Registration for IGMR

Registration Process:

Registration on mobile, click person icon in the top left-hand corner. If an ad is blocking it, dismiss it.

Registration on a desktop, above the blue menu bar there is a Register link.

Registration on a tablet could be either of the above… depends on orientation.

Registered users can update their filing details by editing their profile. (Person icon > edit profile > filing details)

We ask that you read, “How We Moderate Comments”,

Here are our Basic Rules:

Basic Rules

  • Read first, then ask!
  • Share pertinent information
  • Do not feed trolls
  • Be respectful
  • DO NOT post the $ amount of your refund, account numbers or social security numbers; IGMR cannot be held liable for what idiots may do with your information..

If you have any problems or have registration issues please send us an email:

[email protected]