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We have received your tax return and it is being processed

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    Just thought maybe I’d post this here as a topic as it’s own seeing as absolutely every topic on here now has multiple comments with this same generic message.

    Hope this helps keep the forum a bit more organized for others!

    Have a blessed day!

    – redacted
    “The Legend”

    **Overtly advertising another website, starting a new blog, app or repetitive comments that clog our feed or intended to redirect users is against our rules.**

    This is not about a sense of competition, but rather the overarching goal of aggregating good conversation and information here on the refund grapevine.

    This original poster of this thread has been removed for this reason. It has content that directly violates our goals. If your comments are being moderated, it could be related. We will leave this thread open so that our users can continue to share information.

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    Has anyone got an update that claimed children and got the message have received your return and it’s being processed?????????????!???!!!!


    Mine was accepted 34 days ago.. still nothing.


    I wonder why people come on here bashing other people and telling people to chill out. Well the website is called wheres my refund forum. Just a thought if you didn’t want to check on your money you would not be looking on a site called wheres my refund!

    PS love this forum you guys entertain me even if I wasn’t THIRSTY for my check


    And I meant, “keep checking “, your Card/Account! I am hopeful for you.


    I am a weekly and tomorrow will make day 21 for me.


    Smh taxes date starts Feb 14 & Feb 15 Sunday’s don’t damn count.. Monday was a holiday & Wednesday’s , Friday’s & Saturday’s are the only days deposits get sent out so stop being damn thirsty and stop checking the websites or your accounts will be locked out of and they will put a alert on your account if you keep checking it.. have a nice day 👌🏾


    No update on my refund yet😞


    Friday will make day 21, for me. I am a weekly.


    Keep checking @Dawn, the day is young. Yesterday was a Federal Holiday! Please let us know, if you get it today.

    All the best ..

    Dawn B

    Today is my ddd and still haven’t received my refund..I’m bummed


    @Michelle, did you call them? Get a tax advocate, or, lawyer if possible. Advocate is free. I think you absolutely should file this yrs, and take them on for last, anyway you must be April deadline. I’ve read quite a few cases where someone in your predicament, is now getting, or, have, “2 returns” coming.

    Don’t give up, it’s yours. As the other commenter wrote, last yrs return has drawn interest which will reflect on your refund.

    All the best hun ..



    “The IRS has a deadline for paying refunds. Most taxpayers receive their refunds within three weeks of filing, but it can take longer, says Paul Herman, a certified public accountant based in White Plains, New York. And if the IRS doesn’t issue yours within 45 days of accepting your return, it owes you interest for each additional day.”

    👆 From an article I just read. Google “Late Tax Refund” to see more info on the topic.


    I hope it all works out a bit better this year. I tried filing last year before the shutdown, hoping to get in early. I was accepted 1/14/19. Bars disappeared, and “we are processing” lasted until December. I got one notice, in March, and nothing else.

    In December, my bars came back. In January, my return disappeared, and now there is no information available for last year.

    I was really trying to avoid the whole paperwork circus I figured I’d get by phoning, but over a year to process a straightforward return is absurd. All of my stats have stayed the same, and I never got a request to ID verify, no audit, no wage requests.

    I’m not sure whether to file for this year or sort out last year first.


    Mine saids the same we have received your return and it’s being processed also



    What day did you file and when were you accepted?


    I got mine last year on 2/22. Wish it was the same this year

    Here we are again




    It NEVER took this long in all the years that I have filed.

    Filed 1/27 Accepted 1/27….It’s day 22 now!! 🤷‍♂️

    Brittany from Georgia

    Every year I received mine between 02/19-02/21 this will be the first year not getting it


    I got my state refund On Valentine’s Day 02/14/2020.


    I’m talking about last year, sorry for any confusion.


    There was a group who get there refund the week before 2/27 as well. I remember being so bummed because I thought for sure I’d be in that first group.


    Hi guys mine was accepted the 29 bars gone and said We have received your tax return and it is being processed. no codes can someone help me today is the 17


    Yes, this topic was huge last year, as it’s becoming enormous this year!

    Everyone just needs to chill and relax. I know for some it’s easier said than done.

    , that’s the best part of the past years on this forum, it serves as a digital record!

    Chris B

    There was a thread last year with the same title as this one, alot of people were in the exact position we all are in, updated after path to no bars and being processed…

    I just did some digging on the forum, and alot of PATHers with the “being processed” on WMR got updated via transcripts with 846 on 2-22-19(friday) of last year with a deposit date of 2-27 (wednesday).

    The WMR system updated 2-22 with DDD of 2-27-19.

    IF that pattern stays true for this year, alot of us will see an update on 2-21 via transcript, or 2-22 via WMR this year, with a deposit date of 2-26.


    On mine it says the same ….. looked at TT and now the accepted bar went from halfway to full but still shows accepted…… should I worry or is this movement


    Mine says the same


    @jstarr @target @youaintheard

    so i’m in the state of arizona, and it’s a chapter 7 bankruptcy that was filed in June, my attorney said I might get half of my refund depending on the trustee but he wasn’t sure. I thought atleast the EITC would be restricted but here in my state, the trustee is able to get it. so my fingers are crossed. The messages displayed on the IRS app went from “we have received your return…” to “we cannot provide any info abt your refund…you must wait at least 24 hours after you get the acknowledgement email..” so i’m not sure of what any of that means, but my fingers are crossed.

    & @jstarr thank you for the congratulations!!


    EITC – Submitted 21Jan – Accepted 22Jan

    Up until 2 days ago my status was just the path act and had tax topic 152 mentioned at the bottom. Currently showing what many here have; “we have received….. processing….”

    Hopefully a good omen


    Hi everyone, I am a PATHER and I filed and was accepted on Jan 22nd. I had the first bar up until Friday and it disappeared and I got the Path message and then yesterday and today the path message was gone and no bars and it just says they received my refund and it’s being processed. I see some people had the same thing but I’m just worried I was audited a few years back and it took a full year to get it all done. I need up getting my refund right around the same time I got the next year’s refund but I can’t wait like that this year so I am hoping it’s just because I am a PATHER and I will get the bars back and approved please let me know if anyone else with the same stuff gets their bars back



    You should be getting your full refund if you filed chapter 7. Unless you have something on the offset line. Filed bankruptcy around the same time before myself and still received my full refund. Unless you have to pay back child support or IRS.


    Come back home


    Ur lying

    redacted B

    You’re welcome everyone. I just got my DDD. Dinner on me

    Jennifer Starr

    @kwil Which bankruptcy did you file? Chapter 7 will have no effect on your taxes, Chapter 13 might. If you are in Chapter 13 you have to send a request to the trustee in charge of your debts and request to keep the refund. Generally, with Chapter 13, they cannot/will not, keep any portion of the refund having to do with child tax credit/additional child tax credit or earned income credit, any other portion, unless you request to keep it, will be applied to your debt. I don’t know that it is intercepted, just that you would be required to send it in. Chapter 7 erases the debt and creditors would not be entitled to any portion of your refund as the debts have been discharged. If any student loan payments were on hold during your filing, the Department of Education could still seize your refund if you are in default.


    Filed & accepted 01.27
    WMR app one bar, with topic 152 on bottom
    2/15 PATH message showed up
    This morning 2/16 PATH message gone now showing
    “We have received your refund & it is being processed.”


    Same gere, filed and accepted on Jan 15th, had one bar. It disappeared and got topic 152, now its saying taxed received and being processes as of this morning.


    we can’t do all the reading for you. Dip in and you will see that a lot of people have the same as you


    Sorry, @Kwil*


    Wondering if anyone knows abt filing for bankruptcy and getting a tax return. I filed mid June of last year so I should atleast get half right?? I have one dependent , i’m Just really in expectation because i just made a last minute emergency move and i have no furniture and i also am expecting a baby in 4 weeks lol.


    Hi I was approved on 29th of January and the bar was there with the 152 code until yesterday and then I had a message saying why it was being held up explaining 152 basically today I check and my bar is still gone and it just says we received your return and it’s being processed can anyone help me out with this or is it happened to anyone else
    Thank you

    Anne Fulton

    Great News !! Filed and accepted 1/27….just approved today 2/15 …refund scheduled 2/24.. I am relieved , but won’t rest wasy till I have my refund.

    Hang in there’s coming… I was paranoid, because I always get mine back earlier than this…. didn’t know what to think….

    Word going around , is, a big massive drop of returns should show up next Sat. morning .. with an hopefully approved bar…and refund date..

    Wishing Everyone Great News Soon……


    Filed and accepted 1/30
    4 kids
    Got $500 turbo advance

    Wmr has been on processing and tt 152 since day one… my wmr never works always updates AFTER refund is recieved. Any clue as to what’s going on? IRS lady told us we’d either get our refund the 18th or it would update the 18th. What does that even mean?


    My adjusted letter (last year), arrived in mail in envelope w adjusted check. An adjustment can either be a decrease or an increase. The computer catches the mathematical errors, the human corrects “adjust”, processing completes!

    Hope you get it soon,
    All the best ..


    @Jerry, if someone told you so, that’s the first clue. However, when you receive deposit/check? You notice an increase, or, decrease from amount quoted when you filed. It will also be on the letter – Adjusted Amount.


    @nate79 how do u know it got adjusted I’m still waiting on mine and I called because it was supposed to be finished February 8th I called on the 12th all she could tell me was it was adjusted and I should be receiving a letter if it doesn’t come In 30 days call back. I was like well what’s the letter and she said she couldn’t tell me anything it’s so frustrating to be waiting a whole darn year


    Hey! I was accept on 1/14. My transcript still say N/A after like day three or four I went from one bar to no bars & that they are still processing my return. However I don’t have a tax topic and my amount is gone from the side. Anybody else in this situation? I did read that on Feb 22 we will have a huge update especially with us early fillers because majority of us was “resequenced” and really was accepted into the second batch of people not the first batch.



    How are ya buddy????? Damn you’re still held up????? I am so sorry but glad it’s resolved for you!!


    Im a daily… i filed & got accepted on 2/4..Im on path too..
    My transcript is still blank and no path message on my wmr… just still processing and the tt152 message.. Is this normal?



    Were on the same boat.. but someone told me here that we should be okay.. meaning they just haven’t processed ours yet… last year, did u get your refund on a friday or wed? If friday.. it means your a daily like me..


    Finally got my 2018 tax return adjusted and waiting for the letter to arrive so I can sign and send it back. Hopefully my 2018 & 2019 refunds come through at the same time.


    Im a little worried three of my friends all filed together on Jan 15. We were all aceepted by IRS on 26th of Jan. Everyone except me now has the Path Law Message and they see a date on there transcript of 02/14. Mines is showing 2019 Transcript N/A. I still have all three bars and stuck on the recieve. Im worried because even around the world people I Know has path law message.


    Lol, and many HAPPY returns. Pun intended.


    @Target, yes over the years that word “still” is very bad to some folks. My first year had “still” none since and hopefully no future of it lol.


    Myself: Path message holding steady as of 2/8


    Or, “Still”, @redacted. That one word worries people. Many claim when they received “still”, it went on to spell bad news!

    Hoping for the best!

    My son always say “Expect the worst, hope for the best” not sure if helpful in this case, but I am at ease myself.

    redacted B

    Please ban the fake redacted B! I don’t carry on like that, especially about myself! I love getting spanked by a transgender! 😆


    Jesus. @jemar707 please ban the FAKE redacted! You all know I don’t carry on like that, especially about myself! That’s Tyler aka Maholmes and everyone knows it!


    Nona, thank you!! I hope we all have a great and stress free tax season!!!

    Best of luck to you!!!


    I’m good just hanging out here,lol! seeing whats new. I a first time PATH a little nervous I file on the 31st and accepted the 1st and on the 8th my bar left and the PATH message appear. My transcripts have process also, That’s Very Quick! So I’m a little worried, I guess I’m so use to it taking long. Happy u r back helping everybody:)


    Thank you, I appreciate it! I try my best to be as complete, honest and speak from experience or first hand knowledge anyway.

    Everyone’s situation is unique and different that’s the best way to describe it. What combination of things may flag one person for an audit, may flag another for a review or ID Verify letter. There’s no 2 situations the same.

    Anyone heard from Margie lately????

    Here we are again


    I agree.. Who knows.

    Btw I’ve been a silent member on here for a while.. You are always great and very informative.. Very much appreciated☺


    Here we are again,

    I’m sure there will be updates this weekend! Whether it’s everyone or not at this point idk?? I updated to PATH Message to fast in my humble opinion. So I doubt that I update anywhere, at least anything positive.

    That being said, I have noticed those without path have gotten their refund on average in about 10 days.

    So really who knows? At this point anything is possible!! Lol

    Here we are again


    Yes next week we should def see movement!! I see a lot of ppl thinking Friday night into Saturday tho😕


    Here we are again,

    I’d say most in PATH most likely have this or the generic path Message. At this point in the game, they’re both just a standard generic message.

    The real fun starts next week!!


    Hey there Nona!!!

    I sure did. Was August for me, October the year before and August the year before that, I had a look today. Fingers crossed for us all this year will be different!! Lol

    How have you been??

    Here we are again

    That’s what mine says.. With one bar and my info on the left side…😵


    Hi redacted back for another year! That dreadful message! Hopefully it means something better this year. Did u ever get ur taxes? the year we had that message.

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