We have received your tax return and it is being processed

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    Just thought maybe I’d post this here as a topic as it’s own seeing as absolutely every topic on here now has multiple comments with this same generic message.

    Hope this helps keep the forum a bit more organized for others!

    Have a blessed day!

    – redacted
    “The Legend”

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    Ty guys and happy early birthday @desireknowledge I’m supposed to go out of town to see my wife I don’t really need to wait for it but it be nice to give the kids extra money while I’m gone.

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    @ LyriKelz80666 mine is the 26 Th I hope all
    Works out

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    Happy early Bday! Heck I go to NYC and then to Italy the following day 27th &28th. I need that money

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    Y’all are welcome I’m not 💯 but from what I read on these tax sites n maybe irs as well that it’s true… But doesn’t mean we have to wait 21 days I usually get line in less than 10 days n being the 5th I’m hoping a ddd but even if it’s the 27th like I seen alot of them say that’s my birthday so I’m ok with that too lol

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    @LyriKelz80666 Thanks

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    @LyriKelz80666 Damn that sucks

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    They start the 21 days from Feb 15th for eitc so she isn’t lying doesn’t mean you wait 21 days it just means that’s when your countdown begins because they didn’t start technically processing until the 15th.. if I’m not mistaken I read that on a few different tax websites.

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    @coddakj why they need 60 days more ?

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    Filed 1/26 accepted 1/27. Just got a letter saying I they needed another 60 days. Same thing happened last year and i didn’t get my return till June. Looks like another long wait.

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    Tomorrow will make 21 days plus for most of us. I think lots of us will receive a DDD tomorrow. I know it’s frustrating and most of us need the money. Hang in there y’all…

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    @Target Because that’s what the Lady with IRS told me today so Miss me and call for yourself it’s not a lie not unless The I The R and The S are telling them I don’t know ANYONE on this Forum why Do I NEED TO LIE

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    I filed on Jan 27, It was accepted on Feb 06, 2020. I had 1 bar on the accepted day then it disappeared. As of today (02/19/2020) I have the same message “We have received your tax return and it is being processed.“

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    Hey guys, what is your favorite pokemon?

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    Hey y’all!

    Myself and fiancé both filed on 1/17, both accepted on 1/21. My fiancé received his DD on 1/27. My PATHER update was midnight 2/16, like pretty much everyone’s? I found this forum and have been checking for any updates/hope – It’s me, I’m “thirsty”. LOL. I’ve read Wednesday’s and Sunday’s are the lucky update days, not sure how accurate that is but I am HOPEFUL it’s today/night. #Fingerscrossed

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    I got my state back a week or so ago. Now I’m just trying to patiently wait for my money to hit my account. Hopefully whoever “thehelpfulguy22” spoke to is right. I filed 1/27 and was accepted 1/28. All the site is showing for me still is my return was accepted and being processed. I’ll post if I receive any updates.

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    This is just ridiculous. If the roles were reversed, the IRS would be up all our butts for their money and charging us interest.

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    Just talked to an irs rep and she said if u have the still processing or processing message with no code most likely means ur still processing path act put us back in line we’ll most like be processed in the next batch and that’s tonight I filed 1/27 accepted 1/28 I’m on still processing because my 21 days are up

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    So I called the IRS today and talked to a woman who told me I was a weekly update and that I should be updated on Friday. She said I might even have my money then, but it could take up until the first week of March🤷🏽‍♀️

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    Going through the same as the majority.
    Live in PA; filed the first week of February.
    Bars, no bars; hurry up and wait; processing.
    Hopeful to get it before too long.

    List of IRS Codes:

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    Hey guys!!!! I’m a weekly filed 1/17 got accepted 1/19. Been waiting ever since… first I saw the bars on WMR then i got the PATH message along with code 152. Now it’s saying it’s being processed. Uugghh the agony of waiting!!!! My state return just now shows it’s in stage 1 which is it’s being processed

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    The 21 days after the PATH lifted is false. While under PATH the returns are still being processed but placed in a holding pattern. Come on people. Think of ALL the families out there claiming EIC and ACTC. You really believe the IRS is going to back themselves up like this?

    I’ve been on PATH since it started years ago, and on this site for at least 5 years. I’ve never had a return take longer than Feb and I always file around the 31st of Jan.

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    Michael Smits

    Hey guys I filed and got accepted 1-27-2020 with one bar same day checked back a week later and had no bars just PATH ACT Message now it’s 2-19-2020 and it’s saying return is still being processed and there’s been no updates since I did claim credits as well so idk if it’s going to update later today or tomorrow but hopefully sooner than later. Last year had no problems got my refund on 2-15-2019 as soon as they took the hold off the credits.

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    I used turbo tax and my return was accepted 1/27 . For the first week I had bars, then The bars disappeared and a PATH message appeared with topic 152 . Then after presidents day I had no bars ,no topic, just recieved and processing messages.

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    There are those of us who aren’t even on the PATH who filed in JAN and are STILL waiting. This is friggin ridiculous. Oh and if they’ve had to hire millennials and boomers, WE ARE SCREWED.

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    Oh yea, @Dp, hmm, funny. Is this new for 2020/19? Last year, I got my dd Feb, 26. Filed, 1/31. “21 days after “, me thinks not. And why are people continuously spreading this LIE?

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    21 days after 15 February

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    I believe we will have a DDD on SAT and we should actually start seeing deposits as early as Tuesday. Last year I had the same message refund is being processed then an update with a DDD for the first week of March but I actually got my refund on the 26th of Feb

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    21 days after 15th for PATH

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    I filed 1/15/20 . My return was accepted on 1/29 .. I did claim the child tax credit and the EITC credit . It still says ‘ processing with no direct deposit date or anything .

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    “We have received your tax return and it is being processed.” I filed and got child credit and EIC as well. Are they still on track for the 1st week of March for refunds? My update changed from the 152 code showing with a first bar highlighted to no bars and this vague message. Just wondering if anyone had any input. Thanks!

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    Still nothing on my end! This is ridiculous.

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    I just realized my tax return says self employed that I filed that way but I put my w2 in with my employer EIN number I filed on January 23 and it was accepted but still saying we received your tax return and is being processed.

    I claimed one kid and filed earn income tax credit

    Do you think it saying self employed will delay my return or should I try to fix it or wait and see what happens

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    I was supposed to get it yesterday according to turbo tax but still nothing. At this point, not banking on seeing anything until Saturday.

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    I filed 1/24 got accepted the 27th with a refund date on turbo tax of 2/19 today and still nothing. IRS just shows still processing. Anyone else on the same boat? or have any feedback

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    So I filed 1/30 and was accepted the same day. I went from one bar, to the path message, to your refund is being processed but no codes attached. Anyone have any idea what’s going on?

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    I am in the same boat filed 1/29 and went from being processed to still being processed and a refund date will be provided when available. Still tt 152 amount showing. No other codes. No letter. Just a waiting game. I think filing 1/29 was bad for everyone who filed that day.

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    For the passed 3 years I have gotten my refund around the 27th of feb. one year in 2015 I didn’t receive it until March 23.

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    Filed and accepted 1/29/2020 never updated to path. Used Jackson Hewitt.

    No update….wmr says we have received your return and it is STILL BEING processed….a REFUND DATE WILL BE PROVIDED WHEN AVAILABLE.

    Checked state….says it’s processing

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    When I called the IRS yesterday the lady said the first batch of EIC/ACTC would have a DDD of 2/27. So WMR should update this weekend.

    Hope this helps.

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    No update still processing message 😔

    #4358593 Reply


    No update on my end🤬

    #4358531 Reply


    Has anyone updated today yet?

    #4358527 Reply


    Anyone update yet?

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    @Bev I’m a 2/2 filer and in the beginning it said received your tax return and its being processed then it went to the PATH message and after 2/15 it went back to its being processed with tax topic 152. I just checked a few mins ago and it still says being processed but tax topic 152 is gone. So WTH should I expect?

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    @Jaxtax, there is a lot of that happening. And they are very much understaffed. It’s “public” knowledge! And apparently broke, well, underfunded, not since the 50’s were they this understaffed, well, as of 18/19 tax yrs. “10,000” Agents. So, your theory on new/temp employees might be accurate, too!

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    2/2 Filers

    #4358297 Reply


    I feel like the delays for the people with the bars disappearing and the saying that your refund is processing is because of the eic or other credits. Which they wont even start disbursing those refunds till after February 15th. Tax schedule shows refunds for first week of March.. for this situation

    #4358230 Reply


    So many things could be behind these delays. An influx of traffic slowing down the processing. Under-staffing. New temp hires that don’t know what they’re doing. Outdated software/hardware. Poor management. Etc., etc., etc!!

    One thing is for sure…IT AIN’T ME!! 😜

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    I don’t understand how this works! I filed my tax returns and they were accepted January 27th. But now it only says that they are accepted and being processed. My fiance’s returns were filed and accepted February 10th that on his where’s my refund site is shows his bars. What’s going on? Am I being held up for something?

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    I dont understand this! WMR gives me the received and processing message with no bars. My return was accepted the 27th of Jan. My fiancee returns were accepted Feb 10th, but his WMR shows bars. Whats going on????

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    MsPittman, i am in the same boat as you but no idenity theft or pin . accepted TT 1/31 1 bar 152 message and NA on all transcripts accept wage. wage says no refund. i am also a weekly

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    I filed on 02/01/2020 accepted on 02/01/2020 NEVER received path message only tax topic 152 with 1 bar and amount on the side i am a weekly updater but ordered transcript still haven’t came..i am a victim of identity theft also so i file with an IP pin yearly…but why didn’t i get an path message like everyone else ?

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    How do you see your transcript codes?

    #4357737 Reply


    Where do I find my transcript codes?

    #4357397 Reply


    Erikaeee, you are bing audited….. 420 is audit code

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    @ Jessica I also live in Florida and claim 2 kids. My return was accepted 1/15. Path message showed up and then it disappeared. Now I have the same message as you. I hope I don’t have to wait until the first week of March. My best friend who also lives her claims her 3 kids and she already received her refund on the 4th of February and she filed towards the end of January or so. I was like are you kidding me😱

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    I live in Florida FED Only, and claim 1 child. Mine said as of yesterday that “We have received your tax return and it is being processed”. Is it true they wont deposit the funds till the first week of March?

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    My state said issues on February 7, nothing in account? IRS bars have disappeared and now read received and processing, but bars are gone. The info about 21 days is gone as well. The left side info is still there my SS#, filing status and refund amount. Does anyone have info on this? Had no issues last year but this year I do have a new dependent. Frustrated but hopeful.

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    Does anyone’s transcript say

    #4357005 Reply


    I have the same as well.
    Accepted 1/27
    Path 2/1
    Being processed 2/16
    Transcript codes

    #4357004 Reply


    Turbo Tax 01/29 accepted same day
    Updates to path then updated to being Proccesed as of 02/16.
    Read on Irs website ppl claiming eitc will begin updating to approved until after Feb 22

    #4357003 Reply


    @Lisa2020, yea, you should not have omitted that. Not saying it will hold yours up, but it could. Those hounds don’t play!

    #4357001 Reply


    Hopefully tomorrow I have an update.

    #4356995 Reply


    mine was accepted 01/27 and still waiting for path as well, now says being processed… im not thirsty just wanna have in my bank lol

    #4356985 Reply


    @A, mine are blank and the social security office has no idea who I am. I don’t know what’s normal anymore! But hey, the IRS knows me. Ha!!

    #4356981 Reply


    I’d love to see a change for sure. Maybe tomorrow is my day🤷🏽‍♀️🙄🙏🏽

    #4356928 Reply


    @ Angie


    I have the same as well.
    Accepted 1/27
    Path 2/1
    Being processed 2/16

    #4356890 Reply


    @Angie mine says the same this. And they were accepted Jan 28th. I did it on turbotax

    #4356690 Reply


    H&R app said I was anticipated to have mine 2/20. Filed 1/30 accepted 1/30, now being processed but my H&R app now has the path message

    #4356655 Reply



    What did the notice they sent you in march say? They probally needed something simple.

    #4356606 Reply


    Hey, i got interest last year on my federal tax returns because of how late it was. It was a couple of hundred dollars and now they are making me file this year on that interest but I didn’t lol. Only because it came the day after i filed and i didn’t want to do an amendment because that would you know LAG. Do you think that will effect me now as i wait in the “we received your return and it is bring processed” stage? I to am on the PATH but i might be lost. lol

    #4356586 Reply


    Anyone know if its normal not to have transcripts yet ?

    #4356398 Reply


    @JohnTaylor, that explanation may hold true for Pathers, but for people w 0 credits, 0 dependants, filing a simple return? Some have been waiting as long, if not longer!

    “Thirsty” vs NEED.

    @Tuck, at day 45, yours will begin to draw interest, owed you, by IRS..

    #4356377 Reply


    I believe some will update Wednesday and the rest will update Saturday from being processed

    #4356336 Reply

    Jennifer Starr

    @johntaylor, not true. They are processed 6 days a week.

    oes the IRS deposit refunds on Saturdays?
    IRS Refund Schedule for Direct Deposits and Check Refunds
    The IRS only issued refunds once per week under the old system. They now issue refunds every business day, Monday through Friday (except holidays).

    2020 IRS Tax Refund Schedule – Direct Deposit Dates – 2019 Tax …
    themilitarywallet.com › irs-federal-tax-refund-schedule

    Search for: Does the IRS deposit refunds on Saturdays?

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