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    I have seen numerous people asking what their cycle date means, how to decipher it, and when they are getting their money. Instead of answering every single person that asks on every single thread, I decided to just create one..

    So, If you can view your transcripts, it will give you a cycle date which will tell you when your DDD is. I was able to review my transcripts this morning and have a cycle date of 20150402. Which I am assuming is the same for most people that can now view theirs. So, the cycle dates go as followed, 2015 is the year, obviously, 04 stands for the week of the year, meaning it doesn’t restart at the beginning of every month, so February 2-8 would be 05 then 06 and so on, even on the IRS calendar THIS week the 26th-30th is 04 (So we know it will be deposited this week) and the 02 is the day in the week it will be deposited, in this case Friday. SO we should have our money sent to SBBT or financial institution on Thursday Night/Friday Morning, then give or take a couple days for bank processing if you have fees, depending on your bank policy for deposits, etc. BUT THIS IS GOOD NEWS!! The cycle “Code” goes as follows (YEAR)(WEEK OF YEAR)(DAY OF WEEK) BUT where people get confused is the day of week. This is because it is based on the IRS CYCLE. So we know its being deposited the 4th week of 2015, the IRS CYCLE WEEK begins on THURSDAY (not Monday), you can look this up on-line, and ends on WEDNESDAY! So THURSDAY is 01, the cycle date WE HAVE is 02 which if Thursday is 01, then Friday is 02. This is how I know that our money will be transmitted on FRIDAY. I am 99% positive. WMR may or may not even update before then, however, I expect an update tonight for people who can view their transcripts. This is also in line with previous years. Last year many people got their DDD and the money was set to be deposited 2-3 days after they received their DDD. Also, for previous returns, look at your Cycle number and the day your money was sent and they will match up as well.


    Filed 1/9 with TT, Accepted 1/12

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    Melissa L

    I have been trying to see if anyone has any similar dates like mine but haven’t came across any. Can someone help me I have been sitting at my computer for hours trying to figure this out. Filed 1-14-2015 accepted 1-16-15 one bar no 2015 transcript available past dates are 20140601 20131005 20120405 thank you in advance.



    I don’t see a Refund Code… where should I be looking? Thank You!



    @cpracing2008 thanks!



    @ ann I was accepted on the 22nd and i dont have a viewable transcript yet either. from what i’ve gathered we still have nothing to worry bout as of yet.



    Anyone accepted on the 23rd??? How often to they update transcripts??


    Solomon Grundy


    20150404 means?



    The components of CADE 2, Transition State 1, was deployed in January, 2012. Changes included daily processing for certain individual taxpayers, Center production cycle, posting cycles, accelerated refunds and notices, and accelerated IDRS posting. Daily Processing, IMF (Individual Master File) processing with the cycle definition outlined below, but processing daily (daily transactions to daily accounts) with weekly processing occurring on Thursday.

    Center Cycle Wednesday

    Master File Processing- Thursday

    Notice Review – Saturday -Monday (8+ days)

    Unpostables – Available Tuesday; Closing Tuesday

    Direct deposit refunds are issued in 4 business days from posting

    Paper check refunds are issued in 6 business days from posting



    @JmeP you are right
    IMF cycle posting dates will reflect a format of YYYYCCDD. YYYY will indicate the year. CC will indicate the posting cycle. For IMF transactions, the following values for DD are defined:

    01 = Friday

    02 = Monday

    03 = Tuesday

    04 = Wednesday

    05 = Thursday


    BMF cycle posting dates on BMFOL will continue to reflect YYYYCC. YYYY will indicate the year. CC will indicate the posting cycle. BMF cycle posting dates in TXMOD will reflect a format of YYYYCCDD. The DD value will be 08.



    @kells: Most likely your DDD will be Tuesday (2/3). I have a strong feeling your WMR will update tomorrow with the 2/3 date.



    OK. .. you get the same result, using your methods but is slightly flawed. .. as in the cycle week starts on Friday

    01 Friday
    02 Monday
    03 Tuesday
    04 Wednesday
    05 Thursday

    Thursday being the end of the cycle week when all weekly cycles are processed.

    The cycle code date is the date you were processed. It take up to 4 business days for banks to receive the funds, hence the direct deposit date of Friday, the 30th. This is straight out of the manual. Your cycle date is the date they PROCESSED your return and if approved will be in your account within 4 business days. That’s how net spenders get funds a few days early because they don’t need 4 days to post! Hope this clarifys things to a more accurate definition.




    thanks @rtbartonie I was getting worried lol



    @kells last year my DDD said 846 issued on 3/15/2014 but actually got it 2/28/14 so you’ll have it next week.



    @kells code 846 is refund issued so it’s a good sign you should get it way before then!!!



    my cycle date on return transcript is 20150404 but on my account transcript it says 846 refund issued 02-16-2015 what does this mean? please help



    @ Addy, no Tuesday of next week.

    I am 20150402. My ddd is tomorrow.

    You’re two days past mine, and if we were to skip deposits on weekends (dunno if we should, but let’s err on the safe side), you’re ddd should be 02/03 at the latest.



    @Roger thanks so much for a quick response.



    @Roger no I was reading other threads thinking that there was some sort of correlation as pertaining to this years tax return but I guess I’ll just have to wait till I get mine in the mail to see. My return transcript isn’t ready for view however my account transcript was so not sure if that was a good sign or not.



    @rtbartonie: I’m not sure you can use a prior year’s cycle date to ascertain anything about the current year. I know people have suggested as such, but there’s not enough data to draw an useful conclusion just yet. And there may not be any correlation at all.

    I believe that is what you are asking, though I may be misunderstanding your question…?



    Ok so if my cycle dates are 901 702 601 for past returns… Which day do they have to submit those by? Will we be in next weeks friday DD? Everyone else is an 04 or 05 but then again I had to have my transcripts mailed so I can’t see my cycle date for this year.



    @addy usually the DDD will actually be sooner than you actual deposit date. Last year mine said DDD of 3/15/2014?but I actually got my DD on 2/28



    @addy: No, your DDD will most likely appear on WMR tomorrow morning and your DDD will almost undoubtedly be Tuesday, 2/3.

    Cycle date 20150404 refers to the approval date of Wednesday, 1/28. Your DDD is generally cycle date + 4 business days.

    I’m not sure what 2/16 is meant to signify. Mine also says 2/16 but my DDD is 1/30 (tomorrow).



    OK, filed 1/26 accepted 1/26. Checked transcript this am, it shows 20150404; code 846 and amount due, than a refund date of 2/16….. is this date accurate??



    hey i filed on the 22nd and the only transcript i can see is my wage and earning transcript which shows nothining when click on it. it says n/a for my return transcript and account transcript. i was accepte on the 22nd as well do i have anything to worry about kinda nervous with ppl after me having their transcripts or maybe im looking up wrong thing plz help thank you



    @MCRT88 – thank you soo much for your insight. Filed 1/25 accepted 1/25 ;1/27 tax transcript seen with code 20150403 1/28 no movement on the wmr. Today refund accepted 1/29 with Ddd 2/2/2015. No 846 code though.



    ok for the last 2 years my cycle codes have been 20150703…. I filed and was accepted on 01/25. I have one bar on the WMR. My acct transcript as of right now says 0.00 can you please give me any insight as to when I should start looking for a date??



    The only codes I have is codes 150 806 766 768 but i have 20150402 and no bars



    I have 20150402 BUT no 846 code.. On WMR there are no bars and just says processing and check here or the app for free ect.. What does that mean?



    Something else I dont get ? How is it that the Cycle data can be the same year after year ? What if you file your taxes at different times yearly ? EX. How could my cycle of 20130604 be the same this year if I dont file my taxes till the 7th or 8th week ? How can we assume that this cycle info is the same every year ?



    Previous transcripts have cycle data of 20130604, 20120604…etc… I cant access transcripts for 2014 yet. Filed and accepted on 20th.. With this info what is your DDD prediction ?



    I know this is not the right thread for my question if someone knows a better thread where I can post this question please let me know : I did my taxes via Turbo Tax I have a DDD of 01/30/2015 and I was under the impression that because I picked the free version (I did not have the option to have fees taken out of the return because hence free there were no fees) that my taxes would go right from the IRS to my bank account now I am being told that that is incorrect no matter what your money goes to the bank of Santa Barbara first because even though the product is free it was 29.99 previous to this tax season so they have to deduct the 00.00 from someplace (this makes no sense) this is what turbo tax themselves (via online chat) told me last night. I was just curious have no worries the money is coming but using a new personal bank this year and every bank is different so it would be nice to know what is going on because if there is a 24-hour hold like last year between Santa Barbara and my bank I do not know if I would get the deposit Saturday or Monday.



    @Tia I have the same pattern; 20140605, 20130605, 20120605. I filed on the 23rd, one bar on WMR, no 2015 transcripts available as of yet.



    I wonder why my past numbers are so off from everyone else’s that filed.. I wonder from a divorce or it’s just when you file? Weird…



    Okay I think I can stop panicking now!!! I went back and looked at past deposits and
    I always get mine on a Thursday or a Friday.
    2014- 20140601- refund date was 2/21 friday
    2013- 20130901- refund date was 2/28 thursday
    2012- 20120702- refund date was 2/11 Friday
    so it wasn’t even in the cycle for me to freak out. So I’m going to chill until next Friday.



    My cycle date on the transcript was 20150403 but navy federal is showing it pending with a post date 1/30/15…



    1/26/15 file and accepted
    1/28/15 11pm can see transcript and wages but says nothing there
    20150404 cycle date as well



    I filed monday 26th was accepted 15 mins later I was just finally able to access my return transcript still say n/a for the others wage transcript still shows nothing. I don’t see the 846 anywhere on return transcript but my cycle date is 0404 what’s this mean for me? Today or next tues?



    I filed with H and R Block the morning of the 21st and was accepted about 1 hour later. I was able to view my transcripts yesterday 01/27/15 They showed a cycle code of 20150402 plus that wonderful little 846 ;) and today the 28th my WMR bars moved to “refund approved”! I opted to have my refund direct deposited into my bank account, so i called my bank a few minutes ago and its showing a pending IRS DD due to be released 01/30!! So hang in there everyone! yours is coming soon too!, its funny how time drags by once you hit that file button! … Its like it starts this whole scary alternate slow motion reality, that doesn’t end until we get our refunds lol Then its back to normal scary reality lol :)

    P.s i know that there was a lot of back and forth about cycle code 20150402 being friday or possibly monday .. but my DDD… plus my dd into my bank .. plus cycle code all match to friday … SO ITS FRIDAY!



    So the last 2 years I have gotten 2013-07-01 and 2012-07-01 which makes sense because I filed only one day difference . On the 3rd and 4th of febuary. I assume I will recieve my refund by the end of next week seeing how i filed 1 week earlier.My deposit was on the first day of the 7th cycle 02/13/2014 CR ADJ ADD FUNDS / HRB Tax Services



    Everyone who have 20150403 DDD is Monday. We willg et our money before WMR updates. If your bank give your early deposits most will see it friday




    It’s hard to predict when they will process yours/issue a return in the future, as there are many factors involved in it and there is always the risk of delay, audit, etc.
    That said.. However it looks as if they processed yours on 05 every year and are possibly on a weekly cycle. The MOST recent people who have gotten their transcripts have received a cycle code of 20150403 and should expect movement on WMR and a DDD within the next 3-4 days. With the first 3 weeks being dead weeks, I would say your return is most likely to be processed and transcripts available this week within the next 1-2 days and WMR updated and DDD sometime beginning of next week with a DDD towards the end of the week Weds-Thurs. Thats my best guess. I would say that if you can’t view your transcripts by Friday night, then I’d start to worry.




    you should be able to get your transcripts by now. Did you get a irs accept email or notification?

    Cycle dates there means year/week/day

    05 is the day which is thrusday so you probably always got your refund on wedsnday



    @MCRT88 or anyone else who seems to know how to decipher the information. I filed on 01/20/15 through taxslayer, my past year codes are as followed:
    I still cannot access my transcripts for this year, and my WMR still has one bar. When should I or can expect some type of update or refund for my account.

    Thank you




    WMR is behind,I know it is because my transcripts say refund issued already since midnight end of tuesday

    I filed, got accepted, got approved and will get my refund all in the same week

    I filed and was acepted Monday morning. I got my transcripts midnight today with a 846 refund issued.. With cycle date of 20150403

    So 4 days will have me a DD o Monday but as I said before i get my deposits a day early with my credit union and they dont do deposits on saturday so it willbe this friday I get my DD

    all in one week



    @ Gucciman, interesting….

    “WMR doesnt update until tonight I beleive. Depending on day accepted it only updates like once a week. When you were accepted is what day WMR updates.. for me WMR updates wednsdays.”

    I was submitted on the 9th, but was accepted on the 13th, as part of a test batch. WMR updated today, Wednesday, for me. Could it be the next day?




    Exactly your cycle date is one day from mine. you get yours friday i get mine monday. Weekends doesnt count….. Since i get my deposit a day early through my bank it will be friday i get my deposit

    This is 100% accurate. i check me and wifes last year return as well

    WMR doesnt update until tonight I beleive. Depending on day accepted it only updates like once a week. When you were accepted is what day WMR updates.. for me WMR updates wednsdays


    we told you people several times over and over and over again. its very late updating



    @ Gucciman, you’re splitting hairs. Nonetheless….

    I am willing to wager. Yes, wager you’re wrong. Whatever arrives on Monday is mine. K?

    What does your WMR say?

    Your cycle is one day from mine (20150402) and I am scheduled for Friday, as per WMR.



    ***PLEASE READ AND REPOST!!!!!!!!!!!!!! THIS IS 100% ACCURATE!!!!!!!!***

    @MCRT88 your wrong. i have 20150403 846 refund issued

    That means it was approved and refund issued started Tuesday, add 4 business days that will make it Monday.
    My bank does deposits a day early but it doesnt do deposits on saturday so hopefully i will get it friday.

    and this is accurate ,I checked my last year transcripts and my cycle day was thursday and i got my refund on Tuesday morning.. 3 business days

    My cycle day is Tuesday this year, so i will get my deposit Friday morning which is 3 business days

    I also checked my wifes last year transcripts but here bank does do early deposits really. we both had same cycle date of thursday. She had capital one 360 and she got heres Wednsday. I got USAA and i got mines tuesday



    @MCRT88 your wrong. i have 20150403 846 refund issued

    That means it was approved and refund issued started Tuesday, add 4 business days that will make it Monday.
    My bank does deposits a day early but it doesnt do deposits on saturday so hopefully i will get it friday.



    @ericp i believe it is monday the 2nd



    So if your cycle date says 20150403, by the conclusion we’ve come too, that means your return and refund were approved in 2015 during Cycle week 4 on Day 3. So today.. Now add 4 business days to then and you will have your DDD. Tuesday of next week will be your DDD. Possibly Tuesday night Weds morning. I would expect an update on WMR tomorrow or sat/sun based on when most people get their WMR updated. IT IS IMPORTANT TO REMEMBER YOU MUST HAVE TC 846 ON YOUR ACCOUNT TRANSCRIPTS.. if you do, congrats, you should have your money middle of next week!

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