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    IGMR Admin

    Wheres My Refund West Virginia- Share your experience with filing your West Virginia Tax Return and tax refund progress with others. If you have state information this is a great place to post. To check West Virginia Wheres My Refund? go to West Virginia Tax Department

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    You cannot track your WV tax refund and WV is notoriously proud of the fact they have no time frame to process the refund.
    Glad it’s my last time of filing in WV

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    Yea I had mine done the 9th and mine still says processing. I called and all they said they could tell me is it would be soon. Doesn’t tell me much. I have never had it take this long. I thought after correcting their mistake with my name it would be completed.

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    I filed feb 4th, state accepted the same day, and it is still “processing”

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    I filed . E filed February 15 and still nothing. Says processing so I emailed the state and they said I was not in the system. Going by last 4 digits of social and full name. So I was slightly upset. I said how is that when the website says processing for the last month?! They took my full social AMD turns out they had my name wrong! It was under MS crystal as in MS being my first name! That was last week. It’s been corrected. No wonder it stayed processing. Direct deposit into a bank with a different name qont happen. So now I wait. Got my federal within a week of filing. Come on WV. Anyone else e filed around the same time got theirs? Is there certain days or times they change to approved and direct deposit?

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    Filed with TurboTax and was accepted on Jan. 31st, still nothing. Don’t bother calling the State Tax Department, they know nothing.

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    Still no movement here. Anyone else actually seeing any progress?

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    just got mine 2/22/19 sent to blubird card 2/21/19

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    WV has to be the S-L-O-W-E-S-T state to issue refunds. Most states issue within 6 weeks, but not here! SLOWWWWWW.

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    In same boat TT wouldn’t let me file til 31st and still saying being processed

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    I’m with you. I filed on the 31st and it’s still processing.

    I am seeing a few people on Facebook say it’s been accepted in the last day or so.


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    Has anyone updated this year? Mine still says “We have received your return and it is being processed ” 🤦‍♀️
    Come on WV…

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    I filed my State return on the 19th, but TT would not let me send my return to WV State until today 31 January.
    I filed it this morning and received a text around 1030 saying WV accepted my return.
    Now to wait.
    Nothing yet on the WV WMR site.

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    Just to let everyone know, I received my WV state refund on 2/21, exactly 21 days from filing. No fed yet though. Last year, it was the opposite.

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    Has anyone received or heard any news about receiving refunds? Filed 2/12 and still says processing 😭

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    Well what do you know, WV. I got yours first!

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    Mine still hasn’t updated. I’m starting to wonder if I’ll get my refund before March. :( I filed on the the 19th. I know WV didn’t start processing until the 29th…

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    Got mine today

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    Elizabeth Casey

    It updated for me last night between 7:30 and 11:30

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    @Elizabeth Casey Did the website update for you before you got your refund? Mine has been processing since the 29th.

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    Elizabeth Casey

    I got my refund deposited this morning . Accepted 1/29 when they started processing returns.

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    Has anyone received an update on your progress? Mine still says processing.
    Filed 1/18 Accepted 1/29

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    I filed with TT late evening on 1/18. Woke up on 1/19 and federal was accepted WV pending.
    My WV was just accepted last evening.
    This is my first WV return. Feom reading most of this thread, it looks like I will be waiting for weeks to get my WV refund back.

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    I filed with TT on 1/19. As of today, it has still not been accepted. Anyone else having this problem? My federal was accepted on the 21st. WV is always so slow, I filed around the same time last year and didn’t get my WV refund back until late March. Who else has filed, when and has it been accepted?

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    Anyone receive anything?

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    Still nothing and calling got me zero information after waiting over an hour on hold. And I’ve reached after 8 weeks. Just said they are processing it. Ugh

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    When did it update? Have you received your direct deposit?

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    Elizabeth when did it change? Did you actually receive the refund?

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    Elizabeth Casey

    My status changed to my refund was issued March 7, 2017.filed on 1/20 accepted 1/23

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    7 weeks for me now. Very ridiculous. Won’t even take your call until it has been 8 weeks. Our state is a joke

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    I’ve been waiting nearly 6 weeks. Says to call once you hit 8 weeks. This is ridiculous. IRS, responsible for the the returns of the entire country, can process returns faster than a single small state.

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    Has anyone received a refund yet this year? Slowest year yet for us WVians and that’s saying something.

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    Michelle w

    Its going to be awhile before we see our state taxes, just like last year.
    The West Virginia State Tax Department is responding to an increased risk of fraudulent filings, and is implementing enhanced security measures for your protection. As a result, expect significant delay of your tax refund. You should only call concerning your refund if it has been more than 8 weeks since filing your return. In the interim, please use this tool to check the status of your refund.

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    Brittany C

    Accepted 1/30 still nothing. I think we are approaching or at 12 weeks. Just says accepted on where’s my refund. I have not been checking it so not sure if it ever changed.

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    I also filed on Jan 25th. I called today because it has been 6weeks since i filed. the guy i spoke with told me that its showing my return has been processed and will deposit in my account soon, but couldnt tell me when it would deposit.

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    Filed Jan. 25th and just moved to “approved” on Feb.26 but still no dd. This is driving me crazy. I’ve never had to wait this long.

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    Same here Kim.

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    Been approved for a week now no dd

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    I filed Jan 25th status finally changed to approved today

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    Same here. Filed 1/18. Accepted 1/19. On Friday, my bars moved up to Approved. By Saturday, I was back at one bar. So frustrated!

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    Always some lame excuse with our state tax dept.

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    I spoke with the wv state tax office yesterday. I filed taxes 01/19/16. They stated that due to increased security measure s were looking at 5-6 weeks processing time.

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    Waiting to hear back from wv as well. shows that my return has been accepted and that is all.

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