund
    • State:
    • Filing Date:
    • Date Accepted:
    • Bank or Prepaid:
      Green Dot
    • WMR Bars:
      What Bars?
    • Earned Income Tax Credit (EITC), Child Tax Credit
    • TT 152

    This tax season is a nightmare for single parents. It appears that about 75% of returns that were filed in January claiming the Eitc credit , are on a 45 day review that technically hasn’t even started yet?? What a nightmare!!!!

  3. Sheila_33
    • Tax Preparer:
    • Fees:
    • State:
    • Filing Date:
    • Date Accepted:
    • Bank or Prepaid:
    • WMR Bars:
      2nd Bar
    • Date Approved:
    • WMR Date:
    • Direct Deposit Date:
    • Earned Income Tax Credit (EITC), Additional Child Tax Credit, Schedule C
    • RN 9001, Weekly

    @LaurenMcC: i would give it a week and see if you update. Some have updated to a ddd from that message and some others have had issues. If nothing changes by next Monday, then I’d consider calling.

  4. LaurenMcC

    I filed 2/11 and was accepted same day.
    Friday 3/1 the WMR bars disappeared and say: Your tax return is still being processed.
    A refund date will be provided when available.
    and also has tax topic 152 with all my info still on the left hand side including my refund amount.
    Should I be worried at this point? I have been reading many different comments.

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